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  1. Visited the Basis shop in Renwick and got a new fuel sender gasket, and some new pinch weld trim (not the furry stuff at $30 a metre though) Met some tourists in Cheviot (where the wheels don't come from) Conducted a sneaky search for more door locks, but nothing good was found. Natsed And returned home. Finally picked up the keyed lock (locksmith had a good gripe about weirdly engineered British locks) and fitted it this week. Can now lock the car fully, but only unlock it from the passenger side. Will have to do for now. Wagon went well on the whole, used a few litres of oil on the trip - I'm guessing we did close to 2000km though). Never failed to start except on the way home at Seddon. I think driving all day with lights+heater fan+CB+cellphone chargers exceeded the capacity of the generator. Started fine when we left the ferry later. Needs a WOF soon.
  2. Took this oil-burner to Nats. I really wanted to be able to lock the doors to keep my junk inside while parked in towns etc. The drivers door lock barrel seemed to be well seized up, and the passenger front door was missing a spring for the locking lever. Back doors were OK. We stopped at Horopito on the way home from the Beach Hop and had a hunt around. Nothing much good in the yard But I found this rather amazing lock that looks like NOS (the one on the right) in a box of door locks in the upstairs storage area. Bought it for $40. There's a lot going on inside these locks with multiple levers and springs. The new one didn't come with a key, so I dropped it off at a locksmith before Nats. Didn't get it back before we left so.... We headed off south on the Ferry at Easter for a family love tour. Stayed right by the Blenheim substation. Good 50Hz hum. Did a bit of touring around Marlborough, including the HVDC link lines
  3. Sheepers latest Ms75

    How do they harden a soft head - heat treat?
  4. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    I think you should be able to redrill the 4-stud axles to the new pattern between the existing studs. Slotting the wheels is probably a bad idea, even though some mags use that approach (with a bit fat washer in a recess).
  5. Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    Or, so they look cool when used under hot rods?
  6. Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    I guess you could just sit in it in the garage and use it as a private gentleman's lounge?
  7. Thousand Dollar Supercar's 1988 Jaguar XJ-S 3.6

    Good choice - I approve.
  8. Dangle6060's Electric ke70

    I dunno, but @Dangle6060 hasn't logged in here in almost 2 years.
  9. Tristans 1971 Triumph 2500 pi estate

    I don't think recovering the black plate option is available after it has been re-reg with a new number, but it doesn't say that on the VCC document? You need to have the original plates too.
  10. Tristans 1971 Triumph 2500 pi estate

    Looks great, always good to see another wagon. I've seen cars with the white plates painted black. Might be a cop magnet though.
  11. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    The turbo kills most of the exhaust noise.
  12. Duds' 2002 bee em double ewe

    Any competent welder can do it.
  13. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    Coincidentally, I just took a 4V cast intake for a 460 to the scrap pile.
  14. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    I looked on TM but didn't see any 460's for sale
  15. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    Barra swap time then?