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  1. I painted the underside of the van no worries, was green though. Also, pics of female friend
  2. A lot of late model softtops have a wind deflector behind the seats in your rollbar area to stop the wind coming back in the cabin. They look to be some kind of mesh.
  3. Also, I rock a uhf radio, for on the road sharns
  4. Should be spare seats, I'll probably have a couple.
  5. Ah yeah should be ok. But as I said, recovery points wouldn't go amiss just in case. Don't really want to put a chain around the axle
  6. You'll be right with what we've got. I can show you some gear while we're up there if you like, so you don't end up buying a bunch of junk
  7. Probably won't need a snorkel for Avoca, but it is good to not have to worry about it
  8. Selwyn river, very soft pea shingle, let tyres right down and be prepared to get stuck. Ashley river upstream of rangiora, the more upstream the better. Waipara river, up or down from sh1, drop in at sh1 bridge. Not allowed to go any further upstream than Stringers road bridge. Down watch out for shingle extraction, they make deep holes sometimes. Can go all the way to the beach. I usually get out at double corner road. Waimak, sort of around Intake road area, off old west coast road Always stay away from willow trees, they make deep soft holes under the water And I always go at least two vehicles. Only by myself if I know the area very well and am confident I can dig or winch and ground anchor out
  9. Yeah those will be sweet. Can you get a rope/strop eye over the hooks? Cut the tip back a bit if you can't. Check the bolts are at least 8.8's. I don't know what your rear bolts are, they look like oem bolts, they've held up so far but if it was mine I'd change them.
  10. ^this It's an awesome piece of country I'd say a 4wd expedition, but not challenging if you don't want it to be. Some of it is in the riverbed so it can be a bit of a pick your way. Not a problem though, river is not deep, follow the leader and you'll be fine. I can teach you guys how to read Canterbury rivers too if you like. It'd be nice too if your vehicles had good recovery points too, (not the factory tie down points) the front can be tricky, but the rear could get away with taking off the tow ball and I'll stick a big shackle on it. Doc hut is the Basins hut, 6 bunks I think. Hopefully it's empty. There is camping around the hut. Across the river is the original hut, dirt floor and sack beds. We can mission up the river too and see how far we can get. I know where a good hill climb is, and a few bog holes. Should be fun.
  11. Keen! Let me know soon as you do
  12. Got to go to doc's in the morning to get rust scraped out of my eyeball, builder coming to site to sign contract at lunch, and a caravan that's got no wheels
  13. Aaah man I'd freaking love to But I am fully booked