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  1. Sorry @Paul LS7 S3 for the massively delayed reply. The A arms are the original ones that came on the car I think, but Mcgregor Motorsport did a lot of fabrication work on the car and I’m sure they could provide you with some advice
  2. Some nice things arrived before everything turned to custard The water passage looks like a shocked face :O Repco is also delivering at the moment - I ordered a gasket set with the cylinder head but it was a bit bent and some of the sealing material had come away, so ordered another head gasket locally. Also painted the water pump pulley a stupid colour because why not. Fitting tomorrow - what's the opinion on copper gasket spray on head gaskets? New one is a generic permaseal. Cheers
  3. Have rediscovered a bit of love for this the past few weeks. It's odd revisiting your previous work, I guess I was in a rush to get it running but there have always been numerous untidy things that have annoyed me about the car, so it's quite nice to make some improvement. The main source of annoyance was the wiring and the way it was run/cable tied all over the place, so I recovered the whole loom and rerouted most of it. This turned out to be a good move as there is still a lot of oil coating everything after the filter explosion disaster. The cable routing is better, will never be perfect but it is a lot more tidy. Before And after I also decided to follow some good advice from the discussion thread and got a Davies Craig EWP and controller. It may be slightly overkill for this application but I will be happy if the car runs at a reasonable temperature and I can eliminate the mechanical pump - this will probably require some fabrication as you cannot remove the impeller from the factory pump but I think I can get that sorted. Also wired the controller up and made a hinged bracket so the display can be folded up under the dash. Simple but does the job. Sensors aren't plugged in obviously, as I have no cylinder head. Will tidy the rest of the wiring once the pump and radiator are back in. Have been saving up for a new cylinder head, will probably source one from the UK. Going to be an expensive day but likely cheaper than buying a second hand head here then having it crack tested and built up etc. Time for a beer one thinks.... Cheers
  4. Well, crack test has confirmed, it's fucked. Has been previously repaired as well. Cracked right around both the removed valves. Given the cost of repair it is uneconomic and would likely happen again anyway. Both nice to confirm the issue, and also a bit of a pain. Time to figure out the next move...
  5. @Sunbeam just recalled, few years ago someone borrowed the 2a mentioned earlier in the thread and took his kids down a dirt road, they were sitting in the back, rear door flew open and one of them fell out. Luckily they bounced and were fine. Naturally old Land Rover wasn’t going all that fast
  6. Got things back together. The gear stick is slightly closer to the driver now which is both helpful but I have also now lost all my reference points Left a car park entrance with a fair bit of speed on, and the drivers door flew open. Not the first time this has occurred so also adjusted the latches, they are pretty well worn however. Slam locks always draw attention as members of the public probably think I'm furious about something. In reality I just want to go home without falling out. Tried to go and find some puddles or things to drive over at the Waimak but access is pretty well blocked off. Found some old photos anyway Moments before this occurred, I believe the driver said, "Watch this!" Which resulted in trying tow the range rover out, which went well... My car did back out of that, but a man with a snatch rope had to come and rescue the range rover. There are computers under the drivers seat for things like the airbag suspension etc. Which were under water... This was a few years ago and I believe it's all fixed now. Keen to try and find some spots around Christchurch for more of the above, Waimak and also Mcleans Island seem like a no go anymore though...
  7. Cheers @Unclejake and @yoeddynz will definitely look into an electric pump and also try find someone experienced to set the timing and carbs up properly.
  8. Curiosity got the better of me, trying to keep busy lately as things are not going so well. hmmm...... The head is still full of rusty shite so will get it hot tanked etc.
  9. Cheers everyone, yep it is kent powered. Never heard of water wetter before, thought it might have been a "blinker fluid" scenario. Google has revealed otherwise
  10. Decided to get this out and try sort a few things. Wouldn't start at first so had to put some fresh fuel in, clean the points etc. Started eventually- took it outside, pulled the radiator cap off and there are bubbles- was only running for about 3 minutes. Water was hotter than expected too. Removed the radiator to flush it out with a hose, even after running rad cleaner through the whole system awhile back and filling with a good antifreeze mix it still has rust scale shit in it. Replaced the top hose as it had a pin hole in it. Refilled and went to run it with both caps off (it has one on the rad, and one on the top of the head). Under light load it is pushing water out- so I suspect a head gasket, someone may be able to confirm my diagnosis, as I often have no idea what i'm doing... Aside from the potential head gasket- Other contributing issues with cooling are that the bottom hose is on a fairly steep angle upwards to reconnect to the water pump, which might mean the pump has a hard time pushing water back up the hose? The top hose also angles downwards, but the inlet on the radiator also points down- again, not the easiest flow path. Assistance with diagnosis greatly appreciated:
  11. Driving home the other day, and my shifter become incredibly remote. Very odd sensation. Also annoying that it broke off in neutral so I had no drive. Thankfully the underseat storage box contained the ideal assortment of rusty tools, along with a singular used bush, one set of brake shoes, a single u bolt and an owners manual missing multiple pages. Took the high range lever cover off and pushed the selector into second and drove home, chucked it in low range to get up the hill. New one is coming from Australia. Had to take the floor panels out to remove the selector. Currently in flintstone mode. Exploded shifter, the circlip was under a fair bit of tension, didn't expect the spring to be quite that large
  12. This happened today, and I bloody missed it happening. Don’t imagine it’s the first time around the block though being a 5 digit odometer. *next update in 99,996k
  13. Been distracting myself with some work on this. My Subaru was stolen on Monday sadly, and it has been a very eye opening experience in terms of the police, insurance companies and the shitty side of the world in general. While not an OS car, as some have mentioned- a classic regardless. Mine was a really tidy and original example, and I had some great restoration plans ahead. I am still hopeful I will get it back. Anyway, I decided to paint a few bits this week including the front bumper and the door tops- which are mostly made of rust now it seems. Surprisingly, Supercheap could mix me two cans of Spanish Olive without evening knowing the paint code. The lady commented on what an, "Interesting colour," it is. As you can see, my abilities to paint and retain a natural patina are astounding, and nothing to do with the fact that I am actually shit at painting... Finished bumper Sanded, then primed, then new colour Colour match is good, rest of the car is quite faded despite a polish earlier in the year. I think it will benefit from the wheels being powder coated black. Imagine it will be getting more attention now, and the Lotus isn't holding my attention much. Maybe things will change. I am going to daily this for awhile and see what happens.
  14. Have messaged you some details, cheers
  15. Recently, my work decided to sell off some fixed assets, so I decided to buy two of these contraptions. They were designed to lift a small portable building (there were 4 of them for this purpose) in order for a transporter trailer to be wheeled in underneath and then lower the building down onto the trailer deck. I thought one might make a good addition to the Landy- and the price was too good to refuse. So I bought a pair of them, and now own two Superwinch Terra 25's. They are probably better suited to lighter vehicles or ATV's but they still have impressive pulling power- around 1200kg. Will make up a mounting plate- have to remove the cover as below so it will sit closer to the grill. Maybe inset a fairlead in the exisiting front bar. Should look pretty cool regardless. Am also thinking about powder coating the 15x8's black to match the canvas roof. Have been driving the car to work recently and it is such good fun. Still getting used to the fact that it doesn't want to die at intersections. Idle is so smooth and quiet. Thoughts or comments welcomed- also if anyone wants the other winch let me know, no known use for it at this point....