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  1. First weekend in July would be good as I already have the time booked off for SI adventure
  2. Anyway slap some mivec heads on it or whatever
  3. An actual radiator can be more efficient if it's painted black, but car radiators actually cool via conduction.. Anyone who claims you shouldn't change something coz "the factory spent millions on R&D you can't possibly improve on their immaculate design" etc etc are often clueless.
  4. Hacksaw some holes through the bonnet and then claim you know more than everyone. It's the GTO way. That looks like an absolute nightmare to work on
  5. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    There are a few options for mech pumps. I think a mitsi 4M40 pump can be made to fit, Yanmar also offered a marinized variant of the 1KZ with a mechanical pump which would be a straight bolt on option and already tuned for far more grunt than the standard unit.
  6. I dunno if you've experienced this but the 4M sump is so shit, under heavy braking the oil fucks off from the pickup so definitely whip some better baffles in there. How different is the 7M pump from the 5M? I managed to combine pieces of both 4 and 5M pumps to bolt right in, don't think I had to fuck with the crossover pipe either.
  7. There's the tonewheel on a modern dual mass thing, the sensor bolts to the bellhousing behind the cylinder head.
  8. It's almost like a dizzy once ran off that shaft / The same thought crossed my mind A lot of modern engines run the crank sensor off a tone wheel on the flywheel, perhaps you could attach something or machine some slots into the back of that and hide the sensor under the manifold? Or cut a tooth off the ring gear I was gonna cut a tone wheel into the front pulley and mount the sensor off the lower timing cover, but I wasn't fussed about hiding it.
  9. If you want to fine tune individual cylinder trims and shit and get 10/10ths out of a turd then yeah go nuts with full sequential, otherwise just run a crank sensor hidden somewhere on the flywheel and run wasted spark and batch fire. You might be able to tune a better idle and start up with full sequential which may make a difference with the big cams and compression since you can blast all the fuel in on a single pulse, but I dunno how big a difference it'll really make.
  10. Man that's some good comp. Gonna follow @kpr and add some VVT to it too? Man I'm keen to hear what a high revving 6M sounds like
  11. Pretty impressive to bend a crank, surely the head would have ejected out the bonnet before that. I had two 7Ms once and basically gave them away, now they're a little harder to find. I wonder how good an AliExpress crank would be.. What's your thinking behind removing the squirts? Running thin oil and wanna ensure you retain pressure?
  12. Since you're running NA you probably won't be needing the squirts unless you plan on a bit of track thrashing / sustained b-owts. I'm pretty sure their purpose is piston cooling rather than lubrication. Did you have a spare turd crank at all? I wouldn't mind stroking my shitter out.
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