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  1. Pop in for a coffee on your way through. Then take the west coast and have a coffee at 808s place once over the haast pass. Then stop by at crazy Tim's for another coffee. Sorted.
  2. I'm liking that mismatched bonnet look. But then look at my wagon... Urbun camo door cards next?
  3. I'm sure @Slacker_Sam.Will deal to him with a suitable tool selected from repco. Sam- is he the same guy who used to have all the cars near motueka, in view from Peter tallys mansion?
  4. Sweet. Please do start a build thread once you begin the conversion!
  5. It would be a shame to ruin the sweet lines of the 99 with pins. Please persevere. I'm sure between now and the time you actually need to go for a wof you'll have found spare parts elsewhere to sort it.
  6. Cool saw. Would be so handy. What's for me curious is how big is the top drum/wheel? From what I can tell it must have two wheels on top and the blade must be far more flexible then a normal wood bandsaw...
  7. @bean.101 I couldn't find a discussion thread. So here goes. I'm loving all the engine machining stuff. It's bloody interesting and well appreciated I think by many on here. Please keep those posts coming and add even more info about! I like all the different machines and It's good too see where ones money goes when ya leave an engine at a reconditioners to be machined. Will you be adding stainless valve seats to help it cope with unleaded? Alex.
  8. That's a bargain for a good flywheel.
  9. yoeddynz

    KwS's TVR

    Oooohhh. It is suitably wedgey to go along with your previous cars isn't it. I'll find some pics when home but my brother owned a TVR S3 with the later 2.8 efi cologne engine. He had it since about '96. Was the second owner and bought it from Paul Matty cars in chch. I'd drive down to chch from Blenheim on a Friday night in my supercharged MR2 and we would spend all weekend hooning around the hills in banks peninsula and do midnight drag racing with all the lads along Moorhouse Ave etc. Dems da days He moved to Blighty so hannah and I would look after the TVR. Some sweet drives over to Nelson etc. Taught me many things about power oversteer in the wet and being quick with the wheel. fuck it was fun and the v6 sounded fantastic. Low point was being fair and squarely beat in a drag race against a (twin turbo?) v8 diesel prado thing up the gentle Annie hill out of Nelson. Oh how they laughed. Red faced me. We sold it to some fella from chch who had started a TVR club I think.
  10. Your workmanship on the infilling around the tank is great! It's looking very factory. Damn I need to get or make myself a bead roller.
  11. Great work there. I've been waiting for an update. Man you'll be itching to get back to it now you've done by far the most critical part of the conversion. The flywheel looks good. Is that a fidenza? How much did that cost? If I do decide to fit either the klze or the kfde I have laying about here into my wagon (rather then the duratec) I'll have probably use the k8 flywheel I have. It's not as light as the cromoly one that was in the first viva but at least lighter then the standard 2.5 items.
  12. Faaaaaark @ that crash. Seeing that only goes to put another nail in the coffin for our van. Ours is a 4wd hiace too. It puts the willies up me when we find a tourist coming round a corner on our side so I tend to drive it in super slow cautious mode. But not much one can do when a drink idiot crosses a centre line etc. We've been planning a replacement for many years now, similar to what you're doing but with an old Bedford truck cab. Anything that ends up higher and with an engine in the front eh. I hope your back recovers awap and it all comes right. Really interested to see your tiny house build. It's certainly something we'll see more of as house prices get ever more ridiculous eh!
  13. He's a bloody helpful fella him.
  14. Ditto that man ^ please do nothing more then is needed t to make this legal to drive on the road and roll it as is. Don't even clean the windows.. Except for windscreen. Its so cool!