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  1. Split point sharpening is the way, would pay to practice and learn even with a sharpening machine. Split point is easier in my opinion, and according to engineering books is superior in accuracy and durability to the roll style of sharpening (I think because it's easier you are more consistent)
  2. Glad he's changed them because they dumb. Jesus it's a sweet looking car tho.. those flares will look sooooo great
  3. @dave My DIY suisvide setup would actually work perfect for this (I'd have to check on sensor range first). All you'd do is plug in between the wall and whichevever device you are using to provide heat. hmmn, although oven plug is too big and currents probably too high in total. If you ever need it you are welcome to borrow it - easy accessible quick option. Have seen post cure ovens on youtube made using plywood so temps cant be that high?! Edit, its a PID setup, so very accurate control. Autotunes pretty well for whatever application.
  4. @Roman can also sit your bowl of resin in an ice bath if ya worry
  5. I have a Chinese scoot here that could be a good donor. Guy put 70cc kit into it but couldn't get it going good enough to ride it. I found the thick isolating gasket spacer thing under the carb had a big crack/ hole do huge air leak. Only problem be that the rear wheel is a huge wide all terrain type thing. I never got it going because it's the most ugly scooter I ever seen in my life. Happy to get pics if required
  6. OMG i love these old drag cars, so so so so so sweet
  7. flyingbrick

    Power files

    And they let you remove a weld down flush with the surrounding material far easier than any traditional grinding disk or belt sander. Only bitch is when you get a disk caught and it rips off the adaptor leaving behind its plastic nubbin to dig out lol
  8. If ur worried just smash down a layer of glass first. Ps, you watching the scrappy build? Well worth it for anyone wanting to learn how amazing cf is
  9. the trick is to not use scissors. They lay down masking tape over the inside face of the cut first and use a pizza cutter style tool to get perfect cuts.
  10. 1, I had the hood laying on the lawn out of the way, he wasnt watching where he was going. 2, nope, he was nearly twice my weight LOL 3, yup, he has to bend over to get through doors. And yes, from my experience a glass part has to be considerably thicker. My suggestion is to get some glass and some cf and start playing around. You need to fool around for a bit before committing to a big part anyway. Ali express cf is great.
  11. I believe the main benefit is weight.l and flexibility. Cf can be extremely good at absorbing impacts, distorting and returning back to its original shape. I haven't seen a glass hood stood on by anyone, but iv seen a Cf hood stood on by a 120kg bloke and it returned to normal even tho I was convinced it was fuxked. I think is is why cf is used as crossbow limbs etc rather than glass, but open to education.
  12. Yup that's them. Were great to deal with.
  13. I managed to buy some from welding supplies. Delivered next day
  14. Wish i had some gas or gasless wire right now.. FFffff
  15. Lack of steel in sills is likely because the roof is/was structural. Is this going to be on the road here @cletus is this possible?