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  1. This is the 'space stuff'. Great day for NZ
  2. So 2 weeks before moving to the US this happens! Guy in OZ is rebuilding a T57 and needed a new block. So got to and cast one up! Didnt go 100% but still really well. On a plane to LA in 3days!
  3. Ok I lied. A few more photos. Rear T57 spring mounts. You can see them in this photo
  4. Haha. I work here and will be doing bigger better stuff in the US. Bigger better space stuff.
  5. This will probably be my last interesting post for a while. Will be moving to California in a month to build space stuff. Visa came through today after months of paperwork!So good! So making parts will slow down, but hopefully CAD work will speed up! Anyway, these are spring hangers and a trunion hanger CNCd from 4140. Having a mill in your shed is key to building shiny stuff!
  6. Any day now!
  7. Finished! Bit of machining porn for you!
  8. Its at Fisher and Paykel PML. Not sure of the exact machines but they have some pretty amazing gear. The last photos are on a 4 axis to do the angled cam and exhaust faces + valve guides etc. They can do some seriously good work!
  9. Progressive Castings for iron and Skellerns for the others. (owned by the same people now anyway)
  10. Almost finished! Bores have cleaned up without any defects. Ports look a fraction off on some of the bores though so hopefully I can cut some valve seats that work! Not going to lie, its quite exciting!
  11. That photo is with the bores undersize. They then go in with another tool to size it and do the combustion chamber bowl. Then there is about 4-5mm on the walls. Really prone to cracking so I have thickened things a bit.
  12. Shes a pretty big job. Been at the machine shop for a week. 1 more week to go! Casting is looking good. Yet to find any lumps of sand or porosity apparently!
  13. What an engine! I wish I could say this was my crankcase! Sadly its on loan (like most of the other bits!).
  14. Left hand hanger done. Second time lucky to get this one.
  15. Almost worked. Got quite a bit of shrinkage in one corner on both parts. So I'll have another go and add some big risers to those areas. Other than that it worked really well!