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  1. Not 1/24th, but I'll just leave this here....you're all rank amateurs...
  2. Just take a morning/afternon to walk around the CBD.....so much has changed and its a real rabbit warren to explore.
  3. Home at last, although the latest run at a warrant wasn’t a success. More welding to be done unfortunately. However, it’s good to have her home so I can, at the very least, play around with a few things…
  4. Funny, when Karl mentioned "Coast" I immediately thought Kaikoura.... Happy to go either way TBH.
  5. And more from @- i5oogt - Going all jelly with anticipation. The Bride tonight offered to swap it for the Golf as Daily Driver/Work Hack. Politely informed her what equestrian mount she could leave on.
  6. Latest release from MiniArt:
  7. I think any OS trip to Ferrymead was waiting for Spring....so yes, we can sill organise that as well.
  8. I think I've found the destination for the next OS Tram adventure.......Ferrymead has several working examples of telephone exchanges dating from the 1920's. Lots of clanking spinning bits while you can prank call each other on rotary phones.
  9. Currently losing sleep over wheels for my Sierra, what are the deets on yours? (tires, rims, offsets etc)
  10. What, an update you say? Well, okay...... After many many miles (trips) in the Sierra the time came to front up for the WoF....and as expected, things werent overly flash.....lots of rust in weird and unusual places making it a health hazard to both those on the road and those inside. And probably to Albanian children as well (somehow). So for the last wee while she has been out at "The Farm" where @JustHarry has been working his magic on it (most usually when he's lost the will to live or wants to take out his anger on something). Noises are being made about it (hopefully) being ready soon for another crack at this mad WoF thing, we await with bated breath. On the minus side, Harry has found rust in a few more previosuly unseen places so it might be a bot terminal. But Cest Le Vie, lets just drive it like we stole it until the WoF guy says we cant (on its 2 litre Pinto and 3 speed slushbox) then go find another one. On a whim I splashed out on these. They are from an ST170 Focus but I fear there might be some shenanigans needed to get them to fit (if at all). For the record they are 17x7/ET49 (and that offset is probably the killer) with some 215/45 feet on them. Now I've read lots of conflicting stuff on the interwebs about what people have got to fit and what didnt, so I guess the best we can do is strap them on and see. Maybe some 205/40's might be better, either way i can see guard rolling in my future. Watch this space...
  11. You do realise what forum youre on, right?
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