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  1. j.e.d.

    Commodore drum brake diff.. last year used?

    Sweet cheers
  2. Can someone please inform me, was it the VK or VL that was the last of the commodores to have a drum brake rear end? I wouldn’t have thought VN but I just don’t know. I’m after one that suits my project once I find out what series I’m looking out for.. ta
  3. Same colour as my Morris Minor.. may I should put up a build thread of mine and we can swap ideas
  4. j.e.d.

    KiwiBirdmans 1962 EJ Holden Wagon

    Maaate, this is the best update yet!! You must be so pumped to have it all painted. Well done man, can’t wait to see more updates and the wagon finished
  5. j.e.d.

    KustomKreeps 49 Hudson - Discussion

    Thanks for the excellent update. It's nice to live vicariously through others with projects like this when I having nothing myself to tinker with at present Keep up the good work
  6. j.e.d.

    Kimjon's Harley bobber project

    They'd have to be stamped as compliant for NZ as there is a certain standard for them to meet (can't remember the wording though sorry). I got a clear cats eye style one for mine when I built it, but I used later model Harley indicators & that worked well & looked good for what I was doing.
  7. j.e.d.

    chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    That culdesac looks familiar..
  8. j.e.d.

    Jed's '74 Type LT Camaro

    Thanks mate. Bought it here off the guy selling panels on TM. It was only about $650 but his 67-69 Camaro ones are cheaper at $370. Retro-Autoparts is his TM name and I'm pretty sure he's based over the shore somewhere. https://trademe.co.nz/1235143243
  9. j.e.d.

    Jed's '74 Type LT Camaro

    Totally unnecessary addition to the car.. because I've always wanted a bonnet scoop. I like it anyway Out with the old.. In with the new.. I like the new view from the cockpit..
  10. Dang you take some mighty fine pictures there sir. Thanks for sharing
  11. I called into glassways here in Puke and the lady tried her best to track something down. She got a number of a guy in Hamilton that may be of help but I haven't heard back from her yet. Her suggestion was to contact fellow Fiat enthusiasts in a club that may have contacts but I'm sure you would have already done this. I'll let you know if she gets back to me.
  12. Mate. Finally catching up on threads & stuff on here. That visor is looking super awesome man, & the whole wagon is coming together wonderfully. Wish I could say the same for mine lol. I got the windscreen on my 74 Camaro replaced thru Protecta, & the local crowd here in Puke rang to organise it & had one in stock within a day. Let me know if you want their contact number & I'll dig it out for ya, or I may even call in there this morning if I remember.
  13. j.e.d.

    Possible vehicle storage, auckland. ...

    I hear Southern District Towing have good vehicle storage. Only thing it costs you $423.31 for a month & you need to do a burnout in the car to qualify for access in to their storage facility. So that might not work for you..
  14. Keen on joining a convoy if I'm not shifting that weekend.