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    Decided I didn't like the stainless trim around the windows enough to keep it, so swapped in the standard one I had. Suits the style better anyway. Then I could put the inner windscreen surrounds in, as well as the sun visors and rear view mirror, but I don't seem to have a photo of them. Took the seat to the upholsterers and got some Mexican blankets put on. Will only be temporary until I can afford to get it done properly in leather or something. Had the center dash panel straightened and polished up, as it was a bit warped. Then I polished up the glove box to match. Cut up some black vinyl strips and put them in the low spots, still need to do the glove box. Got the engine back from being rebuilt. Was mint inside and no other damage other than the piston and conrod. Chucked it back in and assembled everything back together. Started first pop and ran very well! So bolted together the whole front end and put the bonnet back on after a long time it's been off. Made a new intake pipe to get in going in the opposite direction than the standard one. Made a coolant overflow and power steering reservoir, they both seem to work pretty well so far. Attached some peep mirrors onto the doors. I think they look good, although rubbish to see anything through. Bought some tyres, ended up with BF Goodrich's, 205/65/15 front and 225/70/15 rear. Apparently 15x8's with 225/60 tyres don't fit on the front of this without massively rubbing on the fenders. Managed to return the tyres and swap them for some 205/65's and got the wheels split and narrowed to 7" wide. Had it through the cert check the past week and everything was good! Had a wheel alignment and that also went well. Just waiting on the cert plate now and then can take it for a WOF! Drives really nice and smooth, although the transmission seems to be slipping. We think it has something to do with the secondary throttle sensor that doesn't seem to be working, so need to have a look at that.
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    So this was my project - currently on wait, because Im away from home. If is in wrong threat or something, please admins / mods to move it. I didnt find any "trips" raleted section. About the car. Its Polski Fiat 126p, produced in Poland on 1985. It is 2 cylinder aircooled engine with 24hp. Car weight around 620kg without any gear. Story of a car... 3 years ago I managed to save Fiat 126p from 1985 from one of the Slovenians fields. The story of the car was, that was in a garage for 5 years, than they have birthday party in that garage, put it out and never went back to garage. So it was in the field for few years before I bought it. When the owner agree to sell the car, we went to pick the car in style As every "project" start I wash it to see how it really looks. The story behind why I bought that car is that I wanted to participate in the biggest amateur rally in world, called Budapest - Bamako 2018. Because to the finish line of the rally is around 8600km I had to "fix" the car before I start with the rally. I found brand new engine in Poland, sitting in the attic of the house from 1987. When I get the engine with 0km on the clock, we open it, change all seals and anything that was "need" to be changed after so years and kick to start it. Because I had to remove my back seats for travelling material, I installed some isolation to prevent noise from back of the car. After we fit the engine in the car, change all the bearings and everything need to be changed around suspension, my friend polished car for me for my friend wedding. Because I didn't want to go to rally with 0km on the clock, me and my girlfriend decided to make a quick trip around Dolomites and the sea. The whole trip was Slovenia - Austria - Italy - Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Switzerland- France- Italy - Slovenia. We did together 4117km in 15 days with a lot of 2000m+ mount passing and nice routes. Breakdowns? Both brand new rear tyres were worn because of new back suspension - the position of the car was to high. So meanwhile we got some sponsors and had to "decorate" car with the stickers before we start the rally. In 12. January 2018 we started from Slovenia, the goal was Banjul in Gambia. We reach the finish line on 28. January and we did 8395 KM. Because I didn't want to sell the car in Gambia, and I didn't want to spend money on the boat shipping I decided to drive it back home. I reach back home in Slovenia 17. February 2018. Me and my car did together 17.200km in 36 days. I spend around 1135L of fuel had to change front right bulb and 2 tyre tubes (they were a little bit to big ). Engine in rally Engine back home The car is still running good, but it is in vintage car museum in Slovenia, because I'm currently in New Zealand. And that on last picture is me Facebook page of the car and trips: https://www.facebook.com/Fiat126pGoesToAfrica/ Webpage about rally: http://www.fiat126p.si/en/ Discussion treat:
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    It's been 2290 days since my last update and it seems that all my images have been deleted by greedy internet barons. Here's a new one from the weekend. Regular programming to continue shortly.
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    Work has been continuing at pace on my large model car build as we both clean bits and piece it altogether. Its fun. Its taking far more time then I ever remember. I always forget about just how long these 'little jobs' take. Made longer because the car looks so clean and fresh so how can we possibly put dirty or crusty bits back on. I ordered some new 175/60 13 tyres last week. Of course the rims look yucky. Not a fan of all silver rims, especially Minilights. I have always planed to paint them to how I want them to look. Really make the rim dish stick out as much as possible. So my friendly local garage where I now get my tyres from popped the old tyres off, we took the rims home and I did this... Which was fun and quick. Very handy that the Viva shares the same 4" PCD. The rims ended up like this.. I then selected a colour from a book of swatches lent to me by the local paint shop. This process of selection took bloody ages! Just how many 'metallic greys' does the world really need?!!! Paint finally selected, bought and Hannah masked the rims very carefully (I tried to do one rim and gave up- I really have no patience for that). I threw some paint at the rims... Because Hannah had endured the boredom that is masking wheels she got the fun job of peeling off the tape.. They looked fantastic. I was very happy. So here is a sexy rim shot... then with tyres... But they cant go on the car just yet. Many jobs to do with the Imp back on the hoist. First off. Radiator pipe work. I had bought a length of stainless pipe a while back along with some 90 degree bends I could chop up. I measured, cut, tacked, checked, tigged and ended up with these... I blocked the ends up and filled them with water to double check them. Two little pin holes. Glad I checked. Whilst full I weighed one. 3.5kg. Not as heavy as I was expecting. Phew. I then fitted them up... Next step was the brakes. The front calipers and discs are from a ED Honda civic. I had never bothered to check that they were free when I removed them from the race car. Oh. Wish I had. Seized! Bugger. I managed to free the pistons with a bicycle track pump and sure enough the pistons were rooted as were the seals. I priced some up from several places. !!!!!!! Crikey. Rebuild seal kits were horribly expensive in NZ. I wanted to sort them out asap so didnt want to wait to get stuff from the states. So I tried an old place in chch I've used in the past who re-sleeves brakes in stainless. He sold me some seals cheap and I machined up new pistons from some stainless. Made quicker by the larger drills we got from my uncle with the lathe... Front brakes all sorted. While I was there I machined up some nice spacers for the caliper mounts rather then the stack of odd washers that had been doing the job. I also added back in the missing flexible line tabs I'd forgotten to do whilst rebuiding the shell.. I then re-fitted the rear brakes, after having unstuck, cleaned out and reassembled the wheel cylinders which luckily appeared new, as do the shoes and the drums! Then onto the master cylinder. That lovely one from Russia with love. It fits so well into the imp pedal box but I needed to make a push rod, something to secure pushrod in place and a pushrod yoke. All really fun little jobs at the bench. It came up well and fits in nice. Fitted it in place and made all new brake lines and clutch line. Re-used the old 8mm fuel line from the race car but neatly this time. Ideal for future power upgrade... Clutch line was copper, left over from the Rx3 in the UK. Fine for clutch lines but not for brake lines in NZ, which have to be steel. I've made the pipes long enough to swap positions on the master depending on whether it has biased springs inside. Time will tell on that. Added new tubing from the, nicely cleaned and fitted by Hannah, fluid reservoir... While I was in there I had also found an ideal piece of stainless mesh left over from our compost toilet build. Perfect size to fit in here neatly... The steering rack boot had a small split and was leaking like a proper British car does- all over the floor. I was getting bored with placing bits of carboard everywhere I moved the car but I cant afford a new boot plus shipping so instead, as per some advice from a fellow local Imper friend I added some grease nipples. Much better then oil puddles everywhere and no protection within the rack!... Fitted a new universal on one of the driveshafts to replace a knackered one. New one has a grease nipple. Yay for IMProvements We both worked together on the door cards, a job we had been putting off. Glued some new felt on to the new hardboard and then glued on the sweet looking red and black vinyl, which had come with the car from Christchurch. They'll look great against the blue... This afternoon Hannah cleaned up the Datsun engine, masked it up and I sprayed it with Black epoxy (Resene Durapox). I had also cleaned up the rocker cover and fuel tank for the same paint. The rocker cover will get some nice blue next... And that is all for now folks. I was really hoping to have the car on the road for a classic car show next weekend but there are still so many jobs to do. Wiring, put the transaxle back together with its new bearings, make a new improved, tidier engine crossmember, plumb in the engine. However it was great to have a date to aim for and we are both really excited about getting it on the road before Hannah's brother comes to visit in a few weeks time. So I'll just keep cracking on with it (in between the paid work we have building up that is..)
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    Been tidying up the engine thing, painting lots of stuff, reconditioning the starter and alternator, etc etc. Here's a few phone pictures of how it's looking. With assistance from @kpr I've adopted his trigger arrangement for the cam/crank, this has meant the dizzy can be turfed completely. 20190224_170300-01 by Richard Opie, on Flickr 20190224_170315-01 by Richard Opie, on Flickr 20190224_170451-01 by Richard Opie, on Flickr 20190224_170348-01 by Richard Opie, on Flickr 20190224_170355-01 by Richard Opie, on Flickr 20190224_170410-01 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Also attached an SQ Engineering reverse down-pull throttle linkage to the ITB, in the interest of simplifying the cable run. 20190224_163540-01 by Richard Opie, on Flickr New 4AGE sticker. This will stick to the new OEM cambelt cover. 2019-02-26_11-24-31 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Sort of where I am at now. @Stu is going to come and give me a hand to terminate those sensor wires into a nice easy to detach loom, and then the engine is pretty much ready to go back into it's home. The silver cam covers are temporary, the blue ones will return soon with a new finish that's pretty damn epic I think.
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    As mentioned above. trying to keep everything the same apart from throttles and adapter. But also didn't want to cut up my 20v setup. just in case this doesn't work. Found some thick wall ali pipe, that just happened to have the same 60mm od, as trumpets on the 20v setup and also 52mm id, which is the same as the bmw throttle inlets. so all i needed to do was machine a taper into the pipe from 52mm out to 53.5mm. Went and used the old boys lathe. found this hanging around his shed. gentle hint maybe...? test fit seems good, same length and top half as the 20v setup. which is plenty big, the taper was pretty aggressive before, possibly little too much. few more little things to do, then will be good to go
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    So yep, those are bmw 52mm throttles. I wouldn't suggest running out and fitting them to your average 4age. have had to do a lot of little mods, to get them close enough together for the port spacing. right down to having to anneal the throttle shaft, as i had to re-drill it and mr bmw hardened the shit out of one part where the bearing ran. Anyway attempted to teach my self how to cad. sent it to @niswhale who cut me a template/test run out of mdf Amazingly i drew it right first go. and i was about to resort to hole saws and angle grinder.. After a lot of dicking around all the throttles fit on the flange. Have half made a fuel rail for some massive 980cc injectors i brought when was going to try outboard injection. To start with they will be just there to bung the holes. later on if all goes well will switch to them and retune. but for now changing as little as possible other than throttles, in the name of proper @Roman science. Hello tempted to run with mdf.. but this part is on its way from @Stu (cheers cnt) Since metal isn't fun anymore, its made from acetal. aka fancy plastic.
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    Started a thread on his behalf because he sucks at interwebbing, but also because it’s got a lot of interest so thought people would like to see it and I’ll get him out to some OS things in it. had a fair bit of resto work. from custom milled stainless led high stop to milled stainless rear seat luggage latch mounts. motors 2.6L v8 with mech injection, and factory dry sump setup. motors just had a full rebuild inc the sump setup etc. upgraded 4 pot front brakes and a couple other things using factory bolts ons from other Alfa models rear suspension is pretty shot, and it sits a little high. Got some parts from alfaholics on the way. old boys pretty slack with work updates etc but if anyone has and questions or photos of any part just message me and I’ll get it up
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    So yeah I skipped a few stages of this build. We painted it white. Put the steering wheel on the other side and a few other things like smaller stud pattern and put a westfalia on it and in it as well. Edit : we brought another low light kombi.
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    A bit of chequebooking. I prepped these and Ben at GT Refinishers chucked a luscious coat of blue matched to the Cusco strut tops, with added sparkzazz. 2019-02-27_09-44-44 by Richard Opie, on Flickr Yeah nice.
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    Shot @Kimjon I ended up going for the newer rear guard and combined that with a old swapmeet Cobra seat. Then a pair of cocktail shaker mufflers that ill do some pipe work to connect it all together. Then I found a old Briggs n Stratton aircleaner lid that I had used as a bolt bowl on my bench and then last night at my mate Aarons for tea he gave me this beaut 3/4 sporty style tank. Will leave all the different reds as is and hoping to track down old red british oil tank that I can make work in the space ive got. Fizzing again for this
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    So yeah. Dragging this post up from the depths. This is still a project. I sold it to my mate rob about 3 years ago but he never picked it up. So I bought it back off him. Finally bit the bullet and have taken it into my mates mechanic shop and he is going to get her going for me. Motivation is finally coming back and thought updating this post might help with that!
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    My name is Stu, and I like 4ages. So much so that about 16 years ago I made one fit into a EP71 because I couldn't afford an AE86. Yes its wrong wheel drive, yes its too loud, yes the intercooler is too big, yes there are many other sins, but it eventually ended up being reasonably fast-ish and just quietly it is a little bit of fun to drive. But recently I redeemed myself by acquiring an AE86 Levin, so I thought it was about time to supply you the reader with double the amusement of watching me waste many hours and many dollars on a couple of examples of Toyotas best metal > rust conversion products from the 1980s... I'll do a decent post on each of them eventually but here's a snapshot to get the ball rolling. The EP I'll start with this, bore you with the details, then switch to the more exciting 86... It started out as a white 1985 Toyota Starlet Si - featuring the worlds smokiest 2e-elu. It had a couple of redeeming features in that it was straight, and complete, had 120k on the clock, and came from a very quiet family who loved it and were very sad when i drove away in it. It drove quiet and smooth and apart from the smoke screen everywhere it went, it was a nice car. I wrecked all that by fitting a 4age, adding boost, vibration and lots of noise and smoke. It currently has a fairly basic engine setup comprising of an cobbled together 8.0:1 bottom end with some arp bits, lightly tickled blacktop head, single throttle intake, long merge turbo manifold to a GT2876r and stainless exhaust. Its runs a Link G4+ Storm that I wired and tuned (the later with the help of KPR who I have been annoying for years... oh the shame of tuning a fwd). It has run a slippery best 11.81@121mph on the quarter mile at a peak of 17psi with a 2.3 60ft so there's more potential there. Its currently tuned to 23psi but haven't run that much on a track yet. It only been on a dyno once way back in the day on a aw11 bigport ze and T04e where it made 195kw on 16psi. No idea what its making now as its street tuned, will one day find out. It will surprise most but this thing does go around corners and runs surprising straight without too much torque steer #notlies. Anyway, other than that is fairly simple, some strengthening work in the front, coil overs, turret dropped rear, sway bars, fancy short ratio gearbox with LSD etc etc. Ive done pretty much everything myself bar the paint. Its been a great learning curve and through practice has lead to me wiring and tuning ALOT of other cars for guys I know. Will go into that another time. Here's some photos: The 86 This is newly acquired from a mate who I have been pestering about 86's to for years. I have yet to find time to work on it, but its straight and virtually rust free, and comes with a non-running bluetop with quads, stainrish headers and some HKS bit apparently... = win. This isn't my first AE car, but I'm hoping to build it into as close to my dream 86 as possible (except for the small fault of not being a notch but you can't win them all). Will update on this reasonably regularly this year as I want to get this on the road asap and enjoy it while I piece together a different setup for it. Its not going to be silly like the EP ended up... well, that's the intention. That'll do for now. PS: Hi Dave. Abuse here
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    Oh forgot to show video of rally. So after the rally I got a private message on Facebook, that one guy want to give me his Fiat 126p if I want. I asked him about details, but he was just saying: "It was from grandmother, I don't know the condition of the car, but before she passed away she was driving with it. Come take a look, and if you want I give it for free." I couldn't sleep for few days, and after a month or so, we finally went to pick up another Fiat 126p. Parked out from garage Loaded on truck Back home Brothers Than I started cleaning My friend polished it for me Driving around with it and figure it out that rear breaks need a bit of attention - quick fix So yes, car is running ok - he should get some attention but for short distance is good. Otherwise it is 1981, with the same 650ccm 2 cylinder engine, produce all 24 horse power. The only difference with one I've been to rally is that they got different bumpers - older models hat chrome, newer had plastic. Later on there were also Fiat 126p BIS, which was 700ccm and watercooled. Also interior was different. Thats all about Fiats maybe some Opels later if anyone is interested?
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    A long overdue update on this car. Re-added the pictures due to photo-fukkit fail I picked the car up from the panel beaters in late 2015. It was unable to be finished due to the ill health of Murray the panel beater. Amazing work done, just need to get my ass into gear and get it finished and painted. Not a lot has happened to it since as i have been busy working on the Racer, building the garage, engines and other things. It is still being worked on at a very slow rate. and it is keeping good company in the shed. Smaller bits like the carbs and airbox for the engine have been done and are sitting in the cupboard ready for refit.
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    Did a few little pre Beach Hop jobs, changed oil etc. Visited beach.
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    Test fit, a very vague proof of whether its going to be possible versus what I had in my head. With NO cutting or moving anything, it JUST fits under the steering rack but I can't lower it or move it back anymore because its resting on the subframe. It will need to move over to the passenger side to get the sprocket more centred, I should be able to get away with not having it perfectly centered though. Motivation to crack on with the rust repairs though! As you can see here, it should clear the bonnet, and it is resting on the front of the subframe, I will be able to cut out a section of this and still retain the foremost part of the frame. Meaning it will drop down a bit more: The sump design for the bike is very 'deep' but only on one side of the sump area because the exhaust normally runs next to this sump section. I plan on cutting up the sump to gain ground clearance as well as increase the capacity plus look at baffling: This just looks fucking cool... Extractors need to fit here, but I also need to move it further over to this side of the car to center it with what will be the driveshaft tunnel. It is also currently resting on the oil filter sandwich plate (which I need to return to the previous owner). I also have the original Kawasaki water to oil cooling sandwich plate, but I think I am going to need to fit filter relocating adapter anyway. The part of the subframe it is resting on should be able to be trimmed. Front view, it'll go over to the passenger side more and a bit further back. Fitting a radiator is going to be interesting....
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    So what really happened was I was scrolling trade me Tuesday night after work. Kass said he saw a kombi he liked on there. I continued to see what was on there and came across this. It was listed for 5k no reserve and a buy now of 7k. (a kombi in our price range) I immediately forwarded the link to @Mrs 64valiant followed by a phone call. She looked at it briefly and said give him a call and see if we can view it on Sunday. Proceeded to call him and date was arranged. I then started to get my hustle on and try sell some of my other things. A guy had only messaged me in the weekend wondering if I wanted to sell my oval. Well I sure as hell do now. Boom sorted a price and hell yeah. Wednesday morning wake up go to work and do a few things and check trade me. Shit cunt fuck. Some one clicked the buy now. Only Tuesday we didn't quite have the full amount of money to make anything happen. So thought wonder what the account looks like now. Ahh crap yup some bills had been paid and well I could have now afforded the kombi that was now sold. Ahhh well. Better luck next time. Proceeded to be upset and have my dreams crushed and the rest of it all. Drive to Hawke's Bay and had a hell of a good time and witnessed some friends get married. Also brought cone4u numberplate cause well the kombi didn't go to plan so I could lest drown my sorrows in the p plate for my ice cream trailer. This morning we started with unloading all the bbq trailers and went on our merry way when as I was about to drop the trailer at @Archetypes I get a txt. Hey man the buyers have backed out are you still interested in the kombi. A couple of phone calls away and well yup off to Auckland. 1st stop was to drop the oval off at the sellers place that I sold it to. Was a bummer cause I had already sold this and only selling to buy the kombi that had already sold. But hey things happen for a reason right. Next stop the kombi. The owner lived in Melbourne so was yarning to his dad and trying not to get to excited about it all. A phone call was made to his son and boom, money transferred and well time to push in on the trailer now. Here are the photos from trade me. Can't upload them on my phone but will delete that post and update them tomorrow when I'm next to a computer. Fucken excited.
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    I wouldn't recommend waterblasting a block with the cam and lifters still in, but I didn't have any other way to get it cleaned so I spent 45 minutes pumping bore water onto a ute, then borrowed a petrol blaster and a hose. Gravity feed to the blaster wasn't the best, but at least the block is clean enough to see a bit better, but probably still oily enough not to rust much overnight. The blackened main caps tell a story of no bottom end oil flow and spun bearings. I am not sure which happened first. I reckon I'm going to order a set of gaskets, bottom end bearings, a timing chain and just slap it all back together.
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    Well no turning back now, I've started cutting the subframe of which I'll make up new sections once I've finalised the position etc. I thought I might be able to keep part of the front section but it all had to go, to stop it from moving I welded on a bit of angle steel. This dropped it down nicely but the angle steel needed a notch cut out for the oil level sight, it still needed to move over to the passenger side too. So more cutting. Looking much better, the oil filter sandwich plate is resting on the subframe now so the engine isn't level yet but far better and is about 10cm further to the passenger side. This is as far back as it can go without cutting the firewall, but it is within 20mm of the closest protrusion from the steering rack. I also bit the bullet and cut the tab off the stator cover which is the oilfeed because it was almost impossible to get it to fit around the steering rack. This is a magnesium casting, so I cut it slowly and manually. Didn't burn down the house. Plan is to block the original feed then tap into the casing and have an oilfeed that way. No reason it shouldn't work, but if it doesn't I can just get another casing. They seem to be easy to get, I guess because they get damaged when riders drop their bikes. It's sitting much better in the engine bay now, I will try get it a bit further over because I'm worried about draiveshaft UJ angles. But for now it fits behind the grill! The front clutch cover was always going to stick out, I'm not sure what I'll do here but at least clutch changes will be easy access....
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    What a mission! I will have a look inside the engine once we can move it to somewhere I can pull it down. Probably next weekend. I dread refitting it though. It was a bastard to get out.
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    Bit more progress on this old chap today, Harry has finished doing the Rust on it so swapped the good doors off the red one onto it. And fitted a tailgate I bought aaaaaages ago to it as well. Also tried swapping instrument clusters over as only the speedo and handbrake light and fuel light work on mine haha, but different plugs so was a no go. Also swapped shifter and linkage assembly from red van as mine were sloppy as fuck, so now she’s noice and toight! So it’s mismatched and ugly now but much more rust free. Won’t be far off going down for a wof!
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    I had a call from the production studio last week, who are in season 5 of the TV programme "Westside" - a story set in the 70's and 80's about a West Auckland family trying to make it in the world. So I dragged out the Mk1 and Mk2 and cleaned them off, ran them up and down the road a bit, and then trailered them over to the TV studio. Feeling a bit guilty that I have not begun the restoration on them that was promised to them, but nice at least that they are out earning a few dollars to assist in this work which will happen eventually!
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    The XR laughed at the 1040km mission on the weekend. Bloody great time and did some amazing tracks down south. Porika Track, Braeburn Track and the Mariua Saddle were the cool sections, Maruia saddle is the coolest bit of road / track i have ever ridden.
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