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  1. You will get spitting out the carb if the idol mixture is lean, if the governor is connected it tries to jam itself of full throttle on and off like crazy
  2. Might not be the case but When it’s lean it would get super hot and spluttering and bang in the exhaust or if it’s just a bit lean it will get hot and go very well and then seize, I found when rich in the main jet you would get to a point in the rev range and it would go flat like it had lost spark but you could get past it by opening the trottle slowly
  3. Also got this on order, sometimes when I crack the throttle the engine stalls or makes a puff of back smoke
  4. Ordered x4 rim halves witch look like they have a better wheel bearing, the other rims have a tiny thing witch is pressed in from the inside and one good pothole was enough to make it totally fall apart.
  5. How you say it goes flat and if you back off and open it up and it’s ok sounds like it’s too rich,
  6. Woh all 4 wheel bearings fucked out, front one on one side fell apart and
  7. have you managed to get those minibike disk brakes to work? mine only slows the bike down a bit
  8. Anyone want the 4" LAN YU road tires? they are still very good or they might go in the bin. I need to make a new bush for the steering head, alloy one has flogged out, I hope its dry tommrow, going to take this out on the road.
  9. The new tires won’t need glueing on, they are not lose on the rims like the old ones
  10. Have to cut slot for the chain a tad longer, if anyone wants the 4" tires they can have them
  11. to put air in the tire I must remove it from the bike and remove brake disk, I will make a an attachment for the compressor at some stage. These tires stink, they have been in my shed for like 3 years and they still stink, every time I open the door I get hit with a blast of stinky tires.
  12. That’s not a bad idea, thanks
  13. I am going to order a new set of Turfmaster tires tomorrow and a new inner tube
  14. Had to cut a slot for the chain