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  1. That pump controller with huge screen would be overkill in nearly ANY application lol. I vote you get it right then hide or well out of the way.
  2. Main drawback is the cost of the electric stuff when going tesla. Shit, for the cost of importing a drive unit here, batteries and control board modifications you could have someone else fit an LSA crate motor, then take the family to meccas. Leaf would be perfect for an imp!
  3. that thing looks GREAT, way less dorky than many of the others i've seen! (online, had a google after seeing your thread pop up) Please make it lower.
  4. I hate those moments. Bit easier these days with smart phones etc tho! I drove up to the big TeRapa roundabout once and there was a 90's falcon drifting round and round and round the inside lane. so epic.
  5. Damn u crazy. Will need some epic measuring to ensure the whole thing is still straight
  6. flyingbrick


    He means supporting the axle when the center is removed to check side gear fitment
  7. I just can't help but lol at your name and hope it's due to orange pubes.
  8. Iv done nothing to this but buy stuff- probably won't work on it again until the sheds done, but we have a pretty good kit of parts ready for assembly, Narrowed front beam, full window rubber kit, door rubber kit, chrome trim, front air assisted shocks, narrowed front beam, new front torsion springs, caster shims, rear side windows, steering dampener, side running board things, plus the joints etc mentioned previously. Parts prices for these things are definitely a huge bonus, very reasonable compared to anything else I have been part of before. Will be EPIC once assembly can properly begin, is going to be like a big model set
  9. Damn cool, we need to catch up. Any idea what it should run down the quarter with that power?
  10. Is it because the corners need to come out before the rest can be removed from the sand?
  11. I know of a shop in NZ selling these conversion brackets for a good price- and they are about to receive a set of alignment jigs which will be available for hire.