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  1. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Westport to Arthur's pass? Alpine motels in Arthur's isn't bad.
  2. I like the shade of red your masking tape is. Maybe just some accents, not a whole pile of red. Like those rocker covers ^
  3. I got beat by a Mitsubishi
  4. Across the road from camp in the forest. The tracks have been built by the Hanmer mtb club and they're awesome. Saturday morning some time when everyone's up.
  5. We ride up some hills, and down some hills I'm so helpful
  6. Karl's eb civic discussion

    @Nick Ritchie? Up the straight to camp
  7. For insurance purposes
  8. Pre Hanmer Meet Roadtrip

    Come back across Arthur's pAss, then from Sheffield (with the good pies) go across Waimakariri gorge then north from there.
  9. Mrs Mof registered, (Mof+1 @- i5oogt -) I don't know how this is going to end just yet...
  10. bmxnz11's mk2 escort van

    1/3 back from the bellhousing flange left side from memory. It was only a few love taps with a solid rubber mallet, didn't even damage the paint. My engine mounts are very soft though and it touched when they flexed.
  11. bmxnz11's mk2 escort van

    I still had to knock mine out a bit though, only a little bit. And the shifter is further back so you need to move the shifter hole back and modify the brace underneath