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  1. They look harder than ~100lb to me. I’d say somewhere around 200-250lb would be a good rate for a road car depending on what you’ll be running up front. To run a keeper spring you’ll either need to run a shorter spring or “lower” the spring perches to account for the extra stack height of the keeper.
  2. Rubber bushes might be a bit more comfortable for a road car and will be fine as long as the bushes don't bind up through the sweep. Although it's easy to order a set of spherical bearings later on if you change your mind. What rate are the current springs? I would recommend going to a shorter spring and adding a keeper spring to get a good amount of droop travel. Droop travel a requirement for getting a cert and it'll make the car ride better too.
  3. As far as I know, it's fine to run the QA1 Proma stars upside down. The website doesn't say anything about it, but plenty of hotrod guys run them with the adjuster at the top. It will work fine as long as the spherical bearings have enough movement in that orientation as the shock swings through its arc (should be fine). The shock body could also get quite close to the shock mount tube as the suspension goes up and down, so take the springs off and swing the axle through its arc to see how everything behaves before locking it in. The only other issue is that you won't be able to use all of the height adjustment without hacking the shock mount area or running a shorter spring, but those issues can be overcome too.
  4. Just had a good catch up on your thread. Nice work as always! Super keen to see the next steps. Those carbon trumpets will be choice!
  5. The idea of a race really excites me, but I’m not sure how the motorsport park would view it. Technically you can’t run anything competitive without a motorsport permit for insurance and liability reasons. We’d probably need get away with an unofficial rolling start race though....
  6. Hopefully my 3S powered machine will be ready for this too. @kpr @Stu @Snoozin - get those 4AGEs ready.
  7. I can't find a discussion thread for your race car, but is this your car? From a post on Facebook.
  8. As you know already, I'm right in behind this. Super keen for 1vaknd mkII trackday in 2021.
  9. I’m teetering on the edge of brInging my bike back up from Palmy.... Things could go very sideways before then though.
  10. I reckon this man might be on to something. Is it possible to force fill the rear hose or add a bleeder to the high point to test this? A vacuum filler as discussed earlier in this thread could be the ticket. Yowzer's diagnosis process seems logical also.
  11. That vid is gold @Thousand Dollar Supercar!
  12. Hey guys, I know it's a whole year away, but it would be a good idea to lock in a venue for Nats 2021. A few of us have chatted about the idea of going back to Camp Rangi Woods for 2021 since it'll be 10 years since the first CRW event back in 2011. I've had a chat to the camp about availability and at the moment April 8-12 or April 22-26th are available. April 8-12th is the week after easter and two weeks after Beach Hop. April 22-26th will include Anzac day (Saturday) which means everyone gets a free Monday off. There's no dates available in March, but I think April can work fine. What do y'all think? Camp Rangi Woods is cheap and is nice and private if our shenanigans get loud. If everyone's keen for a nats in 2021, we can make this go ahead. We'll need to make a booking as soon as possible because Camp Rangi is hot property and books out early. For those who don't know about Camp Rangi Woods - it's nestled in the ranges of the Manawatu near Palmerston North. Here's a link to their website: Here's a few pics from last time:
  13. I think I might be out guys. Got Rhyscar’s going away party (he’s off to Canada) and will no doubt have loads of loose ends to tie up before Raglan Gnats. Have fun though!
  14. This is good advice. I've had a few sets of Bilsteins rebuilt and re-valved by Anthony at Race Shock Services in Auckland ( ). If there's a Bilstein option for rear of a Hilux you could easily grab a set (new or used) and get them revalved to suit your car. Just make sure the rebuilder has a clue and you'll be sorted. If you give Anthony a call, he may even have something in stock to modify for you. Bilsteins are cool because you can shorten the body and the shaft to get whatever length you want.