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  1. A+ work thomas!, id also agree with angling it back if the cables will allow it and some permanent purple underglows!
  2. @RUNAMUCK Soz prob Unlikely to make it as works prob gonna be pretty hectic, have to see closer to the time etc
  3. Petrol?, remove spark plug and feed some rope down? or yeah remove starter park in gear (didn’t work with my old datsuns shit brakes)
  4. Man there’s not much more annoying than a neighbour with some wind chimes when your trying to sleep!! A+ turbo/zorst work tho...
  5. Dang that’s so good let me know if you ever want to sell
  6. /ling sweet 910 from a early 2000’s 4&R nats anyone know if it still exists?
  7. Just chop a link out and send it Bart!!, my (nz new and prob serviced one) had 250k no worries it just used all of the oil
  8. Yeah vq uses them, as above looks to be a pretty big idler/tensioner
  9. Just buy carb one and slap a modern motor/gearbag in it? also irs, leafs ain’t going very low in the rear /full s13 etc suspension for max lows plz
  10. Actually I’ve got a Peugeot scooter out the back, ....