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  1. Pretty sure the Stoke brewery has jugs and decent food. Unlikely to have pink pussies and PG's though.
  2. I'm not going to make it. Sprog #2 will be near due, run out of annual leave, and planning a south island trip for when the new bubba arrives. Maybe next year.
  3. I had to take mine apart and shim out the shoes at the lake as it was nearly over-centering and the brakes were sticking on BADLY
  4. Fuck me dead. That YSR was so close to not finishing it isn’t funny. the sprocket is so coozed that he chain has ridden up it onto the link plates and is guitar string tight to the point where the bike is hard to push!
  5. Just to carry more stuff? I think they started in Taranaki and have done as much gravel as they can find on the way there, need ability to carry a few more pairs of undies.
  6. Haha yeah thats us. Graeme is a bucket racing mate of mine, turns out he and his mates are doing a big bike tour, exactly the same as we did last year, so we will pass them going the other way. I told him it will be a bunch of people on small bikes, he has obviously come up with "National scooter rally" all on his own hahahaha
  7. Non Destructive Testing. Seems a bit like the big guy named "Tiny" Well done my friend! That must be a very good feeling.
  8. Have just emailed it off to you. Thanks go to the company I work for they paid for it.
  9. @johnnyfive, I'm translating your written directions from last year into a reverse direction exact copy. I'll email it to your stupid bike rides address when I'm done and you can give it a check over? Hopefully it will take some of your load off.