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  1. Don't even worry about it What's this now? Vehicle access problem, or too gnarly?
  2. Mof


    Yeah it is. Apart from the pole that I welded up the holes and chucked some shit primer on it
  3. Mof


    Ok if one wanted to paint the steel framing in here that's going to be exposed and a feature if you will, what sort of paint would one use? Something of the satin variety
  4. What about a short shroud/ scoop at the front of the exit to create a venturi of the air passing under the vehicle drawing air out through the rad
  5. Can you/ have you got a scoop under the back corner of the cab? Also are you using the engines water pump or an electric one?
  6. UNC is coarse? The end of the stud doesn't look so good
  7. He might be able to change the load cert, I believe once you lower it you can never go back. More likely change the vehicle to Motorhome, still cof but cheaper?
  8. Funny though, old caravans don't have safety glass...
  9. Work It's a chiller converted. Full on Barry. There's copious amounts of bed liner and silicone on the cab roof to stop leaks, solar led lights glued to the outside, even Barry sharn starter notes stuck to the dash board. He's got what looks like acrylic for side windows, I though that it not being a passenger compartment it was ok, but apparently not.
  10. Cheers man thanks for that. I'm having trouble with a housetruck cof
  11. Hey alex quick question You mentioned windows in your post about cof, was there a requirement for the windows? Also, you're registered as a motorhome right?
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