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  1. Yowzer

    Mechanic is trying to cheat me - help required

    They are, but they don't always work that great. Especially if the mechanism gunks / seizes up, which is common.
  2. Yowzer

    unretard me about turbos

    I actually ran the twin scroll variant with a shitty home made manifold as it was supposed to have better spoolup, but it was on a smaller engine. I reckon it'd still be fine. Just fondle eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-Landcruiser-4-2L-1HD-T-CT26-Turbo-Charger-17201-17010-1720117010/173059175477?hash=item284b217435:g:JKMAAOSw7m9bBkwE https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=td42+turbo&_sacat=0
  3. Yowzer

    Mechanic is trying to cheat me - help required

    My shop charges $90/hr but we also fix things instead of just giving you a bill. Spraying brakleen randomly through the adjuster / inspection hole will achieve nothing. Drum brakes can be an absolute pain to get balanced sometimes, and VTNZs stupid rollers pick up imbalances you won't feel while driving. If you can feel it pulling, there is no way they will pass it. My method of sorting drums: Strip the lot down. Clean everything until shiny. Inspect shoes for wear, if low or worn unevenly, replace. Inspect cylinders for leakages and smooth operation, any doubt, replace. Inspect drums for wear / deformation / cracks. Might get them machined, might give them a sand, for the price half the time it's just easier to replace. Lube up all moving bits with brake grease, reassemble, take for a good ol' thrash to seat everything in, and adjust. No idea what this is all worth as I don't do the office stuff but it'll no doubt set you back more than $450 depending on how much needs replacing, but at least you'll have known good brakes. I'd be taking the car elsewhere from now on.
  4. Yowzer

    unretard me about turbos

    Haha funny you should say that, I was pondering how hard it'd be to retrofit the sequential JZ setup onto a big deez, people often flick them off for about $300
  5. Yowzer

    unretard me about turbos

    Toyota CT26s are cheap as chips and a little bit shit, whack one of them on. Had one running on a 2.8 with a 10mm pump and although it took a bit to kick in, it boogied when it did. The LandCruiser 4.2s run them so should be a near enough match. Realistically you can just mash anything on there from a 2-3L engine and make it work fine. Combine with a free flow exhaust (mufflers are for losers) and a big intercooler and you'll be sweet.
  6. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    Ewwwwwww Might as well walk. It'll be quicker.
  7. lol Get back on topic cunce, this ain't spam
  8. So I have a friend wombling about in Wellington who's a bit lost with life at the moment, and she could do with somewhere to crash for a couple of nights that's a bit more friendly than a random backpackers. Some of you have met her, she came with me to Palmy swapmeet a few years back. If you can help her out, let me know. Chur chur.
  9. You mentioned it was previously supercharged? SC12s can be had for not a lot .. An air intake on the side like on an MR2 would allow for some super sweet induction noises
  10. I like how he still Barrytuned it without a widebane
  11. Hell yeah. You better be running it off an Arduino, using components raided from old DVD players and the likes
  12. Are they cheap? LS400s are plentiful and worthless, a lot have been converted to coils coz the bags are way too expensive to replace, shouldn't be too hard to raid a compressor from one of them for a box of beer
  13. Yowzer

    DIY sound deadening ideas?

    If it's applied properly moisture can't get under it, but if moisture is getting into your car in the first place you have larger issues to worry about. I've never seen any corrosion issues caused by the addition of sound deadening.