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  1. JustHarry


    I'd doubt any seam sealer would stand up to paint stripper. Not much does. Even double layer latex gloves give up in the end
  2. Love it how he called the crown "patined" Like na mate it's rusty
  3. We use bumper replacements at work for chrome They are very capable of doing high quality show chrome. But you pay for what you get .
  4. Fuck yea. Fletch showed me some pics when he was down. Wicked progress from when I saw it in Horners backyard Good to see more crowns being given some love
  5. Should also add. Someone who doesn't know what they're doing/tries cutting corners with he prosses will wreck a took in no time and you'll be left with. Golf ball to fill
  6. Find a panel better with a reputation for metal finishing. We have done a couple roofs at work. Is a very time-consuming exercise between wheeling up a patch panel/welding/and dressing the roof up. There is a good couple hrs in welding as you can only weld 20mm ish before stopping and hammering the weld area. Will pretty much always need a fine skim coat of filler but when done properly Wil need very little product . Worth it though. Old aftermarket sunroofs are crap/always leak. And detract from total value of the car
  7. Yea just drive in the main gate. Pay entry and someone in hi-visibility will direct you
  8. @Triumphant How much stuff is left down marshlands Rd. Have seen the wreckers in and out of there quite frequently recently. How's Charlie to deal with now. He went a bit grumpy with some of us for no reason
  9. If you do some research you will find thatbthe Cadillac type 53 was actually the first car to have conventional controlls in 1916. Also worth noting is prior to that's many cars used the same pedals but with the accelerator between the clutch and brake pedal.
  10. Yea the magnet is so when any bits of metal end up in the fluid rather than grinding the trans to death they just stick to the magnet