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  1. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    It fits well, I would have to make some kind of ignition system as the mag won’t fit with the gearbox
  2. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    I got this today, it’s a 660cc hoe engine, might of found another one to,
  3. Most of the time I put the outer seal in the bin.
  4. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    I have a Norton RoadHolder front end but I am missing the springs and one of the bushes and internal rods, missing the lower outer covers to
  5. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    Picked up this plunger frame Arial wheel that has been modified to fit my Norton frame, this was a common thing to do back in the day for side car racing as the Arial wheel has a much stronger hub, and being a plunger the axel must be 4 times as thick as a normal swing arm axel. Also got some Triumph clutch parts as I have adapted a 4 spring Triumph clutch to my BSA.
  6. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    They are a bit too modern for my bike, pretty much sorted for wheels now, but thank you.
  7. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    It has a crack witch I will see if I can get welded by a friend, I have had about 3 of them welded in the past.
  8. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    I got this Norton dominator twin front wheel, the guy was killed when he took a conner too wide, I have a new rim.
  9. That’s a very nice looking anvil, it’s a forged Peater Wright from the 19th century, the top face is high carbon steel forge welded to the body.
  10. I got a 2nd cheap OBD scan tool and it’s the same as the 1st, won’t connect, just says failed to connect
  11. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    Someone has offered to buy me a Jawa 890 engine in exchange for me working on other Norton’s to pay for it, this could be a good thing but will cost me as I will have to take time away from my work.
  12. SOHC

    SOHC,s Norton

    First things first, I am going to need some parts, need an engine of some kind, I wouldn’t mine a JAP stationary engine or something, I will sort the axels and bearings and forks and slap some kind of petrol tank on it.
  13. My mk4 zyepher zodiac gearbox jumped out of 2nd twice wile engine braking on a super steep hill, what would cause this? last time it was jumping out of 3rd because of the shifter rod hitting the floor. I wonder if the extra engine braking was shaking shaking it out?
  14. Interesting, man ford went off on a tangent with there OHV v8s
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