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  2. also interested. or id like a sheet of at least 50mm thick, 300x300 or bigger. duro of about 60-70
  3. Car was fully stripped to a bare shell, and i set up a booth under my house, a mobile blaster came over and did everything except the rear 1/4s and roof. Once he was done I 2k epoxy primed the shell to lock it all in. later on I hand stripped the 1/4s etc, and epoxied again
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  5. Any chance anyone knows an appropriate dealer for purchasing suitable Urethane for pouring mounts? Having grade options would be helpful also.
  6. Before i painted exhausts
  7. So got bord and painted the tank and rear fender and exhausts. Havnt put on the sisy bar as of yet want too make it better. But likening it without it hmhm. After all the tidying up a couple rides. And the startermotor craped out hahha oh well in lockdown anyway..
  8. Over the last few months have done loads of rides and has been great
  9. As started at the start of lock down
  10. Gota make up a panle to cover the gap in between the floor bord and seat and under the light but getting there
  11. We are running.... So now a hybrid of a newer honda i think anyway and 1980s nifty.. Newer moped frame then a newer motor wich was given too me. And cutting my parts nifty frame and welderd. That onto the new frame to accommodate the nifty rear panels and tank. As the nifty frame wouldnt take the newer motor. And the nifty frame is prety shot really Taken for a small ride up and down my driveway a couple times fells good. Still not finished will finish up tidying her up.
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  13. Nice work man, Those bumper tops turned out awesome!
  14. A car definitely worth saving! Can't wait to see the progress. DABUZZ RX4 is iconic.
  15. Rough as fuck found a chair id chopped legs of ages ago for some tube for something random.... Anyway made a very rough but actually not horrible to sit on squab has a bit of foam padding.
  16. some more butchering, and rust found when I got it home, thing stunk of rats, found a nest and one very dehydrated Rat under the seat. there was lots of little issues around it, probably far more than I realised in hindsight, but the car being what it is, had to be saved. it will soon be apparent i went a little too far down the rabbit hole with this one though, and the main reason its still not finished 8 years later....
  17. cheers man, i appreciate the encouragement. i dont see making stuff like this as to difficult, you just need a bit of a plan about what general direction you're going to go in and patience.
  18. Some of the UK readers of this forum may have already see this episode of car SOS- its a goody. The Imp they restore is like Hannah's first classic car , a 1974 Imp super painted in Prairie wind. A little car we enjoyed immensely and what made me always want another... The episode can be watched here....
  19. Ha yeah.. I've had plenty of work already from locals with rust. On top of the various old rusty classics it also seems that more modern vans and salty kayaks don't mix...
  20. Allways loved your rx4 coupe, look forward to seeing what you have done on the rx2 so far
  21. No I didn’t, but I did change the throttle body to a whole different unit which included another idle valve. The new one looked to be in better condition on the inside. Would of thought there would of been a slight difference on how it runs after changing the TB, if the issue was somewhat related to that. Will pull it off and check though. I will also check what voltage it’s receiving during different times.
  22. I like that the original DABUZZ was the silhouette used for the original logo.
  23. Does anyone know much about Nissan gearboxes? (Is there a typical section the serial # is stamped on?) This is the whole assembly, its quite interesting to note a few things.... The top cover and shifter base are a custom job, someone has machined/welded up some parts to make the whole thing work. The adapter is different to anything else I've seen, its like a whole final drive assembly in itself. The transfer box is probably original as the oil filling bolt/top cover is only found on the 'suffix A' versions but still sits in the factory mounts. Would like to know the model of the box as will get a new clutch fork boot....
  24. Oh wow yeah, $6 for a Lada regulator is pretty bloody cheap.
  25. *grabs popcorn and settles in for the journey*
  26. I have no complaints about , but beware the cheap versions are usually *really* shitty Shipping vs price ratio always makes adding extra bits worthwhile. Plus sometimes get a lada calendar, pen and ukraine chocolates. Ive also used Mal euro-italian in albany There is a lot of crossover between lada and 125 as well, so start in the 2101 section
  27. WIll try to catch up with the build log progress soon, the first lot of pics was like 8 years ago.
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