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  1. What the shit, I've never owned a car younger than twenty years old and suspect I'm nowhere near the only one
  2. things have occured. most are bad painted the rear bumper and kit, chucked them on. the lights still need to come out and have the surrounds done. where it promptly ran into some fitment issues. not too sure what's going on here, its almost like the bumper needs to be pulled back a good half inch, which would leave an ugly gap between it at the body proper. hmm. the kit can't go forward as it fits nicely in the wheel arch already. I'm almost tempted to just go without it if it keeps giving trouble, the car already has a pretty bulky back end JUST LIKE YO MAMA the dump pipe mk 1 had some fitment issues (and got its own thread) and thus dump pipe mk 2 was born which clears everything and allows the heat shields back in with a little adjustment. its made out of a stupid amount of segments as i didn't have nearly enough bends to create what is essentially a stupid corkscrew shape. it's ugliness has since been somewhat assuaged with a liberal coating of hi-temp shit weld hider. still better than what came out though! i swear! anyway while all of this was going on i suddenly became aware of a burning smell and smoke from under the battery compartment area so apparently the low light sender for the headlight washer reservoir just shorted out, whilst sitting in an empty and highly flammable plastic container. it would appear this thing isn't fused? I'm a bit surprised as I had only just reconnected the battery to put the windows down, but i have had it connected before with no issues, and I haven't really touched any of the wiring (although it is a mess). so potentially this thing was just waiting to burn up at some random point, fortunately I didn't leave it hooked up and wander off. The car doesn't have light washers anymore anyway so I might as well biff it. bit scary really JUST LIKE YO MAMA some adjusties turned up, probably will never fit them because I loathe suspension work had a chuckle at this too, it came off one of my spare turbos. "i dunno man, i fitted the bigger turbo but it just doesn't have the top end i'd expect". looks like it was slowly blasting its way through, he'd get that power eventually so yeah, shit stuff, scary stuff, cool stuff, funny stuff. no actual progress.
  3. Yikes, luckily I don't think there'll be many of us to trouble them
  4. Managed to find my keys and wallet so I'm good to go
  5. bollocks. 1985 from 2005 is 20 years earlier whereas 2001 was onl-HOLY SHIT ALL LIFE IS FLEETING HOLD YOUR LOVED ONES
  6. reminds me of when i sold my 1992 mx6 to a guy who was "really into these oldschool coupes"
  7. does it matter that the only "oldschool" car currently at my disposal is a "classic" 2001 SP20?
  8. Confession time, I couldn't find my welding gloves so did the job today with a pair of rubber gloves. Nothing soothes finger burns like a cold can of beer. Parrotdog IPAs today
  9. Yeah I'm really looking forward to pushing my car out into the sun for the first time and seeing how great the paint job really is :/
  10. Any photos I'd share at this point would be more at home in the Design Disasters thread, but let's just say a new dump pipe has been tacked up which is miles away from the booster and about an inch and a half from the clutch master. What a mission
  11. Goodnight sweet prince, sic itur et cetera
  12. @kws @cletus What sort of clearance should I be aiming for? I do have the stock heat shielding here but I think it is pretty restrictive
  13. I think there might be an old stick welder lurking around the back, thanks for the suggestion. I think I can reshape the main pipe on the bench, abuse the flexi to get access to weld it back in, then finally pop the top end back through the flange. Can either get the last bit around the outside with a stick as you suggest or just give up and weld that bit on the inside only As frustrating as it is, I'm really enjoying puzzling it all out
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