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    A bit overdue on an update. Undersealed the cab, came up pretty good! Flipped the cab back over and sanded all of the inside and door jambs. Then put some epoxy primer on. High build primed the dash and a few of the panels that will be visible once done, so they sanded up smooth and just sprayed the primer as a surfacer on the rest. Once I got it all sanded down and filled the little bits that needed doing sprayed some colour on. Pretty happy with how it turned out, other than a couple of small sags on the dash, but I'll sand them out later. Picked up a couple of boxes of Dynamat and covered it everywhere I could get it. Made a decent improvement, just need to get some inside the doors somehow and also do something with the gap in behind where the top seat belt mount is. I needed to sort a radiator as the original one wasn't in the greatest of condition. Tried searching for a couple of weeks to find somewhere to buy an aluminium core the sizes I want, but seemed to be pretty hard to get anything. So went and bought one of those universal Chevy cross-flow things that had a core close to what I needed. Cut off the tanks, drew up the radiator and support in solidworks and designed the mounts and new tanks from there. Top tank is angled at the front and with the gap at the top allows me to bring the air intake through there, as there's not really anywhere else for cold air. Drew up some aluminium brackets to mount the electric fan as well. Should clear the engine if I trim some of the pulley bolts that stick out a bit much. Started on prepping the rest of the body panels for clear coating. Left side is sanded with 800 grit which seems to work pretty well, cleans it up nice. The seam at the back was pretty rusty so gave it a sand, rust kill and then seam sealed it. The blue colour I was using for the rest of painting was quite the same as the patina'd paint some had some different stuff mixed up and used it to blend in the repairs. Came out really well! Fixed up the patches where I welded up the old mirror, spotlight holes and the area around the cowl vent.. The sanding brought back some of the original pinstripping around the cab which is cool. Had to clean up this seam on the tray as well since it was rusty and needed touching up.
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    So yeah. Found out about this fine specimen right after Nats '18 after mentioning i'd like a hardtop to throw spanners at. Seedy Al mentioned I should speak to Goat, and so I did, the rest is history. It had been living in Goat / Joe's shed for a while and after some discussions I had it trucked down a couple of weeks ago. Specs: 1982 Toyota Corolla, GL “Lime” with a 3AU powerhouse and 5 speed manual trans. Lime is along the same lines as Lisse, a luxury variant of the GL model (Lisse for XL) featuring automatic transmission and power-steering. They were marketed heavily towards women in Japan. (Thanks Wikipedia). Plans including lowering it and upgrading the brakes and giving it a spruce up. Engine can come later, as it would more than double the budget given drivetrain upgrades required. There will also be all the boring bits like fixing rust, replacing half the car and all that carry on. This is actually hardtop number two, but who is counting. Teaser pics for now. Discussion Fred.
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    Brought my bonnet pins. They are the same AeroCatch pins that I use in my 75 Avenger. This will pretty much be the only external mod that you will see when the bonnet is closed. Finished the front of the engine loom. Cam sensor, Crank sensor, oil temperature, oil pressure coil and suppressor. Alternator wiring. Vehicle speed sensor and reverse switch. Updated my documentation with a few of the extra plugs that I needed to figure out. Mounted the fuse box Throttle linkage and valley. Front of the engine loom. You won't even see this because the radiator hose is right above it. Then it runs down the side of the engine Started mounting the battery. I decided to run it in the guard, behind one of the trim panels. That keeps everything out of the way and still gives me full usage of the boot, because wagon. The engine is all fully wired up now and the engine bay is looking freaking tidy. Almost no visible wiring. And from the other side
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    This old girl is an ex-military truck that has been in the family of a good friend of mine for a solid chunk of last century. It's only recently been pulled out from under the Macrocarpa it's called home for a few decades. The loose plan at this stage is to get it mechanically back to new, but keep it looking like it is now. Over the last few months I rebuilt the front brakes, replaced the wheel bearings & had the master cylinder re-sleeved. Today was a beaut day for getting more done. So many seized bolts though! Got both guards off & the steering linkages straightened/cleaned up. The front is back on the ground, next I'll tackle the rear brakes & fuel tank. It hasn't run in a bit, but does turn over by hand. I'll get the engine out for a look over after I get the body off. I do like the rat-rod look. I won't be going that way, but I can see the appeal. Anyone here play with these old things? Anything I should look out for? Cheers!
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    Jeez its been awhile since ive updated this thread. The big ol Van has been a bloody solid classic to get around in. Since this last post ive done the king pin bushes again. Done the front wheel bearings. Had the timing and carb tickled up at a local workshop which is probably due again. Replaced the tyres.Ive done some rust which I need to continue with. Its attacking at top of the windscreen and bottom of doors and a few roof gutter spots. Have slept in the van probably a few dozen times now. Done Wagnats once. A OS nats in national park. OS Grasskhana. A few OS hanmer meets. All the QCR Dirtmasters. A few NY camping missions and a stags do. Its a great Van and ill get onto the rust work again soon when its warms up a bit more. Need to slam some fish oil in alot of the cavitys and at some point a bolt on efi system because we use it a fair bit
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    Rust found has been minimal as expected. Behind rear arches, in the rear dog-leg and the bottom of the front quarter panels. Would have spread over time so good to get it chopped out anyhow. Found out she has been in a bit of a crash probably back in the 70's since the rear left panel on it was bonded with lead joins (proper OS). Doesn't bother me since the repair has stood the test of time very well.
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    Me and Dad raced this one many moons ago wagon was Steve hildreds old drag car..we sold it and it got painted silver and black..if you look on YouTube under chris Wright meremere you will see it getting rolled about six times.
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    Then it was onto the computer... Dont know how many times I read the manual whilst getting myself more and more confused, but finally I just thought fuck it, and ripped into it. I’d learned enough to ask for a bit of help a couple of times to clarify some pretty simple shit that I just wasn’t understanding for some reason and once I’d got my head around the basics it was a simple matter of pouring myself a stiff drink and making a start... One bottle of whiskey later.... Moment of truth... Cant fucking believe it... I just made a computer and so far all the smoke is still inside it somewhere! Off out to the garage I went with my new toy, plugged it in, hooked up the laptop, opened another bottle of whiskey, took a swig, turned the key and... No smoke and everything seems to work, TPS, MAP, MAT, Coolant Temp, fuel pump started up and ran for a few seconds like it’s supposed to, etc... Early days yet but so far so good!
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    tidied up some factory steels and hubcaps, fitted some new tyres. also under-sealed all inside the wheel arches. if anyone wants the shit wheels that were on this car then you can have them. pick them up and take them away. no matter how much i try and ignore it the back sits too high and look fucking stupid so im going to get some factory springs compressed so it sits level and ill get some shorter shocks. 2018-09-06_06-53-06 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-09-06_06-53-18 by sheepers, on Flickr also,THIS CAR IS FOR SALE SO IF YOU WANT IT PM ME.
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    Finally on the ground. image below for an idea on air up height. And air out. Note it will have side pipes that will make it a tad lower still. A+B=Fun.
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    Quick update time. I've mainly focused on pulling everything I can off it, while still keeping it driveable. Main objective is to find as much rust as I can, so I can work out what repairs I need to work on. Before: Fabulously red(ish) carpet, might look into options for dying this a more consistent red. When I get around to that i'll just do a test patch under the seat or something. Have seen some pretty good results with dye mixed up into a spray bottle. Quite thread bare in places, so dye may help disguise that. I'm not going to splash out on new carpet, money won't be there for it. So this build will be a do what I can with what I have and run with it in that regard. Interior shots Out came the seats and carpet. Floor seems really good, probably won't bother touching it. Passenger floor was soaked from giving it a wash (I hope). I've located some rust under the windscreen which is likely related. So the front screen is going to need to come out, doh. New battery ratchet made quick work of the interior. Even got out my inspection snake camera and checked inside the sills while I was there, they seem pretty good. Nothing of concern seen. Will probably keep interior out until I have finished rust repairs now. Inspected the seats, pretty mucky and covered in hair of some description. Purchased one of those upholstery cleaning aerosols with the brush head. Did a test patch on a bad area, came up great. So plan for seats is the spray and scrub the whole lot. Hopefully it will come up quite tidy. Top of rear seat is showing its age and has been cooked by the sun. Will cover the exterior chrome trim removal in another update later on. Don't want to set unrealistic expectations as to my work speed. Purchased some ultraclear resin to repair one of the headlight lenses (worth a shot). Also checked my stash and found some newer globes in stock, so tried one in for comparison. Old globe: and new(er), featuring the aeration hole I hope to fix. Last job for this update was to try and unseize the brakes. With the handbrake off the car didn't want to budge. Which made for loud times trying to get it up the slope to the garage as currently the exhaust has a missing section just after the trans. Nice and loud. So anyway, popped off the front calipers and pushed the pistons back in a bit. That went fine, even cleared out some of the junk in the brake line. But being in a hurry I ended up getting air in the line so now the handbrake is the only working brake. Not a problem, car rolls perfectly fine now, so one thing off the list. Excuse the blur, I need to up my game and sort lighting in future. That will do for now, will try get an update up every week or two. Motivation dependent. Peace.
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    I cleaned up my W55 in preparation for bits coming from NZAD. The aluminum that was covered in oil from the old 21R came up like new! I can't believe something designed for a 4cyl can happily take an 8. Then I tracked the courier like a hawk for this! The casting looks really nice, super happy with it. The kit from NZAD came with bellhousing, flywheel & clutch kit. I just needed to cut the ring gear off my flexi plate, heat it up & drop it on. Happy days. Measurements show the shifter lining up nicely with the factory floor hole. The bell allows for the fork to exit either side which will he helpful. Hopefully I'll sit this on the engine & drop it in this weekend. Then I'll know how close everything is going to be!
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    Woah, so I still own this thing. As from above post, replacement carb fixed a bunch of issues, however its never been perfect/ But, did a lovely amount of Wagoneering in this over Summer. been slowly improving the setup, buying gear etc. Its been a bit of an adjustment to go from having a van back into a wagon. So really, I should probably get my VW sorted for the smaller excursions around Wellington. Anyway that aside, List of places its been since last update: Taranaki for New Years, Hunterville For Wag nats Chirstchurch for OS Nats Hanmer For Hanmer Also had it at parmy swap meet trying to sell some stuff, met a bunch of toyota crown piners in the process lol. But yeah, has been running like a champ but all the traveling was taking its toll and a few things needed addressing, So I spent a few weeks before Hanmer trip taking care of stuff, fixed a few coolant leaks, machined the front brakes ans fit new pads, this time with the anti rattle clips I got from @Bluebear01. Those made a world of difference actually. New wheel bearings and swapped out the tires as 3 out of 4 had massive bulges and drove very very oddly at slow speeds lol. However, Hanmer trip is developed a coolant leak from the steel pipe that runs from the back of the water pump to the heaters etc. A mild attampt at fixing with some steel epoxy but it did not last. I had a chuck a bottle of "1 shot" in it. I hope the heater is still good because I hate that stuff so much. Anyway we will see. Hopefully I have one of those pipes in stock. Might also be a good time to replace my exhaust manifold as it has a few cracks I have welded but the leaks have returned, Ok. No more rambling.
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    Finished the vacuum tank and idle control solenoid. This will run the MAP sensor and remote brake booster Created a bracket for the throttle cable Milled the manifold a bit to get the vacuum hoses on. Some more wiring. Ignitors and MAP sensor Continued building the loom
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    CT70 Replica Bars .check Narrowed luggage rack. check. Small top tube. check Small rectangle Headlight. check Bar end Mirror. check Just got Slash cut High top muffler to fit & Taillight and Number plate mount then ill strip it for Sandblasting and Powdercoating
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    Ok, so not even slightly Baja anymore, but still a bug. 2" drop spindles fitted this morning, hopefully paint on Friday. Found all sorts of bad practice on the front suspension, all mended and safe now. pics
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    Chassis all tacked ready for tig welding and fish plates.
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    More crap removal. What in the pop rivet is this?? There was auctually 2 pieces pop riveted in. Once both were removed this is what i was left with. So i cut a bigger hole to include all the holes They had cut above the spot welds 10mm so the orginial edge was there and rusty. So i drilled out the spot welds straight thru because ill plug weld them back together from the other side. So i cut out the shit n welded in a patch now i could make up the bigger one Plug welded back together Much better.
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    So we have had this dusty old thing in the corner of dad's lock up for about 20 years. It's basically a family heirloom. incoming sharn: the story goes was that the old man was looking for a beach hack for me and my brothers to fluff about on, and potentially get it road legal. We got given it from good family friends of ours, who owned Tokoroa Yamaha at the time. all dad knew was that it had an "electrical fault". after confirming that it was not a faulty spark plug that was the issues, my father's mechanical knowledge was exhausted and off to the container it went. none of my brothers had the intention to do anything with it, so it would continue to gather dust for years until i spotted it a few years back. i went back home for a few days in july and decided to pull it out and take stock. its pretty rough, but i have been pining for another 2 stroke nangmobile since i sold my gp, and a long term restoration didnt phase me. the rego sticker on the plate would imply its been sitting since 1985. motor appeared to have ok compression. we proceeded to see if it would fire, but it wasnt playing ball. the primary coil was ok, and points were opening, but still nothing doing. after pricing up replacing the magneto and other electrical gubbins, i was losing hope. but then, last week i spotted a post on moped nz fb page from a rooster selling a complete, ran when parked motor in chch. i harassed him, tracked him down and acquired said motor for a decent price. also came with a few spares too. Much like Glenn Frey's debut single, the heat was on. im gonna get it to orig spec for a revin, then probably make some tasteful changes. probs gonna turn it into a little scramber and give it some cubits down some gravel roads. other issues to fix: - Front caliper is completely seized. pads stuck to piston, piston wont budge. was taxing moving it around before we took it off. - no key for ignition. new one ordered from ebay. - tank is cheeched. beyond repairable. going to sought for a nice replacement, now investigating options on what will fit (opinions/recommendations plz) - seat is incorrect. old boy reckons the original is somewhere in the garage... basically its gonna get a full overhaul. the chrome is actually in good condition in most places, forks might get rechromed but the rest is restorable. im looking forward to working on it. miss the simplicity of a single 2 stroke 125, those blardy 4 stroke things are over engineered. so yeah im on the hunt for any and all spares. the bike is in palmy and im in queenstown, so progress is gonna be slow. but it's OS, im sure you all wont mind. also keen for some advice on aliexpress tanks, and the likelihood of a knockoff cb125 tank fitting on this... some inspiration
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    Re-positioned the handbrake further back. Because we move the engine back a few inches, and the longer gearbox, the handbrake wouldn't fit in it's original position. Fitted the seat to test the position of the handbrake, feel good. Continued with the loom. Passenger side plugs. TPS, injectors and ICS What it will look like with the injectors in and connected. Routing through the tunnel Finished the drivers side plugs. Intake temp, water temp, injectors and one of the coils with a suppressor. Final shot of the valley before putting the manifolds back on Also found that my brake light switch wasn't working so I took it apart and found it was covered in muck. Took the little plunger out so I could give it a good clean Clean as a whistle now.
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    Been working on the wiring. Finished the body loom. Went from this To this Started on the fuse box and relays Did new connectors for the digital dash. I used nylon braided sleeving for everything Also finished the backbone of the engine loom. The rest I will do in the car so I can work out the exact cable length I need. Link ECU all mounted Also got some new brighter bulbs now that I have some relays and better wiring. I went for 60/55W Halogen H4 with a P45T base. Should be quite a bit brighter than the old 45/40W incandescent bulbs
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    Painted inside of bonnet last night.
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