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  1. The flasher circuit will be it's own little thing where it just charges and switches, trying to measure it adds more load which messes up it's charge time. IE it's just a dumb analogue flasher with no set frequency.
  2. Why not just measure it when it's on solid? The voltage will be the same
  3. Nah you just had a dick of a wof guy, they've never been a requirement.
  4. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    They have massive filters, if I can't prefill a filter on those things I usually unplug the fuel shutoff valve and crank it until it gets pressure. Or I don't, depending on how much I care that day.
  5. But what if you want to make a backwards car?
  6. Maybe some heavy duty ones that can handle workshop abuse
  7. Shit yes they do, they're so bloody flimsy. We've reinforced all the ones at work, once ya slap a couple of extra braces on them they hold up alright but the casters still get fucked if you hit a snag / stone / step. They're still a pain having to jack the car up to put them on, gonna tell the boss to nab a couple of sets of these suckers.
  8. Do the cameras still freak out with the engine off? Another issue could be poor ignition coil earth or faulty coils. This causes a massive spike back through the 12V that can cause all sorts of haywire behaviour. Falcons for example are great for this and it trips out all the vehicle control systems. Honda's induce a spike into the crank angle circuit and causes the ecu to lose crank sync and ends up firing the wrong coil. Something like this could also freak the camera out.
  9. Sure about that? A multimeter won't necessarily tell you if it's dropped a winding and will still read 13-14v, but the AC fluctuations can mess with switchmode supplies like the powerpack for the camera Turning on the headlights will drop the peak voltage, leveling it out with the battery float voltage and stop the powerpack freaking out as much. A capacitor will only mask the issue.
  10. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    https://gfb.com.au/products/boost-controllers/manual-boost-controllers/v2-vnt-boost-controller-reliable-and-effective-boost-control-for-vnt-vgt-turbos/ https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/turbos/listing-2275735283.htm Now to find the same item on Ali