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  1. Alex, have you come across a fella in Nelson called Trevor Aaron, he is my friend's dad and is/ was a boat builder
  2. Hi team.. Looking for clutch/flywheel and manual oil pump spring for this thing. does anyone know of someone thay stocks vintage parts
  3. This runs. Is smokey as farq Wont rev hard but as half the clutch is missing thats not a priority just yet.
  4. So my challenges are 1) reassemble... youtube may help 2) source a clutch 3) prune prune prune
  5. Anyway then the pull start jammed and the only way to access it was by removing the motor. So I have stripped it down. I epoxied the handle together too Fingers crossed it holds However I cannot figure out how to connect the throttle linkage while the engine is in place. And cannot get the engine in place with the linkage connected
  6. There it stayed until yesterday when it fell off the shelf. And its handle broke. I stripped it down and found its clutch had smashed and it wasnt siezed. I put fresh fuel and a dash of ether in the carb and it ran for 10 sec
  7. So few years ago I acquired a little chain saw. It was seized I was told. Perhaps a McCulloch mini mac 3 or 6 Very similar to this one. It sat in my shed after I poured ATF/acetone mix in the spark plug hole and left it after it was still siezed
  8. do you still have the ATC? I have a workshop manual for one of these somewhere I could post
  9. Always had a soft spot for these Enjoy it! @Mof is a guru on these
  10. happy to babysit it. It can be on my drive at night and on the street (quiet culdesac) during the day. I am fairly close (10 min) from airport
  11. I heartily approve of this Land Barge Reinstatement
  12. Just read all 21 pages of this (Slow day at work). Truly amazing.
  13. I concur, leave the vinyl on! And those mags! Car looks good. I am sure you will fix the rust!
  14. Hmmm this is inspiring. Better begin to get organised as I am a slow worker
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