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  1. Happy to grab you from Rotorua plane station if you end up going that way
  2. I keep looking at bikes i should buy to try this event on. Then i remember trusty old GN still hasn't let a rod loose so I'd better give it another crack.
  3. Attended the last one, dead keen to come along again. Might maybe possibly have the new engine in the MX5 by then and I can spend the day trying to make rods come out.
  4. Ain't no better way to self isolate than by driving into the middle of nowhere in a full face helmet and bike gear. Ain't no better way to ensure death than falling off said bike and having to visit a hospickle at this current time.
  5. Keen to come out on Sunday and join you for the morning. Might be able to get out on Saturday too if I don't end up stuck in Aucklajd
  6. I think the only sensible answer is gyro canopy. That was easily one of the funniest things I've seen this year. It's sad windscreen wiper slowly shuddering drizzle out of the way while going sideways on full opposite lock around most of the motu
  7. Anyone else's weather forecast for the weekend look like this?
  8. Not sure on the purpose of sperm oil and I'm probably not going to google it at work.
  9. Thats either a 6ft wide camper or the motorbike has been converted to full hand controls to suit the double amputee rider.
  10. Perhaps to avoid any confusion, we should all have patched jackets with a logo for "A group of unassociated riders who happen to all be going this way"
  11. Slap a canoe on the roof? Fellah at work is having a cry because Mainfreight want eleventy million dollars to deliver it. Bit bigger than a tamagotchi tho.
  12. Dont s'pose any of you fine Christchurch chaps are bringing a van or ute up and want to make some sweet freight moneys?
  13. I'd have 2 very uncomfortable seats available as a last resort and room for 10 broken scooters on the back.