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  1. Mof

    diesel spam

    Came with the vehicle so I don't know how much. Goes over 700 I know that.
  2. Burger meat tomorrow? @- i5oogt -
  3. But, flip them upside down, instant lowering
  4. Mof

    Best thing to clean out a fuel tank?

    The rocks or chain would probably knock it up a bit too
  5. Mof

    Best thing to clean out a fuel tank?

    If it's not rust, then why not swill around some fresh petrol? Or thinners?
  6. Mof

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    The judge lady at court told me so
  7. Mof

    QCR Chris's Honda CT90

    Hey Chris Go thru the gate at Taylor camp, thru the next gate, about 150m further turn right onto the spit and camp there. Such lush. Don't take a rod unless you got a licence, or are prepared to lose $1000. Ask me how I know...
  8. Mof

    Fj40 chassis rust

    That chassis heave does not look good.
  9. 5/16 must be one end, and 1/8 the other?
  10. I'm not into swapping wives...
  11. Mof

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    You're all going and that's final! Don't make me stop this car
  12. Mof

    Looking for a mechanic chch!

    I've heard good things about Avonhead automotive