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  1. SOHC

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    phosphoric acid with zinc dissolved into it to is good
  2. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    I want to tell people they have done a shit job face to face
  3. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    too far to go for me
  4. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    I am thinking about getting the rims blasted and painted black as the chrome is bad, this would save alot of time and money, I am wondering if I should mask up the hubs and then get them powder coated? its hard to find a place that will do a good job, I had a real with a place where I was sending lots of frames and parts to get powder coated and I would prime them with PA10 and he would bake them then coat and re bake and $60 a frame, he dose not work there anymore and they will not coat etch primed frames and they want like $200.
  5. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    If my calculations are correct it should go well, I still have to advance the exhaust port to get the full benefits, this is going to be horrible on the ears.
  6. SOHC

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    i found a rope mop worked the best, soft one didn't do anything
  7. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    Phone has no credit but expansion chamber is mostly finished, its tuned for doing wheelies and fucking peoples grass. since the chrome if fucked on the rims I might blast the whole wheel and paint the rims black at home and send the frame to a place to be blasted and 2K chassis paint if its cheep. I am trying to find a 1973 TM cylinder head
  8. SOHC

    LG's 1985 Yamaha TT250 Thumper

    if you get a brand new buffing wheel you can polish plastic to an extent
  9. Ended up cutting a strip of paper that fitted around the pipe then fold it in half and cut tapering angles on it, worked well, It was confusing with all the talk about degrees and stuff that was unnecessary
  10. can someone point me where I could get some templates to print off to make pie cuts in 4" tube to make bends? I cannot think of a way to do it as I only have grinders no way to clamp it at a set angle
  11. SOHC


    I found them in a salvation army shop, brand new for $8
  12. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    Made them from 4” exhaust tube,
  13. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    I need to cut the rear frame loop behind the rear shocks and bring the handle fward and make it swoop up more. This is another TS in TM trim,
  14. SOHC

    SOHC's 74 Suzuki TS250

    Got some new TM reproduction mud guards today, will mock them up tonight, also found the bike had thrown the chain off and it has broken the plastic cap over the neutral switch and it bent the clutch pushrod, not a major but I now need those 2 parts, don't need a neutral switch but the plastic cap holds the oil in the gearbox. also got the steel to start making the new exhaust.