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  1. Dubman59 now owns this.
  2. Side stand switch definitely. Also green is earth, black is ignition on Hondas. Used to work in a bike shop doing electrics.
  3. Midnight bacon.. Yum.
  6. Talking to an old boy at the pub today, said he knows of a complete engine in Christchurch. Auto restorations did a car for someone, the motor in was not correct for that year. So they brought another one. Also said he has many contacts and address for bits. Not a computer user, or cell phone user. Totally old school. Can give you his land line number if you want?
  7. Same frame as a gb250. Which means the tanks fit.
  8. Swap a set of those badges you wanted if you can get my bag back from marku. The one that had carsbergs in at nats .
  9. What's the black one? On my phone so can't see properly.
  10. Dt175
  11. carb diaphrams are usually what goes. try this place... and
  12. I have a set of bars at home that I would donate to this. 6 benders. My first rat bike was a 5ta in an a10 frame.
  13. If you want some Morrie bits, let me know. Got a big pile of spares under the house.
  14. Check regulator wiring. Sounds like its running off the charging circuit, not the battery. I know earlier GS/gsx used a weird switch for the lights that altered the charge rate depending if the lights were on or not. Blowing any bulbs at all? Only thing that changes with revs electrically is the charge rate. Put a light bulb on the power feed to the coil, see what it dose then. Still running a vaccume fuel tap? The diaphragm in those is prone for leaking Used to work at all parts motorcycles back in the day, remember when we used to import these bikes...