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  1. You'll be fine mate I'd be very surprised if owning a harley is grounds for dismissal.
  2. The crazy thing is how much torque they have at low rpm at very low speeds, such a massively tractable engine. Pretty mind blowing.
  3. Once iv had a bit (a lot) of seat time I'd really like to become a regular at the drag strip. Not interested in racing others times, just myself. But that's a long way in the future. These things also have some great tuning software available.. I'd love to play with that too in the future. Pretty much just want the bike to run and do the fun things that I was never able to finish the hz or beetle to do- and those projects have relaxed significantly as a result. Sold most of my LS stuff and really just want steel wheels and a diesel in the ute, and something vw and slow in the
  4. Hahaha. Yeah the way I see it- could have sped on the ktm, and could even speed in the Triton, but with the odd exception in very remote locations, I'm kinda past that and have been for a long while. I think iv had one ticket in the past ten years and that was for 102 with a trailer LOL. Mostly just wanted it "just because". Pretty much a tick off the bucket list. And because Ghost Rider. Edit. On a more serious note, REALLY looking forward to chewing some kms to visit friends and family around nz
  5. Yeah so I think it took about 6 weeks for me to plan and get this past the wife - then my breaking my wrist and my fear of doing it again really sealed the deal for me personally. Seemed like I'd never get another chance to own something this cool. Guy from bike shop turned up with this And took away these Bit sad but I had nobody local who wanted to do ADV riding and it was a bit too punishing on the open road for my liking. So yeah, swapped two bikes for one. Have only ridden it for maybe 6 minutes in total, hurts like hell with the arm, b
  6. Spent an hour today making a tail tidy. Could have ordered one but aside from costing $40 off Ali express it also would have taken 6 weeks to get here... And broken arm so what else am I gonna do. Basically just removed the stock mud guard, cut it down Heaps using a renovator, bent it Using a lighter with its button cable tied down and then drilled some holes. Still need to buy a nice compact numberplate light. Before During After
  7. What are your goals with this? Or just muck around until ya bored?
  8. Actually while at A&E there was woman who had smashed her arm rock and roll dancing! She was off to hospital to have it reset. Made me feel pretty lucky lol.
  9. Lol, pretty lippy for a guy who owns the world's most unreliable GN
  10. Haven't really looked. There was a strange buzzing from the front end during the return trip which could be front bearings but that's a minor. I was a bit worried about the forks being bent backward but haven't checked, people stack these things far harder than this without problem. To clarify, this was the 525 dirt bike not the 530 road legal bike.
  11. Definitely talent. Bike is faultless. I was too focused on the immediate challenge and not looking far enough ahead to see where I was going to end up. Really lucky I was so close to home and not in the Bush or whops as was able to pull choke to raise idle and get it back one handed.
  12. Unfortunately the scafoid bone makes a terrible sacrificial link. It's a very shit bone to heal and can have some terrible consequences. Last time I was in a cast for 16 weeks. Nightmare. I don't agree with those guys about transferring the damage, I have delicate lady wrists that I reckon are just piss weak.
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