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  1. What if you put a valve on the exhaust for each cylinder? Then you could use a blower for forced induction, shave the head by half an inch and replace that pesky spark plug with a unit injector. Its the only 2stroke design i'll accept.
  2. Well....testing was a bit of a mixed bag. The exhausts don't leak any more....but a new big leak showed up under the fuel tank....but it was easy to fix with a blob of sealant. For about 20 mins, had some picturesque boating bliss. Then Mr Greer had some power issues and headed back to the shore. So I came to a stop and attempted to restart the engine to check how much cranking it needed, and it wouldn't start. Good thing I invited along a safety boat. Got towed back to shore and spent the next hour trying to figure out the issue while VG futzed with his carburetor. I'm pretty sure it's the usual 3.8 issue of the crank angle sensor being shit. So I'll go back out next weekend with a new one in there and a spare DFI module to swap in if the sensor doesn't change anything.
  3. Got the new plates all welded up by my genius engineer friend. Put everything back together and checked to make sure I hadn't fried the ECU or done something silly. Gonna hit the lake tomorrow to see how many leaks are left.
  4. So I removed the RH/starboard exhaust today and stripped back all the bog in that side of the stern. Discovered the exhaust outlet on that side was cracked half way round and the seam between the stern sheet metal and the bottom of the hull had cracked in one place and been buried under bathroom sealant. So I cut out the existing exhaust outlet and what I'm guessing was a previous engine's exhaust outlet next to it. Patches are made up, new exhaust fittings are made up....time to go and see the man with the lightning gun to put it all back together. I also found another poorly repaired outlet hiding underneath all of that filler. I think it probably used to be the engine tell tale or maybe bilge pump outlet that someone has covered up. There's a nice crack around it which has been leaking a little. Feel a bit umm...concerned? Since skimming this thing flat out across the lake the other week blissfully unaware of the hidden horrors. Then again it's a boat. No WOF, no worries. Good enough is.
  5. Tonight's tool tip. Clamp a piece of wood to your work to act as a sacrificial guide when using a hole saw on metal. You can also use the air duster through the vents on the drill to cool it off quicker when the smoke comes out and its too hot to hold. You always hear AvE complaining about modern tools shutting off with thermal overloads....well this Ryobi just keeps going until the brush holders melt right out of her Keep yer dick in a vice
  6. That would be so convenient. I have to take my driveshaft out if I want to run the engine up at home
  7. Took the water supply from the jet pump to the sand trap and actually put a bulkhead fitting on the transom to seal it properly. The current method was just water hose through a hole covered in bathroom sealant. Jobs to do in vague order of importance; Reinforce transom around exhaust outlets Make new exhaust skin fittings Patch hole in the bow Vee Install dry storage container for phones, wallets, keys etc Fit emergency manual bilge pump Get some HT leads the right length Replace sparky plugs Replace rocker cover and valley gaskets Fit some positive buoyancy foam...this is probably pointless. A steel hull with a cast iron 3.8 in it would need the Goodyear blimp to keep it from going the full titanic Mount the seats better/securely Make the hull look a little nicer Upgrade steering to actual teleflex cable instead of old school wire rope Fit m90
  8. Previous owner also said it had a leak he couldn't find somewhere in the front....there And I also discovered one exhaust was no longer attached at the transom and had flex fatigued itself clean off Time to reinforce the transom with a couple of patches hot metal glue gunned over the top. Will make up some new exhaust skin fittings that spread the load better than just welding straight to the hull. I did manage to fit an air filter and clean all of the dog hair out of the MAF sensor. Also moved the battery from sitting in the bottom of the bilge to an actual battery box behind the passenger seat. Moved the isolator switch from its bracket on the bottom of the bell housing (why the fuck was it put there?!) To the firewall between the seats so it's reachable by driver or passenger in an emergency.
  9. First job was to get the trailer road worthy. Previous owner told me the lights all worked well and it just needed the plug repaired. So I wired on a new plug and discovered every single LED light was poked. Installed some new ones and ticked that off the list. Second job was to do something about these tyres... Turns out there aren't a whole lot of tyre options for 225/55R12.5 so I popped off to pick a part to get some new 4x114 rims. Went to fit the first one and the hub was flopping all over the place so I took it off and found this... Time to make a new axle I guess.
  10. I think I'm gonna put some more dents in this hull first....then throw the pump on a Thomas Hewitt hull and fit a 1UZ in front of it. But that's a long way in the future by which time my plans will have changed completely.
  11. I love the looks of the hull, is that a centrifugal style jet pump?
  12. So i've purchased my first ever boat, and it's a colossal heap of shit! According to the guy I got it off, its an unknown slapped together by someone. Its got a 11 foot long steel hull, powered by the second finest engine GM ever made, passing a whopping 180ish hp through a two stage Hamilton jet unit. It's fairly untidy for any age boat, but I intend to fix up and modify a few things. A few screen shots from my phone of the ol gal More pics, info and sharns to come once I finish fixing it. Regards, k
  13. Happy to grab you from Rotorua plane station if you end up going that way