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  1. Done. you should be able to change the title if you want to. Have you looked through this thread \/ ?
  2. A couple months after that I dragged the wag out for a monthly meet. First time out in the cold in a long time, I could smell coolant. Turned out to be the heater tap. Cars don’t like sitting around. Once again rock auto saved the day. Poor old wag doesn’t get used much and I really don’t have time or energy to dig into the next bit of rust. Anyone want to buy it?
  3. 3 years later!… poor old wagon sat for a year between Wagnats as we moved house and then had no where to park it. Built a shed and got it to its new home. not long before Wagnats 24 I noticed a small amount of petrol under the pump. Rockauto to the rescue. Note cars with aircon have a return style pump.
  4. Hi Browny. I have moved your question into this thread. I think compliance has to be done an a VTNZ or VINZ site. They don’t come to you. You will want to have the car roadworthy before you take it there. What state is it in currently?
  5. Don’t cheat. Just try harder to find someone with the right scan tool.
  6. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/39978-muffler-tech/ Back box is looking great. You are such a clever cookie.
  7. Made it home. Heater tap was the culprit. When I turned it to cold it stopped leaking. Fixed?
  8. I suppose I should show my face, as it’s in my hood.
  9. Load rating must be within 2 numbers. Speed rating doesn’t matter because they are all more the 100kph
  10. Depends if the inspector is lazy or not. They need to input the expiry when entering the wof into the computer.
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