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  1. I've always converted my points cars to 12V coils. No idea if one is better than the other, but modern coils can pack a lot more punch than they used to.
  2. Nothing wrong with complex if it makes things easier.
  3. It's a scavenging pump, not a supply pump. The turbo is still fed by the engine oil pressure. If the pump fails you'll just have oil falling out the exhaust.
  4. That's the best we could find too. It's pretty vague. Are you more likely to injure yourself if your AU Falcon has no roof lining?
  5. Is a missing roof lining a WoF fail?
  6. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    Get rid of the EGR asap, twin 3" pipes and a remap and you'll be flying.
  7. We often have trucks in with many lights, as long as they're on their own switches to disconnect them from the highbeam/light circuit we ignore them at wof time.
  8. I thought so, but nope. First reg in NZ. If however the car has come in from overseas and is first registered here outside those dates it will.
  9. Yowzer

    Ke2# brakes

    Depending on how much you want to spend, T3 or MRP could be the go for aftermarket kits
  10. Can't remember the date but yup, if they weren't fitted from factory they don't need them. If however the car is being re-registered, you'll need to fit them.
  11. The flasher circuit will be it's own little thing where it just charges and switches, trying to measure it adds more load which messes up it's charge time. IE it's just a dumb analogue flasher with no set frequency.
  12. Why not just measure it when it's on solid? The voltage will be the same
  13. Nah you just had a dick of a wof guy, they've never been a requirement.