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  1. I will come if I can get a babysitter
  2. I used to have a legacy that sounded like a small machine gun. Poured it in, fixed in 5km However I was rear ended a couple of months later in that car... ... wrote it off so unsure how long it was good for
  3. Going strong, starts on 4th pull ad runs sooo smoothly. Has become my #1 mower
  4. Lawns done twice with this New air filter reduced hunting at lower revs Also it starts on 4th pull now with no WD40 My mower man was out of sparkplugs , but I will get a new one next week!
  5. Good tips there @Dolan
  6. Thanks Pete. I have a catcher but would love an intact mesh for the vents on the top if you have one. Happy to pay
  7. Will try it tomorrow!! Thanks!!!
  8. Why might it need ether or fuel added to carb on starting??
  9. Bloody thing wouldnt start today. Chucked acap of fuel down its neck and it went first pull then did myfront lawn and the other neighbours jungle. We are now a 2 mower family
  10. Goeshard. Air filter is currently 2 pieces of news paper. It goes real well after a carb strip. New fuel lines Maximum power thru ankle deep wet grass. Thanks for the advice
  11. Hmmm ok. Will check throttle lever linkage as when I move it, nothing on the carb linkages moves,
  12. I forgot to print yhe manwell today. Here was the state of the outside of it. So it has throttle and choke butterflies? How do you engage choke??
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