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  1. @chasinthemirage We're well off topic now
  2. They do drive on the road much better, if you're not planning serious club type offroading a beam isn't necessary. Plus newer vehicle, less rust We had a few gen 2s in the club and they did just fine
  3. 2nd gen prados are pretty cheap, and 1kz Better than a surf imo
  4. I feel like he's asking 13bt money for a 3b though
  5. Swb or mwb with frp top? They have a habit of rusting around the windscreen frame. 13bt would be so much better
  6. So... It's at the wof mans discretion?
  7. Is there a threshold for suspension lift/lower before cert is required? (Lift in my case, spring only) And how do I know what standard height is/was?
  8. Would it be tidyer to splice into your dash backlight wiring?
  9. Mof

    azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Probably a busted rollpin in the 3rd-4th fork. Good to see it's not making soup
  10. Mof

    Ash 85 crumpy yarns

    C clips in the free wheel hubs? Don't Chuck the old ones, make sure the ones with holes clear the sliding part of the freewheel hub. Need some like these with a flat end
  11. And stickers? Totp Lingor
  12. Mof

    Anywhere to buy studs?

    Could you get a length of threaded rod and cut bits to size?
  13. Threeonthetree had a sleeping bag from the warehouse that said it was good down to 0º or something like that. Wasn't very big in it's stuff sack and had compression straps on the sack too. Fyi