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  1. Maybe there needs to be two mtb groups, one led by Alex the fucking goat for climbing big hills, and a second group of old and fat and unfit people like me who have not hit anything like a trail for a year or so and would puke trying to keep up with Alex. Felixx, I can bring my bike repair kit if you need it sorted...
  2. It gets pretty slammed when I climb inside. Like your mum.
  3. 37 years old bitches, do I win?
  4. Jesus Christ Alex, you could turn a man you know.
  5. I am locked and loaded, if anyone needs to partake of the slowest drive from Nelson to Hanmer ever let me know, although you better want to listen to an audiobook of the game of thrones for 6 hours OR be able to make interesting conversation at a medium to loud yell OR be a moderately attractive female european tourist.
  6. I thought I had better show some pics of the heater install, altho first off I fitted these up today, Powerdown 3 way adjustable shocks. They bolted in no problems altho getting the old ones out was difficult. Shout out to @Slacker_Sam. for the hook up. This has smoothed out the handling a bit, but i need to take it for a decent drive to see if it has helped the slightly sketchy understeery handling.. When I installed the heater I decided to make a separate fuel tank as the main one is not super big; I used the lid off an old jerry can, and also made a sweet breather that I have no pics of for some reason. This fits up underneath in front of the main tank, I think it is around 10L, heaps to run the heater for a few days at least. A hole got cut and I made a pretty shitty lockable fuel flap; The actual heater ended up inside the cabin in this weird storage space behind the passenger seat. It actually fitted perfectly; I made a ducted outlet so it blows it down the middle of the bus. When the cover is on you do not see any of my alphabetti spagetti wiring. The bitch sounded like a gas turbine from the outside when it was cranking so I muffled it with a pit bike muffler - this is now mostly socially acceptable. This is where the inlet and exhaust are; in the front wheel arch. The heater itself was a bit of a mission to get running right, it had no glow plug when I bought it so I ordered one from the UK. Once fitted it would start, but made hard work of it, but would start and run fine on pure kerosene. On diesel it would take a couple of glow cycles to start and only sometimes catch, then piss out huge clouds of unburnt diesel which was not super. If you blocked the inlet or exhaust for a second it would quite often catch instantly. I then ordered a gasket kit from the UK and stripped it down and replaced everything, the gaskets were all mostly fucked, but most interesting of all there was a second big resistor in the glow loom underneath the plastic housing. I did some calcs of the current and voltage and decided that the glow was just not getting hot enough due to the second resistor. The UK Eberspacher boys knew nothing about this extra resistor so I had to solve it myself. It appeared as though the resistor was there so a 12v glow could be used in the 24v heater, but of course I had ordered a 24v glow plug. The current draw and resistance I was measuring was not tying in to any of the specs to get the power output specified. So in the end I calculated the ohms that the resistor needed to be to get the power output to the glow that was specified in the manual, cut a little bit more than half of the nichrome wire off and TIGed it back together. I had a couple of goes at this to make sure I had the right figure... Anyway that actually worked and now it starts pretty much straight away, with only a wee puff of smoke. It cranks out the heat as well.. Fuck you are all going to be cold sorry bitches in Hanmer, I however will be roasty toasty
  7. I have a bus guitar, white mans blues is on the cards.
  8. I didn't realise this was a trailer queen....?
  9. I actually have a croquet set, I might bring it...
  10. I also only have the most nebulous idea
  11. I shall be in my toasty warm mansion on wheels, eating fois gras and caviar, fending off you fucking peasants with a vintage fowling piece and a lacrosse bat.
  12. Twin 40 sidedraughts is what you need. I had them on my twin cam Lada and it did the doooorts. This was only after I managed to find a manifold that cleared the dizzy tho, they are out there.
  13. There are youtube vids of these (Eberspacher D1LC) and in good knick the start is almost as soon as the fuel hits on the first glow cycle, mine will just about catch on the second cycle. Running it on kerosene improves things a fair bit tho. Pretty sure my multimeter is true RMS (it was my AuCom leaving gift and I was slightly puzzled at the why they would buy one for a mechanical engineer, but holy shit it has been invaluable), but I was measuring the input side straight from the battery. I will need to check the glow side as well, as I guess there could be something in the controller dropping the volts. The unit is 24V and so is the solar power supply side. There is a stainless mesh shield around the glow. I will have to take pics of the resistor when I get home, but basically it looks just like the glow plug, but with a different mounting. I reckon I will stick it back together once the gaskets get here and see how it runs, if it is still not ok I will start messing with glow plugs and resistors.. I should be able to calculate the wattage that a different resistor will give.
  14. @h4nd, I was wondering if you could provide me with some electrickery knowledge about this heater... The bitch still isnt running well, it is pretty hard to start. I suspect it is a glow issue as you can get it started by briefly blocking the inlet or exhaust after is has started vapourising the fuel, the stagnation of the flow allows the glow to get a tad hotter and it often starts instantly when you do that. So anyway I decided a full strip down was in order, and sure enough I found the combustion chamber gasket was broken. There were a few weird fibrous lumps of carbon/pinkish stuff that I guess must just be carbon buildup - these might have been obstructing the flow in the combustion chamber...whatevs, that is sorted. The most interesting thing was that under the plastic case there was a second resistor, which is not well documented in the interwebs. Mostly all I can find is that it is used as a series resistor with the glow plug so a 12v glow can be used on a 24v system. I have measured the resistances of things and I get this; 24v glow = 1.9ohms, series resistor = 0.8 ohms. My solar computer says that it initially draws 10A, then the glow relay starts pulsing and drawing 8.5ish. The voltage at the unit is 25v while it is starting. Given my limited electrical knowledge so I may be barking up the complete wrong tree, I calculated using P = V^2/R that the glow + the series resistor on 24v would give ~ 230w, which means proportionally the glow would be seeing ~135w. The glow by itself would be more like 300w. The specs on a 12v glow are 0.7 ohms max, which works out around 205w. And a 12v glow using the series resistor on a 24v system would see ~160w.. So what the fuck is going on? If what i have worked out is correct, the glow is not getting as hot as the glow in a 12v system, but bypassing the series resistor would probably get it too hot to last more than a few starts.... I have asked the supplier of the glow in the UK, but he has passed it off to the service manager. So I am now assuming I am fucking up my calcs, and it would be good if you could give an opinion.... chur
  15. I am currently in the bus at hamner, looks alright from where I am sitting.