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  1. I had a real quick power walk around when it first opened on Fri as I had an hour to fill in as we were waiting for a crane to get to isaac quarry where we were working. A lot of cool stuff. But also so much junk, like non automotive related junk. They should have some sort of system to separate the people selling automotive stuff, and the people selling general junk/home baking/ soft toys etc. Bit of a bugger I couldn't make it Sat as I was working again at the quarry like 500m down the road haha, oh well, bank account is happier for it.
  2. Also last nights meat was another goodie! Made it to BP to pump tyre up on the van and made it back home sweet as. She's dead flat today though hahaha.
  3. Check ya mailboxes too to save on fries and drink haha.
  4. Yeah good turnout, good sharns, even made it there and back in a dereg magna from pickapart. I'd call that a win.
  5. Fuck. Yes. Pine so hard over 1st gen crx's.
  6. There's fuck all work on at the mo so took the day off and put the LSD in. Yay for twin spin.
  7. Yeah so the 155s on this have been getting a bit low on tread so figured a new set of tyres was on the cards. Was also kind of sick of the stretched look and the fact that they had fuck all grip around any corner. So shelled out for some 185/55r14s. Much happier with how it looks and drives now, wish I'd done it sooner!
  8. Awww yeah, ahh minor progress. Threw the lush poo brown carpet in this yesterday, makes the interior a far nicer place to be, also ripped out the LSD from parts van ready to put in this but ran out of time. Maybe next weekend...
  9. Something only a true Barry would say...
  10. Leeston pub was great last time, so was the clearance beer bin hahaha.
  11. Absolutely! Might not be finished but it’ll be legal and rough enough for hanmeet.
  12. Bit more progress on this old chap today, Harry has finished doing the Rust on it so swapped the good doors off the red one onto it. And fitted a tailgate I bought aaaaaages ago to it as well. Also tried swapping instrument clusters over as only the speedo and handbrake light and fuel light work on mine haha, but different plugs so was a no go. Also swapped shifter and linkage assembly from red van as mine were sloppy as fuck, so now she’s noice and toight! So it’s mismatched and ugly now but much more rust free. Won’t be far off going down for a wof!
  13. Also trying to think of snorkel options as obviously there’s nothing off the shelf for these, I’ll probably just end up being a rough cunt and run pvc piping haha.