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  1. oh bugger you jokers but yeah nah fair call
  2. bloody hell, buying more harleys no doubt. or at least tyres for them
  3. @JasonK does the Big G want one?
  4. tshirt orders this thread fellas and lady fellas @vivaspeed @Aladdin @Truenotch@Testament @HighLUX @Beaver @Big Value Buddy @Nominal @Sparkle @Shaz @My name is Russell @kicker @sentra @johnnyfive @stillway @baby k @JasonK @oldnrusty @Threeonthetree @whoeverelseiscoming
  5. updated order list - might be able to extend out order deadline til end of the week for you useless jokers
  6. ah right on, then I have no wheels for you then haha. the world is your oyster when it comes to rims in 4x114.3!!
  7. Are you still on the look out for some MkIIs? is this still 4x110? I might have some 13x7 and 13x7.5s that need some work Ps, loving the progress - great build.
  8. Assuming Tshirts for both @k-trips and @Mourning Cupcake I think I will assume tshirts unless people specify. I'll also chuck up a list of details in a few days in the first post so people can check what orders I have them down as!!
  9. MENS Tshirt Singlet WOMENS Tshirt Singlet/Tank
  10. Testing, testing, 1 2 3. Better get this on the road for the third year running. Be quick to get your order in!! No preview yet... Thought we would mix it up this year and do both singlets and tshirts - the trial run of singlets last year was successful. Black is the only colour; same make and model as the prior year tshirts. Sizing in the next post Price is the same as last year at $35 each. Strictly pick up only; no come no get! Deadline for orders - Wednesday 26th July 5pm. All orders will need to be paid prior to pick up. I might start distributing on the Friday night at the ding hotel. Wang money in here: S McDougall 06-0574-0070972-13 - Put your username as reference Keep the spam to the main thread Orders updated 25/7/17:
  11. mates. just been on the phone to Kevin - bloody good chat, seems like a top bloke. We are locked in at the Caledonian. Basically the only thing is leaving it like we found it, which includes a quick vac and a mop of the old floors and take the rubbish/recycling away to dump on Cams front lawn @k-trips I'll drop you a PM for the finer deets rodgee.
  12. oh mate, bit of back and forth tbh. our mate Kevin has been away, returning tomorrow night so I'll give him a bell then to confirm if it is available. I spoke to the lovely Wendy who is the secretary, (I got her number of Ray, and I got his number off Denise who reckons the Caledonian would be the best bet but also gave me a back up venue of the Feilding Events Center (which used to the the Rangitikei Club funnily enough) and I've got Char and Mike's numbers if I need but Denise thinks it might be a licensed venue in which case it would be the same as the Ding really (in terms of BYO piss etc) so six to one, half a dozen to the other but really I am yet to confirm that rodger...) oh yea so back to Wendy, we had a yarn and she thinks the Caledonian would be right up our alley way, as long as we returned it in the state we found it, which we would of course, but as a back up for them we pay a bond, which is no bother to me (I guess the Manny Red Room was the same, KK can you confirm rodgee?) but the cost of the hire is within ear shot of the Red Room so really Bob's your uncle, Robert's your mothers brother and we'll have a meat raffle and who wants a t-shirt? @Seedy Al
  13. Sweet will do some ringing around tomorrow.... oh wait its Friday today. Ok well they might be there otherwise will give Monday a burn.
  14. Yea, this is what would probably happen hah. So sounds like they might not quite know what we are after? Were they ok with BYO? I think it would be better to do it in a hall, somewhere off site. Unkeen for them to be unimpressed from a big Friday night and then say 'oh no, so sorry, you cant get OTP here again'. Any yea, we might not be a ruckus as we once were but I don't want the venue to limit the ruckesness if it does go that way. They would prob want to shut it down at midnight? We could be buggered if there are other people staying there too cos it's right by the rooms. Sparkle/Cam/Richy/bliz suggested a few alternative halls. Feilding Scout Hall Pros: In town Cons: Residential area Caledonian Hall Pros: in town Cons: residential area, although, possibly More relaxed. Could be a cunt to clean up Awahuri Hall: Pros: 5min out of town, middle of no where to can make all the noise we want Cons: 5 min outta town so shuttles required, mission out for cleanup in the morning thoughts?
  15. Back in the land of NZ and bloody gutted to hear about the red room being no wof spec. I take it they are not doing any work to bring it up to standard? Was a great spot because huge and fairly isolated. Swapmeat always gets loooose. It's so good. So what are our other options in the area? A few halls out there?