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  1. Assuming it filters the air or removes it from your environment I would imagine so didn’t you say you had high levels of metal in your blood or some such?
  2. What flavour noodles? surely some spicy ones would be best!
  3. Are you trying to wind him up? Question for fred dereg car with cert, still the full cert process to get it back on the road?
  4. Feel like we need the full length version of this story plz A+ purchase tho (the bike) exhaust sound good?
  5. Yeah so I won’t be making it sorry bikes not ready and working this weekend @johnnyfive let me know how much for the accom and I’ll send it through
  6. Hey bart @RUNAMUCK im gonna need you to ride this up and collect me on your way thanks https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/other/listing/3323135661
  7. datlow


    Did you leave it soaking overnight in MEK? That will eat most things otherwise have had to send a expensive gun to get acid dipped cause full of hard set 2k
  8. Not online, but global welding supplies in the hut sells it by the length/weight so I just bought half a dozen of each size as I don’t know what I’m doing and didn’t want to buy by the kg
  9. Can get those hydraulic clutch conversions if it’s still too hard? NZ$ 7.70 18% Off | High Quality 1 Pc Motorcycle Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder Rod Brake Pump M10x1.25mm Aluminum https://a.aliexpress.com/_mMu4UQa
  10. Yeah I did Mine and failed cause didn’t have the correct tool/press to pulled it all the way back in, used the pressed metal pulley to help but didn’t line it up properly and damaged the squared off “key” oh and they will have 8-10yrs worth of human scum inside- pretty sure that’s simons favourite bit
  11. Only had one store insist on taking it to the Ute and checking different cabin and tied down iirk
  12. Sounds like a shit show! will garlic be available for purchase? @MopedNZ your form has/had two different payment deadline dates FYI
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