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  1. Yeah again another dece as meet. Great turnout too. Seafood chowder was on point and sneaking off to get the good parks was also a brilliant plan hahaha
  2. Yeah keen for day trips, overnighters will be too spendy with nats at the start of April.
  3. I have some recovery gear (snatch strap, shackles, still gotta sort front recovery point, but rear is done) need a fuckin snork more than anything though haha.
  4. Damn, would have been keen but I've left all my shit I have to get done for the holidays for this weekend haha.
  5. Shitchea was a bloody good meet, hard to get all the cars in one pic haha. Rookie mistake not bringing more beer. Good to get the sigma out to stretch its legs!
  6. Weather is looking nice for tomorrow. Yay4meat.
  7. I believe we will be doing a sat or Sunday avo bbq meet for the next one because summer.
  8. Yay for my YB ring dinging in the first shot haha
  9. Yeah that was good timing. "And to your left, you will see the Christchurch chapter of a nz wide bogan association."
  10. +1 good meat. I have a pretty wet bum now though. Worth it.
  11. Yeah brought the yammy home so pretty committed to riding there haha.
  12. Hoping to bring a 2 wheeled shitbox if weather doesn't turn to shit like its supposed to.
  13. I had a real quick power walk around when it first opened on Fri as I had an hour to fill in as we were waiting for a crane to get to isaac quarry where we were working. A lot of cool stuff. But also so much junk, like non automotive related junk. They should have some sort of system to separate the people selling automotive stuff, and the people selling general junk/home baking/ soft toys etc. Bit of a bugger I couldn't make it Sat as I was working again at the quarry like 500m down the road haha, oh well, bank account is happier for it.
  14. Also last nights meat was another goodie! Made it to BP to pump tyre up on the van and made it back home sweet as. She's dead flat today though hahaha.