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  1. It does have life, but trouble booting. Not insurmountable though....will devote some time to it over the next week or so. Thanks!
  2. And here it is, all the way from the Auckland mega sale. (much love to the man, the myth, the legend @chrisR for doing the legwork)
  3. And its logical offshoot, "Mitsi Wags4lyf"?
  4. Sorry, no rain in Timmers where I am currently located....did not realise conditions were less than optimal.
  5. Its in a car park, surely you can find a spare 2 metres to stand in?
  6. If I have one true weakness it isnt crap old cars, its crap old computers. I'm nearly in tears..... Someone get me that VT100 terminal please? edit: Oooo, and a Tangerine MacBook please...
  7. DoBros....Not just for Breakfast... @DoBro Jesus and @JustHarry working on the latest Mitsubishi of Disappointment...
  8. You might think so, but I was cleverer than that. I want to turn up in a 3 door hatch....so I've started with something oversize knowing it will shrink.
  9. Thats it, I'm taking back my offer of giving you a drive of it. And no amount of pleading will change my mind.
  10. I said it was bumped down the priority chain, not that Id gone fucking arsed-mental-fucked-in-the-head retarded...
  11. Hmmmm....just forwarded to me. Transport may have been sorted.
  12. The Mightly Dai can make the trip.....its done it before.
  13. Prove it. /Also.....keen to ride shotgun.