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  1. I'm out of leave, but the boss was good enough to tell me to text him Friday morning and tell him I'm sick cough cough
  3. Probably expect a heap more snow. And count me in on that drive
  4. Thanks. Give us cunts a chance to keep up
  5. I'm usually 12 durries deep by the time we ride....
  6. Of trying to find the coffee and nurofen?
  7. @felixx can you give me some dimensions of the beast, height, length, approx weight
  8. Joining A 4wd club is good too Try find a club that does training etc they can show you the gear and how to use it, and driving and recovery techniques
  9. Yes! So good Like this
  10. A/t's would be better than m/t's in sand, muds just dig holes. Let your pressures down, like 25psi, 20psi the lowest Got some proper recovery hooks for next time? Lol and a good snatch strap Edit:beaten
  11. Mine just wanted to go to the pools/ spa/spending all my money. I suggested she stayed at home. She already thinks we're nuts
  12. There's a farmer on the si west coast that had an 88 on a shortened rr chassis, v8, running gear and all. That thing went anywhere you pointed it
  13. @cletus bring blank cert plate Problem solved
  14. But are you going? watshanmer?