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  1. Amazon suggests that Noico Red closed cell foam insulation is often purchased with Kilmat. Would that be suitable as the carpet underlay? Or would you still put felt with it as well?
  2. I had to liquid nails the grips onto my last bike too to get them to stay. I was glad I sold the bike before ever having to replace the grips...
  3. Fuck a duck. How much car are you expecting to get back from the blasters?! I'm super impressed that you don't seem to see any of that as a big deal. Its a very cool car to be saving.
  4. They make one of those on an episode of Paw patrol for cooking Chilli. I must have seen that episode 3 or 4 times so far. #dadlife /lingpost
  5. The only time I've ever had a bike really break down on a trip*, was on a Honda... and I borrowed a Harley off my cousin to finish the trip... Had to own it though, despite being the ultimate shame, there was no point hiding. I've never felt more watched than riding that Harley Road King with de-baffled screaming eagle pipes through the pits at Taupo... at the superbike nationals... at lunch time...
  6. The 3/4” bend at the end of this is China SS. From memory it welded fine, but I’m no expert. I wouldn’t use it for anything particularly important. But would build exhausts out of it for sure.
  7. Ah gotchya. Patterns is the term I was looking for there then.
  8. This is my favourite internet project of all time. Love your work. Will you repair that or have another go? Seems a huge amount of work to be doing again... or can you reuse the cores etc?
  9. I don't typically use splines, no. And yes, splines historically cause all kinds of issues for CNC operators.
  10. I just came here to say exactly that*. Only other considerations might be something to do with turbulence and atomisation** but I wouldn't expect it to do anything positive for the flow rate. * I have a pretty solid idea on this **I don't know what I'm talking about on this
  11. Can I ask where you got the guards from? I've been trying to figure out something similar for my latest project.
  12. Pretty sure you can download DWG Trueview for free from Autodesk as well. Or solidworks eDrawings. I often use them for checking that my DXF/DWG's are the correct part, or have the correct holes/folds etc in the file before it goes out.
  13. We did even less fancy ducting to that on the carpi and it made a chalk and cheese difference to water temperatures. That looks proper racecar mint
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