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  2. * plan on leaving welly mid morning on the friday and im in the area for that week so can arrange pickups etc.
  3. Im bringing a ute up and should be able to fit a couple bikes in the tray if needed. might even bring my one up for some crausing around.
  4. IIRC correctly there was some plan to possibly leave Welly mid morning? I'm keen on that / sync up at Te Horo. Can provide bike transport for a couple on the car carrier, or even take a trailer if needed, if I collect the bikes next week sometime. Even better if I squeeze them into my little daily ( @Big Value Buddy ? )
  5. Some default state according to what i based it on. Only just now noticed this utterly disgusting computer seems to have not copy-pasted the rest of neds code. enum warningStates_t {IDLE = 0, WARN_MINOR, WARN_GENERAL, WARN_DIRE}; warningStates_t curState, oldState;
  6. Hey, guys! Looking forward to some hardcore Taranaki adventures! Has anyone from Wellington got room for a Raleigh 20 and potentially also a Shaz? I can drive myself but it would be nicer to roll with company and to split the fuel bill. If I do drive myself, the Escort is little and doesn't have bike transporting powers. Would anyone with a more appropriate vehicle at least able to help with the bike transport part if I can drop the bike off to you? I can provide beers and high fives.
  7. The axles I have are essentially the early version of what ended up in the defender/disco. It means a disc brake conversion can use existing LR parts.
  8. Tis the colour scheme I'm fond of. I used to drive a D2 Disco V8. I remember the fuel bills...
  9. I assumed they had swapped the mounts on the disco axles based on that article but maybe not? I’m sure Himalaya had a write up on it that I read awhile ago but I can’t find it now.
  10. Thats still the original series chassis and diffs on leaf springs, it just has the engine and trans from a disco
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  12. Disco chassis is 100” wheelbase so would need to be lengthened Was trying to stay away from 200/300TDI as most stuff for sale is well worn and will need rebuilt. thinking either rebuild the running gear I have in it now (if parts are even available) or complete engine/gearbox swap to something which has the output shafts in the corect orientation. Options?
  13. I have the “when a 4x4 is born’ DVDs where a guy does exactly this. Would stay solid axle but wanted to get coils/disc brakes/power steer/modern power train in one hit rather than make up piecemeal
  14. Go fo Disco as a donor, like this one (not sure if its had the chassis swapped or just the running gear)
  15. Air new Zealand NZ8798. Leaves wellington at 7.15pm. Arrives NP 8.10pm.
  16. Unfortunatley i cant find me freaking Rock chang get up which is a wee bit gutting, im pretty sure its in Oz. curses! That ok im sure can find something just as good. Also have things to donate for prizegiving
  17. My next project is going to be a series 2 or 3 swb on a discovery chassis, discovery is 100" wheel base so will need to be cut down. I already have the discovery and the land rover 24 spline is plenty strong enough for the power it will have. Why do you want to go to a ifs chassis or will you change it to a solid axle?
  18. So looking forward to chilling with you lot. Will there be prize giving?
  19. kws

    KwS's TVR

    Yeah, it'd be great if I could drive the damn thing though!
  20. I can supply extra cruise bikes as well if any one needs one.
  21. Hmmm so that means I'm committed to a range rover chassis if I go down that path... with all the mechanical goodnesss
  22. Thought I may as well start a thread on this raging beast, a friend of mine (may have been on here once) moved from hamilton to dunedin and abandoned it on my doorstep. He had had it sitting for quite a few years. Is a 1600 with twin strombergs & extractors - the motor has had some unspecified work done, apparently from a rally car. Body is in pretty decent condition, original paint is extremely worn and has surface rust for dayz, only welding required is in rear arches due to 3/4 inch coating of oil everywhere else. interior is 5/10, seats & dash have seen better days. lots of new suspension bushes in it which is nice. bodges required: weld rear arches where needed, sand & seal surface rust fill old badge, aerial holes etc muck around with ignition, it is totally pre-bodged and doesnt turn off with key until an electrical load is introduced i.e brake lights, horn (which to be fair is pretty funny) ideally obtain electronic ignition from chrysler. minimise ridiculous oil leaks put seats and dash cover on to cover wrecked originals wof treat with disdain as not proper leyland product. feel free to question my sanity on this thread, updates will be fairly slow as im only home a few days a fortnight!
  23. Got spiders? I doubt that a swap to a Toyota or Nissan chassis will fly as mod-prod. The example in the sheet you linked if for an in-brand swap. See here for example
  24. What's the deets of your flight? My +1 is most likely flying in from Welly too, would be convenient if she catches the same one
  25. Tys planning to bring his. I'm sure he's keen to check it out
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