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  1. DIY Removable towbar kit. I think the tongue was from a Hiace or something?. Anyway, a bit of welding, grinding and bolting and it's worked fine for a few years, even with some fair loads.
  2. Good of @Beaver to donate his private stash of mags to the prize table too.
  3. Fab weekend as usual. Thanks all. River was particularly warm this year. Nice to see some new wags & people along.
  4. Iff'n y'only had a wagoon to sleep in.
  5. Thanks - big uptick in big wagons at wagnats this year.
  6. Because the compressed height of the bags is so much smaller that the coil you may not need cut up the pockets on the chassis - for the Mercury I did all the mods on the lower arms - the chassis spring pockets I left alone, just mounted a big chunk of pipe up there with a threaded rod for the upper bag support.
  7. Always look out for you/the car at the BH.
  8. Argh, bad day at the office but I told PM that I'm going away anyway. Just need to to finish packing/drink beer/have spa not necessarily in that order.
  9. Yes, it's a dick around trying to find calipers that will work. You could take a walk around a wrecking yard looking for options. I have some sort of Subaru ones on my MM project car that work with the Cortina uprights.
  10. Jealous of early departure.
  11. Why not just skim some off the brake caliper adapter bracket to move the caliper back? Seems that it would be easier.
  12. 1098cc's needs one of these
  13. 3 cases of Lion Brown should suffice for food and water.