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  1. Yeah that's epic. Don't worry about minor flaws! It is hand made after all! My bits anyways have a few spots where the weave has been high and iv rubbed through to the layer below. I actually like it, keeps it honest.
  2. Kinda sounds like your bits of cf were too large? I mean, you could chop it up real small, mix it with resin in a cup and then kinda spoon it in
  3. yeah that is honestly the best way if its possible. A 10mm radius would do wonders for how that turns out. Also, don't cut the CF too close to the edges as the over-hanging material adds valuable weight to pull the material around. your plug looks great so far! Don't bother getting the finish too perfect because its largely irrelevant to how the outside visible face will look. Just make sure you wax and PVA it more than you think you need to. Edit. Fuck you, roman.
  4. OH!, actually. Two things. Firstly, that dimmer circuit should be the first thing to check. If it is faulty then just remove it and join the door switched wires to the interior lamp so they just turn on/off as per normal. secondly, its possible that the dimmer unit is always on with 6v being pulled across the lamp but at very low amps. Dont quote me on any of this, because I really have no idea what im talking about. Maintenance chargers are the best thing ever. Seriously under rated bits of kit.
  5. Have some pieces of plastic (cut up big black sack would likely work) and have them handy while you lay the CF. With sharp corners like this, you may have difficulty getting the CF to stay flat on the surface. If this is the face, push plastic on top and squeegee out the air. You'll find it works really well to keep it all sucked down tight.
  6. It does look good with the bags on.
  7. The more I think about logistics, the worse this idea seems.
  8. look at it this way- If you smash the guard I make then I'll fix the reason it failed in version 2.0. This will be a freebie btw. You and the rest of oldschool have been great (Especially recently, shits been amazing) so good to give back Edit. FYI, I smashed my ktm's wind shield. I'm 100% okay with this because it put the strength into context for me. Now I know what it took to make it fail, how it failed and how to fix it so it doesn't happen again. So in conclusion, give me a spare front guard so I can make a mold
  9. Good work man, that guard looks soooooo much better now. Can't believe the weight of that old tail light .I can't even get my head around it. This might be obvious from my posts here and on YT but I really like this project and your approach. It is such a perfect bike for weight reduction because the factory didnt pay any attention to it. Easy to make relatively huge gains, love it. I do think you should let me make you a new front guard tho.
  10. Omg, those indicators lol. They look wider than the bars.
  11. Mate you could have made a carbon fibre one for a third of that weight.
  12. Yeah Cardboard will be useless. Resin will make it soggy and it will yield from the weight pretty easily. Highly suggest really thin MDF and foamboard from craft places (spotlight has it, the warehouse might too, its great, foam board is super easy to cut and sand) Also, cheap resin, mixing resin in incorrect ratios and using the wrong hardener (fast hardener on a hot day) can make the part warp and sink very badly - this is even worse if the form is flimsy.
  13. Well I hope if there's any dodgy bits she ends up in the design disasters thread Cool car man, love it