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  1. Legend. Cheers I'll check them out. And thanks.
  2. Dash top is Getting there. I bought a rasp after some YouTubing, it's slow work but it's hard to mess up doing it that way.
  3. Red interior is very nice. A White or black car would be the nuts with that combo tbh. And gold wheels. I've got a thing for gold wheels! Yeah, my dad had a few but the title is because that's what most people say to me about it. My dad had one of those, commence sharns of caravan towing, boating, breaking down etc. Good times.
  4. I was pissed! Haha. Couldn't believe it man. But Yeah it's something I've considered. I bought an ali express led strip but I will probably go for something slightly more retro looking. I don't know if I was the fact it's a red car with low down (dimmer than a new car) brake lights or it's a manual and you use your gears to slow down, and the fact you dont sit in traffic with your foot on the brake or something. You're right though, people seem to need a bright red light in their faces these days
  5. Thanks for that. Great idea tbh. I was looking at people that have used adhesive sprayed on to get texture and then painted but yeah, I'm open to suggestions for sure.
  6. So that's where it is so far. I have some vinyl stuff from spotlight but I doubt it's going to have the stretch/shrinkage I need. Dunno yet. I removed the stuck drums on the GT rear axle I bought forever ago and started making a list of stuff I needed. I decided I'll replace it all but haven't bought anything yet. I also have some brackets for the anti tramp bars that need welding to the body. Nice bit of kit, cheap from the uk. And from a few weeks ago at the mustang day at halswell air museum. It was a cracking day with loads of awesome fords, uk, aus and american stuf
  7. Haven't updated this in forever. After I got the car back, she was looking awesome. Just about the best she ever has. I picked it up on the saturday and took it to work the following wednesday, first time it was out since collecting it, and I got rear ended. Again. Start stop traffic. Got shunted. Fuck I lost my shit right there in the middle of the rd lol. So back to canterbury auto fab it went. Less damage tha the first time but the rear panel and support brace were dented and the bumper was gouged through the chrome so that didnt survive this time. So yeah. Lol. Gotta lau
  8. I used usave on roydvale ave. Got the tail lift also which was nice for a few heavy things but generally just nice to have a big step halfway up to the truck. Cant remember rates. Also, I have 1-5 license if you can borrow a big truck but need a driver etc. Would need to be a weekend though.
  9. Can anyone tell me where ouruhia domain is? Or of it has another name? I cant find it on google maps.
  10. Small update. I shut the garage door on this after the bump, i was a bit over it and expected insurance to take months. But It was quoted, accepted and cleared in a few weeks so I took it to Warrick at canterbury auto fabrication. Hes got the tools and know how to do it right. He also found some rust under the rubber seal and sent me pics to ask what to do next. I asked him to fix it as shapes and angles like that are beyond my skills to do nicely. Plus with it getting painted it would be stupid not to repair it now. He sent me some more pics of progress today. Shes looking good! Thanks to @RU
  11. Cheers mate. I spoke to the panel guy this afternoon. Canterbury Auto fab. He reckons it's no problem. I just need to locate a light lens. All good. I'll try and find a mint one and just give them the receipt. I was pissed off at the time but the insurance seems to be onto it, panel and paint is being done, so hopefully she'll come out of it that bit tidier. Then theres just the other rust scabs to fix..... hah. Nah. Its patina M9.
  12. Rollercoaster weekend mate hah. I cant get the boot open at all. But yeah it looks like boot, rear panel and drivers side light at this point. The bumper has moved but hopefully its just the mount has bent. No idea if the boot floor is damaged. Yeah hes been in touch, were all insured so hopefully itll all get fixed easy enough.
  13. Faaar out what a weekend. We travelled to Hanmer on Thursday and woke up friday morning to snow. lol. That was good fun though tbh, there werent any scary moments. Kaikoura bound, feeling very underprepared. The Clutch master died on the way over. got lucky with the roadworks and managed to bang gears/ revmatch enough to get all the way into town without stopping once since leaving hanmer. i pulled straight into the caltex and spoke to the mechanic there. he rang round for me and tried to locate a rebuild kit but there wasnt anything anywhere he could find. i decided to try a
  14. That colour suits it perfectly. The orange and black will be amazing. It also looks like a sweet finish too. Kudos for those skills.
  15. One classic lucas workshop light bought at a swap meet for $20. Blown to hell, I think someone put 240v in it or something, everything was melted. Some ali express goodness and a very expensive bulb. Seriously. The bulb was more than the lamp lol. Done. And it works.
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