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  1. The other day when we were cruising around Zebra there were two turbo colts there, I hadn't been so excited about a mitsubishi in a long time. Is this a cedia motor?
  2. It’s a pity it doesn’t log how many times you’ve loosened and tightened the cam caps, that number must be up there?
  3. My cousin’s 3uz Hyundai h1 gets similar to that, I didn’t believe it till I saw it, must be modern engine things
  4. Makes me wonder what other car noises he can transcribe
  5. Don't both routings just need to be of legal volume? If only we had a certifier in this thread somewhere....
  6. I'm torn between team @yoeddynz and team @Roman for my next purchase
  7. Yep, a pencil sized forging is still a pencil sized forging
  8. Oh true, David and I had been discussing putting the Prius pistons in the 2nz so my brain was still there.
  9. When's your WOF due? You gonna put it back to standard and get a wof while its apart
  10. Larry from Endyn who builds the crazy Honda motors says that RPM stands for Ruins Peoples Motors
  11. At what amount on the give a little will you go for hayabusa??
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