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Aucklands Anon Burger meet!!

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Sorry couldnt make it.. I put the springs in and for some unknown reason my mate didnt tighten up the wheel nuts on passenger after I handed him the power bar... hes a mechanic I didnt check his side after fuck I should of checked. 


My left wheel came off on the motorway and I was lucky I didnt crash and tire didnt hit any car.. a bit of damage but shit it could of been so much worse..


Maybe next month 

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I am hoping to have car running by then, just did the heat wrap on headers, and sat there struggling trying to fit them into stupid TE31 for a couple hours.


Mark ( AE25 ) is also running his japanese annual meet on the 17th Jan, so might be of an interest to you lot? If i don't come in my TE31 ( will be its second outing in maaaaany years ) i'll come in porsche for a burger haha.

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On 09/02/2021 at 08:47, ul9601 said:

I'll be probably swing by as I have Citroen club meeting earlier in Penrose anyway.

sorry something else came up (hot date! jokes) will have to pass both citroen and OS meets, 

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