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  1. Also, never weld directly above an oily rag while wearing shorts, your leg hairs will never forgive you. Oh god, it's happening to us.
  2. 80% of those are on @yoeddynz's Facebook and Youtube posts.
  3. I love that @yoeddynz's thread is being hijacked by MR2 stories. The sketchiest MR2 I ever drove was @Sungai Sungai's with completely fucked shocks. Snappiest car I've ever driven - it's lucky they spin on a dime, cause I managed to spin it on a 1.5 lane road out the back of Tokomaru and end up facing exactly the same way without leaving the road. Anyway, please get more vids of this from the outside. It sounds amazing.
  4. I drove one of these at U-drive Hastings once with @Steelies in the passenger's seat during Hawke's Boes one year. Most understeery AND snap-oversteery thing I've ever driven. Do not recommend hooning one on smooth concrete with a questionable wheel alignment. It just goes to show that a poorly maintained and questionably set up car will almost always be shit.
  5. WYG? I'd be keen to hoon a CT or similar if there's on floating.
  6. Woah, Elliot still exists! Welcome back.
  7. Glad to hear you're using the Crusade to warm up for the Melee @alfalfa . See you at both.
  8. @RUNAMUCK @- i5oogt - @JustHarry What's the go with bedding? Placing to book my flights tonight and need to figure out if I need a bag or not. Churr
  9. ^ This is the method. Fibreglass shoild be ok? But if you do it with carbon it'll be great. I think the SR86 ones were carved out of foam and just wet laid over top, then dig out the foam afterwards:
  10. Pretty sure we'll be flying and driving a Wounders Inctm vehicle from Cheech to Hanmer. You're welcome to join, @azzurro, as long as you're willing to put up with us for a few days.
  11. The muffler is looking good. You can buy muffler packing in sheets or as loose fluff. We used to sell a bunch of it at City Honda and it's more hardy than using wall fluff or other kinds of fibreglass insulation. Click here to dive into the world of muff packing: https://shop.cityhonda.co.nz/collections/shop?q=muffler+packing*
  12. This thread is 9 years old. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=wellington+metal+polishing+services
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