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  1. Usually just swap them out bro. I've never replaced the bearings besides on a cat skidsteer that had this oddball setup that was grease one side and oil on the other.
  2. Another short lived project. Was planning to keep this one as it didn't owe me much as I'm planning to move over to Aus shortly, however my Mazda hadn't sold (which is a good thing) so this was next on the firing line. Sold in a day so maybe I should have listed it for more ! Went off to a super chuffed buyer so that's a good thing. Chur
  3. Contact chamberlain auto springs im Christchurch. They make cobra springs and can set them up however you like.
  4. Awesome progress bro! Looks so good.
  5. Not chch but I would try AES in Henderson, Auckland. They're pretty good to deal with and have a good range.
  6. Fake update. Bought a 2nd hand factory bov, gutted it out and dropped it off to my machinist mate to do his magic to blank it off. A block of speights and a block of alloy later, he spun up a alloy plug and pressed it in with loctite. Old: Now I just need to find a cheap bov so it can make dumb noises. I'll probably get sick of it after a blat but I'll keep the original diverter valve to swap back if I need.
  7. This was it. More or less standard but it was mint with leather interior, sunroof, heated seats etc.
  8. Our mk5 gti used to use about 1-1.5L of oil between services. Had been told this is very common from a Volkswagen specialist who did some other work on the car. That was using penrite oil as well.
  9. Have you tried any engineering shops as opposed to fabricators?
  10. Another piece turned up today.
  11. Not a real update but I've got a second hand Kurt's custom dump pipe coming over from Aus. I've also put in an order on amayama for all the gaskets/seals/other bits (hopefully everything I need) to swap over the dump pipe. Really not looking forward to this as it looks like a prick of a thing to do so may just work a few more hours and pay someone else to do it hahaha as I'm a lazy cunt sometimes. From what I've read apparently just by upgrading the dump and a 3" exhaust the boost increases by about 3psi and can see gains of about 50hp as the factory dump pipe is super restrictive. See how it goes anyway...
  12. These turned up today! Hopefully get these in sometime soon.
  13. Haha might have to grab a few!
  14. Plates on this morning and shot up to washworld for a quick once over. Lowering springs should be here early next week but they probably won't go on for a little while yet. Also looking at getting a Kurtz custom downpipe from Aus now as ones popped up second hand for cheap. Also filled this thing up from empty fuel light. Damn fuel is expensive, 70L of 98 about $185! Good thing I have a work car and will only drive this maybe once a week... Tai
  15. Finished cutting this thing last week. What a mission! It looks a lot better so that's good but I'm so amateur at it. Also I received a few things in the post today... 3" exhaust from dump pipe back. Rear sections are stainless and the front section is just mild steel. I think it's got a 4" bore on it, I'll see how it goes for now but I'm keen to swap it out for some twin pipes. Really wanted to go for a twin 2" exhaust system with twinpipes on either side but this second hand system came up cheap as. It was off a facelift soarer with a Kurt's kustoms downpipe, hopefully there's not much modification needed to bolt it up as I'm a lazy cunt but we'll soon find out. Also got these.. Have been wanting to get this plate for years, it was intended for my Mazda (which it will end up on at some stage). Limit break in regards to the high revving rotang but also a nod to my gamer/nerd side for anyone who is into the Final Fantasy series puhuhuhu. Chur
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