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  1. Potentially, but it'd still be down to the individual shop to choose if they stay open
  2. Yeah I doubt it's blower related too. TBH I reckon you chuck on a giant two stage Volvo fan and carry on as per usual
  3. One more note, if you measure the radiator outlet temperature at idle, that'll tell you if the fans aren't keeping up or if the water flow isn't keeping up. If the outlet temperature keeps climbing with engine temp, fit some bigger fans or bigger rad. I recommend a full shroud rather than sticking the fan directly to the rad like you currently have, as the fan is probably only utilizing half the radiators cooling area. If the outlet temp isn't climbing at the rate of engine temp, you don't have enough coolant flow through the engine at idle for some reason. Also I just remembered the waterpump is cambelt driven, so fair to say that hasn't changed. Running a hi-flo thermostat? Edit: perhaps your condenser is blocking / diverting air away from the rad too, try whipping up some channels to ensure the air has nowhere else to go. Giving up solves nothing!
  4. Have you changed crank / WP / Alt pulley sizes? How many volts are the fans getting at idle when running? Does the temperature plateau at idle or are you not willing to find out? What temp are you pulling the plug at? I'd your volts at idle are too low your fan won't spin as fast. Also, what ratio antifreeze water are you running?
  5. I'm liking RomanDaves theory, have you tried an independent temp sensor and gauge shoved in the top rad hose? I seem to think you have confirmed the accuracy of your temp sensor but I'm not gonna read back that far.
  6. Hey Mr Sheepers, what's your AFR sitting at? Can you try adding a bit more Dino juice to cool the combustion temperature? Perhaps chuck a pyro on too to see what your EGTs are. Need to determine whether the engine is running hot, or whether it's a cooling system issue.
  7. Most of the 4x4s we deal with have had big mudders fitted and still roll the factory wheel as a spare
  8. How does a leak between cylinders cause it to overheat though?
  9. Vacuum fillers are the absolute best. Highly recommend.
  10. Pop the top rad hose off and fire it up, as soon as the thermostat opens it should projectile vomit the coolant out pretty quick. That'll tell you quickly if it's a flow issue or not
  11. Edited for PC correctness
  12. I did not go to work today
  13. Moderncarlyfe. Nothing's simple. Ah well, it'll be fine.