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  1. Fuck I lol'd at the paint tin diff in that micra. What a cool project. Possibly only cooler if it was in the back of an X1/9
  2. Nah cable never quite work as well as hydraulic but will be miles better than anything oldschool
  3. Also... "Dr. Danger" asking about slowing stuff down... what a world we live in.
  4. I'm not at my computer to grab a screen shot, but I designed the mounts for a rear disc brake setup this morning. Planning to run cable operated disc brakes front and rear. Cable operated so that they are compatible with the levers that go with the electric motor kit, they have switches in them so when you pull the brake it cuts the motor.
  5. Yeah I had been eyeing up one of the other trademe sellers for individual cells.
  6. I walked away from my phone while it was playing one of Alex's videos the other day and then came back to find Youtube had gone down the rabbit hole of coventry climax history... Fascinating.
  7. I've been chipping away at designing this a bit more. A while back I did some fairly rudimentary beam element FEA on it to get an idea of what bars were important and what ones weren't to make sure its reasonably stiff for its weight. Its ended up looking like a bird cage, but its fairly light tube so it won't be overly heavy and it needs the geometric strength since its not brute forcing it with bigger steel sections. Every time I think "Right, thats enough designing, I can wing it from here" then I spot something that needs checking, and it ends in major changes... So at the moment I'm busy adding pretty much all the detail I can into the 3D model to set everything I can. I've modelled in the crank clearance, checked the chain lines, and at the moment I'm working on figuring out the dropouts. I had to add some bends into the diagonals at the front to leave room for the chain to run. And it turns out that the rear wheel I've got has an odd drop-out width and isn't symmetrical, so I've had to make the whole thing wider than I planned and will add a spacer to center it. I also drew up the main accessories I want for it so I could put useful provisions for mounting them. Which also saved me from having to do a few tube bends. I'm hanging out to start cutting steel. I might also order the battery cells this week, but I need to take some brave pills for a) the cost, b) the idea of welding together 100 lithium cells.
  8. Oooh that badge really needs to be lasercut out of shiny stuff.
  9. Yes, he did a very good job of keeping the support drivers company last year
  10. ah yeah that makes a bit of sense. Thinking if the cause and effect the other way around. It will be interesting to see if you can work out where the chunk of shit came from to begin with.
  11. That’s awesome! So stoked, and it sounds great. Rollercoaster of emotions on Oldschool this morning between my two fav threads, this one and @Romans
  12. Maybe it’s cos it’s early in the morning… but I can’t quite understand how debris from a broken timing chain tensioner got into the inlet/combustion side of things?
  13. In hindsight, I've made it a particularly annoying size, and want to try and get away with as few joins as I can. So far I've only found one place that can supply the size I need, I'll dig out the details and flick you a PM. Thanks!
  14. It wouldn't be an adventure if we knew the route inside out!
  15. Its just around Aria, on day 2 and on day 3 where every tree looks the bloody same
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