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  1. Man the urge for me to get a landrover is getting stronger Is that a come-along winch on the front?
  2. Got the yokes and forks on, having trouble finding rear shocks, they are 340mm eye to eye and 55mm wide if anyone has an idea what would be that length? TF shocks were too spindly and light.
  3. Still waiting on that LH main bearing and seals, they sed 2 weeks but it has been like a month now, if those parts turn up I can put the motor together. had to repair the front brake plate with my new found skill.
  4. LH inner side cover was all smashed up with 3 chunks missing and the lower sprocket cover tab was missing, I gas welded it up, proper fusion welding not low temperature brazing.
  5. I got a Suzuki TM folding MX Kickstarter, this is needed to clear the expansion chamber and also the TS dose not fold away at all just the top peddle part. I also got the needle roller bearing for the shift drum, only 2 bearings had to be genuine Suzuki in the motor.
  6. They are 34mm x 600 mm long Suzuki only used 34 mm on a few bikes, Yamaha used 34mm in meany bikes for meany years
  7. Forks had one small patch where the hard chrome had worn off and was rust pitted, I got some stuff like JB weld and covered the bad patch, I don’t know how well this will work, I really need to find some new fork stanchions
  8. The worn out sprocket carrier spigot on the rear wheel was fixed by a friend, he made everything true in the big lathe at his work and fitted a bronze bush.
  9. I ended up drilling twice as meany holes in the muffler core before welding it in,
  10. Muffler is finished, I think it was ballcock from a toilet.
  11. Suzuki all ways made the most strange little muffler things for the MX and trail bikes, I found this stainless steel thing, I will pack some scotch brights inside,
  12. Tank decals for sale on line had a ruler for size witch makes it easier for copying