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  2. I nearly forgot to Include @Dolan in the extra special thanks accolades for hauling my new steed south too! Thanks Buddy!
  3. Question for you @kpr You used to do a lot of road/track tuning with a few different techniques. But now that youve had a dyno for ages. Are there any areas which have given big surprises, as in, visible via dyno but very hard to quantify the old way? If you lost your dyno, what are the bits you couldnt do anymore, or what would you most miss. Just from tuning perspective rather than excellent addition to videos.
  4. kpr

    The GC

    vid shows how i made the bumpstops. along with the carnage
  5. I was thinking more for the CT90. The tyres on that are untra old and perished.
  6. Sure is. It's a Shinko SR241 - they say Goldenboy on the side also. Used to only come to nz in 2.75x17 for posties. But I recently got thinner fronts in (2.50x17) because they don't rub on my front guard. Don't think thats a problems with the NBC's though. Only $50 ish a pop. Worth a skid.
  7. That detail still needs to be sorted. The people at 5he camp where we used to hold Hanmeet (with whom @- i5oogt - enjoys an excellent rapport) reckon they almost had the place sold. But we'll either approach the new owners, or find somewhere else. Might be a small cost attached to that.
  8. M8, minter. Also, never mind 2.75", what about 3.5"
  9. Read the bin saved 2 copys but for whatever reason i cant figure out how to open it in tunerpro to unset it from the parameter tree. Failed somewhere.... ecu is still happy though connecting fine etc so original back in. Data errors i was getting are gone after changing a few settings so thats a start. Watched few videos and got different results gah! Frustrating.
  10. Aubs

    Aubs ct110 postie

    Postie with his small bike brothers
  11. Soooo today... Drove from palmy to taupo brought a ct110 ex postie bike mint runner. Needs.... Tail light lenses New front guard That about it.
  12. Bolting clean painted parts on with new bolts is satisfying
  13. Yeah that works good. Apart from one bolt that didnt want to go in its home it was a piece of cake.
  14. Succuss im in....... and probably doing irreparable damage fuck it though im learning always risks.
  15. Got new ecu in opened everything on laptop then this happened, could of been worse 5-10 minutes later i would of possibly bricked the new ecu.
  16. Whooooooooo boi im rekt So good though The whole weekend was Just So Good
  17. The First Second; then Third - Club room photos 2020.
  18. Put this in the trash / on a bike. It fell off mine but I don’t want it back.
  19. I wanna say A+++++ 100% would trade again. Thanks to each and every one of you specimens. EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA special thanks go to Mark for collecting me from the plane station, giving me the penny tour, and stitching me up. Jamie for the ride to J-5s, and back to the plane station. Mark Again (and Max too) for the epic catering. (Seriously, that shit was next level commitment) J-5 for being the hub that enables us all to come together. Hugs, high 5s, and handshandys all round!
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