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  1. High build primer is like sanding chalk! Coming out ok but taking a lot of sanding!
  2. These are 'feet' for the sump. So the engine can stand upright. Good chance ill break them off at some point so I printed a hole up them and bonded in some steel dowels. Started bogging.
  3. Ill do a timelapsy video for the Sump. What sort of stuff do you guys like to see in a video like the last one?
  4. Fitting up well. Inserts and removable pieces are looking good. Its going to take a bit of bog before paint and a lot of sanding afterwards.
  5. Starting on the sump. Its going to be a pretty big job!
  6. Techniset 6435 with catalyst 712. Its a 3 Part system. Part 1 + 2 = 1.8% of sand mass P3 = 3% of Part 1. Sand is #90 so quite fine. 3 part system works way better than the 2 part I used in NZ. Mixes really evenly with hardly any effort.
  7. Ketchup* since im in America. *actually ceramic core paste
  8. Haha. Low 30s... In the shade.
  9. Did bit of a time laps video of the camtree casting. Not great but its a start.
  10. Nothing, just that it will be harder to do by hand. Hopefully not but probably. Ive heard if it was G350 that would probably crack and distort it. Since it would be locally annealing.
  11. 4mm mild steel. Though they did them out of G350 by accident. So that may or may not suck. Hopefully they can replace them with mildsteel.
  12. The mandrel is spaced apart like that so that if we cant form it by hand and need to make hydraulic tooling theres some room to put it behind the rail. Ideally it would only be 100mm apart. Save some weight!
  13. Chassis mandrel finished! Exciting stuff. Brunton Engineering in Palmy did an awesome job. If you need fab work Id definitely recommend.