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  1. I think ill be hitting him up about that, pretty much what ive been looking for
  2. @RUNAMUCK Hahah its actually what this post is about. I bought another Ceff (Facelift, manual, 20e, cheap boy cheap) as I haven't had much luck with the other one. Any good bits I have at the moment will go on the new car and everything else onto the old one and will store it until I have time to really dig into it. Same plans as before just different shell. In other words, progress??? hahah
  3. I'm on the lookout for some extra storage (mainly for a car) Was wondering what might be out there as all those storage facilities charge a fortune. Ideally something near or around chch
  4. Yeah mate sitting pretty in the back yard. Probs gonna make some mounts up or something so not to fussed really. If I end up at the hanmer meet then you can offload it to me if you want haha. Was supposed to be making an update on this but life shit gets in the way sometimes. Am looking for a manual driveshaft at the moment if anyone knows of one /update not update?
  5. Thanks man, yeah I have been in a mates one which was really tidy. I agree, really nice and quite comfy too. Anyways, enough shit posting about lush AU falcons and more RFB nonsense. I was poking round the boot a bit more and noticed a small pile of rust shavings, got out the wire wheel and started digging.... BAD IDEA, think I just opened up a can of worms aye haha. Looks as though when it had the rear end prang and went for repairs no rust prevention was carried out (no suprises there, I've worked in a panel shop before and seen the shit that goes on) under all the "new" seam seale
  6. I think buying an au falcon would be easier after all that fab work there haha
  7. Hahah i saw someone on instagram who was photoshopping AU fronts on everything like silvia's, supra's, couple of evo's. Was fucking hilarious. Oh and please, a xr6/xr8 front end would look heaps better
  8. Wow, what a fantastic sharn. Almost shed a tear. *clap clap* I did tell myself when I got this that I must save it from an untimely end. So count on me to give it a new lease on life. Will be keen to here the directors cut of said sharn over a bevvie or 2. Perhaps I may get that subframe just as an excuse to do so. When I was going through the back of it having a geez, I noticed something odd around the tail lights etc. Then it clicked, this old bitch as taken one up the arse!! Heaps of seamsealer in and around aswell as some pinched bits of steal. Took a look under it and some
  9. Fucking real!? hahah, I could be that buyer then cause when I got the car I thought for some reason the rego had lapsed. I then got a txt from the seller saying to go put it in my name, was stoked that the plates I got were still live. I think I remember when I picked it up I asked why he had it and he said he was going to get back into drifting but never got around to doing anything with it. So it just sat for about a year or something before selling it to me. Could be keen on the subframe, will flick a pm if I need it at somepoint. Would love to hear the sharn about this magnificen
  10. Hahah yeah the wheels in the pic are technically Speed Star RS-Eights, they are also my dads set was just trying them on the car. The ones I have are 16x7 and 5 stud which I will get widened to about a 9.5. Wish they were legit RS-watanabe's but I can dream right haha. They do have the Watanabe logo on the centre's though. Also have a set of 16x7 Volk Racing progressive mesh which will get the same treatment. EDIT: I just saw your name pop up on classiczcars asking about a set of speed stars haha
  11. Now you might be asking, WTF do you plan to do with this garbage... Well I first Im going through tidying up what I can, where I can (being a dirty nissan there is only so much you can clean up ) Currently has a RB30E sitting in the bay which will recieve a tickle up, manual, lsd, full interior back in it, pain and panel. sounds simple enough. Thing is I want this to stand out from the rest of the RFB crowd and dis-associate as much as I can haha, so much like the title says it will be a bosozoku/shakotan look with some 90'sdrifter-touge-eurobeat-initialD-running in the 90's in
  12. The humble Cefiro. Quite a nice car back in its day and some what pined over for some people being lumped into the category of JDM goodness to those who never got them. In NZ though... well. I think things like cut springs, matt black paint, 6x9 speakers for doof doofs and rtb bourbon'n'cokes spring to mind. Aswell as metal mulisha/dc stickers covering the back half of the car etc etc. Everyone knows the R fucking B stereotype very well in this country. So what do I do? Put a checky bid on a cefiro "parts car" on the tard of a lazy 100 bucks and end up purchasing one for myself. Nice
  13. We ended up getting the factory strut top to bolt to the top of the coilover no worries and its all still captured so it worked out in the end. Otherwise he was going to but new strut tops which were real pricey. Next question though is that when he got the car someone at somestage has redrilled the front passenger side shock tower so the could get more camber on that side (im guessing they were adjusting for road crown when there is no factory camber adjustment/drill some holes, she'll be right) He has never had a problem with WOF's but could it be something that needs to be plugge
  14. As per title. Anyone got a M16x1.5 tap and die nut. Just to tidy a couple of threads up is all. Can shout some bevvies
  15. Hey everyone. Friend of mine is doing a s13 suspension conversion on his r31 skyline. All the componants and parts a bolt in except for the rear struts. Reason is the r31 has 3 bolts for the strut top as the s13 uses 2. My question is, can we mark out and drill 2 new holes in the strut tower to install the strut in or is this considered a big no no? Thought I would check before we make swiss cheese out of a strut tower
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