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  1. Mmmm not sure how they got the hole that size, bit big for 3/4 i would think possible though i guess, would be interesting to measure some 3/4 plugs if they are oversize as much as my "20mm" plugs they may be perfect, may get some and check. Mostly the trouble i think is that its a coolant port to heat inlet manifold i.e. never intended to have a plug so they didnt need to care about exacting dims.
  2. What OD should i aim for, take 0.5mm off leaving it over by 0.2mm ish, should interference fit its self in there at that size?
  3. The old measure before starting to bash method might have been the way to go, plug is about 0.7mm bigger than hole
  4. Shit thats a good idea. I should probably check this yeah...
  5. The hole is super clean, new rotor housings, have put a generous smear of loctite pipe sealant in there and have been using socket like you describe but hammer just bounces off, if i had a lathe i would take a couple tenths of mm off of the plugs they seem way too tight. Can take photo tonight
  6. Would be ok if plug was going in the manifold but i think really needs to go in block? I guess i could plug mani and O ring like factory in block but more likely to leak?
  7. Tried freezing the plug, no change, this is all on the front housing where there is more swing room. The rubber things with the nut may be the way as have room on the other side, nut can sit in manifold coolant port perhaps
  8. I etched 'go hard for what you are' on the plug, didn't work but may have collapsed a parralel universe.
  9. Maybe but trouble will be finding a flat enough surface in the engine bay to push against.
  10. Hmmm some good ideas, will try again tonight
  11. Thanks man, Im south of the border unfortunately
  12. Having major difficulty installing 20mm freeze plugs into 13b intake manifold coolant ports (engine in car), very limited swing for hammer. Dont have an engine crane to remove engine. Considering tapping to M22 and using threaded plugs instead but min hole size is supposed to be 20.73mm, although its only aluminium so I might get away with it? Taps will be fkn expensive though for a one off job. Why has no one made a 90deg battery hammer? Any ideas before i go buy an engine crane?
  13. Auto Fortune seem to have a good reputation and price seems reasonable
  14. Sorry confused myself (too many half finished jobs) resistor is actually for water temp sensor to factory dash gauge (original RX2 green ring sensor is NLA have to use later black ring type which will read wrong without resistor).
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