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  1. Do you want some new tank decals I had made? they are BSA Bantam Major but you could cut the major off.
  2. I asked a friend who use to own Railside wreckers and his mate but they don't have any, but they asked did you try Sam at Aging Auto Spares?
  3. I will ask someone tommrow, I gess you don't want some sun baked heap of shit
  4. Do you still need a mirror?
  5. Sorry its not a new hub, it needs a repair but its usable
  6. I can sort out the ignition bits, I have the stator plate, a few stators, ignition coils, I may not have any good lighting coils, I can do you a new front hub
  7. You wouldn't happen to have a spare set of flywheels would you? I have big box of bantam engine parts if you need anything?
  8. I know where there is a stash of NOS panels and mint bonnet boot lid, plus a couple engines but I am not sure what gearboxes are on the back
  9. Just have a look at the firing order and separate them that way
  10. With the headers anything is probably better than stock manifolds, just make sure they are phased correctly if they are try Ys.
  11. I had one and now I don't, thats all I will say
  12. NO FOR GODS SAKE NO I don't mean to offend but a 2001 Ford Mondau is the most shit car money can buy, it was cheep because its shit, they are crap motors, it will be rooted, they chug oil. Get a price on a thermostat, you will find its worth more than the whole car and that is no joke.
  13. Have you done anymore on this project?, I have been enjoying the progress. contrary to popular belief the Oldsmobile 350 diesel is a fine engine.
  14. John still has those motors, he is on the shore now, you might be able to get them alot cheeper? A cople of my triumphs had bearing problems, one did a hell clatter till it got some oil pressure, the other just had a regular heavy knocking from one rod bearing, it was driven all over NZ like that for years
  15. I saw an XE ute with a LTD front on it a wile back