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  1. I was thinking 'marina nats, in nz? That's a good turn out. Then I looked at the pic again and realised - nah, that looks just like a summer day in the UK'.
  2. But if you do decide to dabble then the install that this guy did was super simple and neat (with, as he's admitted, plenty of scope to be improved)
  3. Yeah exactly. We don't drive old cars expecting them to be as good as a modern with regards to handling, comfort, ventilation, noise suppression etc. I don't strive to make mine as good either. It's always going to have annoyingly shit elements in use. It'll be noisy, whiff of automotive fluids, leak fluids, go misty on a damp day, be sketchy on a wet road and always be an unsafe place to be in a crash. But it's fun. All of those various things barrage my senses and create a world that bland modern shopping cars don't. Sounds like wank eh ^ Many will have seen this before but Corvette man explains it very simply...
  4. Gearbox Barry has also informed me of his opinions...
  5. @NickJ Golden!!! I was just about to post and spotted your post first. Check out this. It's yet another really useful happy helpful comment on you tube...
  6. Ditto that man ^ Your workmanship has come on in leaps and bounds and is properly good quality work. Wow! Plus- if you'd bought the repair parts then we'd not get to watch you create stuff which is far more interesting for us.
  7. That young fella and his dad (neat cars, terrible video) are well into their imps. But neither of them developed it. The young fella, Dom Smith, has just really taken to the conversion early on, set up a facebook page for the conversion and helps others with info etc. Clark Dawson is the fella who constructed the first setup and went on to develop the adaptor parts with the help of a cnc shop (I think the parts are now made by another cnc place because the first one wasn't sorting their shit out)
  8. Blowing my tiny little trumpet here.. I was the one who came up with the idea, investigated it further, had a friend with a k100 bike and bought a haynes manual etc etc. Posted it up on imp forum and then moved back to NZ. Fella in scotland continued on with the idea and he was the one who made the first conversions. The current kit is a neat bit of work. Adaptor plate and new revised uprated front half of the imp transaxle all machined from one huge lump of alloy. Great conversion for imps.
  9. Have a look at the BMW k1200 4 cylinder bike engines. They have a separate gearbox and are easy to adapt. Strong reliable compact engines The 16v model has 120-130bhp stock?
  10. Amazing!!! I'm looking forward to our visit one day and we can view them.
  11. Did you make sure your other family and pets were inside the house for full effects, ready to be burnt down along with yourself when you ignited it?
  12. Gold. This whole thread. But Baarts bit especially.
  13. Did you just find that image or ask Uncle Ai to create it for ya?
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