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  1. kseries.rookie

    xsinclairx GS650e Cafe/Brat project

    This guy has some GS500 (?) forks in his inventory which I believe he was selling pretty cheap (read: 80 bucks) https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/parts-for-sale/wrecking-bikes/listing-2225279875.htm?rsqid=0ad63fc094024239b3887569bcfa7f85-001 Just in case you didn't want to go down the ali line
  2. kseries.rookie

    ksr's motorcycle document

    GN was due a birthday and with me moving house next weekend my shed is pretty much packed up so I hijacked my mates workshop/knowledge today Plan of attack/parts list for the day include - New cam chain - New guides - New drive chain - New sprockets - Oil and filter - Headlight mesh install - New bars - New mirrors (I didn't like them so went back to bar end, as they looked like a bloody praying mantis) - New spark plug It was actually pretty clean inside Yeah so this is what the new bars look like It's much more of an upright riding position, it's cool but I personally prefer the down low vibes Mrs is unsure, so she can ride it for awhile and see if it's just a case of getting used to No more ticking engine, it sounds like a GN should Che
  3. kseries.rookie


    Is this generally a car focused swapmeat or do OS Bikers get involved too?
  4. kseries.rookie

    ksr's motorcycle document

    Yeah man, went from 'cone' style to a straight pipe style. The cone was getting hella rusty. I don't have a photo of the state before I took it off but this was a month before hand so imagine double this to this I picked that one up from trademe for something like $60. It's literally a straight pipe, no baffles so it is loud but it's still within being able to pass a WOF AliX have some cheap mufflers, you just have to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive and most likely re-paint it because it's been damaged along the way. You could always try on my cone shape to see if you like the sound/style? I'm in wellington and love any excuse for motorcycle bants
  5. kseries.rookie

    Spanners 1985 Honda Rebel 450 w Bandit 600 engine

    I laughed out loud This looks like a fun project. Subscribed for more updates
  6. kseries.rookie

    ksr's motorcycle document

    New exhaust, guards and tail light on the GN Also, first time riding with the GB and GN
  7. kseries.rookie

    ksr's motorcycle document

    The Hyosung was beginning to take it's time to start, sometimes first click of the start button but sometimes a few goes.. My current house has a little hill on the driveway which would allow me to bump start it which worked every time but less than ideal.. Easter break meant I had some time to do some things which meant whipping off the carbs, giving a clean and replacing the jets During this process I also noticed two air leaks. Fixed those, replaced jets/seals and gave it a kick this morning and it was an instant start up. Job done, pic for thread
  8. kseries.rookie

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    That looks clean!
  9. kseries.rookie

    ksr's motorcycle document

    Paint code is KH2 - Show me some photos if you do! Got in some seat time today. Took pics because it doesn't count unless you take a photo, right? I need to do something with the footpegs.. They vibrate a lot at 100kmph.. Wouldn't do my bung knee's any good on a long trip Any suggestions?
  10. kseries.rookie

    ksr's motorcycle document

    Thanks man! Well, thats the big tick done - WOF Complete! Failed as expected but only on the reflectors and he had some on deck so brought those off him. Happy with that result I rode it home from the mechanics which was approx. 15 minutes on the highway. Initial thoughts are it feels small.. A bit like a gorilla on a rollerskate haha Felt good at 100kms an hour. It's got a "speed" light that comes on at around 85kms an hour which is a big red light.. Thats got to go because even though I know about it, it still makes me heart skip a beat thinking there is an oil issue. Needs a good clean, a couple little things here and there but otherwise it's a cool little bike! The "build" isn't over yet. I've just brought a new house which has a garage (woop!) so i'll be able to get it up on a lift and have more room to work with which I am super excited about. Cheers to all tho have followed so far and have been interested in the process so far - appreciate it
  11. kseries.rookie

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    Crystal clear. I did wonder if you were going to run the m-unit along side the buttons. I love the simplicity of their stuff. Not in terms of wiring cause fook dat, but such a smart simple device. I like the time out of the indicators but 30 seconds might feel like a lifetime? Those buttons aren't too bad, especially concidering the OG motogadget ones have a heavier price tag. I love the M-Lock. I saw a bloke put the little cylinder thing inside a guitar AUX type plug and then the female side on the top yoke. He would push in the plug into the female side and that would effectively be his key. Does that make sense? So genius and such a cool little custom modification Im eager/excited to see the whole process with the wiring and all Keep us posted
  12. kseries.rookie

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    Do you have the link available for these? Out of curiosity - how will you run the buttons? Lets say for example, the left side.. Top button = left indicator - press again and it's off Bottom button = Right indicator - pretty again for off What about the other side? You will need high beam, pass, horn, engine on, engine start So much cleaner with the small controls but keen to hear the logistics of running these chur
  13. kseries.rookie

    ksr's motorcycle document

    Thanks team! I'm certainly enjoying the process. I banged it on the back of a trailer today and took it down for a WOF check. I've never used this guy before but he comes highly recommended and has had quite a few GB's in there over the year. Seemed like a pretty straight up/no bullshit kind of guy which I like. Not much room between me and the ground so I want a thorough check.. It was cool seeing all the necks it snapped driving through town. I heard a few people make comments about the "cool bike" haha Obligatory photo for thread. Hondaception
  14. kseries.rookie

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    I can relate so hard with so much haha.. Polishing spoke wheels - I gave up and painted black Itchy body from wrap - I had to throw out the clothes I wore to wrap my exhaust the first time. Second time I did it wet and used welding gloves and wore a long sleeve haha. Good read man, i'm looking forward to seeing the final result. That tank looks lush
  15. kseries.rookie

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Such a bad ass bike man