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  1. Reassembled for transporting North. I did reconnect and bleed the brakes, but that's the only system working for now. If I keep it I'll need to look at the fuel system again, maybe go to one of those combined surge/pump combos I think. We'll see.
  2. Excellent idea on the sistema container. I might steal that if I can find a working fuel pump. I have had a scenario a bit like that commenter though, involving some spilled petrol on the floor and a spark from using jump leads on a starter.
  3. Anyway, some marginal progress on the stupid 6 month WOF thing.
  4. Probably the WOF inspector is a cock.
  5. Single phase or three phase? Usual single phase colours are here Electrical Wiring Colours - A Complete Guide (rs-online.com) Three phase? I dunno, on the old wiring red/white/blue would be the three phase feeds and green the earth. Any instructions with the new hotness / get a professional.
  6. This is a (crusty) factory nissan in-tank pump, nothing special about the wiring. it just hangs out with the fuel.
  7. It's your car, paint can be removed
  8. Isn't the dipping direction built into the glass lens? I'm not talking about the adjustment of the headlight. I know I've had to replace the entire unit on old cars I've imported from the USA.
  9. Dipping headlights from the USA dip the wrong way for NZ, they should fail a WOF check.
  10. So, the Morris has gone down the road to Dunedin @Indiana_Jones. Buyer flew up and I met them at the railway station and they headed off to drive home. I didn't hear anything so assume they got there OK.
  11. Thanks for the great write-ups and photos @kws, I really enjoy your threads.
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