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  1. Maybe thats because people drink more coke than they should, and eat less apples than they should.
  2. And apples contain cyanide....what's your point.
  3. I know many pro welders that use a dab of stainless when shit gets bubbly.. never even seen a failure coz of it. Never used silicone bronze but looks so damn nice. You'd like stainless stick welding. Super easy and it comes out delicious looking
  4. I had no issues procuring acid. A little surprising but meh... I'm not about to go there it in anyone's face so don't feel guilty. Ps, Kim you provide the rubber gloves and safety glasses. Then after that we can play with acid
  5. Found this photo from when it arrived. Is it what you need?
  6. Pretty sure I have five liters of stuff sitting at work @Kimjon I'll grab it when I go in next. Just 90% or something so will need to figure out dilution.
  7. My KTM had a shit battery when I got it and was sometimes a cunt to start.. used to HATE gas stations. Nothing worse than ppl watching you trying to kick start something like that.
  8. It clearly states the 24v information. Wouldn't do this if it only charged 12v batts.
  9. Should have whomped him one first for being an giant D.
  10. I require pics of golf balls being fired through various materials plz. Car doors be good
  11. Hey man I have some joints, pipe, weld in threaded ends etc here for the ute that won't be used for years (ever) if ya still doing ya tramp bars after lockdown I could visit with it all, you mind find some stuff useful
  12. shit that is epic, I'd missed tons of updates so that was a cool surprise.
  13. Good to see ya moving on this again Hope you are enjoying the new job!
  14. Good work man! Hadn't seen this thread before today- was a good read! Pretty cool seeing your welding improve so much over the 4 pages.
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