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  1. Truenotch


    We'll keep taking entries until the morning of the event, but we'll need at least 50 pre-entries to go ahead with the day (shouldn't be a problem).
  2. Truenotch

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Hey @tortron, you should join us on some kind of powered bicycle.
  3. Truenotch


    Nice Z! Entry list updated today. We really want to hit 70+ cars, so far we've got 21. Get those entries in! 66gt x2 Paid avenga Paid ashkellybar 64valiant billytong sluggy Paid Ned Matt Gill Paid keltik Paid dave123456789 Terminator 2 Paid chris r Paid oldrx7 Cannabis Paid johnnyfive Paid Zeubin suberimakuri Paid TuiT Paid James Mclachlan Paid TcFxGt4AGE Paid Poo Paid
  4. Truenotch

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    @BLIZZO - I’m keen on a patch.
  5. Oh yep, that's roughly a 25% increase in ratio / reduction in torque. Mine will be 27% if I go to the 14T sprocket, but I ordered the smaller ones to get my acceleration back if it ends up too doughy .
  6. Good stuff! How many teeth was your original front sprocket and what's the rear? I've just ordered 3 sizes to play around with on my bike - I'll have 11T (standard), 12T, 13T and 14T sprockets to test.
  7. Truenotch

    Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Sorry man, staying pretty local this weekend.
  8. Truenotch

    Truenotch's 1974 Yamaha FS50 (FS1)

    By twisting up two bits of solder, laying them across the piston just below TDC, then bolting the head on and rocking the engine past TDC to squash the solder. Here’s mine: It’s a good idea to measure your compression ratio at the same time so you don’t go overboard on compression... I made a little rig to CC my head and the dome of my piston... I’ve gone pretty far down the 2T rabbit hole now and might not come back.
  9. Truenotch

    Truenotch's 1974 Yamaha FS50 (FS1)

    Got the cylinder back from the machine shop on Friday afternoon and fitted it that night. I decided to use the original 50cc head, rather than the new 45mm head. It goes a LOT better than it did before machining! I'm currently running it with no head gasket, just copper spray and it's got about .8mm squish at its tightest point when cold. Decided to take it for a test hoon with @mark105 and @64valiant on Saturday. It ran really well! I was doing 70-80kph on most of the flat stuff, had enough torque to make it up hills and even managed a peak speed of over 100kph on a downhill run. It's a pretty wild time at 100! The lead and the Vespa both leave me for dead up hills due to their big block engines, but I'm happy with my performance now. We started at 10-5's place and headed out to Raglan via Limeworks loop and Waitetuna Valley road. Before ending up at Greg's place on Saturday afternoon: Here's my full journey for the weekend: Pretty happy with it TBH! The only issue I had was a flogged out kickstart lever... I've ordered a new one from the Netherlands and I'm pretty sure the spline on the shaft will live to see another day. There's definitely more performance to be had if I spend some time on expansion chamber design. The current setup feels like it makes peak power at mid RPM, so the pipe needs to be shorter overall to achieve proper resonance, but it's good to get some K's under my belt! I also did a plug chop on the way home and the AFR is looking pretty good on the current setup. Oh yeah, and my favourite thing about this bike is the sound! It sounds like a grumpy little race bike.
  10. Truenotch

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Nah man, I’ve got a .5mm on there now, a .2mm on the way and am going to pick up some copper gasket spray today too.
  11. Truenotch


    We prefer pre-payment but will take your money on the day if required.
  12. Truenotch

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Got my cylinder back from the machine shop and plopped it back into place this evening. It runs a lot better than before! I'm going to play with headgaskets tomorrow to fine tune the squish and then head off to a straight road for a few plug chops. If it goes well then all I need to do is: brake shoes, front tyre and get the lights working properly / hard wire some shit.