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  1. I always pine after this when ever I drive past......a rotting baja, but the panels should still be good. (That blob on the right)
  2. This is on the to-do list for when my youngest daughter needs a car.....so I'm keen to see how you get on. Finding a half-decent Dub maybe half the fight though.
  3. Never really liked FA's, but with those tyres.......that is so hilarious its awesome.
  4. That was the copy I was reading at work on Friday...
  5. Interesting thread, its cool to see what can be done with such a standard looking farm bike. To think I nearly bought one of these when I was 17...
  6. Liking your style. Watching with interest.
  7. I think its safe to assume Yak that if a random, non-descript car starts flashing its lights at you its an oldschooler....unless the lights are coloured and roof mounted...or behind the grille on a late model Holden Commodore.
  8. Was thinking the same thing, or at least find someone willing to do it for me.......Whats the legalities of widening steelies anyway? I always thought it was a bit dodgy? Love the Sigma BTW, brings back happy memories of riding around in friends one in the 80's....
  9. I thought that must have been you tootling through Naenae around 10ish, not many Impulses around these days. I was going to wave and toot to say hi, but then realised it might look like some kind of gang initiation thing... Ev.
  10. Indeed I am....other side of Rata St to you.
  11. If I wasnt down with the lurg I'd walk the 5 mins round the corner and offer to hold your tools... (Oooeerr, Missus...) Ev.
  12. Thats good work Jessie, pity the weather has been so crap recently! Ev.
  13. I know I'll be asked to leave the forum with this utterance, but..... I've always thought this bike's styling would really suit a conversion to run on volts.....In fact, if I can find one with a seized engine one day I might just be mad enough to try it.