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  1. Err did you not see the ambulance posted above? There are ways and means mate!
  2. Fuck. Yeah meant to go to this one. And did fuck all else yesterday either.
  3. I've just sent off 2 forms and paid. Might bring 2 cars, probably won't. Edit again, I am retarded and tired today. A truly shit combination
  4. Keen on hanmeet . +1 for a mate, possibly +2 more if the middys want to come for the hotpools (if allowed)
  5. The one I ended up buying apparently doesn't exist anymore haha. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100069608438953
  6. I think once there's a battery, secure that, fresh fuel, check the lights, quick blast up the road to clean off the brakes/ listen and feel for anything weird and send it for a wof. Then if it fails, we'll get into that list, but tbh I can't see it failing on much.
  7. No, not even sure why tbh, next time, when it goes for a wof.
  8. Cheers to everyone for today's efforts. What a great laugh and catchup. Got a bit done for @daveyc123 also. Legends.
  9. It's gonna be awesome to see anyone there mate, I'll pm you the address
  10. I spose I should commit at this point lol. I'll be there at 12(ish) Do younwant me to bring my bbq incase? I'm taking the ute anyway with jacks, axle stands(1 set) drive on ramps, a few sets of spanners, socket sets and if I can lift it, my toolbox with various swap meet quality hand tools. Tbh, i reckon we'll smash it out. It doesn't need much. But would be nice to re pack bearings, check brakes, And get the engine running nice on some fresh fuel for a wof.
  11. Around midday start at a guess, without speaking for him. I will ask and confirm. Great idea on the tools. I'll have a think about what jobs can actually happen and the tools needed etc and make a list.
  12. Just my hand tools at the moment, I'll probably put the toolbox in the ute, it's basic cheap brand stuff but it's got me this far. A few sets of spanners and sockets. I don't have a battery impact etc. I have a couple of jacks, axle stands, ramps. I'm tempted to pack the welder incase there's any rust under the screen but not sure how ambitious that would be. Still I have a mig and plenty of scrap sheet steel if needed. Hopefully not though. Davey said he'll sort the beers and sausages too.
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