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  1. azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Unbelievably cool. Well done. There's a yellow one floating around Christchurch I've been lusting after. Can't wait to see what you do with it!
  2. azzurro's 1969 FIAT 125 discussion

    Good work on the front panel. Mine's rotting in the same place. It's the only reason I haven't taken it for a wof yet. Would you rate it a complicated diy fix?
  3. Sunbeam's 1973 Fiat 125

    Thanks to @azzurro I have another carb to try. Out with the old: In with the new (well, older actually) I'm getting quite quick at removing and installing Fiat 125 Carburettors. As you can see, it is slightly different around the fuel inlet side and is missing the breather hose thingy. Must have been pretty well dialled in because it fired up straight away. I then took it for a hoon down the road and maaaayte it's much better. Some fine tuning to be done with the idle but very driveable. I'm calling it a win.
  4. Sunbeam's Fiat 125

    Which is exactly why it can wait!
  5. Sunbeam's Fiat 125

    Sounds like a good deal! Pm me bank details and I'll pm my addresses
  6. Sunbeam's Fiat 125

    I'd be keen to give that carb a go. Let me know how many Lire you want for it and postage. I am beginning to suspect seat damage in the mixture screw, and there is a hairline fracture in the accelerator pump housing. The brake tubing is weird, I can't find it tracking from anywhwere and it only started seeping after I bled the system with Valvoline Dot4. All the tubing is sweating on all sides. At least it's easy/ cheap to fix this problem. the 124 box looks good sitting on my garage floor for now. The 4 speed in the car is mechanically fine until I find time. It'd be interesting to see how long the 124 gearbox in yours lasts behind a 2 litre. I have found a bit of anecdotal evidence that the 124 5 speed is one weakest Fiat boxes made.
  7. Sunbeam's 1973 Fiat 125

    Update time, although not much to report on the car except it's still idling poorly. We have had a few dramas of late at the property with the recent heavy rains. The road culvert is not big enough, and more importantly, the shed leaks. A lot. Yesterday was a nice sunny day so apprentice no 3 and I took the Fiat for a drive. It's going well except not idling and the accelerator pump circuit is not working. I'm saving for another carb setup. I also noticed the lines from the brake fluid reservoir to the master cylinder are "sweating" brake fluid. Never seen anything like it. In happier news, I bought a compressor! Now I just need to pop a 15A socket in the shed so it can work...
  8. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    All good. Sneak away! Undecided as to their future at this point.
  9. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    Done some research on this topic. If they were pure magnesium I would see them as shed ornaments for sure. I will have them NDT'd for peace of mind. The alloy formulation must be reasonably durable, Cromodoras of this vintage are still kicking around in fairly large numbers, although mostly in Europe/US. But yeah not taking anything for granted
  10. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    Had them for years, I was saving them for my Triumph, but it got sold. I found them in a wreckers yard on a Datsun Silvia. They got a hiding on Frankenstarlet river buggy for years too before I realised they are quite rare and worth money.
  11. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    Quite like this look. Has a 302 in it....
  12. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    Oh, and wheels are sorted. Current rims are fake wires with wrong stud pattern, the holes are ovaled to fit!!!! 5 rusty Rostyles in the boot but I have these 1978 Cromodora CD78s 14x6, good offset and Magnesium alloy. They are stupidly light. I'll get em crack tested before use but they have held air for over 10 years so should be good.
  13. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    Step two, remove spark plugs, 10 second squirt of WD40 in each hole, and for good measure fill hole with oil, in this case leftover expensive synthetic ATF. I'll let that soak for a while before I try and turn the crank nut. Remove rocker cover and discover: The CLEANEST valvetrain I have EVER laid eyes on!! Also, the inside of the carb looks spotless and new, and even the radiator is not full of rust
  14. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    Plans? Leave in big shed, forget about it and build a house. Officially. I'm busting to get it going though, so today I pulled some rats nest out of the engine bay and discovered a missing starter motor. The bellhousing is full of fluff too. As you can see it's a bit filthy. The car is also originally white. Aand, it has a Weber Carb. Looks like a 32/36 DGV on a Pierce manifold. It also has a Piranha ignition sticker on the back window, but I haven't taken the dizzy cap off yet for a look. Carpet is mint
  15. Sunbeam's 1970 MGB GT

    This Old girl could be a challenge to register. It has never been complied despite having spent the last 24 years here. I have the North Dakota Certificate of title and that's IT as far as paperwork goes. Anyone been through an exercise like this? Project Thread