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  1. Nominal

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    Probably do a fly to ChCh and borrow/bring @LV#5's car.
  2. Did discuss, and interest was registered. Need a confirmed target date I guess.
  3. Why not get a custom wheel spacer made up that locates everything correctly?
  4. Nominal

    Beach Hop 2019

    Good luck, deadlines are no fun. /borrow a car
  5. Any ideas for Thursday @Mourning Cupcake? Forecast looks goooooooooood.
  6. Nominal

    Beach Hop 2019

    Yup yup
  7. Apparently I have a family BBQ to attend now.
  8. Auto electrician is not making sense. Computer controlled alternator my ass. How exactly is it wired?
  9. Took it off and plugged the port - no change. I connected a vac guage to the port, cycles 18-20 (inHg I guess) right in the green zone. I'll pull the IAC assembly off later and take a pic of it.
  10. Gave it a good squirting around the throttle / intake / vac lines and no response. Where is the PCV on this thing?
  11. Doesn't help, just makes the up/down cycle faster. Will look for suck leak.
  12. Why is my Nissan doing this? VQ30De. Don't want to spend much $ or effort, but it would be easier to sell if it idled OK. I did take apart the intake piping and clean the throttle and IACV with carb clean. Didn't help. Starts as soon as the car is started (even from cold).