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  1. felixx

    Two stroke issues

    Did the exhaust. Looks ok. Did the carb, seems ok. Fuel lines seem ok, but will look again tomorrow. Now it won't start. Grrrr Thanks for the tips guys. Will look again in the morning
  2. felixx

    Two stroke issues

    It's a McCullough
  3. felixx

    Two stroke issues

    Ok.. sounds like a plan.. could be that as it smokes a bit after shutdown
  4. Got a 2 stroke leaf blower. It only runs faster than an idle when the choke is half on. If I give it throttle, it bogs down and dies Starts easily enough Has fresh fuel as was last run a year ago. Any ideas
  5. The milkshake was tipped out and new oil added. She seems to be running nicely. Thanks for asking
  6. 2 updates 1) my original chat about my anglia discussion is alive, thanks @GuyWithAviators 2) Credit control has approved my application to purchase this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000159866090.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6484252dSUzUu1&algo_pvid=121b663c-eac4-4bd4-9cf3-7d14bd543ad8&algo_expid=121b663c-eac4-4bd4-9cf3-7d14bd543ad8-0&btsid=0ab6f83a15874266916642070e295a&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ So I may have a heater at last I will order the heater tonight! Thanks for reading
  7. Im confused... this happens a lot at my ageI Thank you !!
  8. I reckon it has to be better than nothing. There is a guy selling the same unit on the tard for $230
  9. Im not sure what you mean. I get confused easily these days
  10. It might just go on the shopping list next week
  11. My heater had a leak so I disconnected it. About 10 years ago. Thinking about one of these as a replacement.. what do you cats think??
  12. Feel free to discuss my Anglia here. The other fred disappeared
  13. Yay no wof needed in covidistan... ... you can reg,no wof
  14. she runs.. next step is a wof!
  15. And I still have this car. Just lacked $ and motivation. I still have no $ but I do have some motivation. Going to start it up in the weekend WOF Check.. perhaps