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  1. The intake length doesn't seem excessive. Just tell people it's ram-tuned....
  2. Depends on how rooted it is. Leaving the mechanical side alone for now.
  3. I was going to keep this rear section for a 'one day' (/never) couch build but after advertising the seats on FB, @Cbomb came down and took most of the 4-door parts away. The rest of the shell went to scrap, although I heard later that some local whanau cherry picked some bits to be used in an art project of some sort. Also, the owner of the chassis needed some cash after buying too many motorcycles, so I ended up buying it so it's still sitting in the driveway. It's RHD, but might be useful for some parts or to use as a temporary body support (although I suspect the woodie chassis may be different in some way)
  4. I got offered a 1951 Ford body shell for 'free' if I removed it from the rolling chassis. I was in pretty haggard shape, and past any restoration. Unfortunately the front panel were long gone. Apparently it had been in a field near Levin for quite a while. Anyway, paid some $$ to have it delivered from Levin. And attacked it with a sabre saw.... Main things collected where a much better set of door hinges, the rusty one in front is from the woodies and is pretty rooted. And this RHS A-pillar cut. I plan to graft this into the woodie shell as the existing one is pretty much missing.
  5. Yep, looks good to me. Good idea to start on the easy bits first
  6. No organized checkpoints. They'll still test you if they pull you up.
  7. Probably a Carter 4070 I run one directly to the carb - no regulator - on the Mercury and it seems OK. I do have it mounted at the back of the car down by the gas tank.
  8. And if belts are mounted, what does that change? Location of the upper mount according to the template I know about, but anything else?
  9. WFH trial day confirmed for me for tomorrow so I won't be coming. sadface
  10. My gran had a super minx. Not a wagon though as she wasn't cool.
  11. Think I might not be in town as it's likely to be a WFH test day. Will know for sure on weds.