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  1. The gas shut off valve in my mig is leaking, it’s annoying as I have only done about 20 mins welding with it in 3 years
  2. I have wondered that myself, if it’s not inverted dose it control the primary input into the main transformer?
  3. I hope they don’t cancel the blowout in Auckland
  4. you can touch the terminals and nothing happens
  5. Needed a smaller arc welder that I could carry when doing jobs I need to travel to, got this Chinese welder for $30 including a shit load of rods and cable everything was brand new, it’s actually very good.
  6. if you put a light inside the K&N is has holes witch are around 1mm wide
  7. K jet is a funny old thing, don’t fuck with it till you are 100% sure, I run Moryes upper cylinder lube with every tank of fuel, and almost 3 times the recommended amount, the tops of the intake valves and intake manifold are silver with no carbon, used to be black when I 1st got the car.
  8. That’s good because I had to chop the seat into 3 to get it out then cut the rails off as they seem to be rivited to the floor
  9. What’s the deal with having no back seats for a wof? Remove seatbelts to?
  10. I just got my back up cap and gave it a good coating of epoxy around where the rotor points, some of the other junk caps had that treatment all ready, I hope it did it because the tip of the rotor was 5mm out of wack.
  11. The spark is trying to drill a hole to the next terminal
  12. It still runs sweet even with a smashed rotor and 2 holes in the cap but I think it makes it hard to start, I have some Jb weld stuff but I think it contains alloy, I am wondering if the Pertonix flamethrower coil is too much fot this shitty repro cap, I need to find a Mallory one
  13. The holes are inbtween 4&5 and 6&8 like that cap was extra shit in that place, I need the car for Sunday and every other cap I have is shit in some way
  14. Yes it’s a bob drake cap, I got one of his distributor rotors and it’s going to need serous work to get it to fit