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  1. Fuck it, I have a work dins that night or I'd be in.
  2. So apparently I'm on support vehicle duties for this next year. I know it's super early days but would there be a date in mind for this nek year? Cause there's Nats at the end of Feb, and I have the missus' sisters wedding the weekend of the 4th March.
  3. Someone should buy my AG. Would be perfect for this trip. Dollar ressy, get a bargain etc. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3392470932
  4. Good meet! Albeit a slightly smaller one. Black pearl was great.
  5. Remember this is on Sunday for those who will be coming. (And also attending the meet)
  6. There's only one way to make a Sierra kind of OK. 13bpp.
  7. Weve also got pest coast like a week later haha.
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