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  1. Cheers. That's plenty to be learning with. Thanks
  2. how many hrs of welding will a 5kg get? edit, google suggests 5-6hrs. thats heaps. awesome cheers.
  3. ill check that out. thanks
  4. can anyone nudge me toward a gas bottle decision? i'm lost. i've got a cigweld 185 that i've ran a handfull of welds out on some flux core wire. but i need to get a gas bottle and a reel of .6 . i've welded heavy stuff at work, 3phase brute of a machine welding 3mm up to 12mm plate and brackets etc, but am needing to learn how to weld car panel steel at home argoshield or co2? size of bottle? buy or rent? where from? i'm in chch if that makes a difference. thanks. joe.
  5. Cool. Id need to get my shit together then.
  6. Expressing interest. When would you be thinking of doing this? i would love to run the cortina and see if it makes 100bhp
  7. Cheers for that info. Ill read through the link after work. I'm going to ring a certifier in chch soon(ish) and have a chat with him see what he says. I'm not going to go crazy or reinvent the wheel, it should hopefully be a pretty standard low volume. Wheels, suspension, seats, bigger capacity of the same same block. The brake lines have been modified and will need to be remade anyway. The turret style booster Is gone and he ran twin remote boosters from an MGB/jag for some reason. Unless it's a stupid price I will probably get a company to remake them. I've made a few flares and wof standard brake pipes but it's impossible to get it looking neat
  8. Cheers for that. I'll email the resuseofplates and see where I need to go from there. I hope I don't need any old paperwork as I haven't tracked down any yet. 2 previous owners though so might be all good with that so far I dunno. Need to clean up the plates and get some pics of them in situ. Rusty screws and corroded rivets for the win!
  9. Thanks Nick, Dan and Sam. The more people I speak to about it the more I can't believe it got it tbh. Seems most of christchurch was keen on it. Mental. It's a bit of an interesting car, seems to have mexico guards, tramp bars but a 2 clock dash. I'm trying to track down what it might be. Nz cortinas are a bit different to uk models and specs (and aussie ones too). I'm thinking escorts must be the same.
  10. I spent most of the weekend removing parts and trying to catalog what I've got and what I'm going to need. I took out the comical home made single leaf suspension and wooden lowering block and re fitted the 3 leaf pack that he'd kindly left in the boot. Other than that it all pretty standard at this point. The wiring loom is a rats nest and just not saveable. The rear half of the car looks great at this point. From the b pillar back looks all saveable. I put it out the back for now with the other one for a bit of security and I'm going to talk to a panel beater this week about the A pillars and scuttle panel work and go from there. Bog is never good, but I put my hand under it as far as I could (the c pillar bracing is there) and thought maybe it's just a dent! Hah. Optimism at its finest. Why's it on its arse? Oh... that explains it. Also: Home made panhard rod. I was trying to jack up the rear. How much higher it sits with the correct leaf springs her home will be next to the mk2 for a few months.
  11. That's good to know. I might dab some black paint over them then. They are very straight but the front one is pretty stone chipped
  12. All i have is a hand written reciept of sale but I put the cars rego on there and both mine and the sellers phone number and addresses. I'll I'll them and email cheers. I was trying to track dowb the previous owners as I though I'd have to provide a folder of receipts etc. This is really good news
  13. Thanks for that. I read a post on here from 2018 you need receipts etc hence why I was trying to track down some old owners etc. I thought it might be a mission so that is good to hear thanks
  14. Thanks guys. No doubt it's rough. But worse than that it's missing stuff, he made no excuses and said it was a parts car to finish his other one. But yeah. With prices the way they are I can't afford anything nice anymore. Just stoked to have the car and build something fun hopefully.
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