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  1. New dizzy arrived and the 15A socket for our new compressor is installed. It's go time! @ProZac convinced us (not hard) to actually get it proper running and go for a Totally Legal drive on totally private property, instead of just start-ya-bastarding it. So that means getting a jury-rigged fuel system going. First thing though is to clean out what we're keeping. Step 1: Clean the old stuff. We blew out the old lines using compressed air then ran isopropyl alcohol through them before cleaning it out once again with air. Then we kiwi ingenuity'd the pump to run a bunch of is
  2. Yeah the ignition coil isn't connected to anything . I actually got a spare one from rockauto.com as the current one has some rust I can see when looking down the top of it, and it was cheap. The fuel system is mostly off the car at the moment, or at least all the rear stuff is. I've got a new fuel pump but still need to sort my fuel tank out re: rust before I even think of putting that back on, and would also want new hoses... and of course need to sort out the pickup lines and gauge sensor. I did hear the fuel pump going when it was still attached and the key was turned so the electr
  3. The spec for the spark plugs is meant to be 0.8mm according to the interwebs. Ours are all over the show so I bent them back into shape which won't help now but may later, especially because I don't want to put fresh plugs into the engine with the #3 threads being what they are. Before compression testing I decided to get in there with a cheap endoscope (I got it because there are so many times I wish I had a better angle on stuff that's obscured, see: starter solenoid). Angling it is hard because it's just on a normal electrical cable. I'm smart so I only took 3 pics and d
  4. A huge package of stuff arrived from rockauto.com - wow what a site. $15 for spark leads that cost $115 from SCA . Anyway. I got a generic battery tie down kit, because we don't have the original. The tray has no hook on the front side so I test fit and drilled one. Aaaand it doesn't fit the car. The screw in the panel on the right of the image is where the stock battery holder went. I may be able to jig something up with this kit but low priority for now. Annoyingly it might fit if I could move the battery back a bit, but the tray bolts are in the way.
  5. I have no idea why YT mirrored my video :\ Good tips, thanks. Good thing I left it attached. I've also got some new battery bits and bobs on the way so I'll be able to wire a battery up properly instead of indiscriminate clamping.
  6. After some googling and video watching I figured a few things out the click is the relay near the ECU in the passenger side activating, and this click means that relay (and the electrical system) is probably all good there's a control terminal on the starter solenoid which is meant to have a cable going into it Here's the ECU, being good looking But our starter only has the one cable actually: Also it's really hard to see back there, that's a camera shot because there's no actual line of sight to the back of the solinoid. ... Wait what's this?
  7. So we did a few things in between family obligations. We replaced the oil and oil filter - well partner did, I remain an oil change virgin. Not too much mess, at least nothing a rag and some dirt won't clean up! We found top dead sexy and got the distributor installed - 50% chance it's right, gotta figure out if it's on the compression stroke but #1 cylinder is too hard to reach rn - we'll find a cork or something. We also dropped the dizzy nut and it entered a portal to another dimension. So now a windscreen wiper needs a new nut. We followed this guide and
  8. <3 I am so on board for this level of OCD resto btw.
  9. So there's some time before the other half is in town again and we try and start things up so I kept myself busy on other stuff. I figured I should check out my benefactor's dizzy while I wait for the penetrating lube to take effect on my fuel pump, make sure it doesn't fall over when kicked. The rotor had really spotty continuity so I gave it a quick buff with some fine sandpaper. The cap had little or no continuity from inside to out. The ignition coil lead was very loose in it and the contacts are quite worn. Some fine grit sandpaper sorted out the continuity
  10. This is soooo cool! I'm excited to see what you get up to! Also I need to get my hands on some blasting kit. Your gear looks IMMACCULATE.
  11. We're going to pick up an air compressor these holidays and that'll be one of its first jobs It's not the happiest looking tank. Bear in mind that my water blasting still left a lot of crap inside so a lot of the gunk on the bottom is just loose rust and stuff. I'm going to get some quotes from a couple radiator places in the hutt because frankly I think I just cbf'd dealing with the headache trying to get the inside of this sorted myself. I haven't had the chance to fully look at my sender gauge but I was of the same mind as you, it seems like the kind of thing
  12. Just my luck that the rusty bits aren't available on amayama. (actually my luck's been pretty good overall and I shouldn't complain)
  13. I haven't got complete access yet (waiting for running engine test and a better trim tool before I remove the dash) but I've removed some of the exterior trim around there and so far so good!
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