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  1. @felixx Just had a look, yeah it's in the shed, buried behind bikes. The leveller isn't though, think that's with the rally car, out of town. Happy for him to borrow it if he sorts transport. I'm in Otatara if you want to let him know, PM for contact deets...
  2. Yep got one. It's either in the shed or been lent out. Will have a look tomorrow...
  3. Nah it was gone next time I looked...
  4. @Robred Ooh details. Mine is on hold while other priorities take over. Mate just sold one incidentally...
  5. Actually know the bloke. Should chuck a ridiculous lowball at him...
  6. This came up today local. With loader on front and rotary hoe on the back, that can be swapped with counterweight that is part of package. Tempted...
  7. Those 2 earned clips? Blackwoods have them. And I bought some cheap end cutters from Supercheap on special for crimping them. Works well...
  8. I think technically it's a fail? May have changed. Got belt mount anchorages in the Fairmont so fitted rear belts and used to have to hide them for a WOF till I got a good mechanic who understood the silliness...
  9. I attended P76 club nats a few yrs ago. Quite a high Barry quotient, but lots of knowledge... I'll see if I can dig out pics.
  10. It's bloody satisfying posting progress update pics tho. I imagine...
  11. That one of the left looks remarkably like one of my better welds... Damn magnets.
  12. Fitzee has an amazing Newfie accent. Couldn't pick it initially as sounded like he was swapping between Canadian/Irish. He's got some interesting vids...
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