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  1. Depends who you get at the place too. Used to fail, show them old lvv Threshold sheet, pass. Last guy I had would not let it go, eventually had to resort to "oh I'll give it to you this time, but next time...."
  2. Lift springs are direct replacement? A bit vague
  3. Woah, sorry seems they've just changed the wording. Damn now I guess I'm up for cert
  4. Spring lift doesn't require cert. Unless wof guy thinks he's above the rules
  5. Time for a roll cage now you're doing sweet jumps? Extend over the deck like a baja for extra chassis rigidity
  6. Did you answer the height question? When I got the Samurai springs done they did them too high almost as bad as that. I took every second leaf out of a 5 leaf pack. Was like that for about a year until they came down, then I put one leaf back in. Was sweet. If you want that height, get a new longer main leaf made.
  7. Yeah tis nice May I suggest you put the underlay on the trim panels rather than against the outer skin, leave an air gap. I'd be concerned about it soaking up condensation
  8. Is it steep enough to run the tube underneath the tank up close to the frame?
  9. Is marine different frequency?
  10. Got mine from jb hi fi only because I had store credit. My car unit is 5 watt
  11. My handheld was 2 watt, and I think Nick's are maybe 5 watt. 1 watt would be fine talking between vehicles.
  12. Wofs? Where we're going, we don't need wofs
  13. Not if we hit level 4 Plus, that was my last chance to get away before the house build starts, if it starts.