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  1. Link for the rubber boots for your door - pillar wiring please and thanks.
  2. School me please. Say a car is bought into NZ and regoed as for instance, 289 V8 power. On inspection of build plate it was a 6 cyld poverty pack with front disks optioned. Obviously it was repowered before entry but what do we know about springs, other driveline components (swaybar sizes, diff and rear brake sizing) being uprated to V8 specs. Should this be picked up on entry check? Should the car require a cert as driveline doesn't match decoded data plate? Does the owner just run with it? Thanks in advance, the Muppet
  3. Not me, all at sea. Mrs is taking her 59 Caddy limo if things line up
  4. I'm at sea. Buy me some totally pooed shit I don't need and I will sort you out later. chur
  5. Have fun blokes. The boat docked lunchtime today, and I don't mean the ferry. I will probably dock a day after all the small bikes pest past on the Molesworth melee as well with my fine sense of timing.
  6. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/dual-purpose/listing/2776488870?rsqid=f09e871ad93b4dd18470e021c7e3dd02-001&bof=kbzupWti turnerschch are selling 10 x 2013ish postie bikes at the moment. All reg/wof by the looks, around 50000kms, Bidding is $500-800 , finishing thursday. I've got nothing suitable for this and way too far out to know if I will be home, but these are cool roads. The drop from the top of Mongatapu into matai valley in Nelson might be gnarley, all the more reason to have little bikes that you can have both feet on the deck with.
  7. Gidday Yowzer. I just got a hoist, new, single phase. 2.2kW,( 4200kg) so about 3 times the size of the tyre machine motor . I understand there will be a bit of torque loss with a VFD converter but I am hoping it takes less ergs to turn a tyre than to lift a yank tank. They did build this machine as 230V 1 ph but who knows what gearing differences to achieve it etc. Bodging it myself with a motor from under someones bench would probably end up with a sub-optimal result so if I went single phase it would need to be as per factory, especially with your input there. kinda has me leaning toward VFD
  8. Cheers @Adoom That plane must be getting low on fuel. If it runs out it will be stuck up there forever. If it turns up I would be keen on your review of it (Mauser lathe right?) Just seen this on T.M. but it sure seems arse about face with the wiring. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2725788388 230 1 phase to the motor and converter out the other side? I just want a VFD with a PDL plug on the output I would think. Do you have a link to the VFD you allegedly bought? Thanks for clearing some of the muddle up. Seems like if I am rated 230V Delta it shouldnt be too h
  9. Thanks @vk327 @drftnmazI was thinking about all the control side and wanting to reverse the motor too, thinking it might have been in the too hard basket with single phase. I will ring the old agents and see if they have any info. You mention star, most of these 3 phase tyre machines are 2 speed turntables and assume the first 1/2 press of the pedal runs star, a full press will go delta so I am guessing that means the motor will be happy running star all day without overheating. Drftnmaz. Looking at your motor plate it is 220V on delta and 380 on star? not the other way round as you
  10. Who are the clever electrical boffins on here? There was a tyre machine topic 3 years ago but looks like the O.P. has left our fine company. I have an 2nd hand 3 phase tyre machine on the way and a single phase supply. Can anyone school me on 230V single phase to 3 ph 400V thingeys and terminology. The 3 phase motor is 0.75 kW. I have 230v 15Amps available. For a tyre machine that you would want to start and stop instantly ( and reverse on its rotary switch) I guess I want a frequency converter? not a VSD? Guess they are cheaper too? Or use a VSD and make the starting and stopping ramps
  11. Hey @Valiant. Nooice car. I chased high temps in my 440 for quite a while. Have a 4 core copper radiator, similar cam etc to you. 3.73 gearing in a 8.8" Changed to a MrGasket thermostat that failed after 3 heat cycles(Hint, read the Fkn review BEFORE you buy, lad). Fixed it now I reckon, 10 mins idling in Park in Nelsons glorious midday summer sun OK. ( twin china fans.) Biggest gains. Go to www.Flowkoolerwaterpumps.com for one of their waterpumps at about $120 USD, made for bigger flow at reduced R.P.M. and a proper RobertShaw branded balanced thermostat from the same place.(370 series?
  12. Good stuff @Mof . So much of this will help me out soon. I have a broken dream in my shed. What fixings were you using between the wood and cladding? Nails or just special glue. What about fixing the wall and roof linings? I heard treated wood reacts with the alloy. Did you cut down your own wood from clears? Any link to the rules on venting a gas fridge as mentioned. I haven't succeeded with Dr Google. Thanks for spending the time with blogging this.
  13. @ValiantHi Pete. It goes like this. Chinese 5.5 hp Honda. Pump is a Hi/Low unit, means quick ram until the load comes on, then gets slower but grunty. Motor, pump and ram specced as a unit. The v/v is a logsplitter v/v, it latches on in the return stroke while you grab another ring. Where you stand you are in right close to the ram and the v/v. A bit of table on the far side. As photos show, it will split a 450mm round with 1 hit. I grab the far bit, roll it sideways onto the table, the 1/2 on my side gets put on the table to my right. grab the other bit against the guts and roll it 1/8 turn
  14. https://www.dennysdriveshaft.com/ I bought gear from these guys for my driveshaft. pretty good prices for proper strong stuff. My driveshaft guy was a bit anxious when I told him i had got the bits myself but was chuffed when he saw what was in the box
  15. Shit those knobs look the smicko man. What brand resin and pigments do you use. I have a steering wheel to have a go at but I haven't found my brave pills. I want a kinda see-thruough green with flake in it. I have green glitter and clearcast resin and have made a MDF template I was going to pour a 2 piece Plaster of Paris mould around. Not sure about runners/risers etc so procrastinating. What are your moulds made of to get that finish?
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