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  1. You gonna put some building paper under the tin to soak-up/delay etc any condensation? I had to refresh mine to keep (other) drips from my Daihatsu in my converted carport.
  2. Ship it. It good enough for initial release to market.
  3. If you have wet batteries, the water you replace has turned into H2 and O2. H2 rises, and will burn / explode on wide mixture ratios. Sealed batteries probably make minimal amounts in normal use (but then things do sometimes fault, and sometimes overcharge). There's disagreement on how much of a problem it is ( https://www.caravanersforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=7574#p100660 ). I'd guestimate the easiest way would be to just run a wee tube out the top of the box, up and out somewhere. Could probably hook it over at the top like a candy-cane to easily keep water out.
  4. It's coming along nicely. Be great in summer, for buggering off fishing, right? Also, please vent the top of your battery box to the outside, don't want 'splodey H2 when you charge the battery!
  5. Me too, but now I seem to have caught a lurg. Y'all want my lurg? Can I attend via CoVideo?
  6. Ahem, @~Slideways~ Closing sale this week. https://twitter.com/CoalDominion/status/1282186196630638592
  7. Yeah, we orta have an OS carport / 9.99m² temporary building / barn raising, so he's got somewhere to spread Swedish bits.
  8. LoL, ain't nothing mighty about the Dai...
  9. You're all smoking crack. It'll probs get there, tho.
  10. Maytes. If we're doing this bad, maybe we should pass the hat around and hire them a shiny new Tiida.
  11. Oops, tho SDI can support multiple devices. Edit, analogue amp here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32965912818.htm $34 for 2x or here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32875383430.html @NickJ
  12. Add a amplifier? https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-max31865-rtd-pt100-amplifier/arduino-code?view=all