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  1. JustHarry


    @00quattro00 Have used this stuff at work 2 pack. Kinda tip/ brush on then run a roller over it thG is in the kit. Puts that stippled texture on it. Dries rock solid and water tight supposedly pretty hard wearing
  2. JustHarry

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Considering over 500,000 were built during their over 10 year production I don't know if it's "rare' as such. More just different
  3. JustHarry

    Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    It's dangerous to block doors off the car. Same with guards. As when you sand naturally you end up sending the edge more and end up with bare metal on the edges. (Which is good so you don't end up the build up) but is also bad because you will have a build up of product in the over the panel potentially making it to full. This is why we block through the doors/front guards/rear guards so that you don't end up putting more weight on the edges when sanding and keeps everything straight. Probably not a big deal for what you doing. Just food for thought for next time......
  4. JustHarry

    Matteybean's MS65 Crown

    @Matteybean How are you going to stop the doors and guards diving in at the edges. Since your blocking them separately? Being black it's gonna show up any missalignment in the pannels real bad
  5. JustHarry

    Justharrys 1971 ms65 Ami crown

    Did this on both sides. Also put a new edge on the inner guard. Still need to do other half of both wheel arches.
  6. JustHarry

    Justharrys 1971 ms65 Ami crown

    A pillar rust
  7. JustHarry

    Justharrys 1971 ms65 Ami crown

    Long time no update. Rebuilt all the brakes. Front shocks and put new upper a arm bushes in the front. Built/cobbled an exhaust together that didn't leak and sounded ok. Fixed a bit of rust. Got a wof. Fixed more Have some photos Mended the front left guard this arvo. Had hit something and crushed the front lip in a bit. Made a new edge and welded it in. Dressed the dents out.will paint later
  8. JustHarry

    Justharrys 1971 ms65 Ami crown

    Change if plans again cos punisher. Bought a ms65 Ami assemble crown. Minimal rust. Last wof 2001. Sweet dark brown interior
  9. JustHarry

    justharrys 1965 pontiac bonneville discussion

    Thank you. Guards bumper grill. Will fit.
  10. JustHarry

    Recommended Car/ wheel painters in CHCH

    James lee designs do good work
  11. JustHarry

    Karl's - 1976 Honda EB Civic

    Dissasembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled the CV's this evening. Bit of wear. But will do for the mean time. New boots to make them look fresh af.
  12. JustHarry

    Karl's - 1976 Honda EB Civic

    5speed Manual conversion time
  13. JustHarry

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    @sheepers Where did you get the new carb from?