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  1. I have seen different brand tyres (cannot recall the brands sorry) that despite being the same printed size, one had flat sidewalls, one looked like it was running mega stretch, when mounted to the same rim. These were some low pro 19"s though, probably don't have that particular faux stretch style available in a size as small as you want.
  2. Since when were you a large? I'll nab a M tee in brown Chur Chur chur
  3. How dumb is it that MA is restricted to 35% on the rear windows but everything else can be blacked out completely? What is the reasoning behind that?
  4. Better to sit in the shame corner than sit at home
  5. Gonna aim for Thursday morning / see y'all at midnight
  6. Is there some sort of rule stating that you can't start one? Does this 3 page thread not already suffice?
  7. Oh sheeeeet that's kinda close
  8. Yowzer

    Muffler Tech

    Run a 3" on a 3A for all the lols
  9. Yes yes yes gimme one too my good chum
  10. I have done this with an oscilloscope on a few occasions
  11. I've always converted my points cars to 12V coils. No idea if one is better than the other, but modern coils can pack a lot more punch than they used to.