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  1. datlow

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    having never done more than a few ks on a motorbike whats your guys usual stash of tools for long rides/in general im thinking tube or two tyre tools few adjustable spanner or certain sizes for wheel removal etc? spare plug and plug spanner spare 4T oil ive got a small 1/4 socket set what else?
  2. datlow

    Jack's Suzuki F50 Step Thru

    it does state that the plate is meant to be in as new condition or some such, im not sure how fussy they are about that i cleaned mine and used a black pen over a big crack through the middle and lo res photos just in case
  3. datlow

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    yes and yes, 2 single beds in one room @RUNAMUCK wants one, did you just need the one?
  4. datlow

    VG's modern postie(s)

    That’s a lot of goon bags of storage A+
  5. datlow

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    entered and paid booked 2 room hotel for max superking lushness so some single beds available if anyone needs one anyone else heading up from wellington want to road trip it?
  6. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    @Seedy Al, Yeah man Look what I found on AliExpress http://s.aliexpress.com/uA3maYza also Search z50 or monkey exhaust as Thomas or Callum?discovered for all the complete systems (I had ordered mine the day before!)
  7. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Have to have lady like passengers too
  8. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Got some gas sans snag from Bunnings so I can carry on with the zorst and front shock mounts too should be ideal noisy/burny goodness
  9. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Making some better (hopefully) front shocks
  10. datlow

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    got motivated (wifes friends were over) went to the shed and started welding my exhaust ran out of gas.....
  11. datlow

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    I can bring work defib/tourniquet/plb and a couple of old first aid kits to chuck in the support vehicle and a 9kg co2 extgiusher too if required
  12. datlow

    Raizer is losing the plot with Scooters!

    That should fill the empty shed!
  13. datlow

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    does she also drive the pub van?
  14. datlow

    Bellicose' s collection of Smoke & Retribution.

    pedal assist burnout please
  15. datlow

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    too much wet arse for me