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  1. Last update for a while probably. I am so chuffed with this car at the moment. I love it. It rides well with the new shockies, runs well and the wideband is sweet for keeping an eye on stuff, its just done a trip to kaikoura and back flawlessly with my mate and his MGB. I'm gonna drag the missus triumph out now and work on that and hopefully just be able to enjoy this as is for the summer.
  2. with regards to the leather conditioning, gliptone is amazing. im not sure if you can get it in nz bit if you can, it gets a firm recommendation from me. theres 2 stages, cleaner and conditioner. you'll only need the cleaner once, conditioner once every year or 3. whatever suits.
  3. A huge update for the car, but a shitty update when I try and write about it. theres only so many pictures you can take of an axle. I had the 3.54 gears and blackline Lsd sitting in the house since august. the supply chain is wrecked as we all know. so I had brake shoes, springs and wheel cylinders brand new ordered but they never arrived. got all the way to Auckland, sat there for 3 weeks then got sent back to the uk. go figure. so I fitted the old shoes, used a mixture of the best springs and clips I could make of the 2 sets and bought wheel cylinders again. I pressed new bearings onto the axles and bolted it all together. I just needed to get it done the old diff was knackered. I took the car out today to a motorkhana with a mate with the MG club today. had great fun and it was also a great test of the car, suspension and diff etc and I got a few hrs cruising to tweak the carbs and keep an eye on the wideband. I need to do more research. when the car runs best it reads about 12.8 cruising and 12.2 on full throttle. from what I've read so far that's too lean but I need way more reading up on it. anyway.. few pics. old new.
  4. More of the same suspension stuff. I bought the rubber top mounts, they were cheaper from palmside than the other place, and cheaper than the adjustables. these have a replaceable bearing too if needby, so, win. had to drill the bushing out to 12mm new bumpstops courtesy of Mr.Mk1 who I met yesterday. its great to know new people. cleaning and painting stuff, I went with blue in homage to the race teams and works cars of the day that ran bilstein shocks. pointless ultimately, but slightly more interesting than the standard rattle can black. still only have 1 side done though but I'll do the other side tomorrow. Boom. theres nothing like showing off to the Wof guy.
  5. discussion. opinions on the top mount situation appreciated. another bits and pieces update this week. went to fit my shock inserts and found both top mounts are perished. They're kind of functional due to where they've failed but also very much at the end of their life, so I fitted one insert and left the other as theyve both got to come out again anyway. They are made of that famous cortina unobtanium but I can get repro ones. I'm hesitant though as I've fitted aftermarket rubber to the triumph and it lasts a few yrs and is then also fucked. I'm leaning toward the (believe it or not) slightly cheaper adjustable mounts which means a cert for sure but they're fully adjustable and rebuildable with a spherical bearing. I'm gonna talk with palmside tomorrow about how viable they are for a road car. also had a stall with the rear axle. I cant get wheel cylinders at the moment. worst case I can get rebuild kits but the guy is gonna ring me tomorrow if he can get some then I'll get a hard line made. pics... damaged top hat. replacement options it's a shame these get hidden.
  6. Today I fixed a problem that's been stumping me for months. the car would idle like crap, intermittent misfiring on 3 and 4, give it a rev and it's ok, bit lumpy but definitely running on 4. i pulled the plugs, look good, definitely firing. drives ok, i balanced the carbs, tried all kinds of adjustment but couldn'work it out. today I got out the weber book and had another browse, the idle circuit on these is separate to the main jets, I dunno how I didnt put that together with the fact that it idled like crap but drove ok. it was the rear carb that was giving the hassle and I knew it was balanced, so I took the idle jets out, mixture screw and progression hole caps and sprayed brake cleaner through it until I was getting good streams out of them all. there was an instant improvement on idle, I fattened up the mixture a bit and it idles perfectly. fuck yes. must have been some varnish or some shit in there from when the fuel evaporated out of them after months of sitting. took it out for a drive and it's great. crisp and smooth progression. it's still a bit rich though so I'll sort that and I'll time it and do some fine tuning now.
  7. I got the dash top fitted and installed the temp and fuel gauge dont work so I'll need to look into the senders etc and see if the gt ones are different. but still. coupled with a new GT wheel I love it. I got the wideband installed and working, I havent had the car out on the rd yet so havent been able to use it properly yet. but it boots up and I've ran it through calibration. seems fine. also: vacuum gauge for the boomers. these are in the boot until after the wof. prob gonna have to man up and get it a cert after fitting these so I'll try and get the summer out of this wof and go from there. reverse/rally lamp fitted during lockdown. randoms, just cos. that's roughly where it is. its booked in for a wof in 10ish days so I'm getting stuff finished and tidied up for that. it's literally done 0ks since feb this yr so... hopefully no nasty surprises. shit pic of the dash and wheel, some better ones. fuck I love that wheel.
  8. Its been ages since an update again, its been off the road for ages, my own fault cos i cant leave anything alone but i took the head off in may / june as i have never been properly happy with the power, its always felt flat and considering its got an a2 cam and a vernier on it i thought i should try and dial it in. trying to keep up with my mates bgt was too much effort so i went chasing power. i spent months waiting for parts from th uk, and when they came spent another few months trying to get it to idle and i was chasing vacuum leaks all over the show. i tried 3 different gaskets and im pretty sure shes right now. i've got a blackline lsd sitting in the house waiting to go into a GT axle i've half refurbushed, i ordered 2 wheel cylinders, shoes and a spring kit sometime in june and they made it to auckland, sat there for 3 weeks and then got sent back for some reason. the guy emailed me saying they'd been returned. perfect. so i need another plan for that. i;ve got new wheel bearings pressed onto the axles and waiting, so need to re source those parts and get that 3:54 rear end in. during lockfown 2.0 i got out at it and started tnkering. i bought these name tabs off ebay and made a small control panel for the accessories. I'm pretty happy with it, they were supposed to be mounted under the dash but I didnt like the way the keys interfered with them so I moved them, only now you cant see the tabs clearly hence they angle they're on. meh. itll do.
  9. nah not really. il fuse it, but as said the car doesn't have a fuse box so I worry about heating stuff up. al good though. cheers.
  10. this is prob not a helpful answer, but we've put trucks through multiple times with glad wrap over the lenses covering stone chips. eventually they've been replaced but at the time, the beam pattern was correct and the lens wasnt corroded etc.
  11. not sure. it's a 2 prong sealed beam. I'll check tomorrow and update. they do draw a bit of current though, hence why I was thinking I needed a relay. the switch is also a period correct Lucas style. edit. quick internetting suggests they are 75w. I'll confirm tomorrow. 2nd edit. unsolicited switch pic.
  12. I've got some 15 amp Chinese 1.5mm wire. I have an inline fuse holder yeah, I forgot to say that. the car has no fuse box so whenever I add anything I put one in. edit, I was hoping under the dash would be alright, cos theres feed wires already there.
  13. Gday upper class spam, not sure if i should be posting this in the cad drawing thread but i'll try here first. I have acquired the pinnacle of 60s british engineering, a lucas foglight which i want to wire to a manual switch on the dash for general reversing purposes. i've got a relay but not sure where to put it. if the foglights were at the front the wiring would be short and i wouldnt care but with such a long run to the back of the car i'm not sure. 1, next to the battery. 2, under the dash next to the switch. 3, in the boot next to the spotlight. 4. somewhere obvious i havent thought of cheers.
  14. Legend. Cheers I'll check them out. And thanks.
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