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  1. Ah excellent my cm125 is 6v and piss poor headlight etc, keen for 12v so I can use a spare led speedo etc too guess I should get it back together and running and figure out all this black magic
  2. was it 12v before the electrical mods?
  3. Ah the ol buy another bike that runs trick! at my current rate that’ll be me
  4. Yeah nah yeah Got parts back last week then had some of the bits powdercoated still gotta order spokes and a wider rim then reassemble, new tyres and wof reg
  5. AFAIK Thats the way, and fresh fuel, ie dont leave the same fuel in the tank for years
  6. Bllody hell thanks dear, put the kettle on would ya love yeah na three months plenty of time eh
  7. ILene h0w do you turn this damn camerA thing around!!
  8. How ridgid is it/ Make sure it’s not sitting warped etc
  9. datlow

    KwS's TVR

    Was it the Tvr “specialist” that had done the rebuild?.......
  10. On the cheap you can fill with white vinegar or citric acid, there’s a few tank repair kits available think a few guys on here have used them and will chime in on best ones/way to do it
  11. oh yeah theres a spare bed at waikaremoana if anyones keen (just have to put up with 4 others) ? $35 With sheets included
  12. Drill press + hole saw? that’s how old mate used to cut his titanium tube to make bike frames seemed to work fine, and then you have a drill press