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  1. Completed the Ride Forever Gold course today with Two Bald Bikers and had a blast 10/10 would recommend
  2. Picked up a new set of wheels recently 2013 Thruxton 900 with plenty of goodies
  3. Thats looking tough man! I actually don't think that rear guard looks bad at all to be honest.. I hear sissy bars are quite easy to make - that could be a little mini project to keep you going for all of an hour haha. Surely you could make something rad out of scrap you have laying about! Would be cool if you had some twisted looking metal. Would match the springer front
  4. My woffer didn't mind the brake and tail light but wasn't okay with the integrated indicators so went for some really small LED ones on the side.. Might be an option if you run into this. Looking goood man!
  5. Putting on seat covers is a pig of a job! I have a new found respect for upholster-ers! That hoop job looks tidy man, nice work
  6. Thanks man, appreciate it! I hoped it would be a little darker to be honest but it has grown on me and I am happy with the outcome! I am going to sell it after lock down so if you're genuinely interested, slide into my DMs and we can chat
  7. Thanks, yeah exactly that man! I popped the original staples off (most were rusty so had to file them flush after they snapped) and attacked it with a bread knife and very gritty sand paper.. Even better if you have an electric bread knife! I did use a new seat cover (i'll link it below) because mine had a rip in it but at long as you're gentle with your original I can't see why you shouldn't get away with using the original but for the sake of $35 you'd have a fresh looking cover. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/parts-for-sale/seats-seat-parts/listing-2596776032.htm?rsqid=9a91f7625c4f428bbfdd7e4eb511a81f-001
  8. I love this build man, I can't wait to see a video of it burning around your drive way
  9. I realised I hadn't updated this in awhile.. Not much has changed really. My GB's tank was poked, the seams leaked so I picked up a new one which was internally mint but externally a bit fooked. I fixed the dents, Por15'd the crap out of the inside to avoid leaking in this one, painted it myself in a glossy winter grey and added some cool racing stripes for additional HP. Pretty happy with how the colour turned out with the stripes.. Went for that same colourway with gloss black and matt black. Just need to put the drivers side mirror on and it's ready for a warrant check after lock down.. It might be time to flick this one off.. I also picked up a GD250n that had a blown motor.. Got a new motor in it and did a tail tidy.. It had problems with the TPS which I got fixed and went for a WOF. Failed on brakes and fork seals.. Replaced those/got them fixed and rode to work a few times before the mrs decided she liked the look of it and started to ride it Shes hapu so her riding days are over for awhile so this will be going up for sale once lock down is over. A couple months before lock down I nabbed another GN250 that I couldn't pass up on. I intend to fix and flip this. Needed some love/work. The electics were on the piss, the brakes were shot, fork seals were well and truly shot and was just lacking.. well, basic maintenance. Ordered a bunch of parts and it sat in the shed until I could find time to do anything about it.. Low and behold, had some time over the last couple of weeks to tinker with it. This was the state of arrival.. After new brakes, spoke wheels, new bars, new grips, re shaped seat, wiring all sorted, and a whole lot of elbow grease and love.. this is how it looks After lock down i'll go for a warrant check, fix whats required if anything is required (seems OK to me) and flick it off.. The red Hyo is in the shop for a WOF.. It failed on tyres and exhaust had a hole in it, so that's locked up at a workshop currently not being worked on which is all good. Thats really it I guess..
  10. I read somewhere once that it's nearly impossible to make these look cool without modifying the rear end which I agree This is gonna look like one bad ass r80. Enjoying the process so far
  11. Thats looking awesome man, i'm enjoying the progress. Out of curiosity, are hard tails legal in NZ??
  12. I enjoy seeing the updates - please don't give up man!
  13. Yeah, I ordered a new one. It was only $35, it should arrive in the next couple of days. Cheers for the advice/confirmation
  14. Had an interesting situation with the Hyobanger last week.. Starting the bike in the morning as per norm but when I pulled my hand off the starter button the starter motor didn't stop I hit the kill switch.. Was still going Turned the key off.. Was still going So I had to disconnect the battery real quick cause I didn't wana burn out the starter When I put the cable back on the battery the starter would engage.. Yep, so the starter is getting constant power regardless of the key situation/kill switch situation I pulled the fairings off and checked all the cables, they all looked fine. Pulled apart the RH Switch block to see if there was any shorting there but that was all good Disconnected some stuff to see if that made a difference (ignition, switch block etc).. nothing I sent a snapchat out to the boys to see if anyone had any suggestions which some replied with some helpful knowledge but nothing I hadn't already done Bit the bullet and loaded the bike up to take to an actual motorbike mechanic Unloaded the bike, explained the situation I got in the car and I got a snapchat from a mate. I nearly didn't check it and thought fuck ill check it at home, im hungry I wana leave but he said "sounds like the solenoid is stuck on bro.. Give it a wack or two" I had done this.. but obviously not hard enough Surely enough.. Gave it a couply decent love taps and it was fixed.. Loaded bike back on and head home. I dunno if I need a new solenoid but they're cheap enough to replace so I will order a new one in a minute but yeah.. No big bill from the motorcycle shop so thats a win