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  1. You bitches are giving me ideas and i'm trying to work here.
  2. That not a bad idea TBH. I just chucked this together with the thought that I only really need to get a flatty onto the deck, but there is real merit in making something that won't fuck my back. I always imagined two spares, so the same mech each side would work...
  3. The unfortunate thing is that the crane and the cabin are not compatible, it's one or the other....
  4. I have been picking away at the cabin of an evening, which got me thinking about camping trips and spare wheels. So I thought I had better make provision for one, and later, two; It's a bit flexi, which it probably needs as it is bolted to both the cab and deck, but it might bang on the roof if I hit a bump. I'll go for a run and see how it goes, I'll probably wedge some padding underneath, it's pretty close. Even though you can't tell the cabin is now covered with 3 diffey thicknesses of three different types of material, ie a $100 sheet of 2mm ACM, $20 sheets of 3mm foamed PVC, and free sheets of 4mm foamed fuck knows what packaging material. It looks way better in the pics than it actually is. Nevertheless I ordered a few hundred dollars worth of hardware from Comac today, this will give me lift struts and locking doors and allow me to clamp it to the deck, yay. That's all for now.
  5. No idea, it was a few years ago.
  6. This is where I got most of my plain tubing; "Metal Archives - Aviation & Performance Parts Ltd" https://www.apparts.co.nz/product-category/aviation-parts/metal/
  7. So it's been roughly 6 months and 5000kms, I thought I would do a situation report; It's fucking amazeballs. It's not stupidly big so I can use it as a daily no problem, although I do need to choose my parking spots a bit carefully. It's still big enough and industrial enough to make sure that merging like a zip is a given. It's actually really comfortable to drive, plus it's rock solid on the road. It will happily sit at 100 or so no problem. I'm getting on average 12.5l/100km, not amazing but not bad either. It is pretty lively off the mark so a reasonable balance. It takes a shitload of stuff. I put 45 sheets of 12mm ply on it the other day, 750 or 800kg, no problem. The deck is also big enough to take sizable items, it's way better than the townace for that. It's still quite noisy, I must find some vinyl and redo the floor with some deadening. I put some extra speakers on the dash that I got from the dump shop for $6, this helps me hear my audiobooks a bit better. Last night I installed a wee powered sub, now music is pretty listenable too. The wiring situation under the dash is getting stupid, I actually bought some distribution blocks today so I can remove the splice upon splice of power wires that power the stereo/sub/egt/cb/etc etc. It's got to the point even I don't know what's powering what. The engine rattle is still there but seems not to be an issue, I'll run it till it blows up I guess. But overall I am super happy with it, it is so incredibly practical. Its probably the best thing I have ever built. PFT, here it tonight loaded up with shite;
  8. A mate of mine sells heaps of bits for these on Tm, ben_t is his username. It's all really good stuff, he is an excellent engineer and designed a lot of it himself.
  9. Here it is now after many years of hard use, proof that even shitty tig welds are entirely up to the task.
  10. Also while searching for that pic I found some inspiration for @Guypie
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