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    Have now finished both inner fenders. The first one seemed to come out better for some reason, had a bit nicer shape to it, but they aren't too noticeably different. At this point I pulled apart the whole front clip and took the fenders, radiator support, lower grill panel and a couple of fender supports to the sandblasters. Got them all back and epoxy and filler primed the inners, then bogged up all the bits that needed doing. Didn't really need much at all, pretty happy with how they turned out. Painted the radiator support at the same time, should really try and have more things ready to paint at once as I've already gone through 4 litres of epoxy primer and paint and a decent amount is just waste. Primed and painted the inside of the fenders as well. Every time I mask up the patina I realise how much easier it would of been to just paint the whole thing haha. Need to give them and the inners a coat of underseal now. This is the lower grill/radiator panel, it needs quite a lot of rust repair. Have already done a patch in the middle awhile ago but haven't gotten around to it since. The grill is going to be great fun cleaning up the backside and painting Again should of painted the whole truck haha. Painted the deck frame with hammerite and then installed it and c--notch cover into the bed. The latch works how I'd hoped it would. Added a gusset on to the bed frame hinge as it didn't quite seem strong enough when all the weight of the wood will be on there. Received the cut windows back. Got green tinted ones because I wanted some sort of tint and grey looks too modern/yuck on old cars. ' Ordered a couple lengths of 1/2" aluminium tube and bent up some of the air lines for the valves to air tank.
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    well then. where to start? my first car was a 75 and ive always regretted selling my red one back in 09 or whenever it was. ive had approx 9 of these over the years and now currently today i own two. yep, i bought another one. i still have the rusty one i bought a few months back and now i have this one as well. it came with a whole bunch of paperwork which tells me that its done 144,000 miles since new and the engine asd trans was majorly overhauled 40,000miles ago. it runs quite well and drives as well, the auto is smooth and feels really nice. as with all old toyotas all the electrics work and it still has the original radio with the floor mounted seek switch. the brakes are fucked so that's being addressed right now but nothing else as yet, christ, ive only had it one day. its got some rust around the rear arches and the boot floor is abit rusty but apart from that is legit as fuck. everything is there, and its not been fucked with to badly, hell, it still had the factory setting shims for the front brake calipers. what to do with it? well, eventually it'll get the full treatment but for now i might just get it legal and drive it. fuck knows. oh, and it came with a sedan which ill paint then sell. i guess ill start a seperate thread for that. if anyone wants a mint sedan hit me up. so to recap, i have two MS75s and two MS65s. one 65 is def a parts car although its pretty good really and fuck knows about the rest of them. time will tell i suppose. 2018-03-08_05-25-54 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-08_05-25-45 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-08_05-25-35 by sheepers, on Flickr and heres a picture of Richie foaming in his dream car 2018-03-04_05-41-57 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    It still needs a wet sand and another final layer of clear but for now, that will do
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    i found some photos of my old crowns. this car i bought out of the T&E in about 93ish. it was one of the few manual ones the were about. this isn't my first one, just out of shot to the right is my first one. 2018-03-13_05-25-28 by sheepers, on Flickr this was a really good car this one, this i had for a while and i sold it to a "mate" in 1999. he destroyed it in about 3 months and as far as im aware it got crushed. i fully rebuilt a 5MGE for it that ran an early link. for some reason i left it auto? 2018-03-13_05-25-55 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-13_05-25-37 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-13_05-24-59 by sheepers, on Flickr heres some various randoms featuring a parts car and doing an engine swap. lol, turd for turd. 2018-03-13_05-25-09 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-13_05-25-19 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-13_05-25-46 by sheepers, on Flickr looking back now its amazing to think how plentiful they were and what great condition most of the ones i came across were. only two of the many i had ended up getting crushed by me. one was that green one pictured above which was pretty fucked and my first one which i crashed into a ditch when i got lost coming back from Carterton in about 97. if i can find anymore pix of any of them ill post them up.
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    Fixed all the rust holes in the lower radiator panel. Forgot to take photos of the progress but nothing really exciting anyway. Bogged up all the pitting in it and gave it a couple coats of paint, along with the brackets that go behind the grill bars. Made up the air lines that go to the rear air bags. Made the left hand one with not too much trouble and then made the other side incorrect, as it had to go a different route because of the fuel tank fittings, and would of fouled on the deck frame. Got it right the next go though. Of course had to give it a test!
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    Is it a new page yet? Pretty cool sequence of events.
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    Back into the booth for the clear coat... The difference it made! Gave a heap of depth and it pops like fuck in the sun!
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    did a bit more. i decided the bottom of the B pillar needed more investigation so i cut the bottom out and cleaned it all up. then it all got a coat of two pac primer and i stitched it all back together. 2018-03-13_04-13-42 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-13_04-13-55 by sheepers, on Flickr made a new lower quarter and stitched that in. its all epoxy primed inside. 2018-03-13_04-14-22 by sheepers, on Flickr while i was waiting for the paint to dry i started removing the rust from the rear quarter. need to make a few bits and that will be fixed. 2018-03-13_04-14-32 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    And the LHS shown here There's other bits an pieces (holes) all over but that's the worst of it. I'm not sure if it has had work done in the past or whether it could be from the factory but there are a number of parts on the car that are lead filled/patched (how bad ass is that!?) Anyway, I've been trawling Ebay.de and niemoeller.de ordering repair panels, still need to get the big ones through (left sill and boot floor). You can get quite a lot for these cars from Germany which is good. Standby for more. Shoulda just bought UJs one.
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    painted the firewall and door shuts so i can re-assemble the motor and get the front back on then get it runing. i looked for some factory crown colour codes and i couldn't find anything definite so i chose a toyota code from the period. now that ive put some paint on the car it seems ive inadvertently painted it the same colour as my RA23. i didnt do this on purpose it just happened. 2018-03-18_01-33-03 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-18_01-34-12 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-18_01-33-33 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-18_01-33-45 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    So after a solid week working on this thing ive just about finished it. Waiting on one brake Line then ill bleed them up and ride it. Starts up all good and lights work all good too Stoked
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    starting to get this ali welding sorted. half my issue was the torch and cup setup was junk and leaky. got a new gas lens setup and the old china welder is working legit again center section between the 2 mufflers Need a couple more bends before can finish the exit
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    This time with feeling
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    The mirrors arrived before Wagnats started, but I got the notification while I was driving to Wagnats... So today I spent about 2 hours installing it in the hot hot sun. Ford sure made that shit overly and unnecessarily complicated to install. The elusive fucking mirror that has taken me close on 9 months and a bunch of fucking money to get into my hands, is finally attached Now for a couple of pictures I've had in stock for a few weeks Arriving at Wagnats, here you can see I now have the Triden 8's up front and 9's in the rear. Also wagnats is serious enough to need to take a shit tonne of wagcessories... A wee photo from a camp at Otaki Forks before Wagnats - you can compare the before and after of the tinted windows for yourself. Finally a pic I took going out to get fish and chips one night for dinner which I thought was cool.
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    Picked car up today, everything is sorted (well as sorted as it can be). Runs like a treat, starts just looking at the key, and has a good amount of go (5th gear up the Ngaraunga Gorge). Good times. Still not loud enough tho (need to chop muffler out). And might wind a little bit more fuel in (diesel man said there was room there for improvement) . I can finally put the nismo sticker I got on! Someone sell me some nice 5x114 15's please.
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    After a few long nights in the shed I had it done and got to see it in the sun. Pretty stoked at this point. Next is the clear coat.
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    That time of the year again, grass needs a trim on extra low
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    Since 2004 - I have just used and used the car for more tame show events and oldschool runs Classic Jap Meet With @sheepers at Galaxy of cars Ellerslie concours Oldschool meets... [EDIT] OH and a wedding
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    Exhaust is pretty junk. has be cut up and beaten with a hammer to fit around the link setup & crossmember , because couldn't be assed making a new system at the time. after all that it still vibrates on the chassis Originally was going to make an ali muffler to keep weight down. but had this old stainless extinguisher hanging about. Drilled some 3" holes and chopped and end off. brought perf baffle for it and a reso Packing done. it sucked to weld because its super thin, maybe 0.9mm. but its pretty much the same weight as the reso and alot lighter than the one on the truck. lets see if it blows up looking through both mufflers. Since i was too lazy to test fit it before i built it. it doesn't actually fit where i was planning on putting it. have found a new spot for it, but more parts required.
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    What a day. Perfection in one photo. Rua peeler bitches (two in Maori) Gotta thank supercheap auto brake like clamps and keegan for supplying them for me.
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    So while drunk, I bought another Waka that I didn't need or even really want, but it was cheap and has a 2JZ in it. No idea what to do with it. It doesn't need a hell of a lot to get to a drivable state, it already moves under its own power, so perhaps I'll just sort the suspension and brakes and tidy up a few bits and pieces and flick it off.
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    (Discussion thread here) Because I'm either having a midlife crisis or pregnant (results will confirm soon), I found I was missing have a pile of rust taking up my driveway..... So in return for Beer and cupcakes (2 for 1 deal), @Carsnz123 helped me grab this from the Marshlands Graveyard and dropped it in suburban Woolston. Of course, it was no were near that easy.....especially as every single item of mechanised shifting gear was declared "stuffed". So in reality the job involved lots of strops, winches, sore backs and swearing. As Trainee Saab Barry I failed at the critical moment in being able to recall obscure facts......it wasnt until @Carsnz123 said "It feels like its in gear" that I recalled the Saab will only allow the key to be removed when its left in reverse....at least we now know the clutch works! Initial plan is to have bit of a tidy up and find out what the tale of the tape is. I need to ascertain what the underside looks like as well as get someone to fix the locks so we can actually start the beast!
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    all buttoned up. the little piece at the top of the arch repair is low and im a bit fucked off about it but its low so a bit of bog and it'll be right. i suppose its better being low because its way harder to deal with when its high. 2018-03-14_10-52-39 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-14_10-52-49 by sheepers, on Flickr now ive got to fix up the sedan and get rid of it so i wont be doing much on this for a couple of months. ill be acquiring parts (like lower springs) but not much else. stupid sedan.......
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    did some exploratory surgery today. 2018-03-12_06-17-40 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-12_06-17-31 by sheepers, on Flickr nothing too major in there. ive started making the repair parts and should have it buttoned up tomorrow.
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    Been awhile and have done quite a bit to it. Engine and gearbox are now in it and ended up converting to 5 stud. Z31 rear hubs and companion flanges so no need for adapters anymore....the axles were very thin anyhow and doubt they would have last long. Aftermarket 5 stud hubs on the front to suit the S13 carriers and 4 pot brakes with 300x30mm discs. However......now my sexual SSR Meijus wont fit Got a set of Stern Reverse IIs to use in the mean time.
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    And then there was two. Pulled it out if a barn about 15mins out of katikati Dont know what I'm going to do with it but the price was like 18x less cheaper than the 1st one.
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    ... member since 2004 and only now do i get around to making a project build thread for my main oldschool car - what a slacker!!! TBH i thought it had one, but all searching has failed to turn anything up. Anyhow - grab a cuppa for the life of SLEEEK as it has been in the last 19 years. Digging out the old pixels on paper this is how SLEEEK looked when purchased in 1999 ... meet skinny young me at 21 years old Now 1st thing that annoyed me was daily air topup of the firestone wide oval tyres on these volk 3 piece rims.. very loose and wobbly 3 piece rims. So Bridgestone Zona's and some Dunlop W10 tyres made me broke for the next few months.. I also liked clubsport so a day at the track in this was what it needed.. MG Car club sprint at Pukekohe 1999 At this time I met and befriended another celicaholic named Al - he was just prepping a celica for Targa NZ and asked for service crew assistance from one that knew celica's inside and out Amazingly - I now own all 3 celicas that are in this picture - it took 15 years to get them all under my garage roof.
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    Ta Daaa!!! Even the headlight buckets got original olive zinc plating done I also found some original GT wheels for it so it was a great time to fit those too.
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    Then back home to start laying some purple candy down. This took a lot of time, thinking and a couple beers...
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    On Thursday last week it dawned hot and sunny. This was good. The thought of trying to load an old car shell onto a trailer using a tractor and some pallets in the rain would be yuck. Instead.. we got blasted by sun. We got the shell onto the borrowed trailer, loaded the van up with more parts from another Imp (there's more to collect!) and made our way back home slowly along a now revised (thanks Cyclone Gita) very windy route. Once home this was our view as we sipped our lunchtime coffee... I moved it up to the workshop entrance. Viva wagon was banished downstairs.. Cleaned out a load of old interior carpet and insulation.. Sat inside it and made (little) engine noises.. It came with some patina attached.. Then the clean began.. It cleaned up nicely... Then we moved it inside. Lifting it off the trailer was a lot easier than putting it on.. I am now building a decent sized rolling table to lower it onto. More on that soon. Glad to have the shell here so I can crack on and cut out the rot. First job though is to clean all the mess out inside. Quite a fun job that. I might find some coins and so it can end up even cheaper
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    Maiden Voyage was - Auckland, New Plymouth, Wanganui, Palmy, Kapiti, Wellington, Upper Hutt, Masterton, Hastings, Napier, Taupo, Auckland. Went sweet apart from a wee drip from the gas tank, tried to tighten the offending cap and sheared it off in a rest stop, managed to bung up the hole and repair properly in another rest stop. Did some 0 - 60 times and 1/8 mile stuff on the OBD app thing. 4.9 second 0-60 and the 1/8th mile time translated to about a 13.9 second 1/4 (was 130 ish at 1/8 so pulled the pin), so pretty rapid for a 2.5 tonne pig, and 11.5l/100ks on the trip, with some looseness thrown in along the way. Been looking at Magnuson supercharger set ups...
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    Kia Ora A couple of people have asked where the build thread for my car is because they want to watch, there hasn't been much building - mainly de-building up to this stage but here goes. As part of my daily quest to be more like UJ about 6, 8 or 10 months back I was trawling trademe as I regularly do, seeing what's new.There was a fresh ad up for a Fintail Mercedes Sedan with the usual 3 shitty photos.This was right around the time I brought the v12 Jag motor discussed elsewhere, I mean one hobby is good but twos better right? This thing is also the reason progress on the V12 has stopped because I've been spending spare time swimming and getting the ball rolling on this. Anyway the ad as mentioned had 3 shitty photos on it, one of which was of a grainy pic of a not-so-Mercedes Falcon motor that it was fitted with. As a result of the Falcon motor the guy who owned it was getting all sorts of grief about it not having a Merc motor. Bugger that I thought, I'll go have a look. Long story short the guy wanted rid of it as it was a project he and his Son who's since left home had that never got anywhere and he just wanted the shed space, he didn't care what he got for it and couldn't be bothered dealing with the whinging people on trademe. So I bought it then and there. This is what it looked like when I got it, forever known as the OTP mobile. It's a 1965 Mercedes Benz 220Seb (W111 Chassis for those that care) in black, just like UJ, sort of. From what I understand 220 is the engine size (pretty obvious 2.2 litre), S is the bling model, b means its a fintail (the predecessor to this shape was also called a 220), and E, I believe, means it was a factory injected car but I'm probably wrong on that. It doesn't matter as it has the aforementioned Falcon 6 weighing the front down now. It appears to be complete, everything that is missing in the above photos is in the boot. When it was listed it was listed the guy said it was deregistered, a quick carjam report said that it wasn't deregistered, that it had simply lapsed and was due to deregister 2 weeks after I brought it, so I quickly put it back on hold after I picked it up. Live reg = Whoop. Props go to Sentra for tow car supply and Archetype for Storage.
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    Tomorrow's (today) mission is to degrease and wash the frame, heavy cut and polish then fill the gap with the contents of one of those parcels Also grabbed a carb etc from my stock shelf lol There seems to have been a slight mix up at the factory, somehow this ended up cast on my factory replacement 49cc moped engine... Should be good for a laugh!
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    current state. 2018-03-15_05-51-27 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-15_05-51-37 by sheepers, on Flickr 2018-03-15_05-51-49 by sheepers, on Flickr so the car came with a USB stick full of photos some of which show the engine being reconditioned. all signs point to this being the case. the shell is in amazingly good condition. the doors are rust free and the rest of its only got a couple of small holes on the rear arches. shes pretty good all round really. makes my life easier.
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    So this got delivered today !!
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    I got gas! (Seriously ask my girlfriend, she'll confirm) So I set about finishing up the other side of the tunnel. So there you go. I didn't measure it exactly but my estimate is that it was about one and a half metric ass loads of one-inch TIG weld stitches in total but there it is. All welded in. Next, I wanted to make a flared ring around the gearbox hole--like the stock Escort tunnel--to attach the shifter boot to. I started by measuring the one off my old tunnel and cutting a strip of steel the same length as the circumference of the old hole. Then I loosely formed it into a ring, And clamped it up with a hose clamp. Then I tacked it, removed the clamp, and fully welded it. I gave it a quick clean back, Then rolled the top and bottom edges over slowly with a pair of pliers, making small tweaks and working my way around over and over until it was this shape: I gave it a quick tickle with a hammer over a dolly to smooth it all out, then traced around it and opened the hole in the tunnel out to the right size. It was tacked in before I threw the engine and box back into place to check how it is all going to sit. Bearing in mind that the engine and box are only sitting roughly in place, I'm very happy with where it has all ended up. You can see there is plenty of room for the engine and box to move if the mounts get a bit sad, though I'm planning on making them fairly stiff so that should never happen. The boot also fits really nicely over the rim as you can see here: The bottom part of the rubber is turned up so you can see the sealing ring properly. And this is how it will look in the finished car: I took a quick snap of dad's stock shifter and handbrake and you can see that my setup hasn't moved the stick back that far at all. Far less than a Type 9 would have at the very least. In fact, I measured it and it is only about 40mm rear of the stock position. That's more than good enough for the girls I go out with. Next job is to fully weld the ring on, then onto other exciting things.
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    Might have to do something with the sprockets etc!
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    How about that, I purchased another XT6, This one is special, because it's 1 of only 2 in the WORLD it would seem, It's a NZ new Vortex 6 or a ZZ6 as they were known. I've been after one of these for many years and Ironically just as an expensive "only other one" comes up on Trade me, I find the other one locally and secure it! I'm a happy boy. Let the restorations begin!
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    so a wee while back i ordered some parts from the US for this. And some aliexpress shit got a boot lock rod so i could fit the lock that was new that came with the car then some fuel flap rubbers doesn't fit quite flush but ill let the rubber settle itself out for abit first. And a new carboard type glove box insert as it is quite handy to have a working glovebox and also ordered a set of letters for the trunk lid as it previous only had F and O remaining and got myself this sweet Ariel as the one it came with had been snapped off and not working. then after a couple of days of having it fitted i snapped the darn thing off. you silly cunt still got some more things to fit onto this car that ive already received but will do that after she is wof and rego'd
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    Update time! Just spoke with the garage. One bent intake valve, three mushroomed exhaust valves, and valve seats that are round. So best case scenario really (seriously). Will replace the stuffed valves and machine the seats (hopefully stay within spec etc), otherwise new inserts. Pretty happy with the outcome, nothing else untoward they could find.
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    Went for a tour around coromandel with a couple of mates for the weekend. Seat situation is so much better on the posterior
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    Signed for by: "under the matt" Think I've got just about everything I need now, besides a seat and waiting to get my ignition back from the locksmith.
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    @Mr Burns (Jason's) Build thread for this: Words of encouragement and constant nagging to get stuff done please. Discussion here:
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    Got a little bit more done today. Chucked the crossmember and rack back in and pretty pleased with how it all fitted into the little notch. fitted up the pump and put the plenum back on to make it look better also... fuel pump and plumbing next....
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    Been prodding away at this, a few little jobs - new LED interior light bulbs - refixed some wiring i had previously 'fixed' - reset ignition timing and done some more carb fiddling - compression tested - (150psi all round ) - flushed radiator (ran a few changes of just water and dishwasher powder for awhile, seems to have taken the grease out - i suspect from a previous HGF) - tightened the sump bolts - made and installed a flywheel cover for the lower half of the bell housing (pretty sure the main rear seal is gone) - cleaned and degreased/waterblasted all the tie rods and steeing rods chasing the front end noise (think i found it) Took it to C&C with the Scoot on the back and it went fine, the seats are 1000% better than the old ones. This is after scooter gang run, only car in the carpark AAAAND, I think i finally found the noise, the passenger side engine mount mount seems to have more movement than a solidly welded structural member should - i think the old set up with the diff spacer had popped the welds and it moves around quite a bit Resolving it means taking the front suspension out, so while im in there...
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    This unemployment malarky can have some benefits... In my ample free time, I got the ring fully welded in, cleaned back, and dressed in a quick coat of PA-10. Like a bought one. Next, I wanted to replace the tunnel brace that ties the two seat boxes together and stiffens everything up. Something like this: I thought about integrating this into the driveshaft hoop and making it out of some 6mm plate that was folded to shape. Then I could have some captive nuts under the seat boxes and bolt the bottom half up to it around the driveshaft. It would be plenty stiff enough to brace it properly, as well as fulfill the minimum specs for a driveshaft hoop, killing two birds with one stone. However, I decided that where I wanted to put this brace was too far forward to meet the requirements for a hoop and thus I opted to make one that emulated the original factory design with a separate hoop further down. So I set to with the CAD, and started to design my interpretation of a Mk2 Escort Estate trans tunnel brace to fit a modified tunnel designed around a Mazda KL-ZE mated to a five-speed RX-8 gearbox. Simples... This is what I came up with: I modeled the top and the passenger side initially because the tunnel is more or less symmetrical. And cardboard is too boring to waste too much time on. Then I said the magic words and...Poof! This popped out. Then came lots of fitting and removing and fiddling and refitting until I got everything exactly where I wanted it. Now it was looking right but it wasn't going to be doing a lot of bracing in its current state. The lack of corners left it really floppy. So I fixed that: I started with the flat bands across the top which immediately stiffened the whole thing up considerably. I also added the oval shaped hole in the top to match the original while I was there. I'm not sure exactly what it's for but it looks right now. Then I added the corner pieces and cleaned everything back. This left it looking properly profesh. And what's more, it fits! I threw the motor and box back in there quickly to check the clearances for that too. Miles of space there so I'm perfectly happy. The last thing I'd want is to spend all this time on it only to find it fouls the box. It's funny, looking at it now, I probably could have done my driveshaft loop idea after all. It is probably sitting right over or slightly behind the U-joint, which would be perfect, but oh well. I kind of like the OE spec solution I've come up with here. Next, I'm going to weld on the big pads that get rosette welded to the floor under the seat boxes, and finally weld the whole lot in. Hopefully, with a bit better focus, I can get that and other things done in the next couple of days. I've also been every now and again checking the wreckers websites and Trade Me and so on looking for a genuine KL-ZE motor, but still no luck so far. There was a promising looking motor down in Christchurch but it had the wrong cams and unknown heads. It would have been quite a bit of money including shipping and for that, I would want to be absolutely sure of the specs, so no dice. C'est la vie. The search continues...
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    Slotted the holes in the black intake, shits tight but it's in there
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    Some kinda mock up. I had a dig around the local junk man's yard today and found a few parts Austin 8 front end and diff 4 rims and a grill I think is a Morris 8. Oh anyone on the west coast got a Escort or a Datsun engine?
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    I bought one of these Mk8 Transit Alcoa wheels,in 16x6 and 6x180. Going to try and fit them to the van. The plan is to fit a disc braked Mk7 DRW rear axle, with a ratio in the 3's. I will make adaptors or completely new hubs for the front to match the stud pattern. Tyres will be around 205/60x16 to get the circumference about right. I have always like the look of these style of wheels, and I think they will look badass on the old bus As an added bonus, they are 4kgs lighter per wheel than the 14x5.5' currently fitted!
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