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  1. oldrx

    Battery chargers

    Checked the batt in the project, some kind of big calcium generic thing, usually charge it about twice a year when it gets down to the low 12s V. Read 16.5!? Must check meter on daily to see if its telling lies otherwise what the heck?
  2. oldrx

    Fenix Radiators - anybody used one of these?

    Chinese gamble only worth it if you put fuck all value on your time (which you shouldn't, unless you're pretty solid on reincarnation, which you shouldn't be)
  3. I guess yeah... back lights can wait - Im over wiring diagrams
  4. So gauge back lights stay on when headlight switch is on and fuse is pulled ... obv using wire between HL switch and fuse... yeah nah fabrication foible?
  5. oldrx

    Welder buying spam

    Good to hear, just ordered one yesterday
  6. oldrx

    Welder buying spam

    Nice thanks man
  7. oldrx

    Muffler Tech

    Stainless resonators in a steel exhaust system go nogo?
  8. oldrx

    Welder buying spam

    Any recommendations on a auto helmet under $250?
  9. Fortunately Mazda hadnt got that wanky fancy in 73
  10. Umm dunno? Finding the bastard and getting to it sounds a lot harder
  11. Yeah figured thats the go, dont think the tiny gauge lights will add much load to the circuit...
  12. Is it ok to splice into head light wiring behind fuse box for VDO gauge back lights?
  13. Beautiful car. Trouble with factory ignition is finding a distributor with good ignitors factory J109 are moon beams. I used Bosch ones and hollowed out the J109 to act as just a plug. They are reasonably small so you may be able to hide them somewhere, wiring will go via Bosch ignitors and coils of course so a bit of a deviation from factory but you would have to look pretty hard to notice. I can find the p/n if you need it (BIM-something).
  14. oldrx

    Welder buying spam

    Supplementary question - how much MIGing do you get out of a D size argoshield bottle? I see Bunnings are advertising $99 swap with $200 deposit. Picking up my new (to me) MIG in the weekend!