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  1. I’m in!! Registered and paid for last night.. that’s how keen I am for this Just gotta get my car Re-certified now
  2. Thanks man, I get that.. maybe I'll just chuck a cutout in with a bolted blanking plate instead.. Only wanna put one in to be loud at old school drag day.. won't be fast, so need to be loud to make up for it
  3. Hey man, big thanks to you for posting about the Davies Craig digital thermo fan kit as that gave me some direction of what to go for for my electric fan install.. cheers!
  4. Exhaust cutouts.. okay, I’ve read that they can be legal as long as they’re not electronically controlled in the car and have a blanking plate over them which you have to physically get under the car to remove (for the likes of going to the drags). Has anybody installed (and done this to) an electronically controlled exhaust cutout? I’d be keen to get some feedback on it and pics if possible.. I’ll only do it if it’s possible and certifiable when I get my suspension done. @cletuswhats your line on this? (sorry if it’s been asked before, search turned up nothing)
  5. I've got an AC HQ 202 race cam I just chucked on TM cheap if you're interested (probably a bit late now TBH but oh well)
  6. Just an auto o/d which I’m happy about. I get old and all I want to do is enjoy my drive sometimes
  7. Had a cursory look at oil levels and air filter one day and discovered something not to my liking.. the air box to the throttle body only has this tiny opening to feed air into it. Going along the lines of more air = more go, I started to look at where I could run some ducting to said tiny opening. No clear path was apparent in the engine bay around the radiator so figured the best way was from underneath.. it was at this time I saw @sheepers post on the hole he drilled so thought I must be on the right track. I grabbed a length of ducting from work that they used for sawdust extraction and figured that’ll do the trick. Tiny hole at front of airbox: The airbox had this hole already in the base and below it there was a factory hole about 20mm diameter directly in line with this in the inner guard.. very handy for lining things up: Unfortunately I don't have a metal holesaw so resorted to many tiny holes and a file.. came up pretty good & gave a it a coat of rust kill paint on the edges: My wood holesaw worked well in the plastic though: Poked the ducting through the hole Slipped perfectly over the brake duct hole in the front spoiler (will leave it like this for now): View from under the guard: Then all back together like nothing happened. Silicon pipe between the throttle body & airbox looks dubious but not sure if it needs clamping or not.. its a snug fit:
  8. Thanks for all the comments so far.. much appreciated.. Along with suspension upgrades will be a bigger diameter rim as I think a car with all this extra padding requires some balance.. Here is a test fit I did:
  9. Yea I don’t get it either man.. but in saying that, my partner is Peruvian and she just doesn’t understand the kiwi culture and love for Aussie cars.. anything with a bowtie symbol on the front though she’s all good. Hmm LSA conversion sounds like an idea. Suspension is the biggie on the list I’ve got lined up in the coming weeks though which I’m looking forward to
  10. Feel free to cast all your valued opinions right here
  11. Righto.. first quick easy mod.. when I picked this up and spent a couple of days getting to know her, I soon discovered how damn heavy the bonnet and boot are to open due to the body kit. The boot is still on the agenda to be done (fibreglass rod works well for now), but the bonnet was a straight forward fix. Onto eBay to buy this kit from a supplier in Aus. The only thing I did differently was flip the struts compared to the information I was looking at because of the angle of the head at one end suited it being fixed to the bonnet end rather than the guard end (in my humble opinion) Struts in a box: Starting point: Replacing the hinge bolt on either side with one of these: Then the same along the guard.. third bolt up from the front gets replaced: This is where I chose to have the angled head of the strut. Probably could have been on the guard mount, but visually it looks better this way for me: And the end result. Bonnet latch needed a slight tweak for the bonnet to release a lot easier but I don't think that was related to my install. Well worth doing this mod I reckon!
  12. Here is my new borderline oldschool mode of transportation. Admin please feel free to move it if it doesn’t fit the “oldschool” criteria (maybe too much plastic perhaps). But anyway, previous to this (after my 74 Camaro) I had picked up a 47 Chev coupe, but struggled to get into it so did a deal with a guy and swapped it for this (much to my partner’s disgust). I always enjoy having a car that’s actually on the road that I can enjoy and tinker away with. I’ll probably end up getting another project, but in the meantime this thing is kinda fun. I have plans to personalise it a bit more to my needs.. some I’ve done, and some I’ll get round to it when funds allow, but in the mean time this is her:
  13. Or convert to chain drive? size of rear sprocket might be smaller that the belt drive one you have on there & may clear more. I'm a fan of chain driven Harleys though.. no concerns of belts breaking in the middle of nowhere, and with doing that on my old bike allowed me to run a 180 rear tyre
  14. Good stuff! (I'll be absolutely amazed if all this Harley action doesn't make me go & buy something stupidly inappropriate)