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  1. Hey guys, Just checked in with the guys and got the Mrs to head around to the shop and see what's been happening with the old girl. Progress has been slow, the panel beater had a few weeks on holiday so this had been put on the back burner. Some fab work has been carried out, patch welded in on the rear quater by the fuel filler as well as the c pillar. Also the sill rust sections have been cut out and it looks like rust is really bad on the inner side of the outer skin so more rust will start coming through from the inside out down the track. We've ordered in some repro sills so will either look at completely replacing the sections or just use what's needed. in other news the gauges have rocked up. They look the tits so pretty happy with that. New estimate until it will be ready to ship is end of Feb so fingers crossed. Cheers, Tai
  2. And here are some shitty pics of the inners (these have been plated up/kind of mini tubbed/not really). Pictures were really hard to take due to the lighting and shitty mobile phone. Passenger side: Still needs paint and underseal Bottom/rear section feat Jaden: Drivers side: Besides this the rear brake lines have also been bent to shape. They are just waiting on having the fittings crimped by Perth Brake Parts (they have to do this so it passes ADR regulations) then that will be the brakes finished off. I'm moving back to NZ on Friday so hopefully the guys will keep me updated quite regularly and then have it shipped over sometime in January. For now merry xmas everyone and have a good new year!. Chur, Tai
  3. Hey guys, Last update for a little while now. Dropped in to MotorElite and brought around some beers and a feed for the boys as it's the last time i'll be seeing the little 1300 in Australia. Top blokes there, if you're ever in Perth make sure you drop in and check out the shop because it's full of good cunts and always got awesome, awesome builds on the go. Anyway I was able to grab a few quick snaps while I was there, mainly being the guard work that was finished off the time before but I forgot to take pictures of. From this originally: To This:
  4. Rear passenger side door: This one was pretty good, only needed a small section welded up. Also this is not going to get painted now unfortunately, thought i'd be able to afford it but really to get a decent job done it sits outside of my budget for now. I'll get it painted sometime in 2017 though after i'm all established back in NZ and start saving some coin. At least it will all be straightened out and in one colour (albeit primer/guide coat). Oh yeah, the rear guards have also been welded up and are ready for connor to finish straightening/smoothing them out. I'll be dropping in on Tuesday for one last time before I fly back. Will be sad times and unfortunately I won't be there for the initial 'first start' which sucks but I gotta do what I gotta do, At least it will be over in about a month, run in, and ready for skids! Chur, Tai
  5. Passenger side front door: Side mirror mount holes welded up and pitted sections that were rotting through on the inner and outer sections of the bottom built up.
  6. Driver side rear door: This was the worst, a few plates welded in.
  7. All the doors have now had the bottoms stripped back and theyre welded up. We were initially going to get them blasted back but after running the coarse wire wheel over it they weren't as bad as we thought which is pretty damn relieving. Here's where we're at.. Drivers door: Plated up the rust that was rotting around the side mirror mount and the bottom section only had pitting.
  8. Yeah looks like I'm going to roll the Sunrise Red. As much as i've always wanted to paint something in that orange, the red just looks right against the satin black guards as you mention Ky. In regards to the gauges we will soon find out. The guys at MotorElite reckon they've done quite a few setups with them and spoke of pretty highly. Other reviews came up great and if there are any faults there is a lifetime warranty as well so that's always a bonus.
  9. Quick update... We've now got the windows removed from the 1300 and will be stripping the channels out to check for rust. I spent the other night reorganising all the spares and got rid of heaps of junk, now it pretty much all fits in this crate bar a small box and panels. Reduced down from 3 pallets! haha makes for easy sorting at the shop anyway. I've also put through an order for gauges through Speedhut in the US. They produce custom gauges and have been told they are very accurate/reliable and their service is second to none. We're doing a CAN-BUS setup running off the HALTECH so we can 'daisy-chain' them together for an easy, effortless, tidy installation with less wires running everywhere. On order we have a speedo, tacho, fuel level, water temp and oil pressure. I wanted to do them in a similar style to these older HKS gauge: Ended up with this, which is close enough for my liking. Not bad for about $720AUD but we'll wait and see when they arrive. Chur, Tai
  10. Hand brake conversion from pull type to lever type almost finished. We have swapped over a setup from an s14 with custom cables and mounting. Mounts just need to be finished off - spacers fitted so it clears the trans tunnel. Accelerator pedal mount sitting in place - welding still required for the bottom section. I think most of the body fab work will be carried out over the next week. The boys are also going to be starting on the exhaust shortly. Hopefully i'll be able to get a few more days in next week to help with the body prep. We've decided we're going to take the windows out and for rust as I know there will be some there being a 70's Mazda.. Wish me luck guys. Chur, Tai
  11. Fuel flap section cut out and replacement steel has been cut and it's now ready to be welded up Right rear guard section has been trimmed back and a section welded at the top of the inner arch. It will be trimmed a little more to flare out at the rear then the edge will be welded back together.
  12. Here's some better pics of the rear end. Pitting around the centre section. There are a few pinholes which will be welded over and have the metal treated. Rear garnish holes will be filled and waiting on the R100 tail light conversion panels to be welded in. Bottom section has been beaten out, skimmed over and is now straight.
  13. This was the only rust we could find on the drivers side (bar the sill rust as shown previously). I still need to strip back the top sections of the door jam though and I ran out of smaller wire wheels so couldnt get into some of the gaps with the mtx wheel. I also spend a bit of time on the roof. There is only a small amount of sanding left then some beating and skim of bog to get it ready.
  14. And on the drivers side.