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  1. I read that and thought "brah how did you miss a dead miss?" But then remembered not everyone spends every waking moment diddling with badly running engines. Bloody good that it wasn't head damage though!
  2. On my last exhaust I looped the hanger around under the pipe, as I found having it welded to the sides it would eventually fatigue and rip a hole in it. As for hanging methods, I just replicated the factory method. Seemed to have held up well enough despite smashing it constantly into the road. I was gonna say attach the runners to the gearbox, but derped and remembered your engine is facing the wrong way.
  3. That looks like it's gonna sound bloody impressive
  4. On a properly designed exhaust, all the magic happens at the header / collector, the rest is just to get it out the back of the car. I reckon move the engine into the boot.
  5. And a big intercooler
  6. I'm thinking, that since you have blown out both sides of the block, the rod was still attached to the crank when it went for a flail. So I'm guessing that the piston was the first to fail.
  7. There's a iQ in at work at the moment, I thought that would be pretty hilarious with a high revving engine. Stuffed knows what you can do with the NR engines, aside from swap them out.
  8. 404 page not found https://electricscootershop.co.nz/products/kaabo-skywalker-10h Must have changed the link
  9. Your exhaust will run hotter if your timing is on the retarded side, but nah that's probably normal.
  10. Nah mate, can still see light under it.
  11. Reminds me of a story from my old boss, building up a 2L Fiat twin cam race motor. He did all the math on cams intake and exhaust runners to get maximum power. His mate built the same engine with slap together parts and guess work. Guess which was the better performer of the two?
  12. Theoretical improvements yield real world disappointments
  13. No lift pump in those suckers. Diesel bug could be an issue. Do you have the old filter still? Have a look inside, otherwise pull off the new filter. You'll know right away if it's there.
  14. Some cars definitely fall apart with the axles missing, even just from pushing around the workshop.
  15. Time for a carbon fibre hood / 3D print one in 20 pieces
  16. Big overlap pisses half your intake out the exhaust at low rpm so your dynamic compression is lower. Or something.
  17. My vague reading in the past on static compression vs dynamic compression I'm trailing off now coz I can't remember the rest.... As you were.
  18. Nothing like a failed reverse lockout to add excitement to your day. I saw a video awhile back of a high powered Honda doing a 1st-2nd-1st shift down the strip. It did quite an impressive reverse wheelie.
  19. Now to replace the synchros with dogs / chuck a sequential in it
  20. I've heard that there are summer and winter mixes of fuel, wonder if a) there's truth in that and b) that's why it's now melting your manifold
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