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  1. i reckon one of these leather satchels could work well? so then it macthes the six pack
  2. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    stripped rear shocks removed rust and painted black, grinder might have slipped and cut the springs (weirdly the flats are at the plastic end and 21mm unlike all the YouTube vids) installed front guard fitted oil cooler (do they get hot enough to melt plastic??) installed air filter, which seems to have stuffed the jetting so will have to tinker with that again removed shit/broken og plate holder and made a side mount
  3. is it running of ac or dc/battery? edit: i see the ad says dc so guessing of battery?
  4. yeah i figure a space saver isnt the same but only temporary whereas this is a full size spare so seems silly to not be able to rotate it with the other tyres for full barry spec/company man penny pinching
  5. new work ute has come with different brand/tread pattern spare tyre (but same size etc) seems odd, would that not be a wof fail/illegal
  6. Bloody law breakers the lot of ya https://www.google.co.nz/amp/s/amp.tvnz.co.nz/news/story/JTJGY29udGVudCUyRnR2bnolMkZvbmVuZXdzJTJGc3RvcnklMkYyMDE5JTJGMDclMkYzMCUyRnRoZS1yb2FkLXJ1bGUtb25seS1vbmUtY291bmNpbC1lbmZvcmNlcw== Maybe they should be catching all the murderers instead
  7. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    1980 need all the lights and blinkers to be seen in this town tho! and good practise for doing A Simple loom for my big bike
  8. Hasn’t fallen off ordered one of those chain angle things but it hasn’t turned up, eye ball says it looks straight
  9. My cm125 also sits to the left!? old datto diffs always sat slightly to one side /ling
  10. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Trailtech, thinking about going to dc rectifier and getting a battery/capacitor tho cause it’s pretty shit as is and indicators aren’t up to much at idle
  11. Harley Conrods close? http://victorylibrary.com/tech/rod-c.htm
  12. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Maybe the pitbike loom just has the engine earth straight to the cdi and coil cause they don’t need no lights, so try earthing that to the frame but yeah I also have one of the yellows to earth cause none of my lights have a return wire so like this
  13. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    yeah not sure this was more the cdi side I guess
  14. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Yeah been looking at ali flywheels etc, crank only seems to come complete with bearings and conrod so bit spendy140-160 the ali loom I bought had a bunch of green wires just chopped one of them and fitted a round lug to earth on a bolt (I had assumed it was earthed internally and all the ones sticking out were for accessory’s) and yeah google seems to say they’re like A 55w ?stator so my 50w halogen headlight + other lights wasn’t gonna work found a led bulb replacement so will try that and see
  15. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Finally decided to have a look at the cub again Tried a carb of a xl185 (fits straight in!) went good but still what I thought was a clutch rattle figured I’d check the valve clearances as that’s a common issue apparently pulled of side cover to get timing marks lined up and hello a very loose flywheel/magneto bolt and a naffed Key/woodruff Will source a new woodruff and file the rest and see what it looks like can buy a new flywheel/magneto for a couple hundred but hopefully not required vtec lyf!