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  2. Negatory. It was so effortless we forgot.
  3. What?! No air guitar?
  4. And adult supervision arrived and advised me that the exhaust also needs to be detached haha, thanks Al! Nek minute
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  6. Overdue an update! Wasn't happy with the engine mount setup I had. The A-series to K-series mount adaptors I got came with some rubber mounts that were gradually deforming just having had the weight of the engine on them, not even put any torque through them yet. Grabbed some Landy v8 ones from ebay as they were the same depth but much more solid, see?; Next on the list was brakes. Car should have a decent amount of go, so wanted some stop to match. Plumped for the MRP kit rather than faff around with building something up myself, the KP has a weird system where an offset disk bolts to the back of the hub, bugger mucking about with that. Plus these are pimppppp; Old: New: Only pain with them is I specifically ordered a setup to fit behind 13" wheels and they don't fit behind my 13" wheels. The WORKs have an indented lip on the inside barrel that interferes with the caliper. Got some 25mm bolt on spacers to help with clearance, but definitely going to need some serious arch tickling with them on. Problem for future me. One job I've been putting off for ages is finishing the dash wiring. Bit the bullet today and sorted it; Now have working oil pressure warning light, charge light, and check engine light. Pleased. Hate getting my head around this sort of thing - ended up bringing in a fused common 12v IGN feed to the back of the gauge to run the new circuits through, since they use a switched earth to complete the light circuit rather than the common earth arrangement that the stock starlet dash uses. I've got a nice custom 10k RPM tacho setup coming that will also tee off of that IGN, so saved myself some work there too. Left on the to-do list in my head: -Wire in new tacho when it arrives -Finish fan switch setup (waiting on a part), fit rad and fans back in, fill with coolant -Fill and bleed brakes -Gearbox and diff oil -Fit spacers and front wheels, roll arches -Clean and refit interior -Refit front panels and fender mirrors -Check all suspension and brake bolts are tight ..think that's about it? Sweet
  7. indicators. good size difference from the big dinner plate spec factory articles! coming along nicely!! would like to move on to replacing the battery and gutting out under the seat. keen to get some recommendations on a good battery to run with. is there anywhere in nz to buy gravity batteries ? they look like the go. warm regards
  8. Progress! Pulled this be front off the car and removed radiator ect to clear up some space. Have unhooked everything on the motor (I think) so it's pretty much ready to pull out. Have removed alternator, intake and a/c since the photo. Might wait for adult supervision to pull the motor out.
  9. ok so since Photobucket wants me to pay $400 to host my photos I thought it would be a good time to start a vlog. So here's my 1st instalment. Its jumping ahead in time quite a bit, but hey, its free! Have a watch! Give me some feed back, i'm new to this so some constructive criticism is welcome ps. ive been advised to go with flickr as my photo host
  10. Anyone keen to go shares in renting an airbnb place for somewhere to stay in Feilding?
  11. Run though the Waterview tunnel on the way to this months OS Burger Fuel Stoddard Rd Meet, to test the new exhaust
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  13. one too many foxton fizzes at the school disco while achy-breaky heart is on it's 4th time round?
  14. I'll take a med T plz Chur Chur cuzzy g
  15. Had ideas of rolling up, this year not working out now. Had a mission planned for some one to pick up a wagon for me in Nelson & bring it however far south they could. Would've saved me the time going up & getting it myself. Maybe doubled as a freight run for southbound stuff- but it's not ready yet, will be few months later now. May still work out to bring smallish stuff south then, wont be room for too much as there'll be a spare tailgate & rear doors on board
  16. No, got a bit much else on.
  17. wat giz a large mens plz even paid. how efficient
  18. been tweaked a few times in that hall tbh.
  19. It's nice to keep making progress on this. I got the bonnet back today. Jason left a bunch of extra glass on the new part in the middle so I can trim it to suit my bumper. Jason is a clever dude and has lots of experience with fibreglass. He's keen to do more custom jobs on the side, so sing out if you need any fibreglass work done! Gave it a test fit and it needs about 8mm lopped off so it'll line up properly. It's hard to visualise without paint, but it should end up looking quite good and will be a shitload more aerodynamic. This is the car that gave me the idea: I also picked up my freshly rebuilt front shocks today and reinstalled them. The wheel arch area looks a lot better with fresh paint! Also got the rear springs back from getting the rate checked. They came back at 330lb - I always thought they were 280lb. So I reinstalled the rear shocks. The rear end is good to go now.
  20. Are you coming along this year Terry?
  21. Wade makes good coffee in Palmy. Perfect for Sunday.
  22. Would you like buy a vowel?
  23. Wat
  24. My missus couldn't think of anything worse than hanmeet.. her loss..
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