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  1. Is there a motor to body earth seperate to the battery one? it should take the path of least resistance (the big cable straight to the motor) so if the body ones getting hot I'd say it's going from motor to body then through the small one had plenty of problems caused by bad cables and dirty connections so I'd give all that a thorough once over
  2. And to think Ive thrown thousands of cable tie ends away saw a bmw champagne quartz colour online today looked pretty nice, although prob not so grey but if your going with bmw colours
  3. Top notch effort, if only younger me had seen your work and not scraped all my old cars
  4. We have plenty of ups battery's at work if you want one as a temporary fix? I can measure the size tomorrow if I remember
  5. Ooh I like the key location might have to steal that idea should simplify all the wiring being in the one place, is it a aftermarket key barrel? my Honda has a stupidly long key barrel to get past all the plastics that are no longer there
  6. Victory burnout vid plz
  7. I hope you replicate that first photo when your dates arrive at the airport, woman love a man in uniform and all that Nice car too
  8. Need to rewire new gauges and shorten loom as it won't fit in new smaller headlight bucket, want to relocate key and fuses from above triple clamps to tidy it all up
  9. Sooo been awhile, yeah the timing chain on mine had gone but previous owner sorted that (but stuffed the water pump seal) Got hoop for rear, then changed mind for now will attempt to fit original taillight and see if it's any good/ get it going and see if it can get a wof Wheels painted black and guard chopped down (will paint black later along with frame once I know it's all wofable) url=http://www.iforce.co.nz/View.aspx?i=mc034eel.s3s.jpeg][/url]
  10. Actually think that's each so prob much the same price
  11. If you want ridiculously cheap they sell them on aliexpress for 60usd with free shipping! Carb turbo sounds so sweet!
  12. Been doing some more bits and bobs, motors back in decided the gouge in the camshaft will be ok(hopefully-think it's actually seeping a tiny bit of oil so will prob speedy sleeve at some point) Oil seal for mechincal fan is leaking-the only seal I didn't replace! Decided to cut the rear off just need to find a welder to put new hoop on and weld the exhausts up (Ex Harley de baffled ones hopefully not to loud) Cleaned up the wheels and etch primed going to chuck some black paint Over them and front forks- currently stripped for new seals and oil maybe some more low to match the arse too
  13. [/img]