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  1. Truenotch

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Paging @BobbyBreeze, do you read me.
  2. Shit yeah. The East Cape 2 stroke club grows!
  3. Truenotch

    kpr's starlet

    Wow man, it's so much better all the way through! I thought the old line was a torque curve for a while...
  4. Luckily it's a 2 stroke and pulling the top end to bits is a minor job. You might be down on compression which should be fairly obvious once the head and barrel are removed. Have you inspected the variator and belt at all?
  5. Truenotch

    Rotorua- recommended workshops?

    Douglas Automotive and Engineering are tops. @Geophy's family have had their vehicles serviced there for years and Vince (owner) is a GC. We randomly met him in the USA and went to Bonneville with him and his son.
  6. Sounds like you’re set. See you on the dirt.
  7. Come down. There’s burgers for all.
  8. Truenotch

    Sheepers' RA28 Celica

    Yeah, it’s weird alright. Are they nikasil bores or steel sleeves?
  9. New details up. The next meet is set for Thursday June 20th at Burgerfuel . Link to the facebook event for those who want to share:
  10. Truenotch

    Any tips for establishing if I have a LSD? Nissan.

    Just tear off a corner, jam it under your tongue and wait for an hour or so. If the lagoon starts to look like rainbows, then there's a good chance it's LSD. / do a skid. As others have said, if it's a clutch type LSD (or a viscous for that matter), both wheels should rotate forwards when you spin one side. If the diff is worn out, it should still have some level of grab, but a person on the other side of the vehicle will be able to hold the wheel still. People have mentioned that torsen/helical diffs spin the wheels in opposite directions. It's unlikely that a truck like yours would have a torsen, but there's a test for them too. Jack the rear of the vehicle up, spin the input shaft and try to hold both of the wheels still. If it's torsen, both wheels will spin forwards. This only happens when there's torque/load applied to all three shafts (input and both outputs), if you stop applying torque to one input/output it will unlock.
  11. Truenotch

    Chris's Lloyd 600 50s Drag Bike

    @mark105 - still got that AMR supercharger?
  12. Truenotch

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    I'm sorry, we are all out of Bort license plates.
  13. Oh man, the froth is building already! Time to start working on the bike I guess?
  14. Truenotch

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    In unrelated news at Doozi: