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  1. Cool car man, funny looking water pump, no thermostat? MFR?
  2. Yeah was thinking maybe copper and use the hose to make rubber joiners
  3. Yeah its reinforced bummer, wonder if you can buy non-reinforced...
  4. Has anyone successfully put bends in straight rubber heater hose? Thinking of filling section with sand, bending as tight as possible and baking in the oven something...
  5. I think they either work or dont work, they have a circuit board. Have a feeling Bosch BIM024 are the aftermarket replacement?
  6. Ok thanks, its booked in just trying to get all sorted the wk before xmas/ball ache
  7. Failed wof on brakes, had them fixed, meantime windscreen cracks (probably in field of view if you're picky), can I re-test and get wof or will i need to get screen first?
  8. Do you need to have reverse lights hooked up for cert/wof? (I did search this thread and the LVV documents - couldnt find anything specific either way. I did 'see Cletus mention you don't legally need reverse gear (you probably should!?) but if do have the gear and not the corresponding illumination - fail or all good?)
  9. Checked the batt in the project, some kind of big calcium generic thing, usually charge it about twice a year when it gets down to the low 12s V. Read 16.5!? Must check meter on daily to see if its telling lies otherwise what the heck?
  10. Chinese gamble only worth it if you put fuck all value on your time (which you shouldn't, unless you're pretty solid on reincarnation, which you shouldn't be)
  11. I guess yeah... back lights can wait - Im over wiring diagrams
  12. So gauge back lights stay on when headlight switch is on and fuse is pulled ... obv using wire between HL switch and fuse... yeah nah fabrication foible?
  13. Good to hear, just ordered one yesterday
  14. Nice thanks man
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