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  1. flyingbrick


    This is all very good advice! But to just add something on the end for ya: You are nearly always better off sending your components to a shop that specializes in whatever task is required. You don't want to pay for a shop to learn how to complete your task. While previously based at a machine shop i was asked countless times about re-splining of axles and would refuse- We simply couldn't do it as cheaply (as quickly) as a professional axle shop could. Another reason is that i'd seen that machine shop pump out some horribly poor fitting spines!!!! unfortunately if you go a little heavy on each cut it can be hard to know until the very end when a test fit shows it up- and by that stage its too damn late.
  2. flyingbrick


    well you said that it came in out of a bro's car. I figured you were either A, saying it came out of a mates car or B, being racist, lol.
  3. flyingbrick


    How many spline was that twisted axle?? Looks huge.. or does it just seem thick because its so short? Pics of the rest of the car??
  4. flyingbrick

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    I'm amazed by that- wouldn't have thought it was possible to destroy a discs integrity that much by drilling a couple of holes. Will be upset if that is my rear end fucked, ford discs re drilled to chev, multi drilled axles etc etc
  5. David is right as usual. Run a nice new sense wire over to the battery positive and check volts again.
  6. flyingbrick


    Hey man. I feel like you may be reading between the lines a little to suit yourself. I cant find the bits (i have shit boxed all over my home and hanging all over the shed) but the spacers are just that, spacers. They have 4 holes in each plate. They are part of the factory drum braked 9" axle assembly. If i get a splurt of enthusiasm later i may go digging (i had them gold nickel plated because it looks nice) . If you think those holes and this brake swap cause reason to fail cert then BITCH YOU CRAZY* Made a quick video. *Lets be honest, ill probably drag this out so long it never makes it to cert anyway
  7. flyingbrick


    Well spotted, has a laugh when i read ya post, had been that long ago. Holes were only re drilled to rotate the bracket 90 degrees so that they weren't mounted directly above or below the axle. I do not recall any offset problems may need to check that one later!
  8. flyingbrick


    No idea.. bought and rebuilt them so long ago.
  9. flyingbrick


    I only threw it together to make sure it all worked.. hope i didn't miss anything. These the only images i have
  10. flyingbrick


    I must have got lucky? My coon calipers/ brackets/everything fit fine on my 9"
  11. flyingbrick

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    @64valiant keen to see how much more of the old roof you can cut out Was super cool seeing how excited you and @Mrs 64valiant were during pickup.
  12. flyingbrick

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Choice. Didn't realise so much of that van was factory standard.
  13. you need to accept that 3d printing isn't part of the solution- use an air bladder or a vac bag rather than a 2 part mold. Literally done over and over for parts like these. Do you need someone to share the youtube videos again edit: Sounded real shit. Love your work xx
  14. flyingbrick


    It must just be UV that it doesnt like.. but if you have the choice between good primer and average primer...? Durepox wont budge no matter what you do . Short of blow torch.