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  1. He’s 5/8 tall? You could keep him in a match box
  2. It was me, hot glue works well but you need to use a hot knife to get it flat and tonbond better
  3. It had a really nice wire feeder but I would say you would struggle to weld anything at all even panel steel or an exhaust
  4. Where would I find some springs like this? They are not a matching pair
  5. I don’t see a use for such a tool,
  6. Friend got this little gasless 100A mig form Bunnings and fuck me it’s useless, can hardly stick 3mm together.
  7. A KX pipe would help things along a bit,
  8. Every thing was fine with the motor, all the bearings were removed and there was only some normal rubbing on the outer rod bearings witch is totally normal for a new engine, I think it wouldn’t show up with cad bearings only the copper lead
  9. It’s no slouch, it has a certain sweetness most motors lack and you can be in top gear doing 30 mph at 400 RPM
  10. I took it back that Monday and picked it up on Tuesday, and had the car on the road by Friday
  11. Engine is all good, all the bearing caps have been removed and bearings removed, no damage, particals were just from some slight rubbing wile running in, it has the heavy duty brengun carrier rod bearings
  12. I am so depressed right now I don’t know where I stand to
  13. Probably, they don’t get very hot, I can pull off the motorway and hold my hand on it and it’s hot but won’t burn
  14. Yes, it’s probably worn out
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