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  1. So i got given a mig welder yesterday Migstar 155 turbi combo When you plug it in the fan goes But when u pull the trigger the relay for wire feed clicks but no wire feeds. When you take the cover off. The feeder isnt turning. I pulled some wire thru and pulled the trigger, no arc either Any tips??
  2. I had a toyota blizzard, Think it was the same as this only with Manwell hubs and a 2.4L turbz deez Great wee trucks
  3. so now my list of keeping wifey happy jobs is nearly done, It is time to get this thing on blocks and actually rebuild the brakes Summer is coming and there is no RUC on an Anglia (500km a week in the deez is getting a bit old)
  4. keep it agressive. this thing was not built to look soft. It is the first thread I check on oldschool, infact often it is the only reason I visit the site recently
  5. This thread is cool. I hope you get satisfaction. I actually looked at Gns on tardme after reading this thread
  6. Did the exhaust. Looks ok. Did the carb, seems ok. Fuel lines seem ok, but will look again tomorrow. Now it won't start. Grrrr Thanks for the tips guys. Will look again in the morning
  7. Ok.. sounds like a plan.. could be that as it smokes a bit after shutdown
  8. Got a 2 stroke leaf blower. It only runs faster than an idle when the choke is half on. If I give it throttle, it bogs down and dies Starts easily enough Has fresh fuel as was last run a year ago. Any ideas
  9. The milkshake was tipped out and new oil added. She seems to be running nicely. Thanks for asking
  10. I am gathering quite a collection of kerosene toys. 3 tilley lamps that go. 3 that don't. Some hurricane lamps 4 stoves This heater Full on apocalypse set. Better get a drum or 2 of kero
  11. Thinking I will rattle can it a similar beige. Burgundy or british racing green pin stripes??
  12. Found this thing on the side of the road. Took it home, filled the flagons inside it with kero.. no go. Blew all the jelly out of the fuel lines Garage heater.. it needs painting though
  13. 2 updates 1) my original chat about my anglia discussion is alive, thanks @GuyWithAviators 2) Credit control has approved my application to purchase this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000159866090.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6484252dSUzUu1&algo_pvid=121b663c-eac4-4bd4-9cf3-7d14bd543ad8&algo_expid=121b663c-eac4-4bd4-9cf3-7d14bd543ad8-0&btsid=0ab6f83a15874266916642070e295a&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ So I may have a heater at last I will order the heater tonight! Thanks for reading
  14. Im confused... this happens a lot at my ageI Thank you !!
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