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  1. Oooooo, nicely done. I can only dream of a 4x4.... @Stroker What size are those wheels?
  2. No, seriously outbid in my current state of OS poverty. And I agree about the paint. I dont even think thats a real colour.
  3. Theres one on the Tard at the mo, but slightly out of my league....still tempting to drop the running gear into the Estate though.
  4. Oh well, its not like I didnt already have one....but this puppy (despite being unreged and a bit poked) did have the unicorn poo 5 speed box in it.
  5. After some of the feedback tonight, I’m thinking next time we do this (and there will be a next time) we will put it on a wee bit earlier so the kids and middys can come for a ride as well.
  6. That would work really well during one of the big full park open days they have every now and again. I'll pass the idea up the chain of command.
  7. Oldschool.ng....doing weird shit since ages ago....
  8. Will just mean we have to take out the 1903 vs the 1905 tram.....
  9. Yup, Always room. We can do whatever is dictated by the weather. @h4nd has offered to provide the sizzle box, so feel free to bring along something to throw on it.
  10. Thought I had better throw these on. The tram barns are accessed off Bridle Path road at the Ferry Rd end. I'll be there at 7 to open the gate, drive in and find a spot to park either up on the grass or hiding in amongst the buses.
  11. Okay, I'm going to lock it in for Thursday night....I thought there was a smidgen of hope there for a minute or so that Wednesday was going to work out, but the forecast is incredibly changeable. Top paragraph changed accordingly.
  12. Its been pointed out to me that the long range forecast for Wednesday is a bit shit....would it stew anyones noodles if we changed to Thursday?
  13. I can confirm there will be limited Barrys in attendance.....unless you bring your own.
  14. Hi Guys, I've managed to tee up a visit to the Tramway Historical Societies tram barns at Bridle Path Road at Ferrymead for any interested OSGC's. The evening will definitely include a dig around in the sheds to see what we can find (Oh look! Another old tram!) but if there is any interest we can extend it to include a BYO BBQ, a look around the bus collection and taking one of the trams for a bit of a hoon. I'm suggesting we do this Thursday the 21st of January with gates opening around 7ish. I realise It would be great to do it in the weekend but we'd have to fit around everyone
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