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  1. Ye the Y61 have a rotor that is 10mm bigger and way thicker, I reckon that will be the starting point.
  2. That is good to know thanks. I have a feeling that 4 pots will be difficult, i suspect the disc offset isn't enough for caliper to rim clearance, and I don't want to run spacers. I might go down to the 4wd spares place and have a sift through the brake bins, although maybe I should look at an adaptor for the two pots i have already..
  3. I'm exploring options for the brake upgrade on my truck, the most straightforward being buying the diffs out of a y61 Safari and having the bigger brakes arrive wholesale, this is tempting but expensive. The easiest is some calipers off a y60 tb42e, these are twin pot and bolt on, but seem to be hard to find. People have used R33 four pots, someone in Oz was doing a kit for a while, and this seems like a cheapish possiblity. However the construction manual doesn't have anything I can find about custom caliper mounts, although there is a mention that only OEM stuff can be used. If this is the case fair enough but if someone can clarify it for me that would be appreciated. Chur
  4. ThePog

    diesel spam This is the most useful page I have found about tuning those VE style pumps.
  5. Go with the sanding discs for sure, I mostly use 36 grit, they take a lot of material off for the first 5 mins then settle down sweet. For fine stuff 60 grit, but once it blunts it takes too long to do anything. I almost never use a grinding disc nowadays.
  6. Fair enough. In my mind you either do it that way or do a whole lot of pulls that are logged so you have a full map, but I imagine a real time indication would be the most direct way to get where I want to get...
  7. Keen as beans, that looks like a good way to eyeball it on the fly. Does it log the session for analysis afterwards?
  8. Looks like @Willdat? has an Arduino lying around that I can fry.... Excite!
  9. Shit with my google-fu I might even be able to deal with that, chur.
  10. If i get to that point Ned will be getting pestered hard i imagine..
  11. Ok, when I buy one I will check the spec. I imagine I will use it for a few hours max so I don't imagine longevity will be an issue..
  12. Red= throttle, green = ratio?
  13. Yea man, I'd be keen. Be a good thing to get my head into anyway I imagine.
  14. I have read this page, a lot of good info. According to the internets, 550deg is the sweet spot for TD42's, I am getting 600deg under medium acceleration load but running out of fuel if I back it off. There is probably a sweet spot but I have not hit it yet, so clearly the fuel metering isn't great.
  15. Of course it is a map sensor, I am a dick. From what I have read a wideband is still right in the spot for a diesel, so will get useful info.