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  1. I've done that Nissan swap on my Morris Minor, pretty easy and haven't touched it for 15 years since. I don't know if the Hillman version of the Lucas dizzy has the same external dimensions though.
  2. @Mourning Cupcake I'll there so long as on-call activities don't go pear-shaped.
  3. Just so long as they don't own a Mitsubishi j/k Come along.
  4. Could possibly fail under the '50mm' rule, but you'll probably be OK if you clean it up first.
  5. Not that I know of, Probably original, I haven't changed them in the 20 years I've owned it. IIRC I did swap the M/C with a spare that had been sleeved in brass way back when.
  6. Next time I have to work on them I'll pull the rear cylinders (fronts seemed fine this time, clamped the hose to the diff and they were all good) and have a look inside them. M/C is a bugger to get out so less keen on dealing with that.
  7. Drum Brakes - why do I keep having to bleed the damn things? Where is the air getting in - it seems to be at the wheel cylinders but hard to be sure.........
  8. Sap two Morrie ones on it? /slow internets suck.