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  1. Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    Yeah that above pic was what I was thinking but with oval section tubes under the lowest suspension point. Straight through pipes as kk suggested would sound sweet. Then convert to manual box.
  2. Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    Is there any way that you could swap out the pipes for oval section and run them straight along under the arms? Not knowing what the setup looks like so this is just an idea.
  3. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    First time round I cut and shut a brake arm, adding bracing to the back. It would never fail. You'd break a leg before it would break. But yeah...not legal. Next time round I made a whole new arm. This I believe you are allowed to do. One piece, 8mm thick steel with the only welding being to the pad and around the bush. Again- stronger than the original item and it would never fail. It looked completely stock so it was not even looked at. Some pedal boxes imported from the UK wont pass here due to the arms being made from 6mm steel. Even though they are stronger than the orignal items they replace they still dont meet NZ cert requirements. I have seen them and they do flex. So yeah- pays to check this out.
  4. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    I welded my brake pedal pad. You'd never know. I'm happy with it... better then the stock weld poo. I live life on the edge man.... just me and my 50bhp.
  5. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Oh and congrats for what appears to be landing on your feet with a new job. Sounds good and I'm imagining you're having fun!
  6. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Videos please.
  7. I'm still unsure. Can't work things out till I get back to nz and sorry some stuff out.
  8. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Without actually looking at the manuals or what is written down in my book of scribbles that pretty much sounded like what I did. Except I mounted drivers on a little heatsink a few inches from the MS case. Pics that might be useful...
  9. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    But actually you'll get all the help you need here. Ask away
  10. DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Yeah I think I can help. Also.. I have an Air craft mechanic friend you'll know who could help. I'll do a facetwitspaceagram message for ya.
  11. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    The standard viva setup is just four link with the top links angled. Works well but for full on racing etc you can add a panhard (I think @vivaspeed has done a such.. Or even converted to 5 link in order to have an English axle?) @CUL8R does your system involve a torque tube then? The Chevette (t car) system works really well and leaves the area under the seat untouched. But finding strong axles.....
  12. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    Dirty hands will make marks on your design paper. Otherwise continue on.
  13. Phr34krs scimitar

    Please please updates on these
  14. Corbie's MkIII Cortina Wagon - Discussion

    Do as Steve's done.. Mx5 box with rx7 bellhousing so no need to space the flywheel back. Will need to modify the starter motor mounting face on bellhousing forwards though. None of it is that hard though. Just time.