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  1. For sure, this is a bloody good piece of advice, at this stage I need it next weekend to tow racecar either wof or no wof, so can't afford to immobilise the ute with a leaky cylinder. Very tempted to roll the dice on a strip down though... I think when I did my Honda calipers I had quite a fight getting the dust boot to play the game.
  2. Gave the pistons a few cycles through the range, they didn't seem all that free for a start, then a bleed, and a side to side swap of the pads... Will go back for a re-check but if that doesn't fix it I'm going make it someone else's problem. Also emptied ~200kg of equipment out of the tray.
  3. This is interesting, I haven't noticed a lever / height operated prop valve like the old hiluxs had, but that's not to say it doesn't have one..
  4. Yeah had the same thing with an ae111 corolla, one rebuilt bias valve later it was happy days. It had huge performance on the rear on one side so was a bit easier to spot.
  5. I'm back, This time it's my falcon ute with rear imbalance.. First test was L200 - R240 (listed as 27% imbalance) but my maths says 20% Stripped slider pins, cleaned and re-greased there was a bit of crud on the left ones,they move nice and free in the bore. Went back for a re-test now L300 - R360 so new 26% Discs and pads have less than 10,000ks on them and look mint, no uneven wear.. Is there a chance if the lsd setting on the roller machine isn't done incorrectly that you could get an out of wack reading?
  6. Could be a valve bucket jamming in the head I reckon, or a dodgy shim. I'd pluck the cams out and check for that before digging any deeper. The 2jz is known to be a bit lacking as far as camshaft lubrication goes to.. So could be a cam journal issue (hopefully not though)
  7. OK, normally I'd say k swap is cool, but I think we all know turbo Barra is the answer here..
  8. Leading or trailing is fine, get that bleed nipple at the highest point.
  9. Have you still got that fg falcon (might be worth a measure up) , they have a pretty decent fan and shroud setup which isn't all that thick from memory?
  10. I'm a subscriber but hadn't seen that video before, that is cool just how much earlier you can get the boost in with the inlet change. Oem have all sorts of things to worry about, noise levels, emissions, fuel economy, making a sport button that actually changes stuff etc Vvti should be able to help on these too.
  11. @kpr for sure there is probably only a percent or two in it on an NA versus real gains on the inlet which you have really proved! not a lot to be had on the exhaust side for the added complexity /headache.. I did read a bit about a stock evo 10, which didn't pick up much power, but delivered a fair wack more torque from a standard setup by modifying exhaust cam strategy. There is probably low range spool gains to be made depending on "things". Maybe more so on turbo 6's like bmw and coon (where dual vct setups seem more common) , perhaps you don't get the same pulse grouping gains you get from a 4 cylinder?
  12. For sure big cam is a caveman problem and is really is about single cam application where you can't optimise lobe separation, or on your case move it to suit airflow velocity.. I was more thinking about the improvement you get in compression with a larger intake cam, or dialing when it opens and there possibly being even more swing you can apply to the intake cam if you had the ability to swing the exhaust to further optimise lobe separation? It might not be a thing that helps though. Just theorising here. EDIT: perhaps exhaust cam timing becomes more exciting when turbocharged and having to deal with exhaust manifold pressure?
  13. Ha that's a really good point! I totally would have ruined it with that prompt.
  14. I think I have mentioned this before but being able to swing the camshafts is a game changer, on a twin cam with both cams swinging there is almost no downside to going for what would otherwise be considered quite a large camshaft (well other than piston to valve clearance of course) What I hadn't seen before is just how successful swinging one cam is, I had thought (maybe wrongly) it would impact compression.. Great work! Maybe up next is get Roman Dave to do a compression test graph whilst you swing the cam?
  15. My go to was series 4 rx7, and primera. Both of which are getting pretty long in the tooth.
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