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  1. Nice to see that the brown wagoon is back together.
  2. No can do. In the wrong country this week.
  3. New bearings and seals acquired. There was a shit-ton of grease in the hubs when I took them off. Much less went back in. The ball bearings have a spacer between the sets (the cone shaped doo-dad.) All back together I set the toe-in and went for a test drive with the Morris Enthusiasts club today. So, should be good for a new WOF eh? Will find out week after next.
  4. The other things on the WOF list from last time were the outer tierod end on the passenger side. Should be not problem, right? Well, that's what I thought until I had a look under there. It's a bit of an oddball, just a single part with two ball joint ends. Bought a used one from TM, cleaned it up and fitted new boots. I think they are supposed to have the bend, so I installed a bend in the replacement one too. Wheel bearings were also noisy. Cue grease session That could be why
  5. OK, so, made a new bracket for inside the door. The tabs hold a piece of spongy rubber. ] Did some priming, bogging (+ repeat) and painting. It hasn't been colour sanded yet so it's not shiny. Shouldn't rust for a while again although. More patchwork colours.
  6. The only reliable chevette I had was fitted with a 18RG.
  7. Nominal

    Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    Yeah yeah nah, good luck with that argument.
  8. Can you measure what the change is on a stock car?
  9. It was just that the LVVTA discussion was around toe change in mm, not so much in degrees Works out to about 3.5mm assuming 24" overall wheel + tyre diameter for the 0.67 degree or ~2.55 mm for the ride height change. If this is just one side, then the amount would be double.
  10. What's that in mm?
  11. Nominal

    piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    This is exactly why I haven't yet wanted to fit the 4-barrel manifold I have.