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  1. Apologies for new school spam everyone @loest8 I reckon the next best wheels are the 18" Prisma wheels from the Atlas. They look good on everything but the Atlas.
  2. I can look for another set if you want, or maybe when I sell the Passat it'll go minus the wheels. I paid CAD $550 for them without tyres but one or two need refinishing (which I have a claim lodged with our Ministry of Transport here after I hit a pothole damaging tyre sidewall and marking the rim, should hopefully cover getting the two less than perfect wheels refinished, the other two are already near mint)
  3. So the Racing Beat sway bars and springs finally arrived after almost four months, and an additional $200 donation to the government - so much for NAFTA right? Though I got a nice payout from the insurance company for the little hit and run last year, supposedly they couldn't track down a replacement bumper and valued the repair at $1250 so they just opted to cut a cheque instead and send me on my way to look after it myself. They'll probably sit for another four months before I get around to fitting them. Disco here -
  4. Ahh with that engine it's basically a RX-7 GSL-SE sedan! Let me know if you need any 13B injection parts - I have a near complete '84 GSL-SE parts car with the same 13B EGI engine.
  5. one out of a NZ-new V3000 should be the same plug arrangement perhaps different rpm shift points. Wouldn't be surprised if one out of a 4cyl Sigma will be the same too.
  6. It's definitely there - close to the firewall behind the radio.
  7. It's a KM175 trans with a TCU located in the centre console behind the radio on the top of the 'trans tunnel' bump. It does not have kick down cable, it gets throttle reading from the ECU's TPS and electronically adjusts line pressure to suit. No FWD Galant/Sigma/V2000/V3000 auto trans has a kick down cable, even the most basic carb models still had a TPS stuck on the carb feeding signal to the TCU. When I've seen similar era Mitsubishi TCU's fail usually you get funny things happening like losing reverse or torque converter lock up clutch being engaged right away which stalls the engine. If you unplug the TCU or if a sensor is faulty or missing it will go into mechanical fail-safe mode where line pressure is default high and you can only engage third gear or reverse mechanically and the torque converter just slips to make up for lack of other gears. Not engaging first gear and slipping 2nd could be a TCU fault though, who knows. I would pull it out and check the state of the caps - you'll find a FWD Sigma or V3000 TCU could probably be substituted in just fine (for troubleshooting purposes at the least anyway).
  8. Does any model of that gen Echo/Vitz/Platz/Yaris have electric PS?
  9. It's no Mariah Motorsports/Kent Racing cassette slot kit, but it is a Pacific kit from the early 80s that didn't break the bank. Not a fan of the rear wing though, I'm going to see if I can make it work with my existing 3pc wing.
  10. S4 WP housing + S5 alternator swapped on, no pics yet cause it's in a different parking spot that's much darker that sucks for photos. I did a thing though.. was surprised it all fit into the Passat with the rear seats down
  11. Couldn't find an existing sharn thread so apologies if one already exists. You could just swap in the entire rear beam from that newer Galant into your V2000 and that way you gain the newer style brakes you can get parts for.
  12. Sucks about the double rear ending! people are idiots. Maybe time for a super bright high stop light so these morons know you are stopping?
  13. FB GSL-SE 13B GMB water pump which is the same as 12A/pre FC models - yeah you can see the stud difference in the pics but will get around it by putting in a short 10x1.5mm stud into the unused water pump bolt hole and the gasket has enough to material to seal up around the other unused hole too. The Banzai Racing adjustable alternator bracket allows for universal placement on either FB or FC water pump/housings so it should be all good on that front.
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