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  1. Oh man. Real life is hard today.
  2. I can’t sleep. Just too excited to see you all and soak up some Wagnats.
  3. You paid money for a prize? Big spender.
  4. Packing is coming along nicely
  5. @Steelies let me know if you want to convoy weds morning. Aiming for 9:00 ish departure.
  6. You could use something like this and put a 180 bend at one end
  7. Shit that’s gone up. Wasn’t it $6 last year?
  8. Remember if you want some camp fire bromance, bring some wood. and a note to any Wagnats virgins, try to keep glass to a minimum.
  9. [PAID] Sorrry to Stinks for all the colour choices that followed mine. He’s going to be a busy bee. See you in a couple weeks.
  10. These work well at stopping the hose from folding. They come in different sizes.
  11. @MightyJoe do it. I would rather look at a nice clean underbody than years of oil leaks.