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  1. Has this inside.. 2m/70cm radio USB ports Battery and charging plug
  2. He might have a beam. Will ask him
  3. Hey guys a pal in invercargill needs help.liftin an engine out of a hilman hunter .. Anyone able to.help with a hoist?? He is a gc who will help eith beers or another form of koha
  4. Hmmm might do a bit more reading. thanks for the insights
  5. Thanks guys. There is a bit of info about on forums I have googled. I will look into 5 micron filters. I only plan to process 20 -40 litres at a time. I figure if i keep the oil ratio below 30% it will be ok all year round. I read a story about a guy in the uk who had a trade discount and was buying 20l drums of vege oil and dumping it into his truck at tesco in the carpark. People thought he was mad but he was getting it for 40p a litre.
  6. So I have access to 40L a week of used canola oil (deep frier) for free From what I have read, filter it to 5 microns then warming it to allow water to evap creates a passable partial substitute for deez I was thinking of taking it a step further and decanting it and letting it settle further allowing any remaining solids to sink to the bottom Maybe if I was to run at 70% deez, 30% chip oil I could save some $$ I have a 1kz toyota surf What do you folks think of this?
  7. So my non electri c segmented garage door jumped cable jumped off its roller. I Foolishly undid the locking grubs on the pulleys to re allign the cables and need to retension the torsion screws. Any of you clever buggers want to earn a box/ some $$ and come help me out ? Even just lend me some advice? Cheers
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