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  1. Just got a sneak peek from Stinks - the screen printing is out of this world! Updated list - cash on pick up all good!!!!
  2. @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra @Snoozin @sentra
  3. holy heck, 3 days away!! Catch you all in the Lounge Bar at the Ding !!
  4. getting bloody close! Likely we'll go for a cruise out to Apiti Tavern again like a couple years ago for a bit of a bowl of chips and a beer dont forget to get your tshirt orders in
  5. collating orders. Have @LoveChild @Nominal, @AllTorque, @Testament, @UTERUSand @Brock-Lee calling/checking @Shaz @fletch @Steelies @Yowzer @Mourning Cupcake @Seedy Al @TimShadboltfan27 @64valiant @Dolan @Geophy @Aladdin @grunta @Sparkle @Snoozin @Leebo3 @LoLlife @KKtrips @_Matt @shavenYak @vivaspeed @Goat @oldnrusty @BLIZZO @JasonK @Trigger and anyone else ps another preview
  6. Got a headstart this year so a month to lock in what you want. PREVIEW!! Rolling singlets and tshirts - sizing below. Black is the only colour; same make and model as the prior year. $35 each. Strictly pick up only; no come no get! Orders can be paid prior to pick up or on the night of pick up. WIll start distributing on the Friday night at the ding hotel. Spend money in here plz: S McDougall 06-0574-0070972-13 - Put your username as reference List as at 27/07/21; Sizing (womans styles on request): Keep the spam to the main thread;
  7. The 6th is a Sunday. Likely it will be around that weekend (and a few days either side)
  8. Swapmeat. Need I say more? Come for the longest running o/s event. Just like every year, it’s the first weekend of August. Friday night shenanigans at the ‘Ding Hotel. We've locked in the Lounge Bar again - a bit further away from the pokies but it's choice. Saturday til noon attendance to the Swapmeet itself hosted by the Palmy North Hot Rod Club down at Manfeild, Feilding. Best place for speedway sauce covered hotdogs and Jag IRS parts. Entrance fee is $10 and Automotive only swapsite $10. Bring ya cash. Saturday afternoon adventures at TBC. Likely to be a cruise and a mystery shed visit. Saturday night shenanigans at the Caledonian Hall on Weld Street. $10 entry and the first 40 are in the meat raffle draw. Gates open when I've finished my Chicken Tika Masala and a couple rounds of Bollywood Bingo at Patel's Family Restaurant. Sunday morning at some cafe but if you were man enough to party hard then you’ll be in no state to eat. Book your own accom, sort your own ride! T-shirts and stickers TBC! Who’s ken?
  9. crikey! good thing you're the man for the job. will be well worth the effort!
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