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  1. For anyone interested, been staying at a place called "stash Palace" this weekend up here in Hanmer, reasonably priced and a really nice place to stay. If anyone is looking for accom options.
  2. Unsure tbh, dunno where Wayne lives! Haha spitfire square is where its at though.
  3. Yeah, weeknight is fine, keep it on the good side of town like always.
  4. Condolences if its what I'm thinking it could potentially be... Haha
  5. More as backup vehicles for when the other cars fuck out haha.
  6. Probs won't have, it's alright, we have a fleet of mirage wagons to get up there.
  7. Right erre I believe!
  8. Yeah this is all done and dusted and sitting at my work now, cheers to @smokin'joe for being a legend and getting it as far as timaz for me!
  9. Cool just let me know when would work for you and I'll check with him and tee it up.
  10. That would be pretty rad if you could. When would suit you? I'll ask the dude if he'd be around.
  11. The guy said he can hold it for a month or so until I can get free time to come get it. But if you're coming up this way @smokin'joe, I wouldnt say no to it being brought up, saves me a trip down. He said I'd need a couple guys to lift it though so whether it's just you or not may be tricky.