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  1. flyingbrick

    Steering intermediate shaft adaptation?

    I wouldnt worry about the support at this stage- that can be added at any time really easily. Again- just make sure whatever UJ's you purchase do not have welds.
  2. flyingbrick

    Steering intermediate shaft adaptation?

    thats easy mate, just dont use rag joints. im sad theres no 4.2 diesel
  3. flyingbrick

    Bricks 69 beetle

    I stripped down the front end, gave it a good clean and gave the arms to the vdub shoppe so that they could tackle the ball joints using a press rather than a hammer. Next- there's a pair of front beam adjusters to weld in there. Oh and here are some great looking bugs for inspiration.
  4. flyingbrick

    Bricks 69 beetle

    So this is the current state of things. No engine, no wheels, previous owner filled any dent or issue with too much bog.
  5. flyingbrick

    Bricks 69 beetle

    @64valiant was selling a beetle and somehow i convinced the wife that we needed a joint project. @64valiant is chief adviser to ensure nothing too shit is done to it. Because he's a VW expert and truly entrenched in the VW scene and I'm a closet bogan this probably wont end well (EG, while i think this car is perfection, he's busy swallowing his own vomit.) (not mine, but i wish it was) Pretty keen to get this going ASAP, budget is essentially $500 a month until its going I'll put up some pics of our piece when i get home but happy to hear every bodies thoughts/advice/do you have a floor pan with live rego sitting around?
  6. flyingbrick

    Steering intermediate shaft adaptation?

    hey mate. Maybe some images would help. I put an 80's hilux cab onto a SWB GQ chassis and (believe it or not) the hilux steering thing bolted straight to the patrol steering thing (I cannot remember if it was a patrol shaft or hilux that i used, but it works with no other parts except what came on those two cars. Since the hilux and datsun are pretty similar widths i'm a tad confused as to how yours is so offset? Edit.. i think i know what you mean now, post pics to show us. You can buy nice UJ's for steering that have nearly any female spine you could use- and also spined shaft for intermediate shaft use. I'd say as long as the joints dont bind and its rigid then you'd be fine- however @cletus could advise you better. PS, ensure any UJ's you buy do not have welds.
  7. flyingbrick

    Waikato tiki tour Scooter/small motor bike

    That's fine @Ned will be slower bikes for sure
  8. flyingbrick

    Waikato tiki tour Scooter/small motor bike

    Yeah i am even less capable on gravel than at everything else lol. Its god damn embarrassing
  9. flyingbrick

    POR15 full of shit!

    When you guys say rust converter- do you mean the milky white paint stuff that turns the surface of rust black/ purple
  10. flyingbrick

    POR15 full of shit!

    Rust converter is trash for anything other than maybe the absolute lightest of rust (any specs left after cleaning it all off). My cousin (panel beater) told me it was shit and that id have fresh rust under a panel i had used it on (and which had only sat in my garage). Cleaned it off and aure enough.. whole thing was rusty. From memory i think it had crrated more surface rust than jt had fixed
  11. flyingbrick

    POR15 full of shit!

    That looks very similar to penetrol which also calls itself a paint conditioning oil. Edit. Yep extremely similar. I wonder which ones better
  12. flyingbrick

    Bricks MB100

    That was such a brain fuck. Most accurate Top speed that i believe is 102kph.
  13. I asked some barry about mine and he said only different squish does this
  14. flyingbrick

    Bricks MB100

    Pm ya