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  1. Glass guys are pretty good to deal with. They're based out in Wiri but are mobile.
  2. Also finally got my Escort flares off Bruce a few months ago. Going to chop them up and have a crack at fibreglass work, moulding them a bit better to the 1300 and getting the fitment right. Theoretically it looks easy enough but will soon find out. The guards didn't cost a bomb so not a great loss if I butcher them haha. And yesterday I finally got a call from Murray at Weber Specs saying that my carb is ready so shot around after work to pick it up, along with a malpassi fuel pressure regulator. He's done a top job but damn he is expensive, even with mates rates ! Ah well gotta pay for quality so let's hope she's purring when she fires up. That's all for now anyway, off on holiday in a few weeks so probably won't be anything to update until maybe December if I find spare time to work on the old stead. Chur, Tai
  3. About a month ago I also decided to clean up my fd alternator. It was brand new but sat in a wet box in storage for about a year so oxidized pretty bad. I dismantled it, stripped it back, and repainted it in cast iron silver and black (looks more glossy and slightly metallic in person) and reassembled it with stainless fasteners. Came out pretty sweet for a can job but will see how it lasts. Before: After:
  4. Haven't been up to too much lately. Just stuck on the grind at work and super busy, however I've picked up a few bits and pieces for the old girl. As my old Speedhut gauges are CANBUS and am no longer running an ecu, I have purchased another set of mechanical gauges to use as well as fuel sender. Basically the same design as my other ones but have changed it a little. Also found another pair of Recaro fishnet seats for cheap which are in better condition than my others but are also narrower to suit the limited space in the 1300. And I've grabbed a few Bosch MEC723 coils.
  5. Might be worth contacting steel and tube as well
  6. Well this thing still hasn't left the garage yet. Funds have slowed down greatly now as well as we've started saving for a house pretty seriously but still putting a bit away for it. Motivation was on a decline so went to the shop and got it a nice and shiny air filter (actually ended up returning and getting another as the 4.5" was too tall for the little 1300). I also dropped in to Weber Specialties to have a catch up with my old mate Murray. He's convinced me to bring in the IDA for him to have a look at as it's setup is a little unknown (previous owner had it on both a bp and pp setup), and he's going to sort a throttle wheel and help me shorten the cable. Looking to sort a malpassi fuel regulator for the old girl as well. In the pipeline I'm also looking into the ignition setup and seeing what options are available,so plenty of reading up to do get my head around the ideal setup. Cheers
  7. Saw this thing about a week or so ago parked up outside a shop off target road in wairau. Knew it was yours.
  8. Also with the exhaust repair was it a hole they welded up or did they cut out a section and weld that in? Can be a bit of stuffing around with that type of work sometimes.
  9. With drum brakes the adjusters are usually accessible with the wheels still on as they are on the inner side (if that makes sense). They may have sprayed brake clean through one of the adjuster holes or through one of the shoe inspection holes. You could ask them for a print out of the brake test (if They used a roller brake test machine) to see the results. Edit: just read they didn't. Could possibly take it elsewhere for a brake roller test for proof of braking performance. The wheels would have been needed to be removed to repack and adjust the bearing. Hand brake adjustment is pretty simple and straight forward as well. I'd ask them for a break down of the work they've done, hours etc and go from there. $70 per hour is a pretty cheap rate to be honest. My 2c anyway.
  10. Have t read through the build but will have a good read when I have more time. Tony lynch used to build these. He ran his lynchbuilt workshop in Wairau many moons ago producing these and doing 305 Bedford swaps, next to the original Robert Harris factory before Robert Harris brought him out to work for him and repair his coffee machines. He used to run these in local rallys, usually with Ken Vincent as the driver and they used to run these with 12a rotaries and slay if I recall correctly. Was Many years since I last spoke to him and about these in particular. Good to see they're still out there!
  11. Had nothing but issues dealing with bolt shop, when we were using the as our supplier they were expensive and consistently stuffed up orders and couldn't supply quite a few different fasteners we were after. We usually deal with steelmasters or fortress.
  12. Not really a proper update but I've stripped some bits and pieces off it, cleaned out all the parts that I was storing in it and reorganised them in the garage and given it a bit of a clean up in preparation for some work to be carried out on it soon. Hopefully it will be getting picked up with a trailer in the Next few weeks if all works out!
  13. This is a mild wing suited for an rx3. Almost perfect in terms of sizing and how it follows the boot line. Unsure whether I need to go for something a bit more wild though. Tai
  14. Spent a bit more time on the drivers door. Ended up needing to bash the upper section to try get it reasonably straight, still needs a little bit of filler to get it right but it's getting close. Have been in touch with Jon at Strange Workshop about getting the exhaust and ignition sorted. After the rush leading up to REunion it will be getting delivered there to sort it out. Also dropped in to see a Bruce in Huntly about helping sort out some guards and a wing. I'm still not sold on the chopped rx3 group C flares and have been looking into Katayama r100 flares but can't find anyone to help supply. Next closest thing are mk1 escort forest flares which are pretty close in shape and similar style to the Katayamas. What do you guys reckon? I think it's not too far off. Will cut and blend to suit the mid body lines and trim/mould for better fitment. Also tossing up on whether to permanently fix or bolt them on for a more period japanese look. What do you reckon? Cheers Tai