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  1. Why on earth haven't you *nux/*nix supernerds told me about Tilde text editor before now!
  2. I use Librecad to cross check files: https://librecad.org/#download then view-autozoom
  3. Tried vinegar? I had some gunked up carbs that petrol, acetone and other nasty ass solvents wouldn't clean, than later vinegar seemed to work. Weird, but...
  4. Thanks, you just cleared up a mis-conception I had. More here https://www.csselectronics.com/screen/page/simple-intro-obd2-explained/language/en#:~:text=Link between OBD2 and CAN,that it can run on.
  5. Mr @Roman, do you happen to know if brake lights / indicator info come up CANbus via OBD2? TiA
  6. Looks so good (also the car in the reflection)
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/listing/2939408453?bof=ncAoTg69
  8. Woss the field current at? (Though I'm unsure what it actually should be). May give a clue to faulty brushes, field windings / alien electron eaters. Youd expect the relay to be on, and current to be climbing. Oh, and check output diodes
  9. Who are our other Chch homies might be up for this, @RUNAMUCK @ajg193 @JustHarry @Carsnz123 @NickJ... Who am I forgetting?
  10. I'm keen, and can bring the OG slam-b-que, or the little charcoal barbie as people prefer
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