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  1. Did it last year on a gn250. will be on an xr125 this year. trying to get ol mate George on his ct125 hunter to come along. writes for bike rider magazine, might get an article out of it.
  2. unable to make it today, child and i are getting the jab at 12:00. will try to get to tai tapu afterwards.
  3. Adjust the door / hinges to align with the bottom/sill and the rear of the door/pillar. set door gaps to bits that can’t move. Then align guards, bonnet etc. they have adjustment. hinges have probably sagged or worn out. or the door has been of or replaced at some time in it’s life.
  4. Mate who recently sold his cb550 got parts from Everett’s in America? or Canada. said they had everything and good prices. barry/
  5. Welcome to the world of Honda Barrys. you will meet them all. nice bike. back in the day I had one like that, but
  6. Best time of year for battery sales. winter kills them. used to work in that trade.
  7. Lucas stuff is fine. only problems is when someone plays with it. switches and terminals corrode/oxidise, you can fix that by polishing the contacts in the switch with your leather belt. all Lucas switchgear can be pulled apart and serviced.
  8. Old mate Gary has a few of these. his daily has now done 180,000 ks
  9. Get your door gaps/alignment fitting with the body, then get the bonnet lined up with the wiper scuttle. then fit gaurds. back of the doors line up with body. bonnet lines up with wiper scuttle. those are your solid/unmovable reference points.
  10. Have fixed an iPhone wireless chip problem by putting a soldering iron on the chip till the solder gets shiny. sounds dodgy, but it worked.
  11. https://palmside.co.nz/products/ford-cortina-mk4-front-lower-valance-25-45-22-0
  12. Sunday drive? Keen to see you weirdos again. Been a while. ferrymead again? That was fun
  13. Keen. Got the mighty gn spare if someone wants to borrow it. Got an xr125 now. @yetchh
  14. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=needle+scaler
  15. Before the start. how little did we know what before us...
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