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  1. There's a few stories on Autospeed (a bit older but Julian Edgar knew his stuff) More linked from the first story
  2. Build it yourself, I've done it a couple of times for old cars. No issues at WOF time.
  3. Looks like insufficient adhesion of the primer to the steel? These days a pro would use a 2K epoxy to begin I think? Paging @Spencer or @Bellicose
  4. Did you check the flow out of the regulator with it plumbed up? I've wrecked fuel pumps due to a crimped/blocked return line.
  5. I'm not sure that is required, particularly for older vehicles. The repair certifier I saw recently about my imported rust bucket was happy for me to do the work myself. With this one, someone else imported it and it was rust flagged at the border (hardly surprising). I have had a VIN assigned at VTNZ and then had it looked at by the repair certifier.
  6. Rack connection will just be a pinch bolt I would have thought, not a place where 8.8 is necessary? If you are interested, this book is a good read
  7. Is it warm enough for camping yet? Any free weekends before xmas? Does @Pee Dubs have a wagon?
  9. I got some door card backing stuff from an upholsterer that would work. Or something like this on heavy card