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  1. Old engine position. It's hard to see but it was pointing towards the front left and leaning back. This is something that has always bugged me, it also created clearance issues with the air filter and alternator with the bonnet. Engine repositioned. Sitting a lot more square now with heaps of clearance. Pretty stoked! Will need to see what the go is for the sump as the old one looked pretty fucked and had hori notching/probably warped so we might be replacing it or have an alloy one made up. On hold for at least the next 4 weeks due to obvious reasons. Keep well people. Chur, Tai
  2. Got some updates from Chopper, they've been putting in work leading up to lock down. Pretty happy with where we're right now. Modified swaybar/crossmember, custom engine crewmember mounts. Painted and fitted with updated PAC engine Cross member and mounts. Clearance at the clutch slave opened up.
  3. Haha yeah see how we go. At this stage I want to go with the original red, but I'm keen to do period decals of some sort like you say. Or maybe the advan scheme. Haha I've been waiting about 3 months to get it in his doors. Was initially supposed to be a month ago but they've been flat out!
  4. Have run through a bit of a list now and got an idea on where to go to from here. We will be starting with getting the vehicle mechanically sorted so stay tuned for updates shortly. Tai
  5. Had this thing dropped of to Choppers Body Shop this morning. Time to make a list...
  6. Not much has happened since last post. Have just been checking over bits and pieces and discovering more that needs doing or corners that have been cut, making things more difficult but that's ok. Currently working out a plan on how to move things forward with the build, with the budget that I have as I need it ready for my wedding at the end of the year as I got engaged a few months ago, I want to be able to drive the groomsmen in and drop some skids haha. Anyway I've recently sold the Recaro that I brought last year, and also selling the other ones if anyone is interested (will do a good deal for OS). In reality the seats are still to wide, there will be clearance issues with the tunnel and also the seat belt mount so really I can only get away with 500-510 width max but I think I may have found something that suits. Also I've been on standby for a space to free up at Choppers Auto body shop for the last 3 months and finally he's given me the thumbs up to bring it in next week. The exhaust will be getting done, and a few other fabrication jobs depending on what I can afford so that's pretty exciting. He will also be getting compliance on board to go over the vehicle and point us in the right direction of getting it road worthy. Here's a shameless instagram pic, I spent a few minutes putting the bonnet back on so at least it's got some cover on the transporter. Tai.
  7. Fuck me that heavy fab work is hard case. What size rods/amperage were you using on that bucket(?) Repair?
  8. Thanks Amy! Will definitely keep it in mind. Your rx3 is super tidy and would look mint!
  9. Cheers for the offer Richard! I've let my mate know, he's pretty interested in the wagon and maybe the charger but will let you know. I'll also keep them in mind for mine.
  10. Hey guys, Might need to move this to a different category if it's wrong but anyway I'm chasing some wedding cars for 2 separate wedding later this year. Wedding 1: The first wedding is for my good mate. The date is for the Saturday the 26th of September. Looking for at least 2 cars, possibly 4 but it comes down to availability and costs to work with their budget. He is ideally after Australian Muscle, early Holdens in particular (e.g. kingswoods, premiers etc) but beggars can't be choosers so also the likes of old falcons, valiants or even American muscle. The venue is located in Clevedon, south east Auckland. would be approx 3 hours work, picking the groomsmen and bridesmaids up from different locations (close to venue) and driving to the venue. Possibly even waiting around for the ceremony to take pictures afterwards. Wedding 2: This is for my own wedding. The date is the 12th of December. Located in Mangawhai, about 3 hours as well. I'm only after 1 car, a tidy rotary, needs to be 4 doors to fit 4 girls and tidy but also ruckus, This will be paired with my 1300 so have to make sure it's completed this year haha. You will be picking up the bridesmaids from close by and taking them to the venue and maybe hang around for some photos after the ceremony if you like. Obviously you will be paid for your time and services. We will cover fuel and reasonable cash, beers, spirits as required. I know this is well in advance but a lot of planning is being done for both weddings haha. Please let me know if you or someone you know might be keen. Thanks in advance! Tai
  11. My bro is one of the chefs at Fantail and turtle. Mean feeds and great beer on tap!
  12. Just need to work out what pressure and type of oil is running through whatever system you're doing and whether the an lines/fittings are rated for it. Not much help but I'm sure it would be easy enough to Google or call your local hydraulic shop or an part supplier.
  13. Might be an idea to check all the terminals and the relay.
  14. Glass guys are pretty good to deal with. They're based out in Wiri but are mobile.
  15. Also finally got my Escort flares off Bruce a few months ago. Going to chop them up and have a crack at fibreglass work, moulding them a bit better to the 1300 and getting the fitment right. Theoretically it looks easy enough but will soon find out. The guards didn't cost a bomb so not a great loss if I butcher them haha. And yesterday I finally got a call from Murray at Weber Specs saying that my carb is ready so shot around after work to pick it up, along with a malpassi fuel pressure regulator. He's done a top job but damn he is expensive, even with mates rates ! Ah well gotta pay for quality so let's hope she's purring when she fires up. That's all for now anyway, off on holiday in a few weeks so probably won't be anything to update until maybe December if I find spare time to work on the old stead. Chur, Tai