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  1. You’ll still have it, you’ll still be driving it and guzzoline will never die.. FTW and rock on! haha oh, happy birthday mate!
  2. Cheers for posting this up mate, it’s awesome as others have said that you’ve had it for so long and still enjoy it.. bring on the next 26 years!
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1327899907699152/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Ae89b2a26-9887-41df-8ffa-5db0cf0e7799
  4. Oh cool, thats great! Certainly does come down to personal preference with some things
  5. Love those gauges man, so much better than the factory.. something I’m interested to know though, do RH drive cars typically have the speedo on the right with the rev counter on the left and vice versa for LH drive cars? Looking at your setup just got me thinking that’s all..
  6. now thats what I'm talking about
  7. Hey man, can’t remember an exact process unless I wrote it in a post.. I used a short crowbar between the shackle mounts of the body and leaf spring and levered them back, just can’t remember if I needed to drop the nuts off the bottom of the shock to give more range of movement. It wasn’t a tricky process at all though, just gotta jack it high enough to give the crowbar room to rotate as you need good leverage. My crowbar is only 600-700mm long. Hope that helps
  8. I noticed the same thing on my FB just the other day.. it disappeared from the bottom of the screen.. it had moved into the Menu (bottom right)
  9. screenshot of the vid for ya.. crikey
  10. I have a tendency at times to research certain things to death.. except when it comes to car purchases, that's purely impulsive.
  11. I recently bought an Escort Max 360c along with the Escort M1 dash cam as they integrate well together.. I've been thinking about getting a radar detector for a couple of years now, I don't normally speed excessively, but about a month ago I got pinged for doing 82 in a 60 as I was daydreaming/meditating.. not the fine so much as the demerit points that hurt. Not keen on losing my license again. I was deciding between the Uniden R7 & Valentine as they both gave direction indicators and are top of the line for my budget (around $1200) but couldn't decide between them. Uniden had built in GPS and looked pretty but I've never been a fan of the brand for a lot of years, Valentine is tried & true but the design is dated & you need to pair it with your phone to get the best out of it (updates etc). By chance the old man was talking to a guy at the Hyundai yard in Blenheim & he has experience with both brands, but recommended the Escort 360 as being far better than the both of them so I went with that. So far I'm happy, has a GPS speed reading to glance at if your car speedo isn't accurate, can set a max speed warning, tells you the direction of the threat & also the amount (worked well this morning letting me know a cop car was about 500m up the road and around a corner in a 50kmh zone, and showed he was behind me when I passed) plus other cool stuff. The trick is to always be aware though.. I've read that no detector will alert you of a speed camera van until you're right up to it, and the cops vary whether they have their radar on or not. I've been told the younger cops have their radar on a lot of the time, but the older cops don't want the hassle of paperwork pulling over every tom dick & harry so keep it off most of the time. I got mine hard wired into my daily but it still comes with the cig lighter connection to put in my other cars.. the installer said the ducks nuts is the redline model that @sidewaysickness has, but I couldn't justify the leap.
  12. Very informative as always & a pleasure to read.. adding reversing lights to the list of things to fix?
  13. Fair call.. I'd do the same to get myself back into a Torana hatch but they're hellishly expensive when they rarely pop up. My mate has a XY project that's been on the back burner for a number of years at a panel beaters shop.. pretty sure when he gets it back home (once I clear his garage of the mustang I bought off him), he'll work out what he wants to do with it.. big project though, better getting something already on the road I reckon (says the guy who has just bought another project). See it thru man, make it happen before they're all out of reach
  14. That’s a shame.. hope all is ok at your end
  15. Sounds like you’re on to it.. I got a box of door hinges that the old man stumbled across while cleaning the garage out.. you’re welcome to have them if they’re any use to you
  16. Took a while but stumbled across some old photos of my XD.. no nice ones unfortunately, coupla early pics showing a ding in the front where I must have hit something
  17. Yea not like me.. paid a visit to my Uncle in Te Anau while tripping down south in January.. he had a late 90's Jeep GC sitting on his driveway and before I realised I was buying it off him with no easy way of getting it up here.. always wanted one, price to good to pass up, all the usual excuses really. Now gotta plan another holiday to fly down there and drive it back. I do enjoy a good road trip though
  18. Lol.. don't worry, this is normal behavior.. denial til the next great deal comes along.
  19. Another 6 month WOF 12 months after the last one.. thanks Wuhan clan for the gift that keeps on giving
  20. j.e.d.

    mutinys fxr

    Love it! I agree with Clint as well.. keep the tank clean, looks so much better with that silver off it. @Goat I can concur with the chrome alloy thing, just take a look at my bike I just got back & that is testament to it being a rather shit finish which I now need to blast & paint. I'm no Harley expert, but I love seeing them here, so keep the updates coming man
  21. Splashed out on a pair of air shocks to remedy my minor rubbing issues. Removed the KYB’s and took them into Chris at Suspension Tech and requested some HD air shocks with about a 2 inch extra stroke to make it easier for me to change the tyres if I got a flat.. Bolted them in and ran the air lines into the boot.. Put 90 PSI in to test out the lines and it’s all good.. sits a bit high but with some trial and error and time I’ll work out the optimum pressures for the different loads it’ll take. The ride is nice and firm in the back now though and I like it. (Don’t mind the jacked up look either)
  22. Yea I get that.. be good getting one done and being used.. we’re not getting any younger that’s for sure..
  23. That's a shame... can you not cut the old body over the new chassis?
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