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  1. Running repairs/side of the road bodge fixes?
  2. Oh shit, who's going to support vehicle the support vehicle?
  3. Do you risk losing overall shape if you take it off?
  4. Well, thanks Auckland I was looking forward to burgers
  5. I didn't mind paying the entry fee and paying for diesel, I was there for the adventure just like you guys. I did appreciate the rainbow toll though. Grinds my gears paying a legal road.
  6. Rough road on the rainbow, would suck to break something on the first day
  7. Will try to remember to turn up You still got my radio yeah?
  8. I thought just a bit of 50x6 angle along the leading edge might suffice.
  9. Maybe a little front edge protection for tree branches along the roofline?
  10. Build thread: Nice Old Samurai was pretty much my apprenticeship
  11. Does this present an interesting conundrum where mudflaps fitted at certification, in the photos, removed at a later stage, legal at wof time but not matching cert photos so therefore.... not legal?
  12. It's a compressor trailer E.g: More loaded means more braking needed to get efficiency %. I went somewhere else. They drove it up the lane, heavy braked a couple times, pass. Gah
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