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  1. On with more serious work. Today I removed the castor rods (“thrust rods” in the manual). The nuts were no match for my new toy. The bushes are well past their prime: Then it was off to the vice to strip them. The spacer tubes came off far more easily than their crusty appearance suggested they would. Then it was time to remove the inner nut. Before attempting to wind them off, I employed my newest power tool to clean the threads. Say hello to my new friend. 8 inch bench grinder. My first mod was to buy a wire wheel for it. It’s great, but it makes it shake like MAD. I have stuff walking all over the bench whenever it’s running. Anyway, clean threads or not, the nuts wouldn’t budge. So, I cut a starter slit in the side of the nut And then finish the job with the nut splitter. My heart sank when I wound the nut off the right hand rod. The thread is absolutely stuffed. @azzurro, from all the 125s you harvested bits from, did you happen to keep any of these? Moving on, the swaybar is very easy to remove from the vehicle. I found the clamps on the inner (chassis) bushes very hard to split, but I got there in the end. It needed a beating with a sacrificial narrow flat bladed screwdriver. Now I’m looking forward to using my other new friend to clean up all the brackets and bits
  2. Snapped up this garage ornament. It’s a 1608cc 125 engine. Cams have rust on the lobes, so it’s definitely been sitting a while. Came with a carb (another Solex...) part of a starter motor, and a flywheel (which upon closer inspection has “Holden” cast into it) I’ll tuck it away and give it a good inspection in the future. The vendor alleges it “has good bores”. We shall see.
  3. I like the ratty bumper. Also dents suit these imo. Not to take away from your un denting skills though.
  4. Cracked into the suspension bushings today, starting with the track rod bushes. The left one loosened off well. So I had a go at cracking the right. This one is putting up a real fight-one that I am losing. I’m stuck here now and it won’t move in any direction anymore. I think I need to borrow Dad’s die grinder and cut it and split it off before I do any more damage to myself or the car.
  5. That’s a nice, straight looking car. Think it should have its own thread. Nudge. Personally I prefer the look of the 13 inch CD66, but certainly you have given me an alternative to consider if I can’t make em fit. +1 on those rotas too. Lovely.
  6. Thanks for chipping in @epoxy124! I have seen the 15 inch versions are available in different offset. Can we see some more pics of the car please. I’d like to see a shot of the whole car, you don’t see many fiats with 15 inch rims. I think a fat 13 suits the car, but I’d like to see yours! ps. Are you running with or without the factory “spacers”
  7. This has to be one of my favourite things-a shipment of new parts arriving!
  8. I’m liking the wheels. Really suit the car!
  9. Recovery mission today. Left home at 7, good driving conditions. I did have a small drama, I noticed that the image in the drivers door mirror was wobbling. I pulled over to investigate, rolled down the window and poked the glass to see what’s up, and it fell into my hand! The glue had failed, and I’m very lucky I noticed before it ended up on the road in 1,000,000,000 pieces. The hardware shop in Amberley didn’t have any double sided tape so I carried on. It quickly became clear that the lack of a mirror is not fun, especially when towing a 2.5 metre wide trailer. A shout out to the staff at Arthur Burke’s workshop in Waikari who hooked me up with some tape and didn’t want anything for it. The Lewis pass was very icy, I could feel the car squirm from time to time so I took it real slow. Stunning day, but freezing cold and the heater in the car has a blocked core so the only thing keeping me alive was the heated seat. I duly arrived to a beautiful west coast day. Too cold for sandflies, yay! Top of the Lewis, I was keen to see some temperatures, so I had the OBD dongle hooked up I don’t even know if thats average or what, since I have never had this data at my fingertips before. On the flat oil sits at around 112, atf 80, and coolant 88-90 St James carpark: Aaand back in the mank cave. 440km, 8 hours total and a remarkable 10.6 litres/100km average. Now waiting on a parcel so I can start putting stuff back in/on.
  10. Ooooooh, page 3! Except for pic no.3 all the internet pics I found of 125s with CD66s ride as high as 4x4s. The smaller tyre diameter exacerbating the arch gap..It looks dark green one has had work done on the arches? I can’t wait to get my car back so I can have another measure. I found some scribbled notes in the shed from when I was checking clearances previously and I had calculated that a 7 inch rim would need a 20 offset to fit. I’m all for laying down some $ on sweet rims but I need to satisfy myself that they will 100% fit.
  11. I was wrong. I had a measure up in the shed of the spare wheel. The offset is actually 29. Therefore the CD66 at 7 inches wide with a 10 offset are going to sit 45mm wider. Now I’m not so sure they’ll fit.
  12. Last two bolts on the rear bumper brackets would not budge, so drastic action was needed. masked around the vicinity VERY carefully ground the head down, and then whacked it through with a punch. The remains pulled out easily with pliers. Now I have to find some more bumper bolts. One of the brackets is very bent also:
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