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  2. I sang your song to the tune of 'your dad's best friend' by the rubber bandits. It worked fairly well but the missus is concerned
  3. i reckon you could cut that bit of the carb casting off, depnds whats under it, looks like a blanked off port from the manufacture process, nub it down atleast
  4. Linkage clears all good its just the lid on front carb hitting second skin under seat belt mount. Not too sure where to go from here aside from using a dry sump
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  6. Carb manifold got the slim down from Burr engineering Fitted this, using 3 studs and 4 bolts. Then have to wind in the top studs for carbs swing them up from underneath and wind the bottom studs in once in place. I've given myself about 20mm clearance to the side of engine bay and the fuel pump fits in nicely next to the rear carb But the front carb is hitting the seat
  7. @h4nd Ignore hamish Go to warrick you will not regret it
  8. Wayne. Ignore Warwick. Go to Hamish. You will not regret it.
  9. Got those mounts in yet cob?
  10. forgot to post these. first is R32 GTR intercooler core design. second is plazmaman core. 2021-09-28_06-56-17 by sheepers, on Flickr 2021-09-28_06-56-26 by sheepers, on Flickr
  11. I put the bike carbs back on and ran it up to the palmy swapmeet but on the way back it developed a strange misfire/stutter at constant throttle. I checked a few things before admitting defeat and putting the standard carb on again. I took it all apart and gave it a good clean with a diy ultra sonic cleaner but the stutter was ever present but not as bad? I didn't have time to investigate it too much as I had a roadtrip booked with it down to the west coast for a bike ride. I wanted to mount my bike on the roof for a couple reasons. It would free up all the space in the back, plus it meant I wouldn't have to worry about dragging all the mud and crap in. Using a tow bar bike rack is OK but meant I would have to take the bike and rack off everything I needed to get into the rear. I couldn't find anything suitable for the roof so I was determined to make my own. A visit to grandad one day and he casually mentions his old roof rack is in his shed at home and had been for 40 odd years. A quick look in the exact spot and what do you know. Grandad had this rack years ago on his mk1 zephyr. Under all the new paint, there's the zephyr green which he painted to match. Fitted it up to to van and it was perfect. I made new feet and gutter mounts out of old folder dividers from a file cabinet (not pictured) to mount it. The rack was too short to fit my bike in so I made a front bar out of an old rusty piece of angle iron and used some tubing from an old exercycle to make a dummy axle to mount the forks too. Perfect for the parts bin van. The 1,300km west coast trip went well. The roof rack survived, even when I forgot about the bikes and took a branch off. Luckily it was at low speed and the tree was mostly dead. I lost one alternator bolt, a second came loose, front left suspension has decided to start knocking, discovered a couple of leaks under the dash and with all our gear we were riding bump stops some of the way. Success.
  12. My local guy kind-of recommended getting this qualification. Have done the initial application but not filled out the resulting forms yet. He reckoned it would make the overall process easier, particularly the audit stage. YMMV https://i-car.co.nz/course/automotive-steel-mig-welding-qualification-assessment/
  13. I had been told there was one in Balclutha that was good too, could be the Gore guy, maybe. Worst case is if i need to get the repairs done by a shop 'approved repairer', thats a hard nope. Hopefully i can show that im not a total numptie (IMO!) and "have the skill and knowledge to competently perform the repairs required" as most of the rust is actually pretty simple stuff like door bottoms and floor sections, no real structural stuff (except for the A pillar maybe) and whcile i dont want to set myself up for 3 more vehicles worth of repair certification, pretty confident ive got the skills and equipment to make a kwalitee fix What is an approved repairer? An approved repairer will have the skills and knowledge required to competently perform the repairs required. The repairer must have the correct equipment to perform the repairs necessary. The certifier will include all the repairer’s details in a file.
  14. im just as screwed as you are. my corona is living on a car trailer at my parents house and my entire life/workshop is packing into a shipping container while i try to buy a new house/bigger garage. its painful
  15. I was looking at the j160 simply because they're cheap, 6 speed and everywhere. My little bit of research suggested they should handle it provided I don't treat it like shit, but I am known for eating gearboxes so maybe I should consider something stronger. Was looking at the r154 of course and as said can get bellhousings to bolt straight up. My understanding is a 3vz bellhousing will work as well, just needs a little grinding where the starter bolts up. As you've said I'll have to look into a better diff option. Adapting should be fairly simple. Really want to rip back into this thing but until I get a shed that I can work in I'm I'm bit screwed so I'm not sure about a race!
  16. Yeah need different pistons for vvti to work. So will do rods at same time. Was going to do exhaust some time after hoist is operational. Thats on hold thanks to covid
  17. So we getting full cam phasing and shit? cannot remember what happened after all that, headers are on? eat a salad
  18. Just got sent these pics from the late 90s. Was bought in Chch and driven up to Auckland, pretty sure it had a piston motor in it by then, as the rotary had been replaced after it died. Probably one of the last drives it ever went on!
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  20. Fcking frothing for the 2GR The Ray Hall GT86 seems to boogie
  21. So, your options are to lose weight or add more power right ?? :p
  22. Thanks folks. Next: "Do you have that one with that guy who was in the movie that was out last year?" https://www.google.com/search?q="Do+you+have+that+one+with+that+guy+who+was+in+the+movie+that+was+out+last+year?"
  23. I have a 1992 v3000 manual. Someone here may know if it’s gearbox will work on your engine
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