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  1. I recall seeing that design years ago from a guy who built a few different PACs, as well as some other interesting stuff. Always wanted to make one but never did.
  2. He doesn't online anymore @Mourning Cupcake
  3. Normally the low switches off when high is on, but I like to rewire so both go at once. Bulb might get pretty warm but whatevs
  4. We'll make the roads safer by encouraging people to remove their trailer brakes to pass a wof and then massively exceed their unbraked tow rating...
  5. How the hell do you test that? Most workshops don't have brake rollers. Mine included. Even with a brake roller, how would you test that? The dinky little handbrake lever puts on nowhere near the pressure as the tow hitch does
  6. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    The springs in the injectors flog out so the injection pressure drops, causing it to inject sooner than it should but also stretches out the injection time so it's still dumping in the fuel way after it should be too. Even just renewing the injectors will make a big difference, but getting the pump sorted too, especially if the guy can set it up to suit the turbo will make it a whole new beast.
  7. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    Unless the pump and injectors have had an overhaul they'll likely be very flogged, so the injection time will be way longer than it should be, and the timing too will be out. That'll account for black smoke too. HZs are nowhere near as robust as HDs, personally I'd be getting the pump and the injectors overhauled and back the boost off to 7 or so. Also add an intercooler if it doesn't have one. All this is pretty average when on an island I know but it'll keep it alive.
  8. The FnF craze is long over, stop worrying. Cops don't care about dodgy mods, they care if you're doing 5kph over the speed limit.
  9. The only time I've ever been pinged for an illegally modified vehicle was when it was legal. Cop was a cock and was on the hunt, stickered me for being too low when it wasn't. Funnily I had been pulled over multiple times both prior and after coz they thought it wasn't legal but only this one cop was enough of a cock to be a dickhead. The system doesn't favour a 19 year old arguing against them either, even when you are in the right. Car was 105 mm with a full tank btw. Never been pinged for any uncerted engine swaps, cut springs, ect that I of course have never done...
  10. I dunno if our shop does fixed price for alignment or if it's time / complexity based. Some cars have nothing but front toe adjustment, some have near full adjustment front and rear. May affect the price?
  11. Yah the GL5 has some stuff that forms a hard deposit on the gears, However it's harder than the bronze synchros and tears bits off them. Or something like that.
  12. Flexfuel it and run E85 as well
  13. Just carve out the pistons and send it. That 0.4 of compression isn't gonna make fuck all difference when it's already in the 13s, unless you plan on using South island spec 100+ octane. Which I know you are. But still, it'll be fine
  14. https://a.aliexpress.com/_msVB49n
  15. Once again, AliExpress has you covered NZ$ 38.62 3%OFF | 1NZ 1NZFE engine connecting rod for Toyota AVANZA ECHO /ECHO VERSO VITZ YARIS 16V 1497cc 1.5L 1999- 13201-59057 1320159057 https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMxtAUd
  16. 2010 I thought, but yup. After that they need an emissions cert, whatever that is.
  17. Could you also whip up an 8mm spacer to stick between the flywheel and crankshaft?
  18. If others have run into this problem then surely someone has found a solution? Unless their solution was a vvti delete..
  19. It definitely wasn't a Honda alternator, I can't remember what it was from, pretty sure Cressida or Corolla from my stash, but the alternator itself worked mint. The problem we had was the pulley, it was supposed to run dual V belts but we boogied up a single Lucas pulley coz it's all we had and it suffered constant belt slip and totally sucked. I had thought Keegan had solved it but I guess not. Unless of course he replaced the alternator again later, in which case never mind.
  20. Cool! I had wondered what happened to this whip, glad it's still kicking!
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