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  1. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Aahhh yes I've noticed that people start with lower case for first letter but didnt know why. (As it seems easier for me to read with upper) But that makes sense. Cheers
  2. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Was trying to think of a way to make the function names stand out a bit better when scrolling up and down through lots of code. Found an ascii font generator. It's glorious.
  3. Roman

    Romans COD piece

    Yes that all works, ive got 8 optos on a board bringing the needed dash plug stuff down to 3.3v If things arent on, they dont show up on the screen so it minimizes distraction. And I can have odo and trip meters etc too.
  4. Roman

    Romans COD piece

    Aahhhh thanks Ned! I had been considering some form of hysteresis however hadnt given thought as to how the code would work yet. So thought that just averaging or similar would be easier in the meantime. But thats much more elegant than how I thought it would work and looks pretty easy to incorporate. Cheers! I'm busy working on some of the context based screens at the moment so cant wait to get these up and running! Also cant help but get excited about adding new features and sensors etc and scope creeping it into oblivion haha. There is a ridiculous amount of cool stuff that you can do with a dash. Like even just having a selectable diagnostics screen where it shows you all of the values from the engine/dash, current values and max/min. And having some basic XY plots of logged data that you can pull up. And having some conditional alerts/warnings. Save so much time troubleshooting things, or move away from needing to open the laptop for basic trackday checks. Thats the dream.
  5. Got a driveshaft sorted until I can get something made up, so went on a roady to test out the dash. Drive up to Uretiti was good! As expected I really need to put some KMs on it and get a feel for what's good or whats annoying or so on. Very quickly a few things became apparent that they are fecken annoying! Also this thread has been severely lacking MSpaint so here we are: So on the plus side, the ~250? Nit screen seemed decent enough even with backlit conditions. I've got a 1000 Nit screen here to try too if I need to burn my eyeballs out! Most of the annoyance came from values flickering. Because you might be hovering on say 89.9kph and then 90.1kph... So it will flicker between 89 and 90. Options here are either that I take a rolling average of the last XYZ amount of speed results and smooth it. Or maybe only change the speedo value if the number goes up or down by 2kph or more. With the tacho, this was annoying for similar reasons in that it can read from the ECU down to a single RPM, so its a constantly moving number which is distracting. I'm thinking that I'll filter it so it only updates the screen in 100rpm increments, so will go 2400rpm, 2500rpm, etc. Because again, does it really matter, do you really need to know that the engine is doing 2451rpm? Not really. Maybe I could make it read in 50rpm increments below 2000rpm or something like that. Also when it was bright you cant actually see any of the outline lines, only the numbers and labels. So will make more sense to move labels closer to the values. I also realised that although a monochrome sort of look is nice. I setup some cruise control displays so that one button goes Red when you've activated CC, and then goes green when CC is turned on. With the colour differentiation you could instantly tell what status the cruise control was in. So I think more colours will make things easier to read. In fairness though this is essentially a low contrast colour scheme that is probably better for night time. Using a white or yellow or whatever text and it's blazingly brigher even with the same backlight settings. I'm also starting to question the merits of having the triangulated sort of face over the screen, when you're driving and it's bright you cant see any of it. Just the values on screen. So may as well just use the extra screen real estate. Good to be making some progress anyway! I'm looking forward to designing some of the more contextually aware screen functions now that the basics are sorted. First on the menu is a secondary screen for when Cruise Control is turned on. Then I'll look at some trackday related stuff and a few diagnostic pages to make life easier. It's cool having all of the standard dash info coming into this, because I can set it so (for example) if you flash the high beams, or push the brake, or whatever, in certain conditions (like while the car is stationary without engine running) you can use those car controls to navigate through menus or switch screens or whatever. Pretty chuffed to have reached that milestone of driving it with a fairly "finished" prototype though.
  6. Good news, I got my opto board all wired in and my dash computer is reading all of the on/off signals from the standard loom. Woot! But what sucked is that I cracked my LCD screen while trying to fix an issue with power wire. Damnit. I had to order a new one which has just arrived. I'm mostly ready to test the dash buuuutttt after investigating drivetrain issue from the Drags, my driveshaft is busted! The rear UJ on the rear half, is now totally stuffed. Quite lucky that I managed to drive it home from Meremere like that, although, since it would just break the shaft off directly at the diff at least it wouldnt make the same sort of racket like when the front broke. So! Obviously I need a better plan than taking out a flogged to shit 35 year old driveshaft, and replacing it with another 35 year old flogged to shit driveshaft. As this hasnt worked out too great so far. I've had some good recommendations for where I can get a new one made, which I will follow up on. But, also, I want to test my dash in the meantime and hopefully take the car on a camping adventure this week before work starts again. Does anyone have a stockpile of driveshafts kicking around? If so please let me know! Here are some deets of what I need
  7. Roman

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Yeah as we had leaded fuel at the time?
  8. Roman

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    I use my wideband only for logging not fuel trim. It over/undershoots a lot in reaction to itself because of sensor latency (and no fuel film model in ecu) and makes oscillations when otherwise id only have a small % error. There are some settings I can adjust to make it less sensitive but really need to adjust in real-time which is hard without a 2nd person to drive.
  9. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Just change the else if to an if
  10. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    "I'm going to come up a plan for my code, and stick to it" Says everyone ever Does no one ever
  11. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Thanks Ned. I dont understand all of that but I think I need to read it a few times and let it stir in my brain for a bit. I've read that example for library on Arduino but then realised what a tangled mess all of my code is haha. So maybe I should just start with a more simple thing first till I get my head around it. I think I need to plan out on a whiteboard how all of my different things interact so I can see what stuff I can just keep entirely within a library.
  12. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Also my code is getting pretty bloated again so I've been looking to library-ize various portions of code. How does this work though with data that is shared between different parts of my code though? Like is it best to keep all of the data in a library completely internal? Apart from what you put in, and take back out? Like for example if I have an array that a library wants to look up, but other things still look at. Is it best to keep that array in the library or in the main code? I guess the whole point of a library is that its quite self contained. This makes sense but there's a bit of untangling to do as all my code runs through itself a lot haha. Rookie mistakes. And I just broke my LCD screen so its a few weeks until another one gets here. Maybe a good time to fix all the code instead haha.
  13. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Ahhh thanks Ned, hadnt thought about any of that. Maybe a good scheme for working around potential dataloss is to send a few strings with the same data in different order. So send a string SettingA, SettingB, SettingC, SettingD Then SettingD, SettingA, SettingB, Setting C Then Setting C, SettingD, SettingA, Setting B Then doing a comparison to make sure all of the SettingA results are identical. and if not ignore the results and send again. Not good if you're trying to push shitloads of info through I guess, but I'd want to be sending just a handful of data and not very often.
  14. Roman

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Found this which is cool: A bluetooth to Serial board. So you can connect your Arduino to something with bluetooth, then transmit as though it were any other UART serial connection to the Arduino. my little brother has been saying it's super easy to read/write from bluetooth via a webpage so no need to learn Android app writing or any shit like that. So you could load a webpage on a phone then send/receive data. Cool. I've been thinking its a good way to have a config file thats easy to edit. Fill out a form on a page, then transmit to arduino and store settings in EEPROM. Instead of recompiling each time just to update a setting or whatever. Also this is cool. Probably fairly pointless, but, cool all the same. So that ticks all my boxes
  15. Roman

    DIY Fuel injection thread.

    Oh so is it more to do with lobe pulses and when you get that burst of air, rather than unequal runners?