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  1. Build thread here... I'll leave now and let you get on with it
  2. Yo Morris. Glad you have started a thread on this, I'm looking forward to following this. Keep them pics and updates coming please. I would love a rs500 wagon myself .... alex
  3. You can tell when a car is one of Sams. Those mismatched wheels. Kids eh?.... Super glad this made it to Auckland without exploding into a ball of flame. How many times did you swap the plugs?
  4. Okey dokey, because its a bit rainy and glum outside we are chilling out inside and enjoying just lazying back in the comfy sofas and cosiness of our new pad. I have just taken some pics of the kitchen (some of which show off my superb culinary skills at the fine art of perfecting toast) Here is pretty much the most essential culinary toasting device... and a most essential coffee thing... The serving hatch (is that the correct name?) needed a nice surround. Remember that lovely bit of acacia timber we found in our pile of rimu? Well it was perfect
  5. Cheers Nick. Good to know about the tap - I'll watch it carefully. The hoses looked fine and no different to the ones we've had in the past from Methvan branded taps we've fitted in jobs. Its only under gravity pressure from the main water take and of which the head is quite low so very little pressure.
  6. Lovely wee car- I remember driving it at Hanmeet once. It just needs some widened steels and lowering by about 4" and it'll be fucking awesome! Please put some discs on the front. Drums suck. They'll always be a bit shit. Just swap in some appropriate bits from an escort and possibly just a slightly larger bore MC (someone fordy on here will know which bits work) I'm sure there's bits that swap straight in and it would be a period correct swap that no wof station would either notice or probably even give a fuck Oh and btw...
  7. Since the last update work had continued making the studio area a bit more finished looking. Boxed in the ugly steel framework and finished the ceilings. This really made the place feel more like a house and less like a shed... Few more little bits to add, trims around the chimney. Really looking forward to selecting paint colours and getting some colour in there. So we've now moved out of the little cabin and into the workshop mezz. The cabin was getting a bit chilly, the bed a bit tiny now that the cat has decided he wants extra warmth and snuggles in between the pillow
  8. I just looked up images of that Shigeyuki Mizuno fella (or is it a company/group of bloody skilled artists?) WOW. So many cool models. My dream would be to combine model talents like that with model trains to maximum effect. Imagine a big model train setup , the likes of the Pendon museum etc, with trains rolling through scenes like what the above mentioned has created! My nerdy video of pendon model railway (OMG! How fucking popular has my video been- its had 198 views in less than 2 years .... eat that fucking project blinky! )
  9. I looks sweet Pete. Really tidy. However.... I think it might roll a bit better with round wheels. But the oldschool wood rims do look funky.
  10. what he ^ said. Looks bloody great!
  11. You've got lovely boobs. Not sure I like your girlfriends hairy chest though.
  12. When I looked into a car that was of the system i was 'advised, nudge nudge wink wink' by a fella at vtnz to 'find' some old photos of the vehicle wearing the plates ie make some up and create a bit of history. That's all they want really. Apparently
  13. Cool. Yep me too looking forward to following your next journey! So is this a similar base to the multipla? I wish I could have saved this multipla that was parked at my old work place but the owner is a bit of a hoarder...
  14. Can you use sharper scissors? The edges might be a bit fluffy. When I post my cad designs to the cutting service I also pay lots of attention to where I fold the design. Like don't fold the cardboard up through holes etc - they hate that.
  15. for the meanest brapping you'll want the lumpiest port you can get....
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