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  1. just baffling isnt it.... \
  2. tank repairs under way. set work stand on fire from welds......oops
  3. been fighting to keep carb clean decided to clean gas tank speaks for itself
  4. yes still have spats. some clips though are missing.
  5. and here is some more racing photos Queenstown sprint 1987 Queenstown sprint 1987 Queenstown sprint 1986 Dunedin street race 1984
  6. only took one photo of rebuilding brakes fail
  7. havnt posted and update in a while so here is some diff cleaning been a while so id better do an update. not really recent but yea cleaning diff
  8. discuss . do or dont your all adults make your own choice
  9. for those interested in an already involved project here is my dads 1965 Pontiac Bonneville when it was raced in the 80s it has beefyer swaybar in the front and one put in the rear. the front suspension has been lowered and aligned for racing and good turn in. disk brakes are installed in the front to replace the drums. along with a dual circuit holden hq master cylinder. the motor is the original matching numbers 389 couples with a th400 trans also original and untouched driving a 2.56:1 diff also original. the car is now just giong to be used as a awesome powerful cruiser. with some racing heritage. He has had the car 40 yeas this year. the last 20 of those it has resided in the garage in hibernation. during the new year i set about installing the 389ci v8 back into the car and making it run and drive.....stopping was another issue.....later though as typically an old car does it has some rust so that will need dealing with before i go for a wof nothing to bad just a little in the radiator support panel/cross member , both c pillers around guttering, right rear door shut area and the left rear dogleg . all fixable though. this is how i went about fixing the radiator support panel... just take the whole lot out and put it on the bench....... much easier drive down the road to wals... no bonnet....no reg..... no wof...no worries for those interested i have some old racing photos of the car from the 80s. i will try take more photos of what i do on the car.