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  1. Roman

    Michael's MS112 Crown hardtop discussion

    Love digidashes, found this page a while back, some of them are nuts haha! Like, I cant believe the likes of Aston Martin would run such an atrocity haha The Subaru XT one just rules my face right off though. So cool
  2. +1 to that, but just make sure not the kind that ends up leaving bristles in your resin. Whatever kind that is. Also in my experience PVA release is just yuck to deal with / wax instead.
  3. You guys are polluting this threads atmosphere with emissions chat
  4. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Teensy range is bloody good too, and as the name would suggest, uhhh... teensy. for if you need something with a smaller footprint than the Due.
  5. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Just bought some STM32H7 dual core processors. Now all that's left to figure out is... Everything
  6. Possibly, what does that involve? Just putting them in vacuum pot for a while then back into atmo? I live in Morrinsville now but if you post them down or drop them to my Dads place in Glendene I can give it a go.
  7. I've heard sandbagging works well but havent tried it. Re: Vac pump I just recently bought this and this: So far so good, pulls vacuum right down to zero on the gauge when you've got a good bag seal. If I leave the pot shut off it'll hold a vacuum overnight at same place on the gauge. I bought the pot as well, because I use it as a catch can for any epoxy that might zing up the pipe to stop it from stuffing the pump. Just have a second pipe on it instead of that filter. But also good for degassing epoxy or rubber or whatever else for other projects. And having the large volume means if you've got a tiny leak you dont lose overall pressure as quickly. The only catch was that it doesnt come with vacuum pump oil, and you need special oil that doesnt evaporate when the pressure gets really low. I think it's flammable or something like that so they cant ship it internationally. Can get it from Repco though so no dramas. I've still got a love/hate with vac bagging though. Can be very fiddly.
  8. Roman

    Michael's MS112 Crown hardtop discussion

    Such a great series! Errrr Chernobyl that is. Not M series
  9. Roman

    Michael's MS112 Crown hardtop discussion

    "What does the meter say?" "95 degrees Sir" "Not great; not terrible." "Sir... thats as far as the needle goes on the dash" "The digidash can read higher. Go get the one from yahoo auctions"
  10. Roman

    Michael's MS112 Crown hardtop discussion

    "At the Toyota meet in Geneva you told us that it was user negligence that caused the failure." "The Toyota Warranty department pressured me to lie" *crowd gasps* "Although the users were highly irresponsible, ultimately the cause of failure was the graphite material on the tip of the gasket. When the waterpump speed falls below 500rpm, as per their test, any increase in con rod speed with blow the graphite into the exhaust and an unstoppable thermal reaction begins." "So turning the heater on would not help cool the engine, as per protocol?" "It would turn the heater core coolant straight into an explosive gas further destroying the gasket" *crowd gasps* "Order! Order! Please continue. Why was it designed this way?" "Same as everything else on a 5M-E! To save money! Every other company use higher torque on the bolts and a multi layer steel gasket!" *crowd gasps*
  11. Roman

    Michael's MS112 Crown hardtop discussion

    Not great; not terrible
  12. Roman

    Michael's MS112 Crown hardtop discussion

    Cool car. We've got an MS112 with a lunched engine. In that pale blue sort of colour. Still not sure what motor we'll put back in. But it's too nice to scrap so it's in limbo for the moment. Not busting your balls but just a funny observation - You couldnt find your dream car, so you end up with one that from factory was more expensive and higher specc'd instead! (Well chassis that is, not trim level) It's funny how the second hand market can work. That digidash is rad. In any case - look forward to seeing how this pans out! It's amazing how much more modern that facelift version white car you posted looks. Could easily be something from the early 90s.
  13. I went down that road and bought a couple of different styles as I figured some would be shit. The ones that are "square cut" like, they are drilled from one side and drilled from the other. Avoid. Most of them had a small piece of swarf still stuck to it internally! Went straight in the bin. These ones were good (I've used them with fuel and oil for several years, including a lot of do ups and undos with no issues at all) This style, avoid: I reckon the biggest cause of fuckups with AN lines though is putting them together improperly. I found putting masking tape around the outside then using a cut off wheel gave the best results. But need to clean a bunch of crap out of the line afterwards (But need to whichever method you use)
  14. Roman

    stopping aluminium corrosion

    Setup boat style cathode/anode with a block of zinc or something?