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  1. MightyJoe

    diesel spam

    cheers, helps to know what it is at least. i'm useless with diesel injection. never touched it. it just works usually! lol. fuck i sound like the wife
  2. MightyJoe

    diesel spam

    evening diesel spammers, i've got a 2005 courier 2.5 wlt with a sick injector pump. its leaking heavily out of the bottom. i took the housing off today, removed the springs and seat and a small piston/ slider, cleaned but its no better. can anyone tell me what that parts called and is it serviceable?
  3. I think that's the idea yeah. Or if a stones on that trajectory toward the screen the perspex is the point of impact.
  4. i forget but i doubt she has, i've just messaged and asked her
  5. i'm planning on freshening up the underside of my triumph soon, the underside is the old teal green colour and also oily, scummy and 45ish years old so i was going to clean it all up and paint it black. will anyone get funny about this at wof time? i plan on dropping all the suspension, leaving whatever factory coating is there already and cleaning and painting it. i'm not using anything heavy or bitumous etc like a deck liner, just a satin black rattle can probably. i'm going to be replacing the bushings and clean up the entire suspension upgrading and replacing as it needs. but i dont want to get any kick back from trying to hide something etc. is it worth the effort?
  6. i have a female friend that got a shopping list of fails on her classic mini and she rang me up in tears because she couldn't afford the repairs, i took the job on for parts cost ( i know i'm an idiot) but there was nothing wrong with any of it. cunt was just trying his luck. i cleaned the brakes out ( drums all round), greased everything that was greaseable and took it to my guy with the previous fail sheet and the story, told him if he failed it i'd fix whatever he wanted. 2 hrs later he phoned me up and said ' no, you were right joe, thats just how they are'. it cost another $45 but was worth it in smug points. i fucking hate garages that rinse women on car stuff. /sharn sorry, i came here to ask something else.
  7. the macks i drive have 'stone guards' on the front, the perspex wings effectively that have the trucks name on them usually. when i'm in the quarry the dust is incredible and it consumes the truck sometimes but theres a lot of dead air behind that wing and between that and the windscreen the dust swirls gently and settles on the bonnet, it sits there until i've driven aroundand out of the quarry at 30kph, driven onto the rd and i'm doing a decent speed, i dont know if thats a tuneable effect, or if you want a bug catcher on the front of your sleek looking car, but its information, and its written down now, maybe its useful. i hope so!
  8. I legit tried to get to my first ever meet in dec and my clutch slave fucked out when I went to use it. Typical.
  9. Barnsys all trade services. https://www.barnsys.co.nz
  10. Our small company requires an experienced excavator operator/leading hand We are a very small company, with 9 staff.we have 5 diggers from 2.5 to 14 ton, which we need for different operations. We are a civil construction company,specialising in hill digouts, gravel rafts, demolition(as required)driveways and retaining walls. We also have a permanent gang on domestic drainage. The applicant must be able to set up laser and dig to required levels, work in with builders, and supervise a labourer. He also needs to be familiar with trucks and quarries,and organisation of materials. He must be able to digout and competently prep up driveways,Carpark’s etc, for concrete and or Ashphalt. There will be a Ute provided, with tools, laser and fuel tank on board. NB , the last operator, after 7.5 years of flawless workmanship, has decided to stay back in Philippines, and has left some very big boots to fill! Joe. Pm me for contact details please. Cheers.
  11. Yep exactly. I think it goes behind both timing covers but mine was missing from the front. Right exactly 100% on top of the cam retaining plate. You literally can't miss the fucking thing.... apparently.
  12. Has anyone tested the pressure of w cooling system? Just cos it says 20psi on the cap doesn't mean the 27 year old rad cap will provide 20 psi of closure. My truck used to spill it's coolant daily. Until I replaced the rad cap with a 17psi instead of 12. That was after first trying a new 12psi rated rad cap and doing a head gasket comp test. Leakdown etc etc.
  13. oh theyre different to the ones i know. ive no idea why there are 2 different sizes. mine are the same. but the rubber bush is circular.