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  1. Next thjng was to pull the heads off and strip them for cleaning Valve guids were mint with little to no play. Dropped them off at cylinder head specialists in town for them to tank them clean and run a skim over them ended up taking 12thou off them to clean them up as they were pretty rotten from having water in it. Also got the intake manifold vapour blasted and then i repainted the black and it looks ace Put the heads back together with new stem seals tonight. And bolted them back on the block And thats where im upto
  2. Because it had trans problems the motor was due to come out. And like all quality mitsubishi's the valve stem seals might as well have been made of granite. So i found a top end set to repalce some gaskets fwd v6 are suuuper lame to work on. So many innacessable bolts Started pulling the trans down. Hoping to find something wrong with it. However the further in it got the more it found it was in near new condition Replaced a bunch of seals and o rings as i went. Put it all back together without finding anything actually wrong with it so maybe it just ha
  3. So @DoBro Jesus bought this car about a year ago off some old mate who had parked it up in 06 when it had a "blown headgasket" So jesse had a look over it replaced water pump cambelt and some other bits. We took the fuel tank out as it was pretty rusty inside and had it hot tanked and cleaned. Came out mint. Og fuel pump was coosed so a subaru one happened to be the same size so was used as a replacement. We got it running amd driving with some freeing up of brake caliper slides that were a bit stuck The thing was happy as ran, well pulled string and shifted well. Untill it didnt...
  4. I guess the station will have some pretty serious machinery anways so prob wont take them to ling to carve a new road out again
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    I agree with @Spencer painting over rust converters is a big nono. Its all crap and paint doesnt stick to it at all well For interoir stuff like that hammerite is a good option. Its ment to go over a bit of rust and seems to "kill"/treat it?. so just wire wheel/purple wheel it back as much as posible. And then sand it with something like 80grit to give a good adhesion surface on the steel. Hammerite dries pretty hard. So just key it up and put whatever top coat you want over it. 2k epoxys only really work well when the steel under them us spotlessly clean otherwise rust just c
  6. JustHarry

    diesel spam

    Ive delt with mds in kaiapoi for 1kz stuff they are easy to deal with and reasonable priced
  7. JustHarry

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    I see kaiapoi repoweres make down pipes for them. The 2.5 is 250 and the 3 is 350. Dunno why its so much more expensive since it's almost the same material.
  8. JustHarry

    diesel spam

    So i need to put a new exhust under my kzj78 landcruiser as the factory one is falling apart. My question is is it worth going to a 3" for or will 2.5 suffice. Currently the truck is stock. But it is mainly used for towing so will be getting a wee bit more boost and fuel in future . Also its non intercooled. Which i will be changing soon for a factory 90 series intercooler.
  9. I find with my 78 series cruiser it's a lot better to just drop a gear and travel a bit slower. Keeps egts low and doesnt lug the motor at low rpm The only thing you do by keeping it in a high gear is make your egts hit to roof and do damage Pulled most of 3t from mot to chch. Never had any overheating issues. Even up Spooners/hope saddle/Lewis
  10. A neibour has a isuzu elf. 1996. He is doing one of those plastic campers that go on the back of utes on it . As the deck will be gone he wont be able to load it to what it used to be. Is there a way to change from a COF to a WoF or because the factory has given it a Gvm of like 4t is he stuck with going for a COF?
  11. Please fit ac to the wagon. Would be 11/10 lush
  12. Or else basis probably have something. But in blenheim though
  13. @Mof got the video of me cleaning the underside of the cruiser at speed?
  14. I did diff breathers the other week. Should prob do gearbox for friday also
  15. Light bar seems like a stupid fail. I got a wof with the spotties
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