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  2. I just used an online calculator and specified imperial gallons. Blame that calculator if wrong...
  3. This is cool, especially the sleuthing you have done. This is my pocket watch that I have had for 20 years or so. I got a toolmaker to make a new winding axle(?) as the old one was slogged out. Its missing a jewel but still seems to work pretty well. I might have to have a go at dating it now that there is internet. It says 'A. Mardirossian, Constantinople' on the face. should try to get some better pics probably.
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  5. 5l/100km = 56mpg (Imperial)
  6. You'll be able to just bring your house next time, right @Mof?
  7. Did someone say fuel economy chat??? I would have got here sooner, but it was less economical that way. Isnt 5l/100km 47 MPG?
  8. How could they be anything else but Millie, Molly, and Mandy? 56mpg. How is this even possible?
  9. Millie and Shanaenae Milliie and Laquitia Millie and .........
  10. @ajg193 Oh shit- you are correct. #iswhyIfailedatthestockexchange @locost_bryan Hannah's sister Leila had two pet ferrets. Molly and Daisy. She took them for walks on leads and they held their ground very well against all the neighbours cats and dogs. Fearless little buggers- very cool pets * *but not really suited for showing off on the streets in NZ....people frown upon pet Mustelids here...
  11. Milly and Molly. Call the 2 door Mandy, and you've got this...
  12. Gemima. Also, you claim K11 prices are soaring but form what I can see they have plummeted by 15% from your first purchase to second purchase, even giving higher spec
  13. Haha- but apparently (according to Hannah) they have to have girls names. Something will pop into my head. I did that thing this morning- the thing where you go out and look at your new car purchase and then check the dipstick with that slight fear of the unknown- will it be down- is the new car a little burner. Luckily the answer was good. Level is bang on. Sweet. Will buy new oil and filter today. Battery on Millie drains over night- I suspect its the stereo. Definitely lights a bulb between a removed terminal and batt. For now we can remove the terminal at night. New car (Melissa?) also might have a drain. Or a shite battery. Will check also.
  14. Got over the wiring side of things so put the gearbox mount back in and went for another hoon. It's all going pretty well and ready for its first voyage to gas station. The driveshaft seems to skim the passenger some of the chassis so I'm going to center it as opposite side has about 20mm clearance. It it's still abit close I'll put a 10mm steel spacer under mount to lift it slightly Re drill gearbox cross member to centerline the gearbox/cross member. Put bonnet on. Cruise. Wof booked for next Saturday. Fuck the tail lights.
  15. It would have to be "Millie and Maxie" Wouldn't it?
  16. Alex, must I remind you that this sub forum is not for your boring daily driver So why are you putting imp pictures in it I expect you will be installing a K&N pod filter on a whale dong intake pipe for JDM dorts? And stripping the good bits into the 2 door?
  17. I stripped off the barrel bridge and removed the mainspring barrel and cleaned out the keyless works properly This is the barrel, spring and Arbor. Plain coiled springs haven't been used in watches for a very long time They generally look like this new So going from it being a blued steel spring and the watch being totally wound up when I got it, and probably having been that way for years I'm going to say the spring has set (there's arguments in watch Barry world wether a spring can set or not, this one only opens up twice the size of the barrel and has low power so at the least it's pretty tired) Typical springs now days are alloy and are considered to be unbreakable. With this in mind I consulted a pocket watch book from the mid 1800s (this watch being a miniature pocket watch right down to how the case opens and the glass pops off) The recommendation there was you can hold the doing extended for a couple of seconds 3 times and it should get some life back in it Having to do that to measure its length anyway I did, then cleaned and oiled it and put it back together (Hand winding a spring back in isnt in vogue right now, you need a $149 tool. But it was actually dead easy, and I think you would be pretty ham fisted to bend one) I gave it a full wind and left it on my desk and it's still running 12 hours later. So that's excellent news. Next up is to try get it to keep time. These cylinder escapements were invented in the 1600s but after a couple hundred years were only found on cheaper watches typically. They have some complications around manufacturing the escapement wheel and getting clearance between it and the cylinder. Basically, sitting dial up or down is ok, but on its side the cylinder will move too close to the wheel teeth and cause friction, or too far away and not engage in the right spot. Apparently you can make a new cylinder from a hypodermic needle if needed. That was a bit of an aside, but what that means is while you are wearing the watch it will speed up or slow down depending on it's angle. Along with other factors, it could only be say 30 seconds out at the end of 24hrs, but have been all over the place during that time. With the balance wheel being limited in travel by the notch in the pivot, that means the wheel has limited swing amplitude so is difficult to get a reading on on a watch timegrapher machine (which is fine cos I don't have one). It actually has a small brass tooth on it to stop it spinning too far, past about 200degrees. So it's max amplitude would be considered very low by lever escapement watch standards. But I drive in Morrie time, so I get there when I get there
  18. With that thinking, you could be a bottle scientist. Reckon it could be decanted and sprayed with a normal primer gun? I'm hoping to get quite a smooth finish.
  19. Naoks

    Dio ZX AF35

    Thank you I am based in Queenstown! yes, I would like to join that group, but I need to sell this beauty as my circumstances changed
  20. That's pretty neat. Maybe I could hide one of those under the floor. Thanks for sharing.
  21. just something you might want to fix with your new sump. the new sump doesn't have a notch for your dipstick so the stick wont go in. a easy fix is some heat and bend a area in the sump for it to clear past your old sump does if you check the photo. otherwise good progress
  22. Well then- Micras seem to be breeding around here. There's now two in the yard. Just after purchasing the silver/green car (which Hannah has named Millie) @Sanfiddy messaged me with a link to another 4 door manual for sale in Blenheim. I initially almost didn't even look at the advert because we had a car already and we dont need another 4 door. However something caught my eye in the photo. Is that a front spoiler I see? Hang on a minute. I looked at the other pics and it had a rear spoiler. Hmmmm. Then I spotted the sporty seats. Wow- could this be a Super S ? I asked the seller if it was still for sale. Yes it was. Sweet! Could he send me a pic of the car id tag with the model details. He replied with this photo... I looked up the numbers in the workshop manual and it was certainly different to Millie. I asked on a Facebook micra group and someone pointed out that it had the code for an LSD ! (the RS5F31V) " Religious bovine non-gender specific batperson!" I shouted out. "Jump into the bat automobile and we shall race over to blenheim at a pace that does not exceed the legal speed limits and view this mighty thing" Today was a good day for bargains. We drove over this morning, picking up a new air filter on for Millie on the way. The fella selling the potential Super S was a top dude- friendly as. It was his daughters car and she had lost her license. So the car is no good sitting there not being used - money in pocket = better. I climbed under the back and checked out the rear axle. It has disc brakes! Yuss!!! Then the interior- wow - it has a full black dash! I didn't even know this was a thing on these cars. The interior is tidy as, has a factory leather rimmed steering wheel and gearknob and comes with a good stereo. We had to jump start it as its been sat a while. Took it for a spin - no dramas except not heating up very quick. Hmmmm. I'll watch that. Gave the man his $700 - I'd bargained a deal to take it away with no wof. Its only just ran out but saved him bother and us money. All happy. We filled both cars up to the brim at the nearest petrol station... Then drove to Renwick for some of the 'world famous in Renwick' pies that I love so much (I used to get these when doing my apprenticeship at Cuddons engineering a few many moons ago).. Visited my parents for lunch (pies of course). They approved of the old cars in a sort of 'here we go again' way. I pulled out my 'about to buy a car that might have issues' emergency kit from Millie's boot... Started looking over what we had just bought. That big fat lip... Those sporty(er) seats... ( they are definitely more hugging) That black dash which I really do like! Just seems soooo much more racy?.. ABS is here... Factory mats (well.. on the drivers side at least) The extra 300cc that we've come to enjoy... Factory rust? The other one has a repair in the same spot. It not bad so I'll sort it out properly before wof time... I tried jacking the car up to check the diff but did not trust the factory scissor jack to take all the weight. So I had a look and it certainly does have the larger gearbox that houses the lsd. So I think its a thing. Cool! Standard box on milly... Wider diff area on new car (yet to be named btw...) The reason why the temp doesn't sit midway and drops low on downhills is because I suspect it either has the wrong thermostat or no thermostat. I'll check it out soon. Going from my experience with the Mazda V6 in the Viva the Tridon aftermarket brand thermstats never worked well and my V6 always ran cold/fluctuated. When I replaced it with a genuine Mazda item it ran hotter and stable. Tempted to get a decent Nissan one for this car too. Certainly something has been played with there- can you spot the signs?... So after throwing in roughly a half litre of oil (I hope that's not a thing... but the oil does look old so I suspect its not been looked at in a while) we took off back home. Me in the new Micra (Molly?) and Hannah following in Milly. The idea was to just cruise home with the flow of the traffic (roughly 90-100kph) and see who could get to our local dinosaur juice station using the least amount of dinos. The new car (Mandy?) certainly seemed tighter and a bit less floaty. It does have 175/60s compared to Millie's 155/70s so that will help. Took some pics on the way in the evening sun... Hannah likes it that Millie has a genuine Nissan healing Crystal... Cute bums. (that little rear spoiler- so neat! )... Got to our local and re-fuelled... I used 12.7 litres. Hannah used 10.7! What !!!!!? HTF did she do that? I blame my wider tyres, engine running cold so ecu thinks its cold and adds more fuel. I did 'play' a little bit more on some hilly bits but only barely. I want a re-match when the thermostat is replaced. Also- we can swap and she can use the new car (Melanie?) Anyway. WOW at that economy! 56mpg (or 5L/100km in new money). Even allowing for the fact that both cars speedos read an optimistic 5% fast its still bloody good. Really enjoying driving them too. Actually quite nice to sit on 100 at only 3000rpm and still have a conversation. I must add some sound deadening and carpet to my Imp because it'll cut so much noise. So now we need to spend a while getting to know them both. See what issues the new micra (Maureen?) might have and then sort those out. New oil, plugs, filter. Wof. One thing is for sure- I'm going to take on Hannah in another economy run battle and win this time! Then just use them and form a plan along the way. Meanwhile - little Impy is not that IMPressed with the new IMPosters taking over his favourite parking spot...
  23. Awesome night. I think @Ixplods brain exploded driving @h4nd car
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