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  1. Agreed, but yeah less school night next time, having to drive home and go to bed for work the next day is laaaaaaame.
  2. I'll be round later on, once the urchin goes to bed.
  3. Had stuff I should have been doing at work, buuuuuuut getting pajero ready for a wof tomorrow was far more important.
  4. Looks like there's a couple to choose from. Could bring little gas stove thing to have snags on the run while we're out and about haha.
  5. Willie's also just said he's got all recovery gear, and will have his winch mounted and ready too. Food wise, does everyone just wanna fend for themselves? Or do we wanna do communal meals. Or just eat at the pub every night haha.
  6. I'll just take the fire extinguisher off the back of my ranger. And yeah will have 2, 2w uhf handhelds.
  7. Yeah so I've got a snatch strap, 12v compressor for doing tyres, tools, hatchet, pruning saw, shovel, little shitty folding shovel too, hi lift jack. Dunno about toms l200, it's pretty much bone stock on ATs haha. I'll ask him about recovery points.
  8. I only have one legal one at the mo haha, the paj is going down for a wof on Friday.
  9. We would, but don't want our tyres getting slashed from the remnants of datsuns that are embedded in borts lawn.
  10. You know we're all gonna bring mitsubishis over now just for that comment sumpson.