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  1. Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    This ^^
  2. Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    The non power steering column is too short, so could you just make up a spacer to fill the gap?
  3. Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    For power steering you will also need the column from the power steering car aswell
  4. Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline

    Finished butchering the boot floor this morning
  5. Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline

    Fixed the driver's side sills this evening Parts car had a rust free boot floor Ready to weld tomorrow 
  6. Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline

    Finished the tailgate this arvo.
  7. Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline

    Did most of the work on the tailgate this evening at work.... New lower skin to go on tomorrow.
  8. Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline

  9. Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    @toy-mota the ms75 wreck I pulled the manual bits out of had a two piece driveshaft. Facelift also
  10. justharrys 1965 pontiac bonneville

    So much productivity on this.......not Decided to get something done on this. Trans pan was leaking from changing the filter. Dropped the pan and lots of atf all over my arms cos no drain bung. Rip. Also pulled front calipers again cos they are dragging. Might/will probly drop off at CBC and pay them to go over them and make new again . No photos
  11. @RUNAMUCK when.are you.going.to do some.automobile prep work.?
  12. Karls - 72 Green 260c Discussion