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  1. I had a couple of those types, one was absolutely junk, one was better but didn't fit 98% of the heads I tried to use it on. Twin cam heads leave fuck all room for anything. Think the first might have been Powerbuilt, can't recall the second one though.
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    https://assets.autodata-group.com/sites/technical_images/150000/images/150123.png Might work?
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    Here's a shit pic of a 1KD. Pretty sure I had a KZ specific one too, but haven't found it yet. I'll upload the actual pic when I get the time Ok can't upload, I get a dialog box saying 7 Please contact us for assistance
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    The pump runs off to the side of the main gear set, I'll find a diagram shortly
  5. Is it like some amazing feat to import a jap car into the US?
  6. I was gonna suggest that too, however it was just on a dyno which is the same thing really.
  7. Better do a skid just to confirm though
  8. Drag the bodies and burning wreckages from the track so others can keep racing
  9. Chuck a factory log Mani back on and run a stack out the back, chuck the sensor in there for tuning.
  10. Oh yes, of course hahha
  11. Can you shove it through the rubber Flexi?
  12. You might find your stock shocks are too soft and your ride will be bouncy and dumb though. But yah, if you jack the car up and can't move the springs around, then you're fine. Usually off-the-shelf springs don't require short shocks.
  13. Woah calm down there. I can only get so erect
  14. @bigfoot probably knows something too
  15. Adding a seatbelt will require a cert
  16. Just had a LandCruiser in like five minutes ago where the customer had fit their own ball joint. It was the wrong one and the taper was too small, and therefore not seating correctly. So no, you cannot trust anyone.
  17. There's really no point in debating the rules as LVVTA can say "nah bowl" on whatever, regardless of your interpretation. It's not like they're gonna be like "oh gee you're right, if you read it that way then yes you can slide through, we'll allow it", they'll just amend the rules.
  18. Yes you would, because you are changing your car from its certified state. The same applies to anything else on the car. Once certified, you can't change back to factory wheels either. If you don't like the rules, don't modify your car.
  19. That is correct. If however your clutch pedal resides on it's own independent pedal box and you don't touch the brake pedal box, you are fine. So long as the clutch pedal doesn't hit the wider auto brake pedal. The issue is, people in the past have modified their factory brake pedals to fit around their newly installed clutch pedal, they did a shit job, their brake pedal broke and they no longer got stoppers. Hence blanket rule to make sure muppets haven't stuffed anything up. All it takes is one mounting point to be in a different location and someone going "meh, doesn't need it" and then eventually the frame fatigues and things go wrong.