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  1. I would normally NEVER say this, but it will need a little slam and some wide Revolutions....
  2. Shit my brain hurts from reading that ad. Any luck getting the paperwork?
  3. This is sooo cool. I approve wholeheartedly. I often wondered how those small wheel TKs go. When I was a young fella, my mate’s big wheel farm tk (diesel) would cruise at 70km/h (earmuffs required). It was replaced with a (Hino) Ford N1317, and the poor old beddy probably ended up rotting away in some farm rubbish pit.
  4. Sunbeam

    diesel spam

    Wife and kids are away so I ripped into the family bus. It has broken swirl flaps in the intake, and they’re stuck shut. Shit I hate working on diesels, I look like a coal miner now. Anyway, since I had all 5 injectors out to get the valve cover/intake manifold off I thought I would phone DSL and see how much to get the injectors cleaned/tickled up. He asked me how many kms it’s done, and when I replied just over 300k, he said “ha ha ha ha ha HA!” Now, I don’t think that’s a very helpful attitude. Has anyone dealt with a diesel outfit in Canterbury who might be more helpful? Anyway I’m
  5. Did this Delivered to at home panel beater in the boonies. Went well , but somewhere between Culverden and Springs Junction the front strop snapped and luckily the handbrake kept it from rolling off the back of the trailer! Double luckily I had spare straps. Got a backload mainly to stop the trailer rattling as it does when empty. Kahikatea logs. Was a lot heavier than the Fiat!
  6. Good to know. Sounds like a ballache. How did the re-vin people know the deck wasn’t always mounted like that?
  7. Happy new year. 2021 shall be the year of the Fiat. A strategy has been mapped out with the ministry of finance to get this thing back on the road. I have lined up a semi retired panel beater who happens to actually like cars to fix this thing for me. No, I do not feel like a failure... In preparation I needed to remove the rear bumper which necessitates removal of the boot lining and fuel tank. The boot lining is not too bad except for the left side panel which is wedged in quite tight. I can see why it’s cracked, somebody has had it out before me to graft in a high stop ligh
  8. I drained 30 litres of that crap out of my Landy. The old girl still ran on it! I’ve been mixing it with fresh gas and running it in the ride-on. The stench is everywhere now.
  9. Proof that aluminium alloys do rust.
  10. The great thing about a project like this is that you can just work on it when you feel like it, or like today when I had outdoor plans, but it’s drizzling. I have saved the left hand bulkhead outrigger by just patching the front face. It’s weird how the front face rotted out, but the bottom is sound. Inside the box section was packed full of dry mud. Not the tidiest patch, but it’s not exactly in the public eye. I also made a new brace for it. Again, very strange how a piece of angle, with no real rust trapping properties just rusted in half in the middle.
  11. Blades are solid, there is a slight hollow in the round bit at the root. Some numbers, mostly indexing marks for setting up in the hub and some other numbers that are meaningless without the right book probably. I’m 99% sure they’re off one of these: Which makes them old school.
  12. My buddy on the coast spotted these when the owner dropped in for a WOF on his way to the scrappies. It turns out the hoarder owner of this treasure had finally decided that a couple of decades of storing these was enough and it was time for a purge. Best mate #1 rightly judged that these would be right up my alley. I am in the process of finding out what aircraft they came off. For reference, each blade is 2.05 metres tall, so not off a Piper Cub then.... Plans are a good bling up and park at least one in the front entrance of
  13. Hurhur. Missed the turbo bit...have to read from the beginning again!
  14. Why is 9.5:1 too high compression? Seems quite mild.
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