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  1. datlow

    Tube Notcher for old mate VG.

    Drill press + hole saw? that’s how old mate used to cut his titanium tube to make bike frames seemed to work fine, and then you have a drill press
  2. datlow

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    video please
  3. datlow

    KustomKreeps 49 Hudson - Discussion

    fuck yeah A+ work, also getting it to air out so evenly looks meaaan
  4. datlow

    Bens small bikes

    glad i found this on the net before i tried starting the blue bikes motor, looks like ive got a 180 and a 360 crank so will have to find some wirirng diagrams to rewire the green bike to run the other motor (that should have more power-rev better) "The CB125T, whether early 6v and points or later 12v and CDi ignition, has a 180 degree cranks; one piston up, one piston down. Consequently it needs two seperate ignition circuits, with two seperate ignition coil to provide sparks at the right time. Coil you describe, with two High Tension leads to both spark plugs is possibly from a 360 degree crank engine, that has both pistons rising and falling together, or is a generic 'pattern' replacement. On the 360 crank motors, only one ignition circuit is needed, triggering both spark plgs similteniousely, once per engine revolution. One piston will be aproaching TDC on the compression stroke, with a charge in the pot the spark will ignite; other slug will be rising on the exhaust stroke, with smoke in the pot, and a spark in there wont really do much, so firing plugs to gether saves some hassle. On next cycle, it will be the other way around. Almost all the small honda twins APART from the CB125 have 360 cranks; the engine could be from a CM125 'Custom', a CA125 'Rebel' a CD125 'Benley', could also be a 200 engine from CD or CM, or even 233cc from a CB250 'nighthawk' or CM250 Rebel... So before going any further we need to bottom what you got; becouse I suspect its a mongrel. CM125 motors in CB125's are common swap. They are bolt-for bolt directly interchangeable with the CB engine, as they are bilt on teh same crank cases and use the same barels and heads. The CB's are revvy little things tuned for 13 or 17bhp dependant on guise; the CM's & CD's are sloggers, tuned for reliability & ecconomy making around 10-11bhp at best; they make good donor's becouse they dont tend to be worth as much, and less stressed, they dont get so thrashed to pieces. "
  5. Careful you don’t get gravel rash mate
  6. Cm125t if it’s not too slow/heavy, otherwise cub with lack of suspension/wonky rims, should be mint
  7. sounds like he needs a ld28 manual .....
  8. datlow

    Kyteler's new/old Skyrine

    what he said /does it still go plans? comply then v8? desprang?
  9. datlow

    Aubs’ 1982 xv1000 chopperish

    im all about the sweet 70/80s graphics dont know if that floats your boat at all yamaha had some nice yellow/black ones that could probably work with the current gold/black?
  10. datlow

    Datto_610's Suzuki FZfiddy

    Yeah fourth is just vacuum so it will only flow when running (IMO just another thing to fail, handy if you forget to turn the tap off tho)
  11. datlow

    Datto_610's Suzuki FZfiddy

    Would a generic one fit? NZ$ 7.73 | 3-Port Gas petrol Fuel Tank Tap switch Cock Petcock For 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc 140cc 150cc 160cc Pit Dirt Bikes motorcycle https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bR9MZLQg And a external filter while your at it? (Won’t stop crap blocking your tap tho) NZ$ 3.08 | Universal 8mm Petrol Gas Fuel Filter Cleaner For Motorcycle Pit Dirt Bike ATV Oil Gas Fuel Filter https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/ChHm7lW
  12. gotta get in early for these ones
  13. couple of jobs going at rocketlabs for composites techs etc based in auckland https://www.rocketlabusa.com/careers/positions/
  14. id be more concerned with purchasing body armour tbh