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  1. Wheel track width? Do you have airbags, was that the reason?
  2. If we take two chainsaws, there won't be any trees down
  3. Yep. I'll have one on board, but you can bring one too
  4. So @DoBro Jesus @JustHarry @00quattro00 @Slacker_Sam. @NickJ What sort of gear do you have on board? Really I just want to see if at least one other vehicle has a snatch strap. And a shovel or spade. If someone else has a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit that wouldn't go amiss too. And recovery points, @DoBro Jesus has the L200 got something?
  5. Fancy some bonus non-river pics? Green hut track Full of blardy Pajeros m8
  6. Chinamans creek, Slab hut creek at Green Hut/Commissioners flat
  7. Mackley river Nobles creek (caves) There's some rivers I couldn't find pics for. Waipuna river before the caves to Napoleon hill is more like a large creek. The Greenstone river at the end of Noname road is much better since the local landowner changed the exit position. Not deep. This all depends on rainfall of course
  8. The Mackley river on the way to Denniston should be the deepest, I posted a picture on page 1. But every track has a river or creek to navigate
  9. Yeah we need the Landrover to fill the big holes and drive over it