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  1. f1 car only uses 278mm rotors, just get your drill out for more cooling holes (1400 holes now)
  2. if they have enough power to lock up then anything bigger just adds more unsprung weight? A lot of the Wilwood rotors are around 260mm? Brake fades more from the pads/lack of cooling/ cheap brake fluid?
  3. datlow

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    yes.... no id most likely be a no sorry might not have a job around then/ be moving to a new job may know closer to the time
  4. do you like cologne?
  5. datlow

    Twisted's mid school RF of procrastination

    brakes will just slow you down man, zorst sounds nice
  6. datlow

    Polished Rockers March 3 2019

    just saw that online, could prob have a bike running by then
  7. One at work got failed for no sleeve in the hole as it went inside the draw bar also another ones line is run along the front of the axle to the other brake and it was failed for being all rusty (from stones flicking up etc) they replaced it with new line still along the front
  8. datlow

    Scooter pick up wellington

    @peteretep sounds good, pm some details and ill pick it up after work
  9. datlow

    Scooter pick up wellington

    i can collect for you, im heading to hamilton this weekend it may fit in depending on what sort of size it is?
  10. We used a loctite instant adhesive at work for plastic vortex’s to fibreglass, can’t remember which one tho sorry
  11. datlow

    bens cx500 of procrastination

    not much really, could of had it on the road a few times but keep changing my mind etc, have the carb kits to fit, finish the seat, clean up the front end wiring as it wont all fit in the new headlight, then see if anyone would certify the new front end and wof etc
  12. datlow

    bens cx500 of procrastination

    @finn, awesome will do and likewise if you need a hand ive sold a few bits of this to 2 welly guys with them so must be a few lurking in sheds
  13. datlow

    VGs Pair O Cubs

    awesome getting it regod, good to see theres still some places about pretty sure raizer said shore 50 is the cheapest, think he might have run out of motors tho so maybe call and put your name on one
  14. datlow

    Kicker's C50

    Sweet seen so many that imho would look so much better with a little low
  15. datlow

    Kicker's C50

    looking good man, did you shorten the rear shock?