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  1. Could just knock the studs out so it sits flat and use a softish punch to whack em on easy or prop it up on something between the studs.
  2. Has he looked at rebuilding it? I'd take it to AES off paramount drive in henderson. Probably cost more than rock auto but much less than $500
  3. Not sure what the seals are like but with most seals if you can get a sample/dimensions/bring the housing and shaft in your local seal shop will probably have something. Advanced seals in Silverdale are awesome to deal with, also the likes of ABD are also on to it.
  4. Cheers for that man, will have a read through and forward it on. Might be worth having them speak to another accountant for other opinions/advice as it sounds quite similar. Definitely gonna keep an eye on this thread as you're doing an awesome job!
  5. Are you able to pm me with further details in regards to the taxing side of this. My parents are going through a similar process but (selling one section to me for under market value and selling another for full price) for a recent subdivision (only 2 sections). They've been advised by an accountant that the sale is included as a second income/income tax, addition to their standard earnings so the sale price less costs to do the development will be the amount they're required to pay tax on, pushing them to pay 39% on that final figure. Interested if there are other ways they can go about it (n
  6. Sounds like a charging issue now haha. I'd check the alternator belt and make sure it's tight, then jump it and test it's charging voltage.
  7. Yeah definitely sounds like battery. Check the battery posts/terminals to make sure they're clean and tight. Also check the main earth lead and terminals as these sometimes get missed. If these are sweet, jump start it and see if it goes. If it does then check to see if the battery is charging right (should be around 14v while running, if not could be a faulty charging issue or even a loose alternator belt). Also if you can, remove the battery and take the battery in to your local repco or garage and ask them to test the battery (high load test), this will determine the batteries life pretty q
  8. Check voltage drop across the battery and also at the starter and also voltage to both main 12v lead to starter and Exciter wire. If these are bad then either your battery or your starter could be cooked (could also high load test your battery if you have access to a tester to rule it out). As you've mentioned as well also check terminals and wires (as well as Earth's) if these are good bridge the starter wires and see if it starts, if it does then it's probably Exciter wire/ignition wire related. If not common symptoms like the starter solenoid just free spinning or only throwing
  9. Damn that's cheap
  10. Chopper at Choppers auto body shop in Riverhead can custom make coilovers to suit whatever application with everything required to pass cert.
  11. Taistorm

    diesel spam

    All tech in wairau usually carry pump kits. Alternatively if you're just after seals to suit, remove the seals and take them in to advanced seals in Silverdale, they're awesome to deal with and cheap as.
  12. After 2 hours on the rotisserie and the internal temp to just over 60 I took it off, wrapped it and let it rest for about 20mins. Removed the string and cut it up and damn, not too bad. Juicy and tasty as, sticky on the outside. Made a quick sandwich for a snack and will be using it in noodles tonight. Probably freeze some of it for future ramen.
  13. We've got some mates coming around tonight so decided that we'll make some Soba noodles, and thought about doing some chashu pork on the rotisserie to break it in. Picked up about a kg worth of pork belly, had a crack at rolling and tying it up (one end had more meat than the other and I didn't want to trim it). I salted the meat and let it sit for about an hour. After I made a Japanese style marinade using soy (light and dark), mirin , sake, rice wine vinegar, sesame seeds, garlic and ginger. Let it marinade in that for about an hour and a half then setup the bbq
  14. We had people coming over for a late lunch so we had to get cranking asap. Let the paint sit for 10 minutes then quickly fitted the vents and assembled it for another burn off. Only had about 2 hours to burn it off and cure the paint before I needed to get some food on. Got it up to about 500f for about an hour and a half the tried to drop it off in preparation for cooking. Random home kill rolled beef roast I found in the freezer. Approx 3kg gave it a blackout rub. Really wanted to get it on the rotisserie but it was too bloody hot to fit it up haha. Got th
  15. My Mrs gave me a hand with the prep and paint. Cleaned with soapy water then a few wipe downs with acetone. After that we brushed on a few coats of pot belly black, decided to go with the stuff from the tin as previous spray can efforts turned to shit and flake off easy. 3 coats later and it looks like this. Disregard the handle, it is just makeshift for now so we can take the lid off easy and it's fitted with tekscrews. I'll make another later.
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