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  1. fuel

    re-registering a vehicle

    It's possible under certain circumstances - a friend of mine took her Civic Shuttle in for a WOF only to find it had been de-registered for a few months. Turns out someone had deregistered there car somewhere else in the country but accidentally put her plate number down. Of course, no checks were done and they de-registered the wrong car. At first NZTA told her she had to eat the costs and hassle to re-register, and would lose the cool black plates. I think it was after calling up numerous times and crying over the phone that they eventually were convinced to reverse the process.
  2. fuel

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    Surprising that there's no WOF system in the Chathams!
  3. fuel

    Unclejake's '95 Chev discusion

    where are you exactly?
  4. fuel

    re-registering a vehicle

    Once those plates have been turned in or the car wearing those plates has been de-registered, you cannot 're-issue' white plates. Only way you could do it is get that letter/number combination made up as a personalised plate, and try track down the original plates and swap them on. As you may expect, this is costly and near impossible if those white plates have been handed back in after it was de-registered. Only way you can reuse plates is if they are BLACK plates and were the plates originally issued with the car, and were the plates on the car right up until it was deregistered.
  5. did anyone have any pics from the meet?
  6. I would get in touch with the supplier and let them know it has failed - they could have a serious liability on their hands as the outcome could have been so much more severe! For something that controls the most essential aspect of a car it is a huge safety concern. I would also look into swapping it out for UJ's as early as possible as it would do wonders for the steering feel.
  7. fuel

    Muffler Tech

    my plan is to retain the stock twin tip arrangement but have one tip going to the rear muffler, and the other tip going to the bypass valve, which will be driven by the stock GTO active exhaust control motor.
  8. fuel

    Muffler Tech

    should probably mention - new engine will be 6G74 with MIVEC heads + churbos which is why I want 3". I definitely understand the exhaust I want to build will not be well suited to the N/A engine.
  9. fuel

    Muffler Tech

    Hey guys, So the exhaust on my Diamante is absolutely had it (front down pipe is smashed, rear section is rusting away etc) so I need to replace the exhaust sooner than later. Given that I'm planning an engine swap, I want to make sure the exhaust would be suitable and ready. I'm thinking a mild steel 3" mandrel bent system with one or two hotdog resonators and a muffler that is reasonably quiet at the rear, but with a servo actuated bypass valve before the rear muffler - kind of similar to how the 'Active Exhaust' works on the GTO and some later Galants and Diamantes. The factory GTO appears to just have a cat converter up front, no mufflers in the middle and a restrictive muffler in the rear that then splits to each side, but there is a valve just in front of the rear muffler that basically allows the exhaust to just bypass the rear muffler and exit out of one of the exhaust pipes. I'm hoping to replicate this, but am wary of the system being too loud or raspy when in 'quiet' mode. What would be the ideal length of resonators to use? Does anyone have recommendations of a good 3" rear muffler? Ideally an oval type with center in and offset out. Below is a pic of the stock GTO exhaust systems - on the left is the N/A one which is similar to the Diamante system, while on the right is the TT version: Thanks!
  10. fuel

    Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    did you consider doing a cross ram style inlet manifold? would have taken up less width, same height etc and you retain the same runner length if not longer etc for example:
  11. Are you sure? I'm certain Jag are 5x4.75" (5x120.65mm)
  12. fuel

    Kelvins OTHER SD1, The Vitesse

    Nooooo how come you sell your SD1's not long after sinking lots of time and effort into them and not getting to enjoy your fruits of labour?
  13. what are the ratios like on a Navara diesel box though?
  14. if staying N/A then the gearbox option should be much easier. The Triton R5M31 would probably be the easiest to do, otherwise you could just source the bellhousing from one and fit to a Toyota box. I'm considering using a Nissan 350Z/370Z CD009 6-speed box as they are cheaper to find than a T56 that I was originally going to use, plus they shift much better and are the same size.
  15. fuel

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    13x5 from memory.