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  1. A fuel pump exchanging the hot fuel from underbonnet could run 6 seconds every min for 10 mins, pulling maybe 3 amps (facet) so 3 amps for 1 min total vs 25amps for 10 mins for an average 300w fan. If bumping a low pressure fuel pump is dangerous perhaps you need to put your car over the pit. Those little fans blowing on the float bowl look like an ideal low current solution to me.
  2. If it is vapor locking due to heat soak would running an electric fuel pump intermittently for a few mins exchanging the fuel do the same as running the fan for way less Amp draw? Whynotboth.jpeg
  3. Man, that ear to ear grin Kpie has . So good and looks like the car held up pretty well in that shed. That will be a sweet whip.
  4. Count me in and I will pay and register when I get home at the end of the month. Internet not good enough for banking out here. No idea if I will be home for it but it can be a donation if I am living the other life I have at sea.
  5. So far away from committing. In Perth, Singapore Thursday. Will bring Caddy or whatever if something has a wof. Hope to have some idea of time on and off by the end of next month. Will be there if I am home.
  6. I'd go if I was home at the time but gotta grab work as it comes now that I am working on casual contracts with a crewing agency. Might need to be the ln106 too which is cheating for the lake run
  7. + 1 on good looking cars. +1 on vapour blaster build. Stick it here if you like. Thanks
  8. I think most of them ran the 403 Olds motor and auto. Only Manual was the ponty 400ci. Both labeled 6.6 on scoop only Ponty power were T/A?
  9. Is cold rolled steel easy to get hold of? I have only ever used zintec but it hasn't been a hassle and the offcuts aren't rusty years later.
  10. can you tell us where you ordered the cyclone funnel from please if you have a link. Cheers
  11. @sr2 might be a guy to talk to. Simon was trainer for PBR etc if I recall correctly. Worth a crack Nige.
  12. Sweet job Clint. I couldn't keep my big block cool in summer, had electric fans, then OG 4 blade that was better. The fix in the end was a FlowKooler waterpump from Summit and a FlowKooler Robertshaw thermostat. Milodon do a cheaper copy of the heavy duty type thermostat ( like a sleeve valve, not poppet) but it lasted 2 drives before jamming shut. The FlowKooler stuff is legit and far cheaper than reworking radiators etc if the airflow side is OK. Good luck.
  13. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/ford/exterior/listing/3696519298
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