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  1. No issue with these come cert time right? https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005001614452563.html?spm=a2g0n.productlist.0.0.1b086bcdEZ6j4O&browser_id=be0b057569d8445e94c1465f51a47fb4&aff_trace_key=9c626c891bd74858b68f8c46ae7b9461-1619924120022-07230-_A8S9Is&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=179557949c918fea7d117addb528209f7b76619cdb&gclid=&_imgsrc_=ae01.alicdn.com%2Fkf%2FHc816367fd400468dab28d1abfdaa3795O.jpg_640x640Q90.jpg_.webp
  2. I've done that with graphics cards a few times. Might give an ECU a go one day and see what happens.
  3. Oooh yep you have bigger issues than the keys. That's fucked ECU right there. I fucking hate VZs. Whoever designed the computers must have been on meth or something.
  4. VZs shit PCMs, BCMs and PIMs all the time. Annoyingly they all present near identical issues regardless of which module fails. As Tom said, the Service Vehicle Soon displaying while not starting is a giveaway of this issue.
  5. Oh yeah nah sounds like timing is way up the shitter. Has that raspy running tone to it and trying to crank against an ignition stoke. Wind the dizzy back, or figure out wtfs gone wrong with the tone wheel. Whatever that engine runs, 4G64s had both at some point in life. Fucked cam timing won't cause that kinda shit on its own, but if the ign is triggered from a cam then that could be the issue. It's been awhile since I've played with one of these fucks so I can't recall exactly how they operate off the top of my head. I recall some junk running off the cam pulley and being shit
  6. I got bored of reading all that about 12 words in and have concluded that it needs to be tossed into the ocean where it belongs
  7. I usually tweak the handbrake so it drags, go for a thrash around the block a couple of times hard on the brakes then tweak again.
  8. And that's why you don't buy cars from Christchurch
  9. Do you report these vehicles at all? Or just tell them to fuck off
  10. That's some damn high pressure dirt. Starlet has like 6 torques going through the driveshaft. Chuck a big Deez and a couple tonnes up the arse and see how long the sealed joints last.
  11. Oh right yup, pump them full and then close it. Regrease every 30k or so
  12. Or just grease them when / if you change the oil. Easy as. Especially if they're cheap
  13. May as well go non grease all the way through. Almost everything runs non greasy, and it's not like you're stressing them. Coz, Marina... Up to you. I've done 400,000km and 35 years on non greasy joints and only one is fucked.
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