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  1. Pretty sure LEDs adjust brightness by rather than adjusting voltage, using PWM to adjust current through to it. As they dont work at too low a voltage and too high they blow up. It might be that there's no on/off voltage but its just the PWM is so low that its "off" when its off Just a thought
  2. Surely tail lights need to be considerably more diffused? Head lights are for illuminating everything else, tail lights are for illuminating themselves
  3. Hi, I've got a wilwood pedal box which has the clutch and brake pedals spaced reasonably close together. My factory pedals have dog legs in them (and are considerably less beefy) to get around the steering column. As-is, there's no way that this is going to fit and allow a decent amount of pedal travel. My question is - I understand that modifications to a brake pedal is obviously out of the question. But seeing how a clutch pedal failure is comparatively non critical... Could I space my pedal box over to the brake side, and then fit a modified pedal for the clutch that's got a bend in it? It's hilarious how massive these pedal stalks are compared to OEM ones which are just a bit of bent plate. A more structurally sound version of this:
  4. Also, there is a new spartan wideband which is using a new sensor called the LSU-ADV which supposedly has 7ms response time AKA its bloody fast canbus as well so no ground offset errors. Want want want
  5. Look up Infineon Profets if you want to DIY yourself into oblivion / have 3000 hours to spare. But honestly $300 USD is pretty epic for PDM. Is it run by CAN? Got a link?
  6. Slow progress, because winter time insanity. Made a prototype for a new gearbox crossmember/mount arrangement. That uses much stiffer bushes and ends up with waayyyyy more ground clearance than the big standard mount. Also, if I got it cast from aluminium the entire assembly is lighter than just the rubber bush part from the standard setup. win. Not sure how to make the final version yet, but it's good to have the gearbox sitting in the right place. And have a decent set of accurate dimensions for making a proper one. Hopefully soon figure out my driveshaft and exhaust situation. I'm on the lookout for a standard 2-1 part of an Altezza exhaust if anyone's got one kicking around?
  7. Doing it wrong Is this the right thread for your current car? Looks mean. It just blows me away how much the twin headlight front transforms these into looking infinity amount cooler.
  8. Teensy 4.0 is out. 600mhz arm cortex m7 and $19usd. Also friggen tiny. Ordered a pair, looking forward to having a hoon
  9. Roman

    Rust Worm

    Make sure you've got a water trap on the compressor that you're spraying epoxy with, otherwise water straight back on your steel
  10. Love digidashes, found this page a while back, some of them are nuts haha! Like, I cant believe the likes of Aston Martin would run such an atrocity haha The Subaru XT one just rules my face right off though. So cool
  11. +1 to that, but just make sure not the kind that ends up leaving bristles in your resin. Whatever kind that is. Also in my experience PVA release is just yuck to deal with / wax instead.
  12. You guys are polluting this threads atmosphere with emissions chat
  13. Teensy range is bloody good too, and as the name would suggest, uhhh... teensy. for if you need something with a smaller footprint than the Due.
  14. Just bought some STM32H7 dual core processors. Now all that's left to figure out is... Everything