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  1. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    Yeah think some o-rings produce it if burned too...
  2. Lord Gruntfuttock

    KwS's TVR

    Enjoying the build thread. The whole 'accidentally bought a weird British thing now fixing it' is proper OS..
  3. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    Seems strange. I've thrown Durepox onto greasy, shiny, and rusty old bits when emptying/cleaning gun out, and it has stuck fast every time...
  4. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Shakotoms ‘74 CB360

    Sweet. Got one in the shed waiting for work, great looking bikes and go ok too. Look forward to seeing what direction you take...
  5. Lord Gruntfuttock

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    Sanded rear guard and looked at fixing cracks. Main one was about 5mm wide and would spring open if held closed... So hit it with hot air gun and held it in position till it cooled... Then bodge-welded from the back with a soldering iron... And roughed up underside surface, degreased, applied fibre tape and 4:1 epoxy resin... Front guard had cracked mounting point... Did similar, held in position with some plastic 'welding', cut sticky fibre tape to shape and applied... Covered holes with duct tape and poured in some resin. Will drill holes when set, hopefully the poxy sticks to the plastic? Did some QA50 guards yrs ago and they held up ok ...
  6. Lord Gruntfuttock

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    Yeah saw a youtube vid on that. Gentle pressure with a dry buffer on a drill, brings up like factory finish. Will give it a crack...
  7. Lord Gruntfuttock

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    Sunny again so cleaned plastics up. I'd water blasted them earlier and they were pretty yellow and scuffed so didn't have high hopes. Just a bucket of hot water and a scotchbrite sponge with some Jif cleaned them up pretty well... Bbefore and after side panels (top and botom)... And hosed off they look surprisingly ok... Rear guard was the worst one - stained with rust and exhaust fumes, so left it in a hot water and bleach solution, will see if we have a tide mark after work... Tank to go, plus some repair work on the cracked plastics, will try epoxy resin and glass tape probably... [Edit] No miracle bleach solution, but at least it didn't melt into a puddle. Looks like sanding the only option on this piece...
  8. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    Gotta watch you don't use ethanol fuel with some glass linings. I've done a few in the past but apparently the alcohol can send gummy bits of epoxy resin thru the system? Unsure really, but have heard of such incidents. I've also used a POR 15 bike tank kit before, came with everything you need...
  9. Lord Gruntfuttock

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    Cold out, cbf going to get paint, so polish it is. Plus it's a toasty 5 deg in the garage so paint would struggle to go off. Began with a 180 grit cross hatch sand to remove worst scratches, it's a dirt bike so has lots of dings and I'm not after a show finish... Then went over with 400 grit, again varying the pattern to show up areas that need attention... Then the buffer wheel, so satisfying... Told you it was cold, got diesel heater going though so cosy indoors.. And a before and after... Leg # 2 just before polishing, few more tabs on this one so a bit trickier. Worst bit was getting old sticker residue off... And done, came out bloody well, glad I didn't faff about with paint now... And just a close-up to finish, Waxy polish should last ok, easy enough to re-apply if it gets a bit scody... Never tried this before, was a good job to get out of the way, been putting it off but can rebuild forks now...
  10. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    If I was tracing that silhouette for you I'd max out the nose & lips and reduce chin for the "Fuck is that what I look like?" LOLs...
  11. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Anglia4's Austin 7 Ruby

    Loving this project. Following with interest...
  12. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Sleeektoy's VéloSoleX - impulsion du moment

    Looking awesome. Mate had one and got it going ok, but cos he was a 130kg unit he still had to pedal with the motor going, so arrived a sweaty mess everywhere...
  13. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Kyteler's new/old Skyrine

    Didn't know you had this. A genuinely interesting car...
  14. Lord Gruntfuttock

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    I'm in the US all August, so that's a nope...
  15. Lord Gruntfuttock

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    Was waiting on my Ali impact hex bits to arrive before I tackled the allen bolt in the fork bottoms, as they weren't moving with normal keys. First one whizzed out perfectly with the battery impact driver, then second one rounded off to a very neat circle. At least I know the Ali bits are hard metal... So no option but to drill out... And worked well. The copper washer was a good indicator how deep and true the drill bits were... Can move on now, good clean up and new seals, not sure if I'll paint or just rough polish the lower fork legs...