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  1. Following for spicy ramen doorts.
  2. Just IRL lols remembering these things. That boomer didn't even seem to care about running over that helmet!
  3. Also, huge thanks to John yet again for being so accommodating to everyone and organising another amazing ride. It was super fun and definitely a different experience riding all the way from Palmy on a medium bike with a load of gear on the back. We had an awesome time hooning through from Hastings to Ohope via Waikaremoana on Thursday. The crew before we left Hastings: Up the top of the Waikaremoana road: A medium sized problem for @BLIZZO. @Pee Dubs had a similar problem a few corners earlier (vid to come hopefully). This is what happens when you bring a small bike on a medium adventure! These road workers were great chaps and helped us get down the road to Jan's mechanics shop. Jan was very accommodating and opened the workshop for us to use her tools. She even had a selection of obscure spark plugs that included the right one for @iwanttobeamole's bike. She also let us buy refreshments from her shop. You'd think she was serving milkshakes with the number of boys we brought to her yard! Sadly the CB125T's run was over for the weekend with no compression on the left cylinder. John made the trip out to scoop up Murray and the bike. Thanks again John! This tyre only had a medium level of wear at the start of the trip, but that big block 250 rubbed the knobs clean off. Luckily John had a spare Kenda Trackmaster in stock, so we did a quick swapsy on Thursday evening. Thanks again John! With that out of the way, we managed to get cracking on Friday morning. This is another thanks John moment too! As he loaned Murray his XL185 for the rest of the journey. That's a more medium sized bike! XR250R in the wild: @TimShadboltfan27 had a medium sized issue in the closing moments of Saturday afternoon. All sorted with the help of @Duke Blackwoodand a few PPSC mincers. On Sunday I was very very hungover and didn't take many photos. 250 life is pretty sweet! If anyone wants to come along for some medium bike adventures let me know. We'll be doing a bunch of riding this summer and it's pretty easy to cover big miles over a weekend. I think we'll be back on small bikes for east cape next year though .
  4. So good. A few of us took the long way home on our way back to Palmy and smashed another few K's of gravel while chasing waterfalls down Turakina Valley Road.
  5. I like you already. You can join the PPSC crew for camping in Gizzy and Hicks Bay @TimShadboltfan27is our accommodation booking agent.
  6. Tru tests are thumb throttle m9. I can't see a rule against poke 'n' squirt's.
  7. Time to start a channel for the big boys club. @MediumBikeStuff
  8. This things coming together well! ... You should consider joining our 250 gang for the East Cape mission in November. We're going to start from Palmy .
  9. We haven't caught up for the last few months... But with Spring arriving, we should definitely make a catchup happen soon!
  10. Haven't watched the video yet, but are the red bulbs anti-reversion chambers?
  11. Sure is! Those GR Yaris's are super cool.
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