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  1. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/personalised-plates/listing/4787069822 $200 on trademe...
  2. just got conformation for surgery day on my wrist (from crashing at the sound of thunder in February) less than a week before this event that I have never missed. ever. will be in an above elbow cast for quite a while, recovery time is usually 12 weeks. so, unfortunately, for the first time ever, I will be unable to attend the sausage fest that is hanmeat. bollox. have fun, and raise a glass whilst having midnight bacon. cheers.
  3. Fok, just saw this. Bugger. have fun. next time…
  4. Unable to make it, will do the next one…
  5. rock auto https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/toyota,1998,4runner,2.7l+l4,1317453,suspension,sway+bar+link,7580 cheap as chips.
  6. There was a woman there who was a huskvana? Rep. was nice. got paid to ride the world. Gave her a brief listening to, then had a awesome feed and beers and sharks at the vulcan
  7. So much dust, everywhere, all the time, upto the point it rained on the last day. muddy visor smears. Random grader. drowned Subaru. giggling behind Bart going full send with all limbs flailing in every direction. never lift. fire ban in the campground, barbecue was driven across the road to cook meats for the hungry. broken clutch cables. flat tyres. ( not myself) Myself crashing in a small creek crossing (on the same leg/cracked rib side) good food, delicious ice cold dobros. amazing group of people, some who were new, had never met the Sharn master. Lots of smiles, (fuck that last bit was a bit squillery/steep/dusty/dodgy as fuck.) so good. Did 1400ks over 4 days. when’s the next one? keen.
  8. took lots of pain killers, had a blast. paying for it now, body has more aches than when i left on friday morning. fell in a river crossing, on the same leg that i crashed on the buell a week earlier. luckily it was still numb. was a bloody good weekend. keen for the next one.
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