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  1. Thanks man. I think I'm slowly getting better at it with each panel that goes on.
  2. To explain the previous change in direction a bit, I'm trying to do everything the right way, taking my time and getting rid of any and all rust in a way that's going to mean it's not coming back. Previously I could be found guilty of rushing things a bit under the naïve notion that I could have it on the road ready for the end of high school. Well this is the start of my fourth year graduated now so that's obviously out the window. So for a while now I've been putting far more effort into doing everything the "right" way, rather than the quick way. With that in mind, the next logical ste
  3. It's crazy, I try to knuckle down in the time I have, perhaps at the expense of quite so detailed photos as I have done in the past. And yet, when I do remember to update on here, I find I have so many photos and done so much more than I realise. So, to begin. I cut out the rust in the lower right rear wheel arch, giving myself a decent window to have a look at what I had to deal with. Not great but not disastrous. I focused on repairing the wheel tub itself first, while I had good access to both sides. It took me a while with lots of fiddly hand forming but I was happy
  4. I can try but I wouldn't hold my breath. It's actually my mates dad that's doing the work and I don't know how tech savvy he is.
  5. It's actually based on a Maserati of some sort, don't know off the top of my head. And it's all custom made aluminium body panels. I think the story goes that a guy came to him with an original hens teeth engine and asked him to build the car around it. It's an absolute work of art.
  6. So when I finished the last post I said to myself that the next one should be less wordy and just let the pictures do the talking. Now bear those good intentions in mind as you read the following. I did say that I might need to go to Palmside for the repair panel for this one, which means I am all the more proud of what I was able to pull off. Considering I only have the bench and a couple of hammers and dollies to work with, it came out pretty close. When you see the photos side by side it looks like the rear sloping section is slightly further forward than the original, especially
  7. So true to word I finished trimming and cleaning the ends of the chassis rails. I plan to trim these tabs off and replace them with some facing outwards instead. That will let me get inside the rail to clean it out properly and get some good rust preventative paint in there before the valence gets welded on. Before that though, I decided to make up the valence panel itself. I had planned to make a cardboard template to base my replacement panel off, but then I realised that if I just tacked the original panel back together it would make a perfectly good template itself. I had
  8. Yeah I'd be keen. You'll have to try and hold back your gushing when I turn up in a 99 capella rally wagon but I'm keen as a bean.
  9. I know the pinto has it coming out of the block down near the engine mount bosses for one so it wouldn't be completely unprecedented to drill out one of the cast bosses and take it off the crank case directly. I think that the main plan though is either a custom right angle fitting that pushes into the factory bung with a hose attached to a down stream valve, or a threaded bung somewhere more available on the cover going to the same downstream valve type setup. That is unless I get ridiculously lucky on a Pick a Part wander and find a very low profile factory valve, in which case I'll use that
  10. Yeah I don't think it will be difficult to shift the PCV. That's why I didn't do more when making the manifold to try and make it fit around it better. I know using the mazda covers would be easier but I kinda want the ford cover on the passenger side at least purely for the logo. It won't be the first time I haven't done something on the car the easy way for a very shaky reason.
  11. I really should get some rust preventative splashed around too. Look at it starting on the back of the throttle body stud. Yeesh.
  12. Sorry about the photos. I recently got a new phone after five odd years and didn't even think to check how big the file size was. Turns out 4624x2600 might be a wee bit big. I'm reluctant to ask it for less if it's capable of taking and storing that nice a quality for posterity, but I tried to do some hackerman shit in the back ground to make it more palatable online. Turns out Oldschool must automatically compress images because when they're only showing up as 1000 odd pixels wide once they're embedded in the post. So I think it's possibly a forum end issue. I have compressed the images in t
  13. Speaking of butchery, I figured since I'd spent so much time on the front end initially, it's only fair I now pay some attention to the rear. Starting with the rear valence. I've long been suspicious of this panel. It has a kind of funky transitional step between the paint surface and the bumper mount doubler plate, as well as some "creative" crease lines that seem to meander where ever they please when viewed side on. So it was decided that this would be my first goal for the new workshop. Unfortunately this old photo is probably the best one I have for demonstrating what I'm referring to sin
  14. Sweet. I had wondered if I'd be able to do that. I might have some clearance issues with the pcv valve itself too but I think that'll be a bit easier to figure out.
  15. I really never know how to start these things, especially if it's been a few weeks between posts. I put a few layers of mould release wax on the trumpet mould since now was as good a time as ever. Then I started working towards the base plate mould. Using my drawing as a guide, I had a go at making the complex shape where the trumpet reverts back in one continuous path to the filter clamping surface. I figured I'd start by making the straight sides with slopes tangential to the trumpet radius such that I could drop the preformed trumpets into the mould, trim them to shape, and lay up the
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