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  1. What dimensions are your long board?
  2. Thankfully no damage to me or the bike though! Had a good day out racing. 2nd - 3rd - 1st - DNF - 4th Bike is still going very well.
  3. ^ This man knows his Judo well!
  4. Similar but not quite the same as the clocks on my CB650 (which I could part with if they help this project!) Awesome project!
  5. Funny that you are undoing the cafe stuff. I keep looking at my CB650 sitting in the corner and thinking I should put higher bars and a decent seat back on to actually make it worth riding Is this what getting older is?
  6. Belt changes are actually super easy. Not a big deal at all!
  7. Just move back to Taranaki. We have passive water cooling of all the things pretty much all year round.
  8. 1/2" UNF = 20 TPI 1.25mm pitch = 20.3 TPI If M12 is too small, but the thread measures very close to 1.25mm pitch, I would hazard a fair guess that its 1/2" UNF with a damaged thread. If your caliper measurement was anywhere near 12.7mm then yeah, bullseye.
  9. "Green Waste" is good on so many levels haha
  10. Yesterday was my first outing since that crash. I had a go at the North Island Series event at Taumaranui. These events are 2 days, practice saturday, racing sunday. But I had other commitments, so I drove up from New Plymouth on Sunday morning and got straight into it. It was my first time at Taumaranui. What an awesome track, big banking, really fast and flowing. Incredibly hard to overtake someone who is a similar speed though which makes for quite processional races until you meet lapped traffic. I qualified 7th for B-Grade. Finished 7th in Race 1, 6th in Race 2, a
  11. As opposed to the drip feed petrol system from this years pie?
  12. How do you do this without getting paint on everything in/on/around your shed?
  13. Great lap. The car looks like its well dialed in! Did the Honda have some kind of failure / fuckup or was he legitimately thinking he could get inside both of you? (I'm in no place to judge, I recently tried a similar move, with similar results)
  14. The ones we run are 28mm. I think we’ve had one faulty float out of like 6 carbs. They’re pretty good for ~$30
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