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  1. Faaaaaaark ive been slacking on the OS front lately, sounds like a good weekend to get some mighty sharns going. Ill try sort something out in regards to my attendance. If I can make it is anyone able to giz a lift to and from hanmer? Can shout a box of piss
  2. Thing looks sweeeet. Celebratory skid when complete is mandatory
  3. Fuuuuck this is so sweet, I want one now haha Whats the process on bringing up the paint to get that finish back, just hours of buffing? Edit: Nevermind, helps if I read haha. Still, what a beast
  4. Man this is rad, gonna hit some sweet jumps on it aye??
  5. So much win
  6. I remember this. Saw it at the 4 & Rota's in nelson last year. +1 vote for 12a bridgeport Dunno what the supply is like in nz but what about a LJ50 2 stroke inline 3?
  7. Haha yeah was yarning about what my plans are for it. He then took it for a spin down the road, said he'd never rode something as fun or sketchy before.
  8. Nah but my mate does, Im guessing you saw the bike sitting outside?
  9. Yeah bike came with shifter, proceeded to break on its maiden voyage so had to weld it up again. Potentially considering a repaint, Will raid the supercheapauto paint cabinets soon enough. Skid vid to come
  10. Awwww cheaaayyhhh Keeping the black vfiddy. Legit as fuck..... sorta All registered which was way easier than expected. $78 bucks with 6 months reg which was sick Needs a couple of things to get it "safer" :Head light and tail light arn't working atm :Needs a tune, badly :Throttle/brake assembly twists around on the handlebars so has a cable tie fix :Tires are backwards :Fuel tap has a slight leak But atleast it has a loud as balls expansion pipe and a suicide shifter so that redeems everything on the list. GG More pics
  11. Decided to sell both the black and the blue v50. I no longer have the same interest as I once did with these and I have too many other things on the go right now. Will post in the for sale section outlining what you get. Cheers
  12. Man this makes want to actually pull finger and get mine registered haha. This is going to be pretty bloody rad when its complete. Think I may have to get myself one of those exhausts too. Are they available only somewhere?
  13. Im so bloody lazy Plan confirmed... Remove engine from black v50. Install into blue v50 with new barrell, piston and head, take old engine and semi assemble it and install into black v50, go to vtnz and register the blue v50 and "attempt" to register the black one but all I have is a frame number and no previous owner details. All going well il have two v50's all legit. PS the expansion pipe is soooo fucking loud its awesome hahah
  14. So I bought a second v50.... yeeeaaaah. Havent got around to putting a stud in the current engine and got bloody sick of walking into the garage and seeing it there not in use. Will put up some pics of the new purchase tomorrow after work when theres day light. The plan now is to take the engine in the "new" v50 put and into my current v50, get it running and registered and use it as a nice weather daily cruiser. Other v50 will be my experimental bike for trying out different customizations and what not. Will be all running and legal by the end of the month. (I promise haha)
  15. Man everytime I see this crusing around it looks wicked. Soooo much low hahah