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  1. You need some sort of proportioning valve or the rears will have to much pressure and lock up.
  2. AllTorque

    diesel spam

    I have heard a better flowing muffler helps get the heat out, but it could be an old wives tale.
  3. AllTorque

    ford cortina mk1, help, pictures of lower front arms

    @My name is Russell
  4. AllTorque

    Lowering - RX30 Cressida

    @Hot Dog Flavoured Water
  5. See point 7 for exhaust noise see epecially how the wof inspector can use their judgment as to if is too loud or not.
  6. Not banned. All four must be snow tyres and have more than 4mm tread. Should be banned tho.
  7. AllTorque

    18R Engine - Belt or Chain Driven?

  8. Why heating? Is it not welded to the flex plate? Should be ok as long as you get it in the same position relative to the starter. Check if there are any tapers in the edge if the teeth that help starter engagement, but usually they would be on the starter, not the ring gear.
  9. But how would the wof man know that the 13B and adjusties are not the parts fitted when the car was certed?
  10. Pizza is closed lol. At good old 1841 for ribs
  11. Change of plans. Now meating at Wholey Pizza Thorndon at 6:30.
  12. OK. Let’s do wholly pizza Thorndon at 6:30. See you there @Nominal @Shaz @Hot Dog Flavoured Water Not @Mourning Cupcake
  13. We can/will only do what we are told by our area rep.
  14. I was guna come, but less keen if it is blowing a gale or raining. what about wholey pizza as an alternative?