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  1. Looks like they gave up halfway through machining it. Must be a heavy sucker
  2. Largely a bit technical, only in more recent years with the introduction of stability control does the traction control bother with steering angle, so it can clamp the brake on the individual wheel. Around a corner your combined front wheel speed will be a touch higher than the rear wheels anyway so you can work it no worries. It's not like you're incorporating individual wheel braking or anything.
  3. It fails due to rust Nah fucked if I know. After seeing how much fun the guys were having with the auditing I was more than happy to not have my wof ticket
  4. Pretty much. A lot is due to corrosion or shit mounting, but you can usually tell when some joker is gonna drag a 2T boat on something that's probably only rated for 750kg. As far as I'm concerned that's not our problem, but apparently a sticker is needed to ensure the blame is on the owner or some shit.
  5. Wof inspectors have the right to fail whatever they feel like actually. Besides, this was the auditor who brought this on. Previously we paid no attention to towbars. Because as you say, there's nothing in the virm. But you try telling the auditor they're wrong.
  6. As long as they have a sticker stating their tow and load ratings to ignore it'll be fine. Workmate fails towbars all the time, it's lols / annoying coz fuck fixing towbars.
  7. If the car itself wasn't EFI to begin with it'll require a recert even if there was an EFI option available from factory
  8. Bloody marvelous! I am so upset to be home.
  9. Once again I am shit at organisation. See ya at midnight!
  10. On MacPherson strut it should raise it by its thickness, or near enough to. On double wishbone it'll be some % based on the ratio of spring perch to arm length or some such nonsense
  11. I vaguely recall the old boy at work saying something along those lines once. /Ling
  12. Electrical noise is one issue, the ecu should have noise suppression but it can still interfere with sensors, the other is current output as usually they're much more lower powered than modern alternators and you can suffer some voltage drop when running all the additional electrics that EFI requires.
  13. I have quite a stack of alternators at work, if I get a chance I'll line them up and get a pic, ya might see one that may fit. They're all buggered in some way or another but at least ya can test fit it then either fix it or cross reference the part number to a new one.
  14. Surely the later EFI K series had internally reg'd alternators? And possibly different brackets. Shit, it's been awhile since I've converted them, but nah it's not difficult. Run L to your lamp, I to the ignition, S to the battery maybe, and Bob's your neighbours dog.
  15. Chuck it in the bin and replace with a modern internally regulated unit. You shouldn't be running that mechanical garbage with EFI anyways.
  16. Also, go with the specs for that cam. They're probably different for a reason. If the valve train noise concerns you, you have too many mufflers.
  17. Yowzer

    diesel spam

    A bit more complex, I had the service manual for the Bosch VE pumps downloaded somewhere but I think it was on a HDD that is now a paperweight. Can't remember what breed the L300 pumps are despite working on the turds all the time. There's a few under the workbench though.
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