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  1. To keep the batteries healthy on long term maintenance, you'se want reasonable accurate voltage set at, say 13.5V per battery, should be fine with a single supply at 27.0V in series. They'll naturally current limit as the become charged up.
  2. Maybe near these numbers: https://rzcrewgarage.com/products/cp-pistons-kit-11-5-1cr-75mm-bore-toyota-1nzfe-sc7447-sc7447 Specifications: Manufacturer Brand: CP Pistons Part Number: SC7447 Compression Ratio: 11.5:1 Bore (mm): 75 ( STD) Stroke (mm): 84.7 Rod Length (mm): 140.8 Pin Diameter (mm): 18 Compression Height (mm): 27.6606 Block Height (mm): Piston weight (Gr): 226 Replacement Parts: Pin: 708-2250-15CP1C Rings: CPN 2953 Locks: 708 050 SWL
  3. Or CBR 1000 from '04, at $89 (if 17mm is a reasonable height for yours?) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003624664740.html
  4. A old-style Dremel with flex-shaft is only about 18mm around the handpiece. Set a ball end tool in there miiiight reach? (Jobmate dremel clone flex shaft is poor, avoid.) Or do it reeeally slowly with one of these? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000126830373.html
  5. Uh oh, more tuning options? https://garage.redline360.com/4-1-vs-4-2-1-headers-what-is-the-difference-what-makes-more-power
  6. Any updates? Was curious how this panned out.
  7. So good to hear you're still doing the thing. I think folks down here have been watching you, there's more and more of these in good state of paint, slabbing around the streets. You trend-setter you. Dont buy too much pertol, or you'll put the price up and I won't be able to run the Dai!
  8. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kf-CdvnuB3tBH6RVCWjvZmkiRqvjfpRN?usp=sharing
  9. I can scan an L-38 one. It won't be identical, but will be similar, and show you their 'style' . E.g. alt has a green light for working, not a red for fail.
  10. I do like how you're listing the part numbers etc for folks / google to find. Good stuff! Also, there's an active group here, with a guy who sources sells S38 parts, get yourself an invite https://www.facebook.com/groups/1842192666046554/
  11. I'm stealing some electrons from the Dai. Maybe some of you know I have another OS vehicle, which would be much more suitable for a wee open road excursion to somewhere near the sounds, somewhere near summer:
  12. I have in my hand an internal/external SCSI card, if you'd like...
  13. Possibly failing ignition coil? Arcing may give those symptoms. I had tracking hiding on the underside of the centre HT connector of a coil..
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