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  1. I'm keen on any spare 12a rotor for my shed too- to fill my empty 12a housing on the shelf.
  2. Another typically fun few updates to catch up on. Just read them and Hannah was reading it too and we both giggled with delight when your car started and your girlface started giggling. Its such a cool thing when an engine starts for the first time and this can only be bloody amazing considering you're both new fresh barrys to the world of shitty old car tinkering. Congrats from us! Keep the great updates coming!
  3. Yingyang. You'll head away with a truck filled with as much shit as you sold. And so continues the oldschool circle of life.
  4. We at oldschool see no problem with a line up of projects to do one day....
  5. Crikey- the esky too. #sadface. I was looking forward to seeing what you'd make that into.
  6. Wow- ya sold it! Just like that. I hope its gone to a good home and they appreciate the fucking awesome job you did at restoring this wee gem. Thanks for sharing a great thread with us all! Looking forward to more mk1 esky updates- especially the bit when you finally fit a 12a drillport.
  7. Yesterday afternoon I got to make use of the truck when we helped the neighbours do the hay. Every year we and a few other local farmers help them out with the hay and then we all get pissed and eat way more food than one should. Always a grand afternoon out Its been noted that flat deck farm utes suitable for hay are getting less common around these parts so they are super stoked we now have this truck...
  8. More little jobs completed on the TK over the last week in between other stuff (like apparently one has to earn money to pay for mortgages etc = boring! ) The battery cradles needed attention. In fact they needed removing full stop. They were both right in the way of getting easy access to the passenger side of the engine. Plus they were a bit higgledy piggledy (thanks to Hannah's mum for teaching me such delightful technical words) because the truck was originally 12V and then later converted to 24v to suit the mighty Nissan donk and hence two separate cradles were in place...
  9. Yeah Its looking good man- Good work on the welding. I always like seeing an update on this thread!
  10. Sweet. I need to get some of that sounds deadening mat too. Might go shopping
  11. Yeah I bet I can flick off some sheep piss infused decking, rat piss carpet, flogged out but completely genuine cast in england brake arms and authentic rusted out steel and plastic bedford mudguards to some barry foamer... I'll be there!
  12. I buy controller off you. give you monies i do. Five dollar. Buy now. I buy. You controller you not need. I buy.
  13. That is good service. I think I'll be getting one of them thank you please. Is the chinese bosch sensor still going ok?
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