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  1. You might need some camber correction arms for the rear as well. keep up the good work.
  2. They will only be able to tell you if there is a current recall. The Takata recalls have been going on for years now and are dependant on supply. When I was at Toyota a couple years ago there were some cars that we had replaced the airbag inflator two or three times because they were supplying the old style initially, because a new old style was safer than waiting for the new style.
  3. HQ is actually 5x120.65 / 5x 4.75” That extra 0.65 is enough to snap your wheel studs.
  4. I love the idea of a Toyota Hemi in this old camper, but if we are talking chassis swaps, you’d be better off getting a modernish diesel Hilux or similar and putting your body on top.
  5. So you have a cert passed already? you unbolted a factory fitted seatbelt and installed what exactly in its place? what kind of car?
  6. That looks minor. If it is failed the inspector should give you a Structural Repair Sheet that you can take to a panel beater for them to sign of that it is sweet as mate.
  7. Yaris might be more aerodynamic than a 69 Camaro.
  8. @Not-a-number Looking good man. Is the A/C gassed up? I do wonder about those hose clips holding.
  9. Should be sweet as. Previous shape Hilux towbars were the same for 2WD and 4WD, just had the tongue flipped.
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