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  1. Start hanging them from the walls like posters.
  2. Also fuck off with your weird units. Wtf is a pound?
  3. Yowzer

    Air bag suspension chat

    That's quite a ramble about negative reviews. Tbh I'd give it a crack in a shitbox. Combine with a $1000 eBay turbo kit and you'll be away laughing, for maybe 2,000km.
  4. Yowzer

    Con’s chopped ve discussion

    Shit that's an impressive level of work
  5. I'm sure with a bit of digging we could find a good supplier on Ali. After all most of the legit brands probably come from there anyway.
  6. Yep, when it's carrying pressurized fuel or oil, I'd rather pay more for quality.
  7. Yowzer

    Hawkes Boes ZOIP

    Down for Plymouth
  8. So avoid AliExpress? It's hard to know what brand to go for for such an item as there's so many shit ones that look identical in the pics.
  9. A dash is a 1/16th I think? So -4 AN is 1/4" I think
  10. From skimming forums for next to useless info a few years ago suggests about 300KW if you're not too much of a rough bastard. They're cheap enough though so break one and try again.
  11. Yowzer

    Hawkes Boes ZOIP

    Same weekend plz coz already booked time off
  12. Legal if it's factory, not necessarily legal as a retrofit
  13. Yowzer

    2005 Toyota Mark X starter motor replacement

    Yeah screw doing that on a driveway