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  2. I'm rural, was just some 25mm aluminium square bar. There were some ss nuts and bolts and things too.
  3. Was it wide or something? I get up to 2m sent here for less than 15
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  5. might be a better option to find a later model car to rob the entire crossmember out of. I see alot of people use S chassis stuff and can utilise running coilovers and powersteering.
  6. Hope you're not planning on using the GDI pistons? They have a weird raised dome with recess where the injectors spray Plus the piston rings tend to gum up and cause compression and oil burning issues, though that is more of a result from the direct injection system I guess.
  7. A few old pics of my car surfaced last year. These are from from ~2001-2003 and show the old N2 look. This is a bit of inspiration during the tidy up.
  8. Haha had not considered that! Makes the decision of what to do easier (don't do the thing that will make it turn the wrong way!). Could possibly get a LHD rack and flip it upside-down, but LHD T2000s aren't exactly common! Yeah I'm in the UK where our testers probably wouldn't be fussed so long as they don't look completely sketchy.
  9. Humm so 2pole motor at 200Hz be 12000rpm. What's the max spindle speed?
  10. Just bookmarked that site funnily enough. Looks like you can pay with CC so not too much risk really. I'd lean towards legit till proven otherwise. Can ship a bit for $10 if using the right company. What are you after?
  11. And off to the panel shop it went. It needed a little bit of bog to straighten out one or two bits. I removed the fuel tank cover and filler neck for the first time since I've owned it.. it's grubby under there! Emmett's been working in the booth already and sent a couple of teasers... I'm really looking forward to seeing the end result! All going well it'll be back home by the weekend
  12. So the 2022 Road trip is on. The full report will be here, please follow the link as I am not going to copy and paste the whole trip bit by bit. THREAD; https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/222511/lonesome-cowboy-roadtrip-grizz-report Here we go again. Covid-19 screwed up a few years…… So the 2022 trip will be three weeks and a whole lot longer than any previous trips. My weapon this year, thanks to Dennis again is this Chevy Silverado. FIRSTLY THE RULES: To all those who objected to my last report and the censorship, please UNSUBSCRIBE NOW SERIOUSLY, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE So the link to the censored 2019 trip is here https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/210620/deja-2019-grizz-craig-dennis The 2018 road trip with Three men and a Rental car as Part1 followed by Part 2 where Craig and I took a Chevy 5.7 liter truck to go picking in Iowa, Illinois and various other places for another great week was unforgettable. We have managed to Bully Dennis into joining us again. http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/205913/grizz-craig-dennis-2018-humdinger This trip had followed a few that I had done before in the USA Thread links below. So, what do you do after an absolutely awesome American road trip in 2017 where I managed to break a Dodge Hemi Challenger before the owners 60th surprise birthday party? http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/199863/grizzs-2017-road-small-update Which had followed the first trip to meet Dennis and a first trip using his Dodge in 2016 http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/192803/grizzs-roadtrip-2016-best-trip Which had of course come about as a result of my first road trip to America when mate Martin and I had flown into Texas and got to get in at Gas Monkey garage and a load of other amazing peoples garages. http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/183864/grizz-martins-epic-chevy-roadtrip This year promises to be filled with old skool rods, cars, bikes, food, guns, beards, tattoos, visiting a dying friend, some new interesting people and places not visited before including, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Nebraska and the bonus ball would be a visit to, or a meet up with a South African bike builder friend in Rhode Island, which would add a lot of miles to the trip. It should be a good one this year and ideally I should launch a blog where everyone has access and I get to moderate it along with my sidekick craigrk who is sadly stuck in a Seychelles resort with his family I hope to make it as far as Rhode Island to spend some crazy time with this mate, another South African expatriate. Some race car action, museums, lifestyle reports, side by sides and offroad fun and of course FOOD. My 2022 Rhode Island target is this builders shop. Looking forward to a great trip and meeting more interesting people associated with cars, trucks and general goodness. Being able to share it on here.. “Buckle up and shut up sunshine” a famous person once said.
  13. Kick off at 6pm @Greenie @HighLUX @Mop Head @MaxPower @Kass Bring the whanau too.
  14. Many thanks. Kinda keen to enter my old man in his jag so he can witness how much superior mine is at single spins
  15. Was more meaning like in this picture rather than number 2. not the scratches but the textured look. should be able to look up and compare to some pictures what it means. this is one of the mains i assume? number 2 looks like something else again Either way it looks like it was knocking right up until failure, the way the piston is so clean in damaged areas. weather that was due to some previous damage. causing oil contamination in that cylinder. or a fuel/ignition advance issue is the question I'd do a roman dave milk bottle injector test. That will test the ecu, injectors, wiring at the same time. give the loom a good jiggle around in the process, see if any injectors play up. would work just as well / better than sending everything away to be tested Any chance we can get a screen cap of the ignition map?
  16. Another couple of years on and this thing has been going strong! I won this little dude at the Toyota Racing Series round back in Feb 2021. The prize was meant to be a back, crack and sack wax... But it never came to be. Next up was last year's Feilding Auto Electrical Winter Series at Manfeild. We've seen really good growth in the class, with a bunch of new drivers and fresh cars appearing in the series! In 2021 we saw a couple of 17 car grids, which was the most we'd ever had. This spiced up the competition and made it a hell of an exciting season. Jerry in the pink 777 battled hard with me all season and we came into the final round with a few points between us for the championship. I had a small lead, but not enough to be able to relax! We traded wins in the first two races, which left the final race of the season. Both Jerry and I started from the back of the grid on the final flag drop of a handicap race and worked our way through to the middle of the pack. He finished ahead, but it wasn't enough. I was pretty stoked to walk away as the 2021 MX5 Cup champ with only 9 points between us at the end. The car came through the season OK. It had a few new battle scars and some of the exterior paint was getting tired. This car has been a racecar since 2011 and has done thousands of competitive ks without much maintenance at al! It's had a diff rebuild, gearbox refresh and a set of shocks in that time, but apart from that it's only needed tyres, brake pads and fuel. We decided it deserved a birthday, so the next job was to sort a fresh coat of paint .
  17. No, but have seen the ads. Last time I mail ordered metal from the www.themetalcompany.co.nz, shipping was $70. It was 1m long though.
  18. Has anyone bought steel off that metal by mail place? Advertises on farcebook. $10 shipping nationwide rings alarmbells/makes me think it might be a con?
  19. On my engine the oil pump is driven by vacuum pulses from the input manifold, modulated by a repeater link down from the throttle. It's pumping from the oil reservoir up top (empty hole) to a spiral feed arrangement near the centre main bearings.
  20. Relevant but probably useless, I worked with a guy who had a rather mad honda jazz running a combo of bits that included a honda motorcycle gearset (allegedly) for the above reasons. Seeing as your doing bike revs dig into that knowledge stream online might be useful info there you could adapt. Or fit a DCT box or something...... all the cool kids are apparently. http://speed.academy/dct-conversion-honda-s2000/
  21. *ducks and runs away to avoid being hit by a 4age camshaft*
  22. Definitely worth testing, I'll wait till they are back from testing etc. That description does kind of match the intermittent misfire problem where it would happen at low load then go away it you let it drop down to idle, but I am sure I've been over logs and the voltage was fine. It's all in pieces now though so will press on with at least making a rebuild plan as well as trying to test all possibilities for the failure.
  23. I think he's in a different country so might not matter But yeah if that was in nz there would be many problems. Regardless of country though, putting a front steer rack behind the crossmember will make the steering go the wrong way
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