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  1. I bought a LeLink obd2 from amazon. Bit dearer but leafspy on iPhone is fussy. Works mint and has survived a trip through the washing machine. I think android is better for apps. I have car scanner pro which has connection profiles for hundreds of models, but generally only newer cars. Does generic OBD stuff just fine.
  2. The engine block is still sitting untouched on the floor at the machinists. Grrrrr. I’m giving it one week and then I’m picking it up and giving it to someone else to do. Any recommendations in Christchurch? Anyhoo, FIZZZ FIZZZ look what finally turned up! Front fits, but quite snug on the hub, so hard to get off. Rears won’t go on. Looks like I need 0.3mm off the hub centre. Also, they dont fit over the locator pegs. The hex doesn’t fit in the relief in the wheel. I can probably make do without the hex, as they don’t need to be super tight. Well worth the wait getting them shipped in a container. This way they ended up 150 per wheel cheaper than the next best place I could get them on the interweb. Shout out to Palmside in Christchurch, they were good to deal with. Also, they have a couple more sets in stock now too for you Fiat foamers. Specs are 13x7 et10. They appear well made, and not that heavy. EDIT: also poos, because the wheel bearing cap sticks out too far to use the centre caps!
  3. My dear wife gets bored sometimes and then puts her mind to ways of highlighting my vehicular acquisition habits with a particular sarcastic bent. She has produced this “helpful” flowchart for me.
  4. Post accident pics aren’t showing? I admire your perseverance.
  5. Are you going to be able to get your hands on the O.G. high compression engine or have you severed all comms with the seller?
  6. Plush upholstery, impressed.
  7. I do enjoy getting wads of paperwork with a car. The last owner before it was de registered was a receipt hoarder. My favourite bit though is this. The most comprehensive original document wallet ever. Containing a mint owners manual, Safe Motoring Hints book, original warranty booklet, worldwide service centre directory, and service coupon booklet (only filled out to 12,000 miles)
  8. a. I know, and I’m ok with it. edit: this is also the pot calling the kettle black… b. I am aware of this. I also became aware of another 1500 5 minutes down the road in a paddock full of dead Mercedes however I dare not breathe a word of this around home til the dust settles… c. Not so fast mio amico, this bad boy sports aluminium drums out back.
  9. Last year with great haste and excitement I bought a 1966 Fiat 1500. During Covid lockdown. On the wrong Island. 1095km by road and sea from my house. In my defence, a few years ago I also obtained an MG that was 1000km from my place and fetching it was a fun lads’ mission, so confidence in a repeat mission was high. However, lockdown dragged on. Then when it lifted, the ferries had no capacity, the Interislander was down a boat etc…. The seller was good about it, happy to hang on to it but it was being moved outside due to a lack of room. Months down the track I still couldn’t get a ferry to mesh with my days off, and I wasn’t going to pay for a transport company either because the car was a non runner in a tricky location. Eventually the seller decided the best thing was to give me my money back and hence I un-bought a car. A month ago I received an email from the seller. They’re moving and need to clean up to put the house up for sale and btw I never got around to re-homing the Fiat. I would like to gift it to you because you’re the only sucker who showed any interest I think if you took it, it would be going to a good home. I’m a sucker and can’t resist a free car so of course I said yes. Now, I still can’t get a ferry to coincide with my days off, so I flew to New Plymouth, got ol mate to pick me up from the airport and lend me his Hilux and trailer and some barn space and voila! Temporary home With a flatmate that @kws will appreciate.
  10. I was starting to wonder if you still had this… 285/70r16 is massive…. 235/75r16 I believe is as close to 7.50r16 as you can get, and still wider than the o.g.
  11. Look what the postie dropped off today! Going straight to the machinists. I love NOS.
  12. Cool video! Gee you don’t muck about do you? Nice wee shed.
  13. Significant wallet-lightening action has taken place. These are on their way from Straya. Also NOS main and big end bearings.
  14. Aaaaaaaaargh! I had a cluster fly infestation in the shed so I bombed it. The picture does not do justice to the carpet of dead flies. I then set about vacuuming them all up. They are so gross, the vacuum cleaner hose now has a thick buildup of goo on the inside with the consistency of tar from the filth that these flies excrete. My cleanup revealed a bigger problem, a mouse plague. They’ve had such an abundant season thanks to the mild, moist summer that the numbers have exploded. Anyway, they have made camp inside the Fiat and MG, and have been gnawing on bits of car. Quite demoralising.
  15. Wash your mouth out. I bet you can’t even type that with a straight face.
  16. I’ve heard about the Mazda pistons. I know the rings from the old B2000 are compatible, but the pistons have flat tops, so no dice.
  17. Actually I’ve found some on ebay in Western Straya. Seller has loads of Fiat stuff. Really helpful. I’m getting a set of 80.4mm Borgo pistons, about $650 landed.
  18. Got a call from the engine shop, bore wear is 6 thou which is the trigger for a rebore. New pistons on the way$$$$$!
  19. Parts supplier came through. Took a while but today I took delivery of a new donut free of charge. I’m at home with the Rona this week, so I’m claiming the torquing of 3 bolts as achievement. To be honest I’ve had worse colds, but my excuse for doing nothing is that there’s a stack of polycarbonate roofing in my way. Happily they torqued up nicely. This donut has one piece crush tubes, and the tolerance is way better.
  20. Find previous bodywork jockey and apply ball-pein hammer? Doesn’t help with the ripply door though.
  21. When I lived in Vanuatu one of the ex-pat lifers who ran a workshop ran his LD28 powered Range Rover classic on straight coconut oil. It would only start if the fuel temp was mid 20’s temperature or warmer, which was most of the time. Once running it was good to go as it had a fuel heat exchanger set up. Exhaust smelled yum. There was a fleet of government Isuzu utes running the stuff too.
  22. West coast mate is running 60/40 diesel/filtered chip oil in 4D56T L200. Going well apparently.
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