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  1. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    What are you main radiator hoses like? Is there a spring in the bottom hose? It is possible that these can 'close up' under the pump suction. Here's a couple of practical articles which may be of some use? Also, maybe get something like this to get some comparative measurements.,searchweb201602_0_10051_10050_10053_10052_10536_10538_10537_10539_10055_10099_10175_10054_10056_10059_10534_10533_10060_100031_10107_10307_10341_10065_10142_10340_10068_10343_10342_10540_10103_10345_10102_10344_10073_10152_10151_10110_10154_10079_10112_10078_10111_10155_10114_10312_10113_10314_10313_10080_10082_10081_10084_10083-10102,searchweb201603_0,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=b1c300ee-2c93-4238-892f-d4ad29fcbf98&algo_expid=b1c300ee-2c93-4238-892f-d4ad29fcbf98-0
  2. Mixed the paint a bit thicker this time. 13 seconds through the Din 4 cup. Easier to spray I guess. So did that last night and clear tonight.
  3. Adoom's 1976 Triumph 2500 TC

    It's likely phosphoric acid based.
  4. Jackeo21's 1962 Morris Mini

    Have you got a copy of this book? If not, you probably need one. I have one at home so could have look at what he says about the head swap.
  5. Mofs Toyota Hiace/Holden

    The factory heater in my Holden (186) is pretty rubbish as heating. The heater core has water circulating all the time though (no water valve in the line). Have you checked that the heater hose port on the water pump is actually drilled though? IIRC these are sometimes blocked off in the casting to be 'universal'.
  6. So, I assume the Telstar driver didn't really have a shotgun? Bummer anyway.
  7. Got it filled and primed 'good enough'. Painting the inside of car is even worse than the outside! I need some of the correct thinner before I can make it yellow/get runs everywhere.
  8. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Or, "Yeah the Polish boys got some shipments of real FIAT engines to install, unlike those crappy LADA engines"
  9. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Crikey, this must be a rare thing now. Surprising how the car floorpan is all just left under there - cheapest option I suppose. At least it isn't too rusty. Will you get away with no cert for the twin cam?
  10. Have repaired the last of the body rust now (not counting doors here). Last weekend I cut out the flat area that was holy (holey) along the rear window. Bent up some replacement parts (I did it in two pieces to make the folding/fitting easier) Also filled the holes in the C-pillar on the passenger side where a seatbelt had been bolted through. The inside wasn't as neat as the pillar was a bit crushed. Both rear sides now ready for prep and paint. Then I can get the glass back in and hopefully back on the road.