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  1. cut it to length and measure it. thats the belt number/length you need. saw it on skid factory somewhere.
  3. What’s wrong with points? A new set and condenser work fine. Cheap, easy, no hassles.
  4. Make shure you are getting fuel to the carby. Spent an hour trying to sort a problem when I did an engine swap when I was a lad. Had run out of fuel in the tank... keep it simple, look for basic things. What has changed since It last ran.
  5. Also check where the terminals are riveted on, bit of solder can fix that. Common point for corrosion
  6. Green stuff is factory to keep the coil windings apart. Use a test light to check for power, meters can give false readings on stuff like this. Looks like there is a circuit breaker in there? The 2 terminals on their own. The resistor circuits are usually the 4 pin plug. 1 in 3 out.
  7. Hacksaw blade with the sides ground down was what I have been told works. Get in there and scrape it out. Then flatten with a bit of hard wood and hammer/ press. No heat. Any hammer marks will result in a fail at inspection time. Used to work at a truck place, this is what I was recommended by cof inspectors .
  8. nope, sold the mk2 cortina.. might be selling this now though, time to slim the fleet down a bit.
  9. Try this haynes manual for Kent engines
  10. failed on exhaust leak, upper trunion bush, and a big hole in the back guard. (rust) am welding up the back, in between rain showers. have done all the rest, hope to be at hanmer later today...