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  1. Oh I figured turbo safari engine turbo should help with the extra weight of the house!! Love the patina/old sign writing
  2. Yeah I’ve got some ones from Ali but the dies are a bit shit/sloppy, and had to order a diff one for the 90 degree fitting for the front brake micro switch (looks like your switches came pre done?) At work we have a blue set that looks the same as the toptul one, the dies fit much nicer and the ratcheting bits handy for holding the terminal instead of needing a third hand also have these which are legit for insulated ones, but they’re pricey https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/crimp-tools/0533279/
  3. Had some stuff vapour blasted at kapiti vapour blasting, he then organised the brackets that I think got done through a place in levin
  4. Wife wanted a long dinning table bought a 2.4M slab of cherrry? Wood measure twice and it actually test fitted the first time! turns out it’s a bit long once we put it in the lounge..... so have cut shorter belt sanding for hours sucks, maybe 1/3 of the way there now (should of hired a floor sander) recycled some legs from scrap at work
  5. the (Barry) storage system works tho I still haven’t found my bike keys Pm sent
  6. I’ve got one of these somewhere in my shed that I never ended up using, can attempt to find it if interested? https://www.mikunioz.com/shop/df44-211-fuel-pulse-pump-14lph/?v=8e3eb2c69a18
  7. Still keen, but work may say otherwise Anyone from the NI likely to have a spare seat/room for a bike
  8. shit yeah, keen for naki trip/reccy have spare rooms/couch for accom prior
  9. Ka chow, whats lightning mcqueen doing in your shed? /what is it?
  10. Fuel tanks above and has some sort of breather?
  11. Got the oil cooler mounted? /bring the bypass tube for when the cooler cracks ala blakes? bike
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