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  1. Cheers to @64valiant for covering the top half. Sure its a bit less bling, but should reduce glare nicely. Also made a fibreglass blower duct for the demister which I would not have considered 12 months ago, which was pretty quick and easy with a cardboard and tape mould.
  2. Interesting - I was under the impression a msnz logbook was generally no good.. Yeah the mx5 plus my honduh and an early 4wd mirage are the current caged logbooked machines. Mx5 is still on a low boost run in tune. Would probably bring the mirage if the date works with my calendar.. Non caged would have to be the turbocoon but I think that might not be ideal. Pity the turbo KP is not caged (yet)..
  3. So a log booked non road legal race car is OK at this event?
  4. Gave it a very quick sand and applied some old clear coat I had lying around. Looks like it might work.
  5. Make it freeboost then on /off with central lock solenoid?
  6. Yeah that's just the spare dash blanked off ready for overlaying the carbon. Red paint was what I had lying to cover the jib stopping compound.
  7. Not really any photos of the step by step, I took all the stuff out I didn't want, then filled the holes with cardboard and tape, then a bit of jib stopping compound (because easy to apply and sand) then some old spray paint because cardboard and jib stopping compound is pretty porous. Then usual wax pva etc before banging down a couple of layers of carbon, all I had was 300mm wide cloth so joins /overlaps are a bit shit. The underside is reinforced with some ~50mm wide strips of heavy weight chopped strand glass to stiffen it up. Then cut the edges to size. Basically because I cbf doing it properly with a mould first the finish is nowhere as good as it could have been but I was concerned with lift away at the edges with no vacuum equipment. Hey whatever it should do the trick. Photos of the prepped dash with some paint, wax and pva to assist with release.
  8. I have one of these which I'm pretty happy with. 8m lead plus amperage adjustment on the torch. https://weldwell.co.nz/equipment/view/wia-weldarc-200i-ac-dc I think I paid ~$1600 on a bit of a hook-up through saeco.
  9. Some progress on the dash, it's not going to be an amazing show finish but damn it's light. I have stiffened up the under side with some bits of chopped strand. Once that's cured I'll continue on with mounting points (hopefully). At this stage I'll probably cover some of the top with black microsuede or something and satin clear the exposed carbon in an attempt to reduce glare. Open to suggestions for cutout for the demister. Plan is a 12v hairdryer plumbed to some sort of DIY ducting.
  10. @flyingbrick am I likely to have luck attempting to build a carbon overlay version of this dash?
  11. I reckon the roller kits are bit of a waste of time. 50c brushes from bunnings are the go, plus cheap mixing cups.
  12. I wouldn't be getting the discs machined on a car that I gave a shit about.
  13. Interestingly the original panel was a whopping 200 grams and the cf panel is 65g so percentage wise there is some benefit.. No-one wants to see my pos Honda, its not really a project, more of just use it for events and make stuff for it when I am bored. Back to cf... Where do I buy a decent (cheap) vacuum pump? I'd like to do a dash next and then maybe front guards. Has anyone tried a sandbag or similar to back up a single sided mould to prevent lift away?
  14. Fuel tank access panel. Not perfect but will do the job. Think of the grams saved!
  15. Don't know the specifics on the j gearboxes, but a mate had an r154 out the other day, with a couple of issue hindering the shift quality. check the shift fork alignment on the selector shaft and also make sure there is no detent spring or detent pin trickery. Some times there are long and short detent pins/balls which could end up in the wrong place or no spring to retract the pin.