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  1. Yay! updates! I hang out for updates on this thread aye. Love your work.
  2. Well fuck me! Dave is still alive! I will be sure to register for the 10th oldschool.co.nz Nationals /ling
  3. Bucket Barry has almost finished his new bike. Introducing…
  4. All booked at all venues for myself, Itchybear, Duke blackwood and Bucket Barry Just flicked an email to Bill at Te Araroa, he was easy to deal with.
  5. It was so hard to get it on the pipe and keep it there up those big hills. This video makes me think I should get a new clutch for this year...
  6. That's the section where I nearly melted the TS100 last year having it absolutely singing not realizing the carburetor had fallen off
  7. Dylan will the 4130 need pre-heating for tig welding?
  8. Pretty sure I had a dream about this last night. I was trying to decide what socks I was going to wear.
  9. Did I have a moustache in 2019?? Fuck I probably did haha
  10. I would recommend against that one (althought it was my first thought too). I doubled the RPM of my TF125 and it started vibrating the exhaust bolts out. I lock-wired them, but then they still loosened just a fraction, and everything chatters without being able to come all the way off which totally fucks all the threads and mounting faces. Cletus patented locking device looks like a very good solution though.
  11. That is genuinely the perfect eastcapescapade bike
  12. That was a great bike, I have been regularly keeping an eye out for another one. My dad still doesn't believe me that such a thing exists (he has 2 RMX250's). I remember mildly boozed land speed record attempts on it, where top speed was limited by bravery through the kink in the driveway.
  13. So the lights on this have not really been working well, and the battery not charging. The charging voltage reads at 2.2V. Which is a poor percentage of 6V battery voltage for charging. The 6V coil on the stator seems to be toast, although not hot, so just bread... Its dead. "No worries" I thought. "I've got plenty of mud bug parts, surely I've got a spare stator". Wrong... The TS100 has a points ignition, and all the mud-bug stuff I have are CDI. So definitely not a plug and play change. Last night I decided that my farm bike was never going to run again (Needed filling up with gas) so I stripped out the loom of everything I need to make some upgrades to the GT50. Next update should be installation of a CDI ignition. Flash as bro. Anyone need some mud-bug parts?
  14. I picked this up yesterday: Its mostly completely fucked... But it does still have the rear apron section which has completely rotted off mine. Unfortunately I think its too dinged up to cut off and use, but it will at least give me a pattern to make a new one.
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