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  1. JustHarry

    diesel spam

    Ive delt with mds in kaiapoi for 1kz stuff they are easy to deal with and reasonable priced
  2. JustHarry

    diesel spam

    I see kaiapoi repoweres make down pipes for them. The 2.5 is 250 and the 3 is 350. Dunno why its so much more expensive since it's almost the same material.
  3. JustHarry

    diesel spam

    So i need to put a new exhust under my kzj78 landcruiser as the factory one is falling apart. My question is is it worth going to a 3" for or will 2.5 suffice. Currently the truck is stock. But it is mainly used for towing so will be getting a wee bit more boost and fuel in future . Also its non intercooled. Which i will be changing soon for a factory 90 series intercooler.
  4. I find with my 78 series cruiser it's a lot better to just drop a gear and travel a bit slower. Keeps egts low and doesnt lug the motor at low rpm The only thing you do by keeping it in a high gear is make your egts hit to roof and do damage Pulled most of 3t from mot to chch. Never had any overheating issues. Even up Spooners/hope saddle/Lewis
  5. A neibour has a isuzu elf. 1996. He is doing one of those plastic campers that go on the back of utes on it . As the deck will be gone he wont be able to load it to what it used to be. Is there a way to change from a COF to a WoF or because the factory has given it a Gvm of like 4t is he stuck with going for a COF?
  6. Please fit ac to the wagon. Would be 11/10 lush
  7. Or else basis probably have something. But in blenheim though
  8. @Mof got the video of me cleaning the underside of the cruiser at speed?
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