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  1. Wat My correction bushes have been in for many years. Blardy landroverses
  2. You'll have to walk around to both sides to release the pins anyway?
  3. Can you cut the groove a little wider?
  4. Credit to @Nominal Pull dizzy, turn one tooth, try again. Rotor should be pretty solidly pointing at #1. Remember, the plug fires at just before tdc. Hence BTDC There should be timing marks on the crank, and cam gears, to get them lined up properly
  5. @ajg193 me also please if you don't mind please and thank you
  6. Electrolysis - brass plug should fix that. Cavitation - a cavity behind the plug creating air bubbles, is the plug in deep enough? Coolant mix (but I doubt it) - no more than 50/50 mix, 30-40% antifreeze is best. Too much af to water can be acidic.
  7. #6 should be coming off exhaust and onto intake (rocking) when #1 is at tdc fyi
  8. Is there supposed to be a copper washer under the head of the screw?
  9. Are wider offset rims covered by cert? Thanks
  10. Hello gents Is there a way to reduce the power steering assistance? I feel it's just too light. Cheers
  11. You said oil pump, do you possibly mean fuel pump? As the oil pump would be in the sump