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  1. Ive got to buy some shipping steez and do a bit of admin, so will organised a packaging night when that sale sorted.
  2. I can confirm that Waikaremoana Holiday Park has cabins available if you call them directly. Booked a 5 bed fisherman's cabin for the 28th.
  3. Hey Hamilton crew. I'll need a hand packaging and addressing all the nats shirts that need to be sent away. Perhaps we should have a bit of a mid week meet up to sort this out sometime soon? @64valiant, @mark105, @Beaver, @Archetype, @Geophy, @Yowzer, @Zeubin, @WankBankA100, @flyingbrick
  4. Churr peeps. I'll give them a tingle tomorrow. Edit - Gizzy accom booked for @RUNAMUCK, @Beaver, @mark105 and myself.
  5. Thanks. Next question... Who has a spare bed or 5? looks like she's full!
  6. @johnnyfive - can you please add the locations for each night to the first post? I went to book accommodation and got confuse. Friday Gisborne, Saturday Waikaremoana? Also, who would like to bunk-up in a fisherman's cabin at Waikaremoana? @Beaver, @Geophy, @mark105, @RUNAMUCKBORT?
  7. Truenotch

    Aubs fa50

    Nice, it had a leg shield! Don’t see that too often.
  8. Sounds good man. I'd say you could go higher than 25 entries for the grip side while still giving heaps of track time. You'll easily be able to run 10 cars at a time, so the 25 cars/drivers would get a hell of a workout (heaps of track time, but lots of people will fizzle out by mid afternoon). My suggestion is Friday the 13th of August .
  9. What brand of pot belly paint did you use? I painted my motorbike exhaust with a hot black paint from Mitre10. I think it might have been Plastikote brand? It cured nice and flat and stuck really well. I cured it for half an hour or so with a heat gun and it seemed to work well. I feel like it was this stuff:
  10. That’s good thinking Bartman!