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  1. Is the piece needing repair cast aluminum? I can prob do it although welding cast ali is a gamble at the best of times. Is often contaminated inside the metal and just blows out for no reason. How replaceable are the pieces?
  2. JustHarry


    At work we use lecher black epoxy. Sticks to anything. Parts still needs to be cleaned and prepped properly. Fairly durable finish. But scratches easily. For a really durable finish we top coat with glasurit 2k black . Often semigloss or satin. But just a couple good coats of lechler black epoxy would be more than sufficient for a 4x4. Has a semi gloss finish
  3. Am keen to do some day/afternoon pesting somewhere. Wheres somewhere good to spend a couple hrs pesting around. Rivers/tracks the likes. @NickJ @Mof
  4. Oh right. Sounds good. Will have to go buy some 4wd type stuff in preparation
  5. I thought doc huts were a first in first served sort of deal
  6. These should be satisfactory? Fronts are only 10000lbs each dunno about the back @Mof
  7. Keen to do a few day trips just to give the truck a chance to prove itself. /should prob lift it at some stage and put bigger tyres on it for max degeneration
  8. Keen to do another trip Just acquired a kzj78 manual with muf tyres. @Mof @NickJ @DoBro Jesus /who ever else has a truck
  9. Was a legit meat Got some dec pics of the Pontiacs one yearly outing
  10. I mean the rusty one that's sitting in my feild that Nick's motor came from