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  1. Oh hey are these windscreen banners an actual thing? Asking for a friend of course not to go on my Pos racecivic.
  2. Oh hey, I had a mission on a Ford territory a while ago, with a pile of fault codes.... It ended up being an intermittent voltage drop across the relay which fed the ecu.. Luckily the electric window relay was interchangeable.. Something to consider..
  3. Can I enter my not old school pos racecivic? Or do I need to wait for a newschool.co.ng event?
  4. Seems pretty light, my ek civic with not much interior, and a die cast aluminium engine block is 990kg. Although there is a few bits of rollcage materials I guess.
  5. There are Honda guys running big vtec eliminator cams and they do see decent gains with a well sorted ITB setup. Which would closely replicate your wild 4age!
  6. I don't like your chances of getting enough wrap on the crank pulley, and if you can the belt life is going to be compromised. Well unless you shifted the power steer to where the dizzy is.. I would multi belt that setup with one belt for alt, and water pump and one for the p/s.
  7. Vise grips on the stem then whatever size 1/4 drive socket as that valve cap has / had a hex. You may be able to salvage the stem..
  8. Aah yes vision, I have a wheelchair spec agm vision battery for my Starlet, it must be 6 or 7 years old and cheap as chips, it performs well.. I have this one in my mx5, it could be my install or cabling, but it's a little bit weak in my opinion.. https://yhipower.co.nz/catalog/vision---hp-102378.htmx?selectedProduct=856
  9. If you have no parasitic load and a car you don't use regularly (like a race car with an isolator) the likes of a shorai are great.. I have one in my honda. Easily 3 months of ignoring the car and it'll fire up.. For a daily drive with stereo or alarm I would steer clear, due to the risk of bricking an expensive battery with a deep discharge...
  10. Pretty sure airbox (maybe wheelie bin) on the end of trumpets ( I'm thinking those road cones you threw into the paddock) should net around 200kw.. This has been cool to watch / read, and the road cones showed real potential but then fell very sharply. I was sure they were going to punch a new all time high number..
  11. There only looks to be the inhibit switch (probably a separate position switch that was on the selector mechanism) and a 7.5a fuse in the start / crank circuit. There is also the main efi relay for the likes of energising the ecu and fuel pumps etc.. But it should crank (but not fire) without this main relay energised.
  12. You are obviously a smart cookie, as far as upping the boost, there is potentially an easy/ cheap option by fitting an external spring on the waste gate actuator.. So long as the diaphragm has the grunt to overcome the spring. This is effectively kind of like taking apart an external gate and swapping in a heavier spring.. The other option is to take it for a gentle drive with the waste gate actuator hose removed, this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen on a small capacity petrol but on the big diesel donk with that size turbo free boost may not be that bad.. It may even crack the waste gate off the seat with the exhaust gas pressure under the flapper, and self regulate at a higher boost pressure... What we don't know is the turbo speed, but it's probably already heaps...
  13. Take it for a quick drive with the alternator disconnected, and a good fully charged battery. That should confirm if the ecu is telling lies.
  14. Yeah energy suspension has a full bush kit for all suspension arms at a reasonable price.. Ex usa The ones on my car were actually not too bad so may have already been replaced but did the re-bush anyway..
  15. Check out the floppy diff mounts when you have it jacked up for the clutch replacement.. I don't know much about the oem running gear but did note the diff mounts on mine at 336,000km were pretty poked, and did not help with the gearbox shift quality, as 3rd gear wasn't where you left it when on/off the throttle.. /time for a 4g63t