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  1. I'll be going and will try to rummage up some stuff to sell. But at this point I can't really think of much I need/have to sell. Selling my viva wagon so could always put that on display there. I'll try to better my record of not buying much. Last year I think I bought one magazine.
  2. Isn't something like this more appropriate?....
  3. I looked further into it, got a haynes manual and got excited. Measured up my mates bike in the UK. Came back to NZ and started building the housetruck/rotorising the Viva. That put an end to Imp stuff for ages. In the meantime a fella in Scotland called Clark Dawson ran with the idea and ended up with a successful conversion. He then went on to getting parts cast and machined and has since had many kits made up. I think he has passed that conversion onto another outfit. Its not cheap at around $2k and you have to wait until there's enough people wanting for them to do a run of kits. It really is about the most perfect engine for the Imp. Weighs about the same as the imp engine, lays flat, with the kit it just bolts up. starting with 90 bhp up to 125 depending on the bike you source. Wires in easy. Looks and sounds fantastic. I've been keeping a look out for a cheap bike but so far they've beyond what the moths in my wallet want to spend. Im still keen and would do my own adaptor parts , more just for the fun. I'll send you a link via facebook to the page you can join...
  4. Back in 2009 I wrote this on the Imp forum... Re: Alternative modern Engine swaps? Post by yoeddynz » Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:27 pm well ive been looking at k100 engines from bmws- i dont know which way they rotate but i'll find out- looks good though. (insert old photofuckit photos that aint there any more) and i think it would be fairly easy to cut off the bell housing and tig weld something to bolt up to tarnsaxle. would have to look at one up close. Heres some info.... http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/ ... s%2083.htm hmmmmmmmmmm
  5. We've already chatted on Facebook. I'm no expert on the imp engine. But there is a shit load of information out there on them and between the imp forum (join up to get all the info) and frankas imp site there ain't much you can't find out about. Great little engines and I'd happily run one but my Datsun engine works so sweet that there's no need. I'm really glad someone from oldschool managed to nab this little car. Looking forward to a great thread. Now if only we can entice some of the other kiwi impers over to post up their cars. ..
  6. On Facebook mazda k v6 page this fella just joined up. He's in the UK. He's done a conversion with a klde onto the vw box. He's planning on fitting a scooby box for better gearing /more strength.
  7. Commando comic references might well be lost on much of the younger generation found about here on this forum... unless they are still a thing? I remember them as a kid, buying them second hand at a Motueka thrift shop and reading them on holidays in Kaiteriteri Anyway- it made me chuckle. I'm glad you're cracking on with this!
  8. although to be fair to fiat there is a slight size difference between a tractor and a teeny tiny car...
  9. I've got a large lump of Italian fiat sports vehicle exotica in for work right now...
  10. Yeah waiting on mitsi nerd @bigfootthen....
  11. Came with a load of bits in boxes in the Datsun we got. Not sure what it's off? It's in good nick with no shaft wear so could be useful to someone if I can work out what it's off.
  12. Yeah its possible to fit the largest 3.3 litre Victor FD discs onto a viva front end if you use the victors lower arm, upright and hubs. I had that setup on my V6 Viva. But some of those parts are getting hard to find- especially the lower ball joint and the inner hub bearing is almost non- existant now. Its an odd size. When you ever come to needing bits just swap in the Viva magnum 1800/hc ohc front parts and discs. Only 12mm smaller but way way lighter and easy to get parts for. There are vented disc options that can be had using renault 21 discs etc- but you might not need that cooling on such a lightweight car- especially if you changed to a wheel style with more airflow eh.
  13. Very sweet car. Will be such opulent travelling! Does the leather smell nice?