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  1. The reason I want to cane my legs on Friday so I'll stuffed for sat and can just chill. Plus my alcohol tolerance will be even lower than it is now so won't need much beers (I will probably just fall asleep) Our primary goal on Friday night should be to watch over young Will and make sure he does not end up like last time - decorating his tent with his dinner and missing the sat morning ride ! Saturdays goal is to make sure Bart doesn't scoff everyone else's salad..
  2. Yeah sat morning for nice chilled group bike ride eh. Certainly just cruise about and enjoy the trails. Hopefully it won't be pissing down with rain.. us nelson sunshine folk (I speak for myself here..) are fair weather bikers. Biggest issue will be getting up early enough to get some decent trails in and still get back in time for bbq. Saturday morning tends to be pretty quiet at camp hanmer until the groggy ones started waking...
  3. Yep for sure. Getting there early on Friday to do long bike ride and get properly knackered so I can do an easy chilled group ride on sat morning (hung over..) taking singlespeeds because will most likely be fucking muddy down there.
  4. We are taking our 30 year old van (because picking up a lawnmower in chch etc) Its as modern as we get. A lovely way to travel though. On way to Hanmer meet last time.... (I'm so excited!!!!!) Must install our woodburner back in next week for them cold sleeps....
  5. Fuck that's a cool photo! I'm excited muchly!!!!
  6. I'll keep you warm buddy..
  7. @Transom @ProZac hey you guys! Enter and join in the fun times Dane- sort your shit out! Who else will nakedly throw themselves at me.
  8. Just paided for me and Hannah. Hannah asks very nicely if you can make sure there are some proper veggie sausages for the bbq I'll send a PM.
  9. I reckon you should put your time and money into just fixing the engine you have. You might be pleasantly surprised at the condition inside when stripped. That motor in above link could well have issues.. you'd never know until you get it. Plus it'll need the counter weight swapping over because its an auto so wont be a straight swap.
  10. But but but.... curling up in a spew infested dorm room with snoring OSers must be one of the main appeals..... seez the bloke who parked his cosy woodburner warmed van at the other end of the field for a peaceful sleep......
  11. @chasinthemirage .... Make sure to check if you can get leave today....
  12. Felix = spit roast and rabbits?
  13. Are people actually going to wear clothes this time??? News to me. Bugger. All that eating Ive been doing to fatten up as well....