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  1. Scooters 1302 yellow dub

    Sorry to see of the aliment your son has. I bet the kids at school are really mean to him.. "oh look.. Here comes pinky head" Glad you got wof. Now build bike rack
  2. EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    My advice is free....
  3. James NZ 1976 Vauxhall Viva HC

    So this is currently a 1256? With the lovely light steering. Great first car choice Sr20 will be a great swap. Try to mount it as far back as possible, relocate the battery to the boot and do what ever else you can to keep the weight from creeping up in the front. Stock vivas with light (ie the 1256) engines in the front handle and steer so sweet so in my future viva power upgrade I want to avoid adding any large amount extra weight. Double check what clerance issues you might have between the Sr inlet manifold and the brake booster. You'll need to add in a clutch master cylinder (easy to do) unless the Nissan box is a cable clutch (I know little about Nissan boxes)
  4. Russian steel?...... Joke. Yeah ask Greg and come up. Bring gun. Shoot deer. Fuckers are back for winter. We can chat cars then. There is quite a list of rotten cars building up and I'm trying to get away from them. Rust dust and grinding dust cant be good for me/building woodstoves and metal art more fun...
  5. This little Imp has now got a nice solid floor I really needed to get some solid work done on the Imp so I can get it off the hoist. I also wanted to see the end of a rotten floor so yesterday I decided would be nothing but Imp day (in between important coffee, music listening and posting cat photos on social media of course) Oh and also reading the latest Impressions magazine that arrived ( I joined a club!...) I finished the last bit of rot on the side of the tunnel behind the drivers seat area. Then moved on to the passenger side. Not anywhere near as bad as the drivers side but bad in different places. I pondered for a while at which bits I should keep or chop out. Then I set to work.. Hannah kept busy with an ever so exciting ball joint replacement on a customers van so I could I fritter away on the Imp I remade the wheel well bottom... Then I wheeled over the magic machine and made a snake.. Snake thing goes here... Followed by the beginnings of the firewall heel... The heel bone connects to the floor bone... Before I knew it there was a nice new floor upon which I can mount the MX5 seats I have recently bought Next step while its on the hoist is to deal with the parcel shelf which is rotten. Luckily most of it gets chopped away to allow for the top of the Datsun engine to peek its little head through. I think I'll also be a lovely fella and gift the job of slapping Por15 on the underside to Hannah. Because I'm nice like that.
  6. Hippy trailer now evicted and time to do some on this before a big dirty Toyota Dyna van turns up with a rotten roof The sills on both sides are all solid again! I was halfway into the passenger side on my last update. So continuing from there.. I had to remake the bottom of the outer A pillar/sill end first. I was going to re-use a tricky step down part within the repair but even after cleaning it up it just didnt appear solid enough among all the new steel. In pictures.. I then folded up some more outer sill panels, using the gauge/template I had made for the other side and started welding them in.. When I got down to the other end I had some issues I needed to tend to. Mainly to see what was going on behind the bottom of the where I had cut the rotten arch away to and also what lay beneath a frilly looking area inside the well. I called in my new toy/tool. A teeny tiny holesaw for removing spot welded panels. Cheap on Aliexpress.. I went deeper.. ..and deeper. How many layers?.... Not surprised there was rot lurking. So many moisture traps. So I started fixing it all up.. I could now finish the last section of sill.. Then the final bit- the lower guard. On both sides of the car these had rotted away from crap getting through a gap at the front where they overlay the sill. I painted the back with zinc and welded the front edge on both sides. Its not like original but going by the amount of dirt and water traps Ive found original wasn't best. Just cheap. This along with a future flooding of wax penetrant inside the once the car is all painted and it should last much better Its all done. Yay. Now I have to replace a section of floor where it meets the inner sill- rot had been cut away. Then I think while the car is on the table I'll tend to a horrible mess under the dash that was once a heater plenum area. Then it can go up on the hoist to fix a rotten chassis rail. Greg will be taking it on from not long after that, budget soon to be met. But first I must finish some bits on the Imp project so I can remove that from the hoist.
  7. My parents replaced this car with another Datsun/Nissan sunny that we only just sold on about 5 years ago. Everyone in the family owned it and trashed it. It was called the Nissan 1.3 Racing Sunny by us all. It racked up some good mileage and it never used oil and took major beatings from us all in its stride. My brother crashed it in the early 90's after a driving pissed at xmas time. Fuck did the olds let some fireworks go then! Silly boy. Hannah and I painted it black in 2006 and added a fake front mount for shits and giggles because it was still mum and dads daily. Damn it was a good little car that. I just carjammed it and it look like the young fella who bought it aint done anything with it since This car, that sunny, my sisters Sentra and Dads two bluebirds that never let us down are what cemented Datsun/nissan as good workhorse cars in our family. Hannah and I still own a Sentra but its for sale now as doesn't get used enough. Only photo I have of 1.3 Racing Sunny
  8. Cool. Glad you're excited. Dad wants to take it for a hoon this summer
  9. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    Wrong sort of snow...
  10. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    If its going to be a party will there be some snow.........
  11. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    I'll have what Steve's smoking please.
  12. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Just a klze.....
  13. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Well that's handy to know! Cheers. Yeah Steve. I've read that these engines will blow up if turned around to face the dark side of rwd. Propaganda by the probe and mx6 fwd society! You must stay fwd. Its for the greater good.. Now more importantly... What are you upto with those flywheels Mr projectb10? I do hope there might be a little mazda v6 datsun or some thing getting built? Or are you a flywheel enthusiast?
  14. I've just come to realise that Postimage has changed its domain name over from .org to .cc which has resulted in all my previous photo links not working anymore. This has affected this thread and all my others (most likely many other threads out there too ) Its like photobucket all over again! I'd use this board to host the photos but I also post my threads up on two other forums so easiest to use a hosting site. Bummer! Off to bed.
  15. Except I dont earn as much. but not dealing with smelly teeth though