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  1. Did some work on it tonight. I put brake pads and shoes in it the other weekend. New front pads pushed the pistons in so the rusty bit was on the seal and they dragged pretty bad. Took then apart sandblasted the caliper and cleaned up the pistons. They're a little pitted but I figure they'll be fine for now. Fitted them this arvo. Stops better now Also fitted the spare properly Next step is get a wof So this can happen
  2. No relevant pictures. But I fixed the rust in the floor the other weekend. It's a fair bit quieter to drive with no holes in the floor. Have used it to move firewood around and dump some green waste for my nan
  3. And @NickJ should also take some time off driving the snow lawn mowers
  4. If only there was a plate of some sort on the front and rear of the vehicle with letters and numbers of some sort that could be put Into a website to bring up details about the vehicle ?
  5. @Mof you comming up to this.......with a landcruiser? I may take my cruiser up if there is some interest in partaking in some off road pesting
  6. Foot flat for 12kms from culverdon to balmoral reserve this was maximum speed Oh and the speedo read like 8kms fast...... Shes not winning any races
  7. Bit of details It's a 1995 nissan 720. Has a sd23 2.3 non turbo diesel. Making a cuntsmashing 73hp. 5 speed floor change. 206,000kms allegedly genuine. I almost believe to be true as it drives so nice and it's not completely worn out. Also the old Barry I got it off didnt seem like the sort of person who would wind it. Real povo spec. Dash doesn't even have a trip meter. Gave it a decent clean after work today. Got all the takaka dirt and spiderwebs out of the dash. Blacked the tires and washed the body. Almost looks presentable What are my plans for it? I dont know. Has a few rust holes in the floor that I need to deal with. But likely slam and differnt wheel. And maybe zutututututu Who knows
  8. Long story short @- i5oogt - @azzar and myself were in takaka to buy yet another mk2 Mirage . The car was in the impound yard at Orange mechanical also in takaka. We went for a wander around their yard and in their , to be crushed pile was this cream nissan 720 no wheels. No bumper or plates. On closer inspection it had two rego labels........ It failed a wof on rust in the floor. The owner not wanting to spend the money getting it fixed. Decided it was the end of the road for the little ute. Strange since hed owned it for nearly 20years and had never taken it out of the valley. After contacting the owner a deal was struck and plates and wheels were obtained from his possession. The wheels having 4 near new maxxis commercial tyres. First hurdle was the takaka hill..... in a sd23 powered ute Not to be scoffed at the little ute chugged up the hill in 4th gear most of the way. (Had to find 3rd for the real tight corners). The sd23 was quickly proving itself as a force to be reckond with A quick stop in motueka to wash the moss and lichen off using @Slacker_Sam. Car care kit. And off we set to Christchurch. Register but no wof. Made it to murchison for a meal at the pub before dark. But after that was all nigh running. The sd23 was more than happy cruising along at 100km and seemed to be a set and forget in 5th gear up hill and down dale 5th gear did it all. 6hrs on the road from takaka to chc and over half at night. And over 450km in a ute destined for the crusher. Better yet it didnt use a drop of oil or coolant on the drive back
  9. That's gonna get changed for a 4.1 pretty quick haha
  10. Has no brakes at the moment they need a rebuild as everything is pretty seized. I'm sorta hoping that since thyre not a super heavy ute and the ld20t although turbo will still be pretty slow, it might be ok.
  11. @cletus @KKtrips I want to put a datsun 620 through cert for a ld20t . It has kingpin and trunnion front suspension and drum brakes all round at the moment. I wi be running fairly small tyres likely 195/60/15 so nothing huge to load brakes to much. And I guess prob a 4.1 diff. Bear in mind the ld20t is not exactly a powerhouse In your experience will the drum brakes after being rebuilt, new shoes, cylinders and whatnot, pass the brake testing? Or am I pushing shit uphill even trying to get them through. Or do I need to go to ball joints and disk brakes? Please and thankyou
  12. Just rejected the crowns carb to fix a stumble. Ready to go
  13. Will try park pretty close. Bigger standing around to long when its cold
  14. 4wd Mission up the river again? @Mof @NickJ , @DoBro Jesus if your turbo shows up buy then hahahaha
  15. When you have some success casting them. I'd be pretty keen to do a couple for the crown fender mirrors. As the escutcheons are getting real had to find in good condition