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  2. $30 from Auckland, $130 from Ham. Dumb.
  3. Yah gotta get to Welly and jump on the ferry. Overnight bus is probably a good idea. I was looking at flying but then still gotta get to airport and all the shit I don't wanna do. Flying from Auckland is a million times cheaper than Hamilton. But then it's on Jetstar which is a bit ew.
  4. Hitch Jesse. Better leave about now. Seriously though overnight bus to Welly and maybe pile in with one of the gang from there?
  5. Plan is to stock up on refreshments tonight. Probably going to have the car sitting a bit low in the ass end with gear and boose in the boot.
  6. I haven't even made plans on how to get there yet. Not driving sucks.
  7. I'm out of leave, but the boss was good enough to tell me to text him Friday morning and tell him I'm sick cough cough
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  10. See previous two posts above for updates!
  11. All you plebs need to stop worrying about the forecast. The weather will be whatever it will be. Aint going to change how rad of a time we have. Bring on Thursday morning, looking forward to boat rums
  12. Dane I think you will find you accidentally added an 's' to that sentence and also spelt 'bucket' as bag.
  13. Awww jeahhhhh
  14. Bloody tropical mate. Remember the 1st year it was like -4 and Dane was pretty much naked next to the fire. Coldest ive ever been. So under prepared.
  15. Two more days of work this week. Whoop whoop!
  16. Was hoping it would be colder than 6 degrees. Stil gon be gud
  17. Giz a shout if you want some help. Really should get back into mine!
  18. it's your call mate. I'm bringing my one
  19. Nah, I wanted too but the 121 was a guaranteed pass, zed needs some time I don't have..
  20. Fucken hope so.. the last four outings in my 121 have been raining, doesn't do much for old mazdas
  21. Just test drove Crown from Lock up to home. So far, so good. Best clean the windows tomorrow. Then, done. rad.
  22. Fizzing a bit for this actually.
  23. Forecast still improving. Rain prediction moved out to Monday arvo. Just cloudy for the weekend with a low of 6 on Saturday night.
  24. Yessir. @scooters has no wheels or rear brakes on it currently
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