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  1. Stationary radiator test is needed. do a skid cunt. send pics of result. lol
  2. Superchargers run hot. Quick google of mustang owners said so. Its a heat/air pump. What happens when you squash air? it gets hot. just send it...
  3. cut it to length and measure it. thats the belt number/length you need. saw it on skid factory somewhere.
  5. What’s wrong with points? A new set and condenser work fine. Cheap, easy, no hassles.
  6. Make shure you are getting fuel to the carby. Spent an hour trying to sort a problem when I did an engine swap when I was a lad. Had run out of fuel in the tank... keep it simple, look for basic things. What has changed since It last ran.
  7. Also check where the terminals are riveted on, bit of solder can fix that. Common point for corrosion