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  1. yoeddynz

    Anglia4's Austin 7 Ruby

    Ditto that man ^ please do nothing more then is needed t to make this legal to drive on the road and roll it as is. Don't even clean the windows.. Except for windscreen. Its so cool!
  2. Yeah we'll do a bbq meet at ours in September. The imp certainly is bright eh! Sort of needs to be ready to spot when it's about as high as the hubcaps on a typical 4wd ute these days..
  3. There's two sets of holes. The inner ones are about 142mm pcd. The outer ones are around 159mm. The speakers are pioneer.......so I am figuring that the pioneer covers you have would probably work I'll send you a PM.
  4. Cheers Ben- I'm guessing you were working up in Richmond heights?
  5. Yeah it will be put out for sale in maybe November. Its still our house so when it goes we have to move into the cabin until we build a new house that is specific to our aspect in the yard. We had a buyer lined up but he got cold feet with the whole living on a truck thing.
  6. Yeah ok I'll have a measure later today and let ya know.
  7. Ahhhh... Just like a good Morris engine should be. Sweet cheers for tip. Yeah I'll do the sump to be sure and can pop a cap off and look at bearings. ".... And that folks is where the complete and utterly expensive engine build began, leaving the little Imp to fester in the corner of the workshop, leading Alex to buy a succession of other shit old cars to see him through whilst he built the race engine of dreams... "
  8. Oh awesome. The circular groove that the mesh cover would push into is 150mm diameter. The depth needed to clear the tweeter is 17mm if the face of the mesh is flat. Let me know if you can help and I'll ping ya some dosh. Cheers.
  9. Update time. Firstly there will be no more juggling around shuffling stuff to get the Imp on the hoist, or having to drive it down the slippery grass drive that heads to the back of the workshop to get it onto the hoist. We have the workshop back after having finished building this cabin on wheels. We delivered it to its new home where the owner will continue with the build , fitting windows, door and lining it out. It was a fun job but took up a big chunk of space. Well until we start the next build. We will have a 8 metre trailer to build for ourselves soon once we sell the housetruck. So we could now relax and enjoy the Imp. A few little jobs completed and a fair few miles clocked up. Most important thing to sort out was a leak from the nearside transaxle output shaft. After getting back from the trip to Blenheim it was discovered that oil was coming out from what I thought was the seal and getting spun out off the coupling, marking a perfect line of oil inside the engine bay. So the car ended up in this position getting its trans fluid drained. I removed the shaft, doubled checked the seal land which was fine, checked and tightened the seal by cutting a few mm from its spring because it just didn't feel quite tight enough on the shaft. I also checked the shaft too. The early Imps have a splined shaft that the output spider slides onto and is held on by a large nut. The design went through two revisions ending up with the later shafts being a factory press fit and no nut. I was sure that my late type was fine and solid but just to be sure I cleaned and siliconed the end of the shaft visible from outside. Just in case... Put it all back together, a few drives and the leak was still there. After some advice from a fella on the Imp forum I took the shaft out again and checked it in the vice. It was indeed loose. Loose enough that it could move in and out slightly and had broken the silicone bond so allowing oil to creep past the splines and out. It must have been getting worse as the oil was essentially lubricating the once tight fit of the splines. It knocked apart easily, showing the factory O ring fitted before they press them together. Once clean and dry I tried the fit. It was a touch too loose for my liking so out with the JB weld epoxy. It'll never leak again Yesterday we drove to Nelson and back and I'm happy to report that the leak has stopped ! Yay. Now the only real leak is a dribble from the rear main seal on the engine. I'll change that when I change the worn ring gear in the future. Another job was to sort out some sounds. I like my music and not having a sounds system in a car on long trips is annoying. I had already eyed up and sussed where I would mount some speakers. It seems a fairly common place after having looked at other setups out there on Imps. We had scored a JVC headunit from a customer after upgrading their setup. Then we had scored some speakers from a Nissan Bluebird SSS we had been given and passed on but not before robbing its sounds. I also had some ply left over from lining the rear of the Viva wagon floor. So sorted for a cheap as setup. We made some boxes in the sunshine on what was a cold day.... Later on the sun hid behind clouds so all three of us moved over to the warmth of the log fire.... After Hannah covered the boxes in black vinyl I mounted them under the parcel shelves and wired in the head unit, a neat little unit that due to not playing cds is shorter in depth so fitting under the shelf nicely. It all looks neat enough and sounds fine for the size. Just need to find some protective grills to suit those speakers. Next on the list is to get and active sub and mount it under a seat so we can have some fuller, deeper sound. Another job I had planned to do but kept being put off was to hinge the front number plate. I don't want to mount it any higher and block the grill so where it is makes for a great driveway crown sweeper. Driving along our 500m long stone driveway in a lowered Imp with an even lower number plate gets tiring! So I did this... I'll report back with whether it also swings back at 170mph so avoiding speed camera tickets. The other night we had a lovely sunset and the Imp was looking resplendent in the light. I took a photo.. Next jobs to do are fit some carpet and I'm still really keen on pursuing building a full EFI setup. But its going to be a very busy summer for us so that will have to be a project I pursue in the evenings. Alex
  10. yoeddynz

    WLDRX2's .......Rx2

    Fuck yeah!! Congrats on first drive. It sounds perfect and looks so lush. You'll be taking it to hanmeet yeah?.....
  11. yoeddynz

    Romans COD piece

    So really, because it's a hatch back you should midmount the engine and 3d print a nifty engine cover.
  12. yoeddynz

    Romans COD piece

    I hear ya on being able to get to service items without swearing...
  13. yoeddynz

    Romans COD piece

    I do love a good nerdy thread and your thread never fails to make me smile. Just wondering though.. have you been tempted at all to just chop out that ugly bulkhead and move the engine even further back? So many positives.. Even better balance, shorter exhaust and driveshaft gives you weight savings you can happily picture as you go to sleep. It will be extra work and I guess a re-cert if you want to be all official about it. But if you're in no major rush it would be a neat extra add on to your evolution of this car. Hand brake might have to move back and I dont know where the gearstick is on these boxes- are they a long box and hence it would end up in a silly place, so making gearshifts awkward? Hmmmmm. Just pondering... Oh and re-reading back through your thread while having my coffee this morning and I wonder why not ditch the brake servo, fit appropriate pedal box (having fun working out leverage, bore diameters and drawing graphs to suit) and create a shit load of room right where you need it for improved trumpets? You do really get used to the increased effort needed with no servo and the extra feel is lovely.
  14. yoeddynz

    1987 Toyota hiace superglow glow plug questions....

    Yeah all good. I bought a new grunty battery this afternoon and took all the charging circuit apart. Had been completly altered about by pervious owner. New wires everywhere, all the wrong colours, missing plugs, extra plugs. Got to sort that shit out before I even look over the gp system. Oh the joys....
  15. yoeddynz

    1987 Toyota hiace superglow glow plug questions....

    Oh you are such a star! Hugs from me False edit. That is for a 1990. Later model to our old thing. I am not sure if they have the same setup? False edit #2 - wow its a much simpler circuit then the one our van has.