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  1. flyingbrick

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    You just described me after a shave ffs
  2. Agree. So good. Iv used some foam rollers that break down in resin and fail during use. That sucks.
  3. Wtf.. isnt 8,887 grams 8.7 kg? That doesnt seem right? Lol
  4. flyingbrick

    Brake disc machining - cost?
  5. flyingbrick

    CAD drawing library

    dunno where else to put this. DO NOT upgrade draftsight 2018 or earlier to draftsight 2019. No doubt there is a crack/patch out there already, but draftsight is no longer free, nearly $200 per year. Looks like you can still re-licence the older version for free- just not the new version (I have done mine recently, tried re-licencing @64valiants tonight but it kept freezing on me (might be specific to his program, might not be, unsure)
  6. flyingbrick

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    You need to do some of the basic arduino tutorials on this, makes heaps of sense after
  7. flyingbrick

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

  8. Would you be better off purging the tube with an inert gas before pinching off?
  9. My pump is from an ac unit. Works perfectly well, boils cold water easily.
  10. flyingbrick

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    He could always swap in LGBT transistors. They are super easy to trigger. #dadjoke
  11. flyingbrick


    Being that badass should be illegal.
  12. flyingbrick

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    if @Roman and @Ned had a baby I reckon it'd be really really smart.
  13. flyingbrick

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Ali has Chinese regulator rectifiers which claim to be full wave. They are shit.
  14. flyingbrick

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    From my experience there are three seperate issues that require solving. People everywhere struggle with this and theres a few (for example) on the moped page that keep sharing information thats slightly incorrect for most people. Iv been over this a few times so sorry to bore everyone but im going to start again. If you are going DC then we will assume you are also going 12v 1, you need to rectify your AC signal to DC 2, you need to regulate this to 12v 3, the resulting power supply is 12v dc (as far as we are all concerned) but its TERRIBLE in that it still varies from 0 to 12 (or 14v or whatever) If you dont fix 3, voltage appears to vary as the frequency of the pulses changes, the only way of getting a decent voltage reading is to use a scope. LED lamps will work like shit, incandescent lamps take ages to warm and cool so seem to smooth the voltage out a bit. A stack of capacitors (as you know) makes things tons better. Again, i have said this so many times but people dont get it. The common "trail tech" units do NOT regulate and rectify.. they only perform one function (iv been drinking and cannot remember which one of the two it is). They do have a more expensive model (about $140 delivered) which (with a capacitor) gives absolutely rock solid voltage and DC. Come visit and see my rock solid DC plz.
  15. flyingbrick

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Why adding another diode to the rectifier?