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  1. Friend gave me a fume extractor witch is brand new, are they any good?
  2. Take it back to the shop who did the rebuild
  3. SOHC

    Cast iron welding

    Welding fins on is easy, I mist have done 100s of them.
  4. Frend took his car in for a cert for brakes and gearbox swap and the cert guy wants him to put Dynamat on the floor, is that normal?
  5. SOHC

    Cast iron welding

    https://www.globalweldingsupplies.co.nz/range-page.php?sku=R_WEIP2KG They are very expensive but seem to stick shit together, i dont know about nice looking welds. Brazing would work.
  6. SOHC

    Cast iron welding

    Its welded now, had to pre heat and post heat, it was a hard horrible dirty job and it was impossible to get nice welds, it welded best when it was over heating
  7. SOHC

    Cast iron welding

    Yeh i am tempted to hammer off the flux and gas weld with them, I will give it a test run on a bbq plate.
  8. Anyone here done much cast iron ARC welding? I want to weld up this, 700mm x1000mm 45kgs, i got some of those high nickel rods witch recommend no pree heating and just peen the weld. I was going to drill the ends of the cracks and work my way to the middle with a stich with a long cool down time, and possibly de stress the whole thing after? I have a cast iron plate I was going to make a patch from. Sound like an ok plan?
  9. Have you found the ignition points? I am they they are buried deeply in the engine
  10. Dose anyone know the exact location of a window relay on a 81 Volvo 245? Its somewhere in the center of the dashboard, i just dont want to rip it apart if i don't have to
  11. Coke fucks people over more than apples
  12. Thats why its good to not drink coke
  13. Battery acid very diluted, i have had a face full a couple times
  14. I probably sed this before but when i worked in bike shops i would fill the battles up from a 20L of acid and chuck the acid that came with the battery in the sealed packs in the bin, ask at a shop and it should be very cheap
  15. Oh yes i remember that thing
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