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  1. P clip it inside the a-frame. Much easier to fix when it gets whacked and broken off at the master cylinder
  2. Mof

    Nick's Datto 1600

    I really think you need to keep those racing colours Engine tick- exhaust gasket? I had that on the samurai.
  3. Mof

    Screw extraction from caliper?

    It's got some form of loctite/sealer on it, warm it up to soften/melt the loctite then use your extractor again
  4. Mof

    diesel spam

    Drop the sump and check the big ends? Probably can't, some crossmember in the way or something murican. I've had the v8 out of a f450, took the cab off to get to it.
  5. What about cutting the long rod off short and locking it in a position that suits?
  6. Looking so good man! Can't wait for driving/switch flipping vid Btw Gas struts go the other way around (rod downward). Keeps the fluid against the seal so they don't dry out and leak.
  7. Mof

    diesel spam

    @chasinthemirage pop down and take a geeze at my EGT some time if you want
  8. Mof

    Job offer . Excavator operator chch.

    I'm sure there's a step or two Or a ladder
  9. Woops. Should have checked this thread
  10. @chasinthemirage We're well off topic now
  11. They do drive on the road much better, if you're not planning serious club type offroading a beam isn't necessary. Plus newer vehicle, less rust We had a few gen 2s in the club and they did just fine
  12. 2nd gen prados are pretty cheap, and 1kz Better than a surf imo
  13. I feel like he's asking 13bt money for a 3b though