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  1. PALMY SWAPMEAT 2018 - 3-4 August

    #bigcitylife you go and order your tshirts.
  2. PALMY SWAPMEAT 2018 - 3-4 August

    updated list on front page. Should we do tshirts again? oh yea i've parked Satdee day adventure with @Sparkle @Dolan plz advise
  3. Tristans 1972 Mazda B1600

    Bloody sweet ute. I got whitewalls cut in and painted by a guy in Palmy. I can’t remember his name and doesn’t look like I have his number haha. Might come up on here with some searching - I think I mentioned it in a few posts.
  4. WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    So 6th-10th sounds like a good time.
  5. PALMY SWAPMEAT 2018 - 3-4 August

    I called NICE ONE BRUVVAH Yea that was me - happy to go with that again?
  6. PALMY SWAPMEAT 2018 - 3-4 August

    Mint condition GX60 parcel tray. Yea ding is open. She reckons 3am finish on Friday night! Dunno what accom is like - i’m Booked in
  7. PALMY SWAPMEAT 2018 - 3-4 August

    Dunno who you jokers been yakking to but oh nah she’s all on you jokers.
  8. Sweatmeat. Need I say more? Come for the longest running o/s event. Just like every year, it’s the first weekend of August. Friday night shenanigans at the ‘Ding Hotel. Saturday attendance to the Swapmeet itself hosted by the Palmy North Hot Rod Club down at Manfeild, Feilding. Best place for speedway sauce covered hotdogs and Jag IRS parts. Saturday afternoon adventures at TBC. Saturday night shenanigans at likely that same Hall we were at last year. $10 entry and the first 40 are in the meat raffle draw. Sunday morning at some cafe but if you were man enough to party hard then you’ll be in no state to eat. Who’s ken? Bizzo Lozzo Alltorque Shaven Yak Beaver Goat Seedy Al Mourning Cupcake Steelies Snoozin Dolan Grunter Truenotch Beaver (even though he says he is "prebooked") Nominal vivaspeed uterus 666dan yowser highlux dmulally lowlife Testament Shaz KK Sparkle Lee sMel
  9. Wagnats History

    Looks like my table with the green top. Back of the trey-deuce-trey too the left. My airbed went down every night that year RIP. That might have been the neckercheif wagnats too @oldnrusty??
  10. Yea nah you might say it was a weeeee but moist... bloody good turnout from you lot though. Much appreciated everyone seeing the new year on our wet patch
  11. Ps fire ban so no fire for warmth or light. Gumboots might be handy as the grass is a bit long and dewy.
  12. Goat's almost WOF spec Zed

    I can confirm this is fun to hoon, much like Al's mum.