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  2. Race numbers for additional horse power. I haven't dyno'd it...but at least 10hp per sticker is my best guess? So: 30hp engine, 3x race number stickers with name at top @10hp each, thats 60hp now!!
  3. 2020 to 2021 / Had to park it up finally / couldnt get a wof. Was focused on the MR2. But aim is to have the 260z's rust removed/repainted and back on the road by summer. Not a garage queen but tidy and usable. This month will start the strip down etc. will post pics as it happens.
  4. Purchased 2008-Jul-21 , Dam that was a while back Used for a long time. Pictures from 7 years ago
  5. I got some side skirts for sale, they are rubbery and have RS logos and serial numbers on them. They came from a series 1 Sierra. Let me know if interested
  6. Today
  7. And for those who might be interested here is a pic of a UK van that has the factory option heater fitted. As you can see it was a pretty agricultural setup.
  8. In other news a parcel arrived from the UK today. These shabby looking bits are like hen's teeth, so I was super chuffed when Sandy from the Owner's Club was able to track down a set for me. A mate of his has just stripped a rusty old wreck and luckily salvaged these. So why am I so chuffed I hear you ask ..... Well whilst all 400Es came out with the demister slots stamped into the all metal dash, only those vans fitted with the factory option cabin heater actually had the demister nozzles and associated pipework fitted. Asking around amongst the handful of Australian 400E owner
  9. With the outer sheath now at the correct length I attempted to re-crimp the end using my vice, but only being able to tackle a set of opposite faces at a time it was starting to go pear shaped (literally) , so I decided on a Plan B which entailed smearing a bit of epoxy on the end of the outer sheath and then pushing it into the fitting. I was super careful and managed to do this without getting any epoxy in the inner opening, so that was good. I'll let it go off overnight and will assemble it all tomorrow. The inner cable will be straight forward to shorten as I'm currently using o
  10. So first thing was to strip out the inner and take to the outer with a cut off wheel. Gave the cuts on the outer a bit of a file and a de-bur to alleviate any snagging. The end has been crimped on, but I managed to drill out the outer sheath giving me a nice clean end fitting.
  11. Today I thought I'd have a go at shortening the HiAce accelerator cable that I am using as it's currently way to long and is making the engine box look untidy. The light coloured tape wrapped around the outer sheath shows just how much it needs to be shortened by.
  12. Build thread here... I'll leave now and let you get on with it
  13. Yo Morris. Glad you have started a thread on this, I'm looking forward to following this. Keep them pics and updates coming please. I would love a rs500 wagon myself .... alex
  14. You can tell when a car is one of Sams. Those mismatched wheels. Kids eh?.... Super glad this made it to Auckland without exploding into a ball of flame. How many times did you swap the plugs?
  15. You'll have to get @yoeddynz to post on your behalf.
  16. Hey Bro, the celica is looking the goods! I'd definitely have a look at gearbox venting as could've possibly become blocked over time with schmutz etc? Other thought is, have you changed gear oil at all?
  17. Bit of an update I guess Basically tuned the car by ear... timing pretty much bang on but the piston in the carb is getting a bit stuck probably just some scum in there. Runs reasonably ok but think its getting a bit of a hotspot maybe from the stuck carby and giving it a bit of engine run on. Also sounds like a loud tractor ripping it up the street. Start of august I've sussed it to hopefully get painted. Gave the brakes some love so now I can stop also flushed what looked like fermented milk build up in all the coolant system because the tap water over here is not the best.
  18. Discussions about the estate build when I post some content.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Those synchros look like they still have a bit of go in them?
  22. I think that’s acid marks and not a cracked tooth? I have it a tap with a punch and it didn’t change
  23. A friend sent me this picture from trademe. Looks like a setup that would suit your 180 hp target beautifully
  24. Yep. Had a 745 last night. Get 3 nice beer glass pours out of it. Can completely empty without sludge falling into glass if you pour gently enough. No biggy if some goes in, won't affect taste, just looks grungy. Wouldn't drink out of the bottle though...
  25. one out of a NZ-new V3000 should be the same plug arrangement perhaps different rpm shift points. Wouldn't be surprised if one out of a 4cyl Sigma will be the same too.
  26. Made these calf feeder trailer things yesterday. Not bad for one day's messing around.
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