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  1. When it comes to motorbike tires and hair cuts you should always have business in the front and party in the back.
  2. In the first couple of races in that video my bike was running a bit shit. It had 3 different issues going on, the ali-express air filter was choking up the carb, the carb to head manifold hose clamp had stripped out and was leaking air, and the fuel tank vent was crimped over... I sorted all those out and threw the air filter in the bin, and the bike was 100% more rideable. I could carry a higher gear in all the tight turns which meant I could brake later and harder. I had a great afternoon.
  3. I'm terrible at taking photos of the fun I'm having with this bike. But I finally remembered to turn my gopro on, so have had my first ever go at editing a video. The quality came out a bit shit. I suspect I need to buy the full version of the software I used. @MopedNZ is about to get some messages asking for tips
  4. Oh foaming! The mongatapu was always on my to do list living in Nelson. Doing it on my GT/TS sounds much more fun than my mountain bike haha
  5. I was expecting to spend a few hours separating the engine and gearbox to free up the frozen clutch. I had about 15 minutes spare last night so went to get started on undoing the bellhousing bolts, then discovered a little cover over the clutch. So I whipped the cover off and found you can get at the clutch bolts there, so I loosened them all off a turn, pressed the clutch pedal a few times, tightened them back up, stuck it in gear, pushed the clutch and viola: clutch is fixed. I also pulled the lid on the gearbox, just to satisfy my curiosity as it completely blows my mind that 4 forward and 1 reverse gears can fit in such a tiny case. It all looks very clean inside. I forgot to take any photos (as I only had the afor mentioned 15 minutes), so here is a picture of the outside of my tiny gearbox and engine. The lever on the right is the whole clutch pedal assembly, the hole in the top is for lubricating the thrust bearing I think.
  6. Anyone know of good accommodation for Thursday night? We stayed at Awakeri Hot Springs last year. Would not trade again. Hot pool was great, accommodation was not.
  7. Jeez haven't seen this thing grace the internet for a while! Did you make allowance for compression of the bump stops under load?
  8. @scooters Talk to these guys:
  9. I'd start with the flasher relay. They are cheap and easy to replace.
  10. I carried on pulling out the interior panels last night. When I went to take this funny little knob off, it turned, and the window came down. I had absolutely no idea that these had wind down rear windows! I also free'd up and fixed the air conditioning on both sides. Teensy progress.