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  1. Okay thanks. Yeah definitely make a U shaped piece and some gussets or whatever... would be one hell of a thing to have snap off haha.
  2. Hi, In the case of coilover suspension like this, where there's a height adjustable section at the bottom (which means the shock assembly can be completely removed from the part that mounts to the hub) Would it be okay to cut off those mounting points for the hub, and put some new ones on to fit a different hub bolt spacing/angle? I'd assume it would need tig and crack test.
  3. I think the reason the regular traction control setup uses ignition and fuel cut %, is because it can respond instantly. Using something like boost control or e-throttle and there's latency involved and so weird shit can happen. Plus with the normal traction control you can setup a slip limit, your tyre can put down its best grip while it's slipping at say 10% faster speed than non driven wheels. I think the best way to set things like e-throttle angles and boost control, is to control the torque output proactively rather than reactively, then use reactive measures like ign cut to tri
  4. Well it is if you dont make it to work
  5. I'd say dont try release videos on a weekly basis just for the sake of it. If you end up making low quality filler videos just to meet your schedule then people will tune out real quick. Aim for meaningful content regardless of how long that might take between videos. If you watch the likes of Project Binky for example, it's highly scripted even though it might seem like you've spent an hour watching them do not much. People have infinitely small attention span now that there's essentially infinite content to consume. If I watch a video that starts out interesting but then person
  6. Sorry just saw this. Id say unlikely to even be on canbus let alone sent to obd2. (Which is usually cut down to a standard set of things) Its possibly info on canbus though, but thats highly specific car to car. You can use a can bus sniffer to see if any of the bits or bytes change value when you hit the brake or indicator though.
  7. So checking out new motor. Has water cooled egr valve and water cooled crank case vent tube. Guess they try do everything possible to stop knock or misfire with a big egr amount. Interesting stuff, that, can fuck right off. The electric waterpump arrangement looks easy to wire up, 4 pin plug with two big and two small wires. Will be 12v, earth, then i suspect pwm input and maybe a return signal or just voltage for pwm perhaps. It looks like it would be easy to retrofit a mechanical pump setup or vice versa. Id like to keep the ewp for nerdy reasons but i suspect mechan
  8. Ahh so the "does it take slow corners faster than other car" question. Compared some GPS data. This is just peak to peak points rather than actual speed change as the data is on two separate devices that cant be overlaid. On the slow parts its pretty bloody close, which I think is amazing given the only suspension mods are Zebra sourced springs from a Toyota BB and second hand 185 wide tyres This is compared to 205/50/15 AD08R on the Carina. 3 out of the 5 corner sections, the minimum speed is near identical, and on the other two it could possibly close up the gap with some less g
  9. There's been a 2012 Toyota Aqua 1NZFXE engine on Trademe for $520 a while... 50,000km old, but says it doesnt include any extras just sold as bare block essentially. It's been relisted lots of times over, so I figured it might have been picked dry of parts since the pictures were taken. The only thing I really need that might have been taken was the water pump. But even if it wasnt there, still a decent price for a low km engine I guess. Since it was for sale from a wrecker near my work office in Auckland, I thought I'd pop my head in while I was up there yesterday and see what's le
  10. Nah still standard junk on it
  11. There are plenty of engines that make medium-big turbo hp (for displacement) despite alloy block The only upper barrier i've heard of is someone splitting the block at ~500hp.
  12. Its the pencil spec rods that are the problem and they shit the bed around 160hp. Its not a coincidence that the trd turbo version and the aftermarket supercharger setups all have near exact same power cap. Apart from that someone with a hearty turbo setup split the block in half at about 500hp haha.
  13. Yeah yaris GR. There were a few there they look super sweet Second vid feat: rocket ship jza80
  14. Well how much is turbo stuff? With a budget of 80kg for turbo stuff, that's a lot of turbo stuff to break even! In other news, today was an absolute bloody hoot! Handling was actually great, a little understeery but being so light in the front you dont get punished for it. Doesnt sledge much just tells you its not happening. A rear swaybar would be absolutely magic in this thing. A++ would overtake cautious beginners in the slow group again
  15. The magical aspect of 1NZ setup apart from the weight. Is that parts are incredibly cheap, and theyre $500 engines. And new enough that youre not buying trashed old stuff. But I must admit I sure do love the likes of the Dunne brothers MR-S with the turbo hyabusa setup. That thing is wild!
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