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  1. Damn you guys are smart. will reply back when this thing is either broken or modified
  2. interestingly thats the same hp/cc figure of the MB
  3. yeah thats 1hp more than mine when new
  4. How many hp is a gn125 @tortron
  5. Flick me a pm when ya ready and I'll show u how
  6. nah mate, 6v. going 12v with fullwave rectifier and capicator bank was the best upgrade the bikes had by far. the 6v lighting was useless for so many reasons.
  7. Here's the same circuit with 110v input,
  8. Perfect. I'd have been real sad having my 100cc 2 stroke raped by the 125 4 stroke hahahahhaa.
  9. Whats top speed of a gn125?
  10. Thanks all. Will get into it soon, picked up motor. Same length, larger gearbox but smaller cylinder head. approx 20mm wider in gearbox. Roughly 10mm a side isn't as bad as expected. Plz keep eye open for any wr200s being wrecked as need quite a few parts
  11. Well, If this is the most illegal thing that I do during this lifetime- then i'm doing alright. Once the shed is finished and the house is sold- I'm allowed a bigger bike, but i'd still LOVE to get this down to the cold kiwi next year. I feel rather defeated right now. @Truenotch had that filter on there since the start. When i got the bike it had no air filter at all. I did keep part of the plastic hosing to the filter which looked to be the biggest restriction but obviously failed. I'm going with it being on the edge of safety for the past year and the cold air was just enough to push it over the edge. Do other 2t guys use anything special to warn of impending doom? Knock sensors even? EGT seems to require a huge amount of experience to read reliably.
  12. The flash sequence kinda stops and restarts. I tried probing the circuit last night to figure out if there was a place on the DC side of the circuit that i could power an arduino off. There is far more going on in this than i understand and the few areas i tried getting a voltage reading from REALLY upset things. EG, voltage would very quickly either increase or decrease once touching the probes. Apologies about my explanations, im no sparky lol. Iv put it back in its case now and will just use it as is (and maybe get a second charger @Roman)
  13. Could it have been the cold air?
  14. Iv had this thing wide open for quite large rides, this was only a few minutes in. Bought a wr200 motor pick up tomorrow. Will have to hassle @64valiant for use of his shop
  15. Good idea. One strange thing is that on the PCB and housing there are two LED's side by side. One only goes if there is a battery fault- that looks like a normal LED. The LED that I need to measure doesn't look like a normal LED and I just cant figure out why. Its round but has a flat top on it rather than a dome. Real weird. I think I'll just give it a hoon and see what happens when tapping direct to it. If not then use a light sensor... that would work well if I stick the sensor inside the case pointing at that LED. Cheers,