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  1. Interesting, I saw that thing in an earlier picture but assumed it was just a cover thingee.
  2. I threw those bits away(they only bolt on) and stitched on some box section with captive nuts. Cheaper and better than me trying to find replacement bits and then them breaking.
  3. Hang on a second I thought I was the plasma man. Can there be more than one?
  4. What's the deal with the massive hole in the inlet manifold? Is it some oil breather type thing?
  5. Along similar lines but maybe build a massive g clamp out of scrap steel an pull against the far side of the engine? Or a bolted plate to something solid on the engine..
  6. Careful on the bigger front bar. My mx5 had snapped the tinware (lightweight folded section) that the shackles bolt to.
  7. I have had a set of second hand bc's in my hillclimb civic for ~40 events now. They have had a bit of a beating and are holding up well, only thing is with my weight reduction I have to run the rears on pretty much the softest setting, and I swapped to a softer rear spring. Would buy again for the price. Take that TOTP / no context.
  8. Nah not on top of the bead, just nicely snugged in behind it. Worm clamp will get a more even clamping force over those t bolt style which seem to pinch.
  9. In my experience your leaks would disappear if you threw away those cool looking clamps and just used budget worm clamps. The t-bolt clamps can work OK-ish when you gave a barb or bead to shoulder to snug up against but seem to be near useless when clamping over a bit of parallel tube.
  10. D series honda and 1ggte also run 75mm pistons. / spam
  11. What you are saying is that you have the parts to do a K swap yeah?
  12. mjrstar


    I have been using these for a few years now : https://www.amazon.com/DeVilbiss-802342-StartingLine-Gravity-Spray/dp/B000KSTFJO Which have given me pretty decent results. Small gun was handy for hard to reach areas such as the rollcage too.
  13. If you are trying to get down into a tight spot with your mig you can trim down the shield on the tip. Or alternatively have a crack with a stick welder to get the last inaccessible bit.
  14. I have melted brake master cylinder plastic at about that proximity. Also is there a smaller diameter booster readily available. Most cars are over boosted from factory in my opinion.
  15. Chart is broken, it says you can't put a 205 50 15 on an 8 inch rim.
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