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  1. They need cert as the height can be adjusted.
  2. Number plate is not a wof thing, only the light is. Here is what NZTA say “All plates must be fixed securely to the vehicle in an upright position. They must be displayed so that all the characters (numbers and letters) are clearly visible at all times. A motorcycle, moped, tractor, trailer or trade plate must be fixed on the rear of the vehicle.“
  3. Some one that fixes cars for a living and wants to be paid more than a burger flipper?
  4. WOF inspectors generally don’t have access to the hobby car manual. The VIRM (WOF rules) has tables of what does not need cert, so anything else does. For suspension see here and go to tables and images
  5. I’m glad you painted the oil cap and air filter bracket black. Red was so wrong.
  6. AllTorque

    Power files

    I emailed them about the price drop after I bought it and they are giving me the difference as a voucher. Great service. I’ll use it to get some more belts.
  7. AllTorque

    Power files

    I bought a tool shed power file last week. I’m glad I got this one and not the Ozito that is half the price but half the power. Stink buzz for me when I saw yesterday it is now $40 cheaper. If anyone is thinking of getting one jump on it now. $99
  8. Picked the next spot. After the big piece on the corner this was so easy. Nice to see my skills improve. Starting to get the welds dialed in. Should have stripped the paint back further.
  9. Still ticking over with this I did clean this rust up and give it a paint before covering it up. Ordered a tool shed power file to finish off the welds. Waiting for that to arrive.
  10. Oh, that makes sense. Do this.
  11. Can you take a pic? What is the engine? Is it inside the rocker cover? It may be something to stop oil going out the PCV valve. Don’t jam anything in there until you confirm what it is.
  12. Transporting a full sheet may be an issue.
  13. Anyone have suggestions on where to get cold roll sheet metal in Welly by the part sheet? @Nominal ?