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  1. Nominal

    WaG NaTs ‘19 T ShIrT ThReAd

    Lg shirt please.
  2. Nominal

    Steering intermediate shaft adaptation?

    I bought a Borgeson uj.
  3. Nominal

    Steering intermediate shaft adaptation?

    IIRC it is the intermediate shaft that needs a support bearing. Companies like Borgeson produce many universal joints that make adaptation easier. It might make sense to use a double-D shaft for the intermediate as it's easier to get the length adjusted than a splined shaft. You should probably purchase the LVVTA Manual, or at least the steering chapter: This is the place for cert questions
  4. Nominal

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Well, duh. I should read more carefully /already have enough wagons
  5. Nominal

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Yes, saw that yesterday. Seems to be a well priced.
  6. Nominal

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    What's the issue?
  7. Nominal

    AW11 MR2 with thin flywheel

    Seems like you need to make the rod longer?
  8. Nominal

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Prize table is doubling as fire pit this year.
  9. I have ali-x version but haven't used it much - belts seem a bit crap, probably should buy some better ones locally.
  10. Doing the patches is not problem, I have a belt sander setup. It's more about getting the cutouts in the panels done nicely. I want to be close to this good, and I find it hard to do neatly with a cutoff wheel.
  11. I'm wanting to use them to trim the edges of cuts in sheet metal to get good-fitting patches. They should be good enough for that? Not heavy grinding/stick removal.
  12. Nominal

    120why's Other y

    Good work - that was a fair bit of rusty metal lurking in the corners.
  13. Nominal

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    About 4.5 I think? Lots of spares.
  14. Thanks, went to Twiggs in Welly today, the PPS website is rubbish. Twiggs is researching. They are pricey suckers though
  15. Any idea where I can get something like these in NZ that are rated for a die grinder speed (1/4 shank) and the sanding drums? @Truenotch?