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  1. Tent? While it's still warmish. Took paj apart to start building a front bar today, so provided we don't get barred from using workshop, will get heaps done haha
  2. So round 2 of this is looking REALLY appealing now haha.
  3. So when's the next trip? Will make sure paj is legal and ready for next time.
  4. Enjoy it boiz, gutted I'll miss it.
  5. I actually didn't speak to her, it was @76rolla_gurl who was frothing over it more than me haha.
  6. Hopefully that lady with the GTO comes back that thing was luuuuuuuush.
  7. Good, but small meet. Made it home with all my fluids still inside the sigma so I'm happy. Grub was above average for a shitty little pub.
  8. Crammed as much air as I can in the tyres.... It'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.....
  9. Don't really care which of those dates it is, but voted later one as it'll incorporate anzac day observed so less anal leave to take at work haha.
  10. Yeah sorry gonna have to pass on this one. Just a touch too close to nats for me sadface.gif On the plus side I'll have a snork for the paj post nats.
  11. No no no, still got them, still doing nothing with them.
  12. Too many mitsis haha! It sits very slammed now, it's great!
  13. I believe you're thinking of the eterna? I'm sure you've seen my sigma before haha, it's just on the advans now not the whitewalls. So much smaller tyre= free slam.
  14. Hmmmm whether 55-60mm ground clearance is enough for those hills... Haha