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  1. There isn't that much flat land in Akaroa and for whatever reason the organisers seem to want it to be 'by invite'. Regardless, there was some nice stuff there and the weather was great. Not so the overdrive in the Healey... Anyone recognise the white Daimler by any chance...
  2. Yes already entered and will be in Akaroa for the weekend. I did offer to take the Fraser but they weren't keen on 'one of those kit car things'!
  3. All going well I will take the Healey there - just need to get the overdrive sorted which won't engage all of the time. It is only held every 2 years and there was some nice stuff there last time, hopefully the weather is good.
  4. Yes. I once convinced myself that the alternator was over charging and took it off the and into the auto-sparky to test for me. It was fine and as I was walking out the door he said, oh by the way check the battery in your multi-meter... Of course when I put my glasses on I could just see the low-battery indicator
  5. Anyone going to this - Is is worth it? I am local but not usually in town but this year I am so thought I might go along on Sunday.
  6. Just FYI, the Fraser radiator is quite 'square' in shape so that it is a good fit in the nose cone, you might need more than just some tape to close yours off. I will keep an eye out for your Dad, I also have a Healey 3000 so go on a few 'old' car runs that sometimes have MG's
  7. Like the others said, 90 is not that hot. One of the big issues cooling 7 type cars is getting the air to go THROUGH the radiator rather than AROUND the radiator. An indicator of this problem is that you get higher temperatures at speed versus in traffic. Both of the Fraser's I have had have run hot in traffic but fine on the open road and at the track. If yours runs OK in traffic but not at speed then I think you have an air flow issue. How hot does it run when in traffic on a hot day? (quite hard to test with our weather at the moment!) I would: a) Check that the temperature gauge is correct b) Make sure the system is bleed with no air locks, you might need to jack the front of the car up to get make sure the cap is clearly the highest point c) Block the air gaps around the radiator to ensure air is forced through it d) If you are using an electric fan is it run the right way for the side it is mounted on? Electric fans are more efficient pulling rather than pushing air through the radiator, but again on 7's packaging is often and issue, on the Fraser it pushes. Nice MG too.