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  1. yoeddynz

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    I think there's a buffer built into the code anyway. Or am I just talking lots of food.
  2. yoeddynz

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Just make one- I made one from 2mm steel disc. Marked out the teeth, cut it with hacksaw and filed smooth. did not take as long as expected and was a nice simple srarngely satisfying wee job to do with music cranked up.
  3. yoeddynz

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Ooh Oh - on potential injection for imp.. Previous owner had just told me he still has a couple of sidedraft twin weber manifolds and will get me one
  4. yoeddynz

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Just set it up as 30-1+6 in the drop down menu....
  5. yoeddynz

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Can you not just weld two more teeth in...
  6. yoeddynz

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Yeah a turbo would be ace. However.. I can most likely sneak injection past my wof guy but certainly not a hairdryer.
  7. yoeddynz

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Not much room for my stock carb... Bugger. But heaps of room for sidedraft! I guess I'll just have to make some itbs and go injection In the future. When my money tree has grown more leaves.
  8. yoeddynz

    Sod's 64 Cortina Cosworth

    625 kg heavier!!!! Bloody fatties.
  9. Imp work has taken a back step due to this rusty old 4wd bus thing that has come in for work... However we are both still sneaking in plenty of time on the wee car. Its so exciting to see it come together that we cant help it. Hence I have also been fairly quiet on the forums etc. So when I left off last time it was door cards I think. Or painting the engine. Yeah- that little engine. It looks quite pretty with a little blue bonnet on its head I must say... Now the doors. I cleaned out the threads on the hinge plates, oiled them, cleaned and painted the old screws and then we carefully manoeuvred the doors into place and set the gaps. I knew they would come up good because they were good on the car when we got it. They do look good. They look factory. However I think this car was assembled on a Friday afternoon at the NZ Todd Motor Corp and they had been into the beers already. The wing tops, factory, don't quite match the profile of the door tops, factory, which don't quite match the door or sill bottoms. Factory. Looking at other Imps I think this is fairly par for the course on what was a cheap run around. I'll live with it Then it was the careful task of fitting the 1/4 light windows and the rest of the glass and runners. I rummaged through all my window parts and pieced together the best I could from the stash... I had to lengthen the front glass runners to suit the new bailey channel seals that I'd bought. The new type is soft backed whereas the old ones were steel backed. The runner extension bridges a 40mm gap between the bottom of the 1/4 light and the runner. I folded up a profile the same, butt welded it, cleaned it up and all good.. I fitted the runners, the best glass I had (or so I thought at the time having since now found extra windows hidden behind the lathe which appear to be even less scratched) and then fitted new weather strips on the outside. All very posh for a 53 year old car. Then the door handles. Again it was into the stash of parts. Hannah had already selected, cleaned and polished the best handles of the bunch. I went through all the door locks, hatch lock and ignition barrel managing to get a working set which matches one key. Always a nice thing. I had to make new handle rubbers as the old ones were completely perished. Trying to cut neat holes in thick rubber is never easy but over the years I have made a set of hole punches to suit. I needed a new larger one though... which then made neat holes... Handles fitted and working fine we moved onto the door cards. Actually genuinely excited about this because after the restoration of them came up so well we knew they would look ace against the blue. Even not to bad with the mx5 seats. Nice clean shiny interior handles too along with freshly painted door bins. Very happy with it all... The Mx5 seats dont look too bad in there but we would much prefer to have some red seats.. To match the rear seats which I reckon look great!... I had also fitted the door seals. Not original and a bit too thick to start with but once I cut the bottom out they now now squish perfectly and work well. However- they have either shrunk or were never cut long enough to start with leaving a gap an inch long. I shall have to fill it with some more of the same profile. Now the doors were done it was onto finishing the transaxle rebuild. Ages ago we had scored a later stronger mk3 box from an Imp at the Marshlands graveyard in Christchurch. This car here in fact... I then had a right good collection of boxes... I had stripped down the broken box from the racecar which had some chips in the teeth and was generally in a bad way. These transaxles are so cute (if a gearbox could be cute?..). So dinky. The little diff. Nicely made wee boxes... The later mk3 box has a stronger casing due to extra ribs being cast in around the diff support bearings helping to stop case flex. There is also a breather hole built in a neater way in the back plate, the diff spider gears run the side loads against bronze bearings rather then just the bare cage, the output shafts have pressed on drive lugs rather then just held on by nuts. All the sort of little tweeks one expects as a cars design gets improved through its life. Sadly when we removed the box from the car, which was on its side, I had forgotten to release the gear change coupling from the shaft. The box at one point ended up hanging its weight off this and bent the shaft plus broke the casing. Initially I thought I could just swap the end casing over but they are a different design. There is a breather hole plus the o ring seal that seals the shaft was moved from the shaft itself to the inside of the alloy guide stub (in order to move wearing the alloy down from an O ring attached to a shaft sliding with the hole to fixing the o ring so the hardened shaft now runs within the ring- good idea that man) Photos of broken bits. Note the different casings... I had to fix the casing. I skimmed it flat in the mill.. Milled a step down... Made a small tool with some HSS to machine an inside groove... Machined groove in alloy and a step to on outside for a slight interference fit into plate lug which was then tapped into place with some retaining compound... Cool. Sorted. Then I did some cooking... and pressed a brand new frozen bearing into the case to replace a fairly rough feeling old bearing... I had to weld a block of alloy into the bellhousing to take the pivot ball for the Datsun clutch assembly and then the whole lot was reassembled... Then I had to do a three point turn within the available space, easy with an Imp, so I could par it in a spot with better access to the rear. Next up is to sling engine in place and make a new crossmember to suit because I dont like the one it came with.
  10. yoeddynz

    Sod's 64 Cortina Cosworth

    What's the green car? Fiesta rs? It looks so huge against the Tina. Lovely project. I love a clean engine bay.
  11. yoeddynz

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Yeah that rusty ain't really that bad. I've seen far worse and on cats not half as worth saving. Now that I see the panels you can get it makes the repairs soooooo much easier. Especially that complex shaped inner guard bit. Yay for the rescue of such a cool car!
  12. yoeddynz

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    Fuck is love to be at Hanmer this year and would support it and it would be a sweet road trip to take imp on. But I can't make it as will be in Europe. As for other alternative events in the future etc if still love to organise an event at Karamea. Such sweet roads, such a nice location. I'd started a thread as such ages ago but it fizzled out maybe for the future Anyway.. I do hope for you others that hanmer takes place because its always a great weekend!!!!
  13. yoeddynz

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    If the roof is solid and dent free then it's all good from there on. Nice thing if the door skins are straight too. Everything else is just easy edges. If it's mainly rust under the car then it only has to be repaired to a strong wof standard. Doesn't have to be factory perfect or showroom straight.
  14. yoeddynz

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    I know someone who would take that rusty challenge on as a new project But I would actually most definitely and up as a single fella and have to hang around with my new buddies as a proper Barry on the 'lonely hearts thread', exclaiming the the virtues of putting British engines into Swedish cars and why handbrakes on the front wheels are so good, whilst I eat my new default dinner of cheese on toast (which is btw the best food in the world but no, it apparently should not be eaten all the time so I've been told) So anyway... PLEASE DO NOT PADDOCK THRASH THIS CAR! It's just way to cool, and rare, for that to happen. Instead. Grow some man sized balls and step up to the plate and start fixing it. It's with it and you'll get a big hug and some beer from me and others on here for doing so :-) Or pass it on to someone else on oldschool who will. Not part it out and so kill agnetha. I wanna see this rescued
  15. yoeddynz

    Fiat 126p - discussion

    Yeah stay in touch. Just send a pm. If you're on facebook then send details.