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  1. I am board with this project, I want a new one.
  2. I ill try and get some more photos at some stage but I painted the tank and guards in rustoliuam yellow, made a seat, made the little brass bits to go on the ends of the cables, old ones were worn out, got a throttle and fitted that with some new grips. I just need a rear tire and chain and sprockets, bike uses a #525 chain, rear sprocket is impossible to find so I am thinking of making a plate to bolt on a much more common sprocket as I want to run a 50 tooth, I could use one from a modern MX bike
  3. SOHC


    is it possible to 2K clear over enamel ?
  4. Thats right I gave them to you in a bucket. I need a giant v twin lawnmower engine for my stretch bike
  5. I gave you like 7 carburetors and you lost them all, did you find the brass ones?
  6. I have had this problem before, I fitted a new Dayco timing belt and a GMB tensioner pulley, and at about 2000 2500 RPM it makes a funny screaming howling noise, and this is with or without fan belts. Last time I got worried and changed the tensioner and it went away but this time I changed it and its still doing it, I set the belt tension by letting the spring pressure push it tight and turn the motor over by hand then lock up the main nut on the stud. I was reading new belts can make a noise for a little wile?
  7. Thats pretty good, they look cool to, if I have some spare cash at some stage I might grab one
  8. what the fuck is up with the Volvo water pumps and that seal to the cylinder head? my home made seal lasted well but it was too compressed to use with the new pump, I have a new one I made tonight from a sway bar link rubber, the factory seal needs to be flat on top and not domed and hollow.
  9. I want a twin for my stretch bike, I am amazed your rear wheel hub lasted at all
  10. I put wite vinegar in the petrol tank to get out what I thought was a little rust but it turns out the tank was really rusty on one edge, after a cople hours welding I could not get all the pinholes so as a last resort I got some KBS fuel tank sealer, the KBS Rust Blast product is very good, its so fast, much better than the POR 15 stuff, tank sealer is the same I would say.
  11. SOHC

    Lapping valves

    should be in the manual for the engine
  12. Stupidly I sent the old seat base to the scrap, I needed to cut a couple parts off it witch I now have to make, I have beaten out a new seat pan from steel, Need to find the correct kind of foam to use, I am thinking if there is a derelict car somewhere in the bush if it didn't smell of piss I could laminate the seat foam.
  13. SOHC


    2k with a clear coat I am going to clear the Volvo with a roller soon
  14. SOHC


    Roughly what would it cost to do a tank in yellow with some clear over the decals?