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  1. Industrial radiators on Blenheim rd opposite supercheap. We use em at work and Jimmy's done a few cashies for me. Good buggers and do a good job at a fair price.
  2. Man I want to make an adventure twist n go for this for next year. Mad max spec lift and knobblies, cheeky wee snork etc.
  3. Yeah come down the drive and look for all the mirage wagons haha.
  4. 88 chalet crescent if you guys wanna come up for beers this avo @WLDRX2 @Willdat?
  5. I worded it wrong. You OWN more than me haha.
  6. He's got more mitsis on his property than mine these days. I'm the rookie now.
  7. Look out for the 6 mirage wagons hahaha. Would have been 7 if @- i5oogt - was committed to the cause.
  8. Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Trolling the boomers with our "jAp CrAp"
  9. Bought our first house (woop woop) so will be moving in a few weeks. Who have you guys used for rental moving trucks? Will be driving it myself, have class 2 but most seem to be class 1 trucks anyway. Cheapest is best haha. Chair bowls.
  10. Yeah, I'm out too unfortunately. Haven't had time to sort one of the bikes and we're pretty busy trying to buy a house at the mo. Plus Hanmer motorfest is the weekend before which is a bit of a tradition now. Def next year fo sho.
  11. Looks like you barries had a jolly old evening, good stuff!
  12. Maybe keen, dunno if my brain can handle this much Barry though.
  13. Yeah jog sits pretty happily at 70k or so with my large frame on it.
  14. Hmmmm I should be able to make 1 good jog out of my 3 if people are thinking of doing it on fiddys. Would be massively wounding through.
  15. I'm not worried about costs, happy to bring the paj just for the fun of the trip. Tow trailer for broken bikes etc. But yeah just have too much on at the mo to get any of my bikes sorted.
  16. Fuck I don't think I'm gonna have a bike ready in time for this, so will have to either bail or bring a support vehicle haha.
  17. Is there plans for a South island convoy up for this?
  18. That's my mate Tom's one, he's not on OS. Tis a 400.
  19. Great turnout! I got no pics but saw @Bling taking many pics with a big boi camera.
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