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  1. DoBro Jesus

    Jesse's battle bus l300

    Lol fuck been well over a year since I updated this, and in saying that nothing has been done up until recently, I’ve got @JustHarry on the case of removing all the rust on it. And then I went and picked up this parts van from gore last week, so yeah 1000km round trip to pick up another rusty piece of shit, but, it’s worth it, it has good doors, an LSD (mines open diff rear) good carpet and linkages as mine are flogged to fuckery, hard to tell if it’s actually in gear. Where mine was completely fucked near the tailgate area, this van is mint so it’s got the perfect rust cut. Also in the back of it, it had a spare driveshaft, what looks to be a sigma gearbox and a decent set of extractors! So yeah I’ll class that as a fucking win! Red van is also rego on hold, but she’s pretty far gone rust-wise. So yeah, will have that back soon and will swap all the good bits over and take for a wof! En route back from gore. Sweet extractors that came with the parts van. Van 1 meet Van 2. How it sits on the 31s that are on it now.
  2. DoBro Jesus

    Jesses Russian bride

    Yeah sorry @yoeddynz not much has been happening with this lately, been pouring all my money into this stupid v3000 and trying to finally get the green l300 legal. So yeah nothing to report sorry guys! It lives at home now though. Have a picture.
  3. DoBro Jesus

    Wtd: someone to store a POS, Gorrrrre

    Don’t reaaallllllyyyy fancy catching AIDS. It would be saveable and is rego on hold but it is purely for parts, has all the good bits I need for mine, LSD, good rust cuts, and bonus in the back it had some mint extractors, a spare driveshaft and a spare 2wd gearbag. Not a bad gig at all. Fuck I’m tired now though. Then I gotta fly to Tauranga at 6 tomorrow morning for work ughhhhh.
  4. DoBro Jesus

    Wtd: someone to store a POS, Gorrrrre

    It was..... until I bought that hahahaha
  5. DoBro Jesus

    Wtd: someone to store a POS, Gorrrrre

    Yeah stupidly spur of the moment decided to drive down and pick it up last night, currently coming through dunners now haha.
  6. Yeah so there’s some champ down in gore getting rid of a complete L300 which would be fantastic for parts for mine. Only thing is it needs to be gone by sundee. And I don’t have the time to go grab it in that timeframe. Is someone able to store at theirs until I can find the time to come grab it? Chur bros.
  7. DoBro Jesus

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Look forward to lunchtime beers and a steak with you pests. Probs gonna bring the v3000 out for a laugh.
  8. DoBro Jesus

    Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    Yeah I nicked all the hydraulic clutch gear off the galant too, I think I'll do the same, just run supershift until it goes pop. Cause I'd say the linkages will be a nightmare, and I'm not all that keen to drill holes in firewall to mount clutch master and whatnot. Yours must go pretty well I'd imagine with 170hp or near enough?
  9. DoBro Jesus

    Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    Yeah that’s going to be difficult, I’d rather keep the supershift anyway. Which clutch did you use?
  10. DoBro Jesus

    Jesses mk1 mirage of nana spec

    So I picked up this e33a galant half a year ago with intentions to fix it up and flick it on. Then the end of year break up drinks resulted in it ending up ass end into a moxy dump truck hahaha whoops. But because of this it’s a write off so plan is to put the DOHC 4G63 into the little mirage! Gonna see how it goes bolting up to the supershift but I suspect with triple the factory power up its date it won’t last long. So yesterday I pillaged motor, box, ecu, loom etc from the galant. Probably will end up running the 5 speed because I will run the brakes from the galant in the mirage so will use complete front hubs so won’t have to dick around mating them up to mirage ones which are quite different. And also means I can use original driveshafts too hopefully if they aren’t too long. But yeah that’s the next stage in this little critters life. Don’t see it happening at a rapid pace but would like to have it done and certed by the end of the year.
  11. DoBro Jesus

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Also whos keen to go to/enter Selwyn motorfest on Sunday?
  12. DoBro Jesus

    Jesses Russian bride

    Right, so it’s been 2 weeks since this came into my possession. Have done clutch master and slave cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, got good parts off of the other ladas, polished all the chrome (which has come up amazing! Fitted brake master off of yellow lada which was good but doesn’t seem to want to bleed up, fitted the good fuel pump from the yellow lada too so it now runs and drives under its own power! Have also polished paintwork, it’s pretty crap really but did shine up ok! Took it to the chachacha auto fiesta meet up today, bit dodgey only having handbrake but all went well! Does get pretty hot though, never went into the red but did get close. Drives really bloody well actually! Oil cap was pretty milky when I checked but hoping it was just some condensation as oil is still golden and coolant is still green. Ohyeah I also gave her the much needed slam treatment today too! Looks much better. Here it is in all its low glory.
  13. DoBro Jesus

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    We'll come out with the sprog for a bit, will probably just be a morning ordeal though.
  14. DoBro Jesus

    Jesses lada sharn thread

    Yeah I absolutely love them eh! Everything about them is so cool. One will probably be up for sale eventually.
  15. DoBro Jesus

    Jesses Russian bride

    Scrubbed it up today! Came up pretty damn well I think. Still stinks from Saturday night when we were sitting in it smoking cigars though hahahahaha. And I’m super happy it came with the complete factory toolkit in the bag!