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  1. I'm not an expert. But I belive it's more about what its actually made of. Mild steel wont harden I think. Its something to do with the carbon content? Iike with centre punches. You heat the tip to red hot then quench in oil and its hardens up
  2. Pickapart is your friend in this situation. I think rav4 have 2 pretty grunty 2 speed fans that are detachable from each other. Otherwise I've walked around with a tape measure and just found something that works Even better is if you get the loom and temp probe for the radiator and theyll come on and off like a factory setup. I've got galant electric fan and probe in my ms65 and it keeps it cool and comes on and off like a facotry setup. And doenst look out of place My 2c
  3. Wanna make me a kitchen before you ruin it?
  4. Oof gsxr 750? I've got a new toy that when I've finished painting it will look good parked next to it at some point too
  5. Hq are only 5x120 If its actually 5x5" it will be pretty limited to old American stuff
  6. That's old 60s and 70s pontiac /Chevrolet. As far as getting a pair of wheels.... Future proofing is probably better to go 5x114.3 and use a toyota/nissan steel wheel. Might be a bit of outlay to change the hubs. But will save headaches further down the line
  7. Thanks I've cleaned it with contact cleaner. Just spray it off I suspect the alternator was unwell as it also stopped charging a week ago. Replacement alternator still does it. Just not as bad. I should go get some terminal protector .
  8. Its a hydraulic controlled. No ecu. Non lockup. So just a a43d . It's off the back of a 5mge so the converter will prob be pretty good for the 4v. Will need someone whose more clued up that myself about bellhousing/converter
  9. Must be a very early one to have a carburetor. The Aisin carbs are dogshit inefficient and they tend to be pretty hungry on fuel. Best thing you cam do is find a small Holley and make a adapter plate. Seems like a bargain what you paid for it especially If it's been done up already
  10. If you do decide to run an a43d I've got a low kms (140km) one out of a soarer under my bench
  11. The 4v was actually in century's. They never fitted a v8 to a crown till the 1uz came out. As far as a overdrive trans a a43d would work but I doubt a bellhousing exists for it
  12. Just seems weird it's the only car I've ever had do it When the battery is in something else its doesnt do it?
  13. What causes this? It's on my ms65 crown. Internally regulated alternator that charges at 14v. It's always done it and it's pretty annoying
  14. Ended up putting another 5m in this. One showed up on marketplace and I acquired it. Was a bit scabby inside. Ended up swapping cam/lifters/oilpump/sump/can chain and tensioner(Near new)/ and did a headgasket and stem seals whilst it was apart. from spare motors to make it a good thing. Looks like a low kms motor as theres no visible bore wear Then this happend Then this also happened Running good again . Making doort noises Even got a good photo or two taken of it . Wow much high definition so quality And that's much story
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