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  1. 187inc

    Brake imbalance

    Maybe some crud stuck in one of the lines? Wouldn't be surprising for a ride that old that's been sitting around.
  2. I hope your mate told them where to drive a shaft..
  3. 187inc

    Removing paint from plastic mud flaps

    Do they have some kind of texture you are trying to preserve? If not, just sand them. If they do- just sand them. Can get creative whilst painting (thicker paint/lower pressure/great distance) to get a textured effect.
  4. 187inc

    Bike carbs sizing

    Man I'd sketch out about having the float bowls sitting right above the exhaust manifold aye.. Make sure your gaskets don't leak! Making it out of alloy might prevent some heat soak from the exhaust runners too? I used the fuel pump from the R1 the carbs came off, is self regulating and quiet (mounted with rubber isolaters).
  5. 187inc

    Bike carbs sizing

    Got 40mm R1 mikunis on my Pinto, runs pretty well, might go down a jet size/play with mixtures or find someone who knows what they're doing. RE: vacuum, I bought one of danst engineerings' "balance bars" and tapped into each intake runner from the manifold. So all 4 go into the balance bar, the out of each end of that I have one fitting going to vac advance and one to brake booster. Will try and find a pic.
  6. 187inc

    Plz halp - 1981 ms112 ignition probs

    What's the coil like that you swapped out? Could have 2 bad ones..
  7. 187inc

    Electric fan sensor placement

    Have you already bought the sender? Only asking as I had one that looks the same as you have, and I couldn't for the life of me find a sender that was the right temp range I wanted in that thread.. (1/8bsp I think?) just something to consider before you go chopping hoses etc. If I was gonna do it again I'd probably get one welded in radiator top near Inlet.
  8. Driving to work in the morning I would estimate 1 out of every 4 cars to have the wrong bulbs for their Headlights. My daily is at stock height too, and will probably remain so until I find some louvres/tint the windows.
  9. 187inc

    How to remove a brake booster permanently

    I looked into this for basically the same reasons (escort though) and as far as I am aware, you need to calculate the leverage ratio of your pedal and the volume of fluid you need to push and compare those figures with the stock setup/modify to suit. In the end I couldn't figure it out to a point I was happy with so I gave up and am now rocking a booster. Mostly useless information but hope it helps. *Edit: also modifying pedals/pedal boxes needs cert but you probably know that already.
  10. Yeah I'm just exploring my options at the moment, and pretty glad I asked! I'm not a fan of doing things cheaply (twice) so will see what I can come up with
  11. Yeah Escort. Do you know which brand ones have been weak? Ideally would like one designed to bolt straight into escort and for the most part they look quite similar. I might email BP and ask what thickness they make theirs out of.
  12. What should I look out for? Decent cylinders or do you mean the actual structural integrity of the thing? (was looking at Burtonpower, as they are pretty cheap and a couple of others things I've seen them make look pretty good (and you can opt to upgrade the cylinders to girling). Most of the available options would be from overseas so I can only gauge quality from mostly rubbish photos.
  13. Yeah this was basically what I had gathered. Needing certification doesnt phase me, just keen to get a bit more clarification before biting the bullet only to find out it can't be legal.
  14. Hey guys is it legal to use an adjustable bias pedal box in a road car? Not one with an "on the fly" adjuster, just one which can be adjusted until a good balance is reached and forgotten? Edit- found in LVVTA 35-00(02)(Braking systems) - still unsure. "An adjustable balance-bar assembly which actuates twin master cylinders must: (a) be capable of being securely locked into position to prevent unintended changes in front-to-rear brake balance; and (b) in the case of balance bar rods within a custom-built balance-bar assembly, be manufactured from a material of: (i) appropriate strength; and (ii) suitable diameter;"
  15. 187inc


    For those still wondering about guns, I have a couple a Devilbiss GTi Pri-Pro (great for priming obviously as 1.8 setup) a GTi Pro Clear (1.4) which is sweet for 2K or clear coats and a couple of w400 Iwatas that I use for all basecoats -by far the best of the above for laying down metallics/pearls and clear coats where tighter areas could easily lead to runs if you aren't careful.