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  1. Are you sure? I'm certain Jag are 5x4.75" (5x120.65mm)
  2. fuel

    Kelvins OTHER SD1, The Vitesse

    Nooooo how come you sell your SD1's not long after sinking lots of time and effort into them and not getting to enjoy your fruits of labour?
  3. what are the ratios like on a Navara diesel box though?
  4. if staying N/A then the gearbox option should be much easier. The Triton R5M31 would probably be the easiest to do, otherwise you could just source the bellhousing from one and fit to a Toyota box. I'm considering using a Nissan 350Z/370Z CD009 6-speed box as they are cheaper to find than a T56 that I was originally going to use, plus they shift much better and are the same size.
  5. fuel

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    13x5 from memory.
  6. so odd being imperial 4x108 - I would have thought it would be 4x100 like the Golf that it borrowed some of its suspension parts from.
  7. fuel

    New York/New Jersey?

    Damn what a shame! Am there from the 16-23 May.
  8. fuel

    Do these require a crankcase filter?

    They should go back into the air intake. One will have a PCV valve so should go into the manifold after the throttle, the other will not have a valve and needs to go into the intake before the throttle. Or you could just pipe them into a catch can, either vented to atmosphere (not really the best), or vented back into the intake, and a drain that drains back into the sump (or drain can often).
  9. fuel

    4g63 oil pump pulley drama

    You bought a DOHC pulley... I already told you what car you can grab a pulley from - whether you want to listen to my advice is up to you.
  10. You bought an oil pump sprocket for a DOHC engine that has a wider timing belt...
  11. fuel

    4g63 oil pump pulley drama

    Try looking for one from a 91+ NZ-new Galant or Chariot 2.0 SOHC 8V. The 87-92 DOHC and 92+ SOHC 16V pulley is wider.
  12. fuel

    4g63 oil pump pulley drama

    the angle cut gears are for 7 bolt engines I'm sure. The straight cut gears are what gives the 6-bolt its whine.
  13. fuel

    Forged Pistons - Not what I expected

    I think 10.8:1 instead of 10.5:1 isn't going to make much of a difference, it will mostly come down to the tune and the specifics of the fuel delivery. Engine/cylinder head temp, injector spray pattern, fuel and spark timing etc will all have more influence on knock/pinking than a 0.3 increase in CR.
  14. fuel

    Info Needed: G63B/4G63 Bolt Sizes

    oh whoops, I see you're after pressure plate bolts. They are fairly standard bolts and look like this:
  15. fuel

    Info Needed: G63B/4G63 Bolt Sizes

    Have you lost the bolts for sure, or you just don't know which is which? Crank pulley bolt looks like this: And flywheel bolts look like this: If you have lost them completely, you should be able to buy them from Mitsubishi. If getting second hand bolts, make sure you get the correct length flywheel bolts as they are different between auto and manual.