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  1. I am still seeing newish cars in auckland with snow tires, I drove a car with a set of 4 and it was dangerous going over 40 KPH
  2. Have they finally banned snow / mud tires for a WOF in summer or places it dose not snow?
  3. SOHC

    Welder buying spam

    There is a lot of reflection from the plate and when you are blowing holes the arc comes out the side a bit I find.
  4. SOHC

    Welder buying spam

    How dark to the lenses need to be for plasma cutting? I see most people use nothing, maby clear spyglasses at max
  5. I need a NGK B4H sparkplug but they are totally impossible to find
  6. I replaced every part even the front struts, everything was new or rebuilt
  7. it was doing it on the inner side and I put new disks and re built calipers and now its doing it on the outside on a different side
  8. Why on 4 pot disk brakes would the outer 1" of the disk look like the pad is not touching it? pistons move freely friction part is flat but has a small step Contaminated pad?
  9. SOHC

    SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    I finished the homemade red bike, goes relay well, no shortage of power, motor is a strong runner, still needs a rear brake cable, I have a wooden seat but needs foam and a cover, This frame was built for a Villers 2 stroke and the frame rail was in the way for mounting the B&S but I had the remains of a Masport rotary hoe and whacked off the engine mount witch is adjustable, worked out perfect for this bike to get the engine offset and for adjusting the chain. If anyone comes across a B&S V twin horizontal shaft motor I would be keen for the next project.
  10. This works well but make sure its a DC welder
  11. Leaver the cap off and put a tea spoon of Epson salts in and top up with water if needed, if the plate dividers haven't broken down it might go