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  1. Original flex for starter, custom torque converter to suit? , modern rover/rangie bits not fit at all? probably more fun getting trans comp to work without modern engine telling it what to do?
  2. We moved a few mufflers around on some water blasters and air compressers that used a Chinese copy v twin at my old job they loved getting all melty if you moved them from where they were being air cooled by the motor fan
  3. +some key bangers too plz
  4. keen to hitch a ride/transport bike if ive sorted one in time is anyone based in hanmer ALA the J5 ranch or just meat up on the side of the road?
  5. Yip 5yrs on mine (due next year!) Also registering keensies ness for this just gotta attempt time off etc
  6. Also used to avoid green stickers and finance showing up maybe??
  7. @anglia4 there’s a “big 7” listed on fb no idea if that’s the same or if you need parts?
  8. Thought I’d stepped into the Barry thread...... my 2C, honda cx500 has basically what your doing, and they go for ever so meh Those three bolts can be loosened and some wiggle room to take up the slack of 40yrs of motoring However there is a little plug on the side of the case to chuck a mirror into to check this and the cam chain, possibly worth adding to yours?
  9. Sweet cheers @Dolan the hawera guy has a few spare cars, but let me know if you do buy it! wifes decided she wants it black and with the DS? Pillar bit and side trim thingys (not a bad idea the way she swings doors open) Like this one
  10. Don’t think I took a pic tbh nothing exciting there was a lever action 22 and maybe another 22 that was beyond fucked apparently none of his other guns have been found (no ones admitting they have them!)
  11. Got the motor back to kapiti aaand now I’ve taken a job promotion so moving up to hawera (just down the road from where I got the car and motor...) plan was to drop it of at the local Citroen foamer to get all the bits together and return it running, then potential covid crap means I’ll just take it up to the sisters place for now as of this evening Hopefully take it to the fulla next week and cheque book build it Needs a few blocks to load
  12. Fuck time flys when your lazy anyways, found a few guns stashed under the carpet was rather wtf turned out the uncle had threatened someone and was worried they’d take his guns so must have stashed them couldnt find the rest of the bits for the motor so was rather bummed about that, then the guy looking after the estate said there were a few motors lying about turned out they’re werenfor light 15s then the ooh there’s maybe another one, sure enough it was a complete motor/box(unfortunately a 4speed) front end!
  13. Aah damn (will double check weights etc) cheers guys /had dreams of bagged camper
  14. @cletus would this be one of the dodgy ‘murica conversions? (Ie not a seperate chassis?) econovan Camper in nz but uncomplied “Although this is a running vehicle, it is not road legal. I lived in it for a year, at a camp ground. It has all facilities, kitchen, toilet, shower, 3way fridge, tv etc. New awning, gas stove top and oven and a new heavy duty battery. It is a 8 1/2 mtr 1989 Ford Econovan American import, lefthand drive. It has not been registered in NZ, it has only been used as a park up. All questions will be answered honestly.”