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  1. Fitted screen mask with shine nice little stainless cap screws and wired vapor into the bike. Pretty painless really. You can see how far down and covered in cables the old speedo and lamps are.. Only thing left is fitting engine temp sensor
  2. Took quite a few coats of clear to get it smooth and nice- problem being that every time it got glossy there was another little flaw in the surface to contend with. Ended up filling the flaws with some HEAVY coats of clear and then doing a good thick coat over the whole thing. Then i blocked it down with 2000 grit and am pretty happy with how flat the face turned out (though there is much room for improvement, its not noticeable). I then rubbed some wax into it to reduce the matt finish to more of a satin finish- i really like the way it looks but may buff and polish it later (never will do this) So yeah, all finished as far as i'm concerned. Just need some small stainless dome head screws and nuts to secure it to the mask. (Looking at the close up, actually could use some more sanding with 2000grit, but meh)
  3. Hard to imagine why they didn't come from the factory looking like this, soooo sweet.
  4. Been working on this, cf wind deflector and dashboard to take a phone (for gps) and the vapor. Ready now for a few coats of clear.
  5. flyingbrick


    @cletus do all wilwood calipers meet cert requirements? Some dont have dust covers or something?
  6. Hmmn, not saying. Lol. I have bad taste so need to sit on this idea for as long as possible before committing.
  7. Needs to be on whiteboard with a duster to erase the writing afterward
  8. thanks mate. thats exactly what i was after.
  9. Thats a funny one. All rechargable batteries vent when abused. They should just request that all are vented with no exceptions.
  10. Hi all. Does anyone here paint helmets? Do people worry about the type of paint they are using and how it might affect the shell? I'm pretty keen to go with "she'll be right mate" but keen to hear opinions.
  11. @vk327 is definitely the right person to discuss this with. Wont beat around the bush and you can trust what he says
  12. Dont metal spray it. Just tig it up and have ur mate lathe it smooth and then polish with paper till its shiny. Will still be better than any used shaft.
  13. Was on my mb100. I drew up the instrument panel and had Roman print it for me