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  1. Many thanks. Kinda keen to enter my old man in his jag so he can witness how much superior mine is at single spins
  2. Do we have an entry form yet? Sure don't want to miss out
  3. The torque pro app has been pretty good for me. Got 3 or 4 Chinese obd adaptors and usually one of them will work... But not always the same one
  4. I'm immensely satisfied you got the right number of ruru between the ri
  5. Have accounts with chase and autobend, happy to check trade pricing on any part numbers you want. Edit: same goes for any other supplier you can think of
  6. I guess here's the appropriate bit https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/vehicle-identification/vehicle-details Can't verify the plates match if you don't have them or the licence label.
  7. The car comes in for a WOF update when it's sold, someone has registered the car but the admin team haven't physically got the plates to us yet.
  8. I thought that was a thing but lately, the inspectors have been refusing to pass a vehicle if it's registered but the plates aren't with the car. Required for identification or something? But if not registered, then it doesn't matter
  9. 3 WOF related questions that the VIRM doesn't do a great job of answering. Looking for opinions from inspectors. 1) How rusty does a brake rotor need to be before it should fail. Assuming the cat still passes brake performance requirements. We're talking scabby rust and pitting from living by the sea. 2) On a vehicle such as a Mazda 3 which has a bump stop on the rear lower control arm but also has a bump stop on the shock shaft... Are both considered bump stops or is one a spring helper? The shock shaft one is a soft foamy rubber compared to the hard black rubber one on the control arm. 3) Slop or free play in the splines joining a 2 piece driveshaft together as found on the Ranger. There's no factory spec for movement and the only way to correct it is to replace the whole shaft. At what point is it going to be a fail?
  10. Some kind of air spring could work. Perhaps using a compressor driven by otherwise wasted exhaust energy? No don't do that....yet.
  11. Eventually views could fund it, but only after 4 years of advertising wallets, hello fresh and vpns.
  12. I like the thought someone is going to find an oil filter housing lying in the road and try to piece together wtf happened.
  13. Looking forward to this in 2025 judging by the current rate of 1NZ development.
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