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  1. See you lot at the peg in Belfast at 4:30! Fuckin fizzing!
  2. @TimShadboltfan27 presuming you're on the ferry by now?
  3. For all those involved. There is a bakery and 4 square in Reefton SATURDAY Plan for lunch on the track. We won't be getting out to civilization until maybe mid/late afternoon depending how many side tracks we do and how much time we spend exploring Denniston. SUNDAY We might be able to make Reefton for lunch between tracks, but I can't predict the future so there's no guarantee. MONDAY Should be down to Greymouth by around smoko time, and we could stop and find lunch supplies there before we head in to the bush. Bring snacks
  4. Twas out those ways today so very well could have been me!
  5. Fuck yeah 1 week to go! Got the front end shit done on the paj over the course of the week, diff seal, cv boots, ended up getting a new axle for the left side as inner cv boot was split and diff seal leaking. Where the shaft ran on the seal was a bit scored up and couldn't find a new inner cv joint so just got onto @Slacker_Sam. Hookups and got a complete new axle. Pretty much all ready to go now, fizzing. Oh yeah, got my wof on roller skate wheels too haha.
  6. Anyone got a gopro or equivalent camera to do some filming?
  7. Better than no extinguisher at the end of the day. They're also not ages out either from memory.
  8. Got some out of date fire extinguishers sitting around work if anyone wants one for their wagons too.
  9. Somehow that's safer than having big fat wheels and tyres...
  10. Meh, it's attached to the bullbar which has gotta come off so no biggie really.
  11. Yep wheel track, and yeah cause I've got fuckin airbags haha. I was expecting it all tbf, just was hoping they'd overlook it haha.
  12. Bar not certed, Wheels not certed, Lightbar is apparently a fail because of the beam pattern they produce, Aaaaand a brake light is out haha. So all minor stuff I can swap over, go back for a wof then swap back on. Courtney said that he was just like yeah swap all the original stuff on, bring it back, then after that I know nothing hahaha. He knows it's a load of shit, just has to try and look like he's doing the right thing.
  13. Agreed, but yeah less school night next time, having to drive home and go to bed for work the next day is laaaaaaame.
  14. I'll be round later on, once the urchin goes to bed.
  15. Had stuff I should have been doing at work, buuuuuuut getting pajero ready for a wof tomorrow was far more important.