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  1. Turns out whites are on indent as well for that size, so unlikely to see any until late october!
  2. Mine are 18". Have already emailed those guys so will wait to hear from them. They are GC's to deal with. Also I keep needing to remind myself that this isn't happening next week and there is plenty of time. But as my 2 yr old daughter says: "assoiiiiiiited!!"
  3. For onselling from your shop? do they carry the 2.75 wide version in NZ? I'm pretty sold on the SR241 for the sexy styling.
  4. Anyone tried a Shinko SR241? They do one narrow enough to fit my 1.4 wide wheels, but not sure if I'll be able to find any in NZ
  5. Anyone got a source for semi-offroad, 18" x really skinny, tyres?
  6. I didn’t get a reply to my email, called them and she was like “oh yup I’ll find your email” and sorted it all out. double check your confirmation emails though, she booked me for December haha
  7. Dads on a bike this year. y’all have to carry your own machine centre haha
  8. We will be passing through rotorua late on Thursday if that’s any help. But it will probably be a tight squeeze to fit you in the car.
  9. Soooo... Something has happened that I really didn't want to happen... but now that it has, I'm quite happy about it... I left the bike with Bucket Barry over the lockdown with some loose instructions on what I wanted. He had plenty of lock-down time and I had to work through. When I picked it up after lockdown, it had some sweet new camshafts. Dad had a spare FXR150 in the shed that didn't owe him much money, so I brought the engine from it. The further I got down the rabbit hole with the TF, the more I could see that it was going to take huge amounts of development time to get it remotely competitive. I was sick of getting my arse kicked / not finishing races / spending all my shed time on this thing when I've got other projects. Theoretically now it should start every time I push it out of the shed, not rattle itself to pieces and be very competitive. I've done a test day on it and am absolutely stoked. I also changed it to a race shift setup (1-up, 5-down) which will take a bit of getting used to. First race is on Sunday, hopefully it goes well. It might need a name change now, "The penetrator" doesn't seem appropriate given the extra strokes. Maybe it should be "The Wank".
  10. I emailed them the other day, just got my booking confirmation
  11. I run my mustang on Z's finest 91 with no issues. (not sure if it got hardened valve seats or not). Pics of Impala pls!
  12. That was the original plan, but while the gasket was still sitting on the cutters desk, I found the new one.