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  1. 18th is the 3rd Wednesday. I seem to have the Dai running again, but regardless, I'ma go for a beer (/kombucha) at Spitfire square ~7pm.
  2. What sizes you need? I take it Para failed to provide the necessary? Jaycar have a few (6mm wire: https://www.jaycar.co.nz/9-5mm-rubber-grommets-cable-dia-6mm-pk-8/p/HP0702) And you can raid my junk bin, or on Monday try electrical suppliers like ideal: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Ideal+Electrical+-+Christchurch+Sydenham/@-43.5488826,172.6370553,15z/data=!4m9!1m2!2m1!1selectrical+supply!3m5!1s0x0:0x8af6f693f78e208f!8m2!3d-43.5417008!4d172.6309181!15sChFlbGVjdHJpY2FsIHN1cHBseVoTIhFlbGVjdHJpY2FsIHN1cHBseZIBF2VsZWN0cmljYWxfc3VwcGx5X3N0b3Jl or Redcliffe: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Radcliffe+Electrical/@-43.5338968,172.6347574,15z/data=!4m9!1m2!2m1!1sradcliffe+electrical!3m5!1s0x0:0xd55b399a3a24c6a8!8m2!3d-43.5355638!4d172.6485419!15sChRyYWRjbGlmZmUgZWxlY3RyaWNhbCIDiAEBkgEVZWxlY3RyaWNhbF93aG9sZXNhbGVy
  3. Light dimmer style? Probably OK, best ask a tame sparky. @UTERUS etc? Chuck'em in parallel, use sensible fuses, make sure chassis are securely grounded. Insulate them for another layer of safety. 4kW is getting pretty heavy, you're gonna maybe melt your plugs / sockets / wires in the wall / set the suburb on fire / raise the CO2. Maybe get a (safe) current meter so you know how reckless you're being? I think @NickJ comment may be worth considering. Pneumatic engineer, I ain't
  4. You have them in series or parallel? (i.e. are you running up against a pressure differential limit on the vacs?)
  5. Yeah 70w is a bit high for unregulated. 2-5W prob fine, 10W maybe/probably ok on a big battery like a van
  6. Probably fine, but check: Does the cig lighter stay on when the ignition is off? If not, you'll need to wire in the solar (fuse it!) or another cig lighter.
  7. This was such a good Idea I took the Raum to Supercheap to get a code read They only do OBD And there's every chance this could be the issue here too (no temp guage)
  8. Damn, you do bring the shine, inside and out!
  9. From over in Spam: @Nominal wanted a fuel pump control, and warned about electrical noise in cars. (Yep yep, aha!) I'm pondering... Would folks want a case like this https://www.jaycar.co.nz/economy-die-cast-aluminum-boxes-119-x-93-5-x-34mm/p/HB5067 or plastic (then will also need a heatsink for a transistor for fan/ignition) or no case? Screw terminals or Spade connector blades on the PCB? Waterproof entry to the box? More features = more expensive, of course.
  10. http://www.irex-jp.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=97_64&products_id=941 I have a packet at home, will look up the part number
  11. Keen for events. Pretty flexible, so will try for any of these times.
  12. I hear a rumour that MB have electric power steering pump in these? http://www.pickapart.co.nz/eziparts/Display_Vehicles.asp?MakeID=0&SeriesID=6280&LocationID=2&VehicleDesc=Mercedes-Benz 160
  13. Good fun, but do your homework about what it'll take to re-register. They'll be looking inside the chassis for rust, etc. I got quoted silly monies to fix up a 550cc to required spec.
  14. Also, need to use KiTTY not PuTTY for best results for windows users.
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