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  1. I'm the same as mof tbf. Don't even have time to touch my own vehicles haha.
  2. Shitchea. Tsuchiya was having a hard time getting past him in the mx5. And he's a mad dog driver too. Always pined for a 2nd gen city.
  3. This is what you want, shame it's auto. But it is a rare boi 100hp injected d13c. Majority seem to be carby. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/139759601507001/
  4. Ah yep. Mildly better than the later gdi turbos. 4g9x engines seem to love to leak oil from the headgaskets. There's a reason they were well overshadowed by the evo haha. Tbf I could make a similarly long list from the 2 nissans I've owned so meh.
  5. As in a gsr lancer from the mid 90s? Or the later cedia wagon shape one?
  6. Haven't had much experience with tredias despite being a mitsi fiend, aside from that one I randomly bid on and won last year from smash palace in oamaru. Had high 300ks on it. Paid 230 I think for it. Wasn't actually super shit being the 1.8 4g37 and 5 speed. Did real good skids. Had it for a couple days then marketplaced it and sold for 450 so almost doubled my money. And that's my (tredia) story.
  7. Haha yeah. Then Aaron turned up in his v3000 to tip the scales even more.
  8. Yuuuuuuuge turnout with such a stellar day.... Good meet though. Lunch was grouse.
  9. Beaut day for it..... NAAAAAAAAHHT. See you animals in an hour.
  10. Was hoping I'd have my v3000 back from the painters to bring along. But mirage wagon it is.
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