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  1. Hey, A work mate of mine had dramas with British spec R154 in his supra, he added a vent as it seemed to be over pressurising as he would go through 1/2 a litre or maybe more during a track session. That fixed his issues.
  2. Yip, went to school with Kade and Dylan. My mums place is maybe half a km from their old place.
  3. Le bons bay, things are looking pretty dry judging by the photos.
  4. Looks like great weather - couple of the photos are pretty close to where I grew up.
  5. Are these single piece buckets? I have a container of over shims /inserts to suit 4age/1ggte (somewhere) When I measured mine up I found that using the smallest shim to feeler gauge the clearance was easiest, it sucks when you install all buckets and there is zero clearance on some because you don't know how much smaller to go..
  6. Yeah possibly not, if only there was some means of forcing air in there a bit faster, perhaps under pressure.
  7. I think someone in Australia did a bunch of work years ago on the old 1ggte cylinder head including cross sectional surgery.. Basically the outcome was the port area yielded next to no gain, small gains at the valve guide transition area, but it was really livened up once some larger valves were added to the equation.. I'm not sure if the same rings true of the 4age, although they would be of a similar Era to a boat anchor 1ggte so maybe the same dude from yamaha/ Toyota in Japan penciled down the initial design?
  8. Crikey that doesn't sound ideal! Bracket wise I thought something like this would have been not too bad to set depth and height.. https://www.tiperformance.com.au/products/ea-eb-ed-ef-el-au-falcon-barra-accelerator-pedal-bracket-for-dbw-throttle/
  9. Probably anything with a Barra. So 2002-2003 onwards? Or ford territory too I guess.
  10. Later model falcon could be worth a look?
  11. Aah right that one I can't get from my Mitsubishi parts stash.
  12. I have a brand new mitsi one in a bag, which you can have so long as you replace it. But yeah these normally last pretty well in a standard application even with a good dose of boost / heat behind them. https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/epc/mitsubishi-japan/lancer/CN9A/sngf/intake-exhaust/turbocharger-supercharger/22499 Did I maybe send you a used gasket with the other turbo bits...
  13. Have you tried doing down to a smaller diameter tungsten? And grinding to a very sharp point.
  14. Throw away the stainless nuts on the vee bands, use copper or zinc passivated.. Also you can salvage the old v-band by tig welding a bit of threaded rod or bolt thread, if you find yourself short.
  15. @Hyperblade owns this now if I am not mistaken, although it's pretty much unrecognizable from when Q had it!
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