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  1. Maybe keen, dunno if my brain can handle this much Barry though.
  2. Yeah jog sits pretty happily at 70k or so with my large frame on it.
  3. Hmmmm I should be able to make 1 good jog out of my 3 if people are thinking of doing it on fiddys. Would be massively wounding through.
  4. I'm not worried about costs, happy to bring the paj just for the fun of the trip. Tow trailer for broken bikes etc. But yeah just have too much on at the mo to get any of my bikes sorted.
  5. Fuck I don't think I'm gonna have a bike ready in time for this, so will have to either bail or bring a support vehicle haha.
  6. Is there plans for a South island convoy up for this?
  7. That's my mate Tom's one, he's not on OS. Tis a 400.
  8. Great turnout! I got no pics but saw @Bling taking many pics with a big boi camera.
  9. Not the most pleasant of days, but it's not meant to rain so that's good enough for me.
  10. So a bunch of us have been to this campground between Geraldine and Fairlie for the last couple years as a wee getaway around New years. Its a pretty sweet spot. Very secluded, and very basic camping. 2 long drops and non drinkable running water. But, it's one of the few campgrounds around where dogs are allowed, and we can still have campfires. There's a few sweet bushwalks around at the campgound, and other places to explore via car. But it's mainly just a couple days chilling out and spinning sharns more than doing stuff. Thought I'd throw the invite out there if any other OS bo
  11. Also, this is fucking awesome, well done that man.
  12. Awesome keen as, sorry haven't had a chance to get pics of mine yet.
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