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  1. @Sanfiddy @1 down then up hopefully @Slacker_Sam. @skutaman look to be cruising along for some windy roads and fine pies. Hopefully @maxted is gonna nick his dads car for it too! @Willdat? I presume with the fine weather you'll be over doing the Heaphy then? Who else?
  2. Well folks it looks like the weather is going to be lovely this weekend so its all go for a cruise to pelorus Bridge for lunch. Should we aim to meet somewhere in Nelson and cruise out from there? Most obvious place is at the nelson classic car museum (formally wow) at 10.45am. Drive off at 11. Sound good?
  3. Is this something that you @cletuswill be dealing with or is it heavy vehicle engineers? Sounds like a big fuck up by nzta!.... https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/447774/nzta-manual-change-causes-headaches-for-horse-truck-and-motorhome-owners
  4. Nup - actually live at the bottom of hills - both ways. Great for staying fit, not so great for owning cars with no starter motors Update coming soon. I have a Honda starter from the wreckers to try out and see how well it fits in.
  5. My Datsun engine has a total loss replacement system. This is because of two reasons.. 1 : Its a British design engine with nothing more than an alloy head added (apparently..) 2 : It's been installed into a British car so its just trying to fit in with what goes with the territory.
  6. yes please do. Especially model trucks.
  7. Yeah I can do that- but also yeah it has a one way clutch and by the time I find/buy one of those that works the correct way I might as well get a honda starter. I have my starter motor squirrels out there looking for me and will have an answer soon. If the Honda route doesnt work I have worked out a way to use the scooby item. I'll put up more details in the next update. For now I have put the starter issues to one side and I'm concentrating on making a small pile of alloy filings on my vice as I play about with chain tensioners etc..
  8. It's pretty easy- I could guide you through. I'll park the Imp on your deck and bang on your roof when you take a wrong turn.
  9. I could use it as an excuse to thrash one of the Marches over the mungatapu. If Dylan gets stuck I can help tow his nissan out with my mighty nissan.
  10. Ideas for another Nelson meet. How about a convoy to somewhere for lunch. Maybe we head out to Pelorus bridge? Sunday 1st of August. Gives people 2 weeks from now to sort their shit out/dust off the classic. Nice drive/ can test our cars handling prowess at the new 'safe' speed limit of 60kph over the Whangamoas... (I was naughty once and did 65...) Good cafe with nice food and plenty of parking. We could hopefully entice young Dylan @dirty_leppa to turn up with his mighty Datto since he lives just up the road from the cafe! @ynot @Willdat? @Gozza @Slacker_Sam. @avengertiger @moparmuppet @CPR Sierra @maxted @Sanfiddy @2sik25 @scooters @Paulluap @AttySlungGatty @dirty_leppa @JasonO @footey @nzvohc @GMH63 @mattj @ThePog @Supercluck
  11. yep- if I mount the subaru starter in its stock position I'll be turning the motor the wrong way. Didn't even think about that. Whoops. However I have a couple of options. Either use a Honda starter from a counter clockwise civic/accord etc. These rotate opposite to most starters. But I need to check the pinion tooth pitch. From what I can see via rock auto pics they are the same tooth count , 9, and look about the same diameter. I am guessing that most Japanese cars share the same pitch teeth on ring gears? Or I can mount one of my subaru starters from the front, over the engine. I have just checked and there's loads of room and will be easy to mount. It would also look more symetrical and the subaru starter was going to be pretty close to the parcel shelf if mounted above the box as originally planned. However if I do this I'll need to turn the ring gear around. Probably add some welds to stop it potentially getting nudged off because the flywheel retaining lip I had machined will now be on the wrong side. Nothing too drastic or unsurmountable in the grand scheme of this project and I'm lucky someone spotted it at this point!
  12. So a fella on another forum has pointed out an issue I had not thought about and has put me in a mild pickle. I have a couple of solutions, one of which could improve other things at the same time. Lets see if anyone can guess my error. I'll give you all a clue. Starter motor.
  13. @NickJ I thought EFI conversion was fine so long as you don't increase the power by 20% or thereabouts?
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