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  1. Solidstripe's CB/XR Mung Bean

    I did regret selling that, I got a KX witch was a bit too much for the nabours I put that motor together with the best parts from those other motors, they are hard to come by now because of the speedway solos and midget car guys used them all up.
  2. Solidstripe's CB/XR Mung Bean

    That looks cool, I like the wood gran. I would be the one you got the motor off
  3. Some bike coils use the inner laminated core to mount the coil to the bike frame so you could possibly attach some thing to that
  4. you could still use the old points on top of the coil and a condenser and small motorcycle coil inside I reckon
  5. f the winding haven't failed probabley the condenser has broken down, you might be able to wire one up on the outside of the box?
  6. Starting the engine with the battery on charge shouldn't hurt anything I would think, I do it often.
  7. When the lifter was splitting in half it must of jammed and shoved the pushrod into it. decision made roller rockers it is
  8. What part of the lifter got damaged? I understand those rockers are prone to braking or getting so worn the pushrod brakes through the end
  9. daves prince b200

    you could buy a pair of $16 dollar wheel cylinders in the right size and use the pistons and seals from them
  10. daves prince b200

    Sorry the ones I have are a bigger size. take one into auto stop and they can match something up, there are cheep and something else will fit no problem.
  11. daves prince b200

    What size are those wheel cylinders, I have a new set I think.
  12. daves prince b200

    Those colored crimp terminals are all ways lose.
  13. 98cc's BSA Bantam racer build

    Do you want some new tank decals I had made? they are BSA Bantam Major but you could cut the major off.
  14. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    I asked a friend who use to own Railside wreckers and his mate but they don't have any, but they asked did you try Sam at Aging Auto Spares?
  15. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    I will ask someone tommrow, I gess you don't want some sun baked heap of shit