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  1. SOHC

    Muffler Tech

    I saw a falcon that had the rear mufflers like this but they were mounted at 45 degree angles and the pipe went in the rear then out the front and then the side of the car
  2. Sounds like it, I am sure they make those separatetors from something that crapps out faster
  3. Installed the new CD and it didn't fix the problem but got put in contact with a guy who runs an audio shop who sed he has fixed this problem 3 times by replacing th GPS CD ROM witch is infront of the driver. Missis wants to give up on the car but I will show her how I will fix it even it it costs a huge amount
  4. bust out the epson salts and if that dosnt work slam the battery on the ground a few times
  5. I will check tonight where it broke, the 1st time it broke I replaced it but the 2nd time it was tig welded, my bike had the horn and ignition switch mounted to it, I lost the horn
  6. I have had 2 of those steady's snap lol
  7. Wow a good 5 minutes use from a brand new seals beam, that’s good going
  8. The Kumeu AMP show is coming up soon, you could go to that instead?
  9. No they can cause a misfire sometimes that comes and goes, mine would play up some days or not at all, the replacement was about $280 I cannot remember what brand it was
  10. I don’t think you could realy test the module, the problem would only show up sometimes, you could test the fuel pump with a pressure gauge?
  11. And they have a baking comp this year so that’s a another 25% less cars
  12. Fuck I am over kumeu now, been going almost ever since it started but it has crapped out so bad
  13. I had the same thing in my Telstar, would develop a misfire sometimes and almost cut out, and it was hard to start
  14. Works in reverse tho, shit is going into the inside of the filter