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  1. Good bump of entries over the last couple of days. Keep 'em coming! CLICK HERE TO ENTER # Name Username Vehicle 1 Gavin Gardner Gavin Ford capri 1974 2 Jason Batchelor j.e.d. Holden VL Walkinshaw rep. 1987 3 Adrian Hill slugggy 1962 Chev C20 4 Drew Blewett VK327 1986 Holden VK royale 5 Tui Tauroa tuit 1984 Toyota Carina 6 Richard Opie Snoozin Honda Integra Type R 2000 7 Tim Wittermans 66GT HSV Senator 1996 8 Stuart Stupra Toyota Supra 3.0GT 1989 9 David Robertson dave123456789 1994 Nissan skyline gtr 10 Steven Blair Steven Blair Holden Kingswood, HQ 1975 11 Paul Hollingsworth Paul Hollingsworth 1975 toyota ke25 12 Sam van de rheede Sam van de rheede R32 gtr 1990 13 John franich John franich 1980 toyota corolla 14 matt henderson BIGMATT4 MK2 ESCORT VAN 15 Aaron morrow Aaron morrow Chev 82 Silverado. Or GMC Jimmy 6.2 desiel 16 Mitchell Kear mk2mitch VW Golf 1985 17 Mateja Matic M M BMW 328i E36 1995 18 Ben Jones keltik 1990 Mazda MX5 19 James French James French Honda Civic, 1982 20 David Frost James French 1994 Mazda MX5 21 Ollie Genet Ollie Genet Toyota Corolla KE20 1973 22 David Arthur sheepers toyota celica 1977 23 David van der Haas Roman hopes and dreams 24 Matt Gill Drifter4ag Toyota Corolla 1984 25 Joshua Joshua Ford escort 1600 sport 1979 26 John van der Haas Johnv Toyota Carina TA?? 1982 27 Billy Adams Terminator 2 Nissan 200ZR 1988 28 Andrew So ch4ng 91 Mazda MX5
  2. Awesome day! Thanks to everyone involved with organising it. Glad I wore all the gear today and survived my first lowside.... in the middle of nowhere, but directly in front of a a marae where 3 people happened to be working on the grounds! Pretty funny to fall off and hear “YOU ALL GOOD BRO?” from up the hill.
  3. I’ve now made the move to Palmy and have spent this week sorting out the wee workshop I’m renting. I’ve set up a bunch of shelves, built a bench and added a tyre rack along the back. It’s about 40m2 (10m deep, 4m wide) and has a decent high stud so I can hang junk from the ceiling if needed. The unit number will make @kpr jealous: #unit4A Unwrapped my fresh bottom end for the first time... really keen to get the head built now... Then I finished the rear suspension guff from the previous post, removed the springs and dropped it on the ground to see what rubs. The front LCA angles are pretty bad at this height. This is on bumps and I don’t have roll centre adjusters yet. At full compression the front lower arms just touch the chassis and the tyres rub on part of the inner guard (I’ll remedy this before finishing the engine bay tidy up). The lowest point of the chassis rails are are at 35mm or so. That’s with 225/45/15 tyres... probably safe enough to not scrape ripple strips at full compression? It will never run this low, but it’s good to see what the suspension will do over big bumps.
  4. Fizz levels are way off the charts after the last couple of updates. Well done man!
  5. Great meet last night! The location was super sweet and it was cool to head to the pub for a brew afterwards. Stoked to hang with everyone for my final OS meet as a Hamilton resident. Sounds like the owners of Mizoni were very happy to have us too .
  6. Jumped back in this car over the weekend after a year out of the saddle. We fitted a set of the new class tyres, Hankook Ventus RS4. These are more of a road tyre than the Toyo R888R tyres that we previously ran on. They're around half the cost of a set of Toyos and I wasn't sure what to expect from them. This weekend had the meeting split over two days, with 4 classes on Saturday and 4 classes on Sunday and a 30 minute test session for each class in the morning. I entered the SF Cup on Saturday (open clubmans type racing) and the MX5 cup on Sunday. Straight out of the box, the tyres were proving to be quick. I set a lap time of a 1.24.6 in testing, which is right in line with the times we were doing on the old tyres. I didn't get any photos or video from Saturday as I was busy getting back into the groove of racing. Had loads of good battles with a bunch of drivers I wouldn't normally be on track with. It's fun racing against all types of cars! Turns out MX5s, VT SS Commodores and BA XR8 Falcons are all similar pace, but they develop their speed in very different ways. My fastest lap for the day was a 1.24.2 in the first race and Jerry did a 1.24.1 in his pink #777 - the quickest I've been on Toyos is 1.24.0, so these Hankooks have potential! Sunday was another intense day of racing with variable weather to add to the excitement. We were greeted by showers and a greasy track. A good chance to test the new tyres in the rain! They were much more predictable in the rain than the old tyres and I was able to hold the car VERY sideways without spinning out. Good news from a drivers and spectators perspective. I qualified on pole in the greasy conditions, but didn't quite have the pace in the first race, dropping back to third. My camera battery was flat, so I didn't get any footage. The second race was reverse grid, so I was starting third to last in position 12. After a hectic couple of laps in traffic, I managed to pop out in the lead and hold that to the end. This was the first win I've had for a couple of years and the chocolate fish tasted sweet! Onboard footage from Race 2: Race 3 was a staggered start race with the slower cars to the front. Jerry Hoskins in the pink car 777 was right with me through the whole race. We traded positions a few times and then attempted to make our way through the traffic. We didn't quite make it to the front, but I managed to get up to 6th which gave me an overall round win for the weekend. Onboard footage from race 3: It felt good to be back in the car and was great to get a win! I'm moving back to Palmerston North very soon, so will be doing as much motorsport as I can.
  7. Looks like there's something good happening here. How many KW difference at this point of the graph? Looks like 5ish kw to me.
  8. I’m keen for this. Need to get the MX50* out more often. *100
  9. Fill that fuel cell up with Purple Goanna and we're on.
  10. You should definitely come along @Kimjon! @Shakotom did it on an FA50 last time (disclaimer: FA50s are not recommended for this ride).
  11. Haha, it actually sounds like a Harley! This thing is looking cool now, it’s crazy how far you’ve developed it. Most insane lime scooter ever.
  12. Here's the new one that Murray just bought for his Integra. This is bigger than his original and has a few extra features: