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  1. Its not in google maps. Link pls. Update: Ouruhia Reserve Styx, Christchurch 8083 https://maps.app.goo.gl/gP4gWQUiNRt4cKNK6
  2. Now with added pics. I see that if I'm looking at the page in an anonymouse browser, the sig doesn't show. No wonder people ask things which are referenced in the sig.
  3. I pasted the photo in to the page, I thought I was putting he image onto the server. Shall see to it soon.
  4. Ironically, it handled better on the (cough) Cavallinos. The Chinese biscuits don't brake as well, but the limited cornering is probably a net benefit :-/
  5. Oh, I'm not ubscribed to this thread. (!?_) Thanks for the heads-up on the goog vid links @ajg193. You mean the goog vid links in the photo collections? (link pls) Chur
  6. Have my photo links from a couple of posts back gone weird? Or is that just my browser being tin-foil-hat?
  7. So, thanks to an @ajg193 referral, and @kyteler for posting the link over in the discussion thread, this happened: Then last friday, this also happened: That's new-ish to Chch, has an 850cc Dai il3 transplant, and the owner stopped to say hello.
  8. The Auckland peeps are threatening movie nights, and suggested the Ford vs Ferrari movie. That's a good idea!
  9. Thanks for posting the link. (I'll watch soon). I took him for a thrash up a motorway, to demonstrate dealing with the shagged synchros, then left him to it.
  10. Interesting point, well stated. @cletus does however already have available a high pressure supply of a volatile substance which will evaporate and cool the Air. It's the petrol. Try extra injector(s) upstream, simplify EFI / mix / AFR setups? Just run hella rich momentarily, safer on the pistons too, right?
  11. Try LTSpice to simulate, or put a current transformer around the output lead.