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  1. Hmm. I have pulled all the big end caps off and it all looks not fucked. Not super clean and with no wear, but not toast either. I wonder if the noise was just that cam pully flopping about. No idea what would cause that.
  2. All of this. I have been stripping the fucked engine and already found that the camshaft pulley bolt hole is shattered, and what appears to be water hissed from the cambearing bolts in a couple of places. It's all spinning freely though, I'll get the sump off tonight. The new engine does not have hole for the knock sensor, I may have to gently drill that out and tap it. Any suggestions?
  3. I am pleased to be of service. The resulting hole looks disproportionately large considering how hard it was to get out and the size of the lump.
  4. Yea if I fully dismantle the front suspension it will be easy.
  5. Ah this is such a cunt. Every time I think it can come out there is more shit that needs removed. Now it won't come out through the bonnet cos the rear engine mount hits the steering rack, I only discovered the rear mount late in the game and had to remove the inlet manifold to get at that.. but I can't get to the bolt so undid the bolts that mount it to the engine support, those are what is stopping it. So it looks like I will need to drop it, but I'm not sure I can remove the central engine support. I am grumpy and my back hurts now. It's getting close to being a scrapper.
  6. She has helped a bit, but it is exam time in her final year, so I'm not going to worry too much. She will be paying for all the parts though...
  7. yea it looks like a nightmare either way. I'll leave it for today, then probably just get cracking on the driveshaft removal... although it does look removing the central gearbox mount will let the whole engine pivot up quite a lot. Ill worry about it tomorrow.
  8. This cunting thing. Hey @kpr (or anyone) is it reasonable to just take the engine out? I have just realised that the driveshafts socket into the tranny and need to be removed along with the wheels etc. This is irritating as I have it up on my big ramps resting on the wheels so it wasnt all at knee height. I cant decide if doing that is less work than trying to unbolt the engine from the tranny and pulling it that way.... Everything else but the engine mounts have been disconnected.
  9. Yea I have been picking away at it, I can't believe how much shit is attached. I guess that's the price you pay for raw power.
  10. So of I take out the glove box I should be able to see it?
  11. Yea. I have been contemplating that aspect. I am in a slightly better position in that the wrecker engine had a cut loom so I can make comparisons and clearly visualize the ways that I won't be able to reach those bolts.
  12. Yea I wish the wreckers cared enough to write a little cheat sheet for all the engines, it would make choosing a lot easier. I am disconnecting shit on the car right now, is it worth trying to get it out without the gearbox attached?
  13. Ah she has since found one in AKL with a prettier colour, belay that order... But cheers
  14. Thread Hijack! My mother is looking for a Toyota Aqua and there is a likely candidate in NP. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/toyota/aqua/listing/3325118924?bof=aSUtADha She is in Hawera but knows nothing about cars. It looks pretty good so its more to see if there are any glaring issues or if the seller is dodgy. I am sure @anglia4 owes me a gobby for something. It is right by the central NP countdown apparently. Churs
  15. Its been apart by the looks of the sealant on the sump and in a couple of places around the head. Its grey, I guess it might be factory. Its had a new water pump and the cambelt done twice at 60k intervals, that seems a bit overkill. The cambelt is ok, but I will put the belt and waterpump from the other engine on it as those are only a few thousand kms old. The spark plugs had a lot of wear though, so I am guessing the second owner didnt care as much as the first. I will have a look at the other engine once the car is sorted, but from the sounds it was making I reckon thats going to be pointless...
  16. Ha, I pulled the head and there was a fuckton of dirty cokey stuff that had fallen to one side and compacted. This was stopping all the cylinders from reaching tdc. I thought it was weird that at least two cylinders were not moving all the way. Cleaned it all out and it looks pretty good, I suspect the engine has had a rebuild cos there is almost no ring lip and you can see hone marks on the bore. The head looks ok but is dirty as fuck. I'll see what the head on the toast engine looks like cos at least I know it was a good runner. I pulled a bearing cap and that looked good too, maybe I'll see what a set of bearings will cost now it's this far apart.
  17. I bought a likely candidate from the wreckers, then discovered it turns freely for a certain rotation, but comes up hard against something...
  18. It has always used a little bit of oil, I suspect she let it get too low. I did warn her... She was on her way to their fav isolated hangout spot, so maybe previous 8k nangs out there have contributed.
  19. @kws Can you tell me if there are any differences between auto and manual 4afes? she has blown the engine, I have found a couple at the wreckers, one auto one manual. I'll grab the best looking one assuming there are no differences...
  20. My prediction would be that it will be slightly less power than plain trumpets, but maybe not measurable. The logic being that you have increased the surface area of the trumpet so there will be more surface stagnation in the flow, so therefore less flow. It may even work and actually swirl the air which takes energy and further screws up the flow. Anyway, my name's ThePog and I got a D in Fluid Dynamics at Canterbury.
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