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    Thanks to those who replied. It cleaned up beaut. Been used but cared for, will crank it up when weather is a bit warmer...

    Anyone heard of/used Meiji guns? Picked one up today at the tip recycling shop. Saw 'Japan' and thought it seemed well made, and feels nice in the hand, prob better than the supercheap ones I'm using now? Has a 2.0mm tip , suction type with 1 litre cup so may be useful for primer? Really don't know if it's good or garbage but thought for $7 it was worth grabbing... Searched for info on MC model but seems it's too old to feature on the website. Will see how it looks after a clean and maybe give it a go...
  3. Yeah nah. My mums birthday on 26th and having family gathering. My absence would be noted...
  4. I think I've got a problem... Vespa NV

    What's behind that front hubcap, drum brake...? (Got a PX, no idea what the NV is...)
  5. Snorkpipe's 1986 GSXR 7/12 Build

    Oooh had one of those...
  6. Old School Catlins Cruise Saturday 5 May 2018

    Catlins cruise So after the massively staggered convoy regathered for refreshments at the Fortrose cafe, we headed to the Waipapa Pt lighthouse in Otara. (Otara, wot?)... Wrong Otara bro... (file pic for reference) Worst shipwreck in NZ was here in 1881, lighthouse built 1884. Should've taken pics of the trees that grow sideways. Haven't really got any pics without the midgets in em... Highlight was seeing the seal have a go at the asian tourists who got a bit of a 'fuck off' message... Interesting bit of the country, some good roads for fangin, couple of 25km/h corners and a few boulders set the 'check engine' light off. Proper OS cars don't suffer such worrisomes. It went away, eventually... Next was Curio Bay, massive earthworks/construction happening here, so picking another spot likely to be ruined by 'progress'. Old school camping ground and store are still hidden in the flax though, so there's hope... The petrified forest bay was pretty interesting. Only ever really been here for surfing so first proper look at stone trees. There is a Toddy dressed in black in there somewhere... Kids wanted to poke around rock pools and were very excited to find a starfish. I was wondering what you'd snare by chucking a line into some of the big channels... Waikawa was pretty interesting, sold an old Hartley boat to a geezer here and had a poke around but couldn't see it. The museum's worth a look but we were heading back by that stage... And wife away when got home so mate came round and we drunk cheap Russian beers and watched Dunkirk movie on loud. Recommend... Oh, that's my shin - result of rock-hopping with kids (not cheap Russian beers, honest) Don't recommend...
  7. Old School Catlins Cruise Saturday 5 May 2018

    Good catchup guys. Got coupla scenic pics but bit durnk to post...
  8. Old School Catlins Cruise Saturday 5 May 2018

    Coming for quick cruise cos better than house stuff Bringing midgets. BP ascot 11'ish in blk subie...
  9. Old School Catlins Cruise Saturday 5 May 2018

    I really don't know at present. Just lots on that makes a day off tricky. Later event sounds good...
  10. Tristans 1974 Honda cb550

    Yeah looks great, agree is too good to hack so stick with bolt-on mods. Sweet buy. (Got a CB360 project-in-waiting in the shed, similar lines)
  11. Old School Catlins Cruise Saturday 5 May 2018

    So I've been informed it's not my daughter's birthday after all (Father of year award - got the month right tho). So may be able to make it, but will likely have kids tagging along. This is barring the modular wardrobe furniture turning up and me spending most of that weekend swearing at it...
  12. New York/New Jersey?

    Last time I was there I went up the twin towers for a beer. probs can't do that any more...
  13. Old School Catlins Cruise Saturday 5 May 2018

    Awww great route. Done a bit of surfing thataways. Daughters birthday unfortunately else would be there (if other commitments permit). Will see if things change, birthday could be held Sunday yet, then could take kids along...
  14. Henry The AX100

    Yeah really nice lines on tank/seat combo. So many get this wrong... [Edit] nice front guard chop too...
  15. Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread