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  1. EpochNZ

    Triumphant's 1969 Skoda Sabre

    I'm trying to fight the urge to go in and survey all the Skodas to see if a single example could be frankensteined from all the hulks. @Triumphant worth a look? Or are they all too far gone now? I was last in there a year ago pulling out the Saaaaab.
  2. The skodas still need to be sorted through....
  3. EpochNZ

    Sams MkII Mini

    I've got some info somewhere on how to tickle up a 998, first 2 fixes were the air intake and the Exhaust (Stage 1) kit.
  4. EpochNZ

    Kelvinators Mini

    Rust is listed as a spare part in the Haynes manual. Reading through this makes me miss my mini.....
  5. EpochNZ

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Whats the entry cost? It will have to come out of the housekeeping.....
  6. EpochNZ

    Jesses lada sharn thread

    I have seen the words "Lada" and "Burnout" in the same sentence before, but probably not how you intend.
  7. EpochNZ

    Jesses lada sharn thread

    So three into two, then sell one for funds??
  8. EpochNZ

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99

    Success breeds success as they say.......so this afternoon with the MIL inside looking after the kids, I grabbed my collection of tools and again headed outside to do battle with the beast. So in 3 hours I removed and worked on the throttle pulley (sticks like a stick insect stuck on a sticky bun), removed the rear seat to gain access to the boot, unlocked the boot from within (and got showered with rust and crap as it swung open for the first time in decades), started removing the wires and pipes from the fuel tank so it can be removed, drained said fuel tank, removed and flushed radiator expansion tank, and generally just nancied around.... Seeing the boot floor in the cold light of day was a bit of a shock though. Shouldnt be too hard I suppose.....surely? I'm "Working from Home" this week so I can see my coffee breaks being taken outside with tools in hand.
  9. EpochNZ

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Actually, I’m so fizzing I’m sitting in church making todo lists on my phone.... /they do go on a bit
  10. EpochNZ

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Yes, there was much rejoicing. Up until now it was a real unknown, so the fact that it does run means we have confidence in tackling the bigger parts of the project.
  11. EpochNZ

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Named after another Swedish BombShell
  12. EpochNZ

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99

    Auspicious Red Letter day.... Thanks to some dubious wiring by @Carsnz123, a 25 minute search for a screw out of the distributor and copious amounts of engine start being sprayed into various orifices, Agnetha today fired and ran for the first time in what could possibly be glacial epochs. Due to the complete absence of a working fuel pump and a lack of remaining daylight, further work has been postponed to a later date where the plan is to drive it up and down the street a few times before finding the brakes arent as flash as advertised and ending up in the river. No pics/vids sorry, Will was dashing away to ride on steam trains and I have an anniversary dinner with my significantly better half. I am so filled with happiness....
  13. EpochNZ

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Mocked Mercilessly in the Mirage???
  14. He cant do that, some of that moss has now become close personal friends...it would be like taking Old Yella out behind the woodshed and shooting it.
  15. EpochNZ

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Yet they view fine when viewed on a phone.... /aliens