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  1. I need to remake some radiator hoses, has anyone used the mackay flex hoses? Are they as strong as normal ones?
  2. Roman

    Muffler Tech

    Been wondering how much weight difference there is for different pipe dias. So from 2.5" OD (63mm) to a 3" (76) with the thicker walls theres about 2kg difference In order for 2kg to pay itself off in terms of power/weight you only need to gain the tiniest fraction of power, like, 1hp and it's worth it
  3. So as an example, if I want my text to change to a different colour because temp is high or whatever. Previously I needed to have a whole other set of bitmaps in that different colour. Where as now I can just change the colour in realtime. Also with transparencies its not going to write every single friggen pixel in a square shaped bounding box to draw a needle for a gauge (or whatever) So you can have parts that overlap in a bit of a nicer way without needing weird tricks to make it work. Should be good! main thing that I'm hoping for is the screen refresh rate to hopefully be a bit quicker. Still might go to STM32 at some stage, I see theres a dev board available now for the baller spec version which will make things easier to start with.
  4. Aahhhh so there's a new version of the Nextion screens out called the Intelligent Series. Can now use blending, transparencies, antialiased fonts, and a few other tricks. So this means no more bitmaps for all of my text! haha. So code will become a whole bunch less bloated and designing screens a lot easier too. Looks like the refresh rate to the screen is a bit quicker too. So this probably is enough to dump the idea of going to STM32 for now.
  5. If you gear the supercharger for millions of boost in midrange with the plan of bleeding the air out, you'll potentially be at risk of overspeeding the supercharger by high rpm. Then from what I hear they melt the telfon linings off the rotors then things get worse from there. Also you're heating the air twice or thrice by recirculating it, which not only means hotter air at the outlet but less cooling from incoming air through the charger to keep it a little cooler I guess. I'd be more inclined to just ditch that hot air and get more through.
  6. Post fuel economy dataz when you return plz So far a lot more impressed with this setup than I would have imagined. Suits the car so well too. This whole thing is just great. I'm sure you'll have worked out all of the niggles soon enough.
  7. Well this makes life easy
  8. Yeah the laptop trick works well, but you need to setup your laptop to have a direct pass through from input to output. So it basically goes Input > amp > output otherwise its too laggy if it needs to go through any processing on the laptop. Cant remember how to do that but its somewhere in the settings for the mic jack I think.
  9. Awesome result! That's some great power, especially since at a fairly low rpm Look forward to seeing how it goes when it's running a little richer. Bring to drag day plz!
  10. Pretty sure LEDs adjust brightness by rather than adjusting voltage, using PWM to adjust current through to it. As they dont work at too low a voltage and too high they blow up. It might be that there's no on/off voltage but its just the PWM is so low that its "off" when its off Just a thought
  11. Surely tail lights need to be considerably more diffused? Head lights are for illuminating everything else, tail lights are for illuminating themselves
  12. Hi, I've got a wilwood pedal box which has the clutch and brake pedals spaced reasonably close together. My factory pedals have dog legs in them (and are considerably less beefy) to get around the steering column. As-is, there's no way that this is going to fit and allow a decent amount of pedal travel. My question is - I understand that modifications to a brake pedal is obviously out of the question. But seeing how a clutch pedal failure is comparatively non critical... Could I space my pedal box over to the brake side, and then fit a modified pedal for the clutch that's got a bend in it? It's hilarious how massive these pedal stalks are compared to OEM ones which are just a bit of bent plate. A more structurally sound version of this:
  13. Also, there is a new spartan wideband which is using a new sensor called the LSU-ADV which supposedly has 7ms response time AKA its bloody fast canbus as well so no ground offset errors. Want want want
  14. Look up Infineon Profets if you want to DIY yourself into oblivion / have 3000 hours to spare. But honestly $300 USD is pretty epic for PDM. Is it run by CAN? Got a link?