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  1. Always had a soft spot for these Enjoy it! @Mof is a guru on these
  2. happy to babysit it. It can be on my drive at night and on the street (quiet culdesac) during the day. I am fairly close (10 min) from airport
  3. I heartily approve of this Land Barge Reinstatement
  4. Just read all 21 pages of this (Slow day at work). Truly amazing.
  5. I concur, leave the vinyl on! And those mags! Car looks good. I am sure you will fix the rust!
  6. Hmmm this is inspiring. Better begin to get organised as I am a slow worker
  7. Forged up a squirrel roaster Roasting fork on one end. Billy hook on other
  8. LOL I have one too.. need to get it looking lush again
  9. I love this. If it was mine I would paint NZ army Clay colour and matt black some 'features' people will think you have invaded!
  10. @Valianthad seatbelts thru the b pillar on his Anglia too Much stronger than mounts in panel steel like my Anglia had
  11. This van makes me happy. Thanks for a cool thread.
  12. Thanks for sharing ur dads trip in the Angry Box. Its great to see her doing what she loves.. Long drives. My best trip was to Marton from chch in her
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