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  1. Cheers @Unclejake and @yoeddynz will definitely look into an electric pump and also try find someone experienced to set the timing and carbs up properly.
  2. Curiosity got the better of me, trying to keep busy lately as things are not going so well. hmmm...... The head is still full of rusty shite so will get it hot tanked etc.
  3. Cheers everyone, yep it is kent powered. Never heard of water wetter before, thought it might have been a "blinker fluid" scenario. Google has revealed otherwise
  4. Decided to get this out and try sort a few things. Wouldn't start at first so had to put some fresh fuel in, clean the points etc. Started eventually- took it outside, pulled the radiator cap off and there are bubbles- was only running for about 3 minutes. Water was hotter than expected too. Removed the radiator to flush it out with a hose, even after running rad cleaner through the whole system awhile back and filling with a good antifreeze mix it still has rust scale shit in it. Replaced the top hose as it had a pin hole in it. Refilled and went to run it with both caps off (it has one on the rad, and one on the top of the head). Under light load it is pushing water out- so I suspect a head gasket, someone may be able to confirm my diagnosis, as I often have no idea what i'm doing... Aside from the potential head gasket- Other contributing issues with cooling are that the bottom hose is on a fairly steep angle upwards to reconnect to the water pump, which might mean the pump has a hard time pushing water back up the hose? The top hose also angles downwards, but the inlet on the radiator also points down- again, not the easiest flow path. Assistance with diagnosis greatly appreciated:
  5. Driving home the other day, and my shifter become incredibly remote. Very odd sensation. Also annoying that it broke off in neutral so I had no drive. Thankfully the underseat storage box contained the ideal assortment of rusty tools, along with a singular used bush, one set of brake shoes, a single u bolt and an owners manual missing multiple pages. Took the high range lever cover off and pushed the selector into second and drove home, chucked it in low range to get up the hill. New one is coming from Australia. Had to take the floor panels out to remove the selector. Currently in flintstone mode. Exploded shifter, the circlip was under a fair bit of tension, didn't expect the spring to be quite that large
  6. This happened today, and I bloody missed it happening. Don’t imagine it’s the first time around the block though being a 5 digit odometer. *next update in 99,996k
  7. Been distracting myself with some work on this. My Subaru was stolen on Monday sadly, and it has been a very eye opening experience in terms of the police, insurance companies and the shitty side of the world in general. While not an OS car, as some have mentioned- a classic regardless. Mine was a really tidy and original example, and I had some great restoration plans ahead. I am still hopeful I will get it back. Anyway, I decided to paint a few bits this week including the front bumper and the door tops- which are mostly made of rust now it seems. Surprisingly, Supercheap could mix me two cans of Spanish Olive without evening knowing the paint code. The lady commented on what an, "Interesting colour," it is. As you can see, my abilities to paint and retain a natural patina are astounding, and nothing to do with the fact that I am actually shit at painting... Finished bumper Sanded, then primed, then new colour Colour match is good, rest of the car is quite faded despite a polish earlier in the year. I think it will benefit from the wheels being powder coated black. Imagine it will be getting more attention now, and the Lotus isn't holding my attention much. Maybe things will change. I am going to daily this for awhile and see what happens.
  8. Have messaged you some details, cheers
  9. Recently, my work decided to sell off some fixed assets, so I decided to buy two of these contraptions. They were designed to lift a small portable building (there were 4 of them for this purpose) in order for a transporter trailer to be wheeled in underneath and then lower the building down onto the trailer deck. I thought one might make a good addition to the Landy- and the price was too good to refuse. So I bought a pair of them, and now own two Superwinch Terra 25's. They are probably better suited to lighter vehicles or ATV's but they still have impressive pulling power- around 1200kg. Will make up a mounting plate- have to remove the cover as below so it will sit closer to the grill. Maybe inset a fairlead in the exisiting front bar. Should look pretty cool regardless. Am also thinking about powder coating the 15x8's black to match the canvas roof. Have been driving the car to work recently and it is such good fun. Still getting used to the fact that it doesn't want to die at intersections. Idle is so smooth and quiet. Thoughts or comments welcomed- also if anyone wants the other winch let me know, no known use for it at this point....
  10. Cheers, new sender is on the way. Thanks @locost_bryan Thanks @FraserNZ there are a few gaps around the radiator which probably isn't assisting with airflow so may seal them up with some foam tape or something like that. The temp does climb when in traffic, but remains relatively constant when driving at normal road speed. Does need a proper bleed I think, new cap on the block should assist with that. Electric fan is mounted to the back, and pulls air through the rad. MG is my dads- I store the Lotus in the same garage as I don't have one of my own currently. Hopefully with a good bleed and a new temp sensor we will be underway again.
  11. I did replace the sensor awhile back- and had trouble finding one that actually fitted so a good point and I will check- how does one know how to match the sensor to the gauge? Engine doesn't seem to struggle as the temps increase either so maybe I am being lied to by my gauge. Radiator is pretty new- I will do a proper flush on it I think- my electric fan is fitted to the back however, maybe that is causing issues? The fan is setup to pull air through the radiator which I guess is correct. Might have more luck if it is mounted in front and blows air through? Or maybe the fan is a bit shit...
  12. Track day on Friday went much the same as the last, with different problems. I had new brushes put in the alternator which solved my lack of charging. I had some overheating issues last time, if the gauge is correct. Was getting up around 95-100 degrees, so I cut the spring out of the thermostat and removed the innards, leaving just the body- I've heard that crossflows don't like having the thermostat housing empty? Anyway, it didn't fix my issues. Driving to the track was fine, sat around 81 degrees. As soon as I got on track it climbed to around 90 when I decided to call it quits on the first session and let it cool. Didn't boil though. Was quite a hot day and some other cars were having issues. I also put the old thermostat housing back on the engine as shown below. The radiator has its own cap but it is slightly lower than the head- my theory was that the air needs to escape at the highest point so it should be easier to bleed the air out? Maybe just wasn't bled properly as it was a rushed Thursday night job. Then the throttle linkage came off, nut must have shaken itself off- got towed in. Embarrassing but relatively easy fix. And then this happened Throttle cable broke at the pedal end. Towed in again. Then proceeded to the nearest bottle store and purchased the event organizers a box for the inconvenience. So that was the end of the day. Pulled through the block on the accelerator pedal. So I wound the idle up, tied a knot in the cable, put a zip tie on it so I didn't cut my hand up, and drove home with a hand throttle. There were a lot of helpful people at the track, giving advice and offering to try and help solve issues, maybe some are members on here, if so, I thank you. Any thoughts on the overheating issue would be appreciated/ what temp should it be running. It has a near new Honda alloy radiator, electric fan, have put descaling solution through the cooling system recently and refilled with good coolant mix. One day I will get a decent lap in... Discussion/ advice welcomed
  13. It is somewhat amusing looking back at the ambitious plans of my former self, it has been a long time, having to use the search function to find this thread, as opposed to scrolling through a few pages to locate it. My former self also failed to mention the whole reason why I seem to have developed this sick sick affliction with Land Rovers. As a kid (sub 8 years old ) my family used to go to Queenstown and stay in a house, which happened to come equipped with a Series 2a Land Rover available for use. I still remember sitting in the back bench seats, no seat belts, car backfiring terribly and spitting out of third gear down Fernhill with my dad driving. I was shit scared of the thing. And for some reason I was hooked. I still have it, I don't think I could ever part with it. With my other project going on, the Land Rover continued to be a useful tool for moving house, taking away garden rubbish, and rescuing the other stupid green thing when I ran out of both oil, and electricity. Recently it was decided that the car needed a birthday. The V8 plan was set aside, mostly due to complexity and my abilities, another factor however is that I feel the car is better left original. Modifications are for my daily driver- I could foresee a V8 fixing one problem, but in turn creating others that would then need solving. Anyway, I have rambled enough- short story is that the original engine has been rebuilt. And it is amazing. Have also spent the day trying to resurrect the tired paint with some polish, a cloth, and an arm. Also switched the hard top to a canvas one I bought a few years ago. Shit photo but can address that next update perhaps. Thinking I may get the wheels powder coated black to match the black canvas top. Right side is before, left side is after. Hopefully they are distinguishable. Thoughts or comments are welcomed.
  14. Still awaiting my education
  15. I cannot comment on the phallus of a seal, do they even have one?