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  1. Possibly. They do use a different system.
  2. AllTorque

    Help needed with old school honda

    Do you know what the fan switch looks like?
  3. “b) where the vehicle has been fully returned to original, the LVV certifier will confirm that this has been done and remove the LVV plate from the vehicle (only an LVV certifier or delegated NZTA staff can remove an LVV plate).”
  4. There are no alerts on the wof computer to say a car is certed.
  5. The park brake turns on when you put the car in park. Fancy
  6. AllTorque

    Welder buying spam

    Looks like it is gasless only.
  7. AllTorque

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Only there for one day. Does that mean you are coming Wagnats?
  8. Lovely day for it. I’ll get mine out if you get yours out. (Old car, that is)
  9. AllTorque

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Tailgate awning
  10. I forgot/ got busy with dad life.
  11. AllTorque

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Attention river floaters