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  1. Small update. I shut the garage door on this after the bump, i was a bit over it and expected insurance to take months. But It was quoted, accepted and cleared in a few weeks so I took it to Warrick at canterbury auto fabrication. Hes got the tools and know how to do it right. He also found some rust under the rubber seal and sent me pics to ask what to do next. I asked him to fix it as shapes and angles like that are beyond my skills to do nicely. Plus with it getting painted it would be stupid not to repair it now. He sent me some more pics of progress today. Shes looking good! Thanks to @RUNAMUCK bart for the recommendation and to @- i5oogt - karl for the replacement rear light.
  2. Cheers mate. I spoke to the panel guy this afternoon. Canterbury Auto fab. He reckons it's no problem. I just need to locate a light lens. All good. I'll try and find a mint one and just give them the receipt. I was pissed off at the time but the insurance seems to be onto it, panel and paint is being done, so hopefully she'll come out of it that bit tidier. Then theres just the other rust scabs to fix..... hah. Nah. Its patina M9.
  3. Rollercoaster weekend mate hah. I cant get the boot open at all. But yeah it looks like boot, rear panel and drivers side light at this point. The bumper has moved but hopefully its just the mount has bent. No idea if the boot floor is damaged. Yeah hes been in touch, were all insured so hopefully itll all get fixed easy enough.
  4. Faaar out what a weekend. We travelled to Hanmer on Thursday and woke up friday morning to snow. lol. That was good fun though tbh, there werent any scary moments. Kaikoura bound, feeling very underprepared. The Clutch master died on the way over. got lucky with the roadworks and managed to bang gears/ revmatch enough to get all the way into town without stopping once since leaving hanmer. i pulled straight into the caltex and spoke to the mechanic there. he rang round for me and tried to locate a rebuild kit but there wasnt anything anywhere he could find. i decided to try a brake master from a trailer, only as i saw one on the shelf at safe r brakes yrs ago and thought, hmm, that looks similar. turns out theyre identical. fuck yeah. shop across the rd had 2 in stock. the snow hadnt reached KK but the rain had, so i had 40 mins of getting wet and lying on the floor on a sketchy as fuck jack reching in through the wheel well to bleed it. but it worked. the sun came out after i'd finished because of course it did so we cruised the strip a bit until we could check in. Night time at south bay. then the sat cruise. I got hit, fairlane couldnt stop, smacked into a mini which then shunted me. the mini was badly damaged unfortunately. i feel really bad for the guy. i was pretty pissed off but did some stuff still, but mostly waited until the afternoon and parked my arse on the espalande with a box and watched the cars cruise. on the way home... The damage. FU! its been a pretty intense few days tbh.
  5. That colour suits it perfectly. The orange and black will be amazing. It also looks like a sweet finish too. Kudos for those skills.
  6. One classic lucas workshop light bought at a swap meet for $20. Blown to hell, I think someone put 240v in it or something, everything was melted. Some ali express goodness and a very expensive bulb. Seriously. The bulb was more than the lamp lol. Done. And it works.
  7. Thanks man, it's a bit overdue I neglected her for a few yrs, but after buying a house and sorting visas etc I can divert some funds her way now, I hadn't driven it in so long it had dropped off the map tbh which is never a good thing. Il get her stopping and cornering right then look into paint. The bolts are plastic. I'm missing a few so would also be keen to find some tbh. They have a serrated back a bit like a wall plug and are just a push fit.
  8. plenty of 'wiring' happening today. in my defence i fused everything. and it all works. i'm really happy with the result though. finally got the tach in and working. it reads comically high but meh, thats a problem for another day. i love it, they're different cars with the tachs. rust converter doing the magic got the missus tp help me string the screen in, its the 3rd one we've done, she's getting quite good at it lol. i hope i used enough sealant. done, with the chrome.
  9. I think i caught that just in time. and the wheel doesn't really show in the picture but thats a before / after. they look tidier in person though.
  10. well that was a quick month. shit. kaikoura hop next week so i've been doing small jobs instead of the big ones i should be doing. anyway. i bought some rubber and trim from palmside. Before, After. so good. i bought some new brake flexi hoses as i was sure the old ones were giving me some of the spongey pedal feel, i havent tested them yet but the pedal does feel nice. the front screen rubber was shot so i took it out, and there was some surface rust there which i cleaned up and treated, i'll refit the screen tomorrow with the new rubber and trim. i topped up the diff level and gearbox also, and made an attempt at polishing the wheels... pics to follow
  11. I didn't want to be that blatant. But of course. Old fords perfecting the circle work is what its about.
  12. he recommended a plate style which i liked the sound of, i need to research more though but he said it'll give me positive traction under load but off throttle will act more like an open diff, which sounds like what i want tbh, also he said its set and forget.
  13. yeah i've got princess calipers, no rotors yet but will probably buy the hispec 'princess' billet eqiuvalents tbh, link .The price difference between those and rebuilding the OGs with disks,spacers etc is minimal. i have a 1600E complete rear axle which i bought off karl which gives me all the good stuff, anti tramp bars, 4.21 diff and 9" drums. i was talking to palmside this week about lsd's also, but thats another yarn.
  14. Yeah it's all factory at the mo. And also I'm not boiling the fluid, mostly i just wondered if putting in 5.1 now would damage or strip any seals or rubber bits etc or if It would future proof things for later doen the line with some benefits now. but tbh its all good. Dot4 will do. Itll probably be 6 months before I can get the 4 pots anyway, and I might look Into boosters and a dual circuit system.
  15. Once again, thanks yowzer. It was you that sorted my last query too. Brakes pull me up as good as a classic can but new 'harsher?' Fluid finding a weakness is my worry. I'm going to kaikoura next week and would like some peace of mind. I went on a on evening run round the hills a few weeks ago and pedal feel wasnt great on the downhill twisties. Yeah, tbh fuck it. I'll try and locate a new brake master seal kit. Butlers is pretty good for that shit. I also liked the 5.0 idea, abs! Lol. I didnt realise it was slightly compressable though.
  16. Hi Tech spam, me again.... I dont thinki need to start a new thread to go full barry so here goes. brake fluid in classics. i'm attempting a full system bleed tomorrow as i'm replacing the flexi's and thought i've owned it 7 yrs and only ever topped up the fluid. its a 1967 cortina. is dot 4 the go or can i use 5.1 . the internet is rife with stories of rubber seals melting on classics with anything other than dot3 (whats that! lel) . i just want to be able to stomp on the pedal with as much confidence as can be hoped for. edit.. the reason the 5. 1 is a thing is nearish future i want to upgrade to 4 pots at the front with 9in drums but at the mo am stuck with the poverty 2 pots and 7in standard items.
  17. Small update. I've been reading shit loads about brake and suspension upgrades this week. You can buy every component in 3 or 4 varieties for escorts, Capri's and mk3/4/5 cortinas. But mk1/2 and Anglia's are all left out. I phoned Burton power but didn't get much help. But I do have a set of Austin princess calipers to bolt on, which they do, and they clear my 13" wheels. Great. So hi-spec do an equivalent billet 4 pot caliper and rotor kit. I think I'm going to go that route rather than rebuild the princess ones. I replaced all the gear linkage bushes today. Much improvement but I'm still having intermittent problems with the clutch. I'm going to take it to work and reverse bleed it. And after chatting with @gazguy yesterday my idea of a bracket to hold a radio and some gauges turned into a centre console build. I went to the wreckers today and bought a cup holder and pocket for my phone and wallet. Should make things much more comfortable in there. I do like the original look in classics and shape of the dash is nice but tbh having your wallet and phone slide off the seat around turns gets very boring. Here's my start at a template. I want to add more shape into it but am restricted by the under dash handbrake.
  18. i took it on a spirited drive 'over the hill' to LYT on wed with a friend who's just got his MGB back on the rd. tbh i was struggling to keep up and we weren't even breaking the speed limit, just not really using brakes. After swapping out the brake pads last weekend i knew they'd need some more bedding in but tbh they're still dangerously inadequate. i've got a set of austin princess 4 pots which i've had forever in need of a rebuild or i'm not sure if i should just go for wilwoods. 13" wheels are the deciding factor. also, the back end got loose a few times and i really wasn't pushing it ( honest! ). shockies are worn out. so the 'bit of a tidy up' for the hop has just taken a more expensive turn. still . good to find these things out now.
  19. I started out not caring, having had a few 1600s before but shes a bit rarer being an early one and I'm glad I kept the original engine tbh. It's hard to beat the noise of a high revving kent motor with Webers on. A twink is the dream tbh. Although for the money, theres easier ways to get 170hp
  20. She photographs well but as I said after I left it outside for 9 months at work the bodywork took a turn. Theres bubbles on the front of the bonnet and poor repairs previously anyway, and the bog started to show itself through the paint. All fixable though, and this should be the start of the upkeep she deserves.
  21. Ah cool, I took it to work on a saturday a few weeks back and put it over the pit and checked it over (and under) for a wof, and yeah everyone comments on the wheels. I saw a set and wanted some, but I was very lucky to find what I wanted so easily.
  22. Talk in here pls. i will probably be asking lots of questions. chur
  23. Discussion: wheels, i still didnt have money but i asked about these and got a PM about a guy that knew a guy that had some. legit. 7jx13 cheviot quattro. Fuck yeah. i had the carbs rebuilt pro-fresh-a-nally and bought a brand new manifold. i legit stared at this on my coffee table for an entire evening. extractors wrapped. here you can see some combustion evidence, i had to pull the motor back out as is had no oil pressure on first start up. turns out i'd forgotten an oil gallery bung behind the timing cover. MOTHeR f***ER! thankfully, no damage. a the day it got its first wof in 4 yrs, dec 2019. so thats the car up to date pretty much. i havent really used it, but thats why i've restarted a thread. i've signed up for the kaikoura hop this yr and i want to smarten it up before then, 6 weeks at time or writing. i bought a rev counter off Karl late last year and cleaned it up but never installed it as i didnt want to loose my combo gauge. i've bought all the correct senders for my gauges now so i'll be doing that. i had the eaxhaust tweaked a few weeks ago to make it bark a bit more. i want to tidy and de clutter the engine bay a bit and also fit a fusebox as they don't have them, shold be easy enough to make a few important circuit run through a fuse or 6. i've also had this stereo for yrs, positive earth and just screwed under the dash for looks, had a modern one in the glovebox but it was just a stupid amount of effort to do anything with it so i didnt use it. i bought a cheap 2 channel amp off aliexpress and tried to wire in the OG potentiometer for max barry points. i failed, but a friend who develops tech for a living took it home as a hobby project and had it working in a few hrs. So legit. the song is supposed to be ironic, incase you were wondering. i will update this a bit more over the coming weeks, as she's all legal now but obv needs all those small jobs tidying and finishing.
  24. Discussion Thread : New Thread as the old one might have been deleted as i had 2 cars in it? i'm not sure but i cant find it. so here's a recap of 6 yrs. bought in mid 2014 from chch, she has been a nelson car for many yrs judging by the reciepts though. WOF n REG mayte no worries! err. Nah, she was ropey at best. they all leak a bit of oil dont they? i put whitewalls on it cos i was skint and couldn afford any wheels. the accelerator pump on the solex died and was pissing fuel all over the exhaust. i couldnt find a rebuild kit for this apparent orphan of a carb, and i also couldnt find a weber 32/36 but less than that i wasn't keen as the gt manifolds for these apparently go for moonbeams, so a dcoe it was. i rebuilt one good one from two. 1 yr after purchase wof time came around and 'excessive smoke' was cited. i drove it gently, but the missus didn't get the memo. she got pulled a few times in a few weeks and packed a sook and refused to drive it anymore ( it was knackered) . so i parked it, outside at work for 9 months whilst i saved up for a rebuild. this time wasn't kind to it and the paint deteriorated quite a lot. Yum. it was packed off to hpe in chch for a shitload of work. 6 months or so later it came back and i set about a steep learning curve with the help of a good friend. Pose! i was allowed to snug the rocker cover.
  25. I'm an idiot more like. But thats good news! the B pillar looks intact where they've chopped it so theres that going for it, i can work the rest out. If it can be certfied thats good enough at this point. thanks for the info. i'd best try and buy it now then.