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  1. I went into the cupboard and found a hat just so I could raise it to you sir. So it's as quick as a sr20det Hilux and faster than anything I've taken down meremere
  2. Same stuff is currently sealing the exhaust manifold on my boat. Takes a hiding from heat pretty well.
  3. No matter what the actual RPM is, being able to get the tacho needle off the dial is immensely satisfying. Making power is just a bonus Edit: Does the 1NZFXE have asymmetric rods to go with the offset crank? I'm remembering the Subaru EZ36 which dropped the crank 20mm and had pork chop rods to help make everything fit / reduce geometry issues
  4. Went out with @brotherd to test his new motor. I made it half hour before the bad noises started. I took some bits apart and think it might be this? I guess I'll fix that and see if the noise goes away. Happy it didn't fire a flex plate and driveshaft through the bottom of the boat.
  5. The road just kinda disappeared So had to back track in the support vehicles for an hour. Got the roast on now tho
  6. First puncture of day 2 Lovely spot for it Back into it
  7. Some pest has vandalized this bike Also vandalized an ankle but the hospital has signs saying no cameras.
  8. First breakdown about 10km into Motu. Brake drum reaction rod fell off locking the rear wheel. LOVELY SPOT FOR IT
  9. It begins The air is thick with anticipation....and 2smoke
  10. You should be patenting the Dyson intake. No air cleaner required. 20% less suction loss compared to a bagged carburettor
  11. Changed the engine oil on the support vehicle and somehow caused a coolant leak. Spent an hour replacing the transmission pan gasket and it still leaks. Valve cover oil leaks are getting spicy. Knocking noise from the rear is getting worse and the alarm sometimes does crazy things so I cut the siren out. Basically, it's up to an appropriate standard for this adventure
  12. Better it fell off now rather than mid corner on the motu. You could end up going off a cliff with your bike stuck in a tree
  13. Use a dilute ethanol solution instead of water, should inhibit the bacterial growth nicely
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