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  1. Yep, looks like it. That thing GHFWII.
  2. Should be a good day for it tomorrow. I checked out our meeting point today and it'll be a sweet spot to get started! Nice empty gravel carpark . Try to be there by 6pm. We'll be rolling out at 6:30. We'll also bring the BBQ and some leftover sausages from Drag Day if anyone's keen for a snag instead of a fish. See you there!
  3. Nice, that all makes sense. Running return lines in a rush before a race meeting would definitely be a pain in the ass! Do you have many issues with surge at the moment?
  4. Cool to see the setup in more detail. What's the reason you chose to stay with the factory regulator instead of adding a return and running a regular FPR?
  5. This thing got a good dose of mud and dust during Te Urewera Undertaking a couple of weekends ago. It performed great and didn't miss a beat over the whole 550km distance! Only issues to report were the rack failing on Day 1 due to too much weight bearing onto the rear guard. It bent rack far enough that the rear wheel caught the numberplate and folded it upwards (folding the guard in half at the same time). The guard pulled straight (enough) and my tools rode in the service wagon for the rest of the event. Notice the relocated number plate too. Hah. The other issue was on day 3 when my fuel can (now strapped to the seat) came loose and blocked my exhaust! It happened just after going through a ford, so I was looking for wet spark components. The plug, coil etc were all dry as a bone and it wasn't until a few minutes later that I noticed the fuel can was blocking the pipe. It was super close to burning through and could have turned me into a fireball . Such a great way to spend a few days and I'm already hanging out for the next one! It's given me some inspiration to start working on the blue MX again, so I'll start chipping away on that over summer.
  6. that reminds me. When I was following @Dolan on Saturday afternoon a couple of cans came shooting out after a big bump. They hit the deck and started shotgunning themselves all over the environment. I was gonna try to rescue them, but it was too late.
  7. It was wicked fun hooning with you over Te Urewera. This little beast is impressively quick and seems to handle the gravel with ease. Can't wait to smash more gravel with you dudes in the future.
  8. It would have been exactly the same process as what went on here, but without the snark (i.e. I would have posted in here or PM'd @- i5oogt - to ask). The report system is for spam bots and abuse, not requests for further info about discussion threads.
  9. Holy moly what a huge weekend that was! Thanks to J5 for the hospitality and putting it all together. Can we do it again now?! Surprisingly, my wee MX survived really well!
  10. If you point at Wainui Rd it'll be really close. Maybe PM @johnnyfive for the actual address incase he doesn't want to publish it here.
  11. That was a good hoon! I drained my tank when I got home and there was 200ml left. Including the drive home from @Geophy's place would have been about 90km all up from the 4.5L tank. Whaka yeah, plenty of range with my extra 5L on the back .
  12. Updated. Day 1 is looking super safe for fuel stops . Day 1: 22km - Taneatua 14km - Z Awakeri 49km Kopuriki 17km - Murupara (slight detour) 66km from Kopuriki OR 49km from Murupara - Ruatahuna 48km - Waikaremoana Holiday Park (their website says they have fuel, google doesn't list it. Can this be confirmed? Day 2: 155km - Gisborne (I can't find anything along the route) Day 3: 38km - Te Karaka 40km - Matawai (detour) 119km from Te Karaka OR 70km from Matawai - Tirohanga 7km - Opotiki 36km - Finish