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  1. Is it because the corners need to come out before the rest can be removed from the sand?
  2. I know of a shop in NZ selling these conversion brackets for a good price- and they are about to receive a set of alignment jigs which will be available for hire.
  3. gotcha, I read your comment wrong, saw 1 + 1 and in my mind it = 3
  4. why not just have shock go forward to the existing bolt? Love the updates.
  5. You can buy corflute in many different colors and thicknesses. Only issue might be how you'd glue the seams tidily together. You could use thin foamboard (available from bunnings i think, has a paper layer) to make the shape, then cover the inside with a few layers of fibreglass tissue and resin (could even throw some black pigment into this) I could post you some fiberglass tissue if you went this route. I have lots here from an ali express order.
  6. should just get lots of chain/cable and drag the tracks across to the digger. that or use hot air balloons.
  7. lol, dude, you are definitely not dumb!!! Had a good laugh at this
  8. Damn thats some epic progress!!
  9. Cant help but think it would be a good idea. Might get in the way? Best thing you could do is decent workshop lights along with decent helmet. Optrel vega view 2.5 was my dream helmet for a while but probably better options now. That helmets light state is VERY light. Edit. They now have one called the crystal 2.0. the numbers describe their light-state shade value and i think most auto darkening helmets we are used to have a #4 tint during their light state. The way technology is going it wont be long before the light state is actually just clear glass.
  10. I had no idea you could gad weld aluminium. That was rather epic.
  11. This is great, really love the concept as its something that I'd never seen before on any manual lathe. I wonder how he will deal with disengagement and reengagement of the carriage and lead screw when doing multiple cuts. Eg, manually with lever and indicator arrow (as per lots of traditional lathes), reverse the spindle to drive the carriage back without disengaging (as per traditional lathes when you dont trust or have an indication arrow thing) or some kind of software reverse on just the lead screw.. hmmmn