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  1. Shall I book a site? You can chuck the bike on the wee truck..
  2. Is anyone going to this or planning a stand? I have a whole lot of stuff that needs selling so can tag along/set up a stand/whatever.
  3. ThePog

    Switched power

    Some relays are latching, check you have the right type?
  4. Holy shit was that your one? I watched the vid a couple of days go and had fun spotting CHCH landmarks. Port hills looked scary as fuck in that.
  5. ThePog

    KwS's TVR

    I bet someone told you previously that setting up that system was a 'black art', it took me a few decades to realise this means 'I have not bothered/I am incapable of understanding this system'. You just need to dive deep right into it and get a fundamental understanding. You have done this and it is a pleasure to see...
  6. A dude I know here has made a ute out of his safari, and put twin 3" stacks up the back, he loves that shit. He spent a bit of time trying to convince me to do the same.
  7. What are you saying? It will glitter beautifully under the purple neons.... Maybe a stack then instead.
  8. Right, I have spent the last half an hour fucking around with this and I am pretty sure I can make an adaptor to mount the turbo directly beneath the manifold. This means the sump drain is 100mm straight down from that. It will mean moving my clutch line away from what's going on in that area, but it also means I can have a lake pipe if I want to... Thanks again to @mjrstar for the quality steer on this. Edit; it means I can probably use the standard dump pipe now as well. Yay! Second edit; thanks for all the useful advice on this one chaps....I will update soon.
  9. Yes, I am trying to keep things as simple as possible and this is a bit of a fly in the ointment. I will have a real hard look at it tonight.
  10. Yes it's a shit thing to have to do. I need to take the cab off again in a day or two, I think I will take a proper hard look at the positioning.
  11. I found these ones as well, Cardwells do them;
  12. I looked at the VDO's, they are pretty spendy plus are only 12v, I need it to be 24v. The burnsco ones come in a 24v so will be a lot easier If it wasn't for my foolish requirement for rear passenger seats I could go mad in the cabin with this.
  13. yea, not looking promising though. I might just get that burnsco pump and go from there
  14. Yea thats good stuff. I had a wee chat with Al from the Skidfactory, he was pretty helpful. He reckoned a power steering pump wouldnt like the low flows, which is what i was concerned about as well. We also discussed using the WRX/Forestor scavenge pumps, which is where I am tending towards now. They are built for it and shouldnt be too hard to adapt to a V belt drive. I will see what sort of $$ they are going for.
  15. I will see if I can find it this weekend, it will be pretty buried in the container.