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  1. Guess same spot same time in a month @- i5oogt -?
  2. Wasn't a huge meet. Mushroom burger at Burger Fuel was legit tho.
  3. Don't 5get this is in 2 days, get ya favorite beanie out and ready for cold carpark sharns.
  4. That would be a very tricky balancing game. Too far forward and I'd have many guard rubs. Too far back and there's not enough suspension travel on the back axle so the rear wheels will lift off the ground.
  5. I'll make sure to loosen all the powersteering pump bolts to make borts sharn sound more feasible.
  6. Lol should probably figure out how I'm getting it back to chch. Also I'm sure there will be heaps of room with us heading back to chch for you guys.
  7. It's OK. We'll understand if you choose to not shell out for the premium purple drank. And go for the lesser spec.
  8. Of course you can sweetie. I've got a few spare cars that are all legal for then. And will no doubt have more by then.
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