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  1. I had way too much fun at Te Uruweras this year but I felt like the RGV150 was just too much bike. So this just happened... I swapped it for an FXR150 I had surplus. Its a 1973 GT50 powered by a TF100. Sporting the best of Aliexpress petrol tank and seat, it looks quite tidy. Theres a few things I want to tidy up on it. The upside down flat(ish) bars will be the first thing in the bin. I went down that road with my CB650 and won’t be doing it again. Most importantly it has a very healthy ring and solid ding so I’m happy.
  2. I was Impressed by how loaded the log ship was at gizzy. I have sharns about diggers for log ships.
  3. “That’s the bit that goes around” my fav piece of video from the whole weekend haha i hoped you would enjoy that
  4. I’ve got ooodles of riding footage but also a wee bit of tomfoolery. ill try and get some onto Dropbox/drive tonight. i think I filled my 64gb card... over 3 hours of filming. i filmed heaps on the Motu cos I wanted to have the camera running if/when I fell off. Gave my camera to Duke Blackwood for the last bit and then I rode into a drain
  5. Here is a proud Tortron surveying the lake he hath just conquered.
  6. Is anyone else in their head now realising how many people they met over the weekend without knowing? Like “wait, what? Keltic was there? Which one was he!?”
  7. Beavers hydro-electric tour of Tuai was worth the price of admission
  8. Worst road works I’ve seen coming from New Plymouth too. Added over an hour to our ETA so far. Anyone else staying at Awakeri tonight?
  9. Ah yeah will need to get an address off him for Friday morning. But what I meant above was as directions to follow for the whole trip are they OK?
  10. If I print the directions from J5's google map on page 1 will it be correct (enough)? I don't want to rely on my phone. If I need to rely on it, I can guarantee I'll fall off onto it/drown it/it will go flat...
  11. I did a land speed record attempt on the 150 the other night. Managed 1km/h per cc. Full aero tuck, chin on the tank, wide open until my back hurt. 147.....148.......148.5...........148.6....... haha worth doing to say I’ve done it. But I’m never doing that to myself again
  12. I test rode my bike last night. I've never ridden it before in my life. While I was riding it I thought about what it would be like to ride hundreds of km's on gravel... Then I got home, dug through all my old trail riding gear, and found my kidney belt.