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  1. The torque split thing was great, you could hang the arse out really easily but it never felt like it would throw you.
  2. I had an xr4x4, it was pretty rad. There was a free mk1 estate on fb a couple of days ago...
  3. This is of great interest to me, my townace has a wheezy old 2y, so if a 4age is a reasonable swap ( I'm hoping that's where things are heading), then I shall follow with excitement.... @dspec_tt131
  4. Its all go. Time to start collecting more shit to give away...
  5. Still to be decided by the looks
  6. I can easily make time this week, just let me know when suits. Here is the full progress on the front face; An old boy wood worker made me the blank, it is a sandwich of Red beech, Matai, Rimu and Kahikatea. The rimu is on the outside and I don't think it will be seen unfortunately. Tomorrow I will flip it and have a stab at the other side...
  7. Happy to help, you should have a field trip with your students to have a look-see..
  8. Righto, a quick update. I have been dailying the shit out of this, basically all is well. Coolant levels are rock solid, it doesn't drip random fluids, it handles well, it goes and sounds like a truck. It is a genuine pleasure to drive it, I hopped back into the townace on Friday and it was a disappointment. The big truck is really good in comparison. A few things have come up though. I discovered that my modified porta power crane pump was really not up to the job, mostly cos when you lifted heavy things it would piss hydraulic fluid out of its sealed orifices. So I bought thi
  9. Dude, I can simply cut out the middle man and dump all the shit i dont want round at your place. I can take what i believe to be a reasonable compensation from things lying around that take my fancy, or you can cash me up when you are back in port... Easy as, consider it a deal etc.
  10. I have booked a site, let me know if you need any old shit collected to sell...
  11. So I profiled some big bits with keying features in them, the fuckers simply would not fit together and I couldn't understand it, surely everything was perfect? I checked all sorts of things to do with the coding and programming but to no avail. I ended up making some test parts, then some simplified test parts, then some actually useful test parts; The round bits were the keying detail I was trying to get, the stepped parts were to see if it was just a scaling issue or if the wrongness was the same no matter where the cut was. This allowed me to isolate it to a 1mm+ unwa
  12. I see the signs are up again, I'm probably going to load big truck up with dross to sell for way less than it's worth. Anyone else keen? I'm certainly keen to borrow @Willdat?'s umbrella again. Pretty sure @yoeddynz could flick on some beddy throttle parts.
  13. That's interesting, mine is gross 4500kg, tare 2730kg. If it wasn't raining I'd go down and look at the spring sizes and count the leaves.
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