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  1. I think the hardware came up nice, how do you protect it after removing the rust?
  2. Did the car need blasting? Maybe. I doubt someone experienced would have done it - they would have started taking bits off and decided "actually it seems pretty straight". They'd have tackled problem areas as they arose with wire brushes and some welding + paint. But I went into this project with the idea of transforming something old and tired into something that's ready for another 40 years, and that combined with my bushy-tailed newbiness and slow pace always meant getting someone to blast and paint the bulk of the work in one go. There were some clear problem areas we knew about Fun amounts of bog in places The radiator mount has a rust hole in it There's some cheeky rust above the dash Some rust damage at the boot latches A tiny hole in the floor pan so why not just Get It Done. Strip it all away, know what we're dealing with and let the phoenix be born again from the ashes. Was it worth it? Idunno, prolly. I think it was. The above issues were all of course still there. Less words more pictures you say? Well you may regret saying that, straw-reader. But I made sure to downsize all of the photos on this page so it should be less brutal on your modem this time. The misc bog wasn't actually that bad........ .... (foreshadowing?): The radiator support had no surprises for us. The hole in the floor. There was also a tiny hole on the other side. The rear latches had a bit more to say, with some issues at the keyhole and pinholes below the rear as well. What we thought was just surface rust on the back seat actually punched through a bit, but not by much. We thought we were one of the only starions on the planet without rust under the windscreen but we didn't quite escape that event horizon. I had no idea it was this bad! We learned about some new problem areas. The left rear fender has some issues. And the swiss left door sill.... But the worst blindsided us: the entire front has been stitched on. Someone threw a new front-end onto the car, then bogged and painted the welds in the frame to hide them. Overall, the work doesn't seem to massive - but the front end gives me pause. The car has previously been registered in NZ so I feel it's probably okay as long as the work is cleaned up a bit? Would love some advice there. The other thing is it'd be great to get the suspension back on (once cleaned up). But it seems like we should get the underside sealed/painted first?
  3. A few years ago I got sick of wearing glasses and got laser surgery. My eyes suck so they couldn't just do the in-and-out, drive-yourself-back-to-work one. They laid me under the laser, put alcohol into my eye, scraped to the lens with a tiny spatula, lasered the lens into behaving (after warning me that the smell would be the air ionising not me burning) then tweezered a bandage contact into place. I was told I'd have to basically stick to a dark room at home for at least a week. I'd been told what the process was. I was okay I guess, I wanted it and was steeled for it. Then the doc said "cool that's one eye done, onto the other one" and it suddenly hit real. There's no backing out now. I've got one eye done, I can't exactly nope out at that point. While the mystery of the first eye was easy to experience as it came, I knew exactly what was coming now. I suddenly felt very anxious. I'm feeling a lot like that again. One eye done. There's no backing out now.
  4. Well, it's on and there's probably not enough time to get more in there before the blastening. Hopefully it was worth it. The gun will get more use in the future for sure.
  5. Thanks @piazzanoob, I took your advice and have sprayed as many cavities as I can that don't look like they can get spray gun'd. I spent some time trying to find a more frugal alternative but in the end just bought an air boy underseal gun and cavity wax extension hose. Also went through the whole container of brunox :). And am sticky. Not really any exciting pics to show, the brunox itself is almost transparent going on and tbh the cavities I can look into seem no different :shrug: but it's obvious that this will extend the life of the car significantly. Some of the cavities ran past areas with significant surface rust as well which feels good to attack from the other side.
  6. Rofl, my car's going to be made up of your collection by the time I'm done!
  7. As long as they're on a bench and not in a bin I'm happy :). All in good time. I think this was always going to be a full resto of some kind. It definitely was always going to go down to "no rust or shite anywhere" level, but yeah I guess it has some boiled frog qualities. The question was how nice it'd go back up to... I assumed it'd be decent looking but maybe a bit rough and beat up, but then I snaffled some NOS indicators off of Bryce and apparently black requires some quality panelbeating work. So it's definitely angling towards proper resto now. That said, I'm still not married to the concept of what's traditional/OEM so that can definitely change along the line.
  8. Reviving this thread because why make a new one? I'm soon to be in a similar boat, and my car will be blasted and primed with durepox as a starting point. Because I'm marginally OCD I'm still really keen on getting a nice rubberised coating under there in addition. But there are so many options. Bitumen vs water based. Is there any meaningful difference there? Different brands - I'm sure some are rubbish. Any stories of success (or failure) with particular products? Rattle can vs those 1L cartridges vs a pot gun. For those of us trying to do this just on jack stands, what's the best approach?
  9. <3 I saw the cavity wax. I guess it doesn't hold up to brunox?
  10. Great idea, does that brunox can you linked screw directly on to the SCA style gun? The blaster has his own trolley to move the car. Once it's back from him we don't really need to move it as a priority... it can sit there while we noodle around. At some point it needs to go to the panelbeaters but I'm hoping they'll have a trolley too? If not, worst case is we paint and deaden the underside and prioritise putting the suspension back on. Which I guess shouldn't just be the existing shite if possible, if need be we could slap it back on as-is but I'd rather get it all spruced up first. So this'd be the long route
  11. Up to page two so nobody has to explode their modem trying to skip to the bottom posts on the first thread. I also resized the latest post's images to <200kb each from their original 3.8mb
  12. Leonie used her connections / google to source some solid carbonic anhydride: Strictly speaking we probably didn't need to remove the sound deadening, but it was already flaking off in some places, possibly had rust under it, and it'd just be weird blasting and repainting a whole car and not be bothered to get the deadening off. It wouldn't feel right. Like a silly billy I didn't get any good vids of us smashing it up. 1. Pour onto sound deadening 2. Listen to the snap crackle and pop of the deadening cracking and releasing from the metal. The cracks are cool to watch appear; sometimes there's enough force to launch bits of dry ice 3. Remove the ice 4. Take to it with fingers/hammer/scraper and it just crumbles off It was very cool to play with this stuff. For the deadening on the tunnel etc we just held some dry ice against it using a towel. Not hard to do, and very fun! Before: After: Happily there's almost no rust under the deadning except in a couple of places. The worst place is where I expected some surface rust to continue under the deadening, on the rear right side seat. But it's not bad. If I could weigh the deadening I would - it's pretty beefy. Somewhere between 15-25kg we think. Now the car is basically ready for blasting... some final zip ties are lurking here and there and I'd like to have a go at removing some seam sealer in places and scrub off the worst of the caked dirt. Here's a shot of the car just before we removed the deadening. We've got a date for blasting: 11 oct
  13. Note to Starion owners: there's only two more of these left in NZ...
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