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  1. Split pin in bellhousing is just a jiggle pin to keep the hole clear for oil leaking out.
  2. E's in the UK so probably common? Are you just trying to re-attached the exhaust? Maybe get a short piece of flexi exhaust (or another ball joint) off something else and weld it to the cat then shorten the exhaust pipe a bit. Then you wouldn't have to deal with the rusted shit.
  3. I think your problem is that you can't spell Lucas.
  4. I'm rural, was just some 25mm aluminium square bar. There were some ss nuts and bolts and things too.
  5. No, but have seen the ads. Last time I mail ordered metal from the www.themetalcompany.co.nz, shipping was $70. It was 1m long though.
  6. I dunno if you can do that legally / cert wise.
  7. It might have been damaged too, does it have the 15A fuse they mention?
  8. What is the regulator exactly, got a link to the manufacturer site?
  9. This is all connected to a 12V battery, right? I don't understand why there is only 9V on the field coil, why isn't it closer to the battery voltage?
  10. Someone mod should change Grizz to Sallysmanfriend /just making a reference to a sometimes member @CarolsHusband from the UK. Keep up with the K11 posting @Grizz
  11. Got it back today, they didn't take it apart but used an inspection camera to locate the reaction disc and winkle it back into place. Pushrod now taped in so won't fall out easily. I probably won't get to installing it until after the weekend. Have to set up the clearance correctly too. It was my parents car, bought new in 1971, so I've been riding/driving it for ever.
  12. The shop told me they had an old fart come in to consult on it and he said they were a pain. I want to keep the car original if at all possible, a new system would require a cert too. Will ping you if I need advice.
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