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  1. Most/all tyre places sell them Ive got sets off mag n turbo before
  2. I havnt had a fan on this for a while as all my viscous are either siezed or nof doinh anything so i took it off so it didnt sound like a van Carfully route planning and nof sitting in traffic was the key to not overheating it. Anyways. I had the radiator record recently and at the same time i got the shop to put a bung for a temp switch in. So tonight i put an electric fan in it Its actually out of a 1992 galant out in field
  3. Dash is in. Tacho works ok. Not accurate but looks the part.
  4. @RUNAMUCK +1 for comac. We use them at work. Almost always have what we need. No human interaction is a bonus
  5. Got the tacho looking hot. However not working so hot. I dont think its reading accurately. But i also have no way of checking that so maybe im imagining it
  6. Oof yes. Definitely 4wd haha. Its quite manageable in 4L most if it is pretty cruisy but some of it requires carefull wheel placement
  7. Painted the tacho Now to get the numbers made
  8. Added power steering. No more struggling in carparks
  9. Got the patch in welded and seam sealed up. Shouldn't leak water into the cabin now. Most of it is covered so just flicked a bit of black on it for now
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