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  1. @Mof got the video of me cleaning the underside of the cruiser at speed?
  2. I did diff breathers the other week. Should prob do gearbox for friday also
  3. Light bar seems like a stupid fail. I got a wof with the spotties
  4. I'll have a fire extinguisher. Prob a small shovel and some basic first aid Got no recovery gear though. Getting a uhf this arvo
  5. How much water are we expecting @Mof I as if yet havnt added longer breathers to the cruiser. Its got the factory ones that go up to the floor but that's it
  6. That reminds me. I should go get a radio for the cruiser
  7. It's a proven fact that supercats and rain add 500hp to any eninge. Otherwise how else would my ms65 with a 5m be able to do skids ?
  8. @yetchh How much time on acc are you getting for your finger? I just had almost 5 weeks from doing a similar trick cutting firewood up. It was a bit munched