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  1. Btw a work lamp is not a cosmetic lamp Cosmetic lamp means any lamp that is not listed in Table 4-15-1. Table 4-15-1. Lamps that are not cosmetic lamps Lamps covered in the VIRM Other lighting equipment not requiring inspection Headlamps Stop lamps High-mounted stop lamps Direction indicator lamps Position lamps (includes side-marker lamps and end-outline marker lamps) Rear-registration-plate illumination lamps Rear reflectors Fog lamps Daytime running lamps Cornering lamps Reversing lamps PSV interior lamps Work lamps Interior lamps Designed to illuminate the interior of the vehicle for the convenience of passengers Flashing or revolving beacons Illuminated vehicle-mounted signs Includes PSV destination signs, taxi signs and variable message signs operated by enforcement officers, under a traffic management plan or permitted by other legislation A light source that is a necessary part of equipment required or permitted by any enactment to be fitted to a vehicle Includes LEDs that indicate status on eRUC labels
  2. Apparently two spot lights or two light bars are ok on high beam as they are symmetrical...
  3. Stand alone switch, not on high beam. And not aimed to front distance like a high beam, (work lamp for lighting area around vehicle) Tilt it down at wof time
  4. I think I remember terrano rear diff being the same as safari front diff, lsd in terrano rear...
  5. ^I tried one of those in the Samurai (lockright), it was shit, undriveable. Constantly unlocking either axle at random. U-turns were impossible, driving a straight line was impossible tbh. Even the diff shop couldn't get it to work. (There's a bit of a story here, but spam). Don't imo
  6. Mof

    Slideways' Purvis

    Got room for east/west? Transplant the whole engine, transaxle, subframe, suspension
  7. Op = troll, seen him post lately? Must have had nothing better to do on a Saturday night
  8. Ho shit that's a dodgy workshop Have you thought about getting advice from free law type thing?
  9. Mof

    Brake imbalance

    Are hondas front/rear or diagonally split? I had this on a Curren, but rears
  10. Mof

    Brake imbalance

    +1 for proportioning valve
  11. Fcuk yeah x2 +1
  12. This isn't wagnats m8
  13. Wait, that didn't come out right