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  2. I'm now away the following weekend, so if I play my cards right I'll ride over with you guys and Maungatapu home...
  3. Installed shiny bolts. Lost the others so will tidy up and see where they went
  4. @Sanfiddy @1 down then up hopefully @Slacker_Sam. @skutaman look to be cruising along for some windy roads and fine pies. Hopefully @maxted is gonna nick his dads car for it too! @Willdat? I presume with the fine weather you'll be over doing the Heaphy then? Who else?
  5. My battery is also well fuckered. @flyingbrick tested it for me and if it was an animal animal you'd be giving it one in the back of the head and down the offal hole... But im glad I have solid answers now.
  6. Well fuck me! Dave is still alive! I will be sure to register for the 10th oldschool.co.nz Nationals /ling
  7. Max is 4mm for that unit and it's dirt cheap, what miracles were you after?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Friend got this little gasless 100A mig form Bunnings and fuck me it’s useless, can hardly stick 3mm together.
  10. Well folks it looks like the weather is going to be lovely this weekend so its all go for a cruise to pelorus Bridge for lunch. Should we aim to meet somewhere in Nelson and cruise out from there? Most obvious place is at the nelson classic car museum (formally wow) at 10.45am. Drive off at 11. Sound good?
  11. I will chuck my hat in the ring for my single yearly appearance. Will be taking the day off on Friday and driving down from Auckland, I have spoken to @Snoozin already and received a maybe and @sentra is refusing to reply to my constant messages of love, but even with those guys there is still a cuply seats in the car. Get @ me if you want to join, like always we will be leaning on the company car so no gas money required, only ass or grass will be accepted as payment.
  12. Should have posted this. If you touch the screen it brings up values and you can drag to see at any point during the graph... Plus this is via Brewfather app. Pretty easy to link...
  13. Awesome! will be great to see when I reach certain gravities for adding more hops/ cold crashing etc
  14. So good having live updates at work etc. Stepped green line is just battery voltage, red is SG and blue is temp... Plus it works inside a stainless fermenter inside a metal fridge. [Edit] was 58 english pounds including freight and gst...
  15. There's a few around now, I bought an iSpindel. I bought it on eBay from a seller called gingerneil. Is legit, here's a snap from this morning. I'll add a summary of setting up etc later...
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