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  1. i took it on a spirited drive 'over the hill' to LYT on wed with a friend who's just got his MGB back on the rd. tbh i was struggling to keep up and we weren't even breaking the speed limit, just not really using brakes. After swapping out the brake pads last weekend i knew they'd need some more bedding in but tbh they're still dangerously inadequate. i've got a set of austin princess 4 pots which i've had forever in need of a rebuild or i'm not sure if i should just go for wilwoods. 13" wheels are the deciding factor. also, the back end got loose a few times and i really wasn't pushing it ( honest! ). shockies are worn out. so the 'bit of a tidy up' for the hop has just taken a more expensive turn. still . good to find these things out now.
  2. I started out not caring, having had a few 1600s before but shes a bit rarer being an early one and I'm glad I kept the original engine tbh. It's hard to beat the noise of a high revving kent motor with Webers on. A twink is the dream tbh. Although for the money, theres easier ways to get 170hp
  3. She photographs well but as I said after I left it outside for 9 months at work the bodywork took a turn. Theres bubbles on the front of the bonnet and poor repairs previously anyway, and the bog started to show itself through the paint. All fixable though, and this should be the start of the upkeep she deserves.
  4. Ah cool, I took it to work on a saturday a few weeks back and put it over the pit and checked it over (and under) for a wof, and yeah everyone comments on the wheels. I saw a set and wanted some, but I was very lucky to find what I wanted so easily.
  5. Talk in here pls. i will probably be asking lots of questions. chur
  6. Discussion: wheels, i still didnt have money but i asked about these and got a PM about a guy that knew a guy that had some. legit. 7jx13 cheviot quattro. Fuck yeah. i had the carbs rebuilt pro-fresh-a-nally and bought a brand new manifold. i legit stared at this on my coffee table for an entire evening. extractors wrapped. here you can see some combustion evidence, i had to pull the motor back out as is had no oil pressure on first start up. turns out i'd forgotten an oil gallery bung behind the timing cover. MOTHeR f***ER! thankfully, no damage. a the day it got its first wof in 4 yrs, dec 2019. so thats the car up to date pretty much. i havent really used it, but thats why i've restarted a thread. i've signed up for the kaikoura hop this yr and i want to smarten it up before then, 6 weeks at time or writing. i bought a rev counter off Karl late last year and cleaned it up but never installed it as i didnt want to loose my combo gauge. i've bought all the correct senders for my gauges now so i'll be doing that. i had the eaxhaust tweaked a few weeks ago to make it bark a bit more. i want to tidy and de clutter the engine bay a bit and also fit a fusebox as they don't have them, shold be easy enough to make a few important circuit run through a fuse or 6. i've also had this stereo for yrs, positive earth and just screwed under the dash for looks, had a modern one in the glovebox but it was just a stupid amount of effort to do anything with it so i didnt use it. i bought a cheap 2 channel amp off aliexpress and tried to wire in the OG potentiometer for max barry points. i failed, but a friend who develops tech for a living took it home as a hobby project and had it working in a few hrs. So legit. the song is supposed to be ironic, incase you were wondering. i will update this a bit more over the coming weeks, as she's all legal now but obv needs all those small jobs tidying and finishing.
  7. Discussion Thread : New Thread as the old one might have been deleted as i had 2 cars in it? i'm not sure but i cant find it. so here's a recap of 6 yrs. bought in mid 2014 from chch, she has been a nelson car for many yrs judging by the reciepts though. WOF n REG mayte no worries! err. Nah, she was ropey at best. they all leak a bit of oil dont they? i put whitewalls on it cos i was skint and couldn afford any wheels. the accelerator pump on the solex died and was pissing fuel all over the exhaust. i couldnt find a rebuild kit for this apparent orphan of a carb, and i also couldnt find a weber 32/36 but less than that i wasn't keen as the gt manifolds for these apparently go for moonbeams, so a dcoe it was. i rebuilt one good one from two. 1 yr after purchase wof time came around and 'excessive smoke' was cited. i drove it gently, but the missus didn't get the memo. she got pulled a few times in a few weeks and packed a sook and refused to drive it anymore ( it was knackered) . so i parked it, outside at work for 9 months whilst i saved up for a rebuild. this time wasn't kind to it and the paint deteriorated quite a lot. Yum. it was packed off to hpe in chch for a shitload of work. 6 months or so later it came back and i set about a steep learning curve with the help of a good friend. Pose! i was allowed to snug the rocker cover.
  8. I'm an idiot more like. But thats good news! the B pillar looks intact where they've chopped it so theres that going for it, i can work the rest out. If it can be certfied thats good enough at this point. thanks for the info. i'd best try and buy it now then.
  9. That would be a good idea. very good idea. its beyond my capabilities though, at this point in time anyway. i need to watch more youtube to attempt that. but i dunno, first i need to win the auction, then i need to assess it, then i need to make a plan, then i need to rob a bank.. if the roof chop is certable.
  10. the floor inside exists but i dont know if it will support any weight, sills dont exist, not sure about the rear deck area as theres rotten ply over it, i'm not that hopefull. stupid big project i agree, but it could be great, put about 15 grand into it, and overnight parts from japan.... or it could just be a parts car. or give it a wash, coat of matt black and build a burnout car
  11. Cheers, it's a big project I know, but the thing that I'm not sure about is the roof rewelded onto the middle of the rear doors, and the fact the doors are still there, just welded up. I dont mind a bit of bodgery, but I need legal bodgery Lol. Also mostly at this stage Im just not sure of the first step. edit, in the secomd picture also you can see the remains of the C pillars half way down the deck.
  12. Hi Cletus, i'm looking at buying a car that was chopped into a ute years ago. Been off the rd yrs, rego isn't on carjam. What's the first step to looking at getting it back on the rd? Do i need to ring a certifier in chch and get him to have a look at it? Old mate reckons it was on the rd, but how legal it was I dunno. Also I've had a look on the lvvta website but haven't bought any of the download info yet, I was hoping to get a second opinion before I start spending too much and starting work on something which might always be a paddock car. Edit, pics added. It was a 4dr car which obviously has the rear doors still in it, just welded up, I have no idea about the general state of it yet but obviously I know it's a heap, but If theres a chance it could go back on the rd I'm more inclined to give it a go. I'd be updating the suspension and motor etc, no probs but chassis mods are all new to me.
  13. I've recommissioned the cortina as of last week, so am keen to take it out. I'll try and bring it.
  14. I'm gonna come say hi. Do the classic cars come out or just the classic people?
  15. This guy also looks like a good shout!