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  1. I rode the silver bullet to work today. Plenty of WTF's from my workmates, its rather loud China hooked me up with some nice new mirrors to reduce my chances of dying. I also mounted the number plate in an attempt to draw a little less attention than my previous effort. Tail light for night duties is still back-pack mounted though. I need to fit a reg/rect to get me some DC volts for the LED strip tail light that I'm hoping to hide away under the back of the seat. Hopefully I can do this with some of my mudbug spares. I'd really love a kick stand too, that will be on my to-do list at some stage.
  2. What’s everyone doing for GPS speedos these days? Any good aliexpress items?
  3. Yeah some of the frame welds from the engine install look like they could use a tidy up. It also looks like the engine position could do with being a little higher to get the chain line right. At the moment I think it drags across a nylon strip all the time.
  4. Can’t be many TF100 powered GT50’s around This one has had the kick start removed completely and a machined piece of ally pressed into the case by the looks.
  5. Did Geophy build it? edit: no
  6. I had way too much fun at Te Uruweras this year but I felt like the RGV150 was just too much bike. So this just happened... I swapped it for an FXR150 I had surplus. Its a 1973 GT50 powered by a TF100. Sporting the best of Aliexpress petrol tank and seat, it looks quite tidy. Theres a few things I want to tidy up on it. The upside down flat(ish) bars will be the first thing in the bin. I went down that road with my CB650 and won’t be doing it again. Most importantly it has a very healthy ring and solid ding so I’m happy.
  7. I was Impressed by how loaded the log ship was at gizzy. I have sharns about diggers for log ships.
  8. “That’s the bit that goes around” my fav piece of video from the whole weekend haha i hoped you would enjoy that
  9. I’ve got ooodles of riding footage but also a wee bit of tomfoolery. ill try and get some onto Dropbox/drive tonight. i think I filled my 64gb card... over 3 hours of filming. i filmed heaps on the Motu cos I wanted to have the camera running if/when I fell off. Gave my camera to Duke Blackwood for the last bit and then I rode into a drain
  10. Here is a proud Tortron surveying the lake he hath just conquered.
  11. Is anyone else in their head now realising how many people they met over the weekend without knowing? Like “wait, what? Keltic was there? Which one was he!?”
  12. Beavers hydro-electric tour of Tuai was worth the price of admission