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  1. And I replaced all of the bikes steel tophat bushes with aluminum items, made in NZ this time.
  2. The exhaust hanger thing was still Happening in the background. It's a tough shape that has to come out of the factory fairing in a very specific place. To double check it's shape (so that I didn't waste any more of Davids printer flament) I took a scan of the factory part and merged them together. This worked extremely well!! And yes, it fit. Ali express provided a new light weight fuel cap for an insanely good price. Very happy with quality too
  3. So I started again with grade 5 titanium. By this stage I'd stopped taking photos as I'd run so many simulations it was getting a bit old, but the results were good, the anticipated weight of each component was great, and I'd never played with titanium before so seemed like a good time. I sent some emails out within NZ and China. Its sad because companies in NZ really can't be fucked with smaller jobs and the associated admin. I got a few replies after waiting a few days and these replies ranged from not being able to secure the material (they couldn't be bothered) to having a minimum cut fee which made this only economically viable if I got three sets cut (I ain't paying for enough material to make that happen). China made me feel like a king with absolutely great customer service, though I was still not 100% that I wasnt getting scammed... But after a few weeks my titanium rearset plates arrived! I haven't had much time for filling around but need to tap some holes and buy some pegs, then they are good to go on permanently. Weight saving from the change to these Ti plates is 500g, however when I include the change to the associated light weight pegs, nicer bolts etc will be well over 1kg. Colour change is due to some DIY anodising- super easy with titanium!!
  4. I decided to make my own, initially out of carbon fibre plates that would be waterjet cut. This was very very interesting as ended up using fusion 360's simulation package to calculate my designs strength. I ended up getting absolutely insanely strong parts designed in CF but at the last moment got a message from a friend (experienced in composites) saying STOP COME VISIT ME FIRST. He gave me an extremely valuable lesson on carbon fibre strength and how f360 was not actually giving me an accurate simulation, and although they may work, the properties of cf plate were always going to place a question mark over their suitability and working life, so back to the drawing board!
  5. Disks to suit the zx10 wheels turned up and some little aluminium spacers are sitting at work. Aside from getting a tire fitted it's all ready now to go back together will be interesting to do a proper weight comparison (need to get tire pulled off the factory wheel first). I have wanted aftermarket rearsets for ages but $$$ and I'm never happy with how the aftermarket rearsets all seem to be a series of aluminium plates stuck together with adaptors. Jankey as.
  6. This!! Laser cut gauge plate ends up insanely hard round the holes
  7. I'm guessing that they don't last because you are flogging out the holes as it's used over and over?
  8. interesting. That could be around 1500kg yanking on the rod, which would have a yield of like 15x that, but I have absolutely no idea what im taking about.
  9. From what i can tell, it is a "proper" real time solution..... However i think its only better at being "real time" and seems to suck at quite a few other things, like reliability and ease of setup. You put GRBL on an arduino and plug that into the cnc. Then you use a "code sender" to send the G-code to the arduino. Then the arduino plods along by itself and runs the cnc. Most people seem to say that mach3 is far far far better and more reliable than grbl though- and grbl is going to have issues if your g-code asks it to compute steps faster than it can manage (This might be your issue if you have microstepping set real high?) I'm 100% sure i want to use linux cnc now. I was cautious because I've had linux on a few PC's and although it was great (fast etc) it just didnt function as well as windows. I'm going to run linux on a Pi. I'd have bought one today if they werent all bloody out of stock. Looks like an extremely nice interface and full of features that are not present in many other systems. I've done a few hours reading about this now so I'm an expert. No practical experience at all- just google. Anyway, you are welcome.
  10. Why did you choose Linux cnc over the many other options? I think I have settled on simple grbl but open to other better options too.
  11. Shit!! I have a tabletop here for our entranceway and needed some legs. This is a perfect Idea
  12. Hah funny!! I saw this (or maybe another author) on trademe and wondered about it. Even watched a few YouTube vids. I just wasn't sure if it was usable as a cnc for doing cool stuff or just for milling up kitchen cabinets etc.
  13. Yeah buddy, slot anything in there so that it doesn't become a doorstop.
  14. I've looked lots for the bike and everything I read said that valentine was the best. They also seem to support their customers REALLY well with updates (i think you could even send your unit in to them to have it upgraded when there were hardware updates)
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