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  1. We were up there in January, blardy freezing. Road wasn't too bad IIRC, but I wasn't in a low car.
  2. Battery chargers

    They are on sale quite often at SCA/Repco. I bought one a while back, work OK and I like being able to leave it connected all the time. I'm not really sure if they are better for the battery than my Repco cheapie one though. I find that works better on really dead/paddock car batteries at the Ctek won't charge those sometimes.
  3. piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    Fucksakes man, that is such bullshit. They are screwing you over with the constant new issues.
  4. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Backseat of Holden is also available to clutchless Toyota drivers.
  5. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    I can loan you a Morris Oxford.....
  6. In for a pre-tour tickle up. Got some new ignition parts on order at BNT. Also might get the windscreen seal replaced this week to reduce it's leaking capacity (which is currently high)
  7. MMMmmm sounds tasty. There were people up Cuba St at lunchtime photographing their burgers.
  8. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Same same.
  9. K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH

    Pop this back in....
  10. Is @Threeonthetree available to do late night town runs? Can offer three on the tree holden to drive.
  11. KK's Honda Cub

    Ha ha. I knew you were onto the scooter thing when I drove by today.