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  1. I can confirm they are the shiz.
  2. If the return of the Fiat is imminent, I should get onto the sundry jobs I need to do before reassembly. The bumpers are one such job. They have a lot of surface rust on the inside (ok, deep surface rust). I removed the brackets and overriders after some soaking time in crc. One bolt is still fighting me. With all the obstructions removed I can wire brush the worst of the rust. I can’t see myself being able to get it right back to clean metal. Suggestions for a good rust killer and sealing coat are welcome. Grot! Once the in
  3. Thanks @moparmuppet. Archetype has already responded. However, could a moderator please deport this to my discussion thread?
  4. Another month passed and I get a text to say the fuel flap has been sent to the big smoke for a paint match, and hopefully painting can start next week! Clean slam panel Radiator support panel repaired Behind the left headlight done. New smile
  5. My panel beater is slowly chipping away. The first update came at the 3 month mark, just when I was beginning to think it must have fallen into the Inangahua River. Dent roughed out Also, dirtiest job first-blasting the engine bay. Glad I opted to have this done, as the corrosion under the paint was getting a good foothold. He also fabbed up a new repair section for the chin panel.
  6. Oh, if it only has to look good in a photo, that makes me feel better.
  7. As an aside, I was looking at the number plates a few days ago. The ideal scenario will see the truck re-registered on the original black plates. The front plate will come up mint, but the rear....well, see for yourselves. How have others gotten around this problem? https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/65966-sunbeam’s-land-rover/
  8. So pleased this has gone to a worthy home. I’ve pined every time this thing has come up for sale, but no approval from the finance and acquisitions committee chairwoman.
  9. I got one of these last year off the same crowd. I like it.
  10. I have done nothing with this project of late because I’m hoarding all my pocket money for the Fiat. This morning however, I was cleaning up my shed and thought I would have a go at removing the steering relay. It needs to come out eventually anyway because it’s stuffed. This is not a job for the faint of heart, especially on a dirty, rusty farm truck. Folk have been known to tear the mount tube out of the front crossmember attempting to remove these. I’ve been quietly squirting CRC around it for a while now, and the clamp bolts came out of the top easily. There is also a retaining
  11. I tried to get mackley’s to shift a container 2 years ago. It went like this.. “have an account with us?” No. “GTFO” +1 for hiab though. Side lift is quite limiting
  12. Wow, that does look high when you see it like that.
  13. I would normally NEVER say this, but it will need a little slam and some wide Revolutions....
  14. Shit my brain hurts from reading that ad. Any luck getting the paperwork?
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