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  1. I was talking to my Dad yesterday, who is in the Hot Rod Club that organises Swap Meat. He was saying other swap meats around to country this year have been the biggest ever, so if the sun is out expect a big one at Manfeild. They are worried about running out of room, because they can’t use the outdoor horse arena, where everyone used to park.
  2. Why have such a large waste gate pipe? Are you planning on running low boost? What about a bellmouth at the turbo flange into a single down pipe so you can move it forward away from the brake stuff. It seems a bit backward to me to change the brake booster because you made the pipe wrong.
  3. Can you cut the pipe off the flange and shorten the pipe by 20mm? What heat shielding have you planned for the brake master cylinder?
  4. I’m not sure about this specific car, but many have metal pins in the seal of the bearing to trigger the abs sensor. You can’t really see the pins. Usually the bearing will have a metal seal on one side and a black rubber seal on the other. You want the black side pointed at the sensor. Does the abs sensor point to the bearing?
  5. I'd be happy to be incorrect on this one, but I cant find anything in the virm that says there are different requirements for trucks and cars apart from the different requirements for dual wheel vehicles My interpretation is a vehicle either has individual mudguards or a body panel mudguard. Like most of the virm it is unclear. Any time I have called nzta for help they tell me to use my judgment.
  6. Sublet, so another company has done the alignment. Maybe they are charging time for the apprentice to drive the car to the alignment place and check his Facebook while they do the alignment and drive the car back to work?
  7. Oh,wait, just saw the bottom number. $236 for an alignment and wheel balance. something is not right. Should be half that
  8. Looks to me they have removed the wheel from the car, removed the tyre from the wheel, repaired the wheel, painted the wheel, fit the tyre, balanced the tyre.
  9. Weekend of the 6th of Feb and some days around it. /Bob Marley’s birthday.
  10. Probably not, but it’s easy to spray some cleaner on it. Or try starting it with the AFM unplugged. Some cars will start without them. Another thought, crank sensor?
  11. Yes it is ok to seal over the crack. As long as it doesn’t effect the pattern.
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