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  1. Yup, this car is sweeeet. Nice work Kane. SSR mesh look so good!
  2. Closer to the time we can confirm Saturday arvo activities. Do people want to do the Sunday morning breaky?
  3. Swapmeat. Need I say more? Come for the longest running o/s event. Just like every year, it’s the first weekend of August. Friday night shenanigans at the ‘Ding Hotel. We've locked in the Lounge Bar again - a bit further away from the pokies but it's choice. Saturday til noon attendance to the Swapmeet itself hosted by the Palmy North Hot Rod Club down at Manfeild, Feilding. Best place for speedway sauce covered hotdogs and Jag IRS parts. Entrance fee is $10 and Automotive only swapsite $10. Bring ya cash. Saturday afternoon adventures at TBC. Likely to be a cruise and/or a mystery shed visit. Saturday night shenanigans at the Caledonian Hall on Weld Street. $10 entry and the first 40 are in the meat raffle draw. Gates open when I've finished my Chicken Tika Masala and a couple rounds of Bollywood Bingo at Patel's Family Restaurant. Sunday morning at some cafe but if you were man enough to party hard then you’ll be in no state to eat. Book your own accom, sort your own ride! T-shirts and stickers TBC! Who’s ken?
  4. I really enjoy reading this thread. It's cool to see you going above and beyond to collect quirky components (aftermarket and factory) and get it looking factory/period - I fizz for that stuff
  5. man this is cool. nice work! love the early elco's
  6. ahhhh yup yup yup, it was that car then. It's a good one !
  7. Supremes FTW. Also, know that yard - car must have been in the country for a few years now then great purchase!
  8. I could prob do Thurs arvo after work - thats when I'm back up those ways. See how get on Beave
  9. Bloody cool, those OG surfs are choice. The gold is spot on. Some lovely treasure in behind that windscreen!!
  10. Mate, this is cool!! And very neat that it is such a 'bare package' with only a few options and an early model as well. Look forward to seeing updates (but maybe not the having to sell the truck hahah)
  11. crikey! good thing you're the man for the job. will be well worth the effort!
  12. when are the rear door handles going on?
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