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  1. Couple of wall ornaments from the weekend. Fibreglass bumpers don't like being run over! The corner light survived, but I've got these facelift ones in stock, so will swap these in.
  2. I decided duct tape wasn't good enough, so fixed the corners with aluminium straps and rivets. It's turned out nice and strong. I used foil tape to seal the edges and duct taped it to the bumper. The results were good. It stays at 90° or less out on track. I'm aiming for 82° and it looks like I'm on target once the exit duct is in place. Got out to Manfeild for the final round of the Mitre10 Mega Summer Series and had a decent day. We had a pretty slim turnout in our class, but still managed to have some great racing. I made a mistake in the final race on the last
  3. It was basically made of paper mache... I must have used too many cardboard derivatives.
  4. New seat mounts are on my to do list already. It's solidly mounted to 50x3mm strap that's welded to the floor, but either the floor, mounts or the seat itself must be getting a bit of flex. It's pretty tiring to drive, so a more solid mount will likely take some of that load off too. I've definitely got a few jobs to do before the next outing though.......
  5. Nice, I'm keen to see how this goes. I got turbo lazy and just duct taped it together for now (I'm pretty time poor at the mo). Might fold and rivet some corner pieces this week to make sure it holds together, although it feels super strong.
  6. Mucking around making a bit of ducting before next weekend. It's been running a bit warm without guiding the airflow at all, so I'll whack this together to test. I'll block off the outer edges of the mouth to direct the flow a bit better too.
  7. That's the guy. He did a fair amount of R&D on the smallport in his buggy. I don't recall seeing any dyno numbers, but apparently it went hard for what it was. There's plenty of examples of race and rally cars that have had their ports reshaped using Devcon and other 2 part epoxy type stuff. A lot of the time people do this for flow direction (eg downporting to point directly at the valve)) as much as port size/shape. There's got to be a few rally Barries around NZ who have gooed up their bigports over the years...
  8. She'll certainly be ruined for other men after that ride.
  9. Thanks @peteretep. This is sorted already thanks to @M.H..
  10. That'll handle the bumps better than a GN! I wonder if it'll be slower?
  11. Sup Y'all, There's a 250cc motorbike that I'm interested in and I'd really like someone to take a look / ride for me before I think about making an offer. The owner is based in Glen Eden. Would anyone here be able to go take a look at it for me? Really want to make sure it's all good before forking out any money. Cheers! Flick me a PM or reply here if you can help.
  12. Hi Steve! Markku here, welcome to oldschool . I see you've figured out how to upload pics to the forum. I'll work out a good way for us to share photos and videos soon. Also welcome to @Whoopeecock and @Tyla - was great riding with you two over the weekend. I was on the red MX100 (sorry for splashing you on Mt Patriarch Jeff ). This is basically it. I got a couple of pics and vids from the top, but was too busy holding on / nanging first gear to stop for photos. Here's my small selection of videos from the weekend. Happy to share them if anyone wants to add them t
  13. You definitely deserve a brown diamond award for this year's punishment.
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