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  1. Oops haha. Was the first thread I saw.
  2. Do you have a pre and post intercooler temp sensors to see what difference the intercooler makes?
  3. Oi, I won't hear another bad word about Supercats on this forum, thankyou very much!
  4. Amazingly my car is fully legal! Well it was when parked, at least. Wonder if it still runs?
  5. You should, but I hardly ever do. Just gotta pump it faster to get the juice going
  6. Yeah I don't know if it's enough to notice via pedal feel in anything other than a solid system with braided lines and racing pedal box etc etc (I have no before / after experience), but apparently ABS has issues with it.
  7. In saying that, we have had cars with the nastiest mankiest black watery sludge of brake fluid, and when we flush it out with new fluid the master cylinder shit's itself. But it was already fucked, it just hadn't realised it yet.
  8. I have never heard of modern brake fluid killing old seals (that weren't already fucked), but if it is an issue, just chuck in new seals. No problems. They're fucked anyway. I have considered dot 5.0 for old cars as it's not hygroscopic so won't rust your shit out from sitting around forever, however it is slightly compressible so no good for ABS, or racecars where you want a solid pedal feel. Dot 5.1 is just better Dot 4 and has a higher boiling point, probably not necessary if you don't cook your brakes on the reg.
  9. Yes, and hahahahahaha No But you can throw more trash in the back. If you load it enough that the bags are doing more work than the springs they go ok.. In your case however, best of a bad situation, I think you'll be fine. Once you pump the bags you'll be riding on them and the saggy leaves will simply be holding the axles in place so it'll probably be a substantial improvement. The vehicles I've dealt with have been farm hack rangers / patrols / landcruisers etc that have had them added, often on top of an already beefed up spring pack, so they can carry 2,000L diesel tanks or similar
  10. Yeah ya should be cutting the soft rubber bit behind the cap
  11. The rules apply to First registered in NZ, as such the seatbelts will have to meet 2020 standards if it has yet to be registered.
  12. Would that simply be a result of the lower IATs, or something else?
  13. Hey hey hey, since we never got our usual SI Roady in this year, would anyone be keen on a tour of love the week leading up to Hawke's Boes?
  14. Who cares? You're not banging the limmi at idle, the engine will be completely fine. They're like the most forgiving engine ever, just thrash it and have fun.