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  1. Brought some gn125 dirt tyres on trade me the other day. Fresh, off a farm spec one. Any use to anyone? Knobbly tyres off a GN 125 farm bike. Good condition, front still has manufactoring marks as per pic. 1x 90/100-16 and 1x 2.75 -18
  2. On a bus trip that day. Sorry
  3. Next one? Keen for a hoon with you weirdos.
  4. Got another triumph tr6 with the proceeds of the sale, that fits in the shed.
  5. Gone to someone who will work on it. Bye bye..
  6. Stationary radiator test is needed. do a skid cunt. send pics of result. lol
  7. Superchargers run hot. Quick google of mustang owners said so. Its a heat/air pump. What happens when you squash air? it gets hot. just send it...