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  1. from 15.50 onwards @JustHarry @- i5oogt - @Mouse
  2. I'm not as concerned about speed this time, it's not as ambitious as MacKenzie. And west coast tracks are not high speed tracks. But it's the state highways that are the issue, high speed traffic and slow small bikes don't mix too good.
  3. Yeah map isn't fully accurate, malvern hills is the shorter option if we're low on time/ energy
  4. Day 3 From Nelson Creek head south and see how far we can get into Lake Hochsetter, (yes I put Lake Haupiri on the map because Hochsetter is currently closed for logging, hopefully it is open by the time we do this). Through to Jacksons and over Arthurs Pass, Springfield for fuel, Turn right between Springfield and Sheffield onto some cool little hilly back roads, come out at Whitecliffs, Some backroads back to the start point at Darfield. It's ~210km between fuel stops, depending how much pesting we do around Lake Hochsetter, so we will top up bikes from the support vehicle fuel cans at some stage.
  5. Day 2 From Lake Mahinapua, head into Hokitika for fuel and supplies, Head to Loopline Road, which goes between Kapitea Reservoir and Kumara Reservoir, West to Kumara, Cross the Taramakau River, through some forestry roads to Noname Road, Head to Woods Creek where there is a short walk in the bush through some old gold workings, caves and tunnels, Over Maori Gully Road and out to Arnold Valley, Quick detour to Dobson for fuel, Ride to Nelson Creek and end the day there. Some of these roads/tracks most ADV bike riders don't know about. There is some water crossings on a couple of the forestry roads, maybe bring a spare pair of socks and some 'camp' shoes. I'll be camping at the Nelson Creek Camp, $10 in the honesty box, there's a great swimming hole, and a tunnel to a swingbridge to some gold workings walks. There's a Hotel across the road, but I don't know how big it is / what it's like.
  6. Fuck yeah Melee goes west! Day 1 We are starting from my place in Darfield, there's plenty of space to park vehicles and trailers if you are transporting your bike to the start/finish point. Also if you're travelling in the night before/not a morning person I've got plenty of things to crash on in the house. From Darfield, head to Lake Lyndon via Lake Coleridge, over Arthurs Pass, turn onto Old Christchurch Road, Through to Hokitika for fuel, Loop around Lake Kanerie, and around the back of Lake Mahinapua, End the day at Lake Mahinapua DOC campground. It's 226km to the fuel stop, so we'll stop at some stage and top up bikes from the support vehicle fuel cans. I'll be staying at the campground, if you want to stay there I suggest you book online prior, https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/west-coast/places/mahinapua-scenic-reserve/things-to-do/campsites/lake-mahinapua-campsite/ There is very limited cell coverage at the camp so it's a good idea to do it beforehand. There isn't an honesty box there anymore because the locals kept stealing it. There is also a hotel directly across the road from the campground, or Hokitika is 10/15 minutes up the road.
  7. Peen 3 dot punches around the circumference of the stud at the back side of the hubs. That make sense? Some medium trucks do this with the nuts holding the brake drums on to the hubs, no other locking device.
  8. Can we get pics at some point? I'm moist in the pants area for a Pantera
  9. Mof

    diesel spam

    Is there any right angle fittings between the pump and the filter, eg at the pickup to pipe on the tank, or into the filter housing. Older trucks had right angle fittings and gunk would get stuck in the tight bend of the fitting and then catch more gunk and block the fitting up. They would be down on power, after a while drive for a bit then conk out, then not start.
  10. It's not the transport, it's the accom. I tent because I'm a cheap arse
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