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    Need to do updates more often so they're smaller! Put the tray on as I needed to see where I could run the fuel and brake lines. Also borrowed a pair of wheels off one of my parent's cars, to test the tire sizing. Bought a fuel filter and made a stainless steel bracket to hold it. Made some mounts for the rear bumper to bed brackets, as they were welded on before. Got out the LED tail lights that I've had for ages and made up some stainless brackets and polished them. Started running the brake line out of copper-nickel tube. Also got some 5/16" lines for the fuel lines. Made some stainless clamps to hold them all together and to the firewall and chassis. Made some bits for the column change linkage. Top middle piece mounts on the firewall around the column and has some little stoppers that make it so the gear stick needs to be pulled out to change from certain gears. Left bit is what goes over the stoppers and pivots with the gear stick to push the rod bit down, which then pushes the right piece down and change gear. Thought at first it would have to be some super complex system with cables and stuff but this way was actually pretty simple to make work. Then I needed to make up a indicator on the column to show which gear it was in. Drew on up in Solidworks and laser cut it out. The accelerator cable needed some modifying to work, it's wasn't quite long enough to reach the pedal, so made a new bracket that moved the housing closer to the throttle, which allowed for more cable out the pedal end. Then all it needed was a plate with a lot in it that bolted to the pedal to hold the little ball on the end. Have had some big train air horns for ages. Couldn't find anyway with enough space to fit them, as they were originally mounted together in a triangle shape. So pulled them apart, made some new brackets and bolted them up under the cab to the chassis. Need to just run some lines to them. Some boxes of stuff finally arrived from America. They included some front windscreen stainless trim, door panels and the surrounding trim. Might replace the door panels one day as they weren't as good as I thought they'd be for the "deluxe" spec ones. Also arrived were some wheels. 15x8 Artillery steel wheels with baby moons and beauty rings. Spent ages trying to figure out what colour to paint them, didn't really want to go red (what everyone does) or black (spent too much money on them for them to be hidden). Decided a bronze colour would look good and hopefully not too out of place. Then spent more time trying to find a nice bronze.
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    so with some help from a cam and a dave it goes back in the hole, and all bolts up right? well sort of does bolt up. after shortening driveshaft by 95mm but its doesn't fit until you hit the things with hammers and cut and weld this and that more cad design implementations then with the winds of good luck it may be a roadworthy car again one day soon
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    I’ve been lurking on this site for a while now and think I finally have something worthy of having a “build” thread. More of a resurrection than build. I figured this would be the best place Mid last year this popped up on my news feed: Naturally I hassled the bloke about it enough for him to give me the guys number. Long story short I managed to get first viewing of the car and it was only 45 mins drive from me to Te Poi where it had been sitting under a car-port for the last few years. This is how I found it: Despite the fact I was flying out on my OE a week later I still spent a chunk of my travel money bought the car (a no-brainer) and had it towed back to the old man’s a coupe days later. In a nutshell; It was running (roughly), Rego was on hold and everything was there. Last WOF was 1999. Rust has set in but nothing too major. Once I got it home I basically gave it a water blast and tucked it away into storage. I’m back in NZ now so will be getting amongst it-hoping to have it back on the road for Leadfoot 2019 but that may be a bit optimistic at this point. Cheers Jordan
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    Been a busy two weeks of knick knacking and paddy whacking really. Had huge progress in the dismantling task, and now have it stripped back to a water blasted rolling body. This weekend I de-loomed it with various difficulties due to Japanese nimble fingers and Mexican wiring swept under holes, while Stephen dropped the fuel tank out which had 1 & 1/2 buckets worth of petrol still in… no auckland tax on that. The front windscreen didn't come out easy however as the rubber was baked more than a christmas pavlova made after a few breakfast rumballs. But with two rolls of $2 tape as support and bare fingers for guidance, we yanked the screen free and the began the painful process of smashing each little piece from the surrounding areas. Even dropped the engine out the bottom to check over if it's worth saving, and the exhaust which is definitely not worth saving. And finally on the progress, I spent a day last week softly caressing the old vinyl rear seats that crack into pieces in your fingers unless you find a 24 year old bottle of Johnsons baby oil at the back of a bathroom cabinet, and massage that into the fragile material until it's overwhelming in smell. Then I spent the remainder cleaning up plastics with thanks to rivalrx CRC suggestion, AKA the new best thing after Autosol. Note grubby handles. Got new door cards from Australia - $140 free shipping bloody impressed and awesome business card to match. Bonus items found hidden this week were a knife down the wheel arch in boot, an Escort window winder, and a monopoly house under the fuel tank. Kind regards, rotorhoe
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    Alright, starting to see what we’re dealing with now. There’s some misery involved but nothing a washed up sparky can’t tackle? I hope Some recent pics; dropped (literally) the rear bumper, shit weighs so much the car actually raised about 2” when I removed it The old 390 under the hood seems to run alright (once I corrected the last owners attempt at getting the firing order right) it does breathe a bit but hey, it’ll work for booze trips The RHD “conversion” is pretty NZ-in-the-60s spec. Custom dash pad, fascia has just been turned upside down, brake booster is still on the left hand side etc, looks good from 10 feet though There’s 4 patches to be done in the floor. The whole body has thick textured sealant on it and for the most part it’s worked and probably the only reason this car still exists. She lived in Cambridge for 40 years or so and was daily driven a lot from what I’m told. Isn’t exactly Arizona in the Waikato So yeah anyway floor repairs are up first, then some rear quarter work....in the next episode
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    been fucking around with the tune trying to get it to run right. like a fucking douche bag i only fed power to the auto choke and not to the fuel cut solenoid (it doesn't actually cut fuel because it would run without power to it but whatever) and because of that i couldn't get it to run right. amazingly when i fed power to the things that should have power it ran perfectly. ive got all the brakes bled up and they work fucking mint too. ive hooned it around the block a few times and it drives really well, the shocks and springs are premo and the auto seems to work really well. now its on to finishing the rust work and get it back on the road. 2018-11-04_12-15-54 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    The time has come! You only need to scroll up to see how dormant it’s been..got it trailered up in the weekend, time has taken its toll with rat piss and shit and surface rust in thin areas but she’s still great! after clearing it out and cleaning it, tucked it into garage. Then I cut the tubs out of this drum I’ve had in waiting. unfortunately the rotisserie is still down south so that halts progress, probably try score some steel and make another one.
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    Heres some more pics. Genuine barn dust. The P plate was fitted in 1989! “There’s some weight there” - The Towie Overall the body is reasonable and has some patina going on... Does anyone have any mad tips on uploading heaps of pictures at once? I’m using a re-sizing app at the moment but it’s less than ideal.
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    QCR are coming for you northerners ! Just had to pull over for a stretch of the legs tho
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    So not long after having fitted the Mx5 seats I locate a pair of Recaro fishnets. I had gone down to chch for the swap meet and about a half hour into looking about I spot a par of dirty but complete and unworn Recaros. I sat in them, ummed and erred and bargained. Got them for a price I was happy with and carted them away. Then completed my day of looking about at various tat for sale happy in the knowledge that I'd got my bargain for the day. Back home and Hannah gave them a clean with some rug doctor upholstery cleaner stuff. They came up really well... Then she removed the mx5 seats and I started modifying the rails on the Recaros to suit. Luckily they were pretty close in dimensions (although the burlier Recaros weighed 7kg heavier each!) and the Recaro rails seem to be a modular thing that lends themselves well to being retrofitted into other cars and they went in fairly easily after making some 5mm thick plate adaptors. Fitted them and sat back happy with results. Apart from being a fair bit more supportive they just seem to be more 'period' in a modified old car way. Still nothing like the Momo seats I had in the other viva as far as blending in goes but these actually a lot more supportive than those slippery leather Momos. This weekend we went over to Blenheim in the Viva for Dads birthday. The Viva drove really well and keeps surprising me with how good it goes for a tiny little 1159cc engine with less than 50bhp. Sat on about 90-100 (tailwind permitting) and over the hills fine. Filled up and it had returned 34 mpg. As someone noted in the discussion it had also been spotted by a member of the public today ... Kevin the cat came along for the trip and upon returning home it was pretty obvious that white fluffy cats and dark coloured Recaros dont mix... I have also picked up a Magnum 1800 axle, same as I used in the V6 Viva. Slowly I have almost accumulated all the bits I need for engine conversion.. just need to finish the Imp so the Viva can be pulled out of daily service.
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    Have done heaps more testing firstly found the airbox itself is a restriction. gains about 5kw and runs a bit more boost with air box removed. its either the way the air enters, or not enough volume around air filter Rest of these runs are with airbox on.. Thought it would be a good idea to swap the head that came off starlet onto this. which has more port work. seems i had done more work on the head that come off the truck than i thought. Red line best run on original head. Blue first run on starlet head. Green cam timing adjusted on starlet head. bit of a fail/waste of my life, but managed to get it close to what it was. can see that this head seems to hang on a bit longer, but is a touch worse everywhere else. would rather keep as much midrange as possible Then went full retard. had some 193b (280 ish 9mm ish) kelford cams hanging around. which are mild ish NA cams. not meant for turbo stuff. Green: best from above on starlet head. Blue: 193b cams with cam timing roughly adjusted to best possible compromise. 220kw on only 12psi is pretty sweet, but too much midrange loss. Red: I almost didn't try this, because i thought it wouldn't work: 193b inlet cam. Stock exhaust cam. matched the stock cams and 20kw more peak! Only issue is, its junk until about 2000rpm and wont idle at all under 1200rpm. not ideal in a 4wd. 99% sure its the inlet manifold, which was spose to be thrown in the bin before i even built this truck, due to vibration and cracking issues TL;DR / too much @Roman Dave Science. First dyno run vs last :
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    Phew. Well that bonnet took a while. In between other jobs I whittled away at the rot on the bonnet. Some awkward shapes going on at the front. I did my best, without getting too carried away, at rebuilding the shape correctly in steel. It will have filler on top however I wanted to avoid having to use filler to get gaps between the bonnet and the car correct. I don't really like the idea of filler on edges that can get knocked. Not really a lot to explain in the process of rot removal on this. I think the photos do a better job. You'll see I started the main repair by fabricating a new front edge and welding it in stages so checking it lined up with the body and the gap remained correct. It was so rotten that I sort of guessed the gap just tried to make it look 'correct'... The front repairs puled up in welding slightly- enough that I wasnt happy with gap. Had to slice open and stretch it bac down. Lucky an easy rscue.. Then onto the underside repairs.. That's probably enough photos of a bonnet for you all. Next job is to modify the front panel and inside the frunk to accept a radiator.
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    and away it goes. i hope the new owner gets all he wants from the ownership. i learned some things while building this car. mainly that my heart wasn't in it, it had to many doors and i just wasn't in to it. I really struggled for motivation towards the end and thats SO not me. anywho, lessons learned. on to the coupe. 2018-11-02_07-48-39 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    so i decided that i would keep up with the normal oldschool tradition and pull my car apart once shes all legal. so the other issue this car had was the carb setup it had some unknown brand cheap carb that you couldn't get it to run mint on. so the plan was to put a four barrel manifold on to help it breathe as it only had a two barrel one currently. but the plan was to do that after the cooling system was done. but when i removed the waterpump it had a pipe that joints the waterpump and manifold well that pipe broke due to being rusty and old so that would've needed to be fixed but figured it would be better just to put a 4 barrel manifold while i was at it seen as it isn't much more work right plus it would've ended up pulling the same stuff off twice. plus it had a oil leak from the sump which required motor out anyway and other areas which made the nice clean rebuilt trans not so clean. oh and how the engine bay and motor didn't look so great so now oh while im there i may as well do that as its not much more work has involved itself into this car haha.
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    Popped a datsun wheel under it for a laugh. Upside-down misery
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    I got this diff from Dan for less than labeled after deciding the hilux diff was too heavy, the caliper conversion situation, handbrake creation and it wasn’t lsd. this is! easily available, inboard handbrake and disc brake already. The GT2871r I had was pronounced dead due to cost of repair. Then a mate popped up with this, got it for a song and will be a nice wee upgrade whizzer. Heres another escort with CA. The angled engine bugs me, it’s factory but I can’t handle it so I’m going to upright mine. I’ll have to change mounts anyway, tweak the shifter to suit. I have a brand new genuine oil pump as well. If she blows up we’ll try again. its well documented these days how to do this head drain mod so will do that. Today I sorted out lots of nuts/bolts/screws and put them into an organiser case for the first time in my life, reorganised the boxes, tore the front and rear ends out, front off, bumper off ready for the spit this week. Had a scotch with the dog while sitting in the back seat. She was more interested in the reflections
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    GER put their hand up and said they fucked up with the valve guide clearance which was really good of them. so they fixed the head and supplied a new head gasket and manifold gaskets. tonight i put it back together. 2018-10-25_08-40-04 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    First upgrade was the lights, luckily i saved the raybrig style lamps from the starlet which was a perfect fit Had a track day booked in taupo, had to mish it and get her all ready as i wasnt going to take it in its current sponge suspension form. The rear coilover setup bolted in nicely but didnt have time to get fronts welded up so just went with the '1 ways'in the front and threw in my rcas to reduce the bump steer I had everything to go for my wilwood 4 pots but i got mixed up and didnt realise the caliper brackets i had were for the kp... Diff was whining like a b!#ch, decided to pull it out and compare to my 4.3 cw&p. Quickly found my 4.7 is munted which is a shame. Took out the lsd and put it into my 4.3 diff head arrangement and setup backlash etc. Picked up some new buddyclub seatrails on fasbuk for my bride, bit of fiddling about but i think i like them better than the bride rails tbh Got rid of the wats for now as their 20 year old tyres were had it. Threw on the a3as that i had from the cressida which still had good tyres, will widen them eventually. Only photo i got on the track, was such a good time, rear end stepped out on every corner. So a neat feeling to feel the progress getting better, next time i should have good brakes and suspension. I had the front rotors skimmed before the track day but the rear rotors gave out on me, started shuddering and only wearing on inner pad so will have to re-adjust with a different method.
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    Spent wayy too long on the exhaust today. The primary pipe ended up a bit longer so I'll see how badly it has effected the power Cut some tubes some bad welding later All my welding sins ground away Muffler even fits
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    The QCR boys are loaded and ready to go ! Departure time is Midday Wednesday with a 10pm ferry in Picton
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    Seat is done. So stoked. Riding to work tonite
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    Today was the day; Recheck day. Everything had been building up to today. All the work done, all the money spent, it all comes down to a pass or fail today. First thing I needed to do was get the alignment sorted. I had booked for an alignment first thing this morning, so that I would have ample time to get that done and still make it to my recheck booking. They got onto it straight away And within no time, I had this sheet in my hands Yes, that is 21.5mm total front toe, when it should be 1mm total! No wonder it was scrubbing the front tires hard. With that sorted, the car drives much nicer now, and the steering wheel is finally straight when driving. After the alignment I shot home and refitted the front carpet. Its torn and ugly, but looks better than the bare floors. Remember, I'm trying to make an impression so the inspector plays nice I hooned in for my appointment. This confirms my suspicion that the car doesn't really suit 100kph motorways. It gets to, and holds, that speed OK, but it's pulling almost 4000rpm and there is some tasty shaking at times. Need to check the wheels for balance, which I may do next week. I suspect it's out. I may even paint the wheels while I have them off as they are a bit rusty. Looks good just sitting there I went away and killed some time and when I returned, lo and behold, this happened For the first time since 2012, Snicket is road legal! With the standard black plates still! This was a car that when I got it, barely ran, had no brakes, had no lights, leaked oil a lot, various things were loose and missing, and had been used as a parts mule. Now it runs like a champ, it's great fun to drive, and best of all, it's a viable classic car again. Others would have just scrapped it and we would be short one more awesome classic Mini, but now it's actually worth investing time and money into, and being able to enjoy it. I drove home the back way, arm out the window, enjoying the wind in my hair and the sun on my face, whilst listening to the sweet sound of a 998cc A Series purring away. I couldn't help but stop and grab a couple of quick pictures It's a great little car, and though for what I have spent I could have purchased a tidier one that was already on the road, I wouldn't have been able to save this car.
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    Went a bit loopy and bought THREE 1gge and obligatory trust headers. Although the current single cam has a fresh cambelt and waterpump its has horrendously loud lifters and paired with the slipping auto trans makes for pretty slow going. First engine is off to the reconditioners to get bearings and gaskets and clean 30years of grease from it then it will be paired with a w55 I grabbed to swap all in one go. Being facelift it has a smaller t series 6.7" IRS rear diff but I purchased an entire f series 7.5" subframe so that will go in at some point with a lsd of some variety too!
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    Ok, entries close tonight I reckon. Hopefully everyone is in that intended to. I took a nosey over the Motu road this morning (day 1 morning), it's quite manageable. Quite a few spots of small debris etc, and some short sections where the road surface is carved into a rock face and a bit uneven. One slip that is easily navigated (should be fine for most standard height cars). Pretty much your standard middle of nowhere gravel road for the Motu section. As long as everyone rides to their ability and keeps left where possible it'll be fine. I encountered one vehicle on the lower section and a gang of mountain bikers.
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    Spanner in the works, lil bit more rust than I anticipated, the drivers lower door skin needs replaced... No matter, it means I can get onto another project I've been wanting to do for a while (and makes for better content...) So, taking advantage of an old rib pulley I made a tipping die. And a roller skate wheel makes the other half.... This allows me to know tip an edge round a corner, I use a shrinker round the corner to gather up the excess metal. I had to also do some 'tucks' to shrink the area even more as it is quite a tight curve around the lower edge of these doors. This is me doing it on a practise panel first. I'm about half way through the real panel, need to turn a joddle on it and tig it in but is working out ok so far
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