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  1. https://palmside.co.nz/products/ford-cortina-mk4-front-lower-valance-25-45-22-0
  2. Sunday drive? Keen to see you weirdos again. Been a while. ferrymead again? That was fun
  3. Keen. Got the mighty gn spare if someone wants to borrow it. Got an xr125 now. @yetchh
  4. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=needle+scaler
  5. Before the start. how little did we know what before us...
  6. Just realised mt patriach is 1600 something meters big. Mile high club? hahahaha...
  7. Definitely slower. Makes the gn feel powerful. And lush. never thought I would say that about a gn250.
  8. Met a bloke in the weekend wit a yz/ it tank on his ct. fitted and worked well.
  9. I remember picking up an air cleaner floating on one of the rainbow water crossings. And on the road. a few times.
  10. Took the gn out today in honour of what it had accomplished. had a few sharns with people about last weekend. still fizzing.. keen to do some banks pensulia dirt roads with you lot.
  11. 18 liter tank sounds good. The rest I can cope with.
  12. Although it went better than I expected. still fizzing about that weekend. Best thing I have done on a bike in the last 10 years. epic. Gc’s everywhere. Bacon. Snags. Ice cold dobros. what else could a man want.
  13. looking at an aprilla etx150. any good? Dont care, will probably get one anyway. can’t be any worse than a gn250..
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