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  1. AllTorque

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    Looks good. Can you still pull the brake lever in all the way?
  2. Always keen for 1841 ribs. @Goat @KKtrips @shavenYak@Big Value Buddy @kicker @Steelies@grunta @Shaz @bmxnz11@Nominal Who else?
  3. No, no certs for light trailers.
  4. Trailer wof rules: No minimum ride height for trailers. There are a few slam trailer builds here.
  5. Any old mechanic should be able to sort you out. @Yowzer ?
  6. Yes you can replace the brushes. Get a whole brush holder not just the individual brushes.
  7. Yes, worn brushes. You will only get a few knock starts, so replace soon.
  8. AllTorque

    XSVWGN’s LN40 Toyota Hilux

    Funny how Al got this with truck mirrors that he removed and now you have put some back on.
  9. speaking of vented rotors, this just turned up at work...
  10. AllTorque

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    At what point are you going to put this in the too hard basket?
  11. You need some sort of proportioning valve or the rears will have to much pressure and lock up.
  12. AllTorque

    diesel spam

    I have heard a better flowing muffler helps get the heat out, but it could be an old wives tale.
  13. AllTorque

    ford cortina mk1, help, pictures of lower front arms

    @My name is Russell
  14. AllTorque

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    @Hot Dog Flavoured Water