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  1. Are you in chch? Need a wingman in the anglia
  2. Would be good to find some snow.
  3. I have one of these. . Can do 5 padlocks before reloading. Or 5 door locks
  4. Hmmmm I have a mtb FtontDisc brakes a bit sticky. Could be keen on a Sat morn ride if I can sort the issue. It's like they are on all the time just a bit
  5. Os community is just the best. Thank you team
  6. This is true. Have not been called 2ns for a long time. . Scary.
  7. It seems to snick into gear Is a good thing. Oh I have your spanners in car
  8. Gearboxes are so much more snickety when they have oil in them. Thanks again team
  9. Replaced seatells Rs tail light Hand brake adjusted Skinny wheels borrowed Wof tomorrow?