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  1. https://nzsafetyblackwoods.co.nz/en/speedglas-welding-helmet-9100xxi-air-parp-adflo-each--03056455?gclid=CjwKCAjw_L6LBhBbEiwA4c46usZt_1qzCPp2wszTNuYNFjvkPtG5tKxy5dCBa3vW36msVJIoQIr70BoCqP8QAvD_BwE Have been rolling this for the last 4 months. Pretty spendy but one of the cheaper respirator mask setups (got it for about $1600 through trade deals and a special sale). Definitely recommend if you're welding often as I do a decent amount of heavy fabrication at work, usually a few full days a week so it gets a good workout. I've only needed to charge the battery a handful of times and the filters are barely worn in. I've never had any issues with sore eyes or arc eye in the last 5 odd years I've been welding and and my previous hood was a ASAB Sentinel A50. Only reason I upgraded was due to work hookups and also I've had galv/zinc poisoning in the past (which is fucking horrible, really bad fever and aching muscles for about 1-2 days) due to fumes. The only real issue is with it being a little bulkier with the lines and belt, it can be pretty difficult with work on site getting into tight places especially if I'm climbing under track gear or such on a bulldozer or what have you.
  2. The last 5 cars I've owned ranging from early 80s to 2010s have passed WOF first time with about a 50% strike rate, only failures have been actual issued I've missed (e.g loose tie rod end, rust on a support panel). Most of the time this was through vtnz in Browns Bay who have been very reasonable. The old south African bloke there loved the old mitsis that I would bring in.
  3. My old work had a small pneumatic double diaphragm pump with presslock attachment to various fittings depending on the engine. Was cheap and worked.
  4. Check the terminals. Make sure the battery posts and lead clamps are clean and tight. Check the earth and the contacts at the starter. Probably not the issue but these get overlooked so easily, often.
  5. https://www.wish.com/product/upgrade-41pcs-auto-terminals-removal-tool-set-car-electrical-wiring-crimp-connector-pin-extractor-kit-for-car-repair-car-crimp-connector-pin-extractor-5dbaa48b0b61670deb7c4ed0?hide_login_modal=true
  6. You can get a 'good enough' keychain of depinning tools off wish cheap as chips.
  7. Awesome build man! Turned it super clean.
  8. Man this build just blows me away Everytime I read through it. On another level!
  9. How good man! I saw Choppers post yesterday on insta, looks so sweet.
  10. I'm pretty sure @OSM Garage specializes in torque wrenches. He might be able to help you out/sus you a deal.
  11. Give Luke at Advanced Seals in Silverdale a call. He might be able to provide other alternatives that might help the issue.
  12. Could just knock the studs out so it sits flat and use a softish punch to whack em on easy or prop it up on something between the studs.
  13. Has he looked at rebuilding it? I'd take it to AES off paramount drive in henderson. Probably cost more than rock auto but much less than $500
  14. Not sure what the seals are like but with most seals if you can get a sample/dimensions/bring the housing and shaft in your local seal shop will probably have something. Advanced seals in Silverdale are awesome to deal with, also the likes of ABD are also on to it.
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