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  1. https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/milazo-training-wheels/R2109478.html but seriously good stuff getting it all going
  2. Working on scooter too late last night/gettin annoyed that it wasn’t running I started pulling the spark plug when I felt my sock getting wet-with petrol, hadn’t put the float bow on the carb was about to test the spark plug, would of been a good fire
  3. Oh I can bring some swap meat items to decorate j5s shed anyone need cb125/xl/pal/ a Peugeot parts
  4. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Also as it’s not very busy at work/too windy to do actual work I’ve taken the cub in fitted slotted brake pads from webike and new wheel bearings in the rear fired it up for some motovation hopefully do the front end this week and try and get the lights/indicators working
  5. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Oh yeah got one of those bike scissor lifts of trade me for $127.50, wish I’d bought one years ago
  6. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Got enthused this arvo and did a bit more matty b the tank as it’s bare steel (can’t decide what/how to paint it properly ) fitted chain and a sr244 golden boy to the rear as they’d run out of matching 700 that’s on the front big boy tyres are a ball ache to change Went to roll it of the bench only to discover that the centre stand locks up on the knobs ditched that, got it on the ground and it now has the mean gangster lean on the side stand have found a longer xl125 one that I’ll mod and fit
  7. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    Turns out it kinda fits the back have installed og longer shocks back in then went to install brakes but the drum bar? Didn’t clear the Tyre so stole one of the dirt bike that’s longer and welded a kink in it bought a shinko 700 4.60-17, juuuuust fits the front (should buy on for the back too) what it kinda looks like atm (Didn’t take one with longer rear shocks) 3 weeks till Ueraweras.....
  8. Booked a ferry yet? or install some of these and just full send?
  9. One adventure Tyre fitted, so I’m pretty much ready right......
  10. seems to on the neighbours Maserati, altho i recall maybe petev8 saying you can pull a fuse (on his aston) and its always loud mode also hes a street over and i cant hear it from my house so not thaat loud
  11. Shit yeah not long to go now do we need to transfer some moneys over for incidentals/ meat flavoured snacks? Can’t remember if it was on the form and or if I’ve paid