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  1. I thought the same thing but didn't want to say anything because I might be wrong. If you think the 4 link still might move sideways maybe a watts link would be better?
  2. You build it, I will come. Make a proper few days of it. Rescue all you landrovers
  3. Do this. Seriously
  4. CHRIS'S C50 Chop

    Oh hey @Chris.QCR I had been meaning to post this since ages ago when you mentioned about it being hard to get the gear lever.
  5. Is it just me, or do those spokes look really thin?
  6. Hammerite grey
  7. If you make the arms on the height sensors a bit longer they will have more travel. Awesome work though, this thing kicks ass
  8. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    I am a little confused as to what it's doing, is it bodyrolling and not going back to level? I'm going to assume you know that if you made the arms from the torsion bar to the link rods shorter, then the sway bar would be stiffer. Why not just a normal sway bar with releases? I did this on the pajero where the sway bar ends could slide up and down the link rods keeping it from flopping about, but insert a couple pins in the rods and it would be back to a normal sway bar.
  9. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    That's just what I was thinking after I asked
  10. KPR's 84 chromelux discussion

    Could you drop your bump stops down to the axle for on-road?
  11. Sheeperz MS65 Crown Chitty-Chat

    Does the welding not burn away the paint?
  12. SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    The mind boggles