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  1. Before the cat will be mint
  2. Isn't there an add-on board for the micro that gives you four inj drivers? Probably worth looking into.
  3. Ahh the ol' shitty running Ecotec. You'll likely find your timing chain is far longer than recommended.
  4. Financial compensation for dealing with utter morons. Seeing some of the shit Clint has to deal with makes my brain itch.
  5. I swung some Os in the Cressida and the inner CVs started making worse noises than before.
  6. Did you swing some Os again when you picked it up?
  7. After half a mill the injector springs and fuel pump will be pretty well flogged if they haven't had a rebuild, that alone will make a world of difference.
  8. Give it half a turn on the smoke screw.
  9. 5psi will still at least give it a little gain, so if you can get a cheap enough kit ya may as well. Dunno what the fuel limit on these engines are though so you'll likely still have to.be conservative with the smoke screw. Not like a dirty old 3L that'll take 30psi and a maxed out fuel pump and love it.
  10. Oh bummer. Yeah, probably not worth boosting soz. Not without whipping in some better internals anyway.
  11. Nah, 80 series has NA 1HDs in them. Couldn't tell ya what the difference is between the two but I'd slap a turbo on it and send it and assume the best.
  12. Chuck some washers under them. Ghetto grind the cams while you're at it.