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  1. Usually you can tell if engine oil or coolant is leaking, because it’s wet and not an invisible gas.
  2. They may not even need a resistor.
  3. I think you would use the one in the left or the three on the right , but not all. Factory fitted steering wheel controls (in Toyota at least) Have one output. Each button has a different resistor, so the stereo sees a different voltage for each button and knows what to do.
  4. That reminds me of the time I was doing a WOF on a Land Rover. Did a 30kph hard brake test, pedal went to the floor and Landy kept rolling, handbrake stopped it eventually. A hard brake line burst open length ways.
  5. Those guys will make you one with a receiver if that’s what you want.
  6. @Bling try these guys to compare a local price https://www.towbar.co.nz
  7. Sounds like the starter brushes are worn out. Hitting the starter with a hammer shocks it into starting, but you only get a few hits before the brushes are completely done. You can replace just the brushes.
  8. Knock on wood quick or you’ll jinx yourself
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