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  1. I honestly don't know whether you are a genius or just plain barking mad! I am seriously in awe of what you are doing, it is absolutely fantastic and I really enjoy your updates. P.S. From you user name and image, I assume your are the same guy that used to frequent the old Lotus7.co.nz forum many years ago?
  2. Have a look here - https://www.cteknz.co.nz/chargers/accessories
  3. @EpochNZ thanks from me as well. It was a great night and I will be keen next time.
  4. @EpochNZ I assume there's room for 1 more albeit a newbie. Forecast isn't so good though.
  5. Have you got some more details: When? Where to/from? How many people?
  6. Based on my experience with the Fraser I suspect your options are: 1) Go and find the doors. Full screen and no doors is not a good combination 2) Take the screen off. I have an aero screen that I can put on instead but then you need eye protection if not a full helmet 3) Use the deflectors as you have. I have never actually tried this as the doors always made more sense Regardless ear protection is useful. If I am around town then I use a beanie over my ears which also has the benefit of protecting my balding head from sunburn. On long trips I do that and also use cheap throw away foam ear plugs. I know several people who have tried the wind deflector behind the seats with mix results and only with doors on.
  7. No idea on the law & there seems to be a bit of interpretation involved as well. My first Fraser has 4 point harnesses with standard buckles & the current one has one of those for the pax & a 5 point with turnbuckle for the driver. I have never been questioned with either. That said I go to a specialist workshop not the local VTNZ. Good luck
  8. Standard harnesses are probably too long. I had to shorten mine so the adjustment was in range for where my seat is.
  9. Personally I wouldn't want to drive around with a standard diagonal belt. The Fraser has a quick release turnbuckle race harness with crotch strap on the drivers side and one of those ones you posted on the passenger side. The race one is a bit of a faff to use but you get used to it. In some ways they are easier than those 4 point ones because all the straps are loose so when you are sitting on them it is esier to deal with plus the crotch strap stops you submarining which can be an issue. My car is logbooked but have never needed it to get a WOF with the harnesses. Even if questioned I would be happy to argue the safety aspect. Finally if you want to do any motorsport with it then the diagonal won't cut it.
  10. Here is the original bar And here is the new bar Obviously I put the bolts in them when using it for real! The car is out in North Canterbury, you are more than welcome to have a look sometime if that is useful.
  11. I have been through the rollbar thing on my Fraser. When I bought it the car already had a log book but with the approved bar I was still not allowed to enter dual sprints at Ruapuna as it was deemed too low. Getting a new taller one made was a bit of a mission as the structure of the car simply doesn't allow a (technically) compliant MSNZ bar to be attached, the rear stays would end up way behind the car so have to be steeper to mount in the boot. The forward bar is an issue if there is not somewhere on the chassis to mount it to already. It took quite a lot of communication with technical staff at MSNZ to get it done. Of course if the isn't log booked then you will probably get away with just make something taller and it won't be an issue. Let me know if you want more details. Good luck.
  12. There isn't that much flat land in Akaroa and for whatever reason the organisers seem to want it to be 'by invite'. Regardless, there was some nice stuff there and the weather was great. Not so the overdrive in the Healey... Anyone recognise the white Daimler by any chance...
  13. Yes already entered and will be in Akaroa for the weekend. I did offer to take the Fraser but they weren't keen on 'one of those kit car things'!
  14. All going well I will take the Healey there - just need to get the overdrive sorted which won't engage all of the time. It is only held every 2 years and there was some nice stuff there last time, hopefully the weather is good.
  15. Yes. I once convinced myself that the alternator was over charging and took it off the and into the auto-sparky to test for me. It was fine and as I was walking out the door he said, oh by the way check the battery in your multi-meter... Of course when I put my glasses on I could just see the low-battery indicator
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