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  1. Nothing at all! It's still in the works and will definitely get finished. But just too many projects right now. Some other Toyotas have also joined the family in the meantime. An early 80s Crown from the South Island that is frigging immaculate (But blown 5m needs replacing) and my brother bought a TE71 liftback with full AE86 running gear in it. (Needs just general tidy up) We've got a good* 5M in the spare soarer body, so will yank that to fit in the crown some time soon. *Still shit but it runs
  2. Air through the bonnet isnt necessarily a good plan, if you look at my aerodynamic cross section of the carina there is actually lower pressure and not so much airflow there. Take a look at @Truenotch's AE86 project, he has quad throttles on a beams engine with what I consider to be the ideal intake setup. (Apart from no filter haha) After talking to the very talented Mr Robbie Whitley, he has suggested one of the primary reason for quad throttles is that when you start using a very aggressive cam. With a single throttle at part throttle the vaccum in the plenum pulls the air and fuel back out of the cylinder and exhaust gas back through. Which means your motor runs like a sack of shit. But having quad throttles means that the vaccum is lower, and also there is only so much area behind the throttle plate to blow back into so the problem is reduced. Another big benefit of quad throttles is being able to easily change the length of your runners which can push your powerband around a bit... Very hard to do this with a plenum. Also, just re: under bonnet temperatures... The High Performance Academy 350Z gains ~15kw if you tilt the intake pipe up so its getting colder air instead of air behind the radiator. Can make a big difference!
  3. Thanks Matt, I am currently using 5kg front and 3.5kg rear. This is a reasonably nice balance but with a touch of understeer so I might add the rear swaybar on now. Or otherwise get some new rear springs made in 4kg or 4.5kg.
  4. So Manfield finishes up... And I'm enjoying doing superlap and the camaraderie between competitors. Buuut everything else in life was starting to feel a little stale. I have been daydreaming about moving to the South Island for the last few years, but I'm not a planner person... I figure if I wait until I have a plan, I will never do it. So I made a bold move - To just hand in 30 days notice at my IT Manager job, with no idea what I'm going to do next. I knew this meant sacrificing the remaining rounds of Superlap, and would probably lead to some hard times financially and otherwise. But it was just what I felt was necessary. All I knew was that I wanted to move out of Auckland for a while and start on a fresh page after some tough times over last year or two. A few days after this, I see an ad pop up on facebook... "Remote Dyno tutor/manager at HP Academy in Queenstown" Awww hell yes, could that be any more the ideal career/city change, at exactly the right time?! I applied for the job - and got it Then not long after, thanks to Bigfoot, I had some accommodation sorted too. It was the most low effort career/city change ever! Within the course of a week it went from my family probably thinking I was a bit of an idiot for quitting my job without a plan. (and a fair bit of doubting myself as well) to, "God damn it you're a jammy bastard Dave" To anyone who has along the way thought "David why not just take your car to a tuner instead of wasting your time doing all of these stupid tests/graphs/etc" Well, all of these things that I've done were a major contributing factor towards me getting the job. So there's probably some motivational message there about following your dreams or something. But end result is I'm pretty happy right now, and working at a company where drawing graphs and looking at datalogs etc is par for the course. Which is bloody exciting. So I packed my echo full of essential stuff and drove on down to start a new way of life down here. So far so good! Keeping some relevance to this thread though - My Carina is still back up in Auckland. It's packed full of "want but dont need" items, it's ready to hit the road as soon as I've organized a place down here that has a garage to store it in. I've been learning so much from Andre and the team, it feels like getting an apprenticeship from one of the best engine tuners in the southern hemisphere. I feel like I'm only just smart enough to be on the cusp of understanding some of the stuff Andre talks about. But I think I know just enough, that he doesnt feel like it's a waste of time explaining things to me. I expect that by the time I've got the Carina down here, I'll be ready to redo my tune from scratch using the new knowledge and tools now available to me. Cant wait! A new southern chapter of graphs, nerdiness, and awesomeness awaits the Carina. The next post in this thread, when the time comes. There will be graphs, oh yes, there will be graphs.
  5. The last few trackday events I've done, they have all been on very hot tracks in summer time... lots of grip for R888s which were coming up to temperature nicely, very quickly! Thanks to all this grip I've had, I've been able to wind the brake bias heaaaapppssss more rearwards than I ever have been able to previously. Which is awesome, it stops the car up great. Then, the Manfield round of Superlap... I was greeted by an intially damp, very cold track. First run out, feeling a little too confident... by lap 3(?) I still had almost no heat in the tyres, was pushing it a little too hard, and the brake bias caught me out. I spun off turn 1, ending up stuck in the kitty litter which was embarassing, and I felt bad for delaying the session while I was towed out. I went back to the pits, took a few winds out of the brake bias (it isnt adjustable in the cabin) Second session, wowzers! Track came up to temp nicely and the car was running great. I was still getting familiar with things as I've never driven there before. But had an awesome time. I was driving conservatively as I didnt want to be "that guy" that crashes twice in a row haha. Feeling confident lining up for the third session of the day, and ready to push a bit harder. I get waved out onto the track and my driveshaft makes a clunk noise. Try go forward again... same thing... shit. I head back to the pits, and it looked as though the hanger bearing had crapped itself, so the centre of the 2 piece driveshaft was free to flop around. It felt okay to drive "normally" so I said my good byes to friends at the track and went back to accomodation (Thanks Lachlan) I packed the car up and started driving home. I got about an hour out of Manfield, and driveshaft noise was getting bad going up a hill when it was under load - Boom! The front UJ broke, and the driveshaft went smashing around in the tunnel like a MFer! Lucky I had driveshaft loops in place or it would have made a bloody big mess. Once I got safely to the side of the road, and had a look under the car. It dawned on me that I am 6-7 hours drive from home, with a car that's fucked haha. About 1/2 an hour later, something magic happened! Some other competitors saw my car on the side of the road, and stopped up. They couldnt really help, but wanted to see if they could assist. Then some more competitors came past - this time with their track car on the trailer behind tow vehicle. They stopped up, unloaded their track car from the trailer so they could tow my car home - and drive their track car instead. These guys lived near Hampton downs, but drove all of the way to Glendene in the pissing rain to help me get my car home by about 2am. Which meant they didnt get back to theirs until 3 or 4am after a very long day. Absolutely blown away by the help. Big thanks to Jakke and Matt for being awesome well beyond the call of duty. Sometimes when you're up to your eyeballs in shit, and someone helps you out - The sort of thing you remember for a very long time. Some good memories and good friends, made by a bad situation.
  6. If my coolant is 94-95 deg and my oil is 110ish then even if the airflow was as hot as coolant it's still not going to heat the oil. I think it's each sensor having a different heatsoak/thermal latency in the housing they are in. (By which I mean... definitely aliens) One thing I've noticed with the oil cooler fitted though is consistently lower coolant temps, so I'll look through some old logs and see if engine was running any hotter.
  7. Haha. Yeah fan blows in correct direction, when car is idling you can see it pulling stacks of heat out of the cooler and there's a 10 deg drop across the sensors. Instead of cooling system reacing saturation point and fan coming on, car stays at 87deg and fan never comes on. So it's definitely doing something, but I dont have any oil temp data from beforehand to compare to. The sensors are both brand new and using same cal table in the ECU, when car is first warming up they both read the same until there starts being a temp difference across the core. In order to fit my sensors (they are quite deep and bottom out in the AN fittings) I've had to use a 1/8th > 1/4 NPT fitting then a 1/4 > 1/8 NPT back again. So the tip of sensor is sitting in oil but they're not completely immersed so it's possible they're prone to heat soak from external sources.
  8. On the whole time
  9. Haha yeah sweet power now Glenn! Good rev range for powerband too. What else changed about the motor to get you over that 200kw mark? More compression?
  10. Okay so who wants to try explain this one for me? Orange line is engine temp. Red line is oil temp before the oil cooler. Blue line is oil temp after the cooler. At a certain point of track day run, my oil cooler appears to be heating the oil hahaha. I am wondering if exhaust heat is influencing the reading of the "After cooler" sensor, as it's line of sight to exhaust manifold. The "before" sensor isnt line of sight to exhaust as it's on far side of oil cooler adaptor.
  11. Haha for sure. Some of the guys in street class have openly said that their cars are too delicate/stiffly sprung/etc to drive them long distance on the road at all. Trailered to and from events, wof and reg "street class" cars that only ever drive on track haha.
  12. My idea for a combined trackday/camping trip... Hmmmm maybe not the best. It was annoying having tools and tyres etc in the car while trying to go camping, then vice versa for trackday, and just generally speaking a car stuffed completely full of stuff! Had an awesome time at the Riverglen camp ground where Nats was in the Cormandel for a few days though. Superlap round 2 at Taupo was a mission! Clutch Master cyl packed up on the way down. Replacement one didnt fit so rebuilt old one with guts of new one. Then staged injection not working properly so retuned for primaries only. Then i had a session where everything went well! And managed a 1.51.6 which I was really happy with, huge improvement over last time and everything felt great. Rear tyres were getting slippery at end of session at 32psi hot so dropped them to 30 hot. Next session after that, e-throttle fault! Which cleared after turning car off and on again, but I'll need to look through logs to see why this might have happened. But decided to just head into the pits and call it a day. On the whole pretty happy with the weekend, and happy that I made it home alright. But I'll also be pretty happy to just park it in the garage for a while and do some other stuff for a while! It was a weekend of frustrating mechanical issues with a small spritz of success in the middle haha.
  13. Hahaha awesome. Down at Taupo at the moment. I ran a 1:52.6 today which is a fair bit quicker than previous best of 1.53.8. Only had 4 laps too, other 4 sessions are tomorrow and GPS is showing a few corners where there's a big stack of time to cut. Also found that incorrect knock sensor setting was pulling 5 deg timing out of the entire powerband haha... So should feel a bit more lively tomorrow! Cant wait! R888s are awesome I was able to take turn 4 without any braking.
  14. I post things that are interesting to me. Feel free to add me to your ignore list.
  15. I was planning to do the next round of superlap with just a temperature probe fitted to the existing setup to get a baseline of what the oil temps get to. Buuuutttt smashing the windscreen brough plans forward a bit! As I had to pull most of the dash out anyway so it makes sense to get wiring changes etc done sooner than later. I have finished building a shroud for the oil cooler fan and the brackets to hold it in place. Unfortunately the cooler is too damn big to fit anywhere except for ahead of the radiator panel, but I've placed it behind the bumper / numberplate and quite far forward so it shouldnt get too much airflow through the core without the fan going. Also I chose black AN fittings where possible and put some fibreglass heat sleeving stuff over them. Mainly because it looks a bit nicer I reckon. Nearly finished the physical install of it, then just the wiring to sort out. Dad has provided me with a PWM fan controller, it's really easy to setup so that should be cool to have a play with! Markku has loaned me another speedo drive to test with, hopefully this makes everything work nice again and cruise control will be back up in running in time for the next Superlap round at Taupo.