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  1. To be fair who doesn’t like a nice set of bolt on’s
  2. Yeah keen on taking all the panels off and dropping of to them
  3. Vapour blasting was legit for my tank bit harder to chuck a complete car in a cabinet tho / there’s a localish mobile guy advertising pretty sure I asked him how much for my car and he never got back to me
  4. Sure I replied to this anyway if not nbc/late ct110 uses a bigger dia brake so need shorter spokes also they have internal and external spokes (gotta undo a bunch possibly to get to the broken one if your unlucky) might pay to pull it apart first and see how lucky you are/how many you need to order can buy singularly from honda at absorbent price - pretty sure like $10-15 each or get a kit for a nbc or super cub from Thailand or Japan etc
  5. To buy a canal boat?? Plenty of rivers down your way
  6. How does one just happen to have a crankshaft lying about?? as always A++ effort
  7. So yeah, life work etc got in the way back to sensible work hours and 5 days a week borrowed a trailer and bought it home got up early this morning cleared the shed out and by this evening will attempt to remove panels tomorrow and start cleaning and find places to stash them and strip down the other engine and find somewhere for the other g.box
  8. Oh I figured turbo safari engine turbo should help with the extra weight of the house!! Love the patina/old sign writing
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