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  1. Son has be harassing me for a green stone necklace so I made this in about 15 mins with a tile cutter disk
  2. I made this 2x18w for the top of my driveway, it’s fabricated from steel and arc welded, and has an acrylic bowl, all the insides are made by me to, made a post for it to witch is made from heavy DOM tube
  3. Its going to be all go on the Ford v8 next week, I have a pile of oil pumps in front of me, I hear very conflicting stories, people say I should use the later 80 pound pump but others say I should stay with the old 50 pound pump, my engine has no positive rear main seal and it has the full floating rod bearings, (one bearing serves two rods and can rotate inside the rods as well as on the journal) Some people are so full of shit I don't know who to listen to
  4. I got new tires and a wheel alignment but my Volvo allways wears the LF outer edge, I gave it a bit more toe out on that side and fuck me it goes well in the conners now
  5. SOHC

    Holley carb talk.

    you may dilute your oil to fuckey with a big carb
  6. Why do new cambelts make a chirping sound? Book sed to tighten it after the 1st 1000 kms and no it’s doing it agearn
  7. someone I know had this old 40s Buick that had no front windscreen but he found one someone had stored a 327 chev engine on top of then dragged it across the concrete floor with the engine still ontop, he got one of those diamond cone things and it worked very well, the huge deep scratches are gone.
  8. I have a tin of Paua shell tiki and a lot of other prison art my grandfather made wile he spent the whole of WW2 locked up in NZ, he was a German and refused to join the army in Germany lol.
  9. I think the K bar was just a combat knife, might be post ww2
  10. The guy who use to own the empty smashed up house next to me spent a whole year milling pine trees for some project and the council told him he couldn’t use it.
  11. Parts of this are made from the Mitsubishi colt rear seat I hacked out in a bad mood because I couldn’t find the bolts.
  12. You will get spitting out the carb if the idol mixture is lean, if the governor is connected it tries to jam itself of full throttle on and off like crazy
  13. Might not be the case but When it’s lean it would get super hot and spluttering and bang in the exhaust or if it’s just a bit lean it will get hot and go very well and then seize, I found when rich in the main jet you would get to a point in the rev range and it would go flat like it had lost spark but you could get past it by opening the trottle slowly