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  1. Lees valley is good I'm sure you got it sussed Used to be able to go all the way down kaitorete spit and do a full circuit of lake ellesmere, as long as some farmer hasn't locked a gate.
  2. Suggest lose that dodgy lightweight loop on the rear and put on one of these http://www.jost.nz/fileadmin/user_upload/jostnz.co.nz/pdf/bpcph20wmk.pdf
  3. There's a 4wd area on the west coast that has a condition of access that no mention can be made of it in any form of social media or access will be revoked.
  4. Keep in mind to think about the ramifikarens, refer jetboat thread
  5. I haven't seen any pictures from Maungatapu, were you all just too busy holding on/falling off?
  6. Just got home Cruiser packed a sad just coming in to chch, managed to limp it to work, borrowed ute, left trailer and Aaron's bike there too, dropped off Aaron Big day
  7. Currently looking like a bit of rain for Sunday, that could change between then and now though.
  8. So I'm easy for Thursday night/ Friday morning Does anyone need bike transport from chch, back to chch?
  9. The one I put in my Samurai was on 92 off 82 and it was spot on Hope that helps
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