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  1. Thanks man, much appreciated
  2. Good call.. I have a spare door which needs repair work to it so he can practice on that
  3. Thats true mate.. I do hope that it'll all work out as it'll be his first go at working with panel steel.
  4. Yea pretty sure what you're saying is what my flatmate is doing. He works for a steel fab shop in Drury & works on all sorts of industrial jobs. He mentioned the other day he's got his certification now & is real keen to work on my car (he's a young guy who is positive & self motivated so I'm happy to encourage that) He really enjoys his job, so what he lacks in automotive welding I'm sure he will make up for it with better skill than me haha.
  5. Nah nothing. It's an old Chev so only tags are on the firewall. Cheers
  6. Just re-read your post man.. so not a good idea to just go ahead & change the chassis over without them seeing it and telling me I need to replace it. I'm not interested in doing anything dodgy but I'd like to save some time/money if I can
  7. Can you recommend a particular testing station to put it through? I remember when I took my softail custom through certification a few years ago VINZ in Sylvia Park was really good to deal with. Also, any repair certifiers anyone can recommend? South Auckland ways that like old chevs?
  8. Sweet.. thanks guys The chassis has had some patches added over time which I know will be an issue so I've picked up a replacement chassis (thankfully LHD like mine). I was tempted to transfer everything over on to that one before getting the car checked just to make one less thing for them to have an issue with.. you reckon there is merit in that?
  9. Hey @chris r can you please give me a run down of the process after getting the car into the country? I've been doing some reading and it looks like I need to put my car through an entry certifier (VINZ or VTNZ) and they'll assess whether the car needs any repair work/what the repair work needs to be (which it does), then it goes to a repair certifier? Is that about right mate? My flatmate is a certified welder and I'm wanting him to do the repairs on the car so where does he fit in on the whole process? cheers
  10. Can someone please inform me, was it the VK or VL that was the last of the commodores to have a drum brake rear end? I wouldn’t have thought VN but I just don’t know. I’m after one that suits my project once I find out what series I’m looking out for.. ta
  11. Same colour as my Morris Minor.. may I should put up a build thread of mine and we can swap ideas
  12. Maaate, this is the best update yet!! You must be so pumped to have it all painted. Well done man, can’t wait to see more updates and the wagon finished
  13. Thanks for the excellent update. It's nice to live vicariously through others with projects like this when I having nothing myself to tinker with at present Keep up the good work