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    So yeah, Long time, no update. Have driven this a lot since 2014 nats. Got it certed at the start of 2015. And have put hundreds and hundreds of litres of 95 through the carbs. Has been sitting since April, knowing that it needed a new exhaust, tie rod end, and tyres for its next wof. Sudden burst of motivation this weekend just gone and I: Built a new exhaust, with a flexi straight off the extractors, so no more tweaked manifold gasket (would do this within 20 mins of replacing it), as exhaust takes a severe beating. Added an unbolt-able, easily replaceable section for under the diff. A sacrificial exhaust annode. Remade the driveshaft loop, as this sat down ~20mm below the floor, and would catch on everything, had started to bend the floor back. Made this flat so lowest point it the rails now. - Probably have one more wof in the current rails, they have taken a beating too. My TODO list is as follows. I have everything but the tyres: Replace inner rack end and alignment Weld up cracks in extractors and add an oxy bung New manifold gasket New Tyres Oil change Polish up wheels (get rid of that clear coat and machine marks) Janurary WOF Hammer it through the gears! Such a sexy looking 45 year old.
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    So this thing is now vinned and on the road. Stoked! Haven't done much more to it really other than all the boring stuff to get it legal and new carpets... perfect timing for summer. Gave it a good tune and put some miles on in. It cruises along nicely. Still a lot I want to do but that will come... Still looking for one more good condition reverse Cragar too
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    Thanks Alex and Hannah for the great hospitality, and taking the time to go over everything in detail. And I'm sure you are just a phone call or messenger click away when I forget something. So the drive home was to quote "Spirited" loved every minute of it, the calls of "Viva"!! from the old guys on the ferry was telling me yup this was the right car for me. A young chap in a Golf GTI was shown that this car was something else as I left him in my wake at a set of lights, and when he did catch up a big grin and thumbs up was received. Yes I will continue the thread with what I do and places I go so the followers can keep the connection with the car, after all I am but just the custodian and minder of this amazing little car For quite some time I might add. Thanks again Charlie aka Guzzi Rat
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    These updates are getting a bit big, should really post more frequently. Made a new badge for the front of the heater since the old one wasn't in the greatest condition. Think it came out pretty good, but I reckon it could be better. Will give the low areas a paint and see how it looks. These are the dies I used to press it. Here's the finished thing made from 0.7mm stainless. Got the parts back from chroming. Shoutout to Wanganui electroplating for not charging for them to be done. My parents had some bumpers there to be done as well. The ashtray is a bit pitted but the raised bits aren't too bad and I was thinking of painting the low stripes anyway, so should look fine. Discovered there was no gap for the seat belts to fit between the seat, so bent up some 10mm steel tube and welded together some ovals for them to pass through. Made some new ecu mounts. Spent more time drawing up the triangle cutouts to look right than anything else. Couldn't quite get enough length from the wiring to mount them all the way back as I would of liked, but this will do. Took the rear fenders off the bed and took them, the runningboards, splash aprons and a couple of bonnet latch panels to the sandblasters. They did a good job so looks like it will be staying patina for a bit longer haha. Primed them all up on the weekend, would be soooo much easier if I was painting the whole truck! Sprayed some paint on today, pretty happy with how it turned out! Will be undersealing the fenders and running boards but gave them a quick spray with what I had left over. Was going to strip apart the front clip to take to the sandblasters, but decided not to as I still needed to finish the cutouts in the inner guards for the engine, as this was way easier to get right as one piece. Will sorta look like this except the bottom profile will have more of a "S" shape to it. Going to be a lot of work but hopefully should be able to blend it all in nicely.
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    Today marks one year since Bart and Karl delivered this specimen unto my driveway. Seems like longer? Been a funny year. Good journey, plenty of highs and crushing lows but it goes good, looks decent and I have all my fingers, so. Recently lowered it more in the front, electronic dizzy conversion with appropriate coil, sorted a genuine ignition barrel, new gas cap. my mate wants it for a wedding car next year so that will force me to cut and polish it after fixing a few bits where things fell on it or it fell on things (bonnet fell on engine crane, cracked paint, and lamp fell on guard, sharp dent) will be good have the peel gone fer good. good journey with good group of fellas, I thought I’d spruce it up and sell it down the track but it’s good fun so I doubt that will happen!
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    Déjà Vu Another OS Dragday done for the year. Such an awesome day. Thanks to everyone involved. I picked up 'Best Burnout' again!! I think doing a such a massive burnout that sets the mudflaps on fire sealed the deal. After the rather large burnout the temp came up and the run down the strip was slow, as the ecu wouldnt let me rev past about 5k rpm. I didn't think much of the situation and traveled down the return road and slowed to pick my appalling time slip from Evan. Then two of the track officials came running over with fire extinguishers. My mud flaps had caught fire! After putting them out the track staff high five'd me and sent me back to the pits to scrape the remaining spent rubber off from the inner guard. Great shot from Andrew Snow tyres for the win.
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    If you haven’t had a laugh today, read on. friday was a local holiday so I spent the day cleaning and sealing up the split I found in the gearbox.where the drain bung goes it has 2 vertical cracks, doesn’t leak till it warms up. Super couldn’t be assed pulling box out again so drained it, heated it up, brake cleaned,repeated, then RTV was applied. Then when it had tacked off added another layer. 24hrs later last smear and filled the box, added some ATF as it’s supposed to help keep things nice inside there. its held out mint so far. mint16 and I did some hoons and tunes on Saturday arvo with mixture and throttle, got it fairly good but lacked. Then I got him to drive home and he says ‘wow, you have have fuck all throttle...’ Had a look and it turns out THE GAS PEDAL IS BENT! he pressed, I watched the carb end and it was barely reaching secondary’s. i bent it up roughly half and achieved full swing. WELLL FUCK ME it was an Instant animal, I was fucking overjoyed! Pretty much what I was always aiming for but it just wouldn’t achieve. Has a twin carb sound to it, nothing on side draughts, but cool! Still had a quirk that we decided was def an air leak. so that nite I went out country for a mates party, car went great, 3300 at 100km, even has the torque to pass cars in 5th. On the way back I wound it off the clock but ran out of night vision at 150km. on Sunday I yanked the manifolds off, painted the flows again, replaced gasket, and zipped it up again. Then mint16 decided more tuning was better than doing other stuff so We went tuning again. Oddly it had developed a random, maybe every minute PSSST coming from the dizzy side or back. Sounded like compression when you turn an engine over with the plugs out. so we went to his lockup to get the vacuum gauge, car drove fine, didn’t really repeat the PSSST again. Vac gauge didn’t tell us shit. Also the fact we could pull the dizzy vac off and it wouldn’t stumble and die was very odd. Previously decided that cause it had an air leak it wouldnt stumble and die cause it was tuned to compensate because of a leak. then it struck me. Maybe we should take vac from the now useless choke/idle stability diaphragms..the 3rd port on the carb. the 2 on the right don’t appear to do shit, when on the mazda one was connected to vac hose and some was capped off. SUCCESS now we had vacuum, we had a stumble when we disconnected it and we had full dizzy advance when thrashing! So we had another tune hoon and pretty much ended up at the same idle and mixture we had before but with full throttle and advance to help.. wee bastard was proper singing. took it home, let it cool down and checked the head torque setting in case this was the reason for PSSSST. There was a very very minute amount on 2 of the dizzy-side studs but the rest were bang on. i then swapped in my HD crow valve springs, made a wee bracket to hold the throttle cable, tweaked the fuel hard line to tidy it up, re-positioned the vacuum lines, set the tappets and fire it up. All is good. Timing a little retarded. Advanced it a tad. then today I finally decided that after having my leads on backorder for months that they are likely discontinued from TopGun, so I wandered down the rack and found some bongo/econovan leads that looked like the go. tried them tonight and they are sweet, 2 a little long but very useable. I rage over leads that aren’t black. And one kept belting me so actioned a change. you can Also see a wee Shield I made to cover the alternator fan so I didn’t have to worry about it eating my timing light wires or hand. Now I just need the electronic dizzy, change coil and put the air box on, rack up some more miles and change the oil.
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    RUST! Jesus this thing was riddled with it. Probably not the wisest starting point for a project but i've thoroughly enjoyed the process so far, it's been a big learning curve and it's satisfying to know that at the end I will have saved something that was destined to rot into the ground. The end of the rust repair tunnel is near. the list is something like this, new rear lower quarters both sides, upper rear pillar repairs both sides, new tail light surround both sides, sill repairs drivers side, window sill repairs both sides, A pillar and hinge area repairs both sides, new lower door passenger side, repairs on drivers door, roof skin repairs all around pop top attachment, floor repairs in rear of van, top of rear wheel arches and various other spots that rust made home! My original idea for paint was to replicate what was already there but ive since changed my mind and at this stage will be going an undecided shade of brown with the original stripes but, in most likely, red, orange and yellow. We now have a deadline that it has to painted and drivable which is our wedding middle of Feb so still plenty of work to go!
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    Have patched and welded all the cracks and broken off brackets on the running boards and then bolted them back up to the fenders and tray, so that I could mount the tray in the right place. The tray was originally sitting 10mm to one side at the back, I have halved that which is as good as it's going to get without cutting off the bumper brackets which I can't be bothered with doing. Cut off the airtank mounts and welded some new ones on the bottom and made them a bit higher so the compressors fit underneath it. Need to get some fittings and lines to plumb it all up now. Pulled the heater fully apart and gave it a beadblast, also sent off the door flap things to the chrome platters, as well as the ashtray that goes in the dash. Took the heater core to get re-cored as well, apparently it was 90% blocked up with crap. The old handles on the heater flaps where pretty worn so I made some new ones out of stainless. It was a expensive week this past week, bought some epoxy primer and some blue 2K paint to do the engine bay and interior etc. Also went and bought some new seatbelts, damn they cost alot! Since I wan't happy with how I made the rear sway bar links the first time I tried again, this time used some rose joints, which allowed more rotation than the bushes. It's starting to seem like it's actually getting reasonably close to being finished (still sooooo much to do though!), going to try and get all the panels that need painting underneath sandblasted soon and then hopefully paint most of the stuff during christmas.
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    Went to Meremere Dragway yesterday for Oldschool drags! Despite the non appearance of a couple of my fellow Transit owners, I still had a blast! It was my first time on a proper dragstrip, so had to learn quickly which amber light to take off on! Second one seemed to work best for me! Started at 15.7, went around straight to the back of the queue, and each consecutive run got 1-2 tenths slower, my fourth run netting a 16.2! (reaction times all similar) Decided to park up and have a think about it. Checked engine, and supercharger was quite hot, 65°C according to the infra red thermometer I found in my toolkit. Tipped my bottle of water over it, and that dropped it to 45°. A couple of trips to the hose and back with my water bottle and had it down to 25°. Let the engine cool some more, went out with temperature gauge not even registering and did a 15.2! So into the DYO, I dialled myself in at a 15.1. Was first to line up, and car in opposite lane dialled in at a 15.8. I led from the green, engine felt really strong and crossed the finish line a few car lengths in front. (I was told later my time showed at a 15.1) My happiness was short lived when on the return road one of the officials told me the computer malfunctioned, and we would have to run again! So got turned around straight away for another run (engine hot by now) Got quite a good start, but this time so did the guy in the other lane! I was closing in on him by the finish line, but he beat me by a bonnet length, I crossed the line at a 15.45 So that was me eliminated. Anyway, was a great day, and I learned plenty about the van. A decent intercooler, some more boost and I will be back next year chasing 14's! thanks to guywithaviators for the great pic And big thanks to all of the people who helped organise an awesome day
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    I was just warming it up while moving other vehicles to take it for a test run. Turns out i didnt wire up the radiator fan which is a small (12") pusher on the front. New earth and power and regigging the switch meant i missed my man at the place. Cooled down while i rewired the fan, topped up the reservoir and fired up no worries. Had the day off today and ran it in, great success! Im definitely swapping out that crummy blocked/leaky/ carb before drag day/driving it again . Its had two chances already,. Engine pulls well when it cooperates. i have 3 contenders clean and ready to bolt on, will try the DCD(s) first as its a straight swap, then if thats pants the DMS (which needs linkage changes) . Parked on the street like a BOSS and ive got a bit of a list of niggles, but pretty much sorted for summer
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    An update on our Bedford! We lost all but first and third gear two weeks ago and managed to drive her from Mount Maunganui to Dannyverk where Darren Jackson spent the day helping us fit a new gearbox, only to go down the road and rip it in half! We lugged back to Darren’s and he helped us take apart the two boxes and jimmy up something that would work. We worked through into the night and just before leaving realised the univesal attached to the rear dif was the problem, so quick as a flash Darren jumps into one of his many beddys, pulls out the drive shaft and we were on our way back north. 36 hour round trip, wasn’t bad at all! From theeere we went up to Hamilton where my gear lever snapped off, knowing I had to be in Auckland for an interview with the rock station a friendly repair shop working out of the old dairy factory in Tairua, welded us a lever back on free of barge, after we had to go 25km in second to get there on 100k roads. Pretty freaky stuff. From there we made it on time to he interview and left the van with Big Brown Industies in the North Shore. We came back and watched the last off the progress of the wrap. Even stayed in the van in the shop. Big thanks so everyone that’s been helping us with information and parts. It’s incredible! If you’re going through Dannyverk send Darren a message, his collection is beautiful and he’s full of knowledge. Next up we’re going to go for a conversion to help us the rest of the way around the country towing our barbershop! Also going to get the seats re done! Thanks again team!
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    So I haven't been spending any time on the car for the last couple of weeks. I've been busy working on my late Grandad's boat making the last big push to get it into the water. He spent nearly 8 years building a 41ft yacht back in the 80's that my dad and untie grew up on sailing around the bay of islands. When the time came to sell that boat, Grandad moved on to building a sister ship that took everything he learned from the first one and improved it. After 26 years working on it, he died in February of last year leaving the second boat unfinished. Since then we've come together as a family and work bloody hard to get the last of the woodwork completed and final details done before the launch. Today was the day we got the boat pulled out of the shed for the first time in close to 20 years and taken down the road. Here are some shots of her. I implore you to check out the Facebook page my dad made to document the build: https://www.facebook.com/bluewater41/ It has heaps more photos and stories about the boat. And to stay within the rules ish, here is a photo of the original boat on launch day - proper old school cool.
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    so the front ride height has always bugged me since getting this - so the last couple of weeks i’ve been sorting it out got the old cobra springs out that i’d cut a coil out of and took them to archers to get some new slightly lower springs made up, shocks ended up being a bit harder to sort, no places seemed to make standard inserts for these anymore , so took the strut and spring into autolighn and asked them to find a shock to suit, they used a trueno shock slightly modded to suit, picked the struts up this morning and got them back in the car today Stoked on how it’s sitting now - makes the guard gap less large and the front cross-member is 50mm off the dirt so no chance of going lower from this - some 165/65/13 tyres on the fronts also have helped the front look see ya’ll at drag day
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    Wof went well. Failed on minor things like horn to work, washers to work, rego bulb lens missing, wheel bearing adjustment/grease balljoints, adjust hand brake and switch some tyres around so load rating matches on each axle. All nice and easy shit So had a day off from spinning spanners today since last weekend was filled with it and work has been hectic as all hell. Instead we went cruising in the wag. My girls hated it when I first brought it home but after a couple of cruises they were coming round but today the penny dropped and they understood the appeal of an old wagon. They loved the attention that goes with having an old car but most of all they loved parking on the beach, dropping the tailgate and eating lunch. Making summer memories with my kids is so heart warming and doing it in the wag is just too friggin awesome! Best decision I have made was getting the old girl!
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    Well this is a rather proud post from me, and ive held it back a few weeks while i tidy some stuff up enough to make a video. I can officially state that i own a supercharged corona, the motor is up and running, and running great! with the only thing really going wrong being my maths skills, ive fucked up the pully ratio and not making the amount of boost i want but thats an easy fix, and for now its nice to tune on a really safe boost level. Heres a lame video of some of the more dorty bits of a tuning run i did this evening. i still need to make a post about some of the smaller details. such as the bizzare way i made mrmk1s water pump pulley work for me, and the tensioner pulley grunter so kindly made for me. ill do that at some point. but for now im over the moon about how well my car is running, plenty of tuning to go including winding some more boost into it, which will also net that signiture whine!! but before i do that ive decided ill tear the pistons out and open up the ring gaps, as that is the single thing that bugs me, and ill be so gutted if the engine fails because i didnt take the time to sus it. ive wanted a supercharged car ever since i saw one at the dirt track speedway when i was a kid.
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    spent half a day faffing around with mounts and steering and stuff. shortened the column body a bit, cut the steering shaft joiner bits, made some solid mounts to get rid of the rubber ones, now I can have steering and an exhaust at the same time which is nice. just have to weld in some nuts into the mounts then I can cap the open ends
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    As title says I went and gots me a Holden Shes a 79 HZ Wagon. Shes a darling under the rough exterior, honest. Let the adventure begin Shit talking here...https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/57727-666dan-the-ford-man-got-an-old-holden-banter/
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    so much welding hydro bump cans welded on. pretty sure the truck will snap in half before these fall off got most of the diff done. bit more welding and limit strap mounts to go
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    And finally that's a wrap on spraying. My first time ever spraying a car ever and it came out better than expected. Although getting a few runs here and there, its all a learning curve for me and getting it to this stage on my own is a feat in itself. Before i sprayed the car i had to do the underside of the bonnet as it was rusting quite bad. So i fixed that and high filled, sanded and sprayed it. Another item that needed help was the front valance. Ive been looking for a new one for awhile but couldn't find one, so i just did the best with what i had. I straightened it as much as possible but i wasn't keen on adding any body filler down there. So without body filler in it i still think it looks quite good. The car now sits in the garage to tack off overnight and then tomorrow it will be pulled out and sat in the sun to bake off while i paint the silver trim peices. It should all go back together on friday and cut and polished depending if it has cured. (The blue is a very different colour in person and in the sun than it is on camera)
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    Haven't used it much but thought I'd dust it off for a laugh at OS drag day, the irony of it being the slowest and least powerful car in the fleet. Managed a best time of 19.21. I was happy that it was sub 20 seconds and that the driveline didn't explode. Had some issues with it bogging down off the line in a few runs because carburetor, and the fan belt came loose at one point but not bad for a 50 year old car. Here's some pictures I stole off the internet (thanks @GuyWithAviators).
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    So have finally secured this after searching for it for some years, in fact only last week I posted a pic of it on FB asking if anyone knew where this was as the seller had put it up for sale several years ago but then changed his mind. very rare 1978 Datsun 280c wagon; mostly one owner, deceased estate, 172,000km, next to zero rust; currently disassembled awaiting a repaint and panel which I’ve booked in. Car is in Victoria; I’m in Sydney... hoping to get it trucked up soon.. according to VIC roads only 6 of three 280c wagons were ever Registered in Victoria and these things are basically extinct.. Has the cool dual wipers, power steer and air con... I haven’t got any more pics of the interior but it is mint. Roll on the 70’s Datsun times am going to love this! Merry Xmas to me.
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    found this joker on the internet running in the 9s with a 360 with reversed cast iron truck manifolds so I took a punt and ordered some off rock auto, and they fit ok.
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    Got the re-cored heater radiator back, still fits which is a relief! Bought a heater motor off Northwestern Ford, it wasn't exactly the same, pretty close just a little bit taller. It needed to sit lower so the fans were in the right place and didn't hit the radiator. So marked out a hole to cut for the motor to sit through. Made up a mount for it out of stainless and gave it a polish. Possibly one of the shiniest things I've made so far haha. Also the motor shaft was 8mm instead of ~ 6.2mm, so the fans needed drilling out or the shaft machined down. Decided drilling out the fans was the easiest. They had riveted in bosses so I welded around them first so they didn't fall out and then drilled them out larger. No pics of that though. Gave the fan unit a beadblast, going to get them sent off to electroplating this week as well as a few other pieces. Got the seat belt plates in as well. Need to modify the seat frame for the belts to go through now. Since I lifted the cab up to do the seat belt plates I started on trying to get the engine loom to reach under the seat. There's two ecu plugs, one for the main computer and I assume one for the trans. The trans wiring was quite a bit (maybe 400mm) shorter then the other, which was only just long enough as is get to the seat. So stripped off all the tape and lengthened and reordered some wires and managed to get enough length out of them to reach. Need to cut a hole in the floor now and then I think I'll lengthen the fuse and relay box to fit under the seat as well.
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    Diff has gone forward 75mm. wheelbase of the truck is back to about standard now. from memory the front diff has been moved forward 50mm. so yeh, 15mm shorter than factory, basically nothing. shortened lower links Plug welded shock mounts; 3 inch lower than they were before., because the new coilovers have an inch longer body (same travel) plus another 2inch drop to get it to sit lower and more up travel. I still have to get softer springs again though. due to the coilovers having a bigger shafts than the old ones, they displace more oil when compressed which acts on the nitro charge a bit like an air shock. =jacked these bits are what the hydro bumps will act on. had to make some interesting shapes to box it all in around what was already there. without it looking too much like a tacked together abortion
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    Today was a day of emotions. Sad, happy, relieved, excited, tired. Today I passed the baton to the Vivas new custodian. It begins a life in Wanganui in new hands. Good safe hands I believe too. Top fella. That was the relief- finding a good home for my long term project and darling little car. Sad to see it drive away up our drive after all the years. Sad that I cant just pop out for a awesome little drive behind that lovely V6. Excited that I can now concentrate on the ongoing wagon project. I now have some pingas to rub together, pingas I can spend on parts needed. Still not sure on what engine I'll end up fitting but that's another story in its own thread anyway. Back to Viva one for now. Hannah and I took it out for one last blast on Tuesday afternoon. Fun times were had on some favourite roads. God damn its fast when you wind it out. Giggles all round. Took some photos. Then on Wednesday I drove to Nelson and picked up its new owner. He was one of the first of several people to enquire about purchasing the car after I listed it on Trademe. After dealing with a few plonkers I went back to this guy and sort of did a Shallow grave interview, checking out if he'd be the right sort of home. He passed. The deal was done. Meet Charlie @Guzzi Rat. All round good fella. Into racing sidecars, cycling, tramping, hunting and old cars. His first car was a Viva. Just seemed right. Here he is swapping in a new steering wheel (I was always going to keep my wheel, made by my uncle when he did prototype work at Motolita)... After Charlie drove us back home I went through all the ins and outs of Vivadom, especially the ECU stuff. I then showed him some of the good threads on Oldschool. Then we had a bbq and talked bikes. This morning we handed over the keys... and Charlie drove away and headed back north... So I hand the baton over to Charlie. Have fun ! Please do continue this thread for all. Post updates, photos, general tinkering, economy figures etc etc No crash photos though!
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    driveshaft shortened decided to shorten the front half (2 piece) so didnt put the unis under any more angle. meant had to move the driveshaft hanger forwards finished. plenty of clearance... rear has more up travel and the way the hydro bumps load up, makes the front flex a bit more. so things getting tight. even though over all have lost a little flex. still messing around with a few things setup wise. but the new shocks seem to be working better out of the box than the old ones. ended up going with 2x 80lb springs on each corner back there, so yep thats a 40lb spring rate on the rear crazy soft
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    Summers here and finally we are starting to get that drive to work on the car again. Winter months tend to make me like some reclusive old bear who rather stay nice and warm in his den and spring when it wasn't raining had us touring about in the old Buick. To help get the enthusiasm back up and get a better picture of where we currently look it was decided to throw the panels back on. Not only would this confirm the jig and new front sub fitted up how it was supposed to fit but it is a simple easy start to getting back into everything. Front On. Alot of this will be changed up abit down the track. Nailhead lurking in the background. we didn't put it in as it would just need to be pulled for the rotisserie. Picked up a visor cheap on HAMB. Adjustable width and seems only slight modifications are needed to make it fit. Will certainly make it look lower. Pulled it out to get a better look. Placed the side pipes just to see how they look. Pretty happy with its stance. This is air out. And finally a before and after. As you can see its dropped down a considerable amount. rear tire is no longer visible. Guessing we are looking at a 5 inch drop. so at air up fully inflated the car will be a bit higher than original. And as we hopped this has me pretty darn keen to get stuck back in to it. Blow it to pieces again in a few days time then get it up on a rotisserie again.
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    now owned for 1 year, and just got another 6 months on the road, not too bad get it done with a 1 ton
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    finally got the proper camera out on friday evening, car was looking pretty in the sunshine. bell and her friend had to get in on the action.
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    ready for pickup & booked in for wheel alignment Front suspension rebuild, bushes, ball joints, steering components, super low springs, shocks etc. though doesn't look as low as i thought. though im told they'll "settle in" Only got the front lowered, will see how it goes. will do the rear myself as it should be straight forward if need be... at best, it sits even now. not the high front. perhaps the rear springs are shagged and need resetting? Oil leak fixed from engine rebuild. apparently was the oil pump. no more leaks! Got the standard tyres white striped earlier in the year too. Haven't put then on yet, should look good Happy summer cruising.
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    After a long harsh winter of no progress it's finally back on the ground. New coilovers, steering rack, RS hubs, track arms, RS tie rod ends, sway-bar bushes all fitted in the weekend. Should be able to get it really nice and low once the engines in and the coil-overs are wound down... looks like the tyres are gonna rub though so will likely need to swap them. The alloy RS hubs stick out about an inch further than the standard ones. This means the next step is getting the motor back in... which might even happen before Christmas. Finally more steps forward than back!
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    Old vs new New shocks the reso hoses point up and would have fouled the current cross bar. so made a new bar which ties into the actual shock mounting point. then cut the old one off The new shocks also have a narrower mounting width, fixed that at the same time top mounts finished Cut old mounts off diff have shorten the top links so far. bottom links next, then can figure out the bottom shock mounts for correct ride height/ travel Last time on the old bumps..
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    Been dialing in the suspension. almost getting to the point that need to re-valve the shocks to go any further. basically been messing with the spring preload and switch over to the 2nd spring rate. best results so far have been setting the rear soft as possible spring wise and also softening up the hydro bumps, gone from 90psi to 50psi. Then on front have it switching to the 2nd spring rate with only 20mm travel from ride height which also stops it rolling so much. so far im thinking it needs more compression valving in the front. bit of a learning curve to figure it all out. still having a nose dive issue. my jump at the end of the vid sucks, which isnt helping the cause. can see in the vid if hold it tapped it works a little better. try roll the jump does a sweet nose dive. seems to go over the first bump fairly nice. gearing kinda sucks and have a massive leak in the inlet manifold which isnt helping the cause. / need bigger paddock side effect of less pressure in bumpstops. that tuck
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    Everyone loves a stripping session in the back of a van Started with the shelf then got the panels out Old mate loved his polystyrene! 4 sheets thick and all glued in Early start for me tomorrow to try take all of that to the tip before work and I'll drop it back to compliance tomorrow lunchtime. I'm quite liking the cream/whitewall combo on the spare so I might paint them during the break and get the tyres flipped
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    Excellent progress happening on the front end. All stripped and ready to go to the blasters and then the big reassembly. Everything as far as possible will be spot welded as per original and all internal cavities treated so it won't ever rust again in my lifetime. One of the A pillars was still all factory untreated steel inside from 50 years ago. No wonder they all used to rust bigtime. Sills are all done and come from the 4 door we chopped up ages ago. These have been modified with the correct 2 Door drains etc so exactly as per original. Also the repro underwing kits turned out to be pretty average, they would be fine for a race car, so fortunately the originals with a bit of cleanup have come out mint. Bloody annoying you pay big bucks for repro panels and they turn out to be a shit fit and need lots of rework to get anywhere near fitting.
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    Phew, finally finished a big wiring tidy up and car back together. So now my car can go back to doing what a car is supposed to do... MAKE SOME GRAPHS! Firstly, I wired up a MAF sensor, but having no calibration for it means I need to compare to existing logs to work it out. So for starters I was just logging raw MAF voltage output, 0-5v to ECU. My ECU currently has one of the values it logs as part of its calculation is "Grams of air per cylinder Estimated" So we need to turn this into a grams per second, so some maths to create a custom field in Megalog viewer and now I've got Grams per second which I can compare to voltage: Which I can then use as an axis on a scatter plot, which shows me a very rough outline of a MAF curve starting to form... So I rough out a voltage vs grams per second to put in the calibration in Link And then go for another drive and do same thing again in megalog viewer... Starting to look better! A few more iterations of refinements should clean up the "messy" signal at the low end. If not, I will just switch to map or alpha N based tune around the areas where it sucks. But from here, once the MAF sensor data is accurate I'll build secondary ignition and fuel tables which have MAF as the load axis. Then I can start experimenting with cam timing at part throttle some more, without my load axis going bananas (map sensor value changing a lot) Then from here, hopefully further improved fuel economy because that's fucken awesome. Alsooooooooooooooooooo I wired in an exhaust pressure sensor, and wtf'd at the results hahaha. When there's more air flowing through the pipe, the pressure goes down: I think it's creating a venturi at the entrance of the pipe, so if anything this reading is more an indication of airspeed than pressure I guess! This new gearbox has been a little hard to get into gear / has kinda jammed once or twice so I'm hoping its not a lemon. But my car is still making the same sort of rattling noises as before so its possible that my other gearbox is still good which is cool. But the test will be whether this one pukes all its oil onto the floor and onto my exhaust every time I drive it haha. Fingers crossed it's good otherwise I'm out of contention for OS drags / might have to bring the yellow Carina instead
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    I just got this Rambler transported up from Christchurch last week, so at this point the plans are to actually drive a car and enjoy it for once, instead of having it in a never-ending project mode. I'm sure a full body restore + respray will come in the next 6-12 months but for now my goal is to lower it and just drive it around for a few months at least. So this thread won't be anything mindblowing, just keeping a classic running and giving it a tidyup in the near future. It's a 1966 AMC Rambler Classic 770, running stock (even matching numbers) 6 cyl 232 with 3 on the tree. NZ new, first registered in Christchurch, and it's been there up until last week. 3rd owner had it since 76 until 2010, and then last owner before me only seemed to take it out for WOFs and drive it about 50-100ks between warrants. The paint is original, pretty rough but very very clear of rust (for a car of this age). I suspect I'll fail a wof for some surface rust around A pillars, but that'll be a good reason to strip it all down and do a full panel/paint. I went to rip the suspension out of it to try and match it to something a bit more common, and thanks to the good people on this forum I found out that this is running "Trunnion" front suspension which requires a purpose-made clamp and using car's own weight to compress it by jacking the opposing rear corner. Although now I've had someone in a Rambler Facebook group tell me how to pull out the springs without it, but I'd rather not risk my life for the sake of sussing out the right part so will do it properly. So this will have to sit this high for a bit longer until I sort out this clamp. It runs drives / has WOF, Reg. Well, it drove when I dropped it at the transporters week and a half ago in Chch, got here empty on gas and flat battery. I suspect it was left running, ran out of gas, sat there for a bit and fried my points. The points are gone, so I'm replacing them and the rotor at the same time (picking them up tomorrow). Will then blow the fuel line through just in case and will see how it starts. A bit annoying but small price to pay to get this beauty up here. I'm the 5th owner, this is the first time I've owned a car of this age where I had the original ownership paper, and the plates and engine matched. So the ownership cert had to go in a frame, pretty anal I know, but I don't know if this will happen again so might as well make the most of it: There seem to be bugger all of these around, trying to find any parts for them all shops seem to try and juggle between other models of AMCs, so ill start a list of all parts that seem to fit this particular model, and if anyone happens to come across one of these in the future and needs parts, at least there will be a reference of what parts to get: Ignition Rotor - GD85 wrong, looking for correct one Points - GD501 wrong, looking for correct ones Suspension Front shocks: XA Falcon (TBC) Rear shocks: LH Torana (TBC) Front springs: VB-VK Commodore (TBC) Rear springs: ? will find out
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    My first bit of fettling with the HB. Hopefully the colour will age with a bit of sunlight and settle to better match the rest of the interior. Anyone pick the change straight off?
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    Stripped the door card Goes here. When I get some more duct tape I'll cover the spaces in the door to stop the water getting in (I guess they are missing from the other doors too, given how warped the other cards are) I got a sheet of this fibre-type card material from a hot rod trim place in Tawa (Kohl R&C), not cheap, but supposedly good, and cut out the shape then punched the holes Glued on some thin padding Finished article, with patina. The armrest screws were all rusted up so I drilled new holes for them. I didn't quite get the alignment correct with the contact glue, but it's only a British car.
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    Nope, I couldn't help myself. I had to take the Vitesse for a somewhat decent drive. It roars, it pop, it bangs and it crackles. Its everything I ever wanted in an SD1, and it's so much fun to hoon around in. I'm getting used to shifting with hopes and dreams, and boy does the engine pack a solid midrange punch. The EFI is nice to waft along in, but this is like riding a feral animal. Still no sign of the misfire, so hopefully something I have done may have fixed it. Need to keep testing, but need to be careful with no reg/wof. I took some quick photos whilst I was out. Excuse the dirt, still haven't had a chance to clean her; it's been all go go go. I also need to work out how to lower the rear shocks that I pumped up the other day
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    new tryes for drag day/not dying 2017-12-02_11-35-24 by sheepers, on Flickr
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    Taupo Rally Leaving work on Friday Arrived at the bach in Kinloch, Taupo Good garage Great Views Ready to Race Stage 1 2 done and dusted - Leading our classic class so far Stage 3 , giving it some more welly now @ Time Control Stage 4 Results are in Great Weekend Fantastic event, thanks to the taupo classic rally club and pirtek ! Thanks to my co-driver Dad and my Mum and Brother and friends for coming down to watch and support Montage from various stages
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    WOF - no worries. Set for Wagnats and nats.
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