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  1. Truenotch

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    Those carpark and snow skids looked fun! Keen to see more updates.
  2. Truenotch

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    Flick me a PM with your shopping list. At this stage I’m only using the engine, rear wheel, swing arm and some electrics.
  3. Truenotch

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    Gave the magneto and cdi pickup a good clean and threw it back on. Checked for spark and it was strong. Win! Today I collected a POS RX125 parts bike that had a DT100 engine. I took the gamble that the engine would be the same as it had a fresh oversized piston and machined barrel. Turns out there’s quite a few subtle differences, but it’s mostly the same. The barrel has the same casting numbers and looks identical. Got it home and started ripping bits off it. fitted the barrel to the MX100 Chucked on the FS1 tank as it still has some premix from the East Cape mission. It looks quite good with this tank! Got it together enough for a test run. Success! It runs. That’s one win for the weekend .
  4. Updated. See you on Feb 21st at BF Rototuna.
  5. Truenotch

    Romans COD piece

    That’s a broad bet sir. Any guesses on actual sizes? I’m gonna say 50mm throttles and 120mm trumpets as a guess for peak power (based on TRD inlet manifold length).
  6. Truenotch

    Romans COD piece

    Can you fit 4 x mini maf sensors?
  7. Truenotch

    Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

    They’re good motors. Also worth looking at the Toyota GR series (2GRFE).
  8. Truenotch

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    Pulled the flywheel off: that’s one crusty stator plate! Any bright ideas on the beat way to clean the coils?
  9. Truenotch

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    Hah! Steve and @mark105 had a similar experience with Steve’s DX100. Apparently his bike is a keyboard.
  10. Truenotch

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    Then I decided to delve a bit deeper. These are CDI, which I'm stoked about as the points are the biggest letdown on the FS1. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the magneto cover screws came out without needing an impact driver. The cover took a couple of taps to come off, and then this gushed forth: I need to get my flywheel puller back from @flyingbrick to assess the situation properly, but that bad boy was full of rusty water! I'd say the cover area was at least half full by the look of the flywheel. I'm quite confused about how it got in there... My current theory is either that water has slowly seeped in during it's time stored outside or the thing was driven through a lake before it was parked up and maybe took a mouthful of water into the engine, which has eventually come out through the crank seals? Who knows! More investigation required.
  11. Truenotch

    Truenotch's Tiny Tracker - Yamaha MX100

    There's a fair few thing to sort out (as you'd expect), but the first thing I wanted to know was how it would look without all the superfluous 1980's bits. I stripped it back and was pleasantly surprised by its bones: Popped the head off to have a look at the cylinder: Yip, the bore is quite rusty. After a quick measure it's still at the factory size (52mm) and there are piston options for up to 3mm overbore in .25mm increments. First big job on the to-do: rebore. Then I got it naked: I decided it might look better with the bars from the FS1, so I bolted them on and pushed it outside for a few pics: Oh yeah, did I mention it's small? Here's its stature compared to the FS1. The seat height is quite low with the '80s bolster seat removed. e It also has a decent dent in the tank that'll need dealing to at some stage... and I'm definitely leaning towards paying someone to do it.
  12. I've had this thing for a few months now, time to start a project thread. After the East Cape Escapade I was super fizzed about riding on gravel and keen to build / find something more capable than the FS1 for such duties. After a bit of browsing around on trademe and Facebook, this little gem popped up in Wellington: It's a 1983 Yamaha MX100 and looked like the perfect starting point for my dirt track dreams. I got in touch with @My name is Russell to go and have a gander with the idea that he'd grab it if it seemed OK. The price was 150 clams, so I figured it was worth a crack! Russell took the family for a weekend jaunt in the Cortina and came home with the prize: So far, so good. Next was the challenge of getting it up the country. Lucky for me, @Carsnz123 and @smokin'joe were doing a freight run from CCH to drag day and had space on their enormous trailer. Woohoo! It's in Hamilton.
  13. Truenotch

    Kdotlowe's YB100s

    You’re doing great work! I’m taking notes for my MX100 rebuild soon...
  14. Truenotch

    Lovers Lane BBQ Burnouts

    Edit the first post. There's a tab above the title that says "Poll".
  15. Truenotch

    kpr's starlet

    This description is amazing. It’s like wine tasting notes for 4AGEs.