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  1. Sorted the shifter bush this arvo. Didnt have any sutible plastic to make a bush out if so modifyed 2 bronze bushes O.d was to big so turned it down to fit. Made one a little small so used a bit of locktite to secure it Then reamed out the i.d till the bottom bolt would go through with only a little clearance Sorted
  2. I had to try pretty hard not to just put a 6g72 in it when i got into the motor and saw how yuck the heads were. But being how rare a v2000 is i figured it would be kinda cool to keep it original motor.
  3. Should add i think the calipers have been relitted at some point in the past as the pistons and seals are in good condition. Compared to the fronts that are in very poor condition. Will be getting seals for the rear calipers anyways
  4. The rear brakes are vented on the v2000 The galant ones are not Some v3000 have the same brakes so hopefully parts arnt to bad
  5. Something that annoyed me with jt was the auto shifter is sloppy amd feels loose. Spent way longer than i though removing the center console. Every piece of trim is screwed in with more screws than seems necessary. But got there in the end. Removed the shifter to find the bottom bush non existent. Will have to spin one up from acetal at work one evening
  6. A while ago i bought a low kms one owner galant with a rekt motor. Was gonna scrap it but them i noticed the front brakes were pretty similar. Exacly similar i turns out So i set to work this weekend amd swapped master cyclinder, front rotors, calipers, and flexi lines over for yhe frony brakes. Geting rid of the corroded siezed old calipers and dry cracked soft lines. Now in have a functioning front brake system with what look like near new disks rears i was not so lucky with and everything is slighlty differnt. Will rekit the rear calipers and get new soft lines m
  7. Most/all radiator shops will also clean fuel tanks
  8. There is a manifold on. 4g63 in a l300 at my house that belongs to @DoBro Jesus In chch though
  9. In saying that @- i5oogt - 330 cedric had flat to inverted leaves and if handles surprisingly well for a big car.
  10. Got the cooling system all buttoned up. And filled it up and ran the motor up to temp. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd one of the frost plugs is leaking Should be an easy one to get to once the front exhaust manifold manifols is off
  11. Spent some time this arvo and went though appcos stock of hoses to find some the match. Got a couple that will work ok. Bittom hose is a awkward shape bit found one almost the same
  12. @ajg193 saw this parked at the shops barbados/warrington st this arvo
  13. Yeah missing a fuel leak is droping the ball pretty bad. Depends how they test break's i guess. If its just by driving down the road and relies on the mechanics experience/option. And can vary. But yes i agreee that a bad brake imbalance is also dropping the ball pretty hard. I understand leaniancy around minor rust or lights or whatnot. But major saftey issues need to be adressed
  14. Did a bit more work on this today. Repaied a rusted coolant line in the throttle body.
  15. I do remeber @Pee Dubs rear wheel being a bit wobbly.....
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