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  1. PALMY SWAPMEAT 2018 - 3-4 August

    I'm keen. Will attend in my usual "mostly sober due to racing on Sunday" style.
  2. EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    You have no idea how much I'm fizzing over this thing. Saabs are so fricken cool. My first car was an 80's 99 4 door in Tabasco red. I wish it was still in the family.
  3. Makes me want to do something with this hoard:
  4. Hey @nzvohc there's a better way to bring all your pictures back, it'll just take a bit of time. If you right click "open link in new tab" it'll bring up your photo in potobucket. Then you can download it, edit your post, upload the images directly to the forum and be done with it. Then you shouldn't have to worry about this issue happening again. This car is awesome by the way. I'd forgotten it existed.
  5. Gav’s Honda N360

    Oh man, synergy needs to build a 500cc V8 from a couple of these.....
  6. Gav’s Honda N360

    Yaaas! Nice. We need more Kei goodness around here.
  7. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    Yeah, that's another big reason for the dual rate setup - way better over kerbs and big bumps. It helps to make the rear less jumpy and soak up the big hits. I've also noticed that most suspension tuners keep their cards close to their chest... It's the same with racecars, speedway, road race bikes, motocross bikes and obviously offroading too. There's a small amount of info on the internet, but it's just enough to get you confused. I'd really like to do an apprenticeship with a switched on suspension Barry to get a better idea of how it all works. How low is the rebound damping meant to be? And is there a bump/rebound ration that's ideal? In racecars it seems that 1:2 bump:rebound is the ballpark ratio with a digressive piston that "blows off" in the higher speeds, so you get good low speed feel without flying into the air every time you hit a rut. Time to buy a shock dyno.
  8. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    The dual spring thing is really interesting! I can only imagine how bobbly it must be when transitioning from soft to hard multiple times in a row . I've been reading a bit about dual spring setups in racecars lately and it's pretty confusing. Most racecars use the secondary spring to push the wheel down while unloaded to get a bit of extra traction, but the low rate spring will usually be fully compressed under the weight of the car. Also bump vs rebound damping and digressive pistons for variable high/low speed damping... Man it's interesting but pretty hard to get your head around! I like what you're doing though, it will be awesome if you get it to handle OK on the road.
  9. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    wildest 15th birthday party ever.
  10. Hanmer Springs 2018 (24, 25 and 26th August)

    Shall we make this event the official 15th birthday party? I think so.
  11. That car has a 4cyl bike engine now. It's a pretty cool little screamer!
  12. Hyperblade's KP61 Racecar "BEAMS61" Discussion

    This one’s made from ACM panel and uses steel angle for strength (probably a bit heavy). I like the way it uses pins to attach at the rear. Where are you getting your aero design info?
  13. Hyperblade's KP61 Racecar "BEAMS61" Discussion

    There you go again with doing things that I've been planning to do on my car . I think the glass over ply idea is a really good one and I also think it's a good idea to run aluminium angle along the length of the splitter to give it extra rigidity + mounting points. The ideal outcome is a splitter you can stand on. I'll dig out some pics of a quick release splitter I saw recently - it gave me a couple of ideas for attaching the rear of the tray.
  14. This man knows what's up. Flip the diff like they do in Formula 1st to convert VW engines to mid engine. Other things to think about: Do you want the engine in front (mid engine) or hanging out the back? If you keep it hanging out the back then a standard diff (Nissan R200 etc) might actually drive the correct way? Does the output shaft spin the same way that the engine does? The gearbox may reverse the drive.