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  2. I’ve got the Nelson night covered now, got a spare bed in Hanmer on Thu if anyone is interested.
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  4. What have you got in the way of engine bay venting? I want to seal mine up as sound tight as possible, but then worry about the motor eating stinky hot air, wondering what the best thing to do is?
  5. It's a strong possibility, I'd prefer manual. This initial resto has enough on my plate already though so it'll be down the line if it happens. Manual is also easier to convert to electric if that happens to become a priority at some point....
  6. I wasn't planning to do it immediately. I just have a hole in the cooling system that needs a bung and I thought I might as well put the correct thingo in the whatsit to save draining coolant later. It doesn't actually look very hard though, so maybe I will do it soon.
  7. Went to go out the other weekend and did not turn over. Suspected the starter had gone dud (I doubt the previous owners ignorance to a bunch of water in the bilge didn't help). The position in the V is a blessing and a curse, it keeps it out of the way but is then a bit of a pain to get too.... A bit more challenging than usual with the coolant pipes running along one side. Got a new one quickly ordered (will look to rebuild the one I have there) and we are back in business. While running it up on the trailer with a water feed I also took the time to do a bit mor
  8. I'm keen on any spare 12a rotor for my shed too- to fill my empty 12a housing on the shelf.
  9. Yeah flick me a pm if you want to send something m9
  10. correct, the torsen will take the power of a beams as they seem to hold up behind turbo mx5s. they are quite hard to get and fairly expensive, though if your considering front and rear subframe swaps, the cost will pale in comparison. don't quote me on it, but im pretty sure FC rx7 diffs fit and there are a few different strength options in that field too. as for my sloooooow burning v8 mx5 project, i intend to run a skyline r200 in the mx5 subframe, copying the engineering flying miata have done to fit a ford explorer diff in, as the two diffs mount the same way. something to look into
  11. 12a bridgeport round 2....fight This engine looks super clean inside, lots of compressions. Came with an electronic dizzy and s4 alt. I chucked the side draft on it but need a tall port manifold cos this one is missing one of the bolt tabs. Waiting to go it...
  12. someone going on the ride have a manned business address i can send a courier bag to in time for this?
  13. Keen to see how you get on. I wouldn't mind ditching the mech fan on my d21 either.
  14. Thanks @kpr. That's exactly what I needed.
  15. For the brake pistons, thread a grease gun onto the caliper and hydralic them out. Messy but effective. Compressed air works if they not totally stuck
  16. All of the spares have been sold already sorry
  17. Yesterday
  18. Did you get this sorted as my bro lives there and i could ask him if he could get it to his place for you?
  19. Still been cracking on with this. Mounted my 16" electric fan into my factory radiator shroud! Fit like a glove My universal 36-1 trigger wheel turned up so I modified it and make a bracket to house the cherry sensor. When I was setting the distance up for the sensor and turning engine over by hand it was apparent it was off center by 1~2mm I'm not sure if this will be a problem but I think I'll just remove it and scalp the holes out a couple mm to get it perfectly center. Made a start on the wi
  20. You'll want the "off" slightly higher than the thermostat temperature.
  21. I take it that haul of parts were from trademe? also are you willing to sell some of your spare engine bits?
  22. The one I put in my Samurai was on 92 off 82 and it was spot on Hope that helps
  23. AFAIK aussie a body upper ball joints were the same small joint the whole way through, B body joint is larger. US a body changed to the same bigger joint mid 70s I've got some aussie a body arms with joints if you want comparison measurements
  24. Chucked a couple hooks on the the ute tray, if I can secure things, I might actually put stuff back there. Want to get my hands on some outboard style tote fuel tanks for extra capacity, as they sit a bit flatter than jerry cans. IMG_20210228_185605 by John Bell, on Flickr Put some snappy clip things for the emergency paddles to sit in. IMG_20210228_183643 by John Bell, on Flickr I also fit some Aliexpress grab handles on the dash, then fitted some Aliexpress motorcycle review mirrors to that, as I thought it would be better than looking backwards all the time. I can al
  25. Good job getting them apart, tbh that design is still common enough through the 90's. I'd be using a pottle of copper coat for reassembly makes the alignment so much nicer to do when everything is free moving. When you put the drag links back in, get the steering arm and idler arm both parallel to the chassis then worry about getting the toe straight. Obviously that'll still be awhile off before you need to get too concerned about any of that
  26. I want to convert my D21 to run an electric fan, just because. I've found a whole bunch of thermo switches that will fit the available hole, but I'm not sure what temperature range I want. It's a bog stock Z24 engine (carb, sohc, low as anything compression). It does do a bit of sitting in traffic and the odd light thrashing etc, like any daily driver. Everything seems to be available in the right format from 'On 85 - Off 80' through to 'On 105 - Off 100'. Any advice?
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