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  1. I know, it was windy as fuck and all the leaves got blown in the door, im sorry
  2. The bottom ones are on soft mounts, and the top one is slightly more rigid but still rubber isolated....
  3. And this as well, which I filmed halfway through the process. This was cos i am now under serious pressure to provide content to my now 189 youtube subscribers, fuck you for suggesting I enter that competition.
  4. Right o, the latest round of fuckery. As discussed, I decided that a second rad was going in, regardless of you fuckers who said not to worry. Basically the thing bouncing off the electric fan just by hitting 100kmh for 2 mins or after a hard pull was not giving me the lovelies. After a measure up I scoured the internet radiator catalogs for a suitable donor. Unsurprisingly a Hiace van rad was pretty much bang on if maybe a little tall. I ordered one from my rad man and when it arrived presented it up. A minor forward tilt had it sitting in a good place. The top inlet
  5. Got a mention on the deboss YT channel which resulted in 5 more subscribers to my youtube channel last night, that's 5 more people primed to be disappointed with the lack of proper content, yay. The mention is mostly surprise that something with such a low level internet presence and no direct link to the vids did so well ha. I am pretty shit at social media, I'm just too old to care. Also I'm in the midst of various chunky changes to the truck, should be sorted by the weekend, I'll post some pics then. Also I made so much boost the intercooler piping blew off,
  6. I had a proper measure up last night, it's probably too much of a squeeze unfortunately. Cheers for the offer though..
  7. Yea I have an egt gauge, the most I saw just now was 600deg pre turbo. I also just installed a gauge that goes up to 1.5bar if it gets higher than that I will back off the fuel...
  8. Ha I clamped the wastegate shut last night and just now took it for a hoon, it's hitting 15psi at 3.5k but that's as far as the needle goes, it goes like the clappers now. Also I reckon the Hiace HPR auxiliary radiator is probably the one, it will definitely fit and the outlets will work. Maybe a bit smaller than I want but readily available... I was also thinking I could maybe have a hack at that custom rad that now sits in my shed, cut it down to suit. Ill check it out tonight.
  9. I had a proper look last night, I could probably get that to work. Ideally 500mm wide and 300mm tall with 38mm outlets, might be hard to find.....
  10. I'd be interested to see this although I have a spot that I can get decent airflow to without much effort. I had a quick look at standard rads and I reckon an S1 MR2 will fit the space pretty well. I will investigate further.
  11. Maybe, I just don't trust electricity that much. More cooling can't hurt....
  12. Also breaking news, this is officially the 25th coolest vehicle project on the internet according to Deboss garage and my mum.
  13. A minor amount fucking around this weekend. I thought I had better sort the cold idle issue, I had fudged a little cam lever type arrangement on the throttle pedal that lifted the revs a bit when cold, but it was hard to get to from the seat and wasn't really adjustable enough. This has been fine over summer but it's getting chillier in the mornings here. I eventually settled on the idea of using a central locking motor to give an adjustable amount of rev lift; You can see it up in that mess. It hits the screw, pushes the pedal a bit but doesn't get in the way of the ped
  14. Do you want a copy of the code lolol Edit; I forgot to say it looks pretty sweet too...
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