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  1. I'm going to jaycar tomorrow anyway, might have a sqizz.
  2. Can't remember what ah the truck batteries are, they are pretty chunky and new. The bus fridge runs at about a 15-20% duty cycle, it's actually amazing how little power it uses for the size. It has a wee freezer compartment as well. The bus solar setup is completely independent of the starting batteries, I did have that relay to fit, but I never found the need for it.
  3. Cool, a no to the fridge unless I have extra batteries.. Its interesting cos I have a solar setup in the bus, 300w panel, 130ah AGM batteries at 24v. This runs an 80 litre compressor fridge, led lights, water pump and occasionally a 300w inverter and never gets below 88% charge overnight no matter what. Probably helps to live in Nelson I imagine. I kind of guessed that lead acids wouldn't be great, so thanks for confirming...Chur.
  4. Yo, some you you geeks here might be able to help me out with some advice, @h4nd maybe? There are a couple of things i want to do with my truck project; 1. There is a 24-12v DC converter that is powered all the time for 12v stuff that needs constant power. In my head this will mean a low level draw on the batteries all the time. To counteract this i want a solar trickle charger to keep things maintained. 2. I kindof want to fit a little Waeco thermoelectric fridge. I know these are not the most efficient way of cooling or heating, but I thought potentially this could run off whatever solar stuff there is for the charging to reduce the load on the batteries. 64W/3.8A This one is a compressor fridge, much better 1.9A@24v Bear in mind the truck is all 24v. So what i want to know is can I just set up a 36v solar panel and charge controller and use the truck lead acid batteries as the storage? ie mostly use the solar system as the charger, but use the load terminals on the controller to run the fridge... This is basically to save the weight and cost of 2x batteries that would normally be dedicated to the solar setup. I also have a 12v or 24v load switching relay that can automatically deal with sharing power between the house and start batteries if so required. Do I need to isolate this system during starting? Will the truck batteries deal with running the fridge overnight and still work the next day? Am I an ignorant fuck who has no real appreciation for the issues surrounding doing something like this?
  5. The weber downdraft conversion is pretty common here too, but way way more spendy than a $70 wrecker carb.
  6. Jap import ones had the emissions spaghetti, all it takes is a split hose and it turns custard. Mine chugged all the time which funnily enough was a split vac hose. There are so many it is pointless to even start trying to find it. NZ new ones were just a plain old carb, I'm pretty sure I retained the spacer. They are getting rare now, I think I paid 70 for it from a wreckers. Was trivial to swap, but I did fudge the choke with a bicycle gear lever and cable screwed beside the seat.
  7. Not many side draft options for carbs these days, if not LPG then a weber or dellorto would be the go. I imagine a single twin choke would be sweet. My Townace with a 2y isnt great, but was better after I swapped the vacuum spaghetti version carb for a NZ spec one. They clearly are a slugger not a sprinter.
  8. Fuck this thing lols me, I just love what you are doing to it. I just showed my wife the video of the ignition setup, even she thought it was great. Keep it up...
  9. Righto, I have measured the shock shaft diameter = 22mm I also have some KYB part numbers; Front Right = 334176 Front Left = 334177 Rear Right = 334178 Rear Left = 334179 The pricing seems a bit extortionate, basically $250 each from Autolign. I can get some Ultima brand for $160 each. Anyone got any advice on sources/sweet hookups?
  10. I might take out my gas powered espresso machine so I have something proper to drink/something to cook lunch on.. Btw does anyone have an umbrella or the like so I can repose in comfort on the day?
  11. The wee truck will be pretty chocka now that i have Wills bike (which is a good hoon and feels great to ride) but I will still be able to take some smaller stuff, plus i can take out some tables if needed.
  12. I'm in and out most days including the weekend, it's no trouble really. The neighbor has ramps I can borrow..