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  1. Well they do, but it is just the weird Italian 4x98. I guess the Italian manufacturers shared info so as not to reinvent stuff. I mean the PCD and bore size are pretty specific, there is no way they would come to that independently..
  2. Also; after work I took it for a quick drive to see how the gearstick felt and sounded which was way better all round. But when I pulled in towards the shed I could see what looked like a largish puddle of oil on the shed floor. I got out to check and thats exactly what it was I park up and look under and there is a small flood of oil falling out of the engine. I tried hard not to, but I couldn't help but feeling a bit disappointed... I then tried to trace it back to some sort of source that wasnt the main crank seal and I can see traces up quite high on the engine. So I start the engine to see if a bit more pressure won't force more out and voila, there is a bit of a river coming out of one of the tappet cover bolt holes. You can see the culprit right there, my last noise source check must have split it when I tightened it down. Fortunately I had a spare handy that I had ordered in case my cursory investigations when I first had the engine out meant I had to replace it. I probably need to find some degreaser to wash off what remains but basically that was another surprisingly easy fix.
  3. One of the things that has been bothering me is the rattle(s) somewhere in the cabin. It is pretty loud when the right mid range revs kicks it off. I chased it a couple of weeks ago and found that the door pull was loose, the frunk release was loose and the fusebox needed better mounting. I fixed all of this and it made the overall noise levels better but the main noise was still there. After some testing I eventually I figured out that it was coming from the gear stick mechanism. This has always been pretty loose, and in fact the whole gearstick can move up and down by 2 or 3mm. Someone (possibly me) had hacked a spring in there that pulled the main actuation rod upwards which helped it a bit, but obviously not enough. So I pulled it all out to have a look and shit was pretty sorry in there, mostly the light coloured lower retainer had worn away to something pretty thin. Then without realising it I fucked things up by splitting the lower retainer to see if splaying it out would allow it to push upwards a bit further and take up the slack. No, it turns out, and this was bad for other reasons. I chucked the upper part in the lathe and trimmed a few mm off the underside, just enough so the lower cover could take up the slack. In principle this worked, but I needed a spacer in there to give some additional push. I split a conveniently sized grommet to fit, assembled it with a bit of a clean up and grease, then chucked it in. It felt splendid until I pushed down on the gearstick and it popped past the retainer that I stupidly split... Obviously I then needed to break out the 3D printer, how great are these things for making new shit to replace the shit you broke on your car. I made a first guess which took 45mins to print, the took half a mm off the extra height and printed another. Then just grease it up and assemble. Look at that fucking mad gearstick knob, I used to hate it but now it seems an intrinsic part of the dumbfuckery and I wouldnt be without it.
  4. I make up excuses to go out in the Fiat, that doesn't happen with the Toyota Fielder...
  5. I saw that - it may have sparked something...
  6. Well it seems I can put that plan off for a little while longer now.
  7. Yea in my head it hits 2.5k revs, the belt centrifuges out enough to stretch and take tension off the bolt, allowing the bolt to vibrate and spin in its hole. Entirely plausible.
  8. *Sigh* Might have to make a thread for car base tropes/barry opinions
  9. I might weigh in here and say I absolutely did not notice any gearing issues whatsoever.
  10. A kindof boring and wordy update now You may have seen the discussion thread for this where I noted that the car had developed a light rattle/cyclical vibration somewhere in the engine. This was disappointing but not surprising, in reality I should have stripped it right down to check shit when it was out. But at the same time it had only done 6000kms or so since I sold it, and it basically had a new engine, and it looked ok when I pulled a few things. The noise was weird as it had a cyclical quality every couple of seconds, like something with a wee bit of weight was being slowly rotated while undergoing vibration. I couldn't think what that could be in the engine, and otherwise it sounded like a roller bearing gone bad. @GregT suggested excessive camshaft endfloat, I checked that and the most I could see was 0.3mm, so probably not that. So then I loosened the cambelt to check the tension bearing, that felt ok. Then I took off the v belt and checked the water pump and alternator, they also felt ok. But as I was reinstalling that I noticed some fuckery with the long lower alternator bolt, it looked like the head wasn't sat in its little recess. When I looked I saw that there was no nut at all on the bolt. So I found a suitable locknut and put it back together. Tonight I took it for a quick run to check things and the noise appears to be gone. I will check again but I am hoping it is as simple as that... Also as discussed elsewhere @yoeddynz and I did a little drive swapping the other day, I was super pleased to be able to have a go in the Imp, it was a good time and I felt a certain privilege. It goes very well considering its early state of tune/refinement. Here is the only pic I took of it laying rubber into the distance; Alex pointed out that my throttle feel was not all it could be (TBH I thought he liked it stiff and hard), so a few days later I rejigged the mechanism at the throttle to make it seat at idle a bit better. This meant I could remove the hacked in extra spring that was making things stiffer. Then I reduced the amazing amount of slop in the pedal linkage itself, so that all feels a lot nicer now.... I didnt take any pics of any of this so I leave you with it looking rather fetching in its shiny new boots...
  11. Man there are some sad fucks out there. I bet he is a bundle of fun at the local conservative party sex dungeon.
  12. 0.3mm, probably not enough to notice.
  13. Good suggestion and easy to check. Ta.
  14. Yea hes is on here I think. I have seen a few vids of it fanging, its a great sound. I did some investigating today, I don't think it is any of the ancillary's. It is a light clatter that comes in at about 2500rpm and probably until it is drowned out by other noises further up the range. You can hear it when trundling along at 50k, and it is noticeably cyclical, resonating in and out at something like every 2 seconds at a constant engine speed. It sounds like it is coming from the top cambelt end of the engine. I also looked at the camshaft etc, there wasnt anything bad looking altho I did not check any clearances. Tbh it was always a punt that it would or wouldn't be fine having languished for so long before getting the tits wrung off it again. I am now super keen to get the engine apart however I have many other things that need doing as well. I have asked for opinions on the x1/9 forum before I het too deep in but no results yet.
  15. It sound a lot like bearing noise, it comes in over 2.5k and has a cyclic sound, so I would put money on the cambelt tensioner. Probably should have replaced all that when it was out but it looked ok at the time.
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