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  1. @Valianthad seatbelts thru the b pillar on his Anglia too Much stronger than mounts in panel steel like my Anglia had
  2. This van makes me happy. Thanks for a cool thread.
  3. Thanks for sharing ur dads trip in the Angry Box. Its great to see her doing what she loves.. Long drives. My best trip was to Marton from chch in her
  4. Yeah a 3 and 4 jaw chuck Some other bits and pieces
  5. We do all our cars there. VTNZ northwood did not believe car was stock with drums on the front... I didnt touch the brakes from when you test drove her and they were ok then
  6. Ok.. time to make a long story short Im no engineer, its no secret. I have been working on upskilling in this area and have skills in some area Recently I began teaching again and as such been hanging about the engineering workshop a bit picking up skills and getting in the way. Anyway the old lathe (Boxford) I work on is being replaced with a bigger one at the end of the year. (the kids want to use the shiny newer ones) Anyway its coming to my place when it is 'decomissioned' Pics to come Plan is to clean her up at school and put
  7. So it appears he has had it 90 min and already working on it
  8. Sold to Mr Anton ... I will change thread title but couldnt ask for a more understanding buyer. I have never had wet eyes watching a car leave my house
  9. So i got given a mig welder yesterday Migstar 155 turbi combo When you plug it in the fan goes But when u pull the trigger the relay for wire feed clicks but no wire feeds. When you take the cover off. The feeder isnt turning. I pulled some wire thru and pulled the trigger, no arc either Any tips??
  10. I had a toyota blizzard, Think it was the same as this only with Manwell hubs and a 2.4L turbz deez Great wee trucks
  11. so now my list of keeping wifey happy jobs is nearly done, It is time to get this thing on blocks and actually rebuild the brakes Summer is coming and there is no RUC on an Anglia (500km a week in the deez is getting a bit old)
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