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  1. Does any model of that gen Echo/Vitz/Platz/Yaris have electric PS?
  2. It's no Mariah Motorsports/Kent Racing cassette slot kit, but it is a Pacific kit from the early 80s that didn't break the bank. Not a fan of the rear wing though, I'm going to see if I can make it work with my existing 3pc wing.
  3. S4 WP housing + S5 alternator swapped on, no pics yet cause it's in a different parking spot that's much darker that sucks for photos. I did a thing though.. was surprised it all fit into the Passat with the rear seats down
  4. Couldn't find an existing sharn thread so apologies if one already exists. You could just swap in the entire rear beam from that newer Galant into your V2000 and that way you gain the newer style brakes you can get parts for.
  5. Sucks about the double rear ending! people are idiots. Maybe time for a super bright high stop light so these morons know you are stopping?
  6. FB GSL-SE 13B GMB water pump which is the same as 12A/pre FC models - yeah you can see the stud difference in the pics but will get around it by putting in a short 10x1.5mm stud into the unused water pump bolt hole and the gasket has enough to material to seal up around the other unused hole too. The Banzai Racing adjustable alternator bracket allows for universal placement on either FB or FC water pump/housings so it should be all good on that front.
  7. ** discussion here - https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/74793-helium-elbows-magical-rx-7-fb/ ** Some small progress Racing Beat exhaust now swapped on, deleted the air pump and associated components at the same time to shed about 5kgs and less components engine has to spin. It has definitely opened up the engine somewhat, it feels much less strangled now. There is a small problem of the number 2 rotor 6-port actuation shaft not spinning as freely as the number 1 rotor, so perhaps there is still some more power/drivability with that functioning perfectly. I am hoping to
  8. I used rear springs from one of these and had them compressed a further 2-3 inches but if I were to do it again I would use E30 BMW 3 series springs instead as the Barina springs were just a bit too soft. Front spring were just cut a little and the lower shock mounts were spaced down about half an inch to keep the springs captive.
  9. fuel

    KwS's TVR

    You may just fall in love with the 650i! Either that or the previous owner knows something you don't and is willing to trade it for a more reliable TVR haha
  10. Yes! I really like the Rotary Engineering IMSA GTU/Kent Racing kit with cassette slot front bumper wishful thinking though! Costs over US$2400
  11. Oh yeah, if you guys and gals are disgusted by how dirty the car is - so am I. That's only after just two relatively short drives in the snow and salt spray slush that gets left behind a few days after snow fall. I don't want to expose the RX7 to any more salt so I went and bought a winter beater, a 2010 Passat 2.0t 6MT with 142k for $1500 maple syrup hockey pucks. My insurance costs more than the damn car haha. Hopefully will make me hurry up with more updates as I don't need to do work to the RX7 in between needing to drive it.
  12. Am running 195/55 R15 which are a tad stretched as they are, 205 or 215 would have sat more square on the 7" rim. I don't really want to go down to 175 or 185 just for the sake of getting these wheels fitted, even if I went a narrower tyre there's still the issue of the edge of the rim being a good 30+mm beyond the edge of the fender. I did use wheelsize.com but I was working with the assumption the stock wheels were +20 instead of the +40 they actually were, and I was literally pushing it with the assumption the stock wheels were +20 already. I did check if I could machine off the back f
  13. alright so I got the wheels & tyres finally on.... aaaaannnndddd I fucked up the offset difference measurements. I knew I was pushing it a little with 15x7 -3 wheels under the assumption the factory wheels were +20mm, turns out that the GSL-SE has +40mm offset factory wheels so they stuck out almost another inch than anticipated. So either I look for other wheels or I.... ** discussion here - https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/74793-helium-elbows-magical-rx-7-fb/ **
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