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  2. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Damn right. Enginuity is highly encouraged. There's also a prize for best non-wagon made to be a wagon, or something.
  3. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Bro. Just get a canvas and some bamboo and you'll be even more a wagon than they are!
  4. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Just don’t bring two wagons and sleep in a tent.
  5. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    No one would frown upon it
  6. Today
  7. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    It’s a good start.
  8. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    I dont have a wagon but if I sleep in my flatdeck and get drunk is that close enough to talk with wagoneers?
  9. Tim's 1966 Cortina GT 2 Door

    Off to check progress tomorrow so will post some pics. We are using my Mk 1 4 door GT as a reference for all the corrrect mounting holes in the engine bay etc so once that's done I think I'll sell the 4 door GT. it needs a full restoration and after having done this 2 door I don't think I'll ever get round to doing it. In saying that I'll probably change my mind next week lol.
  10. Trailer Time I've been wanting to build my own car trailer for Project Alan Mann for quite some time. With my old work closing down I managed to cut a whole lot of scrap mild steel out of the brewery to recycle into a trailer. My racecar is full of race holes so the trailer must match A long day on the holesaw ahead ! The start of the trailer base and draw bar setup Bit of welding on the drawbar Lots more to go yet !
  11. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    Then after much fettling I glued it in. And made the bit with the step in it to fill the gap. I made this in two parts otherwise I don't know how I would do the step. I didn't bother grinding the welds down completely, since they won't be seen, I did tidy some of them up a little.
  12. FInally some decent progress! I now have cam sorted, solid lifter gear, beehive valve springs, larger valves, new retainers, spring seats, intake ports taken out to ~40mm and changed the port for better flow etc - All of this would not be possible if it wasn't for @ToMitz so a huge thank you goes out to him!
  13. Another winter gone without much of an update. Now here I am sitting a week out from Christmas and i've decided its time to get the old girl legal for summer Only real updates since june is I started making Pillar trims for the A and B pillars and all I can say is im glad I bought 1.5m2 of vinyl as ill need to have another crack at the drivers A pillar once i've perfected my technique on the others. yesterday I finally purchased some shock inserts and am I talks with somebody who can hopefully shorten them a bit for me. Fortunately they are alredy 10mm shorter than the ones I pulled out so we don't need to take as much off. Today I went and got everything to give it a service since its hasn't had an oil change in about 18 months so I don't want to start driving around without doing that. Also hoping santa will bring me a good bonus this quarter so I can buy a new carb from weber specialists as I feel the one i'm currently running isn't doing the engine justice
  14. Antz '66 AMC RAMBLER CLASSIC 770

    No worries man. Just getting all the right bits now to make it myself, plenty of people seemed to have made them and good designs/specs have been posted so should be pretty sweet.
  15. Antz '66 AMC RAMBLER CLASSIC 770

    Sorry mate u don't it was low when I got it
  16. Yesterday
  17. Sluggy's C20

    Saw/heard/felt this today when i picked up the wifes car from a warrant next door. Frigsack its legit. A++
  18. piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    Please tell me your going to keep that colour!
  19. ready for pickup & booked in for wheel alignment Front suspension rebuild, bushes, ball joints, steering components, super low springs, shocks etc. though doesn't look as low as i thought. though im told they'll "settle in" Only got the front lowered, will see how it goes. will do the rear myself as it should be straight forward if need be... at best, it sits even now. not the high front. perhaps the rear springs are shagged and need resetting? Oil leak fixed from engine rebuild. apparently was the oil pump. no more leaks! Got the standard tyres white striped earlier in the year too. Haven't put then on yet, should look good Happy summer cruising.
  20. Chrisr's G van

    Everyone is busy on the panel side of things so it's getting brakes and mounts sorted this week. Awfe had everything except the r/h hose ex stock. Bunce have a hose but it's nearly twice the price. Lesson learned, get all the brake hoses etc from rock before you take it in for compliance
  21. Sluggy's 62 Chev C20

    Exhaust sorted, brakes need some love, bit more wiring, electric handbrake sort out, door seals and stereo and probably more.. hopefully get wheels back soon...
  22. Sluggy's C20

    Sounds good mate, bit more poke than the old engine eh??
  23. Buzzy's B110

    holy mint looking car batman!!!
  24. Last week
  25. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    Glued the jacking point in, then proceeded to grind off two of the new spotwelds while trimming to fit the middle sill panel. And the middle sill panel. I got the folds in the right place FIRST TIME!
  26. Buzzy's B110

  27. I5oogt's - '72 Datsun 260C

    I still own this. got it woffed for labour weekend so it could attend datsun nationals in ohakune. but more importantly it got a wee upgrade. extractors next....
  28. Buzzy's Datsun 1200 B110

    Took it for a drive to the shop to get the cobb webs out! Waiting on some new gauges to arrive then it will go for cert. pic for thread
  29. Jordans 1982 Suzuki TS185 dirt/street tracker

    the only thing i ever rotated on that base were tires and bottles
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