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  1. This could be worth a look. Maybe Cruise up together?
  2. AllTorque

    Help purchased a 50cc scooter only to find out its de-reg

    Word on the street is her a MR2B form from VTNZ, fill it out correctly, and ride off into the sunset.
  3. AllTorque

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    This looks like a laugh. I might pop in to say g’day.
  4. There is another form they should have given you identifying the areas to be repaired. It has generic car structure pictures that the wof guy should highlight problem areas. Anyone can do rust repairs, but the wof guy will be covering his butt, because he can’t see under the new paint. Ask him if you can take pics of the new metal before you paint it or take the car to him before paint.
  5. If it’s not new it should be ok I guess. Maybe check the valve clearances
  6. Is it supposed to be tapping like that?
  7. Thanks Niki. Keep up the good work. I will be there to munch burger.
  8. What’s the plan? @Mourning Cupcake
  9. AllTorque

    K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH

    What, no air guitar?
  10. AllTorque

    K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH

    I have to be in Palmy tomorrow soz
  11. AllTorque

    headlight upgrade for VK holden.

    How do the reflectors look? Put some relays in and some plus 50 bulbs. ...or Trans Am front.
  12. You are not allowed rust within 150mm of that bonnet catch, so removing structure in that zone will be a no no for WOF.