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  2. I have signed up for this. The GN125 hasnt stopped yet so should be another solid run.
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  4. springs to mind as people that would know what to use, potentially have it in stock /be able to source. /no pun
  5. Any idea what a good choice would be for steel selection for a torsion bar spring. Needs to be something I can get in NZ. OD ~11mm, length ~1140mm. I need it to twist about 90 degrees. @ajg193 @sheepers
  6. Them ozfalcon guys are good value. Massive knowledgebase. I have my XC project hosted there.
  7. Even a toilet in the boot, you've thought of everything!
  8. Oh hell yeah. 2xl chur. Counting the days. Only 4 more Thursdays.
  9. With it's bum back on the wheels I gave it a few bounces and then let it settle overnight. In the morning I grabbed my measuring tape and was able to confirm that the back is sitting about 7 mm higher than original. I then played around with some temporary spacers between the Starwagon front beam and the Thames chassis. Took a few goes to get the optimum height and again I gave the front a few hefty bounces and let it settle overnight. Result is that I am back to more or less the original ride height before I started the conversion. From the start of this project I have been hoping to dial in some low, so this isn't where I had originally planned to end up. But sometimes when you can't find an easy solution its best just to learn to love the problem, and I can with all honesty state that over the last two days I have learned to love the problem. Reasons being as follows: Engine and gearbox are now almost 80 mm closer to the ground than original setup. Original 4Y carbie now fits perfectly under the floor so I have the choice of running the original Aisan or a 32/36 Weber or the SU on its snorkle manifold. Steering rag joint no longer clashes with chassis leg. Side mounted selector levers on the gearbox are in a much better position. The lower selector clears the chassis leg completely and the top selector should be easier to sort out. I can run 15 inch diameter rims with the same profile tyres which will drop overall revs slightly at cruising speed. Front wheels happily clear the front doors with plenty of gap for suspension travel and steering. Gearbox bell housing clears the rear wall of the engine box. Clutch slave cylinder is now way below chassis leg. Some things are just meant to be. I've pulled the front beam out once again and have started making up some templates for the front beam spacers that I'm going to fabricate out of 8mm plate. Thanks for reading. Pic of dirty old Aisan carbie back on the mock up engine.
  10. Grovelled under the Thames and fixed the cut off rear axle perches to the original leaf springs using the original Thames U bolts. Then offered up the HiAce rear axle. Took some measurements to make sure that everything was aligned correctly then hot glued the axle to the perches. It's only tack welded in position for now as I may have to fine tune the pinion angle once the gearbox is mounted in its final position, but at least I could get it back on its rear wheels to get a feel for how it is sitting.
  11. Got a drill press but I think it's a bit light for valve springs..
  12. And I picked up this pipe that potentially I could modify to work. It's off a yz80, so would need a little volume cut out of it, but that's nothing I haven't already done before. I'm reluctant to tear down these motors and port them, as I doubt that parts are available anymore. Any Google searching for stuff ends nowhere, so I'd be making a lot of work for myself if I did do this. I did have other plans for this. But yeah/nah possibilities are good to think about.
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  14. I fair bit of time it looking presentable. I'll probably paint it, but undecided at this stage. I'm still not sure if I'll use it on these motors, or get a more modern engine and transplant it into the passola. No rush to make that decision
  15. I've finally got all the chrome off my test light surround. I'm going to take it to Lucentt today to be coated. I'll be super stoked if it comes out good - hopefully I end up being able to use it as the final version.
  16. If you got a body shell like that, then you'd be a wolf in sheep's clothing. It would certainly help keep unwanted attention from you...
  17. Ive used the drill press on a few heads, just bolted a bit of wood under the head and made a tool the right size for the spring retainer
  18. Happy to grab you from Rotorua plane station if you end up going that way
  19. So not much to see here but I did manage to get all the supplies I need to complete my test wiring of the tail lights. So here is one of the finished light holders. Learned all the pitfalls of using this wire / plug / sheathing which is good because I don't want to make any mistakes on the balance of the car wiring.
  20. Haven't signed in for a couple of months, awesome to see a decent turnout! More incentive to get the Vitesse back on the road
  21. when I've needed forum Mod or Admin help I've reported my own comments before (and been told off for it too :) so you could try that? "They" can help fix your sig (well I can on the other forum I am an admin of using same software)
  22. Yeah, was just looking at a couple of vids, not sure how they go with multi valve springs as they look to only catch the outside spring leaving the inside ones still under pressure.. Unless there's a type that gets all springs.
  23. I'll pull the top off on the weekend anc check/compare with what I've got and go from there
  24. Oh well I'll carry on. Massive thanks to @Transom. I had a nice delivery today
  25. That a fkn let down! Ask for half your money back?
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