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  1. Pretty sure one of my mates used to use Classic Car Storage and it seemed quite good. This was circa 10 years ago though haha
  2. I'll ask a fellow car-guy who lives in that neighborhood if he could oblige.
  3. I'm fairly time poor at the moment, but if the other guys can't help you, I will try. Any idea what area its in?
  4. Oh yeah, and @Mitch.W tried to throw his bike down a bank on the Motu
  5. Ohope turned it on for us on Thursday Motu: @Itchybear was lucky enough to find the only Hilux in gizzy that didn’t have a bull bar on it. Te Araroa: That’s the highlights package off my phone. @MopedNZ I’ll get my GoPro back today and start seeing if I got anything remotely decent for you. I definitely didn’t get as much as other years, but I think I got you have some good moments haha
  6. Pretty sure it was his wife's. She must be well insured.
  7. Sean on the RGV. he’s on crutches with bruising and swelling but he’s ok
  8. Glad you are OK Andrew! I had been thinking about your front fell off comment last night and wondering what it was about. Just to be the asshole that asks... were cameras rolling?
  9. @Itchybear is rebuilding his AG top end tonight... so we have prepped a spare RGV to take over with us, as his shakedown ride will probably be from the Ohope holiday park on Thursday night. If the AG passes the shakedown on thursday night, then the RGV would be a most excellent trailer queen.
  10. I've done a handful of test rides on mine. I've changed out all the ignition parts converting from points to cdi ignition. First test ride "hmmm just doesn't quite seem to have as much go as last year" *advance timing a bit* second test ride "holy shit this thing is quicker than its ever been" But the fear of detonation and piston destruction fanging endless km's set in, so I tweaked it back to somewhere between "not as good as it was" and "quicker than its ever been". If I don't have anything else to fix after this ride I might have to do some experimenting with that advanced timing though...
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